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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 49  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2018 1:32am-2:00am +03

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i say you know i support them but they have to be used the right way you can't you can't use them to friend somebody with or bring them to school to show your friends you know it's not it's not it's not a toy there's so many veterans that are coming back that you know that are very down or guards they become police officers give them a job just because if he was served our country and he had in part of his body blown off or shot off amputated or something he'd be a perfect candidate sit him in that school inside there in the give it give him a gun and he will stop the threat before we have good parents in p.t.s.d. you know. after what they've done to jenna that stuff covers a lot of areas and now they have to pay attention to it. that's also
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police officers go through that then everybody so there's there's ways to to to keep an eye on these people i feel and i'm sure if they if they let a police officer carry a firearm. they could let somebody go in there a lot of more police officers or ex-military. after a traumatic event we know that one thing that facilitates healthy coping is children feeling like they're safe and so you know i think that the idea is well meaning but on the flip side it may also inadvertently send a message that school actually isn't safe. i think for children who've experienced
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trauma that could be a big trigger for that and be more stressful than it's necessary. i didn't know that i had p.t.s.d. until one of the fire drills and this physics fire drill was i think the fourth one and it happened the while that was in the same classroom scene see that i was in on february fourteenth and it brought me back completely hearing my teachers voice having the friend that i was stuck with in the office right next to me made me think should i get up and walk or know what like what do i do i was in shock i started sweating cold i started breathing heavy and i couldn't control my my nerves that's when i realized that. that's when i realized you know like i'm not ok and to take care of myself to.
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i have a lot of guts more than i like to tell a lot of people sometimes that's how i'm forty sometimes i'm sixty i don't let them know exactly how many i've got i could have a hundred twenty but i let them know that i have a good amount i enjoy bringing my neighbors my neighbors children my neighbors wives and husbands out to the range so they can see and get more comfortable for five years i have seventeen year old little girl since she was about seven years old i would take it to the range and we've been learning about gun says she will have progressed from small bullets so now she has her own they are fifteen she has her own shotguns she has her own pistols twenty two's is what she joins these are guns that are in the safe so we can have fun we can enjoy. guns are very important in the united states they are central to how americans
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think about conflict it's the way they think about mediating conflict in their popular culture and their everyday life and their respect for authority they are like what we might call fetish objects they're something that people find attractive as a way to substitute for actually trying to deal with conflict and more interpersonal ways. guns are important to me because i want to be able to protect myself protect my family everybody that i love that's my god given right it's written down it's you know these are my rights and i want to be able to use them is my. back. and i'm. part of that empire it's my favorite gun
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issue because like i just love how. i really don't like a big recoil my gun so the fact that the barrel makes to require a lot of this move there for me to shoot and it's fun because i don't go in the child's room. launched from because. i think my and as a very educated mirror i do support like the values in everything that he says i appreciate the truth and that's why he gives me ron uncut splint no. one. so the bullet a made these bullets. mahmoud's my grandmother well show ready to go
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struggle of like this. when it's like a few weeks ago we had like a lockdown in my school and we didn't know what was going on we're stuck in a closet for like an hour and a half i text my dad i was like look we're on a code red i don't know what's happening and you know from that point all you can do is really like hide in the corner i got a text from my daughter there's a lockdown the school they're saying that somebody is running around shooting i want to go run to my car go come to my house grab my rifles grab my ammo grab my vest grab my helmet and go hit the school i mean i may not be running around the campus with a gun what i want to throw guns to the teachers a say go get my kid get up or should i'm coming with you i'll cover you let's go there was a discussion going around a couple months right after the stillman douglas shooting happened that teachers should be able to be armed and that idea was. it was i
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wish i liked the idea personally but there's a lot of teachers like i said that have these democratic my sits there like no i don't want to have a gun and then these kids are like the teachers to show us and it's like that is such an idiotic mindset. i think the reality of gun violence and the reality of these high security schools is something that poor kids in more violent communities have been living with for a long time and it's now that it's heading out into other neighborhoods that we're starting to talk about it more about it's something that's been a reality for lots of our kids for quite some time. miami guard and as some people refer to it murder garden it's
