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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2018 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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when someone on how to weather the storm is his biggest supporter in the white house in addition the new york times gives us extra information on how that relationship developed the new york times says the saudis targeted krishna two years ago the reason their opinion the judge who knew very little about the middle east now is one of the fall says turnovers in u.s. presidential history and now another member of senior staff is leaving donald trump white house chief of staff john kelly at the end of the year retired marine general has been in the job for sixteen months kelly is one of a series of resignations as the white house prepares to take on a new democrat led house of representatives as some trump is understood to be trying to take on the vice president's chief of staff meg. john kelly will be leaving but i don't know if i can say retiring but he's a great guy john kelly will be leaving at the end of the year will be announcing
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will be taking john place it might be on an interim basis of you now saying that over the next day or two but john will be leaving at the end of the year he's been with me almost two years now as you know between the two positions so. we're probably going to see every little while well robert is a professor at lancaster university and as to have the but the trump presidency journalism and democracy and he joins us from lancaster in the united kingdom good to have you with us how surprised are you the impending departure of john kelly. well you know shake ups like this happen after every president's midterm election this one isn't surprising also in the sense that there's been a lot of friction tension between kept and your cushion or and donald trump's family so it's been a power play within the white house in terms of jockeying for positions this does signal you know also that donald trump is shedding some of the long time political
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operatives within the white house who are working on capitol hill for a long time so he's starting to shed some of that skin and it might be that he's going into more of a war room stance as we're going into the twenty twenty presidential election looking for people with the energy and with the maybe the lack of traditional political ties to get that job done what is that job what is the role of the chief of staff in the white house and how well was kelly able to perform that role. yeah so that role has multiple functions one is to do what it sounds like chief of staff maintaining order within the white house keeping people who lie and dealing with the day to day operations of the human that is the white house staff that stretches into multiple buildings and house staff all over the world you know depending on
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the day and the event so that's that's a quite a big job and as you know coming from a military background he did a good job it sounds like in terms of keeping people in line but there's also you know an access point here that the chief of staff maintains who gets access to the president and how does the president's perspective get colored by the person who has an adjoining office in the office. how how does a president welcome somebody into the into the room if you logically but also physically and so that job has a lot of power in the political realm as well as just a management staff i know. name is being bandied about quite a bit he apparently reportedly is quite reluctant to take the job at least full time but do you think he would be a good replacement. well you know i think
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a good replacement quite frankly now in the trump white house is somebody who's honestly prepared to be the fall guy you know there there is so much that's starting to point at donald trump in terms of potential financial. misconduct in layers f.b.i. investigation into campaign issues and into relationships with russia and we're seeing that f.b.i. investigation taking out some of these lower level. you know a much lower get in some ways from the president himself but you know his lawyer and he's in these other folks who have been who've been possibly involved in some of these some of these issues and you know if somebody walking into one of these positions has to be prepared to do it either in the short term simply because that's what she or he wants to do or because donald trump's temperament moves people in and out of position is quite rapidly or because there might be further
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allegations you know down the line. about misconduct and people have to be prepared i think in that they're trying to administration that those fingers might be pointing at them when whether they asked for it or not at some point probably could speak to thanks very much taking time to join us here on out to their. well plenty more still ahead here on the news hour including voting beginning and snap parliamentary elections in armenia but will it cement the role of its new prime is cynical question. and atlanta wins its first major sporting trophy in twenty three years will have the best of that action coming up in sports. more than one thousand seven hundred people have been arrested across france during the latest so-called yellow vest protest on saturday cleanup operation is underway in paris after demonstrations turned violent protests aimed at present government
