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tv   Macaus Future Gamble  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2018 1:32am-2:01am +03

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seventeen years post september eleventh almost we are still sitting in a courtroom in an offshore prison. once on my belly with a prosecution that is determined to hide it torture from more than a decade ago and i think is is offensive to and should be offensive to all americans. andries based near washington d.c. . this is where our journey starts to the u.s. naval base at guantanamo bay. forty five square miles of america on the southeastern corner of cuba. the military commission hearings take place at camp justice inside his camp there is a multimillion dollar legal complex so secret about to film it all say where it is
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. journalists meanwhile are billeted in these tents. the trip it again tom has only been possible under very strict conditions we've had to sign a long document agreeing to restrictions on what we can film where accompanied at all times by a military minder that mind our checks all footage so all the pictures you will see from here have been vetted. thirst lighted camp justice kuantan a man every day begins the same way with the star-spangled banner. the media h.q. is based in a partially derelict aircraft hangar where we await a military minder to accompany us to the secret court we cannot film. we can
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go observe proceedings under strict conditions journalists n.g.o.s family members of nine eleven victims and sit in a specially constructed gallery there's a thick pane of cloth which separates us from the court and we can hear proceedings on a monitor above with a forty second delay this forty second delay it designed to stop the public hearing any classified information in the cool we watched as the five men accused of complicity in the nine eleven attacks were brought in but seventeen years on the trial proper still hasn't started we attended the thirtieth pretrial hearing. in the evening we're told the next day's proceedings will be closed to the media and public in these secret sessions defense lawyers are given access to some classified information but a nice some. other evidence is considered so very secret that even
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defense lawyers with the highest security clearance can't be trusted. with it and who decides what they can see is a hugely contentious is seen. in the transcripts of the open sessions mention of gina possible donald trump's choice as head of the cia and appointments that caused controversy because she once ran a detention camp in thailand in two thousand and two where torture was used jean a hospital has a key role as god ijn of the cia's secrets. as head of the cia it's within her power to decide what classified information can be provided to the defense in this case. so has tina hospital blocked evidence which could help the defense to find out we settle from the confines of camp justice to ask one of the defense lawyers. away from the camp one time in
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a naval base has all the trappings of small town america. even has its own radio station with a souvenir shop and a fun slogan rocking infidels backyard. we meet up with defense lawyer james canal again but when we ask him about jena hospitals role it turns out there's some questions he's not allowed to want. asked for as director of cia controls the pipeline of information from the cia to the prosecution to us is there any evidence that it is an impediment in the first and. i can't answer that question you can't answer that question. is there a suggestion that you might i can answer that question. so are you saying that the u.s. government is the prosecution holds all the cards in their hand is that what all of
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you. in this military commission. which was set up for the express purpose of preventing information about torture from getting out to the public the prosecution really believe that it's not to prevent information about getting out the public was not set up for due process justice none of the victims was not well no there's no question that the reason why we are here in guantanamo bay on an inaccessible military base with strict controls on the media trick controls on the defense attorneys strict controls on the defendants themselves for controls on every other participant in the process is to prevent information from talk about torture from getting out to the public the department of defense told us they strive to ensure the process is as transparent as possible when balanced with requirements of national security. as the weeks legal proceedings and there's a press conference of sorts the prosecution aren't coming the attending media
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number just six including us over the fence if. you turn and colonel derek put seat is one of the defense lawyers for kind of shaikh mohammed the alleged mastermind of the nine eleven attacks he will a trial could be he is the way the government is trying to hide so very much that you end up with this any terminable delay and it's disturbing i think to everybody involved but most especially to the victim family members the department of defense say there's no time limit on the process which is get towards fairness rather than an arbitrary deadline. the pentagon regularly invites relatives of the victims of nine eleven to attend concessions if the military court heering some of the views this group expresses on the house and neutral on the expected. and jessica murphy the father brian though this week i have thought
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a lot about my father and i have thought a lot about the deep loss felt by so many people. but at the same time i feel i feel frustrated by the way certain issues are being covered in the courtroom has been a lot of talking about torture and i feel frustrated with the u.s. government for not sure if using to be accountable for certain actions and measures that were taken post nine eleven that i think are also really important. here a man who lost his wife has spoken out publicly about his frustration at the length of time this is taken and suggests that people can could speed things up i suggested taking the death penalty off the table as part of a plea bargains killing people doesn't erase the killing of other people american community who lost her daughter mary ray says she's proud there will be
