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sweden tomorrow and beginning talks that it is in itself is an important achievement that should not be underestimated obviously everything's not going to be solved that one set of talks off to four years of war and such mistrust and hatred i'd almost say between the sides is what hashem suggested the first step at least stop the violence at least get the humanitarian aid people to those in need and that would at least give a chance to talk. yes i think going into the talks what the who these likely would prefer is to engage in conversations focusing on prisoner swaps where the arab coalition would likely not want the talks to focus on the peace seizing or giving off their control of the port of who died and let the poor be managed by the united nations so that humanitarian supplies coming into the country and who died as the only port which is open
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because the coalition has put a blockade on the entire yemen so that's the only port that is available to accept humanitarian aid and it's controlled by these so that is that is where some of the wrangling will take place where during nots they will be able to find a solution on how to. manage or who should manage who they deport that will be one point i think that the real trap for both sides at this moment in time is that just because saudi arabia has been weakened over the high shoji affair does not mean that it will it will necessary agree to. demands by the who thiis and. the saudis should be very careful of not at her to maximalist positions even though the international environment is very fragile is what's coming up for you all. more protests in france just by the delay of the
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divisive plan to raise a diesel fuel tax also a major crackdown in europe and some nine hundred suspected members of the powerful in the. arrested in italy germany belgium and the netherlands and sport a new manager gets ready to play his part in one of the premier league's oldest rivalries. former u.s. president george h. george w. bush has delivered a eulogy for his father at the state funeral in the capital washington d.c. thousands of people including dignitaries from around the world around that service for the forty first u.s. president george herbert walker bush died on friday age ninety four also at the service we saw president donald trump and the first lady melania and all the other living present presidents with. bill clinton and barack obama covering events for
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us kimberly near the. memorial service the funeral service i'm sorry at the washington national cathedral kelly what's the day been like. it's been very somber. very quiet outside of the national people even though there are hundreds of people gathered to pay their respects to beloved president but certainly all eyes were on george herbert walker bush george w. bush of course was the forty third president of the united states as the eulogize father remembering him as a man who valued character over pedigree calling him the best father a son or daughter could ever have in his inaugural address to the forty first president of the united states said this. we cannot hope only to leave our children a bigger car a bigger bank account. we must hope to give them a sense of what it means to be a loyal friend a loving parent a citizen who leaves his home his neighborhood and town better than he found it
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what we want the men and women who work with us to say when we are no longer there . that we are more driven to succeed than anyone around us or that we stop to ask if a set child had gotten better and stayed a moment there to trade a word of friendship well dad we're going to remember you for exactly that and much more and we're going to miss you your decency sincerity and kind soul will stay with us forever so through our careers let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you a great and noble man the best father of her daughter get ahead. you know in our grief i just smile knowing that there are those who argue. and holding mom stand that you. it's extraordinary isn't it just a son saying goodbye to his father in the into believe that's come back to you.
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that extraordinary son you see in the front row there the council the clintons the obama's the trumps one of these rare occasions in washington these days where political rival rivalries get criticized. indeed that's exactly right and well it seemed somewhat uncomfortable having shored at the funeral for george herbert walker bush to see donald trump sitting down sitting president has been very critical of the bush family they did set aside those differences to honor a man who had yet hated his life to public service in what i can hear behind me is the honor guard in the military band playing this is repair to load the casket of george herbert walker bush into the hearse where he will make his way to joint base andrews that is where he will board a flight to head to texas where he will be finally laid to rest of his presidential library alongside his wife barbara the former first lady who previously about
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a little more than six months ago and then and you heard in that eulogy there by his son george w. bush also their daughter robin who died from look he knew when she was just three years old it's a very moving moment for the bush family but also for the presidents that were seated in that front row i think given the fact that. george herbert walker bush the forty first president really embodied characters that we know and values that we see absent from politics in the united states now it certainly has struck many who were watching as we watch in social media speaking to the people around me here they all say they came out because this is a president that marked a tone of the civility that is so sorely. rocking from politics today that's why they wanted to be here not only to remember a time in washington where there was more polite civil discourse among politicians but also to honor the man they stood for it so solidly throughout his presidency
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and his public service even after as they were very private at their home in texas we should note that one of the final acts. in his political life but also in the civilian life of the forty first president was to vote in the u.s. congressional elections last month he made that one of his final public moments in appearances in public and people say that is just what he embodied always looking forward and remembering that there could be a brighter future kimberly thanks for that simply how cuts are white house correspondents we just taken some of these pictures from the washington national cathedral the funeral service for george h. w. bush.
