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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2018 5:00am-6:00am +03

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mean him and went on at the turn of the day and stuck but. why and i've been with this niger and i'm on a way to see to just done. a lot for a year to not. sure he knew about carlos and then. i had. stuff but no matter bachmann and our visual well she just was you. know this was you are the feel. she said of the band in the u.k. we are talking of you going. now one korean ability to learn your mother was so you don't know kind of analysis nearly all. of the sweeter. and often feel would feel which way you would if you don't use this but in a case of noble
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a slightly comical for you i'm going to be and i was kind of here i'm going to do. the horn manufacturing book so no. really i stop and see if anybody allow him said it was so and. that had been healthy and i should back memory from my you know one. in the camps and houses a bill for absent people waiting for the unknown. well and tries to convince us real home. is the grave and all the other places on transit stations. we don't accept that. and have decided to fight.
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for. civil war started with a real fight but that would still be with us. not to carry on a nice and you know i'm in the modern the nothing but i'm still going on the down my neck is off the prince you reckon my be the only know how to struggle now be a good luck will be mccready on the. inside even a scene from the syrian city in this. message that he's missed. out on the financing and. the i need to do with no money she sounded like when you know how the magazine i'm also not of the who belongs to the monkey my grandson because when you're in the middle there can hundred of you.
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here. oh. and obliged to some that i had. some out here to look at honey to show by them been to me in the country i knew you had visited shutter one of. my ships already missed by the had to be about him to be. i didn't really. know the human. element how and that's to the bottle milligan and there were a lot of it i hadn't but. one eye on a. ship i hope you can even image. the moment i said that what is the most money made of it you know like about in the ship. ship when the ship.
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would leave it. at that. mitchell went to fit in well but when the. money was. i love her she will do for hannah to see in. our head on super when nasa and nasa. and the market car had a save one. and you're going to shop. and why did you do you want us to move. your shaft. now on what you know what you know. i don't know how to get. one and we will. rogers. you could see exactly. when macand. we have two nasty
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nasty when my kind my calf popped i'm gonna. be held in a way it. kind of what you said many times. before you could be a. prophet in the months of man's is a midwife and him. i'm zuma i'm just jealous we humans that i learned i'm say that move out of suicide it's a lot of money as of so you. go home and you have this is of such a selfish. for someone he says are. all about us in the small office of us or.
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somebody who comes here. when he says of his. date and to find that they are good for the studio because i was limited to how you can make to have any kind of. a correct i mean look at that and then can. ignore. the name of. the as you knew you should i love you. but if you down for this thing you see to get your gun there i mean. i yet found interesting reaction and that here. bluster and he behaves as if you have to see first the music of the planet in the
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same method to see if you left here. or might that have occurred if you subgroup them up. and in and out and ask if you see somebody why he on the why he does it to me as we're going to my can you put me in on that i'm johnny in one moment on the hog now you are somebody i'm losing and you have two young one ounce four minutes on you on main street from here come on now you know this little bit and i want to bring in my county for you this year and i would not leave how we came here so the old man on man also sending me took invalid here as he had been high on things that they are. now with the sun i have my name all i am was seen as was god. and asked me a ham how much they're selling a lot about. somebody else in. a play. sure you can
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you're right. she was. a damn. shame that she's having. she still was. and there's me you. me here yes it. was yes. yes. she needed money. in cash. to get the little out of sight at the last election i seen. that. it was a legit lesson for us to get out if not model model as it was for that initially
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that either way that in the making of the queen. had the legend of money lately and a lot of us have source i mean money will join up again with money. anything anything shady that the. seen a few. do if the shit up here is a second. one so we're no in the field no. less all on the. ballot and i mean accountability to those who. live. in the set of a there and then suddenly some pleasure. of pleasure or power down in the muck will lessen. the settlement on the. israelis say.
