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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 351  Al Jazeera  December 18, 2018 2:32pm-3:02pm +03

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holiday rental company air b.n. b. has denied making a u. turn on its decision to ban listings of properties in illegal settlements of the occupied west bank the company made the announcement last month israel's tourism ministry has since said be back down after threats of legal action in israel and the us sir lanka is parliament has convened for the first time after the reappointment of runnel with what i'm a singer as prime minister he's put together a cabinet he hopes will move the country on from the political crisis that was triggered by his sacking. has been sacked as manager of manchester united following the club's worst ever premier league start a new had been in charge at old trafford for only two and a half years he'll leave with immediate effect the writer of today those are the latest headlines coming up next inside story.
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hungary's slave labor laws protest says again invents that new legislation which includes forced overtime. is already facing a new sanctions for flouncing rules on democracy how will he deal with growing challenges both at home and the world this is inside story. welcome to inside story. the right wing prime minister of hungary is at the center
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of yet more controversy they told faced unprecedented disciplinary action from the european parliament a few months ago for breaching core democratic values of the e.u. on the streets of budapest pots on sunday for another mass protest against new legislation which trade unions opposition students and others all say amount to modern day slavery they're demanding the laws revotes freedom for the media and independence for the. roy hallums house all reports. for the fourth day now protesters have been on the streets of the hunger area the capital budapest recent law changes a brought fouls and people out to denounce prime minister viktor orban his right wing government has been the lone voice i think that this content is growing and with not only anger and frustration but also those voices which would like to make change. well you know again banish an answer and again when i'm mad at bashing look i have had enough and so have my friends this is now not about opposition
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politicians about who stands on which side but this is about the discontent of hunger in society yet we have had enough of. the rally started last wednesday following the passing of two new laws one gives the government control over a new administrative court system the other perhaps more unpopular move increases allowable workplace overtime from two hundred fifty to four hundred hours a year victor all bans majority in parliament allowed him to push through the legislation despite complaints from trade unions rights groups and opposition parties they say increasing overtime could harm workers health and the government shouldn't control the courts the government says it wants a more efficient legal system and a more flexible labor code i think what these protests suggest is that underlying the book you are. seeing election tom obviously i will say not mean that he's.
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going to resemble a discount. and this. comes to the fore when the government introduce its like to be seen by many as being against their interests the e.u. has seemed unsure how to respond to a government in one of its member states consolidating power by restricting civil liberties but in september the european parliament voted to impose sanctions on hungry for ignoring the rules on democracy civil rights and corruption the government says those claims are not true picked over and says his aim is to build and a liberal democracy in hungary and he's faced little meaningful opposition but anger over the so-called slave law is a reminder that it does still exist chalons al-jazeera. as in states our pal now and joining us via skype from brought up. we have carolyn international secretary of the hungarian trade union confederation in berlin. john
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m one a professor in european studies at stanford university in berlin and also via skype from budapest go get a ryan i an unlisted hungary's center for that political analysts a very warm welcome to all of you carolyn it says starts with you because these new this new labor law i mean this is what sparked these protests which have been going on now for four days against the government but how much are there out burst of broader discontent against viktor obama's policies. well first of all this hasn't started a couple of days ago it has started already back in ninety eight in and in tucson zoned to time he loved him man a new labor cool it was introduced to change his feet should marry much destroyed previously acquired the right support for most forty individual burger and for it to collective interest defense and icing it has
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been just part of a major change in the pattern of policy making there by it is not an inclusive they are doing politics but an ex clues even those in power know every single best and they don't require barak nurse was shifting partners so that's how he got two days below already two years ago changes in their labor record have thirsts and fart of the situation and finally the ended up good days as cindy interviewed before mentioned so lavery measures vision practical t v c very definitely for some the living conditions of the burghers because practically it is going to introduce a kind of six weeks verging the beach week personally i have experienced as a child back in the one nine hundred sixty s.