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george w. bush putting on the bravest of faces there as. his father his body is loaded into the south side the national cathedral. it will eventually be taken on air force one back to texas where george herbert walker bush will be buried alongside his wife of i think it was seventy years barbara bush who died earlier this year live pictures from the washington national cathedral the funeral of the forty first president of the united states george h.w. bush we're moving on now to resume a has been defending her brags it plans that her weekly session of prime minister's
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questions just a day after her british government was defeated in three consecutive votes for the first time in decades the government's been forced to publish the legal advice it's received on the deal after being found in contempt of parliament m.p.'s are to vote on the deal on tuesday the arrangements that we have in place for the future relationship between the united kingdom and the european union it is clear that we will not be in the single market and we will not be in the customs union what we will have what we will have is an ambitious trade agreement which enables us to reduce those and we will continue to work for friction is trade at the border basin ambitious trade agreement unlike any other that has been given to any other advanced economy it's the most ambitious trade agreement that any advanced economy has with the european union that's good for this country and it's good for jobs in his constituency following developments for us from london. in objective terms wednesday's been a better day for tourism in the government than tuesday but then you could hardly
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have done worse losing three votes on tuesday alone being found in contempt of parliament for the first time in any government in history on wednesday the attorney general geoffrey cox did finally reveal his legal advice to the government on to reason may's brigs a deal as prompted by that. vote of content. and it has not fair to say improved to resume ace chances of getting her deal through parliament and that vote next tuesday it reiterate very explicit language that the backstop a contentious backstop will endure indefinitely or until a superseding agreement takes its place that there is no do unilateral means for the u.k. to exit that backstop arrangement and there is the risk geoffrey cox says that the u.k. may become stuck in protracted and repeated rounds of negotiations trying to free
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itself from that backstop arrangement that would see the u.k. in a customs union with the e.u. pursuant to future trade talks with northern ireland treated slightly separately the numbers amounting all the time against reason may and this deal more than one hundred of our own m.p.'s the democratic unionists in northern ireland of course adamantly against it and opposition parties as well this even been talk behind the scenes of the government whips may yet pull that vote next tuesday to avoid such a crushing defeat meanwhile the debate go on three days of debate left before tuesday's vote should and parents are protesting as part of a broader movement against the government but one hundred high schools across france were blocked by demonstrations on tuesday many people upset about a new universe the application system piggybacking on violent protests this month that forced the government to reverse its planned increase in fuel tax david
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chaytor has been at a university in central paris. these spontaneous demonstrations by groups of students are now breaking out in their it moving through the streets all to rise and waving their work to see it go by getting support from bands. and even ambulances so this is now what. preston macro is facing the protest is pretty way or the confessional is more of a given and the pressure on him that he's a british stray ship is only growing. and the protests don't spread as well they went through the french island of reunion in the indian ocean people there say they're still struggling with the high cost of living farming the miller is there for us the french government has announced a temporary freeze on the proposed diesel tax but it brings
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a little reprieve for hundreds of thousands of people living here government statistics say about half the population lives on less than one thousand three hundred dollars a month ten percent survive on just seven hundred dollars experted to be announced lived in this government flat for eleven years the pensioner receives five hundred and seventy dollars from the government every month which gives it all back to pay for government subsidized housing she says she's only able to survive by sharing living expenses with her sons who are also on government benefits. when you get so little money and you have to spend so much of it on drained and there is nothing left after we pay for the water the electricity and other expenses there is nothing . she complains her home is cramped this is a typical poor neighborhood in reunion the government has built high density housing which people here say is expensive and in bad condition the spaulding where
