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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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accused of doing this by telling those banks that everything was above board when they did business with her company while way when in fact huawei was operating an unofficial subsidiary out of hong kong that was indeed engaged with businesses in the rand now maine was arrested at the vancouver airport but this happened at the behest of u.s. authorities on monday her bail hearing will resume in canada and the u.s. is working to extradite her for trial in new york that is unless china successfully intervenes it is able to convince canada against cooperating which it is forcefully trying to do now the timing is peculiar because the arrest of bang happened just as u.s. president donald trump was sitting down for dinner with china's president paying in argentina last saturday trump claims he didn't know that this arrest was happening at the same time but china views it all as a national embarrassment particularly because maine is considered to be corporate royalty in china not only is she the chief financial officer of way which is the
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preeminent telecommunications company in china but she's also the daughter of that company's founder so she's widely respected among chinese business elites and their condemnation of her as has been swift and scathing they're accusing the u.s. and canada of kidnapping where the next still ahead on al-jazeera voting begins on manias nicol passion young faces an early test in parliamentary elections just months often leading protests. and we look at a museum with one of africa's largest odd collections which aims to reclaim history . hello you can breathe easier now in northeastern iraq where there has been several
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flooding in the last week actually this is the last of it going through now it will generate showers in the higher parts of norton iran and possibly as a by john committed one hundred milliliters force all going through admittedly in this part of iraq or to the west of it it's all dried up again there's been significant rain down the coast of the eastern med but that's also dried up start the end of it is just a brief rest by get them and the monday has started raining again in southern turkey in cyprus maybe lebanon even a touch of northern syria east of that it's looking fine the snow that fell on sunday in afghanistan has gone through is dying out and there wasn't much of it anyway and science of all this it remains quiet but if it only braze i think the sunday dance or cut out the u.a.e. that disappears more or less by monday tempest a sign and this is more of a. middle of saudi arabia through riyadh that's dusty the shah potential just to the north southern africa has gone very showery once again particularly on the eastern side of south africa up through eastern cape crossed in
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a towel in the showers extend into mozambique and probably zimbabwe with very little movement in the next couple of days. my name's firm of oh. and i'm on my phone every day on my tablet is never really more than a few feet away the use of the internet. just like gambling and just like i will experience my own on the usual teacher told these talks i feel like i do want to use. my d.h. to addiction on al-jazeera.
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welcome back. a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. president's chief of staff john kerry has quit his post donald trump is in talks with the vice president's top aides nick as to succeed kelly. french riot police a fourth running street battles with thousands of anti-government protesters in paris it's the fourth straight weekend of the so-called yellow vest protest against a government decision to increase taxes on the fuel more than nine hundred seventy people have been detained across the country. china is warning canada of severe consequences if it doesn't release the top executive of one of the wilds of the largest telecom companies ways chief financial officer men longo has been arrested on charges of evading u.s. sanctions against iran the canadian courts are deciding whether to extradite to the
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us. activists have marched through the polish city of kut soviet say where a two week u.n. climate summit is underway there calling for more action from governments to tackle global warming attempts to incorporate a. a key scientific study into climate talks failed after it was blocked by countries including saudi arabia and the united states victoria the reports. were. protesters deliver their message to delegates meeting in poland the un climate change toolchain is caught between do we need some think now we need action right now not tomorrow not in eleven years that's not how delegates from around two hundred countries are hoping to negotiate a way of implementing the twenty fifteen paris climate accord its goal is to keep global warming below two degrees celsius but saudi arabia kuwait russia and the
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united states have refused to endorse the key scientific study it's dismayed and angered most elegant yes. i will not deny that i'm very disappointed with this result this was important work done by experts and delegates on this issue i have heard your positions positions of all of the parties and i hear strong voices in the room which feel that the report of the i.p.c.c. on the one point five degrees is very important yet we have not achieved consensus on how to respond but energy experts say the targets all insufficient and nations is still squabbling over who will pay for it there's also unease that this meeting is in a country where line tom cole the polish government is planning to increase coal production to cut in poole yes we have to shut down all fired electricity but there is no place for the great world never mind a one point five degrees world for coal fired electricity and any plant that you decide to build now will be a stranded asset. or. blow right through the two degrees.
