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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 18, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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the crusade an arab perspective the saudi one shot at this time on a just. comes down in the yemeni port city of her data as the warring sides edge towards a cease fire. hello welcome to al-jazeera live from doha i'm martin dennis also coming up in the program. china's president celebrates the fortieth anniversary of the start of the communist transformation into an economic
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superpower. the holiday rental company air b.n. b. denies reversing a ban on listing properties in the occupied west bank and has a marine years been sacked as the coach of english giants manchester united. fans come into effect in the yemeni city of her data there have been reports of sporadic fighting in and around this strategic port but reports now say there is an uneasy calm the fighting was between saudi and new way back government forces and rebels the warring sides had agreed to a truce said peace talks held in sweden last week international observers are now due to arrive to monitor the cease fire that a day there is a vital entry point for food and aid to a country where millions of people are on the brink of starvation. there yemen was
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already the poorest country in the region before the war but now yemen is a suffering the world's worst humanitarian crisis around eighteen million that seventy percent of the population don't have enough to eat at least eight million are on the brink of five in almost two million children are acutely malnourished now that's the stage before starvation day there is the gateway for eighty percent of food and humanitarian aid the port has been besieged for months causing ships to divert elsewhere who the fighters who control the ports continue to resist attacks by government forces and their saudi you a allies caroline said green is a spokeswoman for doctors without borders she was in yemen just a few days ago and she says the situation around the port city is desperate. sorry sir more than no indication to get access to care. for
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data inside a city that says where around to city for example we opened recently on a scooter in mojave intercept for forty eight hours because there was no exit to get our tool from the dutch were there which is almost a terror by road and it is essentially traditional motives or knows that you know that. there is less and less hospital capacity because this stuff early after city decodes a hospital nearby to frontline or because some of the hospital have been destroyed as well and cannot continue to provide care to the population ages to cover continuing to or to to arrive in your name where you're from or tree jews are allowed to vote from i didn't we go to to send to send this reply all given my encouraging to know that. but it's getting more and more the future can be cause or reason along the. fucking bottisham because there is
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a lot of check before to enter any kind of supply in to examine there is as well a lot of insecurity mainly of course many in order that that would be and there is still a lot of bonding almost every day china's president has celebrated the fortieth anniversary of free market reforms which transformed the country from one of the world's poorest to the second largest economy president xi promised to open up even more but he gave few details and he didn't refer directly to the trade standoff with the u.s. but he did make a veiled reference to not being dictated to a german brown reports from beijing. in one nine hundred seventy eight the overall impression of china was one of backwardness and extreme poverty with workers doing jobs machines could do better the country was still recovering from the chaos and cruelty of chairman mao's political campaign. china's current president xi jinping
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was twenty five and a postgraduate student china's leader then was done shopping and on december the eighteenth in the great hall of the people he delivered one of the most important speeches in china's history outlining a radical plan to reform and open up the country stagnating economy allowing foreign investment from rivals like japan and the united states the southern city of shenzhen next to hong kong would be the crucible of that change the tiptoeing into capitalism had begun. forty years on president xi delivered another keenly anticipated speech unusually sitting down and he struck a defiant tone no one would stop china's rise neil curry from meeting there is no textbook to follow no one is in a position to dictate to the chinese people what should or should not be done.
