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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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in the darkest of times brave men and women stood up. when oppressed they rose. together they forward for greater justice respect and compassion. they had a dream for a better future. today we are at a turning point. the stakes are high climate change inequality. hate speech you may feel overwhelmed but there is hope for. you. we together can create the change we want. by speaking out by standing up by taking action. be the leader you are looking for stand up for human rights my name's from the file and
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i an addict i'm on my phone all day every day and mights how blood is never really more than a few feet away the use of the internet elevates just like gambling does and just like cocaine does i will experience my own unusual digital detox i feel like i don't want to house this. is their old time anymore my d.h. to addiction on al-jazeera. signs of progress in tolls between yemen's warring sides in sweden but back home the fighting and suffering go on.
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play again this year without his air live from doha also coming out. of his intelligence chief briefs u.s. senators as they consider ways to punish saudi arabia for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. doctors without borders is forced to stop its my could rescue operation find out what that could mean for the number of deaths in the mediterranean. al-jazeera is exclusive interview with the family of a ukrainian officer detained by russia last month. second day of talks is underway in sweden they are aimed at ending the war in yemen there was a promising start on thursday when warring sides agreed
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a prisoner exchange deal the saudi backed government and who's the gelug ations a meeting in the village of rimbaud north of the capital stockholm our correspondent hashem is there he joins us live now so dave confidence building measures leading to an air of optimism i would imagine given that they've agreed on this prisoner exchange program what next now for days what are the. the most important issues they wish to achieve today. day two is a continuation of the talks about the need to move for when it comes to confidence building measures there's been a meeting earlier today just finished between the united nations top envoy botton griffiths and the delegation from the yemeni government today the u.n. is trying to advance the agenda of the reopening of the port of sun and also a deal
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a possible deal with the who these when it comes to handing over the management of the port of her day which is a vital lifeline for yemen imports to the united nations but you know the see a huge differences between the two parties about how to talk of the situation of the who these are saying that the ports or son are which has been shut down by the saudi led coalition in two thousand and fifteen should be reopened to commercial flights to pave the way also for the injured people to be evacuated whatever they decide to go the coalition has been in the past adamant you won't allow that to happen now it remains to be seen whether the u.n. would be able to put some pressure on saudi arabia when as far as the support of the poor the port of seattle is concerned and yesterday there is the base delegations were arriving in you managed to get a word with the yemeni foreign minister didn't go as quite taken by the fact that
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he mentioned that it what he demanded of the hoof is was a complete observation of resolution twenty two sixteen that's a u.n. resolution that was passed in twenty fifteen and the situation has changed so much since then. indeed he has dramatically changed. the ground with the who these because the upper hand however the reason i think why he was furious yesterday is because the who things are insisting to tackle the issue of an era transitional authority to be implemented in yemen in the near future they say could be a presidential council it could be a new president but the insist that it should not and these were not to be so howdy and this is the reason why. he was really furious saying that it's not up to the who these to dictate the terms of any future deal they are the ones who took power in a military coup in two thousand and fourteen and they are the ones who should pull
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out from over their weapons and i think this could be the sticking point that could undermine the chances for any political way out here in stockholm with both sides still entranced insisting that they are the ones who are legitimate representation of the will or the people of yemen all right for now hashem thank you very much. live in sweden for us. now the head of turkish intelligence has briefed u.s. senators about his country's investigation into the matter of the saudi generalists jamal khashoggi there is growing pressure on the white house to hold saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man responsible for the killing she have returned to reports from washington d.c. . turkish sources say her comfy dumby turkish intelligence chief was in washington for prescheduled meetings with his cia counterpart gina hospital on
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a range of issues including syria as cia director hospital has been leading the u.s. investigation into the crucial g murder after she briefed some senators earlier this week they said they were certain that the killing could not have happened without saudi crown prince mohammed bin sons involvement there's not a smoking gun there's a smoking cell but only a few senators received that cia briefing turkish sources say feeder gave those he met on capitol hill on thursday information regarding the evidence ankara has in the because shuggie murder as well as the information ankara has supplied to the administration and washington senators are considering three lines of action against saudi arabia not just as a result of the khashoggi killing but the humanitarian disaster that's been caused by saudi action in yemen the a's are sixty three the nays are thirty seven the motion is agreed to first a procedural vote is expected next week following a vote to move a resolution on invoking the war powers act to end u.s.
