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tv   The Tunisian Drone Engineer  Al Jazeera  December 11, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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on al jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera we begin with some breaking news from france the french fire department says at least one person has died in a shooting in strasburg at least three people have been injured police say gunshots were heard in the center of the city which is close to the german border the reuters news agency says it took place near strasburg's christmas market france's interior ministry has called on the public to remain indoors calling it a serious security event we're going to bring you more on that as we get it here on al-jazeera. the saudi writer jamal khashoggi is among the murdered or imprisoned
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journalists to be named time magazine's person of the year i showed you was killed in saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul in october he has been honored by the magazine for speaking out against the brutality of the saudi regime rosalyn jordan has more. the naming of jamal khashoggi the saudi journalist who was critical of his home country's government is certain to add more pressure on the trumpet ministration as it tries to deal with the uproar in the u.s. congress over how the administration has responded to murder because he was a u.s. resident had put himself in exile because of his disagreements with some of the things that was being done in riyadh as the country is trying to figure out how to democratize this is also a situation where members of the u.s. congress are questioning whether the trumpet ministration has been doing enough to protect journalists around the world whether it has been doing enough to uphold the
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values implied by the first amendment to the u.s. constitution which guarantees freedom of the press analysts say that the trumpet ministration by attacking journalists in this country has empowered other governments that don't want their activities to be screened or supervised or critique to act negatively against journalists in their countries and they say that imperils the ability of citizens around the world to not just hold their governments accountable but to be able to was strengthen their institutions in a way that would be fully informed well time magazine also included maria ressa the editor of the news agency in the philippines on its parsons of the year list shea says journalists are under attack around the world. i think it shows just how difficult it is to be a journalist this year will we can't get away from the impunity of the killing. the jailing of the reuters journalists it's been almost a year it's
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a year it's a year now and then the challenges we're facing here what's happening in the united states journalists are under attack both online and in the real world and these real world dangers are something we have to fight in order to just be able to do our job u.k. prime minister to resign me has been meeting e.u. leaders in a last ditch attempt to rescue her brics a deal the e.u. has told me that the talks cannot be reopened and that they can only offer reassurances over the northern ireland backstop on monday may postpone the parliamentary vote on the withdrawal agreement. canada's public safety minister says he's deeply concerned for a former diplomat who has been detained in china but the minister insists that there's nothing explicit linking it to a case involving the tech giant why ways chief financial officer monk when as joe was arrested earlier this month in vancouver she's accused of breaching u.s.
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sanctions on iran and this currently fighting extradition if convicted monk faces up to thirty years in prison. delegations from yemen's warring sides have agreed to swap fifteen thousand prisoners of war by january next year the exchange will be carried out with the help of amman and the international red cross talks of being held in sweden to try to end the nearly four year long conflict at least nine people have been killed in an attack in eastern democratic republic of congo the assault took place on monday night in the town of beni a region that's been plagued by violence this year the government has blamed it on members of the ally the democratic forces. those are the headlines here on al-jazeera we're going to have more news for you in less than half an hour coming up next it's al jazeera world thanks for watching but i.
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two years ago on the fifteenth of december twenty sixth avenue drove down a suburban street in the tunisian city of suffolk. a man needed in the front seat of his car. he was mohammad.
