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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 17, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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think a dollar. is a small amount but a done little in one of these poor countries could bring three meals a day for a poor person what i'm saying here is that we have to own was that a member of the hungry people somewhere of that number actually is also and the increase and we have to do neat as individual society as. able to come. donate something i think they should do in order to bring peace and stability to the world mr jimmy do in your final thoughts create opportunities for investments in the water production system strong sun create wealth and jobs and there will be a place for everyone thank you very much mr kemp on a final thought from you me ms i have an l.c.d. they don't like message would be the world in general should also take care
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of the primary forests of water sources and we have to work on that and we have to actually assess whether these carbon permits so we could call them have worked and whether this has been and thank you very much mr martino scott i waited and the way the quotation of my from a former president of freezer actually meant pettis. saying that there was no sense to fight for water when we conquer eighty eight. there is no science to fight for our lives on one recount fertilise eat and not turn turn in our war technology is the better out there not the two war. ok well on that note we'll leave it there we thank you very much i thank all of my panelists for joining us today great discussion thank you to the audience for joining us as well that was
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good to have you with us and thank you very much for watching this special edition of inside story from the doha for a but i for now. in malaysia schooling is a luxury for children of writing or muslim refugees but. every child deserves an opportunity for faith and creativity the arms them with the skills to overcome any hurdle and seize the threat to his schools existence as a test of his faith. caution school of hope part of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. if you want to learn about the world might look like very serious
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regard hundred and hungry is in the extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through. since mass immigration story we aired paunch question is with you because yours and the problems that the culture of the. some grading us is or is not comfortable with european culture this is not like food fascists. triumphal march. dreams of conquest and of global try. this is very very uneventful glide towards the precipice without resistance we are past the danger has already happened. it was then just ten years ago. now this is it.
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rare out saudi arabia condemns the us senate for accusing the. crown prince of jamal khashoggi is madder. hello welcome to a live from doha i'm. coming up to don's president al bashir becomes the first arab leader to go to syria since the conflict began in twenty eleven. thousands of hunger ariens protests against prime minister viktor orban labor reforms dubbed the slave lol plus. i'm scott either in bangkok's chinatown the
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work group of performers is trying to keep the centuries old art form of chinese opera alive their story coming up. saudi arabia is denouncing what it calls blatant interference by u.s. senators who are blaming the crown prince for ordering the murder of jamal khashoggi the republican controlled senate voted on thursday to hold mohammed bin sound man responsible for the killing of the saudi list a second resolution called for an end to u.s. military support for the saudi u.a.e. led war in yemen the saudi foreign ministry said the senate's decision could affect relations. and canada's prime minister is seeking ways to cancel a weapons deal with saudi arabia just one true day this is called
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a measure to mount a show that sceptical and is demanding out says one was working out how to cancel a contract for trucks it's part of a thirteen billion dollar deal made by the precise a government relations have been tense since canada's ambassador was expelled earlier this year in a disagreement over human rights in the kingdom i the murder of a journalist is absolutely unacceptable that's why canada from the very beginning has been demanding answers and solutions on that secondly we inherited actually a fifteen billion dollar contract signed by steven harper to export light armored vehicles to saudi arabia we are engaged with the export permits to try and see if there is a way of of no longer exporting these vehicles to saudi arabia will have been speaking to mowing kabul and he's director of policy analysis at the arab center for research and policy studies he says the khashoggi murder has put saudi arabia and a far greater pressure than even the nine eleven attacks in new york. we're expecting
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that sort of reaction by the saudis because they're unanimous condemnation by the u.s. senate for the current prince. targeting him responsible for the murder of jamal he was a very strong step indeed by the u.s. congress in fact we were expecting something to come out from saudi arabia because this is where he was the most challenging the more serious crisis the relationship between the saudis and the americans saudi arabia and the united states in fact and even its more even more worse than disciplined by eleven attacks on. the twin towers. fifteen years ago so actually this is something that it's really serious and is really big in the relationship between the two countries i saw with these they may have not actually anticipated this at the very beginning of the thought that this will just go away as time passes because the strategy was buying as much time as possible so that this case might just go away or diet or the media actually
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sees focusing on this issue about saudi arabia has in fact become part of this conflict the mess the conflict in the united states between the u.s. administration that mistaken on one hand and the congress on the other hand and i think that is something the saudis they did not actually realize at the very beginning this is why it's becoming very serious well i mean there is this sort of strategic relationship between the two economies but this statistic relation is also coming is subject to change if you can board if we compare that relationship to lift say twenty or fifty years ago it was and might be in a much more strategic than it is now why because the united states was very much dependent on saudi oil on always coming from the gulf region today the united states is the biggest the habs the largest oil producer in the world even produces more all those saudi arabia itself so saudi arabia is not actually because of oil is becoming really important to the americans it's because of other things maybe.
