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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2018 6:00am-6:34am +03

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but for those who struggle at school. dropping out has become the lycée evil perseverance to gamble. future gamble of the viewfinder. zero. intelligence chief briefed u.s. senators on the jamal. as they discuss measures to punish saudi arabia. hello i'm the star of the attack and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up yemen's warring sides signed a prisoner swap deal as they start talks in sweden but back home the fighting and suffering continues. a u.s. sponsored motion condemning hamas fails to get enough support at the u.n.
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general assembly. and looking to clean up the f one country is pinning its hopes on food labels to try to reach that goal. the turkish intelligence chief has briefed some u.s. senators on turkey's investigation into the murder of saudi john this jamal khashoggi that is growing pressure on the white house to hold the saudi arabia the saudi crown prince for the killing a group of republican and democratic senators have met behind closed doors to discuss ways to punish riyadh she had written the reports from washington d.c. . turkish sources say her comfy dumby turkish intelligence chief was in washington for prescheduled meetings with his cia counterpart gina hospital on a range of issues including syria as cia director hospital has been leading the u.s. investigation into the crucial g murder after she briefed some senators earlier this
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week they said they were certain that the killing could not have happened without saudi crown prince mohammed bin sons involvement there's not a smoking gun there's a smoking cell but only a few senators received that cia briefing turkish sources say feed agave those he met on capitol hill on thursday information regarding the evidence ankara has in the because shuggie murder as well as the information ankara has supplied to the administration in washington senators are considering three lines of action against saudi arabia not just as a result of the khashoggi killing but the humanitarian disaster that's been caused by saudi action in yemen the a's are sixty three the nays are thirty seven the motion is agreed to first a procedural vote is expected next week following a vote to move a resolution on invoking the war powers act to end u.s. participation in the yemen war to the senate floor last week if successful a debate will begin and a final vote held meanwhile senators have also proposed
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a bill to suspend arms sales to saudi arabia and a resolution to personally hold the saudi crown prince responsible for the crucial g. murder some senators who voted to advance the war powers resolution last week now say they would prefer going down these legislative routes instead but while any action by the senate will be a symbolic but historic breach of the u.s. saudi relationship none of these measures are expected to reach the president's desk as the leadership of the house of representatives have shown no willingness to also vote on the measures but following november's democratic success there in the midterm elections that may soon change if i were the saudi government i would be very concerned now obviously no one wants to see the total destabilization of saudi arabia but the special relationship with the saudis and the arms sales and the us support really have been called into question the trumpeters station though says it remains firm in its support for the saudi government she ever turns the outer zero washington. the u.n. envoy to yemen has called for both sides in the four year long war to end the
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violence now he made the comment the comments at the start of talks in sweden the day began with some progress with agreement over a prisoner exchange as somehow reports from rimbaud in sweden. it was a rare moment of agreement yet many rivals engaging in friendly chat before the start of. this is the first time they've met says to thousand and sixteen. u.n. envoy barton has praised a prisoner swap deal agreed between the two sides but said the political process too and the war would take time to conclude institutions or risk. the fragmentation of a country. is enormously so we must work. before we lose control of the future of the earth is who control most of yemen said they were willing to make concessions hoping the talks in stockholm would lead to
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a comprehensive peace plan. we heard the other parties are serious this time for humanitarian and security situations require all of us to come together and seek a solution we really want to deal with the prisoners exchange deal is a small step forward in a complex political reality most of these government representatives live outside yemen that influence has why did a client says the who things took over the capital it's a thousand and fourteen but they remain determined there. must hand over their weapons before there is a final deal on said. it's twenty two sixteen and nothing more they should respect international community well they should surrender their ads in the nations and myside that they're used to attack that yemeni people and neighboring countries and that then that there will be no settlement no solution they should withdraw
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from this additional state would end handbag institution of the states to the legitimate government the two parties remain divided over who should run the port of her data bits of vital lifeline for yemen's food imports who think who control the area say they are willing to let the united nations oversee operations of the port the saudi u.a.e. backed government warns if the talks fail it will resume an offensive to capture the city in the meantime eight agencies are hoping the talks make progress so they can deliver aid to millions of yemenis on the verge of. while the political divide remains the biggest obstacle to any breakthrough to the human conflict the international community insists the talks here in sweden are a crucial opportunity for the yemenis to end the war. the tunnel ribault north of stockholm well as those talks take place in sweden back in yemen the fighting
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continues at least seven hundred fighters and one soldier from the saudi immorality coalition have been killed in that province coalition forces are trying to push the he's from the hills to the south of the town of dam there's also been fighting in the central city of ties a u.s. sponsored draft resolution that would have condemned the palestinian group hamas has failed to pass in the united nations general assembly the resolution didn't get enough votes to reach the required two thirds majority the outgoing u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley told the assembly that it could make history and called hamas one of the most obvious and grotesque cases of terrorism in the world the vote on the resolution got the support of eighty seven nations fifty seven countries voted against while thirty three abstained al-jazeera is diplomatic editor james spader's has more from the united nations this was one of the final acts of ambassador nikki haley before she leaves her post she put before the general assembly