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attorneys in engineer who lived a double life that even his family knew all about. and my mother paid model for me and any thomas i thought of lad i'm glad of what i do know i mean. what it cost us to at have got mr white. the arab media in the story but so did israeli news and put it to shoots. me my youth the ash mcgee i it of me tunisia. mr whip the man this should be me to simply look they ask me of the or. level equal amount. of i shall not leave you lost both legs in the interests of shadow of
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a me. from the fulness and when they ask should lawyer. shalom you to look at lawyer moment in the process embellished misael at madonna malathi muhammad of the ali between. her daughter medina. the history will tell me to fuck if this. in the twenty fourteen war in gaza the palestinians in the form of hamas used to respond to is that the attacks now account of a maybe a bit about how many on block but they are there are there have be. a lot of what is the neo con with a little hook at the table so he does. at that i thought of how to. make you assure that in the way you can feel. a little hump publicly dark edition
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is about easy if left at the till into the homicide at them. you have your. terminal mishap. and i'm investigating the can to the visual defense of mohammed this is. his murder in a twenty sixteen due attention to a case which was and this still is very sensitive for both the tunisians and israelis. because this is where he was an engineer who specialized in the development of grown acknowledge. is what he had lift uneasier in one thousand ninety one to ski very shima for president dean and i begin been highly. he later joined
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a unit of the military wing of hamas the ruling party in gaza that is the dean of assembly gates and he was in a charge of making that unmanned aircraft called a by peter when used in the twenty four thousand gaza war. i managed to get an interview with members of an assembly gets along with hemis are considered a terrorist organization by several countries including the us and israel but not by china russia. they asked for their voices to be disguised and their true identities hidden i asked how mohammed is what he had joined the cause some of the gates so i think most of them but then with the new that somehow might as well if it's a fork at the there is no cause again after they have forgotten him you're gone for a few major henderson you can make a year of him as a possible above other than it is obviously both of you michel of course near the
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end of the world of india in one or the other you know not only terribly you must look long and almost awkward to say well i want to have a one hundred because there was a girl there must warner's i love him or her little all or it's going to fall it will i'm a loser. i don't ever get in so you know all the poor who don't pay your well looking after her. some of the other. the threats and or not to let her know where you are than it was for. this rare video shows the first more deliberate use by the assembly gets a drone unit. it was called the iraqi aircraft project and mohammed is widely blade a key role in it as a supervisor and in its technical development.
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i asked what the story behind the project was. the end but that didn't help matters worry clearly. whether the house or the. people that. they were in touch or no more than. we have. seen while helpful or well mr bobbitt innocent or been offered up to the what. well it will method. i had an i'm also a mafia in the home of the michelle years and charbonneau lucky when at eight years of a loss the. fish are betty. but in a they can. often economically lity can achieve income it is worthy of him almost seem
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. to be a lot with a little mad affirming of. the theme of the by the small government of the world i don't mean by the p.r. but. during my interest again i met israeli journalist. he was reporting life. from the scene of the crime outside mohamed is where is home and. i asked him how he knew about this word a story. on one of the i'm a mom of there's a while the mother was a boy or more they are like that be they hamas or the whole of government the thing little the gun. the more you assume. a lot in my thoughts. no you're short. and the fiction of the world the year that the
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morag you cover earth's a lawyer but of the thought as our lawyer been. the most modern model kits because of all hamas. to find out more about muhammad is worthy i went to his hometown of suffolk where i met his glorious different mohammed this summer. i asked how they first met and about why is what a lift tunisia in one thousand ninety one out of thailand one hundred eighty in the desert of korean war it seems. the letter was. a corner. in the fourth on. the fourth and queen measured it. will be made
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between this a local about a same woman is worthy i love her marquis of jenna but the baton was really a common on the committee will have can do from doubt for example i'm afraid just behind me was one to cover i that adequately we been a our in the senate website of thirty fair well documented years until mohamed with a kick in for thirty mckenna be the third it is just here and if that is us for. some more direct efficient than in the sewer that it was a fight for trusts me. when she was at it what happened. there here if there were hoover accomplish clear of life. in the then when the n.t. vision. bush from the bush from to lead series.
