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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2018 3:00am-3:33am +03

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however taken in conjunction with this heavily redacted documents that was filed earlier this week in conjunction with the investigation into a former security advisor michael flynn there's plenty of speculation. washington but he's fine with the u.s. justice department official he says all the filings sent at russia's intent to influence the trump campaign and they don't prove that the attempts were successful i don't think certainly we have a smoking gun that connects you know russians with the trunk campaign based upon today's filings but we do have at least an inference that the russians were reaching out as early as two thousand and fifteen to the people seeking to ingratiate themselves perhaps influence the outcome so it stablished as a motivation for the conspiracy or for the terminologies writer collusion whether or not it reach fruition today's fallings are not definitive enough to give any answer but i do think what the filings show is mr trump statement that he's cleared
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in best a geisha is about to conclude is quite wrong headed it seems to me these falling suggest that we don't have light at the end of the tunnel there are important leads that have to be tracked down yet and this is not a green light for mr trump the think you know he's he's safe now. when you were head of the news hour including after mass protests that ended twenty years of one party rule the media's been called the shiny and faces an early test and parliamentary election. i mean. confronts the country's dark past. and then score a hat trick lifts a liverpool to the top of the english premier league standings but will they be still be there in a couple of hours will have all the details later on. china has some in canada to launch what it calls
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a strong protest against the arrest of an executive from the tech giant wall way describing the arrests as extremely nasty the chinese foreign ministry warns canada there could be consequences if it does not really show immediately she was arrested in canada last saturday she's facing extradition to the u.s. where she's accused of violating sanctions on iran for more let's go to castro who is in washington d.c. so these these sanctions had to give us more details on what she's accused. sure shell the canadian prosecutor laid out these charges in court on friday and he accuses me of tricking banks that have u.s. operations into doing business with iran against those u.s. sanctions and she's accused of doing this by telling those banks that everything was above board when they did business with her company while way when in fact huawei was off raiding an unofficial subsidiary out of hong kong that was indeed
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engaged with businesses any ran now maine was arrested at the vancouver airport but this happened at the behest of u.s. authorities on monday her bail hearing will resume in canada and the u.s. is working to extradite her for trial in new york that is unless china successfully intervenes and is able to convince canet canada against cooperating which it is forcefully trying to do now or show the what impact. might this have all the back and forth between the u.s. and china. well the timing is peculiar because the arrest of ming happened just as u.s. president donald trump was sitting down for dinner with china's president seizing pain in argentina last saturday trum claims he didn't know that this arrest was happening at the same time but china views it all as a national embarrassment particularly because maine is considered to be corporate royalty in china not only is she the chief financial officer of huawei which is the
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preeminent telecommunications company in china but she's also the daughter of that company's founder so she's widely respected among chinese business elites and their condemnation of her arrests has been swift and scathing they're accusing the u.s. and canada of kidnapping and all of this is happening under the context of the renewed trade negotiations between the u.s. and canada president she is likely to be pressured now to resist more accommodations to the u.s. and none of this bodes well for an end to this escalating trade war that is just wreaking havoc on the economies of both nations the shell right heidi castro live in washington d.c. thank you heidi iran's president says donald trump's decision to reimpose sanctions against his country is economic terrorism and financial sanctions came into force a month ago after trump pulled out of the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal in may speaking at
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a conference on regional cooperation also on rouhani warned western nations are at risk of an influx of drugs if the sanctions we can iran. panel i won those who impose sanctions that if iran's ability to fight drugs and terrorism are affected you will not be safe from a deluge of drugs asylum seekers bombs and terrorism. the new york times is reporting that the saudi crown prince has continued to have private conversations with trump advisor chaired questioner that's despite the murder of saudi journalists from all. the newspapers reporting that the administration reimposed a long standing procedures to include national security council staff and phone calls with foreign leaders it's clear in the article say these private exchanges could make missioner susceptible to saudi manipulation saudi arabia is getting ready to host the gulf cooperation council annual summit on sunday they six nation block will be meeting in riyadh qatar samir has been invited to attend by saudi
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king solomon but doha hasn't confirmed whether he will actually be there that arabia is leading the current blockade of qatar which is the blocs deepest crisis in decades the qatari flag could be seen flying in riyadh ahead of the summit i should say harry joins me on set he's the director of the gulf studies center at qatar university so let's start with that the flag to be invitation how will the blockade be addressed at the g.c.c. summit i'm not sure there will be a sort of any discussion of the i think the this is the summit number thirty nine the g.c.c. . the leaders you know they're invited i think what's happened is in a very routine a process that you know the invitations should be sent to all leaders however that have a different participation decided by each state we we did witness you know most of the time of the participation of live and from and from a so i think that in this case would not be exception on the two to two i turned over with the loo representation i think there would be no discussion on the book
