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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 346  Al Jazeera  December 13, 2018 3:32am-4:01am +03

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i will do that at the same time and i didn't hear these remarks by ambassador hailey but i'm confident that she would share my view that america's interests in the region are important and our partnership with the kingdom of saudi arabia as it is is an important one it has delivered american security in important ways in the present from first two years in office and we intend to continue to work with the kingdom of saudi arabia to keep america safe both yemeni parties attending talks in sweden have agreed to resume exporting oil and gas the saudi supported government and the iran back to the rebels on easing in limbo until thursday the now considering for draft agreements from the united nations they focus on a political framework the reopening of sana airport the status of the port city of her data. plenty more ahead on the news hour including france detained a suspected war criminal details in just a moment. looking for
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a way out of lebanon palestinian refugees seek new routes to escape desperate conditions. in sports find out of teen wellington could pull off a surprise win in their fast ever appearance at the club world cup. the man once known as donald trump's fix is going to prison for three is michael cohen who once said he'd take a bullet for a trunked he did guilty to lying to congress and paying off two women who allegedly had affairs with trump christensen in the reports from new york. michael cohen arrived with his family and nearly broke down in tears when inside the court he apologized for the pain he'd caused them and for lying to the american people about his contacts with russian operatives before the election. cohen told the judge that blind loyalty had led him to cover up donald trump's quote dirty
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deeds his lawyer argued he should be spared jail time for providing information to prosecutors about the most powerful man in the country the lawyer for one of the women cohen paid off to stop her from revealing an alleged affair with the president saw differently cohen is a criminal. and he's a liar he sought to cover this up for the american people this man is no hero and we look forward to him for being every single day a federal judge the judge in the case said cohen's cooperation with special counsel robert muller who deemed his information credible and relevant had to be balanced against the serious nature of his many crimes and he gave cohen who won't go to prison until march a sentence that was less than federal sentencing guidelines likely going to. you know what michael cohen's conviction ultimately will mean for the president remains to be seen but the man who once said he'd take a bullet for donald trump now beginning in march will serve three years behind bars
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for covering for him kristen salumi al jazeera new york well bruce fein is a former us associate deputy attorney general he joins us now from washington d.c. thanks for being with us bruce and michael cohen was president truman's right hand man for a time and now he's blaming his blind loyalty to him and his dirty deeds for ending up in prison what's changed in their relationship. well everything is changed i think mr cowen when he found that hand was caught in the cookie jar decided that on reflection he confessed that he had. abandoned his conscience in order to obtain money and glory with mr trump now whether or not he can sustain the credibility of his remorse to the american people into the house of representatives which i'm sure will be calling him soon with regard to his testimony that mr trump was complicit in criminal violations of the federal
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election campaign law by arranging for the payment of hundreds of thousands of dollars to a playboy bunny and a stormy daniels in order to influence the outcome of the two thousand and sixteen elections i think it will be critical in the next months to see whether or not he can play the same role in bringing mr trump down that john dean who is richard nixon's lawyer played in bringing him down with his very electric testimony before the senate watergate committee however mr cohen is not john dean right now if you look it is fashion advice or you know appearances are critical here so it's going to be substantially mr cohen against mr trump in terms of the motivation for the payment but i do think mr cohen got some reinforcement today when it was disclosed that we have a separate prosecution agreement with the publisher of the national enquirer who in just said yeah we applauded with mr cohen and mr trump to kill the one hundred
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fifty thousand dollar the story with the playboy bunny karen mcdougal for one hundred fifty thousand dollars payment for the purpose of influencing the campaign which is of course a separate violation and a difference to the payment fister me daniels and we have now mr packer who is the third party stating with mr cohen and believed by the u.s. prosecutors that the purpose of the payments was electoral and that's the decisive element here. that makes what mr trump did a crime now remember that mr mohler and the southern district of new york are operating under a justice department policy since two thousand saying you cannot indict a prosecutor president so mr trump as long as in the white house is not confronting a criminal prosecution but that doesn't mean that the house of representatives with the new democrats in control and jerry nadler of the judiciary committee in january can't open up an investigation and conclude that the criminal activity was an
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impeachable offense it's not punished by prison time but it's punished by removal from office and right now mr trump i think is confronting a high probability of impeachment in the house now remember however the trial would be in the senate you need sixty seven votes to convict and right now you've got fifty three republicans so mr trump is is somewhat protected but he would be enormously embarrassed if used impeached and ultimately acquitted last that you've got to think that mr trump's a mind is thinking about maybe he could cut a deal because your memory talks about the art of the deal that he would agree not to run in two thousand and twenty if he's not criminally prosecuted and i think that is going to be on the table between the congress and the president and the prosecutors as this huge mess continues to unfold bruce fein in washington d.c. thanks for your time and your insights bruce canada's foreign minister has suggested that the extradition process and while ways chief financial officer
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should not be politicized chrystia freeland made the comments the day off to agree to a bail bond of more than seven million dollars she was arrested in vancouver eleven days ago she now faces extradition to the u.s. where she is accused of violating sanctions on iran it is thought to be incumbent on party six each in an extradition from canada. recognizing that canada is a rule of law country to ensure that any extradition request is about ensuring that justice is done is about ensuring that the rule of law is respected and is not politicized for for any other purpose. than a lack joins us from toronto for the latest daniel tell us where we are in the extradition process and just what kind of implications this has for canada china
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relations it's certainly opened a big can of worms for the canadian government for the legal and political process here you heard from the foreign minister chrystia freeland there saying that no party who wants to extradite someone from canada should politicize their request and she made that risk in response to a question about president donald trump statement earlier this week that if needs be it that helped expedite a trade deal between the u.s. and china that he would intervene in the while which extradition process that's something that ms freeland didn't expect to be answering questions on they called this news conference to discuss the fact that there are certain safeguards that will protect miss one joe's rights that will also make sure that senior canadian judges hear this and that it will take some time for this to unfold equally canada's got a problem because a canadian former diplomat who's on leave to work for the international crisis group has been picked up in china and is being questioned by the beijing state
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security bureau now it's not been directly confirmed that this is a tit for tat move but many former canadian diplomats think it is it's a real problem unfolding for the canadians daniel lack therefore essential on tape thanks very much banger. still ahead on al-jazeera. the world has lost about half its coral reefs in the last thirty years where in kenya to find out why they are so crucial. to russia's president celebrates the twenty fifth anniversary of the country's post start of your constitution but many activists say there isn't much to celebrate. they have consistently chosen to uphold and maintain and defend the abusive atmosphere that they created gymnast who is sexually abused by family united states team dr larry nasa say reforms on happening fast enough.