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of war in africa has an appeal sort of almost of if you could receive a thought it was ever who am she where for morning. what the fuck had there it could have looked at some of. us idiot it was another one hundred there were such problems heart i lowered them again them then a war went to good for good or ill as you have this he rose to kill you what was the more. i meet is what is would you measure down who knew him as more art to start with. a moment on how does he want to end. this what is a life then i want all this and more than what i. much of the libyan military less so than. family says the. woman that out of the ira is me happy
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but i'm honest there's was the father of. a small life my life in a small home at eleven hours. one of them very well the who know him to have. a fight on me how to eighty welcome to the world in front of me and in my life now that i'm going to nothing when i had a lover had a bad message and a manhunt on and what i'd match what i'd met my little martin in the hunted. is why he went first to libya and then to sudan where he good sudanese nationality . has a training as an engineer good temper job that. i'm it is what is in a factory in sudan where he became a suit after employee and the. muslim article in the bill business wouldn't condone it would you. assess the store as
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a new nurse not making it major or further for the minute mr or semi and you limit the matilda so they're going to bid it a little short the first day i was sort of mia almost out of me. a shade homages wordy fee. had to be for soda. or worse bad mcclarnon this wouldn't have the muslim are still. sued in the heat of the hard work and shelter in north. east of among what other woman circle a little must not what a woman move would do he took a multi-year hug. in two thousand and six mohammed is why he moved to syria when he first got involved with the assembly gates. he joined their own development unit and soon became a vital member of the team. there
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because some of brigades established a relationship with iran two hundred divil a very drone implants. before there's an alias attacks on gaza and two thousand and eight is why the little kasama brigades visit to iran. i asked the brigade member about the visit and does what is this strategy kind of practical contribution for. the above is the artistic. well. we're going to have a. well of the state burden one has an early and limits are the shit is where the worth of the. whole year well.
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for the votes in the most the one with dinner for you what you thought coming today had to colonel funny at the. organ and i lay for. you one but no matter that even more go on in with a little more some a little. well if what the hell what was near. that. only that. i thought that she does what he will for you all but i think if you want to jam it down enough political barlinnie bump but i want to move equalize. my i don't want to socially i love the sound i was saying it was a money well did a lot of the focus on china for you at a time a how to to sneer was applause and hostility in europe and fiesta on justice and athabaskan money.
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after the success of the drones he had built in syria and iran thanks to some of the gates decided to bring mohammed usually to gaza. is a possibility santa you know him and i should be the wonderful place you have come to the wedding and who or what we are going to i don't mean that we do much more with them but you have kind of when i tell you. i'm going i love and i will get ahead of my school one of the of that i think you must laura i think i think i got a blood on her blog you know a look at it when it comes up
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a couple of. letters and he must look like and why not pull the ad and i know we're going to have the what are we not here at the end how do you what in canada and here if i could have that would mean or rude funny armorel possible about this wedding well the farewell. actually the one hundred home of the. aloha you are going to welcome a probably less. i'm. yes i'm not worried. one about. what the lawyer is going to bring just how commercial. this video not shown on t.v. before shows mohammed is what he testing a bad deal advance in gaza. these
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were used by hamas and the assembly gates in response to the twenty four thousand israeli attacks in gaza. i asked if this was what his only visit to the territory. should be the good with the other. thing that i'm learning. or going to you know. i'm a. lot learned. i asked for the israeli perspective. they guy she is still a hamas horticultural middle c.