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a resolution condemning hamas as a terrorist organization the united nations has never once passed a resolution condemning hamas never. over seven hundred resolutions condemning israel and not one single resolution condemning hamas that more than anything else is a condemnation of the united nations itself. today in this moment the united nations can change that awful record in a tense meeting the general assembly first had to decide how the resolution would be voted on it had a vote on whether it would be a simple majority or a two thirds majority that result was very narrow but went in favor of two thirds giving a much higher bar for the halley's resolution and when it was finally voted on she
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got a majority but she didn't get the two thirds a blow to the u.s. ambassador but both she and israel said this was a moral victory. the chief financial officer of chinese tech company huawei is expected in court on friday when one is oh was arrested in canada and faces extradition to the u.s. on suspicion of violating sanctions against iran some analysts fear this could wesson a trade fights between the u.s. and china had to has the latest from washington. from the very start it was going to be a day of losses stocks losing value at a fast clip on concerns the u.s. and china trade dispute is only going to get worse this is happening after news broke that at the request of the u.s. canada arrested when joe the chief financial officer of wall way the giant chinese technology company she is also the daughter of its founder quote way is a really big company and china and. you know is considered you know tech
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royalty she is the c.e.o. of the company and so she's a big deal in china her arrest happened saturday the same time that u.s. president donald trump was meeting with his counterpart president. hoping to calm fears of an escalating trade war announcing a ninety day truce of sorts in an interview with national public radio the u.s. national security adviser was asked if the president knew about the arrest during the dinner i don't know the answer that i knew in advance but this is something that that we get from the justice department and that these kinds of things happen with some frequency we certainly don't inform the president on every one of them and bolton wouldn't say nor would anyone else in the u.s. government what she was arrested for although some senators implied it had to do with potentially violating sanctions on iran the canadian prime minister seemed to add to the mystery of the appropriate authorities took decisions in this case we
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were advised by them with a few days notice that this was in the works but of course there was no engagement or involvement in the bill. nicol level the chinese are condemning this and demanding her release the timing of the arrest on the same day as the meeting could be seen as a deliberate move to send a message but experts say that might not be the case though all enforcement processes work on their own schedule and people sometimes don't understand that about the united states is the parliament of justice does not consult with the president when they're going to make an arrest we'll know more on friday when monks her first appearance in court what happens there could impact more than just her freedom but fortunes across the globe pedicle him jazeera washington. china correspondent david greene brown has the latest from beijing friday looks like being another difficult day for china's biggest private company the japanese
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government has announced it's no longer going to be buying our way equipment this follows decisions taken by governments in new zealand australia and the united kingdom that they were effectively going to be barring hallway from those countries five g. networks in the united states it's becoming clear that at least some senior white house officials were aware that mung was going to be arrested on the day the president donald trump sat down to meet president xi jinping at that all important meeting in one of saris on saturday but it's still not clear if president from himself new one analyst says the what we have here is a serious legal act happening with political timing here in china there is certainly a belief amongst those online anyway who feel that this was a politically motivated arrest some people saying that canada is acting as the u.s. is thug and demanding that mung be immediately released. well the next but still
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ahead on al-jazeera. celebrations in rwanda as an opposition politician clears a needle hurdle after challenging the president. u.s. efforts to roll back climate laws gather steam while u.n. negotiators try to stop global warming. hello there rain is pushing its way across north america now it's creeping up from mexico you can see the satellite picture brings in that cloud from mexico and it's working its way through parts of texas at the moment and then will gradually edge its way eastwards as we head through the next few days so quite a bit of what weather here then for friday and on saturday that pushes further northwards all the way across towards atlanta heavy rain in the south but on the
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northern edge that's where we see a fair amount of wintery weather and further north still well plenty of cool weather here it's going to stay pretty cold for many of us toronto of the maximum just getting to the a row of force in new york we're just getting to two which is around thirty seven in fahrenheit a bit further towards the south we've got a stringy area of cloud hagen see it stretching across the bahamas there across the northern parts of cuba and into parts of mexico it's generally cool to the north of that and a bit hotter more humid to the south and in the south is also quite a few showers as well say along that east coast that's where we're likely to see the heaviest of the downpours as we head down towards south america is be pretty cool for some of us here recently particularly in parts of argentina born of ari's again on friday struggling to get to twenty two but the winds change as we head into saturday and the temperatures will rise so this time we'll get to a warmer twenty five.