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with calls for him to resign. to thank the police for their courage and professionalism david tacey reports. i was i what the yellow vests called act for at that protest played out with some familiar scenes in the center of paris i hundreds of arrests were made but it didn't stop the clashes the demonstrators tried to storm the blockades mounted by the riot police. i heard it was now because the night was very so moving in on the yellow bus protesters who throwing missiles at the police lines they're now using tear gas tear gas and stun grenades oh oh we did a first. act to not as act treat we don't exist today we do ask for to see few
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reacts they don't hear the word dignity dignity only want the dignity of making a living out of a war or like you want to be how the poor are going to keep feeding their children that's what i want to know. what we give to our children by the end of the month the shouts coming from the crowds car. maclin resign but his interior minister had his own message for the yellow vests even if it was delivered a safe distance from the fray to c.b.s. is ridiculous there have actually been more injuries on the side of the security forces than on the side of the protesters because the idea is to contain things but the toxic has its limits particularly when we're faced with people who want to behave like it's wrong and it's a war that shows no sign of ending soon this standoff is continuing. let's go live now to david his in paris and david what happens next in the government's already
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dropped this fuel tax rise is it likely to address the protests tomorrow. there is so many or a protest demands from the vast it's really a wide political spectrum but i think apart from his own resignation which is what you heard most loudly from the protests those in the streets of paris i think the main demand is that they want him to reimpose the wealth tax he came in and and gave a perk to the rich and increase the burden on the poor and i think that is one of the ones that most of the test is a coalescing around but i must read you some reaction here from president trump himself about the troubles that we saw last night and that is that. very sad day and night in paris she tweeted maybe it's time to end the ridiculous and extremely expensive paris agreement and return money back to the people in the form of lower
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taxes paris of course is the climate accord and that is very dear to the heart of present emmanuel macro and he will not have appreciated that but let me tell you a bit more about the damage that was done over the course of the day of protests more damage was done according to the city authorities than last than last week now that was of course around the arc de triomphe and that was vandalized but actually because the protests are so dispersed this time by police patrols more damage was done to to the to the infrastructure of the city according to the mayor's office and also another interesting piece of information but where is president macro well president from was meeting last friday. the about up to fifteen local mayors and the local mayors the drawn from all over france and he was getting the indication of what their opinions were what they were hearing from the people and one of them as the remains of all of us said well president they hate you and
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essentially they want your head on a stake so not very good news from mayors across the country for president emmanuel michel and a difficult time ahead david many thanks for joining us that update from paris. now there is a basket of units has infiltrated generation identity that's a far right group in france and the cover investigation reveals the group's violence and its close links to the mainstream political party led by penn and harrison reports. that. an undercover reporter from al-jazeera is investigative unit captures an argument on the streets of france was a far right activists clash with arabic speaking teenagers right there and. the man who led the race attack is an activist with a generation identity
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a far right youth movement dedicated to what it calls reconquering europe from what it sees as muslim and immigrant invaders consider what you love long run of form of should be on. the undercover reporter spent six months inside branch in the french city of louisville. at the group's headquarters a bar called the citadel more talk of violence against arab speaking youths. wish to take off by of course the recession. to do with the usual jamila i'm having trouble expressing myself i'm sent to stand for jack tomorrow if these are people who make direct references to hitler who speak with phrases the nazis use. generation identity has thousands of followers with branches across europe including italy germany and the u.k.
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but its origins and heartland are in france the. group's campaign videos and stunts include this attempt to block a border pass used by migrants of all could not be in your force nearly thirty in your last of their all already and is the g.i.'s leader. in lille. he boasts about writing speeches for one of france's most powerful political parties. to what sort of. our investigation found that generation identity has infiltrated other parts of marine le pen's national front national rugby as it is now known the last year only league are legal or illegal immigration is no longer tenable. meeting at the zero difference regional council in lille. philip emery head of the national front of the council is talking to. the head of parish g.o.i.