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middle class the mission better more the what a troll a few little. fun machine when to be slaves the whole leg of the slave even at the end of the months of she look at that ship shall leave the bill and been taught by the basilica shall. your me said the go to the sure lot you won't survive even cannot afford to live well because. we use it hello beautiful see obviously just shove your document the holy mushnick ali polemical so in pathology listening to this of emotionally solenn this a killer does of color that shall leaf nation. from us because some of the gates disagree mao would have just been in salcombe at the opening to lucky have a here at atlanta don't play out well with your you know them or what you are many you know. but you. and i know. you can with any
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republican. valka some of brigades give me exclusive use of this video very drone unit in gaza. it shows the successful operation of a new batch of the drones with mohammed is what exists in the wings. one of the things that struck me as i looked into his case was how his word he kept his word for hamas and that because some of brigades completely to himself. say the most they had counted out a few nine hundred is what he had a missile that can be the whole thing was. to make and market. and he and his son had a fundamental bit. where it's happening now and then as i mentioned again and as his entire plan even have been a change of mind they had to. be you had to have
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a list in london for a limited mr shand. a muslim arab muslim. in january twenty seventh the tunisian revolution was the first in the series of uprisings now known as the arab spring the britons elaborative been highly was overthrown and they fled the country the fall of his the bris of regime and able this worthy or more right to return from with a twenty year self exams under their photos here and being shared even to look at work with him why he didn't want his job if you like this is the one the battle has
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in center. when a city. once back in tunisia is where he immediately returned to safaga soon adversity as a student. of the u.s. and that he knew that from the that i'm coming up and said he had to see. what the mom about that she's now i don't have is over ideas and become adults who are in their head that anybody when. i ask the supervisor of his engineering research what made this word is stand out as a student. still in the shade mom is really. good about to be. really workable she has really done for him what about. a
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new. overload already but you can't condemn amount of material back to die for your medical will muncy. and to recover our duty under. our shots with the us house that would be if you look thought we were never mayor but after the shade. and see how the new decor in the lab i mean. when i was there and you have enough he had. a steady flow kennie what you can out of the. bowl. will disappear if you hold it it's very chill are boring might have been a dumb cause then a day show your with many. little dormitory it's always hard as the old it's very old to be there but for the overload if they will vote. that's it will be is they'll going to help more mark come us and with that i thought the both of us as the boys lived in all of that. coming up mohammed is words we do
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recalls what have been the d. her husband was murdered sadly thinning last for long enough to learn from the past . oh i have to tell you that a mother and she that is needed that her name and their family can learn to set. him another one in her climbing he can live on in the i.d.m. what i do and what i did and done young one. there is room growth in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on there and to find out very quickly we're not looking at the news for some nations prism. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be showing that we can be the best international news and mistrust and source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's
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going to continue. in malaysia schooling as a luxury for children of writing a muslim refugees but. every child deserves an opportunity for a faith and creativity the arms them with the skills to overcome any hurdle and seize the threat to his schools existence as a test of his faith. school of parts of the viewfinder asia syrians on al-jazeera. when the news breaks and the story of their lives thereby to give the i further is still continuing in the arm bar down there when people need to be heard. and the story needs to be told by families status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave people al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air
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and online. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on our let's begin with some breaking news from france the french fire department says at least one person has died in a shooting in strassburg. residence from the aftermath of the incident in the city close to the german border at least six people have been injured the attack took place near strasburg's christmas market france's interior ministry has called on the public to remain indoors calling it a serious security event. the saudi writer jamal ashaji is among the
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murdered or imprisoned journalists to be named time magazine's person of the year ashaji was killed in saudi arabia's istanbul consulate in october he has been honored by the magazine for speaking out against the brutality of the saudi regime time magazine also included maria ressa the editor of the rappler news agency in the philippines she says journalists are under attack around the world i think it shows just how difficult it is to be a journalist and you know this year will we can't get away from the impunity of the killing of. the jailing of the reuters journalists it's been almost a year it's a year it's a year now and then the challenges we're facing here what's happening in the united states journalists are under attack both online and in the real world and these real world dangers are something we have to fight in order to just be able to do our job. u.k. prime minister to resume a has been meeting e.u.
