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tv   Up Front 2018 Ep 25  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2018 7:32am-8:00am +03

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some might call for. some fun time off on our side of the city from time a d.v.d. . but not one that won more than two thousand and i think genuine ones i mean. holy go home on monday drink your soul. my. soul i don't know what i could as i told you how do you came up to his own home i was. some. of the. you got this and on the news you know good i tell you was you know whether you. would have. to define your.
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kids or they would say it was some guys it was some guys i do with. and i use how they call me to tell them. when i go to. court i don't have to go but if. you go. i want to go only want to go. well you.
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know. why. you. got. to play to myself this ok. guadagno young. kids are going. to be
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seeing her on it's a talking text. on the. honest . here the one time i think. i know said. just do it all. come i did i saw something higher than him say some hot city how do you know. if you. don't get off. go see the wood i got the other one oh that's it don't do it i don't want to since i can. keep my own case in mind you know when you left your ring with my two seen today to see. one did you see all the young are going to hate them i'm enjoying all come of this. you look so
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cold kate up. the whole goal a moment seem on monday oh well you got things he chose to thought of billion. you can. come up with all my scene you know. my heart attack let me. go to the good girl you come over the. long haul so you home. so you the. poem. sunday took me like i. do you go she said he said to me. we've got the aussies on your bunch of one your friend going we don't need you to. do the ones you want to leave to the lonely cause mama told. that's you the whole single it's a good take i thought possible. the
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. on the. moon the little. that you and i think maybe a one. eyed on the bin laden kind of one is.
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the seat of. the common the. one household seagate sigma wasn't me but on thinking i was the phone. they didn't have i don't give a how to be humble some days on. the. sunday people also say they voted wow you must only be. a mother boy my limbs in god. these you know those is so you know why i said cause. then i don't know why they sing the money why and how he was a nice night as i said and be done so we are. close and bunch of time on the my would she be to tell you to get into it to see how that's a lie that i said on the phone so deal with you i gonna lose i see you.
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fall leo dalla with hired help all things to go amiss you go home go use a boil go all over the guy. i'm with i don't. g g. m o o y. the good. phone gave off home that is. their. government form their. so if. the so you know or you told our gear. to go from and all of you to this house i. would go well i'm finding it but we had
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thought i'd bought an autograph on the. album sort of like i feel after. that after half a million go you all when you wake up dole or die cause. you've got. death and from the. almost i go to. google by the good you know safety and all cable have to choose.
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well it was the aha because he got into hot water i think don't so. sam bit ha ha ha. ha ha ha ha. ha.
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golly second going to. build. a solid c.j. i once was though you. eating salad the whole goal. of it's all the one you know ya'll want to chill it's only a oh yeah i'll tell ya it was exactly the kind of awful sutra. they did go to the cubs oh you dog been told. by you do the whole humans.
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also you know i don't feel young you know from your last thing. to think. you know we've. got the whole. theme. song. so you're going to teach me. i'm not going to.
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do we're going to do what you're. going to call your mother new song. so like i. do more for you some of you. know somebody. somebody. might. want. to go to you're good with. it how do you most interview.
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he's a. writer when. we. tonight the little bit of. coco you also goes in with a pot. i will do all the so with. this. ball i said how how do you know how i don't know what they were one of. the would like to see. that. is all you know the whole. thing would take a little interest. in the side the of.