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could because o.d.d. the look at countries has announced that. the book it is in a place. this poem to the thirteen demands so the are there now that in the last two weeks actually from cairo and from behind it ok so the murder of journalist allies have been on saudi arabia for weeks now how if it all will this be addressed at the summit. i think there will be things that he and will try to use the summit as a platform to show that it was a victim of a lot of pressure in the last two three months and trying to show that you know even they admit that are responsible of killing of the journalist amount i suppose you know whether they will say everything is happening after that is actually can you know. if they're recognizing our security or that way of course they try they
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thought in the context of conspiracy theory trying to say you know the other wars are targeting us you know we are you know we are this is a way to rally the other countries there around them is that what you know that's something like this and that's that's i think why they insist on having the calm the summit on time because there is some political would say beneficial to the saudis and i think that is what they want to see an admission to other thing i think they will also try to focus on yemen and say you know there how so how so or this is four years now how how will this nightmare get let's not forget that the g.c.c. had a from the beginning contributed to the solution in yemen from the beginning and the initiative of the g.c.c. has been considered one of the main pillars of the solution is now i think riyadh will try to bring to bring that solution again and saying look we want peace process to move on we need a peaceful negotiation we need the world to be and i think that is
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a message to washington this is serious i think that is to reduce the level of pressure on them and how much of the case so that it's a playing on different cards on the same table anything actionable ever come out of the j.c. say or is it is it more talking is it more the formality of it as is the thirty nine thirty nine summit before there was no serious thing happened i think you know other repetition speeches speaking about hopes but the reality is on the ground there is this this organization is not functioning properly and that is the believe within the g.c.c. the citizen and the g.c.c. leaderships under the harry thank you so much for your expertise in times like this appreciate it. police in egypt say they have killed two gunmen suspected of attacking a bus carrying christians and many. of the government says it has killed nineteen other suspects connected to that attack at least seven christians returning from a child's baptism were killed when their bus was ambushed six of those victims came
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from the same family place in italy are investigating after a stampede at a nightclub kill six people and injured more than one hundred others it happened near and qana on the adriatic coast italian media say people panicked and ran for the exits after someone sprayed a noxious substance or the victims were teenagers armenian said to the polls on sunday and parliamentary elections it's the first vote sense mass street protests earlier this year and a twenty years of rule by an unpopular republican party opinion poll suggests a landslide victory by my step alliance which led the so-called velvet revolution in april and may robin for a stay walker reports from europe. the memory thing the armenian earthquake of one thousand nine hundred eighty eight which at least twenty five thousand people were killed acting prime minister nicole ended his election
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campaign with a promise that if his party wins you marie armenia's second largest city would become his priority thirty years ago the city was a disaster zone and successive leaders have failed to fix it. restoring the disaster is a need to understand not only meeting the housing needs of the people not only restoring schools and. but also restoring this city's economic potential. the potential for change nationwide brought a nickel to power in mass protests this spring. is open style including regular facebook live posts has delighted many armenians as well confound . and reinvigorated armenian politics this first live t.v. debate pitted him against all other party leaders nicole passion yan has for many months enjoyed the power of the street popular power he now wants that power in
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parliament through what he has promised will be free and fair elections sunday's election will be a test of that promise. some believe that promise has already been broken with passion accused of using aggressive language and tactics nor atmosphere of fear is acceptable during the election it's unacceptable. inclinations of candidate of complain or. heed speech is forbidden in the country but nevertheless it's happening every day back in. who lost his niece in the earthquake believes passion yan will accomplish what previous leaders failed to achieve. passion yanez a man sent by god for the armenian people yes with all my heart i will vote for him . armenians have high hopes there will be disappointment if those hopes are not
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realized for a steelworker al-jazeera yerevan. a new outbreak of cholera has killed at least five people and infected hundreds in zimbabwe and as her i'm a tosser reports from mt are when a strike by junior doctors has hurt the already struggling public health system. health workers to speak the cholera outbreak in mt darwin started here they say a gold mine is used water from a nearby river that's believed to be contaminated petrus to the area where he works is remote and the roads are bad that's why he said some people didn't get to hospital until it was too late. after i finished eating i started feeling strange i knew something was wrong but they kept on working in the mines thinking it wasn't serious when it became serious. test and confirmed that it color.
