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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 20, 2018 11:00am-11:34am +03

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more. people are disappointed with the bombing in minus one hundred days on al jazeera. we have a good study. president says he's pulling u.s. troops out of syria but the pentagon says not so fast. show kerry this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a presidential election in the democratic republic of congo is and the polls scheduled for sunday may not happen. the reality is that the way the process it's a sham a many woman prevented from going to the u.s. because the trans travel ban finally arrives to visit. as
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president swears a new minister is in the latest climb down from a political crisis started. passed a clear victory against iceland syria and word of full withdrawal of american troops from the country the decision surprised his foreign allies and angered some members of his republican party soldiers that as have already started to fly home paddock i reports from washington. it's a massive move that will dramatically change the landscape of the war in syria and one not many saw coming the u.s. president tweeting out that isis has been defeated and that was the only reason u.s. troops were in syria we have won against isis we've beaten them and we've beaten a badly we've taken back the land and now it's time for our troops to come back
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home. but according to the u.s. government the islamic state of iraq and the levant is not actually defeated a point stressed by the president's own state department just last week i think it's fair to say americans will remain on the ground after the physical defeat of the caliphate until we have the pieces in place to ensure that that defeatism during the move comes after a phone call between president trump and president urged one of turkey he's made clear he wants to target the kurds who have fought beside the us and that is more difficult to do if u.s. troops are in his way just a few months ago the president himself is fully heralded as a sacrifice the kurds have made and we're trying to get along very well we do get along great with the kurds we're trying to help them a lot so they fought with us they died with us they died we lost tens of thousands of kurds died fighting isis now many worry what will happen to the kurds what this message sends is we don't stick with people our friends without the currents in the syrian democratic forces we couldn't have beaten isis we couldn't have taken back
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and rock of course we were not willing to commit all of those troops that were necessary others say that should be a concern for the u.s. first time in my lifetime we have a prayer a president with the courage to declare victory and bring the troops home this came as a surprise for many on capitol hill some senators calling this a big mistake it's hard to imagine that any president would wake up and make this kind of decision with this little communication with this little preparation if this decision is a withdrawal of all of our forces in syria were drawn. manically listen this isn't a bomb of life move it's now that the u.s. has withdrawn or is going to withdraw from syria we have left basically turn the country over to russia into an even greater extent iran the administration and the pentagon both released statements saying the fight against i still isn't over that the u.s. is simply transitioning to the next phase of the campaign they didn't say what that
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phase might look like. al-jazeera washington and saying to her as an turkey's capital ankara. as we saw in that in that story there there was at least as far as we can tell not a lot of planning and preparation and thought and deliberation that went into this decision nevertheless it has been announced so what happens to the kurds now. well it is clear because that area in question the two thousand u.s. troops there believed to be two thousand u.s. troops militarily it's an insignificant number but the presence their presence serves as some sort of a deterrent a protection for the kurds from the possibility of a military operation by the turkish military the russian military the syrian military the syrian kurds in particular the y.p. g. forces considered a terrorist organization by the turkish government but the white b.g. has been an ally of the u.s. and now they feel abandoned and they feel that they have been stabbed in the back
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we're hearing statements from turkey's defense minister very strong words saying that the town of the syrian town of members and the east of you is euphrates in syria is now ahead of us and what he called terrorists there are going to be buried very strong words but indeed the past week we have been hearing strong words from turkish officials ever since the turkish president ordered gone said that the turkish military is gearing up for a cross border operation and sense that statement we have seen intense behind the scenes contacts between the turks and the united states the united states reaching out to turkey trying to find some sort of a compromise because it doesn't want to lose turkey's alliance but at the end when the united states pulls out there's going to be a vacuum a vacuum in this enclave who is going to fill that vacuum there's definitely going to be behind the scenes negotiations between turkey russia iran and turkey what is important is the force that will be deployed along the border they want to wipe
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away from that border so who will replace the white p.g. will it be the syrian government or will it be turkish backed syrian rebels so we are expecting in the days ahead you know a lot of behind the scenes negotiations between all these stakeholders and players in the syrian conflict and one of those players obviously is iran as you mentioned the president of iran hassani is is in ankara what the timing do we make. the timing is significant it was previously unannounced it was a surprise visit he landed last night is going to be holding talks with the turkish president his visit coinciding like i mentioned earlier with these overtures by washington towards turkey to try to improve those strained relations and every time that happens iran where is because turkey is the only regional country it's able to coordinate with in the region and it is afraid of losing turkey when turkey moves towards washington and this is part of washington's policy really trying to pull turkey away from russia and iran so there's going to be