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a beautiful area as you can see like a lot of trees a lot of just just a lot of shootings so a friend of your family members been affected and it just continues just now from us so continues as all of our people go by this continues to happen with no intention. has to be outside almost every day if i may have home we just go out and everybody wanted to play football basketball want to do so in a lot of young kids really go outside it unless it's the weekend because bond weekend and pretty much the same for i guess. oh here it is experience violence or police brutality or i have somebody in your family. and you have been a victim oh by the way my husband was shot in the head random drive by just
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go. and i think there's a lot in his head but he's doing fine now but a couple years ago it was really like a traumatic the magic experience for him. so how do you guys know what you say it was a drag they did with it it's harder now he was in that entire year he was playing basketball at the park it was just a random like spray shooting so out now let's talk about if your best friend had a gun and i was like a dancer you know up and out the alpha plus i'm here with this gun so let's say you have jeremiah jump on would you feel more comfortable trying to jump on not to use a gun and i will not example i would try to convince to roam ward and commune first because i could lose my life and i know when nobody knew how do you feel about being outside how do you feel about going to the parks tell me a little bit of your views and how you feel about just being in the community i
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don't usually like fly because mostly in parts you feel like you're going to be see play no one's going to do anything but you always have to like be aware of your surroundings absolutely so you don't let what's going on stop you from living your best life. ok anybody else how you feel as the officer i don't need to go outside because i know there's a bastable. right around seven states i would say i'm a spammer to anybody else. thank you. in my neighborhood in people i hang around with most needy always try to make money positive you go but if something goes wrong you have they could fall off the wrong track get into road drugs in america you can see at a lot of drugs even inner city schools we don't worry about was going to happen
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mostly we have insiders and maybe a fight outside of the school that's what we look to as an oh ok now i got to survive outside of school fred now this is my starting point so in the future is going to. be something i want to do entrepreneurship so this is a stepping stone to like. any words young guy in their way to be i try to be role model to them so they can be role models and they get older to me so that no no more of us. had to go get shot or have a good in this horrific trauma of being alone to be in a free to do what they want to be. everything. everything.
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after the shooting all of us students came together because we wanted change but i think we all realize that politics are slower. than we imagined but we're trying to as much as possible or so are we just heard in the senate in congress or just in the government and sometimes we're in tallahassee florida at the moment the house of representatives capitol building and we are fighting for voices to be because we don't want to see a new dispute to get heard. for a long time i think that you have not been able to effect change in the united states and when and where they have tried they have been thwarted by adult culture by market oriented culture i and i think until you see a transition of power between the generations it will be very difficult for young people to affect much change.
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i've tried to be careful with what i say sometimes and i know that there's a lot of people that probably won't like me and that there's are going to be haters they point out that our shooting was as fake as the sandy oaks and the only dumb bodies you have it's just a lot of stupid comments that i really personally don't pay attention to there's comments here that are calling me out for being a crisis i there and these are companies that i honestly don't pay attention to and could care less they could express their opinion anywhere they want to i am just going to keep on moving forward and posting my content because that's what matters and that's what brings me happiness and i completely changed i feel like i became an adult and that i realized what life was like how cruel everything truly is in the intentions of some people are just beyond my imagination and then when it's
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like two seventeen people are in there and what it's like to go to their funerals and just that sadness that no one can take away. i learned what it's like to tell your mom i love you in what was going to be the last time on this bike the trauma that we lived on february fourteenth there are a lot of good things that came afterwards and to this day i say that and the seventeen angels are passed away that they are looking over us because they truly are blessed my life and their lives and many others and we aren't that a painting are bad for him and to him down because they they are the reason why we are pushing forward and why we are motivated to keep on going. and the fascist anti establishment and pro violence despite the recent official
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disbanding of its militarized wing a basque separatist movement just found alive and well on the terraces of a build vile stadia. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform and ideology would follow football hooligans. read old death on al-jazeera.