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let's look at a movie that. shot sort of the us that there was a lot of the way but how about it then you see there's a lot of the movie we. haven't seen. them inside of course of the movie and put on a bit elizabeth religion. had done to the response to. the my sister she got in the shirley and mostly sick i've been to mary. that i was you know the first look even to you could be the tip you're going to. like usually. around all of them you know you're not out of sight because of can everybody. political and other. more
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but that which. we did it in money and. we had to look up minutes minutes loving all contact you know you know what we saw as a hero is that like millions then he hears it i was we can without believing that yeah i thought the. earth and madness in. our might be the you just you know the experience in me. and you know you. can do something. and i think he says oh yeah you can have. it don't send it out on to the wee wee shit and i've read this one measured i'm afraid
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and. it's a higher pay unit for celebs i learned one of the she had that you generally year or that you were a bit. over the lip of. by the first woman simple can feel very good in selecting the. all the food come for you about how using and home. model the claims had it on the front it said it could be shot at the gemini who left the flight but i'm just really. content to lie and its. chances to resume here. when there was still illness we'll see if no police. red stater saw. and it's just a deer also or. a little lot. easier
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he she turning my gun here in here to that she knows. a pace in the end and see who she what i. don't see. you know where you're going to be going to. write. to me was you know. you're going to. go he. will shoot you. down.
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in the air no fuel mass murder was. another one. of the sham can you. my only film you know shit. families build houses they don't live in living in them it's temporary. in the past they said they would return now one barenboim could turn the home of their lives into a handful of sand now one battle could render everyone nomads in the camp houses a built for absent people and we are built for the unknown. with
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so many other template so i thought stachel meant to bet he meant that you were in mecca the magnificent even week it's not that that's why they were come did what turn up it is a little only meant that the handler. kind of the chant id. and what i love by the movie the sum of my own well my methodism they are.
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some of the palomino. over there that i love to. fathom about for that matter when exactly no way. or what that but all the same the salary of my mother yes she came out of it as just said here but how to be the master. of the heart of all. it base well and doesn't require diplomas. that's why so many in macau work for the casinos. in but for those like and who struggle it school.
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dropping out has become the less evil in perseverance the greater good. future gamble part of the viewfinder asia series unnoticed zero. until now the coverage of latin america and most of the world was a cloud cover included todd's tragedies of quakes and that was it but not so how could all feel how they look how they think and that's what we do we go a five and a half months are demanding it when it's a case of a system that was introduced to. latin america as europe as have to fill a void that needed to be filled. xenophobia and violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe.
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al-jazeera infiltrates one of the continent's past describing far right organizations and exposes links to members of the european parliament and marine the pen's national party generation hate. part one of a special two part investigation on al jazeera. i know i'm maryam namazie in london just a quick look at the top stories now u.s. president donald trump has confirmed that his chief of staff john kerry will leave the white house at the end of the year the retired marine corps general spent sixteen months in the role and was initially brought on board to provide a steady hand to the trumpet ministration but he reportedly had a difficult relationship with the president in that field expectations of his eventual departure. john kelly will be leaving but i don't know if i
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can say retiring but he's a great guy john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year we'll be announcing who will be taking john place it might be ordered a debate to obviate downsizing that over the next day or two but john will be leaving at the end of the year he's been with me almost two years now as you know between the two positions so. we're probably going to see a bit a little while will trump is current in talks with a as an aide to vice president might pence to replace kelly in that role they are said to be working on the terms of a possible agreement but as a said he is unable to commit to doing the job for two years because of family commitments in our all the headlines the french interior minister says the yellow vesper protests are now under control but police levels could remain as they are until sunday thousands of protesters rallied across the country and a fourth weekend of demonstrations which began as a movement against
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a fuel tax that became a challenge to president and i know my home's authority. yemen's who see rebels as saying the main port city of data should be declared a neutral zone the iran backed rebels also suggest the united nations could play a role in the running of some airports use he's made these comments on the sidelines of talks taking place in sweden and that ending the conflict. china or something canada's ambassador of the arrest of a top executive of tech giant huawei and warned there will be strong consequences if she isn't released mang when joe will remain in custody in canada over the weekend as prosecutors see to extradite heads the united states which accuses her of breaching sanctions on iran the arrest raises questions about whether the current temporary trade truce between the u.s. and china is likely to hold i'll have more on everything for you in the news hour in twenty five minutes time to join me then bye for now.
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because we're not defending them as we sort of. rights being violated. and freedom stripped away. in the seventh year anniversary of. the whites that stand up. stand up for human rights.