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china's development he said pose no threat to any country given the current sino us trade friction that's begun to her china's economy this was a timely address but other than a vague promise to continue the reforms that dung began president she didn't address the trumpet ministrations concerns that there be less state control in china's economy. in this space park we found contrasting views about whether life had got better for all. my biggest feeling is that our speed keeps going faster and faster we getting more and more airplanes and reaching out to more destination and no countries can beat our high speed trains i think this is site is only good when the disadvantaged people benefit as well not just for the rich ones china's leaders have proved one thing you could improve livelihoods and grow an
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economy without political reform adrian brown al jazeera beijing but we've been speaking to don wang who's of the economist intelligence unit she says following the president's speech is a little chance of any development in the trade war with the us i do not see the possibility of even a small breakthrough because china has made several gestures in the past to make some compromise with the u.s. but at this point any observers would have realized that it's not a war the us want it's not about trade deficit isn't arbitrate it's about the commanding heights of all you can amuse and that is technology and the u.s. so far has been trying so hard to decouple its domestic technology sector from china's technology sector in order to maintain its dominance in technology and this is quite alarming to china because according to see speech today china would focus still on its indigenous innovation and that would be something that china is going
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to support for a long time and because of the i do not see any any possible new deal as a signing in the next ninety days. the foreign ministers of russia iran and turkey have arrived in geneva the un led talks about syria they are going to be submitting names which would form a committee some kind of constitutional committee to help negotiate a new constitution for syria about one hundred fifty people are due to be on this committee representing many strands of syrian society and go live now to our correspondent ben a smith is there in geneva and so these three foreign nations are submitted names fifteen names apiece to make up what will be a constitutional committee for syria sounds very much as the decisions are being made not by syrians but by others. while the fifty names between the martino will also be agreed with the u.n.
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and they'll go on to this list of a total of one hundred fifty names. come from the syrian regime assad's regime fifty names of come from opposition groups and then these other fifty names from over looks really by the russians the turks and the iranians and the hope is they've agreed with a lot of haggling over exactly who should be on this list and the hope is today that final fifteen names will be agreed and then that will be for for perhaps for approval by the u.n. secretary general later on this week but it's taken the u.n. special envoy for serious stuff under. the truck to me about nearly a year to come to get these people around the table and to to agree on these names of something of an achievement if they get the fifty names agreed today marty and this is likely to be his last act isn't it because of mr or is jews about out of the job at the end of the year. yes this will probably be one of his
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last meetings he hires over syria he's been he's been the third u.n. special representative to syria that has been the other two sort of resigned in frustration essentially but he's resigning just for personal reasons but the hope is he said last month that if these one hundred fifty names are agreed they could meet as early as the end of the year the end of december that seems a little bit optimistic now but once these onesies committee does meet their challenge are enormous challenge is for all of them to agree on constitutional changes or a new constitution for syria and given how bitter divisive and bloody this war has been you can imagine the challenges of agreeing to the shape of some sort of new constitution for syria marty bennis with a live in geneva thank you now online holiday mental company air b.n. b. has a night making a u. turn on its decision to ban listings of properties in illegal settlements of the
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occupied west bank the company made the announcement last month israel's tourism ministry there has since said that a b m b b m b back down after threats of legal action in israel and the us stephanie decker has more from western resulin. the vice president of air b.n. b. is in jerusalem talking to the tourism minister this led to some confusion on tuesday initially air b.n. b. putting out a statement in hebrew by its israeli spokesperson indicating that it was going back on its november decision to stop listing homes and properties in the illegal settlements in the occupied west bank now the israeli tourism minister also hinted at that well soon after air b.n. b. put out a another statement saying that this was incorrect that basically its policy and its decision had not changed it did however clarify that it didn't agree with the b.d.s. movement the boycott divestment and sanctions movement that cesar israeli products
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boycotted or this settlements in the west bank these kinds of things are distancing itself from the political movement of when it comes to boycotting israel but saying that it was talking to all sides and it was trying to understand what was a very complex and emotional issue it is of course i think air b.n. b. is learning just how complicated this situation is here remains to talk to the tourism minister on wednesday we'll wait and see if there is any other statement but certainly it shows you the pressure that the israeli lobby has the power that it has and also the pressure and the concerns israel has when you have such a high profile international company like air b.n. b. saying that it will no longer advertise it will no longer work with the settlements in the west bank which are of course illegal under international at the moment from what we understand its policy has not changed it will continue not to miss them but they continue to be listed on its website basically because from what we understand
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there's a complicated legal issue to remove the listings in the settlements but again it just highlights the complicated nature of the situation on the ground here. no it's not a commie are it out there and creating the south africans who say they're fighting to save three hundred years of a heritage from the developers and the pristine landscape on the frontline of the global war on drugs we have a special report from. the winter seems to be with us in japan one frontal system is going through very obvious line there but the breeze is to come across the sea it's cold overland very rustic temperatures run about minus one a minus two and the sea of japan is warm
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a secret cloud of rain and snow from mt fuji northward so it's mountain snow the sun's out for the korean peninsula and beyond the escorts too cold is not that brilliant in beijing but it has been much worse and the picture for thursday still raining on the coast of honshu still some snow inland in the mountains otherwise generally quiet increasing cloud further south and that runs back to shanghai as well as a reason for that obviously recent cyclon has really in just an awful lot of rain right up through bhutan and into the himalayan placer now this mass which of course is snow but this time is heading eastward so between wednesday and thursday snow will fall hard ground rain at low ground across the yangtze valley over that was shanghai so a wet day not necessarily getting any colder and that with forty eight in shanghai and about twenty five in hong kong the coast of vietnam is drawing now i think the heaviest rain in the next day or so is going to be constrained to the east of the
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southern philippines. running is one of the most accessible sports in the. al-jazeera correspondent andrew richardson takes us on his personal journey of discovery when you find yourself out in the middle of nowhere and run is hurting a washout not just stop exploring the growing popularity in science he pushes the limits from kenya to the antarctic. in search of answers to why we run. our correspondent.
