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tv   The Listening Post 2018 Ep 46  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2018 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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hid but you can see hope spreading among them this center is home to several projects run by local and global aid agencies. but as the threat from eisel diminishes it seems the world's interest is fading to admit that we fear the world is no longer paying much attention to our suffering but we should be asking for our rights until we draw our last breath we want to ensure a bright future for our children in generations to come. the future may be brighter no for filosa and her family but there are many other years it is who are still struggling to survive rob matheson al-jazeera the hook the kurdish region of northern iraq while one is here the woman and this year's nobel laureate says she'll use her prize money to build a new hospital in her hometown hundreds of people welcomes nadia mourad home in the iraqi town of singe on friday a member of the minority norad was awarded the peace prize for her work as an activist for women and girls after escaping sexual slavery by ice on the little
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engine and with the money i got from the nobel peace prize i'll build a hospital in sin jar to treat people my new widow some women who were exposed to sexual abuse by eisel on this occasion i'd like to thank the iraq and kurdistan governments for giving me their agreements to build a hospital the un rights chief has denounced a democratic republic of congo's security forces for targeting the opposition days before a tense presidential election six people have been killed at opposition rallies this week including a teenager who was shot in central castle region separately a fire has destroyed thousands of voting machines and electoral material at a warehouse in kinshasa voters will head to the polls on the twenty third of december to choose a successor to president joseph kabila. the youngest survivor of a burglar has officially recovered from the virus baby benedict was just six days old when she showed symptoms of the disease her mother who also had
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a bone that died during childbirth health workers gave the baby a round the clock care for weeks and it worked as she's now been allowed to return home to her family. one of christianity's biggest spits in century is expected to be formalized this weekend ukraine plans to create a new challenge independence from russia's influence since the fall of the soviet union ukraine's dominant orthodox church has been divided into factions pro russia and pro ukraine charlotte that's reports. a place to worship gold or russia the cathedral of nativity is it the same to over theological rift in ukraine the orthodox faith is split into factions russian lead and ukrainian lead priests anatoly church is one of more than twelve thousand that aligns itself with russia on saturday he must pick sides orthodox priest will meet in q. to civil same trees on ties with russia and creates
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a new independent church. we will not recognize its legitimacy this is not a council this is a gang of bandits who have gathered to take over the temples and destroy the church what kind of council is. leading up to the meeting ukraine's religious rapture has had consequences the cathedral of nativity and other production churches were accused of whipping up religious hatred and raided by ukrainian security services years in school thought i told them you serve the devil and i serve god let's see who is stronger and who's going to win. russian clergy are outraged labeling it the biggest split in christianity in a thousand years. they say it's a ploy by ukrainian president picture pushing co to shore up support ahead of elections next year pushing co did champion the split he signed a cooperation agreement with the head of the church in november. there's rabbitohs
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moscow at the state and the russian church some in clergy robes some in military uniforms or not afraid to commit sin in an effort to disrupt the decision but god is with us because we are fighting in iraq just battle for. our independence from the same pushing code is accused of using the church to spread propaganda supporters of the churches split agree which is a gentlemanly course of course we want the ukrainian church to not be on their moscow so that russia does not employ one sarah decisions. or echoes off the three hundred year old st andrews church in kenya the pro ukrainian orthodox church survived an arson attack last month but it's not clear if regional politics will be as resilient very well you know we still we shall a ballasts. still ahead on al-jazeera all the scores a norwegian a veteran scare is going as well as
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a ban on the stripes of. troops back. in the darkest of times brave men and women stood up. when oppressed they rose. together they fought for greater justice respect and compassion. they had a dream for a better future. today we are at a turning. the stakes are high climate change inequality. hate speech you may feel overwhelmed but there is hope for. you. we together can create the change we want. by speaking out by
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standing up by taking action. be the leader you are looking for stand up for human rights. argentina has created two new marine parks moving it a place it's amazing the un commitment to protect its national water is this week congress approved the pox in the country's southernmost sea covering a combined area of ninety eight thousand square kilometers they take the country's protected oceans area to eight percent just shy of a ten percent goal for twenty twenty it's time to support his saga. thank you very
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much we're going to start with one of the best performances of the n.b.a. season so far bron james went to take on the houston rockets but it was the raucous james harden the who showed why he is the league's reigning and v.p. braun had led the lakers to win their last two games but his twenty nine points on the night that meant little in the face of a savage display from harden this one set the tone as he barreled through the lakers. in the game for his first points of the game and that with a fifty point triple double the fourth of those in the career and the most and now of any player in history the braun kept l.a. inside to of the rockets but he couldn't card an out of the game final score rockets one hundred twenty six lakers hundred eleven. the dallas mavericks dirk of it played his first game of the season after recovering from an ankle surgery the
