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many more will be coming here just looking for violence looking for confrontation looking to launch attacks on the police themselves all right david thank you very much david chaytor a corresponding will keep us right across developments in paris as they happen now a stampede in a nightclub in italy has killed six people more than a hundred others were injured and it happened near and kona that some of the adriatic coast italian media are reporting that people panicked and ran for the exits after someone sprayed a can of pepper spray. now an executive of chinese tech giant huawei will remain in custody in canada right of the weekend prosecutors a seeking mung extradition to the united states which is accusing her of breaching sanctions on iran while the arrest raises questions about whether the current temporary trade truce between america and china will hold chris and salumi reports . among china's business elite among ones who is considered royalty the daughter of
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the founder of telecom giant way a company c.f.o. and possible heir to the throne but to the united states mom is a wanted criminal the charge confirmed in the canadian court on friday fraud specifically using an unofficial weiwei subsidiary to do business with iran in violation of u.s. sanctions china's foreign ministry has condemned her arrests and demanded the evidence. you do what i can tell you is that neither canada nor the u.s. have provided any evidence to china that the person of the cases by the laws of the two countries until now. canadian prosecutors acting on behalf of the us argued against freeing mongan bail saying her wealth made her an extreme flight risk while her lawyer said she'd never do anything to embarrass her family or her country in court filings the united states argued that mung was likely to flee to china if
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released on bail the united states believes that one way officials have been avoiding travel to the united states since april of two thousand and seventeen when they became aware of the investigation and furthermore that they had been moving u.s. based employees out of the country who could have been called to testify in the case that's why when they became aware of her travel to canada on november twenty ninth they requested her extradition. mom's arrest comes amid mounting trade tensions between the u.s. and china and news of her arrest rattled investors the dow closed down more than five hundred points for the week a racing gains for the year but experts say the case is not about trade i think it's very much sanctions issue and the desire to make sure that people know that we aren't kidding when the u.s. imposes sanctions nevertheless it could complicate trade relations as the two countries attempt to work out their differences kristen salumi al jazeera. we've
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got a lot more to come here at al-jazeera including passing the torch in germany angela merkel's long time ally is elected to succeed as party leader. the world's biggest oil producers disregard u.s. pressure and slash production. in east pink sky by the taj mahal. or as the sun sets in the city of angels. allan the cold air that's come out of russia of alaska has been really pushed back now the weather is so stormy the atlantic this cloud is able to override the codes on the ground obviously where the to meet you get snow this is a position for saturday so eastern poland down through will beyond austria turning off to mostly rain down the balkans were positive only just ahead of it plus two in
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kiev very mild the behind it was still in the teens for the british isles and for france for example not so much is something for us so it's very strong winds and rain and oversee the snow if they succeed to keep the east has nothing will happen i think sussing out into sunday right up to the borders was russia so what you end up was temps is only a little bit high behind all this i mean in kiev and bucharest sunshine here then back to the wind and the rain she extends all the way back to paris one small with significant snow by this time on the northern slopes of the european alps now this has been happening more or less the last week or two so we've always had active weather falling through the gene and turkey into was an event now this is a quiet of it saturday the rain that's left his brother lights are in for example lebanon but there is more to come later. the weather sponsored by cattle and nice. stories generated thousands of headlines with different angles from different
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perspectives a caravan is a fact i will email highly dangerous one of the major issues before voters is the institution president from cannot stop talking about the news media to separate the spin from the facts of the misinformation from the journalism the shock of a.b.c.'s reporting fight to leave the listening post on al-jazeera. i traversed think of the top stories here of al jazeera documents released by u.s. prosecutors have for the first time directly linked donald trump to financial
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crimes committed during his twenty sixteen presidential campaign it's also been revealed that a russian offered quote political synergy with that campaign reached out to transform a lawyer as far back as twenty fifteen. and almost two hundred eighty people have already been arrested in paris in several protests movements converge on the french capital the so-called yellow vests demonstrations continue. while ways chief financial officer among one june will spend the weekend in custody in canada with a bail hearing due on monday u.s. prosecutors are seeking her extradition they accuse her of breaching sanctions on iran. right it's day three of those talks taking place in sweden to end the war in yemen have been some small breakthroughs but there remain deep divisions on key issues and the u.n. says yemen's war is killing or injuring almost one hundred twenty three civilians
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every week well as i say they're happening in sweden in the small town of rimbaud that's just outside of the capital stockholm our correspondent. is there and he's been following this process for us we can go to him live now and. as we've already said this is day three. the fact is this. process was never going to be easy was it it never is there's been a war going on for nearly four years this is difficult to reign is there give us a sense of the mood of the formats of the dialogue that is taking place where you. battier the u.n. is hoping to be able to build trust again between the two rival factions the truth the rebels who control the northern part of the country and the. saudi u.a.e.