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a lot of negotiations between rouhani and are gone but of course rouhani arriving with this unexpected declaration from the u.s. president donald trump so in one way or another they would draw all of u.s. forces strengthens iran and the russian position in turkey and what was afraid of a from the start is strengthening turkish influence in syria so syria has become almost like a chess board we are almost in a post-war phase in syria so everyone trying to divide their sphere of influence in this country with a lot of hard bargaining and political jockeying and positioning taking behind the behinds behind the scenes all right senator lott president president i thank you. one of the opposition candidates running for president in the democratic republic of congo says the country should not postpone sunday's election martin taylor was reacting to the electoral commission's announcement that the pole could be delayed because of technical problems on wednesday police fire tear gas of illicit porters
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had organized a rally that was blocked from attending it after the city's governor banned political gatherings because of security concerns supporters say the decision was a move to hurt his chances of winning a correspondent malcolm webb spoke to him. wednesday afternoon one of the main opposition candidates martin finally was due to have a rally here in the city the crowd gathered he was blocked from entering the city by police and not allowed to attend the rally he was held there until late in the night and during a heavy rainstorm when the supporters it cleared was allowed in the city and he's with me here now with the filing your final rally has been and you weren't even allowed into the capital what's your plan by first of all. mr young got the president of the city if we are everything is written
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in the electoral law because the electoral law said during the campaign every body every time you did as you complain really and i'm asking why they are looking by complaining almost five days during my campaign where it was the complete loss in the lubumbashi they send soldiers villages policeman to shoot people in the kindle manuma provers they didn't allow me to go there in the tellin me the children my supporters asking why and i was prevented to friday to all the part of the country has seen depression what the government can look you has. right he has not to computers to block any kind he did for campaigning the electoral commission's talking about a possible delay to the polish the poll is delayed why do you think that will happen and how will you react the poll cannot be delayed because of mr long god the
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president of the electoral commission has said that he will be on the twenty three and he told everybody that i will be ready and we asked him to have the election on that day if not you have to go he has to go just to leave because it is not good people mr nungesser is not responsible you know he has to give the plea the credible and transparent election on the jew did if he and mr kabila do you have to go i am many woman is visiting her dying son in the united states after winning an almost two year long legal battle to get a v. set as travel ban on visitors from mainly muslim countries stop life as a u.s. citizen from flying to california terrell son of dallas on life support in the hospital there with them for a rare brain disorder she was eventually granted a base after a civil rights group took the government to court. the reality is that the waiver
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process. there's no transparency no meaning process and no oversight. back they also merely approach approved her shows that there was no issue with her case to begin with and that she should have been approved months ago . so let's be clear. if she wants her these that this week was not an act of kindness on their part. the embassy and department of state had a legal obligation to adjudicate shamus waiver not once within a reasonable amount of time and they failed on the application john hendren was at the airport he has more from san francisco. it was perhaps the most anxious we awaited delayed arrival ever here at san francisco international airport shamus while the mother of little arrived after waiting for two years nearly in order to
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get a visa for the united states her son laid dying in an open hospital not far from where i'm standing and her husband and son are both american citizens but this process took such a long time that many say the waiver system here the ban on travel in the united states is simply too unfair to too many people that's what we've heard from a number of the people who are waiting here in this airport where this mother now that the mother has arrived her little son. is on life support he is unable to breathe by himself he is unconscious and he probably will not realize that his mother is here and the reason a lot of people gathered and wanted to talk about this story is that there are hundreds perhaps thousands of other people in this very same position. has a new cabinet after weeks of political upheaval president not their policy four and the politicians days after reinstating the prime minister had sacked and it sparked a crisis when he replaced for new overcome saying they without parliament's
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approval mel fernandes reports in colombo. it's been a challenge for the new. i mean it's a had to decide who's in and who's out of his new cabinet however we see after compromise and a whole lot of negotiation twenty nine people being sworn in to their positions this morning now strange we hear from reports inside that unlike some of the ceremonial swearing in in the sort of mean chamber of the presidential secretary the building behind me. an old parliament we hear that today's swearing in happened on an individual basis. to present to policy this in his office one by one where basically they were sworn in to the new cabinet we hear that there had been a fair bit of wrangling with president seriously need to agree on the composition of that cabinet he had insisted that no members of his own sri lanka freedom party vs their fee be accommodated in the new cabinet should they cross over for running
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the vehicle missing now this is obviously not the end of the road even though the entire country is hoping that off to the sort of theatrical over the last two months things settle down and the country starts returning to normal there are essentially issues that need to be resolved the composition of parliament tools the opposition leaders pose and basically how this country goes forward as the prime minister has said he's priority is to rest on no most see and then move on with development still ahead on al-jazeera hopes dashed thousands of mexican asylum seekers realise their dreams of a better life may be a war. and immigration after breakfast or is over the biggest changes to the u.k.'s entry policies and forty years.