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german no wasn't caught for just six minutes and making one jump shot but it marked his twenty first season for dallas that's an n.b.a. record unfortunately this came against the team the phoenix suns or who ended the ten game losing streak suns winning ninety nine to eighty nine is the seventh straight victory over the mavericks for the now spanish giants real madrid could move into second place in the league on saturday if other results go their way to wall if their city rivals that lead to garbage and i don't need to answer and chad will scholars that men. are very connel in second place it will be theirs but it's complicated the current second place side that severe only play on sunday rails form has improved since allies took over us a disastrous start to the season. cheek letter said i was going to get him which i
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did to brian via kano have many good out tributes they manage very well with the ball they will not give it away easily and they usually start very well so we need to get out there to win from the very first minute with the support of our fans with the terminations with energy with strength in an orderly way and with all the qualities we've shown over the last few games in order to beat them it's obvious that the day's action against real sociedad that atika will visit the reality i had to lead the club the brazilian legend right now though has invested in and a host balance in the late kickoff it was for me league champions mo city are aiming to return to the top of the table when they face everton on saturday city could see the return of said job wear off to for much absence with a groin injury. he did. in the last two tourney sessions with the us trying to save us today because they have the game minister to these friday thursday so as the transition with the team he has not been and he's injured so. still going to the
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site and all the matches to face us in the meet burnley at wembley for them host in-form west ham in the london dobby but he does have a poor will be in action on sunday. well football matches in the french league have been under for the second week of running due to security around the yellow vests protests. stripper to dijon is one of five games called off due to the civil unrest in france must says hosting of bordeaux has also been affected the threads are belgrade in the champions league in midweek and are thirteen points clear at the top of french domestic standings. it twenty eighteen feet her club world cup second round kicks off on saturday in the united arab emirates african champions s.p.l. also will phase host a line for the right to face a south american champion river plate madrid will await the winners of. and.
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it's a huge responsibility for us to compete a little i think the team is ready to play at this level and we're motivated we have to do what we know we are able to do which is attacking and keeping position of the ball we don't want to change what we know how to do so when it did not do you. play is all very good and strong i haven't played against a mexican team before they have many mexican players and they have very different tactics to what we are used to after analyzing the way they play i really believe that they are very good. the first gymnast to speak out against former usa gymnastics national team doctor lara nasr has received an award from sports illustrated magazine rachel hall and was given the publications inspiration of the year award on wednesday to visit not saw in two thousand as a fifteen year old has been sentenced to up to one hundred seventy five years on charges of sexual assault. but it's really
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a sign to me that the world is paying attention that sexual assault matters and that we're going to listen to survivors this awareness for everyone. straight is batsman shared the century partnership for the first a wicket before india hit back in the second test at perth the hosts ending day one on two hundred seventy seven for six three hundred centuries on the scorecard that for the oldies india won the first test at adelaide last week. the first for not tomorrow to do any crucial if you can get them. to look return to then we're right back in the game and if we can bat good in the first innings then then we have a good chance but the important thing for the first push or non next next morning and i'm sure that the pacers would come on mexico's fight as has the chance to win a world title in the third weight division on saturday. is a unified to middle way to world champion after beating good night the goal of game
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in september the mexican is moving up to super middleweight to to fight to a rocky fielding in new york fielding is five inches tall and has a four and a half inch reach advantage. and you also look is i know the challenge i have in front of me i know that i have a tough fight secures it or not i like challenges and i know we're going to make history the region skin superstar x.l. and spend the third super g. of. world cup season that i had in italy on friday it is the double limpid gold medalist thirty six world cup victory in seventeenth in the super g. the thirty five year old finished in one minute twenty eight point six five seconds to take it first place he is a two time overall world cup champion and he now leads the world cup super g. and overall standings. the men's world surf league title is going down to the wire and why. brazil is one of three surface chasing the championship
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at the pipe mosses he needs to win no finished runner up to claim his second title just in that wilson of australia is looking for his first he won his heat and will be trying to fend off another brazilian filly for the crowd and also sport for me will have more later on. well that's it for me. up next with more news. day one of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist three weeks ago now there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here. i got to commend you all i'm hearing is good journalism person turns to the public has resigned.