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who was also working for the national front. two since this is prison. he is one of a number of g.i. activists to work for le pen's party he has since left his job. in a statement marine le pen denied that her party had any links with generation i don't see that already in the hassle lotty had worked for the national front. david harrison al-jazeera. and you can watch the full documentary by our investigative unit generation hate on al-jazeera starting at twenty g.m.t. on sunday china is warning canada of severe consequences if it doesn't release an executive one the world's largest telecom companies always chief
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financial officer joe was arrested last week on charges of abating u.s. sanctions against iran and in court deciding on whether to extradite her to the united states where she could face thirty years in prison castro is tracking developments from washington d.c. . the canadian prosecutor laid out these charges in court on friday and he accuses me of tricking banks that have u.s. operations into doing business with iran against those u.s. sanctions as she's accused of doing this by telling those banks that everything was above board when they did business with her company while way when in fact huawei was operating an unofficial subsidiary out of hong kong that was indeed engaged with businesses in the rand now maine was arrested at the vancouver airport but this happened at the behest of u.s. authorities on monday her bail hearing will resume in canada and the u.s.
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is working to extradite her for trial in new york that is unless china successfully intervenes it is able to convince canada against cooperating which it is forcefully trying to do now the timing is peculiar because the arrests of thing happened just as u.s. president donald trump was sitting down for dinner with china's president seizing paying in argentina last saturday trump claims he didn't know that this arrest was happening at the same time that china views it all as a national embarrassment particularly because maine is considered to be corporate royalty in china not only is she the chief financial officer of huawei which is the preeminent telecommunications company in china but she's also the daughter of that company's founder so she's widely respected among chinese business elites and their condemnation of her arrests has been swift and scathing they're accusing the u.s. and canada of kidnapping. staff is here shortly with all the weather and then the
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heads saying no to racism with populism on the rise it's an anxious time for migrants and. pastimes then keeping an eye on a rumbling volcano called on the mountain of gold. and in sport the civilian rookies taking matters into his own hands of the dallas mavericks be here with more . to train the review. journal. and it's going to. hello there for some of us in japan it's been the first snow of the winter season and it's been a gas where we've seen that just in the past twenty four to forty eight hours you can see the snow as it came down there quite thick in fact for many of us across that prefecture we saw around two to four centimeters of snow by the time that cleared and what happened was originally it was falling as rain you can see the
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clouds just making their way across the sea of japan the all into that western coast of japan and then the temperatures dropped amorphous began to see that wintery weather negative there in the west around half way up honshu that's where we saw two to four centimeters but a bit further northwards in yamagata pre-fixed there we saw around fifty centimeters of snow in the mountains so some of this certainly saw a very decent amount of snow so plenty more still to come much over the next few days is still going to be these areas of cloud coming down from the northwest of where they hit the coast that they are likely to bring more in the way of wet weather and where it's cold enough we'll see that turned to snow we've also got another weather system that's just putting itself together at the moment to over parts of china and that's going to be working its way eastwards over the next few days that's going to bring some of us in the southern parts of the korean peninsula and across into japan some pretty heavy downpours as we head through tuesday and overnight into wednesday and again that will give us a very decent amount of snow where we have the cold enough temperatures now towards
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the west so the cold enough for some of us here look at all of a tough one if evan tina best on tuesday that's actually a warm day recently we've been down as low as minus thirty five at night too. the weather sponsored by qatar and race. has proved prepares to exit the e.u. people in power investigates disturbing allegations about the tactics used by the winning leave campaign we know that the law was broken and we know that campaigns over spent we know that russia tried to build a relationship with one of the key campaigns who paid for bricks it people in power on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the yellow first the barrier will continue not only in july but into the next week with details coverage classic of criticism of capitalist economics to all
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a fifty six billion dollar i.m.f. loan to argentina from around the world these are the victims of one of the world's most forgotten conflicts and without agent help they could become a lost generation. and there again you're watching as reminder of our top stories this hour. over the gulf cooperation council summit begins in. the g.c.c. countries are continuing the economic blockade of fellow member. that to speed on the diplomatic crisis surrounding the. are amongst the issues overshadowing the
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annual gathering. u.s. president's chief of staff john kerry has quit his post donald trump is in talks with the vice president. to succeed kelly. of units has gone undercover to reveal one of france's fastest growing white movement's members a generation identity unknown for racist attacks and verbal abuse report exposes the group's connections to follow right. organizations that provide services to refugees and migrants in italy say there's been an increase in racist attacks and the rise of white white when politics and nationalists being blamed and now many of those arriving in this league so they don't feel safe so i get reports from. a rallying call on heard voices for those gathered it is an anxious time caught in