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a proper trial i don't think most people have any idea of the links we've gone to to make it a fair trial but like others marion has concerns about the death penalty the death penalty makes us like them. i don't have anything and you go through years of years and years of this i wish that the death penalty were removed as an option in this case because i believe well it would go our pastor but also i don't think that our government has the moral authority to kill. and i think especially not in this case. given the actions that were taken post nine eleven of killing these men bring back my father later we asked colonel wendy kelley of the military commissions what she made of the relative's comments. well i think that victims have absolute right. but the government know what they want i
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mean as a prosecutor you always want to know what the victims are seeking ultimately however that's a decision by the united states of america not mine we were talking about classified information and you know half of the cia director is ultimately responsible for what information is classified and what is not what you make of that you know hospitals role in being the alpha mitchell thought arsenal i think that's way beyond my and. the entrance to come from erica women the soldiers the station. a few minutes drive away forty prisoners remain incarcerated mase tell'd income six. elsewhere compass seven houses so-called high value detainees we can't film at its location is a state secret. one thing we are allowed to film the bill
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neology a collection of mementos of previous postings which could be destined to grow even knowledge or under the command of a president who has vowed to keep get to know open and load it up with do. we have new leadership new direction and we have been tasked to prepare for an enduring detaining operations mission we have identified as a priority is the construction of a new high value detention center which would be referred to as camp eight because we do see the need in the future to care for that high value detainees population your commander in chief donald trump has said that torture works and he would reintroduce waterboarding in a beat how does that impact on the work you do here. so i kuantan him obey all of our detention operations are conducted in line with common . article three of the geneva conventions and i'm not
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a spokesperson for the white house so i'm not in a position to comment on anything that the president has said commander leon almost may not be able to comment on her commander in chief statements but what he says counts in january two thousand and seventeen president in next trump tweeted that there should be new further releases from the get. and that was ominous news for detainees who'd been cleared for release under president obama. casablanca morocco the home of mustafa nasser in two thousand and four he and his family received shocking news from the international committee of the red cross most of his brother abdul latif who lived through ward had been imprisoned in guantanamo bay. he only saw one. of our own mother.
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but you know you look you push also look into a little of who you are in some way you. don't know if going to be a boy or look in the last quarter that you look at me could say i love all the above the u.s. claimed he had connections to extremists but no charges have ever been brought against him. then in twenty sixteen abdul-latif case was heard by a guantanamo periodic review board a body containing representatives from six u.s. agencies including the department of defense they'd cleared him for release in casablanca his overjoyed family made preparations for his return. for. that and that. but the wheels of bureaucracy ground slowly and as the day of donald
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trump's inauguration approached noirs made a last ditch legal bid to have other latif released immediately so court rejected the date on procedural grounds. since then the american government has argued that they can continue to hold one ton of no prisoners without charge until such time as the u.s. war on terror has ended and this fav said could be a hundred years ago. today abdul latif is still in guantanamo. off to sixteen yes' with no immediate prospect of release. as you noted above them get you about and we'll get another good about obama but the decree at the end of you know we're witnessing. since trump became president not a single person has prevailed in
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a. periodic review process and. that's not a coincidence and anyone who says it is just. so then not letting anyone go for purely political reasons these people are just pawns and that if you try to get any political advantage. but for insiders we talked to one of their biggest concerns is that it's president donald trump who is now in charge of setting the rules they worry about what that means for the future. if you know admit to what we did and we're destined for this to occur again in the future and course that's my concern right now president trump who is an armored with torture who has a thirst for work ality i'm afraid that we're setting the conditions to return back to practice their brutality in state sponsored torture as we did have done in the past we asked the u.s. department of defense to respond to the allegation concerning periodic review
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boards at one time but they did not address this the cia agent trying to comment on gina hospital's role classifying material referring us to her public confirmation hearing where she denied any conflict of interest in that role the white house declined to explain president trump's remarks about. as britain prepares to exit the e.u. people in power investigates disturbing allegations about the tactics used by the winning leave campaign we know that the law was broken and we know that campaigns overspent we know that russia tried to build a relationship with one of the key campaigns who paid for breaks it people in power
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on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist while she was going to the pros as an eyewitness that's what this jobs bill. protests move into the night.