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after all. of cover ups. loved ones some form of closure we saw the syrian army flag hoisted high in the city as well as posters of syrian president bashar assad record. a good. hundred feet away from the front line but. the market doesn't happen now. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after a while it borders between five safe countries facing new realities. from the very beginning of the school providing context housing is not just about four walls and a river hear their story and talk to al-jazeera. i'm. about you know. some of the like.
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anti fascist anti establishment and pro volume's despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing a basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of the bilbao stadia. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform an ideology with violent football hooligans. and read all the deaths on al-jazeera. a scramble to get much needed aid into yemen but as it arrives in the main port city there's more fighting despite a cease fire deal. hello
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i'm adrian for again this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. i'm done being loyal to president trump donald trump's former lawyer insists the president knew it was wrong to make hush money payments during the election campaign. stepping down sri lanka's prime minister mahinda rajapaksa is resigning just weeks after his appointment which led to a political crisis. and taking its case to the u.n. seeks an emergency meeting after a controversial vote in kosovo as parliament which it says could lead to an armed intervention. the reports of fighting on the outskirts of hard data just a day after game and warring factions agreed to a ceasefire in the port city earlier aid agencies took advantage of the truce to distribute desperately needed food and supplies more than three thousand passengers
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were sent to the data both the rebels and the yemeni government reached the truce during talks in sweden on thursday. you know at about an hour the presence of our delegation in sweden was very important and we've sent a message to the world that we're with peace and we want to achieve peace the talks are successful and put on the bike path to peace and to improve the humanitarian situation the human tragedy in yemen is unprecedented well the u.n. special envoy to yemen hearting griffith says that it's a daunting task to end the four year war he briefed the security council on the progress of those talks and sweet diplomatic editor james bays reports now from the u.n. in new york. the day off to an interim peace deal in yemen the u.n. negotiator at the talks warned the security council there was still a long and difficult road ahead mr president i also come before you today with the call of course our collective achievements this week were indeed i hope you will
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agree a significant step forward but what's in front of us is don't think to ask another server. in the context of such negotiations one realizes at the end of negotiations that the hard work is only about beginning. the u.n. senior humanitarian official warned against complacency he said a quarter of a million people were on the edge of a phase five food emergency the technical term for that stage is catastrophe so i can confirm again what humanitarian agencies have known for a long time a terrible tragedy is unfolding in yemen and it's getting worse the special envoy revealed that general patrick camors of the netherlands a veteran of the u.n. who's commanded peacekeepers headed inquiries and written reports for the united nations will set up a team of monitors who will deploy to yemen as soon as possible it's believed
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general camera team will be unarmed and we tossed would provide incredible monitoring of the cease fire in the port and city of her data the monitoring mission will have to be endorsed in the un security council resolution that is likely to be difficult to negotiate with passed resolutions saudi arabia has put pressure on members of the security council including the current arab member kuwait to try and shape the words of the resolution to their interest james pays al-jazeera of the united nations some. is a yemen analyst and a visiting fellow at georgetown university she says that protecting the port of her data is key to ending the conflict in yemen. i think that although we're witnessing clashes there it's really important to keep in mind that these parties are going to have to come together again in january and we're also going to keep talking about the port of aden because again it's the only way that humanitarian aid goes into
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the majority of yemenis so the subject of protecting her does not going to go anywhere but it is important again and this is where you go to the u.n. resolution that's going to implores pieces that were mentioned and this in this document that they just signed in sweden that says hey you know what it is pretty that needs to be run as usual and i think the more they achieve in the future in january the more they agree on other things you're likely to see one day that they will live itself and start running in a way where aid and medicine and other supplies can go in through the port city anger of a saudi arabia continues to rise in the u.s. with the senate voting to condemn its long standing ally for the war in yemen and its role in the murder of the journalist demolishor cheap the washington post is running a full page ad in tribute to her shop she who was a regular contributor to the newspaper the post says that it will continue to push for meaningful action against riyadh over its role in his killing friday's ad is