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participation in the yemen war to the senate floor last week if successful a debate will begin and a final vote held meanwhile senators have also proposed a bill to suspend arms sales to saudi arabia and a resolution to personally hold the saudi crown prince responsible for the khashoggi murder some senators who voted to advance the war powers resolution last week now say they would prefer going down these legislative routes instead but while any action by the senate will be a symbolic but historic breach of the u.s. saudi relationship none of these measures are expected to reach the president's desk as the leadership of the house of representatives have shown no willingness to also vote on the measures but following november's democratic success there in the midterm elections that may soon change if i were the saudi government i would be very concerned now obviously no one wants to see the total destabilization of saudi arabia but the special relationship with the saudis. the arms sales and the u.s. support really have been called into question the drug use is it remains firm in
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its support for the saudi government ever terms the old zero washington. right now and matthew bryza who's a former white house official he's now a known resident senior fellow at the atlantic council's eurasia center and he's joining us live now from istanbul thanks for talking to us it is now just past two months since the murder of jamal khashoggi in the city way you on the how do you get a sense that there is an element of perhaps this variation on the part of the turkish authorities to keep this issue alive and on the front burner i don't know if there's a sense of desperation but there certainly is an urgent desire to prevent this whole issue from being swept under the rug the ok perhaps confidantes visit was long scheduled or was a reciprocal reciprocal gesture to the cia director hostile to ankara but the fact that he briefed u.s. senators about turkish intelligence on this murder is quite an unusual development
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and a sign of the intensity of the turkish government's desire to to get the truth out and as you mentioned he's had these consultations with some senior senators in fact some senior senators have had their briefing from jena hostle finally they've also been listening to pump ala matus some sentences seem to be a very very irate amazing based on this particular receipt but also mentally whatever they come up with is it going to change the position of the white house which is what they claim to want. yeah that's the key question and the fact that only some senators have been briefed by both director aspel and the president. shows how sensitive and therefore how real this intelligence information is so it sounds like these are intense discussions that are getting at the facts and yes you're right ultimately it's not clear whether or not all over the political
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motions of the senate and then the house controlled by the democrats will run through whether that will be enough to have an impact on president trump but my instincts are telling me that as the story is kept alive by republican senators republican senators who who are certain in their mind that crown prince mohammed ordered this murder and as the u.s. house takes up hearing so probably subpoena members of the trump administration to talk about this the pressure is going to build on president trying but he's simultaneously going to be increasingly under pressure with regard to his ties to russia and collusion supposedly in the last election so i think that he can flip he has shown he's able to flip do a one hundred eighty degree turn in the case of north korea and while this relationship with saudi arabia has been so important to the united states it will remain important to the united states regardless of whether the crown prince remains mohammed bin some money absolutely because what the president is failing to do which the rest of the world seems to be comfortable doing and that is separating
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out the person of mohammed bin sound man from the leadership of the country. yes exactly and sometimes president trump and as a senior administration officials make that point without realizing they're entrapping themselves in their own rhetoric saudi arabia needs the united states the united states does not need saudi oil like it did in the past the u.s. for the first time in seventy five years is now a net a net exporter of oil saudi arabia needs u.s. support in yemen saudi arabia wants to contain iran in the middle east and beyond it's not like saudi arabia is doing a favor to president trump because president trump is going soft on the crown prince but what do you what do you make of the theory. all of this coming from the senate particularly lindsey graham who we know is a big supporter of the president and a big advocate full for the u.s.