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more than two hundred cases have been reported so far in the modeling area doctors and nurses are encouraging people to get treatment early. rescind week before meeting in the. area which is. the. early. treatment. almost a hundred percent. but a shortage of essential drugs and equipment in many public health centers makes it more difficult to deal with the disease some junior doctors are also on strike over pay and work conditions and nurses are threatening to do the same more than fifty people died from cholera in september that was in the capital harare this latest outbreak isn't contained they are fears this disease could spread opposition leaders say zimbabwe's health sector has suffered and the years of corruption and
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mismanagement but government officials deny the allegations insisting sanctions imposed by the west and the economic crisis in the country are to blame. some of these miners planned to go back to work is the only job they can find they know there's a risk of reinfection but say they and their families need the money. dahlan zimbabwe . so ahead on al-jazeera clearing the air what south korea is trying to curb air pollution that's coming from china. sights and sounds that were unthinkable here ago showed just how far parts of iraq's most all have constants the defeat of ice all. and in support lap band sharpshooters and bron james and lakers home in texas for the last thing up here.
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hello this less than one more day i think of rain in the northeast of iraq just crossing the border into iran that's been substantial has cooled flooding from a bill northwards even further south in mosul but the size need to go on and then you should have at least a day of drawing this because there's nothing much back up the coast of the east and that this bowl forming again the heavy rain that's fallen recently in israel and lebanon is also dying down but it's coming back the picture from monday is once more of an eastern med storm running in but he said that and throughout iran it's cool and quiet eleven in tehran twenty one done in kuwait clearly it's warmer for the science there's a bit of a north sea breeze blowing still on sundays through qatar and down towards us temperatures in the high twenty's not even the low thirty's in most part fantasies and cooling down in western societies the breeze picks up a little bit of dust to preserve i think during monday in southern africa optically
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south africa the showers recently have been very noticeable in crossing the tao the suit to. and now that shari mass is still active come sunday and indeed monday and the dark top suggests the potential for flash flooding as a whole lot moves only slowly eastwards. al jazeera world follows the struggles of an iraqi painter a syrian screenwriter and a palestinian filmmaker as they come to terms with their lives as displaced artists in lebanon. home a little art is always the first to go and the last of the ariel. i've invented a new moment in my imagination building beirut's refugee artists on al-jazeera. it is an appalling crime that destroys the dignity of individuals and
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tears upon the fabric of communities. activists not human and congolese going to college is dennis macwhich it have been awarded the twenty eighty nobel peace prize for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence in conflict zones. in an exclusive interview live from all slow we talked to this year's laureates about their fight for justice the nobel interview and al jazeera exclusive. watching out as they're allowed to take out the top stories right now the french interior minister says the so-called yellow vests protest in paris are under
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control now earlier hundreds of people were detained during a fourth weekend of demonstrations against the government's economic policies. are the sticking points to emerge from the third day of yemen talks and sweetness over a transitional government who believe that what worked if it includes all political parties but government negotiators are resisting the proposal china has seven candidates ambassador to protest the arrest of an executive from tech giant weiwei it says there will be consequences of canada doesn't really snag one show and mediately and the u.s. is accusing her of violating sanctions on iran. a protest march in malaysia's capital has turned into a rally of support after the government decided not to sign the u.n. convention to eliminate racial discrimination allays which are the largest ethnic group are worried the convention would impact them for insular reports in kuala lumpur. this rally with initially org. night as
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a protest march to demonstrate against the government's decision to ratify a un convention to eliminate racial discrimination and the reason this backlash against this here in malaysia is because the majority race the malays who make up more than sixty percent of the population are concerned that this would lead to a low tide of special privileges and threaten the position of islam as the main religion in this country the privileges granted to the malays and other indigenous groups give them advantages in a range of things from business to education to. affirmative action all of these were put in place decades ago because the malays even though they were the main group considered economically disadvantaged compactor the chinese and indians the other two main races in this country and the government mindful of the backlash reversed its pledge to ratify the convention but this rally is still going ahead people here tell us they want to send a message to the government that they will reject anything that threatens the