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part of a larger campaign planned for twenty nineteen the man at the center of sri lanka's political crisis is resigning prime minister mahinda rajapakse appointment seven weeks ago cause an awful president may support a set of cena victim to replace ron ill with crime singha the government has been without a functioning government for the two weeks now after a court suspended rajapaksa and his cup of that ever he would reports. less than two months ago he was being sworn in as sri lanka's new prime minister but after weeks of political turmoil mahinda rajapaksa has to resign to ensure his son said on twitter the stability of the nation rajapaksa was previously sri lanka's president for decades bringing to an end the country's long civil war with the brutal final assault on the tamil tiger rebels his appointment as prime minister
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though has being controversial from the stasi and plunged the country into a constitutional crisis was it began in october when the president matter of policy or a saner appointed rajapaksa and unceremoniously sacked ronald bikram singha within days thousands turned out to show that it's or saying his decision since then there have been demonstrations supporting and opposing rajapaksa. sri lanka has now been without a functioning government for nearly two weeks after call suspended rajapaksa and his cabinet when they lost to no confidence votes i don't see lanka's highest course the decision by the president to dissolve the parliament ahead of its term and call a snap election january was unconstitutional rajapaksa his decision to step down as
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unlikely to mean that sri lanka's political landscape could more turn to a kind of normality any time soon mahinda rajapaksa is expected to address the nation on saturday and the heywood al-jazeera. donald trump's former lawyer says the president told him to pay harsh money to two women during the twenty sixteen presidential elections michael cohen insists the trump you that he was the make that knew that making the payout was wrong cohen gave his first interview since being sentenced to prison on multiple charges which include violating campaign finance laws related to those payments. reports. as the courtroom drama surrounding donald trump's former personal lawyer came to a dramatic conclusion this week michael cohen was largely silent not anymore dying knew what i was doing was wrong in contrast to his earlier statements cohen now says trump knew about the hush money payments he was making to two women alleged to
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have had affairs with trump according to cohen the payments were directed by trump in an effort to influence the outcome of the twenty sixteen presidential election nothing in the trump organization was ever done unless it was run through mr trump he directed me to make the payments he directed me to become involved in these matters the payments were in the hundreds of thousands campaign finance law caps contribution to a campaign at twenty seven hundred dollars making the payments and the legal donation to trump denies he ever directed his former lawyer to break the law i never directed him to do anything wrong whatever he did he did on his own he's a lawyer a lawyer who represents a client is supposed to do the right thing that's what you pay them a lot of money on wednesday cohn was sentenced to three years in prison his crimes include making false statements to congress tax evasion and arranging those payments during the twenty sixteen election he will begin serving his sentence in
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march he denies he's speaking out to embarrass the president but instead to further the probe into possible ties between the trump campaign and russia the special counsel stated emphatically that the information that i gave to them was credible and. helpful there's a substantial amount of information that they possess that corroborates the fact that i am telling the truth here down the line i am done with the lying i am done being loyal to president trump cohen's conviction and scandalous revelations come as president trumps political and potentially legal problems are compounding cohen's cooperation also suggest the russian probe under special counsel robert muller is excel orating can really help get al-jazeera the white house president trump has picked his next chief of staff he announced that bunch of director mick mulvaney will step into the role next year on an interim basis of any
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takes over from john kelly who is resigning after almost a year in the job a study that has formally recognized west jerusalem as the capital of israel prime minister scott morrison made the announcement in sydney just a short time ago he said that australia will not move its embassy from tel aviv from now unlike the us which recognised the whole of jerusalem as israel's capital earlier this year the story has only recognised the western hall of the city a strategy that now recognizes western resume being the seat of the knesset and many of the institution is government is the capital of israel which jerusalem is the capital of israel. and we look forward to moving our embassy to west jerusalem when practical in support of and after final status determination serbia has warned of military intervention is possible cause of a decision to turn its defense force into
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a regular army serbia seeking an emergency meeting with the un security council to discuss the issue kosovo is government says that it has the right to raise an army for self-defense but serbia says that violates international agreements which ended the war between the two countries in the late one nine hundred ninety s. serious such reports from belgrade kosovo's parliament approved the first read of the draft laws on october and during the process cost of a serbian minority remains opposed to the creation of a course of the army a position shared by the great which he denies course was existence as a state alexander would like to do president of serbia said he did not understand how anyone in the world could approve the creation of a course that was army or turn a blind eye to something as he said entirely in the collision with all international documents he added serbia will not lead to the war drums but want to allow anyone to humiliate this series.


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