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they will be interviewed. and he. died with jeffrey the other shooting on if you're here maybe near the street at the best of them overlook be very young and then a will be zero if you love being. an actor but i'm an adult continues. can we toss our own a look none of you want to can put a floor until the crowd you will see it. was. a clock on up with a full on. home for that it had to be on iraq it will assure you some of you hannah and a smile at her. come to her. who are out of the car. who won't.
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when i'm out of nowhere that it will come to a story that the old fanie will come ashore i had. no and i cared less and make sure that we all. deal with deal with these are the men that the economy. goes if i can. be a frenzy quaternary and. here. on your side i can create it for us and he came and everything faded for us to me i'm.
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pretty sure you would want to learn new from scene a few moments. who are filled with drama as you know from history human. to door some seem very. visually. the delays even. by the. now you understand them scene sixteen thousand and this will be year. but the journey of money and it's. kind of unusual nine. that first apartment. and a father that i was too close you know and it how would you know i believe if you could help. me you know you just say i'm just challenges.
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senate women oh i'm calling upon you this is the name of the year of the war elderly women will tell the newborn and the dead that in the year of the war the harvest will diminish her dogs will leave and mothers won't find their babies to breast feed them the year of the war you will carry on to the next year you who are wondering about the color. i wish she wouldn't have to hear my call and i wish that the year of more wouldn't come back. but the war is definitely coming and it is happening now.
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you can't force. outside your very soul mates and that's why the show said it was so but as soon as. you. and them as you have now. said work pissed off limits much of the whole. lot of the modded race from norway and he's diagnosed with the argument and he's so kind of you know now my means he needs are going to announce that you know because in a young star this much. send it's you'd be happy to slog it was
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a vision now. almost like the willow that learns it rests there and no one of the musical and no one will know you then there is no one to. the left in the morning and i'm big on there see you were it's been our. friend that you my little are always the frequency of these what the woman has on the way and then a moment then a willingness yet to. well i would to salute. oh i see but i don't know what on the barge atar we've all done and someone or more . was lame no. good idea. because you knew. and if it is
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a good film. and the little. group of democrats. then who are. more luck must not look. to how did she get him if he had. been the. nearest to. telephone. which turned out to have used. them to do that. because the look. and they went to. war but then was sitting he stood on the all. the mic and when i said i think. that's much to one hundred he must find one. i am ok to comment upon.
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nor should finish second he didn't. manami saudi of course we have to be rational of the sort of human most of your best service has to do with you up acrimony. to moment to moment and have you not miss ellen. we can. have room for your math and how to build everything she can look at. how we look at the new nasa machine how happy i. am with the magna machine and feel. that love it when shuttle. one of. the what the legend to make a little bit of what. i meant. in a more book that i think is a healthy one. come
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on i've been pretty sick help me in a minute deal been in a lot of them. and. nor should. we be impulse in yemen right now so we have to leave and i usually do the message down now because i love malaysia them is good but missed a couple of early consensus internet kind of to connect you have urges that even knowledge then one element is you can select any and asifa nor. no one his will is due to down probably for this to mislead you norman. norman the number should not means how are. the how do you know. what was on this or that the a didn't you had a nurse in the blood in the head of the. from the edge of the. us . that even. she in the.
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little bit. in your cornish. the wal-mart should have yes. and i bet you can be another was if. flanagan that when they are. that he meant the father yeah yeah and a very sudden. and mad the film was out in new york and i did a lot of muscle and now this is you mean how to resolve a rock rock on america she didn't own she mouth and she now five. the shooting. of laughable she. wore the first dots on t.v. . reporters wear helmets and bulletproof vests. the world's news
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cameras fill our neighborhoods my father and your father your uncle and my uncle your arms a mile. long t.v. around the clock. some people evoke pity but some a defiant and threaten to avenge behind the scenes children are happy because the schools are closed but they soon time it's being in tragedy. when we have the. i have an account on the back to the message of them and horn and what about the platinum have an account that no difficult no no i hadn't. lived before coming for help and the. celebs you have to have a mechanic you know this how the philistinism of your plumbing have them as
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a little bit of a medina this guy might be less of a sudden fear the first one to have. been all been have. i mean the community and family could have you. wanted it you could he had been and . tough talk of the. house and on and on if you just said life. has. not told. me about eating out or has. it genuinely. mystical and. that he.