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leaders in a last ditch attempt to rescue her bricks at deal the u.s. told me that the talks cannot be reopened and they can only offer reassurances over the northern ireland backstop on monday may postpone the parliamentary vote on the withdrawal agreement. delegations from yemen's warring sides have agreed to swap fifteen thousand prisoners of war by january next year the exchange will be carried out with the help of oman and the international red cross talks of being held in sweden to try to end the nearly four year long hostage. those are the headlines i'm going to bring you more of the day's news on the news hour that's starting in just under half an hour stay with us al jazeera world continues next the season of i. had this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir of tonic ability and if you can give them the opportunity wonderful things start to happen sometimes the simplest seditions author missed and
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packed for. the main things that sets out zero apart from other news organizations is that a lot of our reporting is about real people not about ideas or politicians or what they may want to do but how policy and how events affect real people it's ok it's ok something. a little more complicated opening up a bit if this is not an act of creation i mean i remember walking. down like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their trust and safety. some of us so scar we've escaped to speak out as a surprise that. this job isn't just about what's on the script or a piece of paper it's about what is happening right now. two years ago this week
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a tunisian engineer was shot dead in his car outside his home in arizona area of suffolk just said. his real name was mohammed is why but forty years even his wife knew him by his as. i am terminal miss hallam or arabic and i am investigating is where is death as well as his involvement with hamas the governing bartie in gaza and its military were involved assam brigades. is worried designed and developed drones that could carry weapons and which were used in the israeli palestinian war in gaza any twenty fourteen. is what he had lifton easier in one nine hundred ninety one winds in aberdeen been ali was a president but returned after the twenty eleven revolution. while working in the back of ground with some of brigades he did engineering research as
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a focus university and established a flying association known as the southern area club the club also enabled the soiree to carry on his work a new drone technology. ok for how well now they are to help the how well it is mohave are all along in our happy even as they let. america according to the queen have if the middle of them you know are about motherhood you are about to claim they were helping. to come and go and work again more than a month or. in a financial. home of the very. good. of the state.
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of near monopoly. but people. move and within. a family ninety national home. live you move. on to they have here in the. us and. they're here about. with a with a broom or ok. with me. here.
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as well as building it bronze mohammed is where it did innovative research into remote controlled submarines as potential combat devices for the brigades. is what he was killed in his car by his home. in the broad daylight. his killers have not yet been a tried in tunisia but to me this had all the hallmarks of an extrajudicial killing by the israeli external intelligence mossad. say the most. of them. the sad thing thinning lashonda and i've lived in the past the smell of us at the supper oh i have to tell you glad about her and she that isn't enough that her little a little home a little blood kingdom to set sail a columbus and a little brother who are many who are many a little one in the idea what are they and what are the. i know well what are the
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thought i should have not had that in the heart of oddly my few will. say i met him a certain sat in thin large around there some sad as she who will be so you are. come are the more. yeah i mean you could look in the summer. sun homilies. as debian from kenya given. to get a better understanding of what took place i managed to get a hold of an exclusive copy of the tunisian investigation records. a few hundred meters from the crime scene tunisian police found renewed traffic with the traces of blood three empty bullets and waterproof bag containing two guns
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silencers. in another car they found local sim cards belonging to tunisian nationals. the two cars were in tells and the police arrested the two men who had printed them. very coarse short they had been rented by a journalist called might have been hammered. she had lifted easier for the hunger in capital budapest they did before the assassination. how moved i was later arrested by tunisian police. commander the most i mean under military meaning any chemical. from a firm clever because. after . a very early. in their home an.
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ice book the worry family's lawyer. i menat of t.m. hundreds really. did jani and they are out the name call and call me in was at a very somber almost does what the young me most rockne a short. listen know it. in mid august to twenty fifteen a man calling himself christmas contacted suffolk a sooner versity word is where he was doing the research. he claimed to be the director of a company that was interested in a partnership with the university in the field of for drawn development. because the harmony is what it will. be for the fourth or fourth. hole of the halakhah shade and angel koch. is mr smith. who
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are here moodily and with us. you know about mind they had to live for differently with my unit or my. mother. were million of my most money what about a morph bed is the affair of a very fickle or hostile folks say. it turned out that what christmas had said was false except that he had come from budapest than guardian capital emerged as the location where the cell phone that a blonde mohammad is where is murder was based. and another is almost about him being a mohammed health ministers myth or the are welcome bill is that any of the whom.