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let's have a look at the top stories here that is there a cease fire has come into effect in the yemeni city of her data there had been reports of sporadic fighting in and around this strategic pull but reports now say there's an uneasy calm. china's president has celebrated the fortieth anniversary of free market reforms which transformed the country from one of the world's poorest to the world's second largest economy president xi open up to the world even more but he gave few details the foreign ministers of russia iran and turkey have arrived in geneva for un the talks on syria the most important priority to agree on how to set up a committee that would negotiate a new syrian called situation the committee would be made up of one hundred fifty people representing most strands of syrian society. has been sacked manager of manchester united he'll leave with immediate effect following the
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club's was stopped to a season in twenty eight years lee wellings takes a look back at what went wrong for a modern year. when joe's a marine you arrived at manchester united in twenty six dane fans were hoping you would prove he was still the special one but he's going to old trafford was not special instead it will be remembered as a disappointment of a his sullen defensive and argumentative approach you know what these men three knew but also mean sri premierships and i wanted more premierships alone then the other nineteen managed to get. see for me it's all for them receiving respect and respect respect respect so it was clear there was a problem between the radio and players mainly paul pogba a hero for france in their world cup win but failing to produce he's best form for united and outspoken against his boss on social media and united soccer at their worst start with things in the needy thirty years but it was with reluctance that
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the clubs were close of american owners the glazes decided to sack another manager that big criticised for the failures of david moyes and louis van all off the thirty eight trophies in a glorious twenty six year reign of alex ferguson marino was successful in portugal italy spain and twice in england with chelsea particularly his first writing from two thousand and four he had a different energy about him in those years but the second spell at chelsea and it with his dismissal in twenty fifth day in a job that was marred by off the field issues he's treatment of the club's medical staff mainly ava kenya oh that's a court case and a discrimination settlement in her favor this didn't stop united appointing him and there were bright spots in the marine air united as they won the english league cup and the europa league in successive seasons but united are used to winning bigger competitions and the executive in runs the clobbered woodward has the club after much success in business deals with better football and trophies when you're least
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manchester with substantial financial compensation having had a contract until twenty twenty one under reported salary of more than twenty million dollars per year but his reputation as a world class coach and serial winner has suffered considerable possibly irreparable damage al-jazeera. now then forges a man in your pats one of the world's most recognizable football managers. well yes indeed josie marino is had such a brilliant career over a couple of decades and so much success but i think the problem for manchester united is that they appointed him on that reputation not what he done towards the end of his chelsea by where he was severely discredited it never works at manchester united it wasn't just a fight i was struggling with results the amount of tension with the players particularly pol pot those already come out seemingly gloating on social media and
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that's what you've got a dressing room that just didn't enjoy playing for josie marino in the in the manchester united owners looked at that they nearly sacked him a couple of months ago that we just can't carry on like this they certainly didn't want to sack him because the manchester united owners do not like parting with money and this cost a reported thirteen million dollars to part with josie marino some are saying that he knew that and was happy just to buy the money but think about the damage to his reputation and that's him what about manchester united which as you've already pointed out has had a bit of every p.c. season everyone in the frame to think to take over man you. believe originally they were looking down and they still might be the only think about that is the talks about a caretaker manager to the end of the season or sit downs available so why wouldn't he be appointed now if he's the man so that's an intriguing one might they have their eye on someone at the end of the season possibly even tottenham fans won't like me for this but it's a no that the manager is so successful they're maybe they're waiting for an