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protesters say the scale of the threat posed by rising temperatures hasn't been fully grasped by politicians after the last some of the droughts and the heavy rains otherwise. the citizens realize that climate change is hitting them personally but it's the governments that are just protecting the business interests of their local companies or multinationals so that's where the problem is not with coped with the food ends its first week delegates continue to work on establishing common rules for measuring reporting and verifying greenhouse gas emissions i do this from around the world who've traveled to ca to see progress has to be made to tour a gate and b. is there and the summit of the gulf cooperation council starting on sunday could have major implications for the group's future the six nation block in the saudi capital riyadh katz has amir has been invited but doha hasn't confirmed if he will
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be that saudi arabia is leading a blockade against kasa which is the blocs deepest crisis in decades but it's been nearly three decades since eleven on civil war ended but questions remain over the face of thousands of people who went missing during that time an independent commission is being formed a general amnesty issued after the war means perpetrators will not face justice center hala reports from beirut. what that how when he has been searching for her husband then since he was abducted by unknown gunmen thirty six years ago lebanon was at war at the time controlled by lebanese sick terry and militias palestinian fighters israeli forces and syrian troops how when he began her battle for the truth in one nine hundred eighty two attracting other women whose husbands sons and brothers had also disappeared. their protest movement continued long after the war
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ended in one nine hundred ninety only now has the lebanese parliament passed a law calling for a commission to find out what happened to those who disappeared. this is the first time the lebanese authorities officially admit the war crimes recognize the samways of the victims and the missing and acknowledge our rights to know the fate of the disappeared. the heigho official figures show at least seventeen thousand people went missing during the fifteen year conflict after years of campaigning families who have come from diverse backgrounds now hope the new law will give them answers they are urging those who have information to come forward they say they are not seeking punishment but closure. we are not responsible for article thirty seven which is about punishing perpetrators who just want to know the fate of our loved ones the draft bill we proposed has nothing to do with
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punishing past crimes. the international committee of the red cross has stepped in and the absence of any national institution to deal with the missing the i.c.r.c. hopes the d.n.a. samples collected can be used with mass graves are finally identified and open. and will continue storing them until the commission is set in place as long as that this commission is as we spoke about it it's independent humanity. then we are happy to provide. never had a truth and reconciliation commission after the war but what that how is making sure that past is not forgotten over the government. there's a reason for many of those. killings and disappearances but.
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a general amnesty. during the war remains in place. this is the first time knowledge as the case of the missing now the law needs to be implemented what that is under no illusion that political and sectarian obstacles could yet again leave this chapter in the country's history and resolved. voting has just begun and on many as historic parliamentary election it's the fast of vote since mass protests ended twenty years of one party rule opinion polls suggest a landslide victory for prime minister nicola passion the un's party which led the so-called velvet revolution robin forestay a walkout reports from the capital yerevan. commemorating the armenian earthquake of one thousand nine hundred eighty eight in which at least twenty five thousand people were killed acting prime minister nicola
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ended his election campaign with a promise that if his party wins you marie armenia's second largest city will become his priority thirty years ago the city was a disaster zone and successive leaders have failed to fix it even after nine. when we started restoring the disasters and we need to understand not only meeting the housing needs of the people not only restoring schools and killed. but also restoring this city's economic potential. the potential for change nationwide brought a nickel to power in mass protests this spring. is open style including regular facebook live posts has delighted many armenians all come very much and reinvigorated armenian politics this first live t.v. debate pitted him against all other party leaders nicole passion yet has for many