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back a lot of my luck and more good. for the theater look here but the market i know measurement limits wildly at that to have a look here. according to the documents leaked to al jazeera someone called you hon boasted adverse online. one for the highland company. and the other for the swiss management company. there was interest in the first advert from a tunisian journalist called my husband how morta. two other tunisians salim sadowy and salman million were recruited for the second company. on the twenty third of august the twenty sixteen salim is sat there and salman million two men in a hotel in the austrian capital vienna. the call themselves
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for to mido from egypt and johan from the netherlands. for this little mabyn hamouda arrived in vienna and met you han at the same hotel. he introduced her to fight him a dog who was really salim but now called himself saleem was it american. the tumen give her more than a mission in tunisia she had to film interviews for a video of her company was making. witold her to focus on a tunisian man called mohammad is an expert in making it bronze and showed here a video of him with her there on. the investigation documents showed that the silver to blend is what is murder from
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a vienna and budapest avoided using a third shell methods of recruiting agents. any stood the used fake companies of fighting figure jumps. to an easy and police identified two groups. one the mob and how more the group tasked with following muhammad is wadi. and to the salim is sadowy and salman mariana group given the job of buying tunisian sim cards and didn't think two cars plus an apartment overlooking the area club were mohammed is where he worked. the band. three days before the blind murder asks sami and salim to bark that into cars on chakra street near his words home. but saleem is sad there were refused because the
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cars were registered in his name and couldn't be used by anyone else. johan immediately terminated sammy and salim's contracts and told them to sell the two cars. according to the tunisian to commence seen by al-jazeera the murder was a planned for the fourteenth of the sumburgh twenty sixteen on sami and solemn would leave tunisia for brasil the day before so there the organizers could get through the of them and hide any if it and that might lead to themselves. but the sami and salim situation forced them to change their plans. accomplice sami booze aids or fight a mito contacted man had been hammered and asked hair in two cars to be used by friends of his in tunisia. and into the two cars
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as bouzid had requested a lot of traffic and a small kiya become to. she booked them and check in a street as instructed. selling booze it then told her to leave tunisia for budapest on the fourteenth of december the day before the bland murder. they lifted a gift at ten hotel money and a books of her sweets that may have been boys and. before the event the assassins found the cars and they drove them into the center of. at ten thirty am one kilometer from his words home that in through fico arrived with two people inside followed by the key a
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because. one person got out of the bee cunto lift if there and join the two others and that in all. at about eleven am the three went to twins coffee. two of them waited inside fodor's worry to return home which he did at around to be. the surveillance camera recorded the arrival of very no traffic vento must figure out a fit dog vicky and to drove away never to be seen again. how the assassins arrived and and left the country is a confidential part of the tunisian investigation. but i got information which
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suggested their very may have escaped via the port of safaga says some five kilometers or from his word his house. after their arrest mabyn hamouda and selim sadowy identified one of the assassins in the surveillance video a selim bouzid them and they had met in vienna. meanwhile our waiter at the twins coffee identify the second assassin his description matched that of our russian sailor if any mushing com who was allegedly in very jand at the time. he had arrived by a port at the port of two days before the murder according to their interest to get us the ship was not shuttle to dock of the border that day. according to the documents i opted to an easy and police arrested a russian sailor on the basis of their waiters description and statement. however
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the next day there were three reflected his statement saying he was confused so the russian sailor was released. i searched for the wetter who. by then working in a different cafe and managed to find him. we had to use a hidden camera to film and. the best can be an innocent person in a somewhat more like i'm going to put it we want to have it. and sign it would. be the answer to. the so that the man there's an athlete to come here no one had heard of you would it really. be in. the short. to. remember.
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i was surprised that the russians say that had been released so i asked there's where the family's lawyer about this but he was limited in what he could see because the police investigation was ongoing mohammed well i can have these by heart of o.c. hodgman minutes of arc us fionn at the animal home and at his word it what kind of the leather helmet the inner what mara by the way that a minute the mother before by the health of the woman some of them are clocks on how i made them believe they call their clocks ahead. and. the sort. fuses atman or next minute hockey futures are. up. what alchemy said it'd be a lonely different if you have a whole lot of has
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a seattle men there the head of the neck up i did the set audit what the headmaster led to their to a lack of. a new. law we have to see your. humor. and he did have it does it will it are the. only. muslim of course. was general allen or near but. it could be a bit now and i. really wasn't the. ileum develop it in the n.t. tourism interest to get or was also limited as to what he could tell me if he had a million the mysteries were he wasn't you see a question to be allowed to see resists. and know them is to. askance who's kind of limited but because men have more only the.