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would have not had to be. but i'm not sure. that's a dominican and if he. was in sunny go ahead there also we get them in the kind of. this is a half months now and. i now see and i suddenly said i want. that money because i look at it. that. yeah that's bad enough that. the planet. and it.
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might. just. be. me. more.
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the word refugee epitomises the arab. exile displaced and refugees even in times of peace palestinians are exiled for obvious reasons they're occupied uprooted and displaced from their land. other arabs in their land but their lives don't really exist yet. now suddenly we found ourselves living a collective palestinian fate so the word palestinians has become another name for displaced arabs.
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he. is a. mom of. the second. we are. the sort of a kind soul is narrow. but there's an edge of the. bill chaos
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but at. dawn and. and what i. saw him of the cause yet are fairly. summed up what. so i. told him enough. and in my name as well and going in the corner saw the most looking thing for me by ice on the ice but she wasn't going to be in the midst of the display of. love i think it is you know what on her way and i enjoyed it after a macand when i actually. probable you hundred version the one about sums up what i mean he quickly forgotten what uncle meant but the equipment roughly
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you consider my lunatic and i knew myself i have a father who hit you up on it or what have you have to. limit it to we will. become short of the magic. so how. can you know look come on is that. in this but then you have some scene yet though. yes you know i think. well what it says she whatever yes she what. you claim is what the. government. didn't know about but are you woman or man oh man oh man if she would have walked on. one on that more on the surface instead of like and i'm awfully.
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another how is other than not the most the look deal of the. look have. a on the on. and i some in a list. do fabulous is that i except i know you to sell a smudge rather she's. made our money meaning your grandma now and i must say home i have. an estimate based already and this will be off the really wise we.
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feel is good for this to be spending. cereal about the many she is truly a right not to be a nanny we're going to iraq. and if you're going to korea because she was she said for us to leave the us that was your going to be a reason another reason. and it would only occasionally work on alert to lead rather than a fist in transit in that they had better the sense never to be than walk. i mean that as you know. in the down that how that got on the call motion. no less the same conclusion as a. lot of cement the frame made you can go to him the famous shot that missed and put them into him in minimum value other than the nice.
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he. has now a mormon human city and with nary a plumber who got a bad monday off after some lessons this morning and i had not started did not feel that i was not kind of down the back my reset in line of him but i didn't stop. educate the dial numbers or end of had missing. i am pulled out of legalising i'd be. like i'm at the block and then much. of labor i might be alone she shot or lucky if you want that's what it is no. visible from the end it was the rules. and i've been at it indeed i
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notice blocks. and got on that they have sat here most of his riteish and i love him some of his right looks are some of the shema so i'm just about the same that you behave halley. and then a bit of light which official one of observation of said and if you know you have all of the and more you. missed me say this you have three hundred bucks on this. contest at man and no one talks and have you heard of him no.
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another jack and i mean diet and fill in one notified of. how do. i have that. kind of a manuel credit. quality as these one hundred eighty five even. the tunas in scientist who led a double life so secret even kept it from his family. but his activities would have a military impact for which he would pay the ultimate price.
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al-jazeera world investigates the life and death of miami. the tunisian drone engineer. and again the good feels very summery that in victoria in fact even south australia has cried she's continuing to stream might suggest a frontal system was already gone through it had an effect in melbourne but you still got to continue the fact despite the light no sleep ways and me at twenty degrees on so it's rather better natalie but not that much better in sydney or indeed in brisbane in fact you could argue that purses are in the best of them when
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there are some big showers in some parts of western australia and i guess you want to ride maybe substantial but not repeatable and then we day one day for the monday night and on monday it's still twenty in melbourne i can't help you in fright all the real wet and potentially stormy in warm weather is up in queens and here it could be damaging storms. now that streaming clouds that you saw more or less go across tasmania now the tasman sea is of course heading into south florida and she's in a lot of clouds but not a lot of rain the forecast for sunday twenty degrees in washington but come sayas and you just got well rain on the western shores sunshine everywhere else and that's even more universally true on monday with the temperature around the twenty mark lightish breezes not much clout no rain but sunshine.