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a no man's land they face hostility in a country where nationalism and populism have searched in the past year. activists like and they are work with refugees and migrants say they have seen the effects face to face and they describe how italy's government has treated those seeking refuge dominated as it is by the rhetoric of the far right deputy prime minister. it's somebody can feel free to do it because they say look we're the chief of the police and so it's like here take my goods i am defending. that that really scares me a lot. this little in the way of options but those caught in the asylum system may come fleeing war or hardship but one thing is certain they do not feel welcome . that i didn't mean we have to go and sleep in
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a station or on the street there are no other choice and nowhere else to go so that's how it is. there have been warnings of a climate of hatred accelerating in italy since the far right went into power the ruling politicians have denied that there is any such crisis but the promotion i have done to my father since has for the right number of italians justified that in the name of law and order. are going to me look what the current mood has power with the rise of the extreme right as a pound has been attempting to normalize fascism since the one nine hundred ninety s. squatting in the state owned building in central rome the group is part of a wave of white european so-called identity tarion movements they offer classes to disadvantaged youngsters especially men who they say have been left behind in today's italy and the lesson today italy's ancient history a standard subject for
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a group looking to the past but its focus is very much fixed on the present and future political scenes. we are convinced that ca's a pounds role is to guide the government and they know this because if they don't live up to their promises voters may end up voting for us. because a pound may claim to unify all italians but its tactics have exploited divisions within a country that has seen a recent mass influx of refugees and migrants combined with a stagnant economy this extremist movement has found ground to take root and in certain cases thrive sony diagonal al-jazeera rome. in their first parliamentary election since mass demonstrations this year ended decades of one party rule polls suggest a landslide victory for prime minister and the passion again he came to power in may after what became known as the velvet revolution opened for us there was the
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capital. nichole passion and he's my step alliance are riding sky high in opinion polls and therefore they are expected to win by a significant majority in today's election and if that happens this will be the finishing touch if you like of his so-called velvet revolution when back in the spring he managed to bring out tens of thousands of armenians onto the streets to bring about a peaceful transition of power back then he was elected prime minister. with hundreds of thousands of armenians on the streets demanding parliament make him the country's leader but he only had a handful of seats in power in parliament so what he needs now and why he's holding the snap election is to transfer that popular power that he has on the streets into
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the corridors of power where he will have a legitimate mandate to carry out the reforms that he's promised to the armenian people things like dealing with the oligarchs and their monopoly on the economy bringing in more money bringing in investment changing the education system and of course one of his key platforms having a free and fair democratic system now this is been one of the criticisms that has been. raised here brought into question the fact that he's holding these elections when he's riding this wave of popularity and there hasn't been much campaign so i mean the other political parties are at a disadvantage and if he gets into power with a significant majority how is he going to exercise his orthe already we've seen some harsh language coming from him in recent weeks he's been accused of using hate speech in intimidating his opponents he would argue that he's fine. fire with fire
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he's been given that mandate by the armenian people to take on the corrupt old elites and so he's got to go in hard but whether or not he wins this election with an extremely high majority is expected the question then will be whether he's going to exercise his orthe already democratically as the talks on ending the war in yemen continue in sweden the demands of each side are growing player wants the significant issues that divide the three rebels and the yemeni government is the face of president i would rather mansour hadi he is want him to step down but the government delegates think otherwise rational by reporters from the talks and remember just awful stuff. it's a stumbling block just at the time when hopes of progress were growing. yemen's rival factions are entrenched warning if their demands are not met the talks will
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fail and as the negotiations continue the who theater control and the northern part of the country say they are willing to join a national unity government if president obama so hardy steps down so as not out of . the political solution from our point of view should be a new transitional period that has a time frame and must have consensual executive power including the presidency and the government and must work on certain pillars like security and military operations in sharing food control over the yemeni state and solving unsolved problems. the proposal was swiftly dismissed by the government had the loyalists say the healthy rebels seized power in a coup in two thousand and fourteen and therefore their surrender is a prerequisite for any future deal if you know what i can make. it hard to goes do
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you think that would solve the problem the problem is cool leaders was elected and it's elections that will decide his suite but if he resigns now that will be dangerous there will be a power struggle there is a third party that is not involved in the talks but whose influence has been on the rise in yemen seems to thousand and eleven. these are the sassiness of the solve it movement that wants to break away from the north they are protesting against what they describe as a society occupation of their land by the separatists themselves are divided between those who want independence and those who want the tunnel me within a federal yemen the talks were always going to be long and strenuous but the millions of yemenis who have suffered bombings starvation and inaction hold the warring factions will give diplomacy a chance so that the war comes to an end. rambo on the oscar.
