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in parliament they look as if they could be absolutely decimated in today's election and so there will need to be some form of of an opposition to challenge. the mice that the lions. but it's not clear yet who that would be there are several parties including the republicans that maybe pick up a few seats that the past year and with an overall majority will be able to bring through those reforms but on the downside of course ironically is that armenian democracy. certainly will have a new shape in another one party government but at least. he'll be able to go ahead with those changes or at least he will try to deliver on those promises that he made things like dealing with the economy bringing in more foreign investment he's also going to have to tackle head on some really cool issues like the nagorno-karabakh conflict with azerbaijan and closed all of this with turkey if
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they can get those borders open i would really change the dynamic in this region but those are serious challenges yes and as you say no exit polls to be expected but will stay across any information should it in march thank you very much robin farseer walk without all the latest on the election in armenia while the gulf cooperation council has been meeting in riyadh with divisions between the six members more and more exposed saudi arabia's king someone opened the talks in the capital he did not address the ongoing blockade of cattle by three g. c. c. members bahrain the u.a.e. and for saudi arabia but the emir of kuwait has been part of mediation efforts call for an end to regional to spirits. i don't ever there and though we have faced a lot of challenges and on top of them there are the differences between our g.c.c. nations we need not to risk the interests of our peoples the peoples of the g.c.c.
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council states the g.c.c. must not be hesitant we need to keep our situation firm stand firm and we need to be able to face the challenges in our region. has more now from kuwait city. the kuwaiti i mean was somebody who has always been leading attempts to try and find a mediation in fact the last summit took place here in kuwait and qatar sent its amir as a sign of respect or maybe encouragement or support for these mediation efforts however the saudis the united arab emirates and the behind has refused to send any senior official to represent them this time around in the riyadh it is cut out of this has decided to truce to send its deputy or assistant foreign minister whilst the heads of states or at least senior members of the blockading nations exist the saudi king king solomon when he spoke in his opening remarks spoke about many different issues but refused to talk about the blockade on qatar and these threats
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posed to the unity of the gulf countries the quaids he. did mention it she did say that maybe there needs to be a lot of work put into the discourse in the media campaigns that have been ongoing now against different member states however obviously fall short of maybe them on the more serious action from the political leadership of the blockading nations but at least that will be seen by some that kuwait hasn't lost all hope despite the fact that this blockade has gone on for a year and a half significantly speaking if we think of what's most likely to come out of the summits from a tangible perspective very little relief as far as the saudis are concerned their media will try and shine a light to show that they still have some sort of leadership role in the region and therefore for them it will be seen as a success but when you're talking about the gulf cooperation council that's seen very little cooperation on economic fronts on the security fronts on the diplomatic fronts this summit will be very much like the one before whereby the optimist will
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say there is something good in the fact that at least this has taken place presidents will point to the fact that obviously not all the heads of states are there on the realists will say well this corporation counsel short of maybe allowing for free movement and trade which now isn't the case it really hasn't achieved much over the years. meanwhile the outgoing u.s. ambassador to the u.n. has made her first public comments on the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi told the atlantic magazine that the saudi government doesn't get a pass we can't condone it we can ever say it's ok we can't ever support thuggish behavior and we have to say that well heidi jocasta has more on those comments from washington. you can see how she often has said that she agrees with trump's goals when it comes to foreign policy but not necessarily with his style and we saw her navigate that fine line throughout her tenure as u.n. ambassador and in this article two she states how she thinks saudi arabia is
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a vital partner to the u.s. but that is in her words this thuggish behavior continues then that partnership is in jeopardy now when asked by the interviewer whether mohamed bin samon the crown prince of saudi arabia should be held responsible for the killing of jamal khashoggi she didn't you are saying that determination is up to the administration as we know trump has defended the crown prince he has said there is no direct evidence that he ordered the killing of khashoggi that is contrary to the conclusion of u.s. senators of both parties who were briefed by the cia last week their determination is that the prince is complicit in the murder in fact in the words of one republican senator that the crown prince would be convicted by a jury in less than thirty minutes to have for you on the program the refugees and migrants standing their ground in italy where political rhetoric has cultivated
