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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 10, 2018 8:00am-8:33am +03

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i think that when we're dealing with arms that no personal financial dealings should have anything to do the decision and really not even the finances of the country and i think selling arms should have to deal solely with our national security not jobs not money nothing and i really think that the war in yemen that we have no vital national security interest and not only that i think our involvement in this terrible war is one of the things that engendered more terrorism as more people die from starvation as people pick up bomb fragments went to school buses killed and on the bomb fragment it says made in america it creates more terrorism so i think it's actually a risk to our national security to be involved with the saudis and we should not be aiding and abetting their bombing of civilian areas rand paul speaking to you and besides meet the press that well after weeks of violent antigovernment protests the french president is due to address the nation on monday and then all will also protest groups the so-called yellow vests demonstrations were initially over fuel
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tax hikes but now they've become an anti government mass movement calling them to resign well the french foreign minister has told the u.s. president to stay out of french politics have to donald trump blamed the violent protests on the powers climate agreement and tone i say this to donald trump and the french president said it to we do not take domestic american politics into account leave our nation be. well his doublet came from paris all the fallout from those protests. with all of the evidence of violence in paris cleared up now the question many people in france opposing is what can president mccone do to show that he is addressing the concerns of the yellow vest protesters but also of wider society a question for him is is there a concession that is the right answer that will placate people here because the violence the evidence of violence is gone but the mess the political mess certainly lingers on that point on monday at the summer in s n l the building behind me the
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french parliament organized political opposition to mr merkel will be manifest in the form of a motion of no confidence in his government being put to the summer innocent by the opposition by the left wing opposition there's little chance that will get passed when the vote is held on wednesday because of the absolute majority of which to make holes government of his party that i can recall march that the republic on the move the problem for him is that the newspaper headlines this weekend have been calling leak of the republic in flames he has to deal with that but his opinion poll ratings are very low at twenty four percent so for him when he speaks to the nation when he speaks to the unions this week he has to address the concerns that have been expressed not just on the streets but also in wider society now the french finance minister says the protests have been catastrophic for the economy but it's with has been speaking to some of the workers affect it. they're the only
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businesses that have seen profits go up because of the yellow vest protests along with more than seventy percent of french people the owner of this window fitting company is sympathetic to the protesters motives to citizenship their anger is legitimate it would be nice if mr michael could enable employers to give bonuses free of tax to their employees so that everyone is better off at the end of the month but i also understand the government's position saying besiege it's not easy to deal with to find solutions would you go there was this restaurant in central paris stayed open on a saturday but takings were down ninety percent. would be really bad of the situation persisted and got worse however it is nothing compared to the wave of terror attacks from three years ago when tourists asserted paris yesterday there were a few tourists but it will be a lot of considerations no matter what hotels will be the most impacted but restaurants like mine will suffer as well because in fact they're working. with the
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power turned off in the city of light in the shops boarded up the cost of the economy is estimated to have been at least one and a half billion dollars for the protesters who took the place of christmas shoppers in central paris have succeeded in forcing the government of president emanuel to agree to their main demand and abandon a hike in fuel taxes we must now urgently work together to find a path to dialogue to provide answers to all of those french people overwhelmed by the level of taxes and even through their work and can manage to get by but this can only be done in peace in dialogue and certainly not with violence. scrapping the tax rises blows a five billion dollars hole in the government's budget but the protesters want tax cuts they want better pensions benefits and they want a higher minimum wage demands president is going to find difficult to meet and there's little money to pay for. bernard smith al-jazeera house. still more ahead
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here on the al-jazeera news hour including in china someone see u.s. ambassador over what he calls the vile arrest of a top corporate executive. and saying no to racism populism on the rise it's an anxious time for migrants a drug tax in italy and heads roll in afghanistan's football federation after allegations of physical and sexual abuse those details coming up with peter in sport. china has some in the u.s. ambassador in beijing to protest against the detention of a top executive of telecom giant highway it's a vice foreign minister called on the us and we quote immediately correct it's wrong actions last week ways chief financial officer meg one joe was detained in canada on washington's request now she's accused of violating your ascensions on iran the company says all its operations in iran were in compliance with the us