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months enjoyed the power of the street popular power he now wants that power in parliament through what he has promised will be free and fair elections sunday's election will be a test of that promise. some believe that promise has already been broken with passion and accused of using aggressive language and tactics nor atmosphere of fear is acceptable during the election it's unacceptable to. the nations of candidate of competing earth. he'd speech is forbidden in the country but nevertheless it's happening every day back in khumri. who lost his niece in the earthquake believes passion yan will accomplish what previous leaders failed to achieve. passion yanez a man sent by god for the armenian people yes with all my heart i will vote for him . armenians have high hopes there will be disappointment if those hopes are not
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realized for a steelworker al-jazeera yerevan. the catholic church has paid tribute to monks and clergy men killed during algeria's civil war in the one nine hundred ninety s. the ceremony and around one thousand people declared motss and steps taken towards granting them sainthood the pope sent a message thanking algeria's government for allowing it to take place and hoped it would help heal the wounds of the past two hundred thousand people died in the conflict with christian clergy among those targeted by armed groups a controversial museum that explores belgium's colonial past is reopening after being closed for a year curators say the revanche museum takes a critical look at the power equations of the past but former colonies such as the democratic republic of congo want some facts to be returned natasha about to take a look. for more than a century this opulent museum outside brussels was
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a symbol of belgium's colonial past it was created by king leopold the second with wealth amassed from his kingdom's plunder of congo its exhibits put trade africans as savage and primitive hundreds of congolese people were put on display in a human zoo but there was no mention of the fact that millions of people were enslaved or killed by their oppressors off until twenty years ago belgium didn't have any critical reflexive is below your post and nobody really questioned how did your beliefs really perceive it and if you talk to the release of that period them in they'll talk about your profession about the way they were three and so when go to this visit this was the of their star reflecting well maybe the colonials as there wasn't all that good. king leopold presented belgium's colonise ation of congo as a humanitarian mission but that was far from the brutal reality congolese artist mam panny hopes his work will force people to reflect on history or the mars or
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priscilla process it is thinking together about the past the present and making sure what happened never happens again and to end stereotypes and colonize the image of central africa with pierre company came to belgium as a refugee from congo in one thousand nine hundred seventy five he's now the country's first black man he son vincent plays for belgians national football team he says the museum could be a cultural bridge or you know from now it is museum would be a different color both congo and belgian would better understand the mistakes made in the future that awaits us. while those behind the reopening of this museum hope that it will help belgians confront their colonial past some critics say it's a missed opportunity that a greater gesture would have been to return some of the looted artworks objects to congo so a lot. these are not smear outworks worse they represent our ancestors so if my
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insistence on closing the museum frozen in time then they are dead so i don't want to celebrate in this cemetery perhaps i would visit in the future if we start returning the works state museums across europe have come under increasing pressure from campaign is to return objects taken from africa they say it would address some past injustices but also force people in former colonial powers like belgium to know and confront history for too long has been ignored. al-jazeera brussels belgium and on the african continent nations are hoping relics looted by their former colonizers will be returned to africa's nearest art museum the museum of black civilisation in the senate bill is capital dhaka is also one of the continent's largest with space for eighteen thousand pieces but many of the galleries are empty in the hope that western museums will bow to pressure from african governments and return the stolen artifacts the museum ends to be
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a symbol of decolonization that has been built with thirty four million dollars of chinese money. candy as assistant professor of history at the american university he says it's important that africans fight for the return of stolen pieces. the fact that america's that many of these artifacts were stolen during colonization and many of these artifacts are simply should be owned by their home nations and i think if people in france in england in other countries if if big found out that artifacts treasured artifacts in their countries were in nigeria or senegal they would have serious problems and they would be demanding for those artifacts to be returned home in the same way west africans are demanding for their artifacts to be returned home.
