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the differences and the similarities of cultures across the wound. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera international bringing the news and current of films that matter to. al-jazeera. french police search for a gunman after a christmas market shooting leaves at least three people dead. and sammy's a dan this is a live from also coming up after more than a week behind bars the chief financial officer of chinese telecom giant while way is out on bail. murdered saudi writer jamal khashoggi is among a group of journalists recognized by time magazine as person of the year. the
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u.k.'s prime minister pleads for a rethink from e.u. leaders after the break to deal drugs into opposition back home. a gunman who killed at least three people in the eastern city of stroudsburg is on the run fronts the stepped up border controls as police tried to track him down at least twelve people were injured when the attack opened fire in the christmas market in the city center the taj about the reports. police cordoned off the area around stress books christmas markets after the shooting. while medical workers evacuated victims. what should have been a night of pleasure for shoppers and tourists at turned into a nightmare. i heard several shots and thought maybe it's firecrackers or saw a lot of people running so. good crying kids and all and then when i saw people
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crying in the crowd leaving i said it was a shooting right next door that was. the city officials said the gunman went on a shooting spree just before eight o'clock in the evening local time before fleeing they urged people to stay indoors as police search for the suspect. france's president emanuel might call held a crisis meeting in paris later tweeting the whole nation stands in solidarity with straws full of victims and their families the french interior minister who would rush to strasbourg said that the gunman was known to police. at seven fifty pm a man killed three people and wounded many others soldiers used their weapons he was confronted twice by terrill forces the hunt continues he's well known to the police three hundred fifty people were mobilized to find him. the french government of placed the country on
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a heightened state of alert and tightened borders while people in strasbourg try to come to terms with what has happened in their city their hope is that the police will find the gunman soon natasha butler al jazeera paris. the chief financial officer of chinese tech giant to wa is being granted bail in canada often agreeing to put out more than seven million dollars in surrender possible mall when joe was arrested on december the first on suspicion of violating u.s. sanctions on iran reports weiwei executive mung one joe was allowed to go free on ten million dollars bail with a stringent set of conditions among other restrictions imposed by the canadian court she will have to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet stay under close observation by a private security firm and she is forbidden to travel outside of vancouver the canadian government argued unsuccessfully that bungs vast wealth and lack of ties
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to canada made her a flight risk u.s. authorities want mung to face charges of fraud in connection with a scheme to have while away secretly do business with iran in violation of u.s. sanctions the u.s. has until january the eighth to file a formal extradition request but the reuters news agency reports u.s. president donald trump says he might intervene directly in monks' case if it would serve national security interests or help close a trade deal with china the u.s. and china have been locked in a damaging trade war amongst attention seems to have touched off a diplomatic powder keg canada confirmed that one of its former diplomats michael quote of rig has been arrested in china coverage works for a nongovernmental organization it's unclear whether he's been charged with any crime canadian diplomatic officials have been in touch in touch with their chinese
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counterparts to to explain how seriously canadians view this and the deep concerns that we have the canadian government is considering warning its citizens of increase. risk levels in traveling to china and the u.s. called on china to stop arbitrary detention through her lawyer monk pleaded with the court that if she were released her only goal would be to spend time with her husband and her daughter adding that she's been working so hard for the past twenty five years she hasn't even had time to read a book now mung will have plenty of time on her hands free on bail and preparing to fight extradition to the united states rob reynolds al jazeera thank whoever president trump says he's willing to meet again with chinese president xi jinping to resolve a trade dispute between the two countries in an interview with reuters news agency
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trump also promised not to raise tariffs on chinese goods while the two sides negotiate a potential trade deal john hendren has more from washington d.c. . president trump is optimistic the u.s. will ended trade war with china soon the president says the chinese are already buying enormous amounts of soybeans from the united states after soybean tariffs were enacted by china against the united states among other things this summer farmers and traders say that is not yet the case the price of soybeans edged up slightly on tuesday but they remain at about the lowest level in a decade and that is largely because of retaliatory tariffs by china and other countries among those suffering are american farmers who farm corn soybeans milk and beef the chinese buy twelve billion dollars of soybeans from the united states a year that's about sixty percent of u.s.