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it pays well and doesn't require diplomas. that's why so many work for the casinos. and but for those who struggle at school. dropping out has become the less evil perseverance to gamble. the future gamble part of the viewfinder asia series unnoticed zero. two high profile changes in the u.s. government president donald trump names new choices for attorney general and u.n. ambassador.
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this is. also coming up angle a longtime ally is elected to a place as party leader. thousands gather in central paris for another big weekend of protests as police are accused of using heavy handed tactics. the medical charity doctors without borders is accusing european governments of a smear campaign it's stopped rescuing refugees in the mediterranean. although the u.s. president has named state department spokeswoman heaven now it's. as the new ambassador to the united nations if approved by the senate she'll replace nikki haley in january who announced her resignation in october she's been at the state department since april last year and is considered a relative novice it's part of a personnel shakeup president trump is looking to make for the second two years of
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his term mike hanna joins us live now from the united nations so mike what are we to make of this appointment. well it has a nurse certainly a lack of international foreign affairs experience this is going to be picked up during what is likely to be a grueling nomination process particularly from democrats opposed to this particular point meant but what it indicates to is the downgrading of the position of u.n. ambassador now nikki haley actually held a cabinet position she was on the national security council as well however that does not appear to be the case with the current nomination it is known that she's likely not to have a cabinet appointment which will downgrade the importance of the post of the u.n. ambassador and will certainly move her out of the mix in terms of making policy to an extent which nikki haley did at times do but it's also
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a reflection of the differences that have been there within the trumpet ministration have the knowledge reportedly did not get in an all with the previous secretary of state ricks to listen and it was only when my pump aoe came into the position that she was in fact confirmed in her position as acting under secretary and it was only then as well that she accompanied the secretary of state on foreign trips so certainly the nomination does appear to be culminating in a lot of differences within the administration are being papered over to a certain extent it's also an indication that mike pompei of himself is becoming more ascendant perhaps within the cabinet over somebody he's been at odds with at times john bolton the national security adviser so in this nomination there's a lot going on behind the seeds have seen so he has them all right mike hanna live for us at the united nations. now the u.s.
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president also nominated william barr to be his new attorney general barr served in the same position under president george h.w. bush in the early one nine hundred ninety s. that will put him in charge of special counsel robert miller's investigation into possible russian collusion during the twenty sixteen election. the refrig band aid to reflect person a brilliant man. i did not know him for until recently when i went through the process of looking at it this fall and he was my first choice from day one respected by republicans and respected by democrats he will be nominated for the united states attorney general and hopefully that process will go very quickly and i think it will go very quickly as i've seen very good things about him even over the last day or so when people thought that it might be bill bart but let's speak
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now to jeff hauser in washington he is the executive director at the revolving door project a program that tracks executive branch appointments for the center for economic and policy research thanks for being with us so given that as we said there if william barr becomes the next attorney general he will essentially be the special counsel robert muller's boss and so the focus will be on how he will handle that investigation given how how how much president trump has talked about wanting it to be over. yes and i think the special counsel more has to be concerned about this news matthew whittaker the supposedly interim acting attorney general there is controversy about the legality of his appointment but he is a known skeptic of mahler and of this investigation but the thing about whitaker is that he is not widely respected and so whitaker is in particularly weak position to
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rein in special counsel moller the thing about bill barr is that while his views are very little different than matthew whitaker he holds extreme views about the power of the presidency he has conspiratorial views about hillary clinton he's basically no better than matthew what occur but he has this longstanding history in washington d.c. and so he is considered to be a more serious figure even if his views themselves are not actually very serious views and so i think that makes him a much more dangerous threat to special council mauler than whitacre who's such a weak person in his current position what are the chances of him being approved with that still very still a narrow republican senate majority that will take their seats in january. i think it will depend on what comes out from the mower investigation in the next four to eight weeks before that confirmation process for barr gets going i think if
