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the way that you don't have a feedback mechanism improve the decisions that are that have been taken and that's why we have a situation when the country everybody is in fear however he does enjoy popularity amongst some president john mcgrath forty has been described as a populist he often says what ordinary people in tanzania want to hear and mostly take this fish market for example evening walk in october stop here talk to the traders about the problems and give them money to build an office cooking area and trading. market trader a miriama shows us where the office is being built. i have been here for about two years but i have never seen a president most sympathetic to the poor than before he sat with us on a wooden benches and many people in tanzania say the president has proved himself a symbol off decisiveness and integrity but some also say his autocratic style of
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leadership could only have tanzania's democracy catherine saw al-jazeera. strike a decisive blow on the pitch. for you. activists
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including some from indigenous communities have disrupted an event organized by the u.s. delegation on the sidelines of the cup twenty four climate summit in poland. the
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protesters criticized the trump ministrations policy of hacking extrication of fossil fuels on saturday the u.s. alongside russia saudi arabia and kuwait decided against endorsing a key scientific report on the impacts of a temperature increase of one point five degrees celsius that clark has more as part of our special cop twenty four coverage despite more than twenty years of climate conferences like the one underway in poland right know the amount of carbon emitted continues to rise so you can say that international political cooperation has so far failed some believe we should put more effort and money into radical scientific solutions to keep climate change you say we focus now on geo engineering the injection of millions of tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere could help limit temperature rises. when mount pinatubo erupted in the philippines in one
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thousand nine hundred ninety one it spewed twenty million tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere the cloud mixed with water vapor and circled the globe for twenty two days average global temperatures fell by about half a degree for eighteen months. scientists think that this effect could be mimicked to help tackle climate change they propose a technique called solo geo engineering and recent research suggests it could be remarkably cheap. engineering is the idea that when one makes anything including the planet more reflective it cools what is underneath it's the reason why frankly when our jackets are black and in the summer we often wear white . white cools black warms for the project to work aviation engineers would need to manufacture a high altitude aircraft it would look something like this would roughly double the
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wingspan of a passenger jet to sustain flight twenty kilometers above the earth and have double the thrust with a four engines the main body would carry large amounts of sun blocking particles which could be fired into the stratosphere the gases would turn into aerosols and reflect part of the sun's heat scientists estimate this method could reduce temperatures by one and a half degree centigrade over a fifteen year period the direct engineering costs of an intervention like this would be somewhere or around two to three billion dollars per year and that is very low but all are convinced some scientists warn it risks unintended consequences such as droughts and damage to crops they also argue let some governments off the hook the problem with this sort of idea is that it can encourage governments to feel that it's less urgent to do something about greenhouse gas emissions so they
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think that if they do geo engineering they don't need to worry quite so much about stopping fossil fuel emissions i think that's very risky. there's worldwide consensus that carbon emissions need to be cut to tackle climate change but with the effects of global warming already being felt some are looking to science to find a solution where governments have failed. barkha al-jazeera. thank you very much for a show or of a play to beat the. news on sunday for the biggest prize in south american club football the cup on the victory came in madrid two weeks off the violence in argentina calls the second leg of the match to be cancelled before kickoff and moved to spain pool rinks reports the river plate fans have never been able to celebrate quite like this before all the victory over their greatest rivals baka judaism on the biggest stage the brown osiris superclass has ever been played on the final of the limited dora's but the joy here in argentina was full of result
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that took place thousands of kilometers away in madrid nearly a month after the first leg up bucket judy has ground finished to two and one osiris the second leg was finally held at the bernabéu stadium in the spanish capital dhaka players had been injured by river fans and the attack on that bus that caused the fixture to be moved to europe i it was barca who struck first on the pitch. making it one nil just before half time twenty minutes into the second tough river plate a level i think has praties finish ensuring this long running saga would go into extra time. but time was immediately up for because it will modbury else a second yellow card meaning his team would have to play on with ten man. river drives home their advantage one contests are striking the first of two blows the
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wood and his hopes of a record equalling seven at the door as trophies gonzalo martinez rubbing salt in the wings of the bucket keeper esteban draw to have vacated his goal for a late corner i three won the final score in the second like five three to river plate from both legs on two continents. and just when i thought i got everything i could get life unbelievably gave me the. president of another couple liberty dorrance we wanted to celebrate at the monument tall with all the river fans but we couldn't do it we wanted here and we're going to take the cup back to argentina. nothing but heartbreak for barca after a much that they believe should have been awarded to them after the violence of two weeks ago for either its cup but look at the doors now before bragging rights in a rivalry that will go on and on but when the sirens fori so how does their. river played friends possy tinsel nights on the streets of when i saw our is off to their victory a correspondent