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backed government which is based in the southern part of the country and they know that after four years of war fighting destruction thousands of people were killed millions suffering they need to some confidence building measures and they announced on the first day of the talks the prisoner. exchange deal and they were hoping that this could be conducive to more progress however on the second day yesterday the talks stalled because of a sudden. media blitz by the government officials who said that the are totally opposed to the idea of reopening the airport which is controlled by the hope these two international flights and they also say there is absolutely no way they will allow these any control over the. strategic port of her data and i think that today the challenge would be on the united nations envoy martin griffiths to ask the two parties to set aside their differences and make
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concessions he knows that if the talks are suddenly stalled just because of these two issues it means that the talks will collapse eventually in the coming days it's an issue that has been going on for many years that remains to be seen whether the united nations this time will be able to solve a very complex political landscape as we go to see in this report. yemen talks hanged by a thread as the government delegation toughens its stance against who the rebels. president of the not so hard is loyalists have told you and all boy martin griffiths they weren't allow reopening stand airport to international flights the government delegation insists all international flights must be strictly through airports and it's controlled in aden and how to molt that if my tomorrow we came
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here in order to find a solution to open the airport of santa we cannot just prejudge everything what we are asking is is this in the interest of the people or not we are not here to reward the malicious we are here for peace the sun our airports was one of the first targets of the saudi u.s. coalition in two thousand to fifteen the military alliance later closed the airport to stop what it said was a flow of weapons from iran to the who these another sticking point in the talks is the port of her data which accounts for more than seventy percent of food imports to yemen the government asked the huth east to pull out immediately warning it will resume the offensive to take control of the city if they don't the healthy is had agreed to partially hand over management of the port to the united nations in exchange for a cease fire to be implemented then what hell if we are to agree we need
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a governing authority that represents all of yemen and to which all parties will hand over weapons. the first day of these talks so a rare agreement among yemen's rivals for president exchange deal. it is widely seen as a significant step forward to and a conflict that has killed tens of thousands of people and created the worst humanitarian crisis in the well. marty of the into interesting development was when yesterday many senior healthy officials came out and said that they were willing to move forward and tackle the issue of the interne period so they're saying basically the following we don't think that the confidence building measures although they are significant are the answer to the problems of yemen there is a political crisis and therefore we suggest the following which is basically
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a presidential council that runs human for an interim period a national unity government at the same time the militias will hand over the weapons to that of already which is going to be a legitimate authority which will pave the way for drafting and you can situation and then it will ultimately and with general elections the only problem with this is that the government will tell you this is just a maneuver by the who these to eject the president. was the internationally recognized president of yemen create more vacuum in yemen and then prolong the influence over a year back and this particular issue about the political framework is going to be debated today and through the coming days but with both parties very entrenched this particular moment i think the chances for a way out of the crisis in yemen become now very slim. all right hashem has. a correspondent live at those talks taking place in sweden thank you.