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opportunity with him right now the man on the spot you have to feel a bit sorry for michael carrick finds himself trying to turn around manchester united fortunes for the game against cardiff not knowing who's going to come in for an interim period and then there might be a long term replacement over you can tell can't you this is an absolute mess and it's a cop that hasn't really been done properly since the departure of alex ferguson since his retirement with all those trophies and the card that its critics i are more focused on business and business deals than actually winning football matches they were ling's live in london thanks. parliament has convened for the first time after the reappointment of runaway government singer as prime minister he's put together a cabinet he hopes will move the country on from the political crisis that was triggered by his sacking. human rights watch says it's gathered evidence of violent acts being committed against asylum seekers crossing the border from turkey to
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greece the organization interviewed twenty six people who crossed over in the north eastern region of ever are says she's here and they describe being pushed back over a river into turkey and some made even more serious allegations like being beaten by police in detention and being stripped of their clothes human rights watch wants the e.u. to urge greece to end forced push that sand to investigate a sort of allegations. the u.n. security council's concerned by kosovo's decision to turn its security force into an army serbia is angry at friday's announcement which prompted the security council to meet the un peacekeeping chief is calling on both sides to show restraint garber got them of kosovo has made a mistake it's only that we had it for five years unnecessarily to establish an army the decision for the army might be belated but in no way is it the wrong one it's believed it because we waited for goodwill from those that never showed any
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good will towards cassava we are free seeing more and more difficulties in the area of course when not all here and i have to say the time very much worried very much concerned and a bit even afraid of the future and for the future not only. for my people of our country serbia but of an entire region. says it's fixed a bug in the system that enabled hackers to steal uses data the breach revealed partial phone numbers and country codes from people filling out a customer support form a large number of inquiries came from china with twitter is banned and saudi arabia now to what's described as a front line in the global war on drugs the southern border of to ji kissed on tons of heroin opium and marijuana a smuggled from neighboring afghanistan every year charles stratford reports on why
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international efforts to stop the narcotics trade of failing. because of not a guess was a heroin addict for seventeen years she's getting treatment at this government health center in tajikistan capital to show. her husband used to smuggle heroin into the country from neighboring afghanistan by swallowing sealed bags of the drug . many young people. despite knowing. i don't understand why no one told me when i started using heroin we thought it was just about enjoying ourselves. is a front line in the global war on drugs a war that the international community is struggling to win in some places along the one thousand three hundred kilometer border with afghanistan the villages set among the premier mountains are so close you can see and hear children playing on the other side the un estimates around twenty percent of afghan drugs pass through
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to markets around the world all that separates afghanistan from tajikistan certainly in this region is the river which as you can see in places like this is literally just a few meters wide now international experts say that despite hundreds of millions of dollars having been spent try and stop the smuggling of drugs from afghanistan across this border the effects indeed the success of domestic policies with international assistance has been minimal tajikistan's and he narcotic agency was keen to show us how they deal with the drugs they see. bags of opium. boxes of heroin thrown into an incinerator. the government says more than three tons of heroin has been intercepted so far this year. drug traffic
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by it. is getting lower this shows to better at controlling the situation but the u.n. drugs agency and the u.s. and european governments are regularly accused as you can stand of not doing enough . the u.s. says it's believed much of the drugs that moved through the country do so with the help of corrupt police and government officials some international reports estimated drug smuggling accounts for almost a third of tajikistan's economy last year a record nine thousand tons of opium was produced in afghanistan mainly by armed groups including the taliban almost double the amount from two thousand and sixteen and with little sign of peace in afghanistan it's expected to start will remain a major transit route for drugs on the way to russia china and other countries around the world child stop at al-jazeera or the times you can stand afghanistan border a boom and electronic cigarettes in the u.s.