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a culture of hate and division and concerns that a volcano they call them out and of god is on the verge of eruption what will this mean for the community of mass i who live in its shadow. and we've got a lot of cloud of rain over parts of southeastern china at the moment with a huge area of cloud making its way across us also affecting shanghai there in the east and across into taiwan now under that we also. some wet weather i think the heaviest of the rain and snow will be in the northern parts of i'm up there on monday stretching up toward shanghai but as we head into choose day that system just pushes its way further towards the south so shanghai should see more in the way of drawing weather that will still be a fair amount of clough clinging on to the south coast though so hanoi and hong
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kong both will see a fairly great day with a few breaks of rain at times now across towards india and for most of us here it's fine and dry sri lanka is very different though lots of cloud a lot of rain with us and it has been pretty wet over the past couple of months and it looks like we're going to see plenty more rain over the next few days and it will be incredibly heavy so plenty of rain then on monday and tuesday for many of us in sri lanka and it looks like we have a little developing feature within that as well for the arabian peninsula where mostly fine and dry the winds in doha feeding down from the north so they are making things a little bit cooler now our top temperature is around twenty six degrees it's still a little bit milder for us since a lot of maximum getting to twenty nine. in nepal poverty leaves children vulnerable and at risk but sometimes those who say
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they can cause the most harm one of many shines a light on predators in the avian strain. on al-jazeera. u.n. report is given renewed the fight against climate change over with threats like sea level rise of this year's climate talks in poland crimea international community see the opportunity to take concerted action starting with al jazeera the latest from the front lines of the current crisis from the cold fronts itself. and. welcome back a quick look at the top stories this hour now the french president is set to meet with unions and employees organizations on monday to try and bring an end to weeks of violent anti-government protests more than seven hundred people were arrested
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throughout the country often large scale demonstrations on saturday polls have closed in on media as parliamentary elections with the acting prime minister nicola widely expected to secure a landslide victory has been seeking a stronger mandate tough coming to power during widespread protests earlier this year. and ongoing divisions between the six members of the gulf cooperation council of shadow to summit in riyadh saudi arabia's king soundman open the talks but did not address the ongoing blockade of cattle by three m. . when our rival protests have been held here in london in support of and against franks it one of the demonstrations called for a people's vote on bret's it a second referendum on the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. . probe writes it demonstrates his including far right groups march to denounce prime minister to resign may and had deal saying it will leave person trapped in the the fog has the latest now from central london. well against brick sits they
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are at the other side of town they have been out basically in protest of what is happening here behind me which the rally in favor of bricks it which is been largely supported of course by britain's right wing but this is very much a cross-section of britain's right wing there are nationalists from the u.k. independence party that was the part of that was incredibly instrumental in pushing for the e.u. referendum the first place but there are also other groups as well some hardline ultra nationalists here we've even seen white supremacists in the crowd behind us including members of the identity tarion movement that is the same movement that has been orchestrating demonstrations in france that are in greste occasions unit managed to infiltrate so it is really something of a bizarre collection of different flags there's a loaf a lot of right wing passion tree here we've just heard the national anthem which is
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really signal the end of this march here but regardless of the politics regardless of really weigh you all on the rights of the political spectrum they are united in their anger and frustration at a reason mase breaks a deal that goes before m.p.'s on choose day they will vote to whether a church accepted or rejected on tuesday these people here feel that that deal betrays their initial goal which is essentially to tighten britain's borders to reduce immigration but they strongly believe that in this deal to reason may has conceded too much to brussels the sea is joint now about peace prize when is it held a news conference in oslo ahead of monday's award ceremony congolese dr dennis mcguire gania activists ninety in the rod when jointly awarded the prize in october paris see the onus of their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war in armed conflict. full of charges. not a single i saw fighting has been brought to court we haven't seen this perhaps it