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now there's been a rise in the price of oil off the oil producing nations agreed to cut production the cycle of opec plus group reduced output by just over a million barrels a day that while the amount is more than was expected some on this is say that prices could still be vulnerable well brennan reports from vienna. for more than forty years opec controlled the global oil industry the group's near monopoly keeping a tight rein on supply and on prices the events of this week in vienna shows those days are truly over despite consensus that a cuts in production is needed to stop a slide in the oil price thursday's gathering of just the opec member states failed to agree to numbers and so on friday as the meeting expanded to include non opec members all eyes were on alexander novak the russian energy minister. was after thorough analysis which we have been conducting of the market situation will be
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ready to come to me to understanding on how to take corporation further. the final figures opec members will reduce output by eight hundred thousand barrels a day the non-a pick countries will hold back a further four hundred thousand barrels iran libya and venezuela will be exempted the prospect of cutting one point two million barrels a day was enough to push brant crude above sixty three dollars from below fifty nine dollars the previous day go back to the supply demand we believe that there are substantial volumes out there as a result of releasing the spare capacity that used to be. withdrawn and we hope that we will come to an agreement where all. producers will contribute with. equal cuts across the board there was significant transparency and who with going to be doing a cut for example. the government laid out their path to basically remembering about the russian government also gave us a little window about what their with options would be so i think the statement was
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actually more transparent than expected i think it actually is a more robust product than we extracted in the last couple days but what happens here in vienna is only part of the picture the united states is now the world's biggest crude oil producer now really eclipsing russia and with saudi arabia in third the fact is opec no longer calls the shots this is been a hard fought compromise deal and the fact it's been so difficult time for size is the limits now of effectiveness and there are still question marks as to how long the deal done here will actually last paul brennan al-jazeera vienna. a new law passed by japan's parliament will see the world's third largest economy change dramatically but accepting foreign workers the contentious legislation will open doors to almost three hundred fifty thousand outsiders is designed to make up
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for a shortfall in japan's population it's shrinking and its aging workforce the measure will be in effect for about five years and it starts in april now ass kissing cuba has protested against a new law they say will increase censorship and stifle creativity the lore is known as decree three forty nine and it prohibits artists and musicians from providing services without government approval it originally applied to public spaces but has now been extended to the private sector the government says the new measure will help tax collection and prevent social disorder. the protest march in the nation's capital has turned into a rally of support after the government decided not to sign the u.n. convention which would eliminate racial discrimination malays which are the country's largest ethnic group were worried that the convention could impact them
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florence louis has more from kwan than the. this rally with initially organized as a protest march to demonstrate against the government's decision to ratify a un convention to eliminate racial discrimination and the reason there's a backlash against this here in malaysia is because the majority race the malays who make up more than sixty percent of the population are concerned that this move to a low tide special privileges and threaten the position of islam as the main religion in this country the privileges granted to the malays and other indigenous groups give them advantages in a range of things from business to education to. affirmative action all of these were put in place decades ago because the malays even though they were the main group were considered economically disadvantaged impact to the chinese and indians the other two main race in this country and the government mindful of the backlash reversed its pledge to ratify the convention but this rally is still going ahead
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people here tell us they want to send a message to the government that they will reject anything that threatens the malays special privileges but this is also about politics this rally is organized by the two largest opposition groups in the country one is an islamist group the other is i'm no fan of hakim but had led to malaysia since independence for more than sixty years until its defeat in the general election in may and it's also intended as a reminder to show the government and the supporters that they are still relevant and. germany's ruling christian democratic union party is elected on a good outcome. to succeed. as leader. she is mrs merkel's process and won more than fifty one percent of the ballot in the second round of voting mrs merkel is not seeking reelection but her successor a.k.k. issues nation could decide on how long she stays as chancellor that humans have
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been exploring the surface of mars remotely for more than two decades now we finally heard what it sounds like. that is the sound of wind rolling across the solar panels of masses new models in sight lander it touched down on the red planet last month. time just take a look at the top stories here it out as there are documents released by u.s. prosecutors have for the first time directly linked president trump to financial crimes committed during his twenty sixteen presidential campaign it's also been revealed that a russian who offered quote political synergy with the campaign reached out to transform a lawyer michael cohen as far back as twenty fifteen well now from she have a child see what this means for president trump. two bits regarding cohen from
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robert mueller that are of interest from current provided the special counsel's office with useful information concerning certain discrete russian related matters core to its investigation that he obtained by virtue of his regular contact with company executives during the campaign now that could just be more dodgy business dealings which would relieve some questions about thomas motivations during the campaign or as some pundits i'm sure hoping for this could be something to do with russian collusion again we do not know so we will be very clear about that third current provided relevant and useful information concerning his contacts with persons connected to the white house during the twenty seventeen twenty eighteen time period this is after the campaign we didn't know what it was looking into about period during a period first year in office and this is the scene live in paris already there have been around three hundred arrests as several different protest movements can
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say converge on the french capital the so-called yellow vests demonstrate is there continuing despite the government giving some ground on fuel taxes. while ways chief financial officer monk one will spend the weekend in custody in canada with a bail hearing a monday u.s. prosecutors are seeking her extradition accusing him of breaching sanctions on iran . today those are the very latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's a show called the listening past stay with us. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after you while eight borders between five safe countries facing the realities. from the very beginning of the group providing context housing is not just about four walls and hear their story and talk to al-jazeera.