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even the un sanctions then says the she was taken to hospital for hypertension after detention and that she is innocent u.s. republican senator marco rubio says he plans to reintroduce legislation that could ban chinese tech companies linked to the state on security grounds. so i think both while we're in c.t. and multiple the chinese companies pose a threat to our national interest our national economic interests and our national security interests and the why we case what they're accused of here which is accused of is violating the iran sanctions so at a minimum we should be doing to them what we did when they violated the sanctions law and which included not having access to american suppliers and i hope that's what will happen that's what we're encouraging the administration to do as soon as possible u.s. president told trump's topic that its chief of staff has ruled himself out cares who is vice president mike pence is eight was the favorite to replace john kelly
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couldn't agree on how long he would stay in the job. for the future of a year impact on migration is or gee he ground just before it's formally adopted it's due to be signed to morocco during a two day summit starting on monday after eighteen months of talks though it tackles the causes of the flow of migration as well as how to support refugees and asylum seekers a whole host of countries oppose it among them australia austria and the united states five eastern european countries are also refusing to sign that including hungry in poland chile is the only latin american nation against it the migration pact is even threatening to bring belgium to a political standstill the ruling party has lost its majority after its largest coalition partner pulled out in protest against support for the migration pact but italy which is one of the main gateways for refugees and migrants into europe is also against the parent a rise in rightwing and populist politics is being blamed for an increase of racist
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attacks there so we're going to go reports from rome. a rallying call on heard voices for those gathered here it is an anxious time caught in a no man's land they face hostility in a country where nationalism and populism have surged in the past year. activists like andrea who work with refugees and migrants say they have seen the effects face to face and they describe how italy's government has treated those seeking refuge dominated as it is by the rhetoric of the far right deputy prime minister but they are. it's somebody can feel free to do it because they say look we're the chief of the police and so it's like you take my goods. that. really scares me a lot. there's little in the way of options but those caught in the asylum system
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may come fleeing war or hardship but one thing is certain they do not feel welcome . that i didn't mean we have to go and sleep in a station or on the street there are no other choice and nowhere else to go so that's how it is. there have been warnings of a climate of hatred accelerating in italy since the far right went into power the ruling politicians have denied that there is any such crisis but the promotion and survival policies has for the right number of italians justified in the name of law and order. are going to mean what the current mood has power with the rise of the extreme right as a pound has been attempting to normalize fascism since the one nine hundred ninety s. squatting in the state owned building in central rome the group is part of a wave of white european so-called identity tarion movements they offer classes to
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disadvantaged youngsters especially men who they say have been left behind in today's italy and the lesson today italy's ancient history a standard subject for a group looking to the past but its focus is very much fixed on the present and future political scenes. we are convinced that ca's a pounds role is to guide the government and they know this because if they don't live up to their promises voters may end up voting for us. because the pound may claim to unify all italians but its tactics have exploited divisions within a country that has seen a recent mass influx of refugees and migrants combined with a stagnant economy this extremist movement has found ground to take root and in certain cases thrive sony diagonal al-jazeera rome. they met in town near the u.s. border has long been popular with tourists but now it houses thousands of asylum
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seekers trying to cross into the united states business owners say the arrival of the so-called migrant caravan has left them struggling to sell their goods and they fear it'll only get worse with more expected to arrive in the coming weeks from. reports. the future should be full of tourists and above the saturday morning this small fishing village on the pacific coast attracts tourists from across the board indian ited states here fish crabs and clams are as fresh as they get. but salvatore doesn't know if he would be able to sell his freshly caught crabs and spider crabs which are usually in high demand you usually have more people than this right now for. people. you know going to be able to go back. there and his partner had to cut their daily
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catch by fifty percent. i think. norden for a year rose after thousands of asylum seekers tried to storm the crossing about jew weeks ago they were met with tear gas and the border was shut down for several hours angry many of the shop owners in the area who also felt that the protesters no problem started here the report of entry just closed for a few hours and since has been business as usual now there is traffic but the queues are much shorter but more importantly tourists are staying away. but since those protests martin garcia has been losing hundreds of dollars and he now spends most of his day watching cars drive by. didn't cause problems except for that one day but you got to love attention so now tourism is that all these cars. locals who are shop work or study in the us normally at this time i wouldn't have time to speak to you i would be busy selling. in nearby