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jewelry a symbol of the u.s. war on terror one set for closure one ton of detainees. we have identified as a priority is the construction of a new high value detention center i'm afraid that we're showing the condition. of the streets but you talk as you do the. rendition revisited to. welcome back. a reminder of our top stories this hour the head of turkish
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intelligence has briefed some u.s. senators on tuckey's investigation into the matter of saudi journalists jim. there's growing pressure on the white house to hold saudi crown prince mohammed bin accountable for the killings. the u.n. envoy to yemen has called for both sides in the four year long war to end the violence now he made the comments at the start of talks in sweden the day began with some progress the warring sides agreeing to a prisoner swap. a u.s. sponsored draft resolution that would have condemned the palestinian group hamas has failed to pass in the united nations general assembly the resolution didn't get the required two thirds majority. u.s. president donald trump is expected to pick head the new it's to be the u.s. is newest ambassador to the united nations she's currently spokeswoman for the state departments and her nomination would need to be endorsed by the republican controlled senate so replace nikki haley who announced her resignation in october and who leaves her post at the end of the. this month james warren is the executive
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editor of news gods and was the washington bureau chief for the chicago tribune he joins us by skype from chicago thanks for being with us james had the new issue is an unorthodox choice by all accounts fox news correspondent and anchor to the state department and now potentially the u.n. tell us about her foreign policy experience. take about five seconds not much it's really been primarily the last year and i have as spokesman of the united states state department where she was a rather unconventional pick to begin with having been preceded by john kirby a retired former rear admiral in a larger context on one level it's it's rather astonishing when one looks at the history of u.n. ambassadors going back in one nine hundred fifty s. you have people like adly stevens at twice the democratic party nominee for president george h.w. bush who's buried today was the united states ambassador you have
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a rather prominent intellectual like daniel patrick moynihan who later to be united states senator from new york and the slaughter of women which includes nikki haley included among others now in all right who would be future secretary of state and even a somewhat unconventional pick at the time by president obama samantha power she had been a journalist with a great deal on experience notably in africa covering. genocide so on that level this is notable on another level i think it's very much an easily explained by trump's fascination with your medium of television in particular with american cable news television and in particular with the fox cable news network and where one of his favorite shows is a very popular morning show that brands and now are for several years was associated with that show and that has surely had something to do with their selection initially through the united states state department he has an interest
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merely an obsession with image and people on to hope and she i want to ask you about her relationship with president track and the wise ass his there at the post i believe can either be a cabinet level post or a struct and so it still would have to report through secretary of state might pump air just how much influence does seem likely to have. well i don't think a great deal i think might prompt a oh who was a former united states public congressman who then became cia director now secretary of state she is the trump they tend to be on the same wavelength when it comes to much u.s. foreign policy unlike pompei its predecessor rex hillerman a former chief executive of exxon mobil who clash recombining with trump and also very much isolated his own spokesperson heather nauert who for
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a pure long period of time believe travel around the world with taylor says now this change in the park peo regime but it isn't likely that they would restructure the job so it's no longer a cabinet level that's quite possible and there is a great there's a great deal of logic but the united states u.n. ambassador sensually reported to the secretary of state i wouldn't be surprised do you think the president trying to is trying to send a message to the u.n. by the support meant and choosing a former fox news anchor rather than someone who perhaps has had more foreign policy experience in terms of sending a message about u.s. foreign diplomacy. well i think it's less about foreign diplomacy when we read anything into it that sort of a rush lacks of condescension to various establishment sweeps chukwu foreign policy establishment she's clearly not part of that. but i think he likes the notion of someone who is going to be you know look probably very stylish impressive on