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and we shall carry this is our life and also coming up. disagreements over a transitional government and other critical issues dominate talks aimed at ending their men's war. protest against the arrest of a one way executive. and iran's president speaks out against the u.s. for reimposing sanctions on his country. the chorus of angry voices demanding french president resigns it isn't getting any quieter for the fourth week and there have been chaotic scenes in the streets of paris thousands of so-called best anti-government protesters are rallying in the center of the city causing disruptions even destruction barker reports. the avenues of side streets of paris have become
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a front line between protesters and police for putting tear gases be liberally to disperse the crowds to. the calmest as police lines her. clothes the the all de triomphe vehicles rarely seen on the streets of from plowed through flaming debris. this is the full family came to rest police have stepped up their efforts deploying thousands of extra offices and arrested hundreds. protests have been violent elisei demonstrators offered riot police flying always but often national monuments or deface last week major landmarks including the eiffel tower closed. meeting with security forces early on saturday france's interior minister said police are ready to intervene quickly to syria as if the british are also they have actually be more injuries on the side of
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the security forces than on the side of the protesters because the idea is to contain things but that tactic has its limits particularly when we're faced with people who want to behave like. began as a social media movement called the. or yellow vests named after the high visibility jackets french motorists carry in their cars a backlash against tax increases on petrol and diesel but even after president emanuel scrapped the price hikes the protests have continued over other issues. if you. wish it up we're all exasperated with what's going on and we're drained but the people are asking for israel to make a living from their work that's all they're not against help and all that but we're not asking for anything just to be out of make a living from our work. demonstrators believe the president's package of economic reforms favor the rich many want higher wages others pension reforms some
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easier university requirements mccombs popularity has been falling in recent months he can't afford to see a slide any further but it's not clear if he can play kate the course of voices calling for him to resign neve barca al-jazeera. bernard smith live for us right now in paris so bernard what's happening where you are. bernard can you hear me. we have clearly lost our connection there we're bernard smith you will try to reestablish that in the meantime let's move on to a little bit more about what is happening in paris. as a historian and a co-founder of the group of geo political studies in paris he explains the steps likely to be taken by president not just to save his presidency. the president is
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not going to resign he's not going to topple there's no way for him to be overthrown illegally however he might try to change some of his government he might try to change his prime minister which has been an option used by his predecessors usually in france if you end up in a deadlock to change the prime minister you try to impose a new policy so he might try to do that it is too bad given his something his in popularity and the general situation in french right now he is going to face at least a very hard here and probably a very hard ending to his tenure to know how it is going to end up what is going to pan out is very hard to know she might try to impose a wide tax reform giving the impression that the understood the discontent of the people but it is it is very hard to say and the strongest option especially if you look at the end of control on stand your way he ended up being a lame duck session for two years the end of jacques chirac said you're for two and
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a half years at a job doing nothing and internal affairs in the post when you can also you you have this general impression that and sent one you faced a massive social protest and this is one of the most massive social causes protests ever seen in the country there's not much you can do afterwards at these internal affairs he might try to be the leader of the diplomacy continue to build his image in foreign affairs but as far as home home rule goes it is going to be very complicated for him. seventy people have been arrested in belgium is yellow vests protests spread across europe police used pepper spray on marchers to try to break into the european union buildings protesters are calling for the resignation of the prime minister mr. yemen's who the rebels say the main port city if you data should be declared a neutral zone speaking on the sidelines of talks in sweden aimed at ending the nearly four year war the iran backed rebels also suggested the united nations could