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the . a notorious symbol of the u.s. war on terror one set for closure one ton of obey and it's detainees going nowhere we have identified as a priority is the construction of a nail high value detention center i'm afraid that we're setting the conditions to return back to practice their brutality in state sponsored torture as we did have done in the past rendition revisited part two on al-jazeera. a reporter's retreat in a brutal civil war if a commodore hadn't been there the israeli invasion would not have been for world war the commodore had become the journalistic center you could be in
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a safe and clave and then you went out into the civil war and started off leaving this of a ground suite at the commodore hutto the next room i was in was underground in a tiny prison so as a hostage beirut the commodore war hotels on al-jazeera. if you want to learn what the world might look like very soon regard hungry and the hungry as in the extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through. scenes mass immigration story we had lunch clashes between the cultures and the problem is that the culture of that is you are she so it's a raiding us is a is not comfortable with european culture this is not like good fascist. triumphal march. dreams of conquest and of global try. this is very very uneventful glide towards the
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precipice without resistance we are past the danger has already happened. it was then just ten years ago. now this is it. this is al jazeera. still rahman you're watching the al-jazeera news our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year the man charged with restoring stability to the white house donald trump's
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chief of staff john kelly is stepping down. also hundreds detained after another violent saturday of protests in the french capital. and deep divisions longer awaited talks between warring parties to end the war in yemen also. the sights and sounds of the iraqi city of mosul begin to return following the defeat of i saw. the company hold the news we have yet another high profile exit from donald trump's white house this time its chief of staff john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year the retired marine general has been in the role for sixteen months and he was chosen for the job to bring to the white house which has seen a high turnover during trump's nearly two years in office. john kelly will be
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leaving rita but i don't know if i can say retiring but he's a great guy john kelly will be leaving at the end of the here will be announcing who will be taking john's place it might be on an interim basis i'll be announcing that over the next day or two but john will be leaving at the end of the year he's been with me almost two years now as you know between the two positions so. we're probably going to see him in a little while a white house correspondent complete takes a look back at joel kelly's time as chief of staff we just watch. general kelly crisis may have ended john kelly's time in the west wing down with the four star marine general was brought to the white house to restore order as president probably years president donald trump took him from his post just homeland security secretary in july of two thousand and seventeen he replaced the first chief of staff writes priebus thanksgiving kelly's first order of business was firing
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communications director anthony scare mucci it on the job for just ten days for disparaging white house officials in a profanity laced interview for a time kelly was described as the adult in the white house reportedly imposing military like discipline on staff and limiting access to the president very well but in october of that same year a botched military mission in new share that left four american soldiers dead cause some to question kelly's judgment kelly attacked a congresswoman who criticized the president's mishandling of a condolence call to one of the widows it stuns me that a member of congress with a listen to a conversation. absolutely stuns me but the controversy surrounding rob porter a top trump aide may have been kelly's biggest fumble kelly defended porter when his ex-wives accused him of physical and emotional abuse so did the president as
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you probably know he says he's innocent and i think you have to remember that he said very strongly yesterday that he's innocent but the administration was forced to back away when photos of one ex-wife blackeye surfaced bolstering her claims the case led to questions about how porter given his police record had received security clearances and led to others in the administration including the president's own son in law jarrett cushion or seeing their top secret clearance revoked other trump reports surfaced that kelley had referred to trump as an idiot something both men denied other top officials like former secretary of state rex tillerson and former national security advisor h.r. mcmaster were let go after allegedly making similar insults in recent months kelli's tenure has been marked with reports of fights including reported shouting match with national security adviser john bolton as well as disagreements with first lady a lani a trump. kelly is the latest in
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a long list of high profile departures can really help at al-jazeera the white house well to get through and hopefully shepparton so you can help us with that he's live for us in washington d.c. she has been a secret it's been sort of a long term tussle for the president's so is the departure of kelly and the fallout a larger battle within the cabinet in the white house or should we just see this in the sort of norms of a normal reshuffle. i think that's for kelly and trying to say clearly that as you say we have all that anecdotal evidence of trouble we have all that anecdotal evidence that trump wants to do things his own in his own way it's interesting that donald trump is looking for a successor to kelly he's looking to nick as who's mike pence the vice president's chief of staff much like by dr kirshner if i could trump my hands not so much like
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by a lot of other white house staff as we understand but those negotiations are having some difficulty it seems that as only wants a temporary posting maybe just a couple of months or a few months as all trump once the successor to kelly due to be there for two years to try to avoid this constant sense off chaos and churn and so on so it's proved rather rather difficult i would add one other thing that you know this idea that kelly was the adult in the room when not only did he fail to restore order in the white house but as his tenure went on it became very clear that he shared many of donald trump's extreme views particularly on immigration he was accused of making racist remarks about how some immigrants to the u.s. were lazy were difficult to assimilate which was very surprising to some given his own irish heritage as irish immigrant heritage and he praised confederate general robert e. lee so he was a difficult person as well it should be should be remembered indeed of course. from the u.s. ambassador to the u.n.