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because maybe for your arm because of the peace process in the middle east but not actually because of the main that was the main bill out of the relationship between saudi arabia and the united states from the very beginning. and turkey has accused european countries of turning a blind eye to the murder jamal khashoggi the u.n. secretary general antonio good ted ish meanwhile has renewed his call for a credible investigation the saudi journalist was killed inside the kingdom this and that on the second of october there are harder reports from istanbul. it's been almost three months since she was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul turkey continues to accuse saudi arabia of trying to cover up the crime because of its lack of transparency in the investigation turkey is also frustrated with what it sees as an action on the part of the west many european countries who are promoting the freedom of media for freedom of expression are closing their eyes and
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this country and the politicians you know you see this statement putting some sanctions on the people who are already in prison who will never be visiting those countries the calls are now growing louder for an international investigation what we have said since the beginning is it's absolutely essential to have a credible investigation and to have the punishment of those that were killed turkey has recently said there are discussions about opening an international investigation because a lack of cooperation from saudi arabia is blocking progress present bardon doesn't know that that does not that he can't do this alone he does need the backing up and the full force of the international arena we do see the west trying not to be in wild with this but as we see that we also see president are the one pushing this i'm not letting it go she's killing sparked international outrage and condemnation but there has been little action against saudi arabia
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a un investigation would according to experts put more pressure on riyadh but there needs to be international political will. findings of this mission is not binding for both parties so this the shortcoming of these very winding missions are. high level of cooperation this has this such cummings has. existed when it comes to the international commission want to enter to do myanmar that has been established by the united nations human rights commission in myanmar government has refused to and through the country for the investigators a position saudi arabia is likely to take it insists it will handle the case on its soil turkish officials are growing impatient with what they describe as a lack of seriousness on the part of saudi authorities even president pressure tell you border guard has been more outspoken he used to avoid mentioning mohamed bin
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sound man by name he has now criticized the saudi crown prince's explanation on a killing and accuse those who took an active part in the murder of being his closest aides turkey is not softening its stance but it continues to tread carefully to maintain ties with saudi arabia but pursuing an international investigation would hurt that relationship senator al jazeera is stumble germany's former foreign minister has told our jazeera that more countries should follow berlin's example by ending their arms trade with saudi arabia sigma gabriel who still a member of the german parliament was attending this year's doha forum we stopped for example or delivering of defense of defense materials and capabilities after the crash case when you look at the investigation that hasn't even accounted for where a journalist body is after he's gone in the consulate. many people say that's simply
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not an acceptable vesting of course it's not acceptable and i mean it's also a tragedy we should not forget there are relatives because she had a family and i mean the killing of mystical shogi is a catastrophe but it's for the family and the relatives is. a very bad situation that they are not even able to bury the body and to have a place where they can can go to so it's for me it's also it's not only a political question it's also a question of humanity do you think the world will ever believe that m.b.'s was not responsible for that killing and europe. everybody thinks that there is a certain kind of responsibility i don't know if it's personal order or people thought that it could be his wish it's an open discussion in europe but everybody
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things that it will not that the case will not be organized like an accident. they can see the full interview with germany's former foreign minister signal gabriel talking to sami they then on talk to our jazeera later on today that's monday fourteen thirty greenwich mean time so don't miss it now the latest fighting near yemen's main port city of her data has killed at least twelve people and injured twenty five. the weekend clashes between saudi u.a.e. backed government forces and his the rebels happened just two days before a u.n. brokered cease fire is due to begin today which handles seventy percent of all imports and be the seeds for months. so the president omar bashir has become the first arab leader to visit syria since opposition protests began there nearly eight years ago the assad government stands accused by the u.n.
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and rights groups of committing multiple war crimes and al bashir is accused by the international criminal court of genocide and war crimes in sudan while sudan's foreign ministry says the president's visit shows commitment to resolving regional crises. for. the visit reflects the circumstances and crises experienced by many arab countries and our commitment to find new approaches to action based on respect for the sovereignty of states not interference in its affairs. thousands of people have been protesting in hungary as capital budapest it's the fourth demonstration this week against prime minister viktor orban and his controversial laws that were passed by his right wing government where we challenge reports. for the fourth day now protesters have been on the streets of the hunger area in the capital budapest recent law changes abroad thousands of people out to denounce prime minister viktor orban right wing government has been the long haul
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idea i think that this content is growing and with this not only anger and frustration but also those voices which would like to make change. i do not again banish an answer on a matter of bashing like i have had enough and so have my friends this is now not about opposition politicians about who stands on which side but this is about the discontent of hunger in society yet we have had enough. of the rally started last wednesday following the passing of two new laws one gives the government control over a new administrative court system the other perhaps more unpopular move increases allowable workplace overtime from two hundred fifty to four hundred hours a year victor or vans majority in parliament allowed him to push through the legislation despite complaints from trade unions rights groups and opposition parties they say increasing overtime could harm workers health and the government shouldn't control the courts the government says it wants
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a more efficient legal system and a more flexible labor code i think what these protests suggest is that underlying the book you are. seeing action tom obviously i will say not mean that he's. going to resemble a discount. and this. comes to the fore when the government let that be seen by many as being against their interests the e.u. has seemed unsure how to respond to a government in one of its member states consolidating power by restricting civil liberties but in september the european parliament voted to impose sanctions on hungry for ignoring the rules on democracy civil rights and corruption the government says those claims are not true victor alben says his aim is to build an a liberal democracy in hungary and he's faced little meaningful opposition but anger over the so-called slave law is a reminder that it does still exist chalons al-jazeera. says it come here at
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al-jazeera and were in the in their refugee camp by the mali and border find. next this temporary shelter has become the fourth largest town in mauritania. and to his son hitches its economic fortunes to a giant dam that's been more than forty years in the making. from the clear blue sky of the doha mooning. to the french autumn breeze in the c.t.v. . how are you to welcome back to you in the national weather forecasts we're here across europe watching two particular areas over the next few days going to cause a lot of weather across several sections first of all out here towards the atlantic notice a storm system that's making its way towards ireland and the u.k. that is going to bring some windy conditions as well some very heavy rain over the
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next few days as well as that system is down here towards a central part of the mediterranean the serve low pressure right now across parts of italy is going to bring quite a bit of rain across the region today over towards croatia as well now as we go towards tomorrow we're going to be seeing that area of low pressure really begin to develop and it's going to get windy across much of the area across greece crete as well as into parts of turkey also dealing with hail tomorrow that's going to be one of the big things and they can't rule out a possibility of a tornado or two coming out of these very very strong storms up towards the north is still quite cold from many locations stockholm minus one moscow is looking at about minus nine degrees there and very quickly across northern parts of africa that same system storm.


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