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four hundred fifty people once lived was shut down two years ago but only after the government was taken to court and forced to act the national confederation for housing says the bolding is near collapse almost twenty percent of islanders live in deplorable conditions it says and is urging the government to provide decent housing for the poor they lose most who are in. subsidized government housing in reunion is supposed to help people that don't have much money the poor but the housing is expensive the second problem is the conditions of life in those kind of houses the damp because of water leakage and they make people sick in. the elevators protests here have been fueled by the high cost of living on the island where most necessities are imported after driving up the price of products by as much as three hundred percent while reunions pristine beaches and tourist friendly streets look i delivered observers say the disparity between the rich and poor is growing swarmy up by in and as part of
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a multi faith group that works to unite society and if you as the protests are a warning from people fed up with high taxes and unaffordable everyday expenses this is coming from the deep root of french. society we're going to solo governments will be very very very careful you know french revolution there where many a lot is going probably will ever we're all related years or more to vivian's of princes even overseas some here think government leaders in paris freezing the fuel taxes simply a bandage on a fish string wound the middle or al-jazeera reunion island. still ahead for you on this news hour find out why brazil's forests are under greater threat than ever before. and who finished ahead of the pack is the world athletics on its its best performance of the last twelve months that's coming up in sport.
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how the space between rain bites now that runs in from the eastern med certain event to iran when israel reduced i mean this is clearly a size north movement of clad but the rain is edging slowly towards iran this is the picture for thursday rain seems likely to be steady not necessarily heavy running through both iraq and northern syria and in the southeast of turkey the next circulation is picked up here in southern turkey produce heavy rain already in cyprus and that's going to swing through lebanon for a whole event and yet again eventually end up in syria towards iraq at the same time the showers it came into iran or they're still showing up so they've made some progress obviously height they will be a snow and the tail end ones were shown south in kuwait maybe bahrain but i think probably not so we have just seen come across the border into saudi then disappear
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means mostly the arabian peninsula apart from the get a small chance of a shower branch of beauty or west yemen is lost the final picture once again winds not that strong at least not by the time we get to friday. this kind of bloom of cloud in southern africa we've seen big showers in botswana and zimbabwe recently but the forecast actually increases the cloud in southern africa particularly inside africa. in nepal poverty leaves children vulnerable and at risk but sometimes those who say they can help cause the most harm one of unease shines a light on predators in the aid industry. on al-jazeera. because we're not to spend as we should the. rights of being vineet. and free to be stripped away. in the sand anniversary.
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of the whites let's stand up. stand up for human rights getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after you while eight borders between five safe countries facing new realities don't blame starts from the very beginning of the bonding school providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story and talk to al-jazeera. here on the news on here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories this stumbles chief prosecutor's office his father arrest warrants for two senior saudi officials
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over the killing of jamal khashoggi prosecutors strongly suspect the former deputy intelligence chief offered up a series on the royal court advise assad of cotton they were involved in planning the murder. while yemen starves hopes grows talks to win the war set to begin in sweden delegations from the government and the rival heard these amazing after efforts september failed. and former u.s. president george w. bush has delivered an emotional eulogy for his father george herbert walker bush the forty first president forty first us president died on friday ninety four it's funeral was held to. the u.n. peacekeeping force in lebanon says it will send a fact finding team to the border with israel on thursday. comes after lebanon's parliamentary speaker said israel has provided no evidence to back up its assertion that tunnels have been dug beneath the shared border israel launched an operation in the border area on choose day with its military saying it was destroying tunnels
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to counter a threat from hezbollah in any future conflict is that on the lebanon israel border . com prevails along this volatile border u.n. peacekeeping troops the lebanese army they've stepped up their presence they've stepped up patrols a day after israel announced an operation to find and destroy tunnels it alleges have been dug by the lebanese armed group hezbollah in the distance you can see of a should work under way israel saying that these tunnels are part of hezbollah's offensive plan they believe in any future conflict hezbollah's going to move the battlefield into israeli territory as well as secretary general has on the stroller has indicated a few years ago that that would be the cause they would no longer just defend territory but shift the battlefield into israel israel is concerned but there is no indication that there will be a military flare up neither israel nor hezbollah are interested hezbollah under strain because of sanctions sanctions not only against the group but against its