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television who knows the medium very well who has a one should say not a fairly good job as spokesperson dealing with the almost daily briefings of the press corps secretary at the state department were basically are job is to take a big book and parrot repeat the talking points of the u.s. government comes to various conflicts and problems are around the globe so i'm not sure it's trying to send a great message i think he's just a narrative of the notion of image she's and there are people he's seen on television the first time i interviewed trump and i was writing a column to time new york times out of a pretty long print career the first thing he said was all i know you from television that's how he knew me and was supposedly impressed i think it's the same thing with heather nauert my point here the secretary of state is really in charge of foreign policy right now and i suspect they will work in sync and she will
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basically be subordinate to him james warren and thanks very much for your time and as always. the british prime minister has met some of his cabinet members to convince them to support had rex at dale to resume a says m.p.'s could be given more power over a mechanism to prevent a physical border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland after the u.k. needs the e.u. parliament to set to vote on the agreement next tuesday may says have a plan is the only way the u.k. to leave the block without economic chaos. rwanda's high court has dropped all charges against opposition politician diane regard and her mother. they celebrated with supporters off to the verdict the government had been accused of forgery and inciting insurrection after challenging paul kagame in last year's presidential elections a three judge panel says the charges were baseless. even
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. though very. just the beginning. to be. former u.s. president george h.w. bush has been buried in texas and in days a funeral services to honor him thousands of people lined the train route as this cost it was transported to his presidential library in the city of college station following a private graveside service america's forty first president was laid to rest next to his wife barbara who died earlier this year the last migrant rescue ship off raging off the coast of libya is ending operations doctors without borders says a smear campaign by european governments has forced the aquarius to stop saving asylum seekers in the mediterranean sea the boat lost its registration in september
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it's since been blocked at the french port of must say the oil producing group opec has decided to cut production because of an oversupply of crude ministers from member countries tentatively agreed to the move at a meeting in vienna they're now waiting to hear from non opec member russia before deciding how much they'll reduce production costs as making a final appearance after announcing on monday it will leave opec at the end of the year. as climate negotiators from around the world gather in poland to try to strengthen measures to limit carbon emissions the u.s. has just made it easier to open new coal fired plants the time the ministration has rolled back an obama era regulation designed to reduce c o two emissions al-jazeera as christensen amy reports. it was a regulation aiming to limit climate change that any newly built coal plant must capture its own carbon emissions now the environmental protection agency says it's
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gone they knew that the technology was not adequately demonstrated which is what is required under the law our proposal will replace those honest untenable requirements with high achievable standards that are rooted in reality the announcement that was sought by the coal industry was made by a man who used to work for the coal industry and praised by the senate majority leader from kentucky. coal families throughout kentucky upload the troubled ministration this runaway regulation news to be rolled back in place with more reasonable to bill set of standards cold reserve a level playing field and that's what this white house is trying to accomplish the move by the e.p.a. is sure to be challenge in court under federal clean air laws trump administration is already being sued by a coalition of states including new york for failing to protect residents from breathing an unhealthy smog pollution produced in nearby states the announcement
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comes as scientists from around the globe gather in poland to discuss climate change and warned that the earth is facing irreversible and catastrophic climate disruption if nations do not cut their emissions in half by two thousand and thirty the trumpet ministration argues that fewer regulations will help spur investment in cleaner coal technology but environmentalist disagree here there's an urgent need her address. climate pollution and we need all the solutions available power companies across the country have been deploying clean energy solutions and creating jobs and economic opportunity it's not a time to be rolling back existing protections the miners of pennsylvania we're digging coal again even with president trump's efforts to bring back the industry at the opening of this new mine in pennsylvania coal consumption in the u.s. is at its lowest level since one thousand nine hundred seventy nine due to competition from natural gas gases cleaner burning and more affordable but
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environmentalist warn that could change with ongoing deregulation christian salumi al jazeera the global livestock industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions than cars planes trains and ships combined but that's not a fact you'll see advertised on meat products denmark is considering laws which would require food manufacturers and supermarkets to label products with a rating showing the impact on the environment flounce back reports. in this supermarkets the label on the potatoes or sausages state you're about to buy will soon be able to tell you exactly how much damage it's done to fleming's. in an attempt to reduce its government emissions and slow down climate change the danish government wants to introduce a new rating label for food products consumers are very. concerned about the climate change and if you if you look at this. with the climate labeling on will we