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from dusky sunsets if you disproving savannah. to summarize the talk in metropolis. hello the impetus for all that weather is coming from the atlantic slowed down a little bit this is the cloud and rather than going east which is that all going north although it's pushed at some of the cold air so cold enough to produce a little bit of snow in for example germany but the cold blocks that is coming in from russia exists through at least parts of ukraine belarus and poland and most of the action is going on in turkey is going to wane as quiet day for you let me ask is eighteen ankara so a bit warmer than it was to you but it's still i think you probably call it mild in the western side of europe double figures it was needed in the teens were in two places yesterday and the wind is still blowing in strongly from the atlantic so not a burst of rains coming in overnight friday's pretty wet and mild picture very windy too for british isles and france snow in the outs staring across to southern germany as well and a bit of
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a kick in the temperatures for the positives in warsaw now as of the warmth has pushed a bit the relative wind has pushed a bit further into eastern europe so all the actions overland there is quiet of the measure and in less of breeze in the walls the rain stopped falling in the levant and that car that you see over morocco algeria is probably just going to be cabin onshore breeze so we're talking about teens rather than twenty's all along the shore. the weather sponsored by cat time ace. xenophobe violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. al jazeera infiltrates one of the continent's fastest growing far right organizations and exposes links to members of the european parliament and marine le pen's national rally party generation eight. part two of a special two part investigation on al jazeera.
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watching out to syria let's take a look at the top stories now president donald trump is trying all american troops from syria saying are still has been defeated his decision though surprised his foreign allies and some members of his own republican party the pentagon says some soldiers have already started to fly home. the main opposition candidate in sunday's presidential election has told al jazeera that voting must continue as the government promised commission in the democratic republic of congo announced the polls may be delayed due to technical difficulties supporters of the opposition are a very they campaign rallies have been banned in the capital and sherlock as
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a new cabinet after weeks of political upheaval president other policies are saying us war and the politicians after reinstating the prime minister he'd sacked for santa sparked a crisis when he replaced cornell or nailed it as certain she may in october without parliament's approval. the u.s. senate has passed a funding bill to keep the government running for now the temporary legislation was approved to avoid a complete federal shutdown after a deadlock were donald trump's border wall and now need support from the house and approval from the president trumpet previously refused to sign a spending bill that does not include five billion dollars for a wall along the us mexico border. thousands of central american asylum seekers who hope to reach the u.s. as part of a caravan are starting to realize their dream of a new life. and are being turned away at the u.s. border with some saying they're not being given the legal protections they're entitled to. has more from the gallus on the mexican side of the border. it's late afternoon that the chapel of the shelter starts filling up
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a mix of people brought together by their quest to enter to u.s. . we teach opinion low says a hairdresser from guerrero one of the most violent states in mexico she owned a small cell and every week she was forced to pay five dollars in protection money to the local cartel. violence has been around for a long time but we took the decision to leave in two days because suddenly one saturday they asked us to pay one thousand u.s. dollars or there would be consequences for my family like many wishing to go through legal channels they were turned away from the border but by mexican authorities given a number and transported to the shelter. about forty five minutes later a second bus arrives among them several deploy. this young man was trying to cross a load through to surrounding mountains he was sent back to mexico on the same others here didn't want to speak on camera but told us they were deported on the
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spot despite claiming protection from u.s. authorities they didn't get what is known as a credible fear interview which should be guaranteed by u.s. law one woman said his american dream lasted just thirty minutes. there's also one us and his two children little joséphine their misses her mom and whole back in el salvador they were part of the so-called carbon got lost on their way so ended up here instead of the one of. it's hard to leave the family my wife didn't want to go she couldn't find the courage to do it. she said she will follow i don't know if as a father with children is more difficult or not. the door opens again this time we meet twenty three years old to say the most d. in this he is one of the so-called dreamers children of undocumented migrants living in america he was deported for driving without identification but he says