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will be a different group that commits these crimes if there is no justice we will continue to see this injustice in the world if this is not dealt with now. charlie rangel has more from also on the stories of those prize winners you can almost imagine the women in the democratic republic of congo who dennis mcquay has helped cheering when they saw his appearance and his words in that press conference and just to give you a little bit more background on this extraordinary man who trained as an obstetrician in france and then returned to the d.r. c. to set up a maternity clinic in one thousand nine hundred nine but the first patient to walk through his door wasn't pregnant she was actually a survivor of rape mutilated by men fighting in the armed conflict there and in the twenty so years since then fifty thousand women have followed them and he has had to invent new surgeries to deal with the horrific injuries he's winning the prize for that but also for developing a new model of rehabilitation finding out how to heal these women physically
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psychologically and economically removing the pain the trauma and the stigma and getting them back into their communities the other prize winner. equally strong. woman who was trafficked by eisel in iraq and has bravely told her horrific story of rape and torture in front of huge audiences in the united nations and the european parliament as she seeks justice for these e.d.'s with no id you could hear her frustration she says she's traveled the world she's met many world leaders and she is trying to get them to help the three thousand new cd women still in captivity the three hundred thousand new c.d.'s languishing in a refugee camp in kurdistan this prize is not a victory but it is the start of a new struggle. and you can watch an exclusive live interview with the nobel laureates right here on al-jazeera both dennis mccuaig a and we'll talk about their
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fight for justice on the nobel interview that is coming up at six hundred g.m.t. on monday right here on al-jazeera also news from libya now where protesters of reportedly shut down oil production at one of the state run oil fields tribesmen have targeted the field in the country's southern if as a region it produces three hundred fifteen thousand barrels of oil a day demanding financial assistance for the community the catholic church has paid tribute to monks and clergymen killed during our cheeriest civil war in the one nine hundred ninety s. ceremony in iran so nineteen people declared martyrs and steps taken towards granting them say sainthood the pope sent a message funking algeria's government for allowing this service to take place and hoped it would help heal the wounds of the past now the two biggest rivals in argentine football bucket juniors and river plate will play in the second leg of
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the copilot to dora's final in a few hours ten thousand kilometers away from their home city the controversial decision to move the second leg to the spanish capital madrid followed chaos two weeks ago desire is when the first round match scheduled rather pates ground was halted juta found violence. volcano in northeastern tanzania known to the messiah people as the mountain of god is showing signs it might erupt the old guy is unique the black lava that flows from it is much cooler than other volcanoes and turns white when it comes into contact with water now as katherine so reports from the foothills it's threatening nearby villages and three may just sides of human development. towering above everything else around the lake natural area in north in tanzania although new length stands at more than seven thousand feet the local mosque community call it the mountain of god for the last two years it's been
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rumbling geologists a morning tearing its activity more intently because of the reasons care an eruption was imminent that threat level has since diminished but scientists say nothing can be left to chance hansen is professor at the university of the wrestler geology department he says tanzania needs a working observatory center to be able to keep a closer eye on the mountain itself rather than getting information from other countries experts has been unfortunate that even the self can tell you people from germany europe they have no information because they have been working there at the moment and the new do disguise the know much more scientifically than what we have. because they have money this is the world's only active volcano that bulges out of black love a rich with a type of rock called carbon a tight when it comes to contact with it turns white. volcanic eruptions have been
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recorded here since eight hundred eighty three the largest deposited ash hundred kilometers away and that's a concern because a mountain is also close to important ancient historic sites like this one on the southern shores of lake notch on named the dance floor more than human footprints left between five and nine hundred thousand years ago and preserved by debris and from the volcano. those who live in the foothills of the mountain have watched you know and fear the mountain of god route to life this mountain laughter erupted in two thousand and seven those who live here say it had loudly rumble for months before and when it finally spewed its love they ran for cover no one died but some lost their cattle and grazing grounds were destroyed and our psyche says it sounded like a thunder storm and describes the flowing lover as scary. i was afraid at first
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i thought i choked to death it was like a fire and it cooled down and became white the dust settled on our cattle and when we tried to get it off the animals it would peel off the skin. on mars he told us immediately happened he knew what to do in line with the culture of his community and bubbling along the river elbe as a night took up on top of the mountain that same day god listen to us and they love us stopped i don't know what we have done in communities here believe these folks is sokrates they say they're not worried because like their ancestors they know just what to do with the mountain of god rules again catherine so we are all to zero in the foothills of. just a quick look at the top stories this hour the french president is set to meet with unions employees organizations on monday to try to bring an end to weeks of violent