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a recipe was with them. for here in the center of one a side is worth hundreds of people have the rivalry and fight of the rain to celebrate the victory of the river plate even though in the past few days there is lots of different chants meant to disappointment that this cup is being played in spain in my dream people here say that now it's time to celebrate it's time to leave the past behind and celebrate what they say that historic day this whole area is a surrounded by security forces the government wanted to make sure that this time violence wouldn't take over this would not match over the celebrations and this also this game has also left enough of questioning about martin fine food quality food love that is being filled with corruption about the bad out and the role they play in society during relationships with politicians with security forces and questioning
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also about the clubs and their role in this country the governmental body so mikey has said no that they're trying to pass a law to no way cartel the power got them out of never have in this country but many people let something like this will happen or improve the situation because in this country food what if in many cases associated with violence. that violence teresa was talking about reared its head later on in the arjen time capital riot police were deployed after a handful of fans through objects at police who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets found violence was the reason the game was moved away from argentina in what was one of the most embarrassing chapters of football history in the country chelsea football club has banned for that supporters from attending future matches or the police investigation takes place into allegations of racist abuse so would manchester city play raheem sterling the incident occurred during the team's
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english premier league match of chelsea's home ground stamford bridge last saturday in a statement the london club said chelsea finds all forms of discriminatory behavior abortions and if there is evidence of a ticket holders taking part in any racist behavior the club will issue severe sanctions including bans we will also fully support any criminal prosecutions. the final round of group matches in the european champions league kick off on tuesday liverpool were runners up last year moved to the top of the english premier league standings at the weekend but they have a tough task to return to the knockout stages in europe with a host group c. leaders not only at anfield and they must win to have any chance of progressing you're going plops men are currently third in the table three adrift of napoli and two behind paris and to man. because the situation we are responsible for the situation in a good in a good way along in a bad way because we qualified for the competition the group was it is a hard one that was clear when you when we when we got
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a draw and now we have to chance still to go through and that's that. pretty special. after the campaign we played so far and now we have to we have to use that to create a special atmosphere with our with the way we play and we have to use. it as well legendary n.f.l. quarterback tom brady has broken yet another record this time for the most touchdown passes in the league's history on sunday before he one year old over took the mark previously held by a peyton manning with his first touchdown pass against the miami dolphins he would throw three of these to move to five hundred and eighty two of the recording tubes regular and postseason touchdowns brady also holds the record for most games won by a quarterback and most super bowl appearances but the five time super bowl winner didn't have it all his own way against miami the patriots would beaten thirty four thirty three thanks to a stunning final play by the dolphins. that's when
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a fourteen n.b.a. champions the san antonio spurs have been struggling to recreate the form of recent seasons the spurs had lost four of five before sunday's game against the utah jazz but they held you saw through a season record low of thirty six points in the first off easing to one hundred tame ninety seven when. elsewhere jrue holiday put in a big shift for the new orleans pelicans school thirty seven points and a heart for one hundred sixteen one hundred eight when the detroit pistons. india have won their first cricket test match in australia in ten years to take a one the lead in their four match series australia's tailenders put up some resistance towards the end but they couldn't avoid a thirty one run defeat in adelaide series now moves to perth on friday open champion for them says he has been crowned european to a go for of the year as well as capturing his first major title at carnoustie in july molinari was also an integral member of europe's victorious ryder cup team
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winning all five of these matches in france and the thirty six year old italian capped his remarkable season by securing the european to his race to dubai title last month and that's all the sport more coming up later richelle peter thank you very much and thank you much more news on the other side of the break expert twenty . names from the file. and i think i'm on my phone all day every day on my tablet is never really more than
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a few feet away the use of the internet elevates don't mean just like gambling and just like cocaine i will experience my own unusual teacher told these talks i feel like i don't want to how this. is the. mind teach to addiction and. al-jazeera. and. every. the lights are on. and there's nowhere to hide isn't the easiest way to solve this to allow u.n. observers who you invited into the country earlier this year to finish their job i
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haven't said it's a right wing conspiracy or anybody's conspiracy straight talking debate do you think we're going to see some kind of sea change in the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia we have an obligation there is a journalistic integrity and there is in this case it was betrayed totally up front on al-jazeera. the french president prepares to break his silence with a speech to the nation after increasingly violent protests against his leadership. hello i'm barbara starr and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up on
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the program. the good news from. the last few weeks have very much trouble nation they mixed legitimate demands. but also unacceptable violence i want to say from the start in this violence will benefit them no one we have all seen what and how opportunists try to take advantage of genuine anger we all saw how political leaders all they wanted to do was destabilize france create a maccie you know anger allows. a person to attack a policeman or to destroy a shop with. public furniture i mean when you could do each.