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other and most of us merely have to commission so the. movie had been a matter of be convinced to the. whole of the publisher to fish with to see if the ministers are set up we'll have to keep your colleagues here my man a culture of half would cut out for you when i'm as it's i'm sure i will exhibit mrs. there is rain. also into tunisia to give him a little bit of mohammed is. more of under the have to. shut i mean here what about ten feet men are maybe ten feet there are many it is
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a man in this way. those the hardcore the harder for the harder for the harder time again. and erase the illusion with the horror through the valley sean and a to visit other. darshan to any longer the. police will can offer your course this will release the can be poor cousin or is that a demotion within us that our mission will look. for support level of other who hamas or this whole in the event. into this begun at the hall it live a third of all because the stomach ability. of the media. should call in the race for only the chairman of the floor of the us who for sale or long will neon the whole of a thirty foot across the aisle of michael. finally i asked i mean both of those assembly gates white given very very very really took a bow of it activities outside of gaza they decided to announce that mohammed is
11:54 pm
what he had been working with them after he was cult. not if and the come to term a tone of assyria with kidman seem at our luck be amateurish a lot of the a philistine he was so i huna him other. than land and the shade lama this way who was to some what the home town. i'm not. sure you go. there. well. now where you.
11:55 pm
are you are. in marshy twenty eighteen two men were arrested in connection with this where is murder. one was crew ation. in may a could wish and court ruled that he could be extradited to tunisia but this was overturned a few weeks later by the could wish and supreme court. is still in custody in zagreb but the final decision will be made by the coalition justice minister. a second suspect a bose knee and called l.v. are such was a briefly detained in may in sarajevo but was released through an accord refused to
11:56 pm
hand him over to tunisia saying there was no extradition deal between the two countries. until the tunisian authorities managed to extradite the two men the case of the murder of mohammed is why they cannot begin to be resolved whoever was behind it.
11:57 pm
helen do you remember. probably not it was up here in the coral sea disappeared went across more or less this funnels part of queens and there it is in the gulf of carpentaria trying to redevelop so that's active weather part one australia the shans in quezon where that thing before it crossed and there are four lesser shows how the further massive cloud is a streaking frontal system. that you want in melbourne but the something else coming in from the bite whose topping gives a few showers and with no show to keep person twenty two for a while there does warm up and then there's just been a and here is a change in temperature in melbourne and adelaide that was a cold front coming through the bite your back down by ten degrees never ending isn't it usually this goes across the tasman sea these sort of systems and the last one is doing just that swirling around and covering the whole of new zealand cloud is always going to be set right massive clouds some rain all would be focusing on
11:58 pm
the western coast of both islands temperatures still hovering around the twenty mark you'll notice on thursday looks brighter and probably dry than wednesday and that's also true for japan where there is snow in the north as many rain system passing through the testing. in the darkest of times brave men and women stood up. when oppressed they rose. together they forward for greater justice respect and compassion. they had a dream for a better future. today we are at a turning point. the stakes are high climate change inequality.
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hate speech you may feel overwhelmed but there is hope for. you. we together can create the change we want. by speaking out by standing up by taking action. be the leader you are looking for stand up for human rights. anti fascist anti establishment and pro violence despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing a basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of a bill dallas stadium. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform and ideology with violent football hooligans. read all death on al-jazeera.
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al-jazeera. with every. zero. hello this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes. stroudsburg shooting two people die and ten are injured after a gunman opens fire near a christmas market honoring the guardians of journalism saudi writer jamal khashoggi is among the murdered or imprisoned journalists to be named time magazine .


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