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exports however the two sides are at the table president trump says he believes the chinese will lower tariffs on autos from the current forty percent to fifteen percent of the president says he will meet with china's paying one more time if necessary the two sides haven't acted a truce on december first and the president says he will not raise tariffs again on chinese products until he knows there will be no deal president donald trump has reiterated his support for the crown prince of saudi arabia trump told reporters he was standing by in mohamed bin some minds despite the outcry over the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi he described the crown prince as very strongly in power the right sort of the cia agent hospital is due to briefly does of the house of representatives on death on wednesday. her job she is one of several journalists picked to be time magazine's person of the year the group is being called the
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guardians has been honored for speaking out against the brutality of his country's regime he was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul in october reuters journalists while alone and who were also honored they've been detained in me and maher for their coverage of the rangar crisis the cover shows their wives holding their pictures also on the list journalists at the u.s. newspaper kept forgetting that they vowed to continue their work after five of their colleagues was shot dead in the newsroom in june and running off the group is maria ressa the editor of the wrap for news agency in the philippines the government accuses it of spreading misinformation rather than jordan reports. two months after his murder at the saudi consulate in istanbul jamal has been honored for the very reason he was killed for questioning how the saudi regime rules every year the time editors spend months debating and talking about who they think who we
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think should best represent the trends of the year who had the greatest impact on the news and on the world and this year we've chosen the guardians and the war against truth because introduction and headdress graces one of four covers put out by the magazine we didn't do anything wrong the others feature the two reuters reporters jailed in me in march for reporting on atrocities against the revenge of the staff of a local us newspaper who survived a deadly attack by a gunman angry with their coverage of his criminal case and a former t.v. reporter turned online website editor in the philippines targeted by a president who doesn't want his behavior cover we are not against the government we are not against president detective but we do want to hold him and his government accountable for the tens of thousands of people who have been killed in the drug war from the impunity that we see online you are creating and also
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a lot of the reporters recreating violence by not writing. the fake news is creating violence analysts say press freedom is more vulnerable than ever because politicians on six continents are attacking the public's trust in the media but they add that in washington jamal khashoggi is murder on orders of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon has congress and the public taking a very close look at the trumpet ministrations priorities alliances and values this is a moment where one understands that from a foreign policy perspective the us has to demonstrate what it stands for and because show she killing in the fallout has opened up. much of the subtle debates we've had behind the scenes in the full public view and that's why it's become so contentious time editors say and the other honorees symbolize the journalists around the world who try to hold their leaders accountable a tribute to those who question even at catastrophic risk to themselves rosalyn
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jordan al-jazeera washington. now some backbench m.p.'s from the governing conservative party are reported to be preparing a no confidence motion against the u.k.'s prime minister series i'm a spent tuesday meeting you leaders trying to get changes to the breaks that deal she agreed to less than three weeks ago she was forced to call off a vote on the agreement in the british parliament jute widespread opposition the e.u. is told may talks cannot be reopened paul brown reports. she's trying to save not just her bracks it deal but also her credibility and her career teresa mayes whistle stop tour of e.u. leaders started in the hague for breakfast with her dutch counterpart mark router the outcome productive according to her spokesman. in the german capital berlin to meet angela merkel the prime minister found herself momentarily trapped in her car
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. before the e.u.'s open door policy was finally restored. and then finally to brussels to explain british concerns about the irish back stop whatever outcome you want whatever relationship you want with europe in the future there's no deal available it doesn't have that sort within it but we don't want the backstop to be used and if it is we want to be certain that it is only temporary but do you leaders point out that mrs may signed up to the withdrawal agreement backstop and all just three weeks ago and assured the other e.u. twenty seven leaders that she would be able to carry it through parliament now she's back for more facing certain defeat at home and an uncertain reception in brussels there is no rule whatsoever for you negotiations but of course to this room if used intelligently isn't enough to give further clarification and further interpretations we vote open you do have to all agree to the sentiment