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rosarito there's the same worry empty streets and restaurants furious told that some say there's no point waiting in vain for customers. to get we vote against the current political environment in the us is also part of the problem she's a publicist whose business is targeted at the american market. and sort of the woman he guns is both as mexicans we worry about the caravan because it's here and for those of us who cross often into the us donald trump has been talking about immigration since he got into power and he wants to build his wall so this is giving him an excuse to fulfill his crazy idea and build his wall of migrants are giving him all the reasons to do it. another curve and might start moving from central america and did new year mexicans understand why people want to seek a better life in the united states but there's also concern that it's mexico which is paying the highest price of this border crisis but that the hemi al-jazeera the
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one. early results for armenia's parliamentary election show acting prime minister they called the shisha and has a commanding lead the vote is the first since the she should lead the so-called velvet revolution process earlier this year which ended two decades of one party rule robin forestay walker reports for me out of an. even in a suit and tie nickel passion yan acted like the ordinary guy just checking in at his local polling station is the person you're in are you looking for your name on the list a family man my name or where you're voting as well today with your father. but this is armenia is revolutionary leader on a mission. i can say that the we would have preached already general. and it is really free transparent and democratic elections and democracy its general to reach and i think we have already reached out
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and. general. for future peace to strengthen institutionally democracy. demanded free and fair elections when he began a protest march more than six months ago that march ended twenty years of unpopular one party rule but he then he did a mandate to govern he's promised to end corruption in cronyism lift armenians out of poverty and resolve conflict with armenians neighbors this has been the finishing touch of nicole passion yan's velvet revolution that started with a war and a mass movement and found its logical conclusion at the ballot box turnout was down from previous elections but so too were reports of cheating the joke has been doing the rounds that people are complaining nobody bribed them this time to get out and
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vote. everything is cool. nine students this election has been legacy liberation i was very happy i was very proud. for the democratic system. things have improved but everything will be clearer after the elections. this is the man who was ousted in the spring says. costing his vote for his once all powerful republican party a party now facing annihilation nicko passion yan's my step alliance looks set to take this country into a new era of democracy but the hardest part delivering on all those promises lies ahead robin first year walk al-jazeera year of a. well still at all out there are protesters for and against the rights of dale take to the streets ahead of the vote in britain. africa's largest geothermal energy producer kenya sets an example to the world's biggest polluters but challenges remain at atlanta wins its first major
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sporting tracy in twenty three years he's one of the best reaction from the and that s cup final in school. hell are going to welcome back to international weather forecasts we're here across the united states we've been watching one major winter storm system pushing across the southeast now that has left a lot of snow a lot of ice in many places and we're still going to be dealing with that snow here on sunday mostly across the carolinas back behind that storm system we're still dealing with those very cold temperatures so any lingering snow is probably going to be refreezing in the overnight hours so very slick conditions for many locations there on tuesday a little residual snow left here but we do think by tuesday afternoon into
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wednesday that storm system is going to be pushing off the coast where cross parts of mexico as well as most of the caribbean watching one fun about to come in from the north there's a clouds right there now the system's going to bring some cooler weather from some locations so where are going to see some clouds here across parts of the hama's have enter your temperatures are coming down to about twenty four as your high and over here towards mexico city with out front lays out we're going to see about eighteen degrees as your forecast staying like that but more rain showers here across much of the yucatan all the way down here towards panama where the tempter there of about thirty two degrees and then very quickly over here toward south america where we are looking at some very warm conditions but what is out is partly cloudy conditions there with the temperature we do think of thirty degrees. anti fascist anti establishment and pro violence despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing
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a basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of a bilbao stadia. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with violent football hooligans. read all death on al-jazeera. the latest news as a franks yellow but the failure will continue not on include life but into next week with details coverage classical criticism of capitalist economics to a fifty six billion dollar i.m.f. loan to argentina from around the world these are the victims of one of the world's most forgotten conflicts and without agent help they could become a lost generation.