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before the introduction of different set of days i do remember back i saw my parents and i saw my family during the sunday and this is about the fear again since there is a very significant imbalance that to the in the in get by our relation between the employer and of her care of her carer might say no but that might risk his or her child so there is significant and important fear of us that s.-o. first of china. even the new comes into force people know i speak about four point six million reverse employees that means practically every hunger yosemite the viewers have a chance to experience the negatives and raise it hence why ice is number natural and get an idea from. how necessary this new law is because victor oban
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of course says there's a labor shortage and therefore we need the hungry need that. i thing that orbán states that it's necessary because he wants to pass it that said that has been his reasoning in the past i think that in this case it was a little too much a little too quickly or man has as we've heard before into similar measures or measures in similar direction before but it was always a slower process now it comes on top off a lot of controversial issues like mentioned in the report the vote on hungary and also the universities have issues and the hungry and economical sciences have issues getting funding from the government and that there are a bunch of issues that are all pushed by the government and this particular time and one thing that. a lot of similar levels have been passed before the this has
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reached a tipping point right now so i don't think that this particularly lower was necessary or at least particularly low is particularly controversial in the hunger area and society but because of a number of other laws and measures that have been bad very recently it has reached a tipping point and that's why you see all these front end of the so in the report it's the straw that broke the camel's back as it were because of as we know we've often seen obama look ahead to the e.u. but how unusual is it to spot this amount of anger at home it is not perfectly unprecedented there have been similar protests against the media will back in two thousand and eleven and twelve similar protests against issues in the center european university which have basically concluded now and century of the university being moved out of hungary into weekend so there have been similar protests in the last eight years and also particularly the internet tax
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reform that was proposed in two thousand and fifteen direct huge huge protests much bigger and they want to right now and in all of those cases or one has many to somehow alleviate the tensions in time it remains to be seen if you stick gave these things. carroty what do you think if you look back at all those on the protests did you get the feeling the impression that obama's actually listening to them how does he manage to alleviate the tensions and do you think he will be able to this time for support first of all my experience and our experiences that. there is there has not been any listing one the other side the quick because it chief certain. i would say kind of gains in those he issues about the very day might have been but in the zero terms vote has been decided by the top mansour and that has also something to do with the to percent shown that there is
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no need for dialogue neither of it any part of the society nor the dissolution of partner's s. four d. third of labor that's what we criticize have a duty that not even in the international conventions. set that terms are on place we have rarely chances to get our voice to just like i would say many spaces a that we have freedom of speech freedom of press yes i can go and we can go on the street to express our opinion but it doesn't get sued to the media because it's mostly in the hands of the government really what's been the response of the so far. well there is a procedure to investigate the state of democratic changes or anti-democratic changes within a country and the european parliament presented
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a long list of violations or points that gave reasons to be concerned and since we have pretty bad social scientists to predict the future it came as a surprise that a relatively minor case in all these major changes actually triggered such an opposition the european union presents this as some sort of a naming and shaming policy because at the end of the day it's not really likely that everyone stands strongly together like in the predicted case and accuses of violating fundamental fundamental principles of the european union because every country has more or less problems and especially on can col and poland because there's also an investigation going on regarding the changes in poland and so it's not the most powerful instrument to get
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a country like hungry back on track what is considered to be western principles but it least it puts it in the spotlight and hopes to mobilize internal pressure for change i said you want to delve deeper into the e.u. response from the e.u. can do a little later in the discussion boards want to get an idea of who is viktor orban well he gained wide recognition for his speech in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine when he demanded soviet troops leave hungry and free elections he's one of the founding members of the fathers party which shifted hungary from the center right to the far right obama became prime minister for the first time in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight he returned and two thousand and ten and has won three consecutive term. since then he's been criticized for his anti immigration policies and for weakening hungary's democratic institutions. oban is on track to