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muller continues to advance the information about trump in russia and that information reflects badly on the trump administration in the legitimacy of the two thousand and sixteen presidential election i think bar could be in for a very tough questioning and could even be defeated by a handful of senate republicans in addition to the senate democrats if however the investigation doesn't advance that much further than what is already known even though what is already known is pretty bad i think that bar would slide through by a narrow margin i think he would endure a lot of tough questions but he would ultimately get basically unanimous republican support which would be sufficient so the bar is really dependent on what more can produce publicly in the next forty eight weeks all right good to speak with you jeff hauser in washington. u.s. president trump has lashed out against the investigation into
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a possible collusion between russia and his twenty sixteen election campaign his early morning tweets came ahead of new details expected on friday on two of his former aides in the investigation patagonian is following this story for us from washington so patty any wood yet at this point on on what might be coming out of the investigation this friday. well we know what has to come out the question is when pretty much every journalist in washington keep looking at their phone just to see when those core papers are filed so there are two different things happening today first we're going to talk about michael cohen he is pled guilty to charges in new york charges that he basically paid off women who had had an affair with the president won a porn star one a playboy bunny before the election and also tax evasion charges he pled guilty to those crimes in new york so by five o'clock the judge in that case has said i want to see this sentencing document so what is that basically it lays out everything the prosecutors believe he did every crime he committed and what sort of help he's
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provided since then because we know michael cohen president very close aide and former fixer is cooperating to a great extent with the special counsel's office so he's cooperated on the other side of the coin we have paul metaphor he was the campaign chairman he has already been found guilty of financial crimes in virginia he was facing charges involving potential rush inclusion in washington d.c. when he decided to plead guilty he told prosecutors he would cooperate with them well the prosecution has now come out and said he lied he's committed more crimes we believe there's some reporting that he was working with the trump attorneys possibly giving them some information but exactly what he did special prosecutor didn't tell us pressured counsel didn't tell us but by today he has to file that document before the court here's the problem he has until midnight local so nobody knows what it's going to drop but everybody is keeping a close eye because we really don't know what robert mueller knows and this might
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be the first indication or it could all be blacked out like some of the previous documents so very tense day for the president obviously but everyone in washington waiting to see exactly what those papers reveal should be a very interesting friday and as you as you say a very tense day for the president for the moment. in washington. germany's ruling christian democratic union party has elected an a great cram karrenbauer to replace anger merkel as party leader she is merkel's protege and won more than fifty one percent of the ballots merkel is not seeking reelection but her successor could decide how long she'll stay on as chancellor scott live now to dominate kaine in hamburg so presumably dominic mr merkel will be pleased with the final choice here. yes very much so and when she congratulated as you were saying her profit share she's called here there was
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smiles and it was very clear that this was her desired outcome let's be clear what the c.d.u. will now have is a period of evolution not revolution there won't be a drift to the right there won't be a cozying up as it were to voters who've abandoned the christian democratic union in the past just for the far right populist alternative for germany party and it could come was very clear that she believes that the c.d.u. should be anchored in the center she is from the center right so she is as it were continuity as i say evolution not revolution but the point to make here is that her rival in the second round of voting for the mets really fought this contest very close he lost by thirty five votes out of nine hundred ninety nine and let's be clear he had been in the wilderness frozen out sidelined by angle americal more than ten years ago and yet here he was today coming within one or two percent of
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seizing the leadership of this party which would have been an affront triangle which is why for quite a few people this this election was seen as almost a referendum of the chancellor she wasn't on the ballot and yet in every other sense she was a legacy of the policies that she's pursued over the course of more than a decade and dominic do you do we know any. more about. her success or. personality and her and her style of leadership and and how how she would run things. the interesting thing here in her speeches and she said i've heard many people refer to me is as a mini version as a as a two point zero version of somebody else which obviously meant angela merkel but she went on to say look i've been in charge the prime minister.


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