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and doha and these other top stories the u.s. president's chief of staff john kerry has quit his post donald trump is in talks with the vice president's top aides nick as to succeed. john kelly will be leaving rita but i don't know if i can say retiring but he's a great guy john kelly will be leaving at the end of the here will be announcing who will be taking john's place it might be on an interim basis i'll be announcing that over the next day or two but john will be leaving at the end of the year he's been with me almost two years now as you know between the two positions so. we'll probably get to see a bit a little while the outgoing u.s. ambassador to the u.n. has made half assed public comments on the matter of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi nikki haley's told the atlantic a saudi arabia kaante given a pos for the killing and she pointed the finger at the crown prince saying government officials carried out the matta making mohamed bin sound man technically
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it was sponsible. french riot police a fort running street battles with thousands of anti-government protesters in paris it's the fourth straight weekend of the yellow vest protest against the government more than nine hundred seventy people have been detained across the country. voting has just begun and armenia's historic parliamentary elections it's the first vote since mass protests ended twenty years of one party rule opinion polls suggest a landslide victory for prime minister nicole passion neons party which led the so-called velvet revolution china is warning canada of severe consequences if it doesn't release a top executive of one of the world's largest telecoms companies while ways chief financial officer joe has been arrested on charges of evading u.s. sanctions against iran the summit of the gulf cooperation council starts in just a few hours and it could have major implications for the group's future the six nation block will meet in the saudi capital riyadh cast as a man has been invited but oh hasn't confirmed if he will be there saudi arabia is
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leading a blockade against kasa which is the blocks deepest crisis in decades those are the headlines i'll be back with more news here off to people in power in nepal poverty leaves children vulnerable and at risk but sometimes those who say that your home cause the most harm when he's shines a light on predators in the avian strain on al-jazeera. could u.s. president on one trump trick a return to the dog days of america's war on terror and why it's isn't ministration so cheap to suppress information about the cia's post nine eleven rendition program in the second of two special investigations we sent reporters severus print to find
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out. comebacks ray at the u.s. naval base antonymous a bad day. now deserted bush one tory a symbol of america's global war on terror. prison is began arriving at one time image in early two thousand and two very soon other detention camps was set up on the base. an estimated seven hundred people have been
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incarcerated here. former u.s. president barack obama wanted to close it down walked off the well because no later than one year from now. current president donald trump has different ideas. president obama talking about get right went on a while back which by the way which by the way we are keeping open which we are keeping. and we're going to load it up with some bad dude split we're going to load it up. some fear trump's presidency may trigger a return to the dark chapter of america's history which followed the devastating atrocities of nine eleven.
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in the off to mall of the attacks the u.s. launched the biggest global manhunt in its history. shortly after this man mark fallon a senior naval intelligence agent arrived in the new and prison facility in one ton a move bay he had been appointed deputy director of a special task force charged with tracking down al qaeda terrorists. but the more he saw as contaminated the more concerned he grew and. what they were trying to do was create what's called learned helplessness a fieri based on experiments done on dogs sleep deprivation extreme isolation. a practice called walling. facial slaps slamming your yeah against the wall it's a debilitating practice it wears you down. i didn't know what it was daylight outside i didn't know the times there was no calendar and being on the subject on
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almost out for a year and a half and i want to access to other human beings and to have meaningful communication with my family a son being born i didn't i didn't even know what his name was so there's all these sorts of things happening and so once i exploded in myself literally and punched and kicked and cried and screamed and one of those sorts of things. in new vendor two thousand and two computer commander arrived at guantanamo bay here. his name was major general geoffrey miller if you speak to many of the other prisoners who were held at that time and in camp x. ray and elsewhere they'll tell you that he was his the regime was during his period was the harshest they faced you know he brutalizing these prisoners are given we have this program called the frequent flyer program we wakes them up the middle night just transfer around it sleep deprivation it's isolation they were doing mock
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executions they wanted to bring people up in helicopters and make it look like they're going to be thrown out they were just making it up as a way they were used their imaginations are running wild. at the time miller himself said new concern about the regime he ran in guantanamo everything that we do side care built america can be proud. then in two thousand and three he was sent to iraq to advise about interrogation that. try to stop i went back to the pentagon and said this guy is clueless doesn't know what he's doing you know he's brutalizing these prisoners. in two thousand and four appalling images emerged from abu ghraib prison in iraq we also have deeply disturbing footage starkly illustrating the desperation the regime created in prison is. the images from abu ghraib cool's shock around the world and in the off to martha
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eleven relatively low ranking u.s. soldiers were convicted with sentences ranging from imprisonment to reprimand. afterwards major general miller he did vised about interrogation addressed a press conference in the prison yes i would like to personally apologize to the people of iraq for the actions of the small number of leaders and soldiers who violated our policy may have. committed criminal acts major general miller insisted the torture and abuse at abu ghraib was the responsibility of roots soldiers notice the put out of a top down culture we tried unsuccessfully to contact major general miller through the u.s. department of defense they declined to pass on our questions as his not retired our own procedures for internationally recognized for his bay detention of proper interrogation today the us has
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a new commander in chief who during his election campaign and pretty cool for the return of waterboarding a practice condemned by un special rapporteur as torture they said what do you think of waterboarding i said i think we absolutely need it we should have it and if we can't we should have worse. when the president of the united states most powerful person on earth says these things it just encourages people to behave in the most. paraguay lawyer clive stafford smith organization reprieve has represented eighty prisoners at guantanamo has been released one of the great truisms is if you don't know your history years you won't learn from history and your mistakes you know we have someone in the white house right now who knows nothing about history. of the repeat any mistake has been made back to the spanish inquisition and so we need the truth out there.