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becoming the longest serving prime minister in hungary in history what is his appeal we are about he has done a lot to get here he has started with a very small park in the one nine hundred ninety s. won the election in one thousand nine hundred eight with broad coalition with a lot of different writing parties and by two thousand and ten he also dated the whole all of the writing parties into one single conglomerate that he's. at the end the home of so he wrote a lot to create a point of a community that is very loyal to him that the members of each are very loyal to each other and we'll watch for him no matter what and because of this community he can achieve a tremendous amount of success in the hungary employed ecosystem but that doesn't mean that he is supported by every hungary and is supported by about the effort the forty percent of the hungry and people and the electorate and that is enough
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because the political community is so active and so loyal to him that his power is now on questions apparently you mentioned before that one of the problems that hungary has is that there's no dialogue when it comes to passing laws new policies and when you look at all bans to says majority and parliament one wonders if the opposition is able to oppose anything. i sink this is a real question there is a serious kept if you look at the opium polls. and about if you look at the what happens if it indeed polling stations and you're listening to people in pops at school in your family in your friends circles you get hope osing views you get support for oregon at a polling station and you get very heavy criticism as i would see and as i
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see it there is not any single part of the society single group of the society which has not to be in. subject to certain negative changes when the other hand certain groups received also positive changes over the past years so it is a kind of t.v. day that impair our divide and rule game what we see and. the fact that the police see me king create lies on decent very. clue was a group of people but my colleague mentioned and the product has been declared already some over ten years ago it's mom flag camp do unite and he even on the other hand position is split dirt the opposition is fragmented
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and that's how the democratic opposition is not really able to move on to the so yesterday for the first time after a very very long time the opposition parties came together together they did treat unions in the demonstration and it might give a certain light at the end it all ok. if the opposition is indeed spent at home to what extent the hunger and look to the two as a body as an institution that might be able to temper that to obama and his power so the european union is viewed in a very good light in hungary despite some campaigns on the court to the contrary by the government it is very it was a very popular institution and one kind of area has an especially opposition waters so they always look to hold on to your rules get closer to europe that's pretty
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much the goal that most opposition waters and parties are trying to pursue in different parts of course therefore they really expect the to be very active against orbán but i think that it's not the the it's not brussels job to go to war but out of office he's legitimately elected he has a very broad actor at. is a very active political committee that exact same needs that need to be called means if the opposition wants to win and the opposition seems to try to appeal to the same amount same mortars that it always gets but it has to get there new waters and in in order to get that it. has to take up some of the responsibility which are which we are seeing now because beforehand we only so the them assuming basically zero responsibility always pointing to or been and always pointing to europe that they should do something different but now they are for the first time in over a long time seen they are seen as an active actor in hungary employed dixon that is
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very positive that could be a very positive message for a lot of waters who could turn. against or money in the next elections or any we saw that the e.u. and invoked article seven back in september on the very basis that the obama government violated the rule of nor what did that set into motion and what's it going to lead to. well it's relatively easy to put pressure from the u.s. side on candidate countries and tell them this is what we stand for this is our understanding of a western type democratic system and if you are not in line with this we don't accept you but once you are in then you sit in all the institutions and you have represented in the e.u. decides with unanimous vote it's much harder to push a certain interpretation of what is a western type democratic system through and i think this is now the schizophrenia that on the one hand we embrace a culture of diversity and the e.u.