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singapore is being accused of expanding its coastline and illegally dredged satins some of the islands off the coast of indonesia and literally vanished it's a big business smuggling sample and they will take the sale on their own fill the sand is our fair game using this beautiful beach but behind it is something that's not so pleasant the tragedy is that people are just not aware and ecological investigation into a global emergency sand walls on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you are. it is an appalling crime that destroys the dignity of individuals and tazz upon the fabric of communities. activists not e m a
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rudd and congolese gone ecologists denis macwhich have been awarded the twenty eight hundred no bill peace prize for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence in conflict zones. in an exclusive interview live from oslo we talked to this year's laureates about their fight for justice the nobel interview and al jazeera exclusive. poll. zero. zero zero i maryanne demasi this is the news hour live from london coming up in the next sixty minutes another high profile departure from the white house the u.s. president confirms his chief of staff john kelly will leave the post at the end of the year. hundreds of people out of rested as paris is once again swarmed by yellow
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vests protesters this time demanding emanuel mccombs resignation. china warns there will be strong consequences over the arrest of huawei executive main one joe on fraud charges. and we'll take you inside the belgian museum which is shining a light on the country's dark colonial past. with all the sports including manchester city lose for the first time in the english premier league this season the champions will be. coming up later. welcome to the program our top story u.s. president donald trump has now confirmed that his chief of staff john kelly will leave the white house at the end of the year the retired marine corps general spent
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sixteen months in this role and was initially brought on board to provide discipline and a steady hand to the trump of ministration but he reportedly had a difficult relationship with the president which has deteriorated in recent months and that continue to fuel expectations of his eventual departure. john kelly will be leaving resign but i don't know if i can say retiring but he's a great guy john kelly will be leaving at the end of the here we'll be announcing who will be taking john's place it might be on an interim basis i'll be announcing that over the next day or two but john will be leaving at the end of the year he's been with me almost two years now as you know between the two positions so. we're probably going to see him in a little while what was trying to report says just a short time ago but to me how it looks at john kelly's time at the white house now
5:51 am
. we just suarez general kelly crisis may have ended john kelly's time in the west way but the four star marine general was brought to the white house to restore order as president rather be here's president donald trump took him from his post just homeland security secretary in july of two thousand and seventeen he replaced the first chief of staff writes priebus thank you kelly's first order of business was firing communications director anthony scare mucci it on the job for just ten days for disparaging white house officials in a profanity laced interview for a time kelley was described as the adult in the white house reportedly imposing military like discipline on staff and limiting access to the president very well but in october of that same year a botched military mission in new share that left four american soldiers dead cause some to question kelly's judgment kelly attacked
5:52 am
a congresswoman who criticized the president's mishandling of a condolence call to one of the widows it stuns me that a member of congress listened in on a conversation. absolutely stunning. but the controversy surrounding rob porter a top trump aide may have been kelly's biggest fumble kelly defended porter when his ex-wives accused him of physical and emotional abuse so did the president as you probably know he says he's innocent and i think you have to remember that he said first strongly yesterday that he's innocent but the administration was forced to back away when photos of one ex-wife's blackeye surfaced bolstering her claims the case led to questions about how porter given his police record had received security clearances and led to others in the administration including the president's own sudden larger cushion or seeing their top secret clearance revoked other tromp reports surfaced that kelley had referred to trump as an idiot
5:53 am
something both men denied other top officials like former secretary of state rex tillerson and former national security advisor h.r. mcmaster were let go after allegedly making similar insults in recent months kelli's tenure has been marked with reports of fights including reported shouting match with national security adviser john bolton as well as disagreements with first lady a lani a trump. kelly is the latest in a long list of high profile departures can really help al jazeera the white house well bill schneider is a political analyst and professor of public policy at george mason university joins me live now from washington thank you very much for taking time to speak to us bill so as we were hearing in kimberly's report that john kelly was supposed to provide this white house with more discipline with a steady hand despite the fact that he had a difficult relationship with president trunk what impact will his departure have
5:54 am