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here exasperated at the british political chaos and grim prepare. now for the worst case scenario would be even if the only possible agreement and we've done a lot of concessions to reach it so we sincerely hope that there can be a majority. to or ratify the worst of all agreement but they have a killer stand ready for a new deal and we are preparing for it downing street says the bracks it vote perspiring from choose day may now not take place until mid january i think the prime minister is going to see things through a number ten until at least christmas which in modern politics constitutes long term planning here at westminster the prime minister's decision to postpone choose day's crucial votes and head off around europe seeking reassurances and clarifications has drawn howls of protest from the opposition parties for party leaders have friends of the main opposition leader jeremy corbett asking him to join them in trying to force
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a vote of no confidence in theresa may these are grim times for the british prime minister and her room for maneuver is dwindling but so are the options facing the u.k. paul brennan al-jazeera london. well still to come on al-jazeera in the hot seat google's chief executives face questioning over allegations of political bias and privacy concerns convicted for their role in one of argentina's darkest periods these former ford employees are accused of. from cool brisk noise and fuel. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast asia. hello yet more miserable weather is regenerates in turkey has been thrown across the levant and as you can see it's winding up again for yet another bite of
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it that sometimes these rain belts of snow builds generate a long way south this one doesn't this is concentrating more on the coast from lebanon northeast out through syria to turkey you notice in turkey height is snow stretches of towards azerbaijan otherwise we're talking rain into the size of that it's fine twenty one in baghdad same is true in kuwait little cooler across iran but the sun is virtually everywhere and that's also true on thursday by which time it's also improves throughout the levant and most of turkey so the weather is being kept mostly further north and has been for the last week. not much therefore is happening in the arabian peninsula bit of a breeze still the northerly bit of a shame how carries on through wednesday with temperatures only in the middle twenty's low thirty's to the west of saudi arabia and that that doesn't change very much over the next two days that we may be lightening through the gulf to charmian add to get wet weather every day dancer tanzania mozambique if you're lucky
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zimbabwean zambia to the sounds of that there is now gone dry couple dry days are in the forecast for south africa disappointingly coup in cape town. the weather sponsored by qatar and he's. on the line for you looking at wildlife and how the solutions come together to benefit all parties and that's where we're going to be long term or if you join us on sat if you could take me around the content would you tell me you don't have to set up your experiment and for your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting point there that several of our community members are going to join the global conversation on how does iraq.
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welcome back you're watching all this time to recap our headlines this hour. a gunman who killed at least three people in the eastern city of strasbourg is on the run fronts a stepped up border controls as police try to track him down at least twelve people were injured when the attack five near a christmas markets in the city center. the chief financial officer of chinese tech giant awhile way has been granted bail in canada after agreeing to put out more than seven million dollars and surrender her passport joe was arrested on the some of the first on suspicion of violating u.s. sanctions on iran. u.s. president donald trump has reiterated his support for the crown prince of saudi arabia trump told reuters news agency he was standing by hamad bin sultan man pads
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despite the outcry over the murder of saudi journalist jim out. of court in argentina has sentenced two former executives from the ford motor company for colluding with the country's military dictatorship in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's they were found guilty of helping the regime detain union members who were then tortured daniel schwarm the reports from one is. justice for these campaigners has taken more than thirty years to arrive in our courts in one of cyrus is sentenced to former executives at the ford motor company to prison for colluding with the military authorities in power for nine hundred seventy six to nine hundred eighty three. the former manufacturing director was sentenced to ten years and security manager. to twelve years for passing you know organizes details to the authorities. among them with pedro to reality one of twenty five union organizers who was then detained and tortured