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welcome to the al-jazeera news hour with me so rob a reminder of our top stories the journalist who. has told her that she will continue her fight to ensure everyone involved in the killing is brought to justice the new details of the journalist last moments of emerged in the u.s. media his final words reportedly i can't breathe. turns in saudi arabia with no firm agreement on how to resolve simmering disagreements between member states and a clear reference to the saudi led to blockade against cancer they were kuwait. used his speech to call for an end to regional disputes and chile has become the latest country to pull out of a un pact a detecting the causes of migration it's due to be signed to morocco this week
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a whole host of countries are refusing to support it including australia austria and the united states. let's return now to our top story the killing of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi in a clear reference to the u.s. republican senator lindsey graham described the saudi crown prince as a thug and played the importance of u.s. relations with saudi arabia if it weren't for the united states said be speaking farsi in about a week in saudi arabia their military can't fight it out of a paper bag they give us nine percent of our all imports we need them a lot less than they need. this you've got to hook up to a murderous regime. america from iran quite the opposite i think with him we heard our ability to govern the region. well there's been a surge in support for far right parties in several european countries as there is
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investigative unit has infiltrated one such group in france it's called generation identity undercover investigation reveals the group's violent tendencies and its close links to the mainstream party led by the le pen and david harrison reports. an undercover reporter from al-jazeera is investigative unit captures an argument on the streets of france was far right activists clashed with arabic speaking teenagers and. the man who led the race attack is an activist with a generation identity a far right youth movement dedicated to what it calls reconquering europe from what it sees as muslim and immigrant invaders say they want to love long enough. to be on. the undercover reporter spent six months inside branch in the french city
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of louisville. at the group's headquarters a bar called the citadel more talk of violence against arab speaking youths. pushed to figure out what the flock is from the of course the recession. to do with the usual. i'm having trouble expressing myself i'm sent to stand for jack tomorrow if these are people who make direct references to hitler who speak with phrases the nazis eans. generation identity has thousands of followers with branches across europe including italy germany and the u.k. but its origins and heartland are in france was. the group's campaign videos and stunts include this attempt to block a border pass used by migrants have. it'll be on your horse nearly thirteen your last of the up already and bustle is the g.i.s.
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leader in lille. he boasts about writing speeches for one of france's most powerful political parties. to launch a. sort of. our investigation found that generation identity has infiltrated other parts of marine le pen's national front national rugby as it is now known the last year only legs are legal or illegal immigration is no longer tenable. a meeting at the ode to france regional council in lille. philip amory head of the national front of the council is talking to. the head of parish g.o.i. who was also working for the national front. going to bed at two says this is good reason. to own a. lot he is one of a number of g.i.
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activists to work for le pen's party has since left his job. in a statement marine le pen denied that her party had any links with generation identity and that already in the hassel lot he had worked for the national front. david harrison al-jazeera. and you can watch the full documentary by our investigative unit it's called generation hate on al-jazeera twelve j m t on monday . let's stay in europe now where the british prime minister to resign may well push ahead with her breaks it deal despite growing pressure from some m.p.'s for her to renegotiate with the e.u. many people who voted in favor of breaks it are not happy either thousands marched through central london to denounce may's deal saying it'll leave the u.k. trapped under e.u. rules well at the same time a crowd gathered in east london to demand a second referendum on leaving the e.u.