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saudi relationship do you think that this is possibly part of an orchestrated maneuver which really is to give time to riyadh to real can eyes itself and to marginalize the crown prince i honestly i don't think so i understand why that sort of a theory would seem sensible here in the middle east but drawing on all my years in the u.s. government it just doesn't feel like the way washington operates based with the senators have said including senator corker who is outgoing he's no friend of president trump he said within thirty minutes if there were a trial of mohammed bin saddam he'd be convicted what the senators are setting in motion is a process that is potentially uncontrollable from a political perspective for president trump but they're not there yet but things could move in that direction so no i don't think this is orchestrated i think senator graham is understandably outraged by the murder of
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a washington post contributing journalist in a nato allies country on their territory and i think i think his outrage is actually genuine matthew present good to have a thank you. thank you. my good rescue ship operating in the mediterranean is ending its mission doctors without borders says a smear campaign by european governments has forced the aquarius to stop saving asylum seekers now the boat lost its registration in september let's see o'brien reports. the aquarius began operations two years ago run by the charity's doctors without borders and it made a turn a. since then it's rescued thirty thousand people on the treacherous sea crossing between libya and europe. migrants and refugees searching for what many of us take for granted a safe place to call home its crew says most survivors were deeply traumatized but the work of boats like the aquarius has been made harder by a growing n.t.
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immigrant sentiment in europe aquarius has been blocked in the french port of musée since october after panama revoked its registration the charity say at the request of the migrant government then last month the police ordered its seizure for allegedly dumping toxic waste the charities deny the allegations accusing european states of sabotage and slander so we've been subjected to a concerted campaign of harassment intimidation and obstruction it's taken the poor of criminal investigation on the basis of spirits allegations and we've been shot at and harassed by the libyan coast guard which is funded by european governments including including that of the u.k. so that basically has now forced us to take this step and the consequences of that more people are going to die at sea more than one hundred seven thousand people
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have arrived in europe by sea this year at the height of the crisis and twenty fifteen more than a million people made the voyage. crossings have dropped the u.n. said an organist at the journey's becoming more dangerous. restrictions on search and rescue boats like the aquarius. earlier this year there were weeks of wrangling over who would take the aquarius and the six hundred people into gray skewed it was stranded in the mediterranean with both italy and malta refusing entry. to the international condemnation that politics was taking precedence over people's lives the u.n. says more than seventeen and a half thousand people have drowned or gone missing. in the mediterranean since january twenty fourth payne last year there were five rescue boats in the mediterranean now they are now on the charity say they're looking for a replacement boat for the aquarius its crew fear that there are vulnerable people
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out there possibly in danger and no one to help them brian al-jazeera. that germany's ruling christian democrat party is set to elect a new leader to replace chancellor angela merkel mrs merkel has given her last speech as party leader in hamburg ahead of the secret ballot a thousand delegates will choose between three candidates to replace mrs merkel including a and a good at clam. and a former rival friedrich metz is merkel's not seeking reelection but the winner will determine how long she can stay on a chance let's go live now to dominic came a correspondent who's there at that meeting in hamburg so whoever the party chooses well i have in the media it could have an immediate impact on the country and on mrs merkel and the remainder of her term.
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very much so the point to made here is that angle america has just spoken to delegates is you saying the move on a thousand delegates here spoke for a biopsy forty five minutes or so fights the party for letting her be in charge for so long and she mentioned the successes during her time but also the successes around the different states of last year where her party forty elections she specifically referred to the states of zoller and well that's interesting because that's the states which her protege and that is you saying well she referred to the success there well that's clearly a reference to the sort of candidate she wants to win here but the reason this really matters is because you have a battle of beliefs going on in this party right now those on the right who want to take the. back towards the right to believe that in chasing the voters who left this party to go to the populist alternative for germany that is the key to electoral success whereas and it had come down by believes that she needs the
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parties to stay in the center and the reason why this may have a real effect not just on angela merkel's remaining term in office but also german politics is because this party remains the first among equals this is the party that gets somewhere around a third of the vote nationally depending on certain states it's more some states it's less than that but generally speaking this is the major party so who runs this party as a pivotal role in german politics if you see the mets wins anger merkel then faces the prospect of having a direct rival and she froze out of politics ten years ago in charge metaphorically breathing down her neck saying get out of the chancery i want to myself that's what's at stake here and the foot will be taking place in the next few hours when it came along.


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