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fear was always embedded in him from really right now. and went through. these years this very group where the loop. will be full of. india and the chapel was packed two hundred people turned back here and oh it doesn't matter where did they went through the legal border to try to sneak in there all spending the night together and tomorrow some will leave war will come back. but at that hamid look at this the family of a guatemalan girl who died in u.s. border police custody is calling for an independent investigation seven year old shackling called from shock and dehydration her family says she was not given medical attention and despite feeling unwell she was then put on a ninety minute bus journey to a medical facility but by the time share arrived she had stopped breathing and i. because due to tional standard is that there is a system of ready access to adequate care and mismanaging or
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denying in proper intake screening is a constitutional violation so we need an inquiry to look at the actions taken or not taken to understand whether or not our constitutional standards not the standards set out by border patrol the british government has set out the biggest changes to immigration policy and more than forty years as it prepares for a postbox relationship with the rest of the world a cap on the number of skilled immigrants as being scrapped and unskilled laborers will still be granted temporary visas brennan report someone. the issue of immigration has been at the heart of the whole debate with the european union's freedom of movement rules limiting the u.k. government's ability to pick and choose who can enter the u.k. the government's dilemma post directs it is how to visibly reduce immigration without damaging the economy the future system is about making sure immigration
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works in the best interests of the u.k. we are absolutely not closing our doors we're simply making sure that we have control over who comes through the. the new law will scrap the current limit on the number of skilled immigrant workers such as doctors or engineers it will allow low skilled immigrants to work for up to twelve months before they would be forced to leave again a suggested minimum salary threshold equivalent to around thirty eight thousand dollars for skilled e.u. migrants is being deferred for further consultation and the whole system would be phased in from twenty twenty one a new twelve month visa would be used for individual unskilled workers from specific low risk countries they would not be allowed to settle or bring their relatives with them and it seems destined still little for better integration but it is an explicit recognition from the government that despite anti immigrant sentiments some sectors of the u.k. economy have become dependent on cheap unskilled migrant labor using
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a salary threshold to define skilled and unskilled workers is worrying to hospitals and health care providers the starting salaries of nurses paramedics and midwives will likely put them below the threshold that's a problem in a service where twenty one percent of nurses and health visitors are non british and thirty percent of doctors come from overseas axel and tony is a german born accountant who built his business up in the u.k. his frustration at the treatment of e.u. workers here let him to co-found the campaign group the three million e.u. citizens are generating about two thousand three hundred pounds more in tax than the average adult in the u.k. seventy eight thousand pounds in its contribution after all costing it take into account over the lifetime. prime minister theresa may emphasised her commitment to immigration control with a visit to london's heathrow airport on wednesday to see border guards at work but reaction to the government's proposals has been mixed some predict an imminent
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skill shortage in key sectors western as one opposition m.p. pointed out society javid the example of cabinet ministers shows that being highly paid and highly skilled do not always go together. hey brennan al-jazeera london. as we mentioned earlier in the broadcast the of president of iran haasan rouhani is in turkey he is an anchor right now there's real live pictures of him with turkey's president rajat tayyip erdogan they're going to co-chair of the turkey iran high level cooperation council at the presidential complex and then of course i'm sure that part of what they will at least discuss in private will be the decision of u.s. donald trump to pull troops out of syria saying that eisel has been defeated it will keep an eye on that throughout the newscast protests over food prices in sudan have pushed the government to declare a state of emergency in the city of daraa and the northern river nile state.