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patron iran it also has been involved in a costly war in neighboring syria israel also not interested in a military confrontation it is worried about hezbollah's growing arsenal the very fact that it believes it has missiles to target all areas in israel this really is about israel putting more and more pressure on iran trying to prevent iran from spreading its influence across the region in recent years it has been targeting iran and its assets in syria but it seems as of late the focus now is on lebanon because russia in one way or another is clipping iran's wings in syria it knows to stabilize syria and to get the international community on board it's going to need to weaken iran's presence in syria so the focus now in lebanon on israel's aim is to try to contain hezbollah is growing strength that will not be easy because the group is not only heavily armed it is a controlling parliament and it has the say in the next government. now factory for
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artificial limbs as opened in iraq's second largest city brought hope to tens of thousands of people who lost arms and legs after eisel fighters seized mosul but a lack of trying stuff however means the rehabilitation center can only make a few limbs at a time rob matheson reports from the refugee camp in of a province. two years ago omar has a world cup in hospital to find his left leg missing it's been blasted to pieces as iraqi forces try to weaken isos grip on the city of mosul by last october his right leg had become infected by gangrene to stay alive he spent a thousand dollars made up of deliberations and his own meager savings to have it amputated at a private hospital and now he spends most of his days propped up on the floor of his displacement camp tent staring at the wheelchair he's not strong enough to use . life is difficult for me i wish i could go out of the tent and meet other people
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and look after my children the other day it was raining heavily for four days and i couldn't get out to help fortify the tarp of the tent i felt like i'm imprisoned. a new factory making prosthetic limbs has opened in nearby mosul the capital of nineveh province. it's run by the international committee of the red cross the i.c.r.c. says fewer people with disabilities in the never will have to make several long and expensive journeys to get help look at it without a delay we have been shocked to see the huge number of people who are disabled or have lost arms and legs in the war we have to do something so we have teamed up with aid agencies that are providing artificial limb as. if a prosthetic limb is not custom made it could be painful all the skin underneath could become infected if the patient isn't taught how to use it properly the
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muscles could get even weaker can now an army we used to suffer because there weren't enough artificial limbs in mosul our lives were so difficult because it was hard to travel to other cities to get treatment and it cost a lot of problem for the center is keeping up with demand the i.c.r.c. estimates there are over four thousand people in nineveh province who need artificial limbs many of them like omar live in camps like this one at the moment the center stock can only produce a few limbs and every week that's because it's hard to find experience technicians the training takes time and it costs money. the center opened in mid october and already several hundred people are on its list for artificial limbs others like omar may have to wait much longer rob matheson al-jazeera the kurdish region of northern iraq. the craney and president petro poroshenko has met the families of several sailors held by russia last month
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a russian coast guard seized three ukrainian ships and their crew after a confrontation in the waters off crimea and are simmons reports now from kiev. it was a collective outpouring of emotion as relatives of the twenty four detained ukrainian servicemen came together president petro poroshenko tried to reassure the gathering that he was doing everything possible to get the men freed the. meeting took place nine days after the twenty two sabers and two counterintelligence officers were detained by the russians in what crane says was a totally unjustified and the president told the relatives that russia had no legal right to detain the man in charge that there's no truth no justice no law in russia he said of the crew of men three of whom were injured and treated as prisoners of war covered by the geneva conventions so would you. i gave an instruction to the foreign minister to contact the international committee of the red cross and to
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neighbor as soon as possible to send a special mission to check on the condition of our boys as the president was making his latest attack on russia there were some movements of shipping to and from ukraine's ports in the sea of as of the first time since the crisis began ukrainian ministers said russia had partially lifted its blockade back in the capital there were moves to put pressure on russia to release the captive ukrainians as their relatives were moving on for talks with the united states embassy it went on into the evening. these men say that exasperated at russia's refusal to show any leniency. we've heard nothing officially about my son's condition only some information from the russian media and messages from crimea activists that he was seriously injured and has had surgery that's. letting lawyers or