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malays special privileges a point. that we've gone through and all that we know enjoy will be affected that is what we don't want. this to do and there's already an agreement made long ago between the military and the chinese and it was in trying to into the constitution there's no need to change anything we already have human rights or equal rights in malaysia but this is also about politics that's rallies organized by the two largest opposition groups in the country one is an islamist group the other is i'm no martin but had led to malaysia since independence for more than sixty years until its defeat in the general election in may well and it's also intended as a reminder to show the government and the supporters that they are still relevant. and japan it's a question of age and identity as the parliament passes a measure to accept more foreign workers the contentious legislation passed at four in the morning allow about three hundred fifty thousand workers into the cunt. in
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the first five years the measures designed to countered japan's shrinking and aging workforce opposition members tried to block it some fare in the loss of japan's cultural character the law goes into effect next april and to france population is aging faster than any other in the world more than one in four people are sixty five or older the situation is expected to continue at the year two thousand and sixty five the u.n. estimates japan's population will draw an additional twenty eight million people analysts fear it's beginning to hold back growth with its economy expected to shrink by twenty five percent over the next forty years michael paine is the president of the news agency says the japanese government must prepare not only for the arrival of foreign workers but long term emigrants as well. well interestingly enough the debate isn't necessarily along the lines you'd expect because the government itself is the conservative right wing government and the opposition is
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the more liberal open to other cultures opposition and so where the opposition parties have been attacking the government is not so much that they're against the idea of having immigrants but they're saying if we're going to have immigrants we need to have a system which deals with it more comprehensively and make sure that you know these people just aren't brought in as cheap labor and exploited if they're going to be guests in our country if they're going to be here we need to make sure that the overall system an infrastructure is built to handle it and they're attacking the government for not really being willing to acknowledge that this is immigration and not simply a labor policy. at south by the top twenty four climate summit in poland and protesters there are demanding governments take quick action to prevent global warming from getting any
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worse talks attended by nearly two hundred nations are considered the most important since the two thousand and fifteen paris agreement some countries like south korea are fighting to reduce air pollution much of which comes from outside. explains. wearing masks to filter out the flying dust has become the norm for people in south korea especially during the winter at the world health organization says the daily average standard for all to fight dust that can be loud and damaging his twenty five micrograms per cubic meter out here in south korea in november we've seen that number hit as high as five times or more of that daily average standard. the city does enjoy the occasional blue skies but just days after china turned on its public heating systems in november that. could of error drifted across the yellow sea to the korean peninsula and the air pollution numbers in seoul were in the red again. when the air quality gets worse an advisory
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warning is in forced forcing businesses and construction sites that emit air pollutants to stop and also battling big and aids diesel vehicles from entering the city. eight hundred of these special vehicles are also dispatched to suck up dust off the streets over the past twelve months they removed sixteen point five tons of it equivalent to pollutants generated by over thirty six thousand diesel sealed cars. but despite such efforts to calm domestic root causes pollution still blankets the skies and enjoying to report with not shows that one third of souls find dust travels from china even during seasons with relatively low pollution pushing the south korean government to seek for closer cooperation with china to curb air pollution in the country. who are going to reinforce cooperation with foreign cities we've been hosting an international forum to improve air quality in
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northeast asia in particular and we signed an agreement with beijing and have been conducting joint policy studies to improve the quality china has lowered as targets and how much winter missions should be cut down compared with the stricter measures imposed last year analysts say that time i may be reassessing its priorities while it's in the middle of a trade war with the united states by focusing more on economic growth than fighting air pollution which means south korea's air problems this winter are likely to get worse a white nationalists are rammed his car into a crowd of protesters in the u.s. last year has been found guilty of first degree murder james feels killed her higher and left dozens of other people injured in this attack in charlottesville all the showdown between the white nationalist protesters and counterterror. streeter's president was mildly condemned for blaming both sides for the violence. the democratic republic of congo is demanding belgium return artifacts still won