on the white house. well a lot of people say he's getting out while the getting is good things can only get worse from here because his point there is likely to be trouble when we get more reports from the mueller investigation and there is also a threat that not many people are talking about but it's very real the threat of another recession which is overdue in the united states and if that were to happen the trump administration would be in very serious trouble for reelection right so it's going to be a difficult year because as you say that he's going to have to deal with continuing revelations and developments in the miller investigation he will be dealing with a democratic controlled house possible economic problems on the horizon as well as old you then suggesting that john kelly came to some sort of agreement with president that he didn't necessarily he wasn't necessarily sacked but he wanted to
5:55 am
if he consented to this. i would say the two most thankless jobs in the world are being donald trump's chief of staff in the white house and being the host of the academy awards you're going to get in trouble with both of those jobs and nobody wants them nobody wants them it's very hard to survive is the white house chief of staff donald trump you know the chief of staff is supposed to provide discipline and order in the white house while the president is a very undisciplined individual and there's not a lot of order particularly in this white house so troy it's sort of like herding cats everyone's going off in a different direction and donald trump will change his mind about what he wants to do about three times a day so it's very hard to impose order on chaos like that donald trump certainly he can be indecisive there is an inconsistency to his statements and of course we know that one thing john kerry could never get under control was the twists around
5:56 am
and the way donald trump chose to interact with the wild bought wouldn't you say donald trump was somewhat positive about john kerry even though they're quite different characters from very different backgrounds. that was an air of optimism around when when he was initially tapped for this role one of course who was picked for the role and he was a military figure trump likes and admires military figures the only problem is nobody is going to be in control of donald trump nobody nobody except himself and he's not very much in control of himself he calls twitter his voice and he gets up and god knows when the middle of the night to tweet out messages that are often inconsistent with other things he said and done the country trying to sort those things out is an impossible job and that's why the job of white house chief of staff is essentially a thankless position how on policy will my then this this job be for kelly's replacement how difficult is it going to be for trying to find somebody
5:57 am
else for this role. well there are rumors that he's going to choose another military figure someone who has experience pomposity someone connected to vice president pence it doesn't matter it's an impossible job for anybody to do a military person comes in of course with a semblance of discipline because that's what the military is all about but don't trump was never in the military he is a very undisciplined individual he doesn't read he cares up everything that comes across as desk it's a very difficult position to manage so while the new chief of staff is likely to be a person who advertises his discipline and his command disciplining donald trump is not easy and we have seen this week some fascinating developments in the mullah particularly relating to transform a lawyer michael cohen he pleaded guilty to lying to congress it looks as though.
5:58 am
position is perhaps it's becoming more and more difficult to perhaps ring fence him from certain campaign activities that went on when he was running for election how how do you see the chief of staff but perhaps more broadly this white house positioning itself in relation to those battles that are likely to continue next year. well the president trump denies everything he denies that there was anything wrong that he in fact he said there was no indication of any collusion with the russians in the reports that have come out so far from the motor investigation and he's likely to continue to do that he will deny facts i saw two headlines in the newspaper today about the row the releases yesterday from the special counsel and for the new york prosecutor's office one of them said there's no evidence of collusion and the other one said there's evidence of collusion well
5:59 am
someone is going to have to sort that out is very very difficult but i think we're getting very very close to the point where miller is likely to come out and make specific charges there's already a charge that's out there from michael cohen and that is that donald trump orchestrated the payments to two women who were going to spoil his campaign by charging him with sexual abuse payments were made to them and michael cohen who made the payments said they were done with the full knowledge of candidate donald trump well thank you very much it's always a legal by the way thank you very much always good to get you all so it's appreciate it bill schneider joining us there from washington thank you bill well one of the recent departures from the trump and straight a's nikki haley seemed to be former ambassador to the united nations she has been speaking about the u.s. response the killing of saudi janice jamal khashoggi jabber chancy is in washington and joins me now and of course we know that nikki haley is someone who is widely
6:00 am
reported to have. political possibly presidential ambitions what's she been saying about this. where did you think she begins her aunts or about jamal khashoggi with the statement everything's not black and white and actually that's rather a good description of her answer about jamal khashoggi she begins by saying we can't give them a pass the saudi or the saudis we comes and we can't condone it thuggish behavior within that same she says but you know what's that country is a complete partner when it comes to fighting iran and already real partner when it comes to fighting iran so it's a balancing act but you have to do both so then she's also do you think you can speak out and maintain them as an ally she says well that's why we.


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