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has been developing along the lines of where western type democratic societies stood and when we look at the different capitals with all their very liberal lifestyles it's different from what we experience in the countryside in hungary and on has a case in presenting an alternative model to just imitate the west but it's extremely hard for the e.u. on the one hand to legitimize why a democratically elected government should do a particular thing and on the other hand they can only show the nuclear option which is freezing the membership rights of a country like hungary and nobody wants that it's not that i'm gary and you know all the european union because also one must remember the big deal about is by no i mean a low voiced that within the e.u. if you very much thought as possible and very much part of the center right coalition in the european parliament and taking the lead pen with nationalist party
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a number of others poland for example and it's an australia to what extent does this nationalist voice for that just writes what it is all tied in together to the e.u. will broadly. well we see a general trend that the populist agenda off personalizing power dismantling the separation of. our putting pressure on churches putting journalists into prison or streamlining media leads to a relatively successful strategy no matter where exactly you stand as a political organization and when we look at previous european parliamentary elections then we had a pretty broad spectrum of political parties but a very fundamental agreement on what the european union is and what it stands for what we now see with all the different bonds and developments in italy and. right
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wing leaders that you mention is a much more politicized european parliamentary election that will also politicize the european union in which this no longer just about how exactly do we run migration policy or the euro but there are a number of very fundamentalist voices that try to get rid of the european union and create something like a union of nationalist forces. guy what's the extent of the old ban the new governments of got their eye on the e.u. how much do they care about event that in brussels on the you know this parliament coming up in may that might shake things off it might allow more protection for this center right coalition or indeed it might break it up what the facts going to have on obama's policy. nay very much have their eye on the upcoming european elections firstly because orbán seems basically two thousand and fourteen has focused on europe mainly and not really on hungary and internal affairs domestic
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politics have been that i get it do other ploy to sions or money's mainly focusing on international politics so it's very important for for him to shape europe not just be a member of europe and this election gives him an opportunity to do that because as you as you mentioned there are other forces that might be allied with or bonn after the election that might want to change the u.s. you know today and that that is what it meant his goal is at the same time. or advance party is still a member of the opium people's party of each is pretty much an establishment party and the largest party in the european parliament and for us is a very important member of that of that group so if they can gain even more ground in new york the elections make any machine of the european people's party into more of a populist force that can really shape the european agenda so the european elections are crucial for a bond i think even more crucial than any hunger in elections at this point because
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he's he's goal now is to become a european leader not just to hungary and interesting headcase and kyra they want to think the run up to that man lections going to be like are we going to see these protests continuing. well definitely as the law comes into force it is slippery little. be doing different actions and we have to see how our colleagues and members react and are ready to join in but as for the european parliamentary election definitely the beatles opened for guard our vision of a future of europe and future of hungary and we say for so for them that they dollop today democrats see a diverse verd of the dollar democrats see at the very least there is no democrats yes all. you maintain are right at the verdict or there are no human
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rights implied so that they would be our point of departure and about we want to see is beyond who beyond lip service like signing subscribing to the european people are oh so sure rights and heavy police and also the international standard send conventions have it in practice so that's basically what our members and diverting people and i told you it said on for another four point six million people that were the day it really deserved so for chaos the coming european parliamentary election is also crucial because it was set for a long time devise the goal and here i fully agree between equality who spoke that the have to fight this fight cheer in hungary internally ok.
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it can't help but can't fight it's worse and there we have to leave that very interesting discussion great to get your expertise on the subject thanks very much to all our guests for joining us here on inside story karalee early put that and gay. thank you too very much for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website this al-jazeera dot com of other discussions facebook facebook dot com a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter. a.j. inside story from a laura call on the whole team here it's by phone or. whether
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online i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you join us on sat there was a rush of adrenaline will be felt this is the moment that we have been waiting for this is a dialogue the government has codebase and a legal protest and instructed police to use force to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice for votes in lots of different reasons what's the difference types of bricks or join the global conversation on al-jazeera. they wanted to see three billion pounds worth of weaponry that was six billion in. there is no hope and a more because there's always a small cobbles people for really really good business. in essence we're in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function your shadow on
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al-jazeera. does there i'm still raman in doha these are all top news stories a cease fire has come into effect in the yemeni city of data there have been reports of sporadic fighting in and around the strategic port but reports now say there's an easy car the warring sides had agreed to a truce a peace talks held in sweden last week china's president are celebrating the fortieth anniversary of free market reforms which transform the country from one of the world's poorest to the world's second largest economy she promised to open up
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the world even more but a few details so. there is no text book of rules to follow for the reforms and opening of china a country with five thousand years of history civilization and with a population of more than one point three billion people no one is in a position to dictate to the chinese people what should or should not be done the foreign ministers of russia iran and turkey have arrived in geneva for us led talks on syria most important priority is to agree on how to set up a committee that would negotiate a new syrian constitution the committee would be made up of one hundred fifty people representing most strands of syrian society bernard smith has the latest from geneva the hope is that russia iran and turkey have agreed the final fifty names to another hundred that will form a constitutional committee that will then discuss constitutional amendments or changes to syria's constitution before elections are held fifty names came from the syrian regime fifty names.


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