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during its clonal days the plea comes as belgium's africa museum reopens after a five year make over curators say the revamp museum tells the story of africa and its colonisation through african eyes and is more critical of belgium's brutal rule of congo but it's a toss about the reports some say it doesn't go far enough. for more than a century this opulent museum outside brussels was a symbol of belgium's colonial past it was created by king leopold the second with wealth amassed from his kingdom's plunder of congo its exhibits portrayed africans as savage and primitive hundreds of congolese people were put on display in a human zoo but there was no mention of the fact that millions of people were enslaved or killed by their oppressors of them till twenty years ago belgium didn't have any critical reflector ryssdal on your past and nobody really questioned about how did google is really perceive it and if you talk to the release of the period
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i'm in they'll talk about your profession about the way they were treated and so when go to this visit this was a of their star reflecting well maybe the colonial system wasn't all that good. king leopold presented belgium's colonise ation of congo as a humanitarian mission but that was far from the brutal reality congolese artist mam panny hopes his work will force people to reflect on history or the miles around or priscilla process it is thinking together about the past the present and making sure what happened never happens again and to end stereotypes and colonize the image of central africa with pierre company came to belgium as a refugee from congo in one thousand nine hundred seventy five he's now the country's first black man he son vincent plays for belgium's national football team he says the museum could be a cultural bridge or you know from out his museum would be a different color both congo and belgian would better understand the mistakes made
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in the future that awaits us. while those behind the reopening of this museum hope that it will help belgians confront their colonial past some critics say it's a missed opportunity that a greater gesture would have been to return some of the looted artworks and objects to congo so not. these are not mere outworks for us they represent our ancestors so if my insistence on closing the museum frozen in time then they are dead so i don't want to celebrate in this cemetery perhaps i would visit in the future if we start returning the works state museums across europe have come under increasing pressure from campaign is to return objects taken from africa they say it would address some past injustices but also force people in former colonial powers like belgium to know and confront history for too long has been ignored. al-jazeera brussels belgium for ballet is
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a researcher at the university of cape town she examines the exhibition practices of european museums and their treatment of narratives is in some of these museums go through go through these renovations without the input of african scholars or activists. and many of our african objects that are hell and colonial objects in general that are house by european museums. have been have been stolen and i think we need to ask questions about you know who are the objects rightfully belong to how they were and where they are how than how and how they are displayed and have been displayed and to what. so there's different is that secrecy around that and and so that is addressed. these projects have little value for africans. that are looking for a photo of jay's going to send it to you and you know to to see the objects for
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tend to their rightful owners african objects in in european museums and cultural and bollix value to african people were they also hold their history is be colonial knowledge systems and they're raised during colonial rule so so the only way to really have. to really you know. those histories and to resurface not. is to is to return the objects to to to the people the to the to the former to the former colonies. one of africa's largest art museums has opened in senegal the one hundred forty eight thousand square foot venue houses exhibits from ancient black civilizations as well as modern art work including paintings that recount slaves passage to the americas centuries ago artists in cuba have protested against
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a new law they say will increase censorship and stifle creativity the law prohibits artists and musicians from providing services without government approval originally applied to public spaces but now it's been extended to the private sector the government argues the new measure will prevent social disorder. still ahead on al-jazeera it will tell you how this eight year old girl sport a ball for gender equality and people here. including to slay mine people have been killed to be really united states have privatized the ultimate public function was this was a deal with saudi arabia things were done differently saudis and other arabs when they came to britain for be all to help the past bombs do you know you will rumsfeld this meeting saddam isn't that interesting. shadow
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coming soon. stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives a caravan use of fact helpful email and a highly dangerous one of the major issues before voters is the institution president from cannot stop talking about the news need to separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the journalism cries of b.b.c.'s reporter try to leave the listening post on out which is zero until now the coverage of latin america most of the world was about covering khuda taz tragedies quakes and that was it but not how people feel how they look how they think.


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