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play a role in the running of sana airport. reports from limbo two weeks it's a stumbling block just at the time when hopes of progress will grow. yemen's rival factions are entrenched warning if their demands are not met the talks will fail and as the negotiations continue the who theater control and the northern part of the country say they are willing to join a national unity government if president obama so hardy steps down so as not out of . the political solution from our point of view should be a new transitional period that has a time frame and must have consensual executive power including the presidency and the government and must work on certain pillars like security and military operations in sharing food control over the yemeni state and solving unsolved
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problems. the proposal was swiftly dismissed by the government had the loyalists say the healthy rebels seized power in a coup in two thousand and fourteen and therefore their surrender is a prerequisite for any future deal if you know what i can make. it hard to goes do you think that would solve the problem the problem is cool years hard he was elected and it's elections that will decide his fate but if he resigns now that will be dangerous there will be a power struggle there is a third party that is not involved in the talks but whose influence has been on the rise in yemen since to thousand and eleven. these are the secessionists of the it movement that wants to break away from the north they are protesting against what they describe as a society occupation of their land but the separatists themselves are divided between those who want independence and those who want a ton of me within
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a federal yemen the talks were always going to be long and strenuous but the millions of yemenis who have suffered bombings starvation and inaction hope the warring factions will give diplomacy a chance so the wall. comes on and. rambo on the whole and returning now to the streets of paris with their yellow vests protester pushing an end to the night our bernard smith has lived there and paris suburb and what's happening where you are. the show a lot quieter now the police have succeeded really in clearing the show's elisei of protesters and pushing them down side streets the tactical day has been to stop protesters reaching the shows at least the betrayal which is at the end of the shows at least every i'm not police line man and the police all they have succeeded in doing that by very heavy policing by pushing yellow vests protesters back when they tried to advance but the issue is. this just some or two guys going over the
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distance but what the hell of us have really succeeded in doing again almost on today is bringing attention to their complaints about increasing taxation the lack of people's ability to make ends meet because of the taxes they pay in front and they close down the center of paris may just shops have closed a couple of weeks before christmas the busiest time of the if the shops and restaurants museums have close the city is full of tourists all of these things have been stopped closed down because of the protesters but many of them will say that that is the only way they can get their message across and remember more than eighty percent of french people have said they support the motives of the ilo best protesters shop all right bernard smith live for us in paris burner thank you. asked president donald trump wants general mark milley to take over as the nation's top military adviser if approved by the senate he would take the point of the post
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rather joint chiefs of staff that is currently held by general joseph dunford l.-e. as the army's chief of staff to significant legal developments are putting pressure on us president documents released by prosecutors in new york. after the first time directly linked the president to financial crimes allegedly committed during his two thousand and sixteen white house campaign separately robert muller stane which is investigating suspected russian interference in that campaign says that moscow contacted donald trump their personal lawyer michael cohen as far back as two thousand and fifteen dollars team also says trump's former campaign manager paul made a fort violated the plea deal by lying to them on five different matters including his contacts with the russian associate now the white house claims that this reveals anything new or as damaging to donald trump there are several strands to this story share proton's he breaks it down for us from washington d.c. shortly after the release of some of the prosecution documents the u.s.
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president expressed his lack of concern totally clear is the president he wrote frank you it's not clear exactly what he was referring to but some believe the contents of the latest memo is true provide some cause for concern for donald trump michael was trump's longtime lawyer and fix he's pled guilty to tax evasion and campaign finance violations and it's this latter charge that now directly implicates the president in its filing prosecutors in new york state could make to hush money payments to women in contravention of campaign finance law the filing says as current is no admitted with respect to both payments he acted in coordination with the direction of individual one individual one is assumed to be donald trump so prosecutors are directly implicating the president in the crime the special counsel's moment about cohen confirms what was already in the public domain about failed attempts to build a trump tower in moscow that continued even as trump was on the campaign trail expounding about his proposed russian foreign policy however there are two new areas.


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