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ukrainian diplomats see him. lose i'm not angry at the russian people the russian government because they have allowed this barbaric behavior of their own offices as sailors towards ukrainian sailors in offices. the meeting here with the u.s. ambassador marie event of it went on for more than an hour the relatives say they told her that the americans weren't doing enough to pressure russia to release the servicemen and they say she assured them she would pause on their thoughts to the white house under simmons' out a zero give or russia's actions have been top of the agenda at a nato foreign ministers meeting which has just ended and is there in brussels. well what we've seen over the past day or so here at nato headquarters in brussels is a nato foreign ministers sending a very strong message indeed to russia that some of their actions can simply not to
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be tolerated we're talking about nato condemning a cold war treating the i.n.f. treaty nine hundred eighty seven treaty with the united states nato saying that small sco has been in violation of that treating then joining me here at nato headquarters to talk about more faces the estonian foreign minister makes a thank you very much for joining us klaus q first of all about nato has called them nation of russia of the i.n.f. treaty is a treaty that is designed to curb medium range missiles in europe it's seen as a pillar of european security the us though has always said that they believe russia is in violation has nato been a bit late in this condemnation first of all thank you very much for having me yes indeed it has been in violation. of the treaty we've been developing systems that have been prohibited by the by the treaty and obviously if we have a naturally very very important control treaty a bilateral treaty that has been violated constant consistently by one party. the
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question arises with it makes much sense for the other party to stick to their commitments on the treaty so now russia has been given one final chance to bring itself into into compliance would strip the obligations let's talk about ukraine and now of course nato will say condemning russia over the seizure of ukrainian ships and soldiers is staying near sent out a very strong statement very early on about this yes while we're there we should look up to this latest escalation and attack. ukrainian naval vessels and the seizure of the ships there for them in the broader context of the. ongoing negotiation against ukraine and illegal and station of. so this is another of another step in a long line of. actions and steps which serve one one one goal that's to create human realities on the ground what about the fact that the
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ukrainian foreign minister was here saying nato needs to send more ships they need to back us up more on this is that something that nato should in physics doing all nato is monitoring very closely dispute situation in the black sea. actually be used. as present and soon we should see. both naval presence as well as it returned since that's something that has been going on for for sort of the years right thank you very much sen makes the a staying in foreign minister speaking to us there at nato headquarters where of course the other strong message not only condemnation of russia but at the priority says the ukrainian foreign minister at this stage for ukraine is the release of those sailors that have been captured by russia police across europe have carried out coordinated arrests on members of an italian mafia euro just the european units to fight cross border organized crime conducted raids in italy as one of germany belgium and the
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netherlands has that story. duesberg in western germany and police carry out a raid as part of a coordinated action in four countries here they search an italian cafe eunice shopping mall as well as in this region north rhine-westphalia there were raids in bavaria in the south later euro just the agency that fights cross border crime held an exceptional news conference in the dutch capital the hague why we have decided to do it boom for him you are about and i'm president and extraordinary result. that we have reached today we did joint judicial action that's been carried out in different member states in order to fight then ranked no one no the most powerful organization going to station in the world as well as raids here in the netherlands and in belgium there were arrests in calabria the southern italian
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heartland of the in drawing getter the operation involved nearly ninety european and domestic arrest warrants and the various police forces involved seized around two point three million dollars in criminal proceeds as well as drugs including ecstasy and cocaine this episode a result that's been achieved thanks to david of being approach that all the concerned not all of these decide to confer took even though these case. these are a model to follow also in the future the became italy's most powerful organized crime group from the one nine hundred ninety s. onwards it's involved in drugs trafficking extortion and money laundering internationally operating independently from the better known sicilian mafia or cause a nostra this police handout shows a night time operation in sicily's capital palermo one tuesday it reportedly dismantled because a nostrums rebuilt leadership with forty six people arrested but the latest
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international operation is a reminder of the reach of their counterparts on the mainland the enduring getter nadine barber al jazeera. still ahead for you on the sporting facts with. a head in the decisive test match with new zealand at stories coming up.


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