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c.n.n. fired their contributor our help for his outrageous comments by the current israeli government that helped work on that language i. tried. i can. see. are they protecting the free speech of their own way. hello i'm richard burton you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories that we're tracking this week testing the limits of free speech in the land of the free when discussing israel and palestine on american television choose your words carefully an arab israeli broadcaster takes the complaints of a critic and puts them to song. tax man filipino president roderigo due to attack is the latest leader to go after a news organization over alleged tax evasion and post colonial broadcasting in peru in pre-colonial language we begin with the fractious issue of palestine and israel
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in the u.s. news media the boundaries around that discussion who gets to set them and what ultimately is allowed to be said last week a c.n.n. contributor a commentator the network had on its payroll delivered a speech at the united nations in support of palestinian self-determination and equal rights less than twenty four hours later c.n.n. was done with marc lamont hill when you boil it down he was fired for using the following six words from the river to the sea that was deemed anti semitic heels dismissal came on the heels of a seemingly coordinated attack by pro israel groups that have. to have a large say over what constitutes acceptable discourse on palestine in the us by willfully conflating a legitimate criticism of israel was anti semitism and then convincing news outlets to do the say it wasn't that long ago that c.n.n. adopted the slogan facts first when it comes to israel though it's much more complicated than that some facts are clearly more inconvenient than others our
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starting point this week is the un's headquarters in new york city. it is with great honor and humility that i accept the opportunity to speak before you the speech lasted twenty one minutes and seven seconds is really nation state continues to restrict freedom and undermine your quality for palestinian citizens of israel as well as those in the west bank and gaza it consisted of two thousand eight hundred and thirty seven words i promise you that i will not exhaust all of my time by every human rights violations perpetrated by the israeli government had the speech been six words shorter marc lamont hill would still be employed by c.n.n. had he ended it like this give us justice requires. and that is a free palestine instead he chose to end it like this
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a free palestine from the river to the sea when marc lamont hill says a free palestine from the river to the sea he is acknowledging that palestinians aren't just clustered in the west bank and gaza but in fact we are from places like africa and yafa and and the galilee and all parts of palestine and the significance of this is that israel has always sought to erase this historic fact they're not just objecting to use of the to. of the words from the river to the sea but palestine now i understand why the vagueness of that term may lead some to misinterpret it i understand that somebody who identifies as a pro israel zionist may have an issue with a one state vision because equal rights for everyone would effectively mean the end of the jewish state a state the privileges the jewish population over the non jewish population that's
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why we see people resorting to a smear campaign so c.n.n. not only have a right to fire him this is a piece of open anti-semitism if actively misdirecting what those words actually mean that's right out of a hamas script that calls for the in iowa of israel that is not what that phrase means at all people decided to to zoom in on what was supposedly the truth subtext of what he is saying it's an active search to find a very diligent and i think sentence that reveals some nefarious intent in a call for freedom and we see that over and over again and one of the main drivers to dob forth is that conflation between critique of israel and anti-semitism in the twenty minute speech he said many branches and important things about the plight of palestinians at the same time you know if somebody gave a beautiful speech and then in the middle of it said the n. word we would be right sort of focus on that now again i don't think that the
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phrase from the river to see is necessarily anti-semitic but it was interpreted that way by many jews and so i think it was fair to focus on that. but how was that interpretation arrived at the anti-defamation league a jewish n.g.o.s based in the u.s. said lamont hill's use of the phrase from the river to the sea meant that he was calling for the end of the state of israel. the a.d.l. describes itself as a civil rights organization that fights bigotry and anti semitism in the u.s. however it has little or no tolerance for those who question it's really government policies collect. pro israel lobby groups in washington including the a.d.l. apac the jewish federation of america and others are the kings of conflation they carry a lot of weight with politicians and the media alike and when c.n.n. saw the online pushback to what lamont hill had said it just rolled over and cut