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a clandestine center. they put hoods on a spy took the handcuffs off and tartars for some while pushed to the ground and subjected us to a whole series of torture including fake executions they peters' kicked us pushed our faces into the ground. pedro and his colleagues were later released but say many union organizers from other industries they were imprisoned with were not so fortunate for the what he said there. about thirty comrades from another union and only three survived in our group we were twenty five and we also five to be. released from captivity was however not the end they put the needle you know it's interesting that they said this after nine hundred seventy seven seventy eight when they let us out the suffering continued because we now belong to a group of people that no one would employ we were the weapons of that period. either ford in the united states nor in argentina has commented on the case they
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continue to produce and sell vehicles but they complain and say they must bear some responsibility for their role during the years of military government this sign outside the current force actually need one osiris a testimony to their suffering you know. according to our opinion for also. engage with the military government of a government were committed serious crimes against humanity for the all the purpose of obtaining more. profits from. the accused are old men now others allegedly involved since died an estimated thirty thousand people were kidnapped and killed by the argentine military or florida keys in the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's all the victims are remembered here at this memorial on the banks of the river plate the fight for justice in argentina has been a slow and complicated one but the persistence of the survivors and the human
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rights groups that support them is finally just in time reaping results. to zero one osiris. tax concessions made the so-called yellow vest demonstrators will cost the french government more than eleven billion dollars but it's not clear if the government has done enough to take the steam out of the protest movement them stray sions began more than four weeks ago and finally forced the president to back down on a fuel tax hike bernard smith reports. the yellow bus protesters are getting ready for christmas on the roundabout camps that have sprung up across france president emanuel micron's decision to increase the minimum wage and cut taxes for most pensioners hasn't persuaded the people here to abandon their protests as an emergency i'm not at all convince because he hasn't addressed what the people are expecting these are only small mirrors and they won't be paid for by bankers in financials did you find the president sincere not to really i don't forget. is wife
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is a. teacher of theater so as a young experience of the end what we got four weeks ago is a protest over an increase in diesel taxes has developed into a wider campaign by people from france's towns and villages who struggle to make ends meet in one of europe's most highly taxed countries yellow vest protests across central paris to a standstill while violent elements have smashed up shops and monuments in those few weeks the movement has radicalized and. these announcements are not enough to stop the movement overnight specially as its roots go back in they k.'s off policy of inequality is between their eateries and regions in france the prime minister told parliament he understood why the frustration came from. behind the anger expressed on the way people are paid you are where we are all aware that there is
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something else that there is anger of being left behind on the lack of perspective that there was the choice conscious or not. to lead the public to sleep that there was a choice conscious or not for years. questions as they were raised for example the question of massive unemployment. the government says it's concessions including scrapping fuel tax rises will cost more than eleven billion dollars that risks pushing the budget deficit to three point four percent passed the use three percent limit there's no official leadership or the yellow best protesters so it's difficult to gauge a majority opinion on what president mark on had to say or the concessions he made for but we may have to wait until saturday and what's being called act five to see how many people turn out and protest bernath al-jazeera on the outskirts of paris. a magician lawyer has been arrested for wearing a yellow vests similar to those made popular by antigovernment protesters in france
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is arrest in the northern city of alexandria comes ahead of next month's anniversary of the two thousand and eleven operas in which ousted then president hosni mubarak egypt has banned the sale of yellow vests to stop copycat protests. there have been protests in new york in support of a woman whose one year old baby was pulled from a rom's by police offices a video of the incident was posted on facebook and brought a barrel of criticism gabrielle i was on the reports from new york. was already at the moment what should have been a routine call out turn the controversy a mother screams for help as new york police department officers try to pull her one year old baby from her arms at a government assistance center in brooklyn was a i was. as the officers became more aggressive the outrage from onlookers.