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libya's stays well company and c. has denounced was it called the occupation of an oil field by protesters who tries for threatening to shut down the. field which produces three hundred fifteen thousand barrels a day that demanding financial assistance for their community and he says the oil is still flowing and would have catastrophic consequences if the field is closed if it has been in turmoil since the fall of moammar gadhafi government in two thousand and eleven with large parts under the control of armed groups the mexican town of. the us border with mexico has long been a popular tourist destination but now it houses thousands of asylum seekers trying to cross into the united states business and say the arrival of the so-called migrant caravan has left them struggling to sell their goods and they fear things are only going to get worse with another group expected to arrive in the coming weeks from tijuana but up to hamid reports. the beach
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should be full of tourists on a bully saturday morning this small fishing village on the pacific coast attracts tourists from across the board indian ited states here fish crabs and clams are as fresh as they get. but salvatore doesn't know if he would be able to sell his freshly caught crabs and spider crabs which are usually in high demand you usually have more people than this right now for the. people. you know are going to be able to. solve other and his partner had to cut their daily catch by fifty percent. i think. norden for the year after thousands of asylum seekers try to storm the crossing about jew weeks ago they were met with tear gas and the border was shut down for several hours angry
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many of the shop owners in the area who also felt that the protesters no problem started here the report of entry just closed for a few hours and since has been business as usual now there is traffic but the queues are much shorter but more importantly tourists are staying away. but since those protests martin garcia has been losing hundreds of dollars and he now spends most of his day watching cars drive by. didn't cause problems except for that one day but he got a love attention so now tourism is that all these cars you see are locals who are shop worn or study in the us normally at this time i wouldn't have time to speak to you i would be busy selling. in nearby rosarito is the same worry empty streets and restaurants fewer still that some say there's no point waiting in vain for customers. to current. little environment in the u.s.
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is also part of the problem she's a publicist whose business is targeted at the american market. and sort of the moment he can it is both as mexican's we worry about the caravan because it's here and for those of us who cross often into the us donald trump has been talking about immigration since he got into power and he wants to build his wall so this is giving him an excuse to fill his crazy idea and build his wall of migrants are giving him all the reasons to do it. another curve and might start moving from central america didn't year mexicans understand why people want to seek a better life in the united states but there's also concern that it's mexico which is paying the highest price of this border crisis but at the hemi al-jazeera did one. a volcano in northeast and hands and they're known to the masses people as the mountain of god is showing signs and mayor rob well during their length high as the
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only known active volcano with a type of lava a can move faster than a person katherine so i reports in the foothills stressing nearby villages and three major sites of early human development towering above everything else around the lake natch an area enough in tanzania. stands at more than seven thousand feet the local mosque community call it the mountain of god for the last two years it's been rumbling geologists are mourning tearing its activity more intently because of the reasons care an eruption was imminent that threat level has since diminished but scientists say nothing can be left to chance hansen is professor at the university of the wrestler geology department he says tanzania needs a working observatory center to be able to keep a closer eye on the mountain itself rather than getting information from other countries experts has been unfortunate but even so i can tell you.


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