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him loose. this is definitely an organized campaign that has attempted to misrepresent hill's views somebody like ben shapiro who is a host of fox news right now is openly an advocate of israel ethnically cleansing palestinians from the palestinian territories seth mandell who is the editor of the washington examiner made the most egregious charge against hill accusing him of advocating for genocide and c.n.n. by caving to the smear campaign is absolutely playing into the hands of people who want to make that conflation and are undermining free speech in the process there's definitely a problem right now in the public sphere where some versions of anti-siphon ism are opposition to israel are immediately caused by some on the right anti-semitic this is of course a huge problem in terms of what marc lamont hill side i think c.n.n. was thinking probably about its viewers and about the jewish community and saying well the majority of the community viewed this as deeply problematic as something that threatens their very existence and so they need
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a decision based on that santa. perpetuated this narrative this fall they caught him this idea that you have to choose and don't critique israel or be anti-semitic it's even more problematic because of the positive role that it could play in this conflict and this nurse that discussion will not be on c.n.n. because they fired dr hill but that will be a perfect place and a perfect opportunity to have this discussion my horn and with a with us now from massachusetts professor alan dershowitz and john thanks so much for being here senator thank you so cnn's treatment of the middle east conflict can be measured not just in the pro is. voices it pays to provide punditry like the former israeli ambassador to washington michael oren ex u.s. senator rick santorum and lawyer alan dershowitz but in the air time they are given israel wants peace and even the anti-defamation league has said gordon's opinions verge on conspiracy theories yet he's still a paid c.n.n.
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contributor and is often interviewed by wolf blitzer blitzer's bio on c.n.n.'s new site is as revealing about the network as it is about him it's an extensive and detailed summary of a career going back forty years but nowhere to c.n.n. mentioned no i could press mr blitzer that in the one nine hundred eighty s. blitzer worked at the time he was a paid lobbyist for israel were all of us should be delighted that we happen to be around the time in this world when there is this israel we wrote to c.n.n. with a series of questions on this story but did not hear back and wolf blitzer is not just another face on the network he is cnn's lead political and. it's institutional it's imbedded in the fabric of c.n.n. named pollster it with gas like michael oren is will take whatever measures are necessary to defend its citizens and rick santorum for example denying that palestinians even exist and all the people that live in the west bank are israelis
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they're not palestinians there is no palestinian all these people get to stay on c.n.n. and wolf blitzer who is you know an ardent zionist and with a history of working for the israeli lobby he gets to frame. the story and. rarely do palestinians ever get a voice on c.n.n. it is really interesting to compare the discourse about palestine among israelis and among. americans when i moved to that state i was surprised that the word occupation. he must was uncomfortable and. advocate i don't like i don't i don't i don't buy the whole idea that the united states in a nation on the occupation i mean this is says israel is and you do have people talking about that and till there is movement in the thousand i face politic that
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can utter these words that can say what is the problem that we need to solve and that is will be very far from a solution. the pro israel lobby has worked to influence american political discourse extends into academia the canary mission is a website that compiles dos days on pro palestinian college students and professors in the us some of those named on it say it's akin to a blacklist designed to intimidate them into signing it's al-jazeera has investigated the site but that documentary has yet to be broadcast leading some to speculate that even al jazeera is not immune to pressure from the pro israel lobby in the us which the network to not. professor marc lamont hill an academic now deposed from the media platform c.n.n. gave him would know both sides of that story but as of this writing he's not talking which is the whole point of the exercise. it is crucial
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for people to understand the magnitude of the threat to free speech and the form of denying the ability of pro palestine activists to be part of the narrative in the united states this takes many forms we are facing a very serious threat to free speech in the form of denying the right to speak honestly about the israeli palestinian conflict and the right to happen here. another media story that's on our radar this week is unfolding in the philippines it's one we've been following for a couple of years now the case of president rodrigue odu territory versus rappler a news website that's been the president's bet now are for its critical coverage of his government's war on drugs and its online dissent from ation campaign earlier this year rappers license was temporarily revoked and just last week the site and its founder maria ressa were indicted for tax evasion which raised more than
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a few eyebrows maria ressa joins us.


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