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the backs of process enters its most crucial phase on tuesday with a vote in parliament to decide whether may's deal should be approved or not is leave barca he was at the protest in london. this is a cross-section of britain's political right there are some hardline ultra nationalists here we've even seen some one supremacist flags but also nationalists to members of the u.k. independence party ukip played such an instrumental role in pushing for an e.u. referendum in the first place but they are united in their anger and frustration that the british government is not prepared to deliver the kind of breaks it that these people overwhelmingly voted for many of them breaks it because they believe that the borders have been open for far too long and they believe that mass immigration has put a strain on the national health service and the british economy is well known in london and on our living don't you know one living don't say in the west country not because i love to say because i call live in my own town they did it for the
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bloody immigrants and it's got nothing nothing about right it's about the fact that i want to live with my own people that i can now job's the who are taking our fish and all we've got to do is this to read to my bicycle e it's committing treason we come from all our and we have many different things and many different things but envious in our opposition to this you can still be unified. while you're wearing the donald trump. because we live in a country where you know people are so divided he believes in the nation state you know he's even said before he's a nationalist in this and then i shouldn't be the nationalist has been turned into a dirty word for some reason but being a nationalist you know i'm a nationalist. nation's interest before international interest on tuesday british m.p.'s will vote in parliament on whether to accept or reject
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teresa mayes breaks it plans to resume a though says that if her plan is not supported in the key vote on tuesday in parliament then we will be in this country in uncharted waters she said on sunday but her plan that was seen as a compromise aimed at uniting this divided country only seems to be dividing people even further well football fans are celebrating argentina's couple well as a result of river plate for them all argentine battle for south america's top club trophy three one win came after the match was moved to madrid from when as i was because of violence spanish police stepped up security ahead of the game. the winners of this year's nobel peace prize of calls for justice for victims of sexual violence in conflict zones and colleges dennis and is either a human rights activist no idea where rudd was speaking at a news conference in norway ahead of the awards ceremony on monday both will be recognise their efforts to put an end to rape as
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a weapon of war charlie angela has. a powerful news conference from the winners of the nobel peace prize not basking in their achievement but kicking the international community into action of charges. not a single i saw fighter has been brought to court we haven't seen this perhaps it will be a different group that commits these crimes if there is no justice we will continue to see this injustice in the world if this is not dealt with now not knows first hand the injustice of i still seen here returning to her village in northern iraq she is a survivor of trafficking and rape at the hands of the groups fighters now she's desperate to rescue and resettle her people three hundred thousand are in refugee camps in kurdistan while three thousand women a still in slave. she has told her story of sexual violence and torture receiving standing ovations at the european parliament and the united nations but
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she says there's been little action people live in hope for justice but that hope has an expiry date nadia shares the million dollar prize money with denis mccuaig gynecologist who's treated around fifty thousand rape victims for their injuries they were attacked by fighters during conflicts in democratic republic of congo mcquay has pioneered new surgeries to treat women and rehabilitate them with physical psychological an economic support. there is an international humanitarian law we're here to do is to make sure that this law or exist is respected and that those actions are punished we need an impartial application of the law the problem we have in the democratic republic of congo is a problem with the post complex situations we have warlords at the head of state at very high levels and no justice has been served after this conflict so. the law he speaks of was passed a decade ago a resolution by the u.n.
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security council that defines sexual violence in conflict as a war crime a crime where victims like nadia seldom come forward a prosecution and a rare both laureates have already done so much to help victims of sexual violence in conflict but they say this prize is not a victory instead it is the start of a new struggle and they hope that the attention it brings will be matched with action the nobel peace prize will open doors previously closed to these two campaigners but it's not congratulations they want to change charlie al-jazeera. and we'll have full coverage of the nobel award certainly in all slowing including an exclusive live into both peace prize laureates lardy on the road and. sixteen hundred g.m.t. .
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greenpeace activists have projected a message on to the venue of the un climate conference in poland demanding urgent action for world leaders the first week of climate talks in the case of each are ended without agreement the intergovernmental panel on climate change recommended global warming to be kept below one point five degrees celsius but saudi arabia kuwait or russia and the united states refused to endorse the reports the clock has more on our special coverage across the world efforts are being stepped up to develop energy sources that do not rely on fossil fuels and geothermal energy that's basically generating electricity from hot rocks under the earth's surface has huge potential to provide power while reducing carbon emissions in the kenya supplies around forty three percent of its electricity from geothermal power millions of kenyans still do depend on trees to make charcoal but as climate talks proceed in poland the east african nations efforts are an example to the world's
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biggest it's here's malcolm where. hot rocks deep inside the earth send the steam to the surface. pipe to a power station here in kenya to generate electricity. be sustainable. doesn't emit any carbon dioxide. and he thinks spending president to hurry kenyatta came to start construction of a new plant. more than half of kenya's electricity generated by renewable sources said star gets for a quick transformation to renewable energy and to be more specific we as a country have committed us with a hundred percent green sufficiency by twenty twenty. the power stations placard on veiled. delegation drives off in a convoy of diesel fuel cars.


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