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antigovernment protests paris is in cleanup mode following large scale demonstrations on saturday why the so-called yellow vest movement was than seven hundred people were arrested throughout france and hundreds of businesses vandalized emanuel has tweeted as appreciation for the courage and professionalism of the police. the president is due as you say to hold these meetings to make a speech this week we understand on monday where he is relieved to be prepared to address the concerns to touch upon the concerns of many people in wider french society with the question is what sort of concessions can make he's already made several concessions certainly regarding taxes regarding fuel prices not sort of thing how much more could he be prepared to concede. polls of close in armenia's parliamentary elections with acting prime minister nicole passion and widely expected to secure a landslide victory came to power in may after weeks of peaceful protests against
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corruption he stepped down in october asking for a stronger mandate to govern. the gulf cooperation council has been meeting in riyadh with divisions between the six members more exposed saudi arabia's king salmon open the talks in the capital he did not address the ongoing blockade of cattle by three g.c.c. members bahrain the u.a.e. and of course saudi but the emir of kuwait has been part of mediation efforts called for an end to regional to spews the outgoing u.s. ambassadors the un has made her first public comments on the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi. the atlantic that the saudi government doesn't get a pos the u.s. can never support so-called fuck ish behavior. rival protests have been held in london in support of i'm against head of a key vote on the prime minister's e.u. withdrawal deal on choose day one of those rallies far right groups and the u.k. independence party denounce to reason may's proposal which they say will leave
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burson traps in the e.u. you're upset a lot of our top stories there will be more news coming out from doha in about twenty five minutes time now it's time for one i want to east. on the streets of nepal young children live in poverty. foreigners drawn to their plight provide money or even set up charities. but police say some are abusing children instead of helping them. on this
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episode one on one is the best or gates how those meant to protect children can sometimes be their predators. nestled in the shadow of the himalayas lies a quiet and village about two hours from the pulse capital katmandu. the road leading into the village is bumpy as it winds its way through the steep hill. it may be picturesque but for those who live here it's a life marked by poverty. maps not a surprising place for a world renowned humanitarian to come and build a home it's a beautiful country. it's my adopted home here because i love the people i'm telling you is i'm a specialist. canadian peter dalgleish has devoted his life to helping
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some of the world's poorest children in africa afghanistan indonesia he's worked with leading aid organizations including the united nations world food program and unicef and set up his own charity street kids international the last two weeks of nineteen eighty-four in a refugee camp in northern ethiopia with. between five and six thousand children who are in the last stage of the wife. and. transforming moment and i knew at that point that i would never practice law and i never raised her. in a convertible b.m.w. in the streets of vancouver with the top down. has rubbed shoulders with prime ministers one prestigious awards and written about his work with kids around the world.
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like most of the other locals around. he's never ventured far from these hills. he remembers when i first arrived here in the foothills of the himalayas. maybe about ten years ago. sometimes he arranges a year sometimes just a few months. or you want to. buy one morning last april the piece. was. police burst into
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dalglish's home. and found two boys inside. the boys away and took into custody officers also took his passport computer and phone. every. community has little education. easily even i did not study much and i believe. but beneath his generosity. and respected public profile police say dalgleish was a very different man they allege the child advocate is actually a child abuser nepalese authority state he lured children with food and money and promised them overseas trips and jobs in five star hotels before sexually abusing them we did sybil seidlin says for many days. and
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it is the outcome of our biggest son. we have spent lots of trying. to bring peter ellis in the frame of justice. we formed to believe he will be convicted because he commuted the crime. cabot caterwaul is the deputy superintendent of the nepal police he was in charge of the investigation that led to doubtless his arrest he and his officers began investigating after they received a tip from an overseas source actually many putting us there coming here in. the lobby. and we really this picked them for their to the case and. for some of them masking there's some more. under the cover of the what you sense in. the end misusing the power in their. exploiting children.