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but today some say the american administration seems even more determined than ever to stop the truth about the cia's post nine eleven program getting out and that led to one of the most disturbing claims we heard during the course of making this film . and it's this that the torture of detainees in the cost is now impeding the quest for justice following the nine eleven attacks over the past years legal hearings have been underway at a secret court on the u.s. naval base in guantanamo. america's justification for holding prisoners at guantanamo is controversial. by declaring that the war on terror is an actual ongoing war the us government has argued it can detain captives of this war without charge for as long as it wants. but if they do then charge any of these detainees with specific crimes for example the five men charged with involvement in the nine
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eleven atrocity they are to be tried by going ton of those special courts known as military commissions. one of the five is. accused of helping fund flight training for the nine eleven hijackers. in washington we met his defense team these civilian invalid. the law is approved by the pentagon but that doesn't stop them being deeply critical of the treatment hunted out to their client by interrogators. in my nineteen years of service the rule we have always been taught is we don't torture there's a thing that has the innocuous name of water dousing and water dowsing is water boarding. without a board it's essentially drowning in ice water many of those things and worse occurred to mr obuchi but the u.s.
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government says certain classified evidence on torture must be kept secret but i'll bet you choose defense team says that prevents them defending him properly so this is a death penalty case and as such were entitled to you know all the evidence that's relevant and material to mr arkell interest funds and that would include a lot of evidence from his time in cia custody where he was being tortured three and a half years. the prosecution has consistently dragged their feet on giving us that evidence the defense finds itself in the position of having to make sure that the very values that the prosecution or the u.s. government has claimed for so many decades are actually appealed therefore for me it is a chance as i see it to truly uphold the constitution of those of the united states that that sterling has a much more measured response to this but but now it makes me angry that seventeen years post september eleventh almost we are still sitting in
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a courtroom in an offshore prison at guantanamo bay with a prosecution that is determined to hide it torture from more than a decade ago and that i think is is offensive to and should be offensive to all americans. andries based near washington d.c. . this is where our journey starts to the u.s. naval base at guantanamo bay. forty five square miles of america on the southeastern corner of cuba. the military commission hearings take place at camp justice inside his camp there is a multimillion dollar legal complex so secret not allowed to film it all say where it is journalists meanwhile are billeted in these tents. the
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trip it again tom has only been possible under a very strict conditions we've got to find a long document agreeing to restrictions on what we can film where accompanied at all times by a military minder that mind our checks all footage so all the pictures you will see from here have been vetted. thirst lighted camp justice kuantan a man every day begins the same way with the star-spangled banner. to media h.q. is based in a partially derelict aircraft hangar where we await a military minder to accompany us to the secret court we cannot film. we can go observe the proceedings under strict conditions journalists n.g.o.s family
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members of nine eleven victims and see if an especially constructed gallery there's a thick pane of glass which separates us from the court and we can hear proceedings .


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