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witnesses say the chaos unfolded on friday after twenty three year old jasmine he'd lease sat on the floor of a crowded waiting room with her son as she waited for a child care about sure it escalated when security staff called the police and she refused to get up jasmine was eventually arrested and held without bail charged with offenses including resisting arrest and endangering the child her son was taken and liz grandmother's care. the outrage on social media was swift and widespread and on tuesday demonstrators held a rally at new york city hall to call for justice for jasmine and protest what they see as yet another example of police brutality by the n.y.p.d. against african-americans you know she's a young african-american woman single mother who is looking for support and to watch this woman be demoralized and disrespected by
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a system that is supposed to help her it's sat in the just speaks to a lot of racism that's that's perpetuating with throughout our country what mother wouldn't hold onto their child in in a situation like that for us we need to make sure that this never happens again the n.y.p.d. commissioners. reaction has been more cautious james o'neill tweeting the video is very disturbing to me but also saying we were called to a chaotic situation and we're looking at all available video to determine why certain decisions were made on tuesday the charges against jasmine heatley were dropped but in a statement by the district attorney of brooklyn he said he was outraged by the violence that was depicted in the video for those who were upset at her arrest in the first place this is an issue that's far from dying down cables and oh i'll just hear your google see that but china has testified before congress about
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concerns over privacy and accusations of bias google is face criticism from republicans including president all trump who say the search engine is a left wing slant on monday google said adults only affected more than fifty two million users of its social media platform the company's also faced criticism over its plans to relaunch a censored search engine in china. a sit in there the village in the occupied west bank is now in its sixth month israel's government has been threatening to demolish . it says houses in the village were illegally built describes the bedouins who live there as squatters and tasha her name has more. six year old is that islam begins his day just after sunrise he has a short track up the hill to hono ahmar school it's unclear how much longer he'll be making the journey because the school is scheduled for demolition at any moment
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. the school is not for them to demolish as twenty eight hundred ends the principal says each of the students has stayed as a show of defiance but they're struggling to set and. the children experience fear and they feel the disruption they can't concentrate they always ask when will the school be demolished will you continue teaching us. the israeli government told one hundred eighty better when they had until october first to leave the land they've been living on for decades after a nine year legal battle the supreme court ruled earlier this year the community was illegal human rights groups say what the illegal is the israeli government trying to forcibly remove these refugees as part of a broader expansion plan in the occupied west bank. luck the issue of cause is very disturbing there is no large old dog news i compare it to the death of
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a human being plans were announced to move the bedouin to another area which the israeli government said would be safer they'd have a water supply access to electricity and a sewage system. with international pressure mounting to stop there a vision the october deadline passed or now plans to forcibly move them have stalled in those it should we are all united around one goal to evacuate this illegal construction there is no argument about this the international criminal court or i.c.c. is conducting an investigation into israel's planned displacement of the people of conall ahmar and the i.c.c. says it's made quote significant progress in determining whether it should investigate wider allegations that israel is the victim palestinians and demolishing their property in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem. from the
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palestinian point of view hano amr has become a powerful symbol showing the world the way in which israel is continuing what critics say is a wide scale land grab the israeli government has lambasted the palestinian authority for using a bar as israeli propaganda the villagers who continue to call it home remain in the middle and in limbo for who knows how much longer natasha going to aim in the occupied west bank. welcome back time to recap our headlines now. a gunman who killed at least three people in the eastern city of stroudsburg is on the run france's stepped up border controls as police try to track him down at
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least twelve people were injured when the attackers opened fire near a christmas market in the city center. the chief financial officer of chinese tech giant who our way is been granted bail in canada to agreeing to put out more than seven million dollars and surrender hope passport among one joe was arrested on the scent of the first on suspicion of violating u.s. sanctions on iran president donald trump has reiterated his support for the crown prince of saudi arabia from told reuters news agency he was standing by mohammed bin sandman this by the outcry over the murder of saudi journalist. he described the crown princes very strongly in power director of the cia gina hospital is due to brief leaders of the house of representatives on death on wednesday and time magazine is named jim out as its person of the year along with journalists
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from the us me in mar and the philippines they're described as the guardians who were all targeted because of their work. for some backbenchers in the conservative. parliament in the conservative party rather in the u.k. preparing a low confidence motion against prime minister it's reason may she's been visiting leaders to try and get changes to a briggs deal she agreed less than three weeks ago told my there will be no new negotiations. and egyptian lawyer has been arrested for wearing a yellow vests similar to those made popular by anti-government protesters in france is arrest in alexandria comes ahead of next month's anniversary of the two thousand and eleven uprising. it's the stream next so stay with us. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so
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