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the former aid worker currently sits in a cell in a small town outside katmandu waiting for his case to wind its way through the net police court. this is the prison where peter being held he's agreed to tell us his side of the story the prison won't allow cameras inside but we can record his voice. just want to record what are of no probs ok. dalglish denies all allegations of child sexual abuse he insists he's an innocent man swept up in a police crackdown. you need to know that i never touched any child. if you went to the village near my house they would tell you i've never invited any kids to my i never not one child. need to know both treats their father one of
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his father that weighs on he lives on the property that he's in my house more than me he's a severe alcoholic to my judgement call or need to know there is no d.n.a. evidence against me. there is no medical evidence no photographs. or. police say they had submitted photographs of children from his computer as evidence but declined to give more details dalglish maintains he is the victim augustine. it starts. with jealousy. we never know for sure right now but i would much freedom. now i love this country i will continue to fight to protect kids. not. i never abuse or touch a child in a program. if there is only two boys. krishna.
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and rishi best to cody which is nine years old when they first met peter dogg. i was going down from the school and my house and. i was sitting. and i met peter that that then in the road is more than a that for us because he's done for us as a dad where our father would be standing but he didn't father he left us he also became a father figure for rishi. and he you know he's the one who do everything for me and my uncle and. now the boy say it to their turn to do something for peter ensuring he has good food to eat and it's looked after in prison and is he
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still looking after you financially this is still supporting us yeah yeah. we're getting money and we're expanding that money and peter on the beat and the other things. douglas did more than just put the boys through school he helped them see a world beyond nepal taking them to student conferences in singapore and thailand i didn't have anything else if i haven't been to a lot i have been here i would be like doing something some kind of. in gulf countries so or have whatever i'm knowledge of. the boys and visit dalgleish in prison three times a day. we're happy to do this it's our duty we dream of looking after him in his old days but we never ever thought that he would be looking after him like this.
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dalglish's reach in the paul extended far beyond the village where he built a home you're the first came to the himalaya nation more than a decade ago to work for a u.n. agency. also taught students boarding school in katmandu. this is the school where peter dalglish taught children on a volunteer basis and administrator told us the school cut ties with him in two thousand and eleven but refused to meet with us to explain why. the administrator has however told canadian media that she became worried after dalglish asked her to bend the rules to allow children to visit his house after school dalgleish denies this and blames the falling out on internal politics. political involving money and you know there's a lot of money tied up with the buddhist community here and there's a lot of politics. douglas took his message about the need to help
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vulnerable children far and wide prestigious schools invited him to give motivational talks to their students. united world colleges or u.w. c. which has seventeen schools around the world said dalglish spoke at a number of their events about his work with the u.n. and with street children five months before he was arrested you w.c. investigated rumors about possible exploitative p.t.v. they then suspended him from the board of trustees of u. w.c. thailand and released a statement. it read we thought mr dog was part of the fight for education opportunities for disadvantaged children across the globe it is shocking that the precarious situation of these children may have been used for their sexual exploitation. maybe the
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most high profile man to be accused of child abuse in the paul but he's certainly not the only one. since april of this year police have charged for other foreigners with similar offenses. most of the arrests took place in katmandu a magnet for tourists and for poor vulnerable children. at the very beginning all of the good of files there were concentrated because there are lots of restrictions and it is easy to find a small board. deputy superintendent covet caterwaul was off duty at a party with his two sons when he first noticed a foreigner surrounded by young boys i was with my family and i noticed. he was with children young children sixteen sixteen and one was
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sixteen i noticed i was secretly. i have some sense you see because i was very day.


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