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has prompted calls for more regulation to stop them getting into the hands of young people a new survey has found twice as many high school students are using nicotine electronic cigarettes or vegas as compared with last year medical experts warn that nicotine is home for two developing brains of teenagers. legal action is underway in south africa to try to save three hundred years of history is for me to miller reports from cape town the malayan muslim community property developers to stay away. these protests are being held every day people living in the poor cop community are angry about what they say is the gentrification of their neighborhood most demonstrations have been small and peaceful but this one turned violent when attempts were made to bring a construction crane into the area. well cop is in the heart of
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cape town it's a prime location and the developers dream but new and expensive buildings are out of most locals price range the cheapest apartment in this block will cost a hundred and thirty five thousand dollars but they say if they're fully there to be an island of the truth of a thirty thousand foot in the private overthe trail we ask what traffic assessment because our growth that really is the fact the building of such a vehicle even parking woke up became known as the mill a quarter in the eight hundred thirty s. when freed slaves from indonesia madagascar and india moved in it's now famous for its distinctive architecture and cobbled streets people here can fit a book up to be the cradle of islam in southern africa it's home to the oldest loss that dates back almost three hundred years but they also say this there is heritage is important for all south africans because it tells the story of slavery the forced removal of people and up our dates of racial laws as well as the country's
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cultural diversity architects sadik tofor was born in book carpenters live joe all his life he says in recent years new laws have allowed for a zoning scheme which supports business friendly developments in the city. heritage is is is activated when a cultural resource is under threat and that's why heritage has been the key word in protest movements in for coffee because i didn't it's the religious life of the military life social institutions urban fabric all of that ice as as has been under threat the cape town government now says it will support the area beings own to heritage site but first needs to consult the people here but the community says it's asked for protection for years and the city has been slow to respond but coming from a working class background the status have become law and more and affordable for working class people because instantly the value of properties will go up
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according to the value of high developments a court has ruled that for now the construction crane cannot into ball camp for people here a tiny victory in the fight to preserve sin trees old history. al-jazeera walkup cape town. and don't forget you can find out a lot more about all the day's developing stories on the al-jazeera website al jazeera dot com. time frezza take a look at the top stories here it is there a cease fire has come into effect in the yemeni city of a danger there had been reports of sporadic fighting in and around the strategic port but reports now say there's an uneasy calm the warring sides had agreed to a truce that peace was held in sweden last week international observers analogies are arrive to monitor the cease fire china's president has celebrated the fortieth
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anniversary of free market reforms which transformed the country from one of the world's poorest to the world's second largest economy president xi promised to open up to the world even more he did not refer directly to the trade standoff with the u.s. but he made this veiled reference. so you go you there is no textbook of rules to follow for the reforms and opening of china a country with five thousand years of history civilization and with a population of more than one point three billion people no one is in a position to dictate to the chinese people what should or should not be done the foreign ministers of russia iran and turkey have arrived in geneva for un led talks on syria their priority is to agree on how to set up a committee there with the games here to new syrian constitution the committee will be made up of one hundred fifty people representing most strands of syrian society the online holiday rental company air b.n. b. has denied making a u.
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turn on its decision to ban listings of properties in illegal settlements of the occupied west bank the company made the announcement last month israel's tourism ministry has since said be back down after threats of legal action in israel and the us so long as parliament has convened for the first time after the reappointment of runnel with what i'm a singer as prime minister he's put together a cabinet he hopes will move the country on from the political crisis that was triggered by his sacking just a marine who has been sacked as manager of manchester united following the club's worst ever premier league start let in you had been in charge at old trafford for only two and a half years he'll leave with immediate effect the writer of today those are the latest headlines coming up next inside story.
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hungary's slave labor protest says again invents that new legislation which includes holst over time. is already facing new sanctions for. democracy how will you deal with growing challenges both at home. this is inside story. welcome to inside story. the right wing prime minister of hungary.


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