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each person can express their in their opinions but that doesn't mean that others should be frightened when violence is unleashed on the liberty is lost so it is now it is the time for us as citizens of the republic to be calm and to talk in order. so we have to be able to talk not when we are frightened that peace is being threatened me. at the beginning of this what i want to tell you is that i know there is indignation anger and this indignation a lot of us a lot of french people understand this. and i don't want to reduce it just to the unacceptable behavior of those i have currently done out the first
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thing is that this anger is an anger against attacks and. we have cancelled all raising of the green tax from the beginning of next year this is a legitimate anger and now is our chance. to address all married couples who work you know all day have to go far to work and still cannot make ends meet or what about widows or single parents who cannot look after their children and have no hope i've met these women these are genuine calls of distress but it is also pensioners of modest income who have worked all their lives who have to deal with parents and children there are people who are genuinely and threatened people who suffer from
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disabilities who cannot live in a dignified way we cannot ignore their anger their distress. and we ended up just getting used to that and we forgot them wipe them off our screen and it is forty years old that came forward to the mullahs of the workers of rural areas where we saw public services becoming smaller democratic malice this sense of not being heard. how our society is changing the ways of living which create barriers and distance it comes this this all these feelings run deep but it's now and here we deal with them you know we have spent you wanted a response over the last eighteen months i take responsibility for not giving you
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that response i failed in giving you that sense that i also wanted to respond to your distress i know that i've hurt some of you with some of my office and proposition yes i want to be very clear to you this evening if i have to turn around the political system in which the bad habits the hypocrisy it's because i love this country and my legitimacy i don't come from any party or any interest and i just take it from you the people. a number of other countries are going through what we are living through but i deeply believe that we can find one voice and we can come out of it together i want france because it is our vocation to always open up new roads that have not been explored for ourselves and for the world i want us the french not to be
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a nation that divides in self that does not respect its laws but and has lost its friendship for each other that's a country losing control and that is why i presented myself to be voted by you and i have not forgotten this in gauge men and this necessity to to do this for you the french people obviously the economic and social crisis that i want to talk about we want to build in france of merit of work where our children will live better than ours that can only be done by better schools better universities apprenticeships and training to teach their young and the not so young to live independently of formal training in school. and we need a new we want to france where we can live with dignity from how we work.
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in that respect we went to quickly i want to invite intervene quickly and concretely this evening i ask the government and the parliament so that we can live better from our work right from the beginning of january so the minimum salary way salaries will go up by one hundred euro's automatically will go up amount all because they are will not cost more so that also overtime hours will not be taxed or charged right from twenty nineteen what i want. there's genuine people to model improvement so i will ask all the employers who can and will to to pay their workers an end of year bonus and that won't have any taxes or charges pensioners are a precious part of our nation for those that. want to receive less than two
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thousand euros that we will remove them on the tax on it. this was not fair for them from tomorrow the prime minister will present these decisions to the parliament. but we mustn't stop there before you are big companies. are wealthy will help the french people i will meet them and i will to start making decisions right from this week and i know that you want to come back to this notion of taxing wealth for forty years it existed. but what happened is that the most rich of us left and we lost money this tax was removed so that those rich people would invest in our economy and create jobs and. yet it has been used for those who
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have property or. so be reminded that we are creating more employment in all the sectors so tomorrow the government and the parliament will go further to put the end to the advantages unfair advantages in our taxation a leader of a french company must pay his tax and to come french companies that make profit must pay their taxes we will respond to the crises of the social and economic unit. we will we will lower. them i understand that the government is. wants to transform our country. and you chose us eighteen months ago and we will lead a profound reform of the state of payments for unemployment and pension
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we need fairer laws more simple more clear and which reward those who work but today. it is also our collective project that we need to reunite with france and for europe that is why the national debate must go must be much more wider for that we must above all. as you all our duties together the duty to produce so that we can redistribute the duty to learn to be a free citizen the duty to change to understand. our deficit and also our own walk on the concerns of the climate but together we will talk together about these essential questions to do with representation to listen to opinions more diverse
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a fairer electoral system. even citizens who do not belong to a political party the fairness and balance of our tax system which allows for justice been also a good idea also our daily life how we live to deal with the challenge of climate climate change we need to find good solutions that will come out of our discussion how we organize the state and how it is governed and administered from paris without a doubt to centralized in paris and also public services in the whole of the country . i want us to agree with the nation and we agree on what is our profound identity together questions of migration and that we deal with the most of these fundamental changes that require deep thought and shared thought
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means we have to data to a level which has to be at the national level each institution will play its part government social partners and associations and you will play your part i would want to. i will be here to coordinate all the opinions and so that we can live together in peace but org. this debate is not just from the institutional representatives has to be on the ground and there are natural people citizens who will make those demands and communicate with the ground they are the mayors of france that is why i will meet all the mayors of france region by region in order to build this foundation of a new contract with the french nation. we will not go back to the high.


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