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consume or get information ok and they want to make it change one to do something for the world and then they can say ok i'll buy this product because it's. when it comes to our carbon footprints not all products are made the same some require a lot of land and water resources well other products had to be transported for hundreds of kilometers by plains or in order to get here adding to pollution. agriculture is one of the major contributors to the level of carbon emissions that's driving climate change worldwide denmark is building wind farms promoting energy efficiency and getting rid of fossil fuels cars and also wants to reduce pollution caused by the food industry in order to have zero emissions by the year two thousand and fifty but developing a label that calculates that won't be an easy task some say it will be a waste of valuable time it's going to be very complicated as we look at look on
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this label. our our fears that the consumers will be maybe even more confused because now you have another label on top of all the other labels that exists and really i think we need to act now. we know what has to be done we need to eat less meat obviously in brussels on a label system will not save the planet. but radically changing our eating habits will says this insect farmer teaching the next generation to cook with larvae i am worms instead of need he says is far more effective. so insects are the answer because they pollute one hundred times less than beef does for instance and we want to make sure that the children know this because basically they are the habitants of the world of the future is the time i can live. well most seem to agree there isn't much time left to bring global warming closer to the forefront
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of people's minds solutions on how to feed the world in the future without destroying a very and some. might take a bit of courage for announcer al jazeera open half in. a massage and doha and these are the top stories on al-jazeera the head of turkish intelligence has briefed u.s. senators on turkey's investigation into the matter of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi there is growing pressure on the white house to hold saudi crown prince mohammed bin accountable for the killing she has returned he has more from washington d.c. to get in we were told from turkish sources a range of issues were discussed including syria now turkish sources then say a group of senators requested a meeting with the turkish intelligence chief about the murder and in that meeting
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which was described as in. formal. religious truth explained what evidence turkey heard about about the killing underage burned what evidence turkey has given to the us about the killing the un envoy to yemen has called for both sides in the four year long war to end the violence now he made the comments at the start of talks in sweden the warring sides have agreed to a prisoner swap fighting continues on the ground in yemen at least seven he faces and one soldier from the saudi immorality coalition have been killed in a province coalition forces are trying to push through fees from the hills to the south of the town of dams. a u.s. sponsored draft resolution that would have condemned the palestinian group hamas has failed to pass in the un general assembly the measure didn't get the required two thirds majority. u.s. president donald trump is expected to pick heaven knew it to be the u.s. is new ambassador to the united nations she's currently the spokeswoman for the
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state department chiller place nikki haley who announced her resignation in october and to leave the post at the end of this month the chief financial officer of chinese tech company while way is expected in court on friday one joe was arrested in canada and faces extradition to the u.s. for suspicion of violating sanctions against iran canada's prime minister says his government was warned ahead of the arrest but insists there was no political involvement china is calling for her immediate release the last migrant rescue ship operating off the coast of libya is ending operations doctors without borders says a smear campaign by european governments has forced the aquarius to stop saving asylum seekers in the mediterranean sea the boat lost its registration in september. those are the headlines join me for more news here after people in power. china could be facing a debt i suppose that's according to s. and p.
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global trumpet ministration just been insisting towards the saudis and other uses that they want to have more production to cool down the prices we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on ounces era. crude us president donald trump trigger a return to the doctor use of america's war on terror and quiet she said strange so keen to suppress information about the cia's poached nine hundred eleven rendition program in the second of two special investigations we sent reporters service program to find out.


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