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as well because she's made her first public comments. sort of the saudi journalist . nikki haley told the atlantic the a car be given a pass for the killing and she pointed the finger at the crown prince saying his government did this making him technically responsible with those comments she had from nikki haley surely it's interesting to perhaps deduce what some of her reasons might have be so resigning that post from the u.n. . i'm not sure necessarily is i mean this is a lot more wide ranging interview how could you not ask her about the murder of jamal khashoggi adams in her statement she actually tries to have it all ways at the same time she says yes we can't give saudi arabia powers we can't have thuggish behavior we should hold the saudis accountable and we've sanctioned a dozen she says people in saudi arabia so that's why we're doing that it's not
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very clear how much further she wants to go but when she's asked point blank so should there be direct action against muhammad bin solomon she she just she rather equivocate again as you say she says it's a matter for the administration but she holds moment solomon technically response or it's not technically that so interesting given from everything we've heard from senators who've been briefed by the cia the cia makes is much more emphatic he's not this technically responsible he's completely responsible in their best judgment for the murder of democracy nikki haley though once a political career it doesn't make any sense for her to be emphatic on one side or another especially as regards such an important geopolitical. potential donor. message for the moment because of course the saudi crown prince has been in constant private contact with donald trump's son in law and middle east advisor jarrett cushion and according to the new york times reporter their relationship has continued even after the murder of
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a saudi journalist jamal show cheek the article reveals that cushion has been a strong advocate for haven't been sold on the informal contact was made despite a rule that national security council members must take part in all calls with foreign leaders so she had the game if we look at what's going on what sort of a round falling across the cabinet in the white house is this conversation that started pincushion and this apparently even before d.s. was the crown prince and even before jarrett. much more influential position within the u.s. cabinet that in itself is not going to raise many more questions especially with what's going on at the moment in relations between saudi the u.s. and turkey. right and in some ways this article does build on work by ryan graham and others in the intercepted march who first broke the story about how. mom had been somewhat have this very chummy relationship text messaging on
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what's app all the time and so on there was another grisly details about what. had been someone may have been up to in that article what's interesting about this new york times article is yes since the murder of democracy shoji those texts have continued with the with. the article says in advising the crown prince on how to weather the storm and remaining mohamed bin someone's biggest offender in the white house which i guess the implication is perhaps why don't trump remains a defender of mahmoud been someone but as you say it does give that extra bit of detail about how the saudis targeted jarrad krishna two years ago for three main reasons firstly his lack of middle eastern knowledge his transactional mindset and his focus on reaching a deal with the palestinians and israel which would favor israel and the article delineates how the saudis were really gratified by how jerad cushion it would take
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a briefing from saudi arabia about for example saudi arabia's leading role in fighting terrorism and would just take and say yeah well that's great i understand terrorism in the middle east now so he has been a great asset for the saudis and the white house according to the article and continues to be so well we should leave it there for now and of course we'll continue to follow developments from washington d.c. with you thanks. been well dolled. general mark milley to become america's next top military adviser if approved by the set it really would the post of take the post of the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff it's clearly being held by general joseph dunford who's teacher of time. and he is now serving as the army's chief of staff. to europe now where a protest in four x. four saturdays for massive demonstrations across france what began as protests against increase in fuel tanks has spread to wider resentment against president
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crawl the streets of paris and other french cities are relatively calm now as the groups of so-called yellow vested protesters returned home for the night but throughout the day some one hundred twenty five thousand demonstrators descended on the streets breaking barricades burning cars and vandalizing shops they were met by large numbers of riot police armed with tear gas and water cannon more than one thousand three hundred people were arrested the government is calling for calm if you will because you're good you quickly ducks no tax is that important to threaten national unity we must continue with dialogue with coming together the president will propose measures to bring together the french nation and to deal with the challenges that they have to deal with now david chaytor is in central paris.


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