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and again we're looking at yet more wet weather for the southern states of the u.s. if we look at the satellite picture we can see the area of clouds that galloping its way towards us still putting itself together and for some of us in texas and across into oklahoma it will be pretty wet on thursday that system will then work its way towards the southeast corner by friday almost exactly the same place we saw the last storm just a few days ago the last one there was very wintery had a lot of ice and snow mix did this one is generally bringing some fall warmer weather with it so it will be rain and a big rain event that meanwhile towards the west we've already got lots of wet weather for the western parts of canada and yet more is expected as we head through the next couple of days before the towards the south and there's a good deal of cloud for many of us across the central america is the one or two showers but nothing too particularly heavy except here just the tail end of what's going on over the u.s. that will be just graze in the uk a temp an inch or so we will see a few outbreaks of heavy rain here we're also seeing
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a lot of wet weather over parts a year ago i recently as well thanks to this huge system here also being with us over parts of argentina to notice a lot of heavy downpours and over twenty thousand people in your required lost power in this storm that system is working its way eastwards though it should have cleared by the time we get to friday. the role. there's nowhere to hide is the easiest way to solve this to allow u.n. observers who you invited into the country earlier this year to finish the job i haven't said it's a right wing conspiracy or anybody's conspiracy straight talking debate do you think we're going to see some kind of sea change in the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia we have an obligation there is that journalistic integrity and then to that in this case it was betrayed told only up from its own al-jazeera. medieval western society it was
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a feudal society so to kill to keep the lot of them over and assume most of the pope ended his speech some people stood up and so we'll see him at the entrance to the city was who feel they killed people in the streets in their houses and in. the crusades an arab perspective that was sold one shot at this time on the jersey. welcome back on the doha a reminder of our top stories this hour british prime minister to resign may has survived in leadership challenge in parliament two hundred voted for her and one
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hundred seventeen against a vote of confidence was triggered by a group of m.p.'s from her own party there are unhappy about may's proposed exit to . the u.s. senate has gone against the president on trying on the war in yemen and voted to begin discussing a resolution to end u.s. military support for the saudi embassy led coalition. the man once known as donald trump's fix is going to prison for three. years michael cohen pleaded guilty to lying to congress and paying off two women who allegedly had affairs with trump co and was not trying to noir at one point. police in france have arrested a former leader of a militia from the central african republic patrice edouard and. commanded the anti blacker that's a christian group which targeted muslims the international criminal court issued a warrant for his detention he's accused of committing crimes against humanity during the interreligious fighting five years ago natasha butler has the latest
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from paris well patrice eduardo i so know was arrested by fridge authorities in frogs on a warrant issued by the international criminal court he was wanted for crimes against humanity including murder torture and that what the i.c.c. say is the guy so you know was a senior leader a senior figure in the. militia a predominately christian led militia that carried out atrocities against muslims in the civil war after twenty thirty now there were a muslim led militia and christian led militia both carried out of various forms of brutality against each other say the i.c.c. now are so you know will be extradited to the international criminal court to the hague and when we spoke to the i.c.c. they could not tell us why in fact he was in france and where exactly in france he was arrested phil clark is the author of
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a distant justice the impact of international criminal court on african politics he says this is an important arrest. this is a very significant risk of. criminal. as the leader of one of the major militias in since the last of the republic. to block the militias response to. some of the worst atrocities in the conflict in the country in recent he exists and he's a very significant former government minister he didn't become the leader of this number he's currently decades of. iteration oxer he's very influential up bigger in current been extremely difficult for the i.c.c. if you get such great high opinion back out for it yet it's all trains one week already and now the anger sarna christ represent the first target any suspects from the central african republic has been put on trial. and in both cases these
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individuals are kind of pulling into the isis last. has been arrested and sent to the high army because he was in denial or an incident he caught up with recently and was sorry seems to have made the mistake of traveling to rocks not knowing that and are sincere arrest warrant being you could be in a new five days ago so these are quite accidental traces while the i.c.c. and many whites will remain to be seen in these accidental cases because it's actually. very strong evidence against them it's not clear that the i.c.c. has actually been following beats let's suspect systematically or a long time we'll have to see what happens in the trial the suspected gunman chose days christmas market you're saying and the function.


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