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they say this that they have corners of the ruling party on fire protests have been gaining momentum in sudan this week with inflation over sixty percent most amy's a living conditions are getting worse and they're experiencing food and fuel shortages. as federal reserve has raise interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point despite pressure from president not to do so as a sign of confidence in the world's largest economy but the decision has been met with any s. on wall street chris insolently reports in new york city the decision had been in tis a pated but it was a controversial one nonetheless u.s. federal reserve chairman jerome powell announced a quarter point interest rate hike the fourth consecutive one this year most of my colleagues expect the economy to continue to perform well in the coming year many a form super to servants had expected that economic conditions would likely call for about three more reading creases in two thousand and nineteen we have brought that down a bit and i think it is more likely that the economy will grow in
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a way that will call for two interest rate increases over the course of next year. powell noted global cross-currents working against an otherwise solid u.s. economy like the ongoing trade dispute and concerns about a softening economy in china and the u.k. plunging oil prices and diminishing returns from a one point five trillion dollar tax cut in the u.s. but the announcement was not well received by investors who have seen the stock market plunge in recent weeks the rest of the world is slowing down so you don't want to really shake it up here and slow down the u.s. economy as well by raising rates so what happens is there is a effect when you raise rates the housing prices go up everything goes up so then slows down the economy the dow jones industrial average and the s. and p. five hundred both closed down about one and a half percent bringing the market to its lowest point in two thousand and eighteen investors were apparently looking for an even more dovish statement from the fed so
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was president trav who had aggressively lobbied for no increase in interest rates kristen salumi al jazeera new york roman catholic church in the u.s. state of illinois has been accused of not properly investigating alleged child sexual abuse by its clergy chicago's archbishop cardinal place appeared apologize following a report which said the church withheld the names of at least five hundred priests and other clergy accused of abusing minors alan fisher has more. well the catholic church in illinois had said that they had one hundred eighty five cases of priests that had been credibly accused of child sex abuse well the illinois attorney general's office decided to investigate and they phone that figure was actually much higher that there were five hundred more cases that needed to be investigated and they say that the catholic church not only didn't fully investigate those allegations that came forward over the last forty fifty years in some cases they were investigated
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a tall know the survivors network of those abused by priests see the shocking and also see that other states should follow what illinois has been doing what other states have been following that in fact there are thirteen states thirteen other states that are carrying out their own investigation and just in the last few weeks we've heard pennsylvania say more than one thousand children were abused by our own three hundred predatory priests and in the last two days the catholic order of the jesuits came out and issued a list of priests that had been involved in credible allegations of child sex abuse going back to the one nine hundred fifty s. now the catholic bishops in the united states had gathered and they were about to issue a statement on what is in issue in wide scandal but at the last minute they stopped not was because the vatican intervened no we're expecting to see some sort of statement from those catholic bishops at some point early in the new year results
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outgoing president michel taylor is facing new charges of corruption and money laundering is accused of taking bribes in exchange for extending contracts to port operators it's a third time he's been charged with corruption previous cases were dismissed by congress it is likely to face court after leaving office on january first. recap of the headlines now on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump is withdrawing all american troops from syria saying eisel has been defeated as decision surprised his foreign allies and some members of his own republican party pentagon says some soldiers have started to fly home the main opposition candidate and sunday's presidential election has told al jazeera that voting must continue as the government promised commission in the democratic republic of congo announced the polls may be delayed due to technical difficulties
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supporters of the opposition are angry that campaign rallies have been banned in the capital. going to be delayed because of mr please don't go for electoral commission say that he would be on the twenty three and he told everybody that i would be and we asked him. on that day if you have to go he has to go yesterday because it is look good mr know you guys look responsible you know he has given us. the test but an election. day it if no. do you have to go chill on guy has a new cabinet after weeks of political of table president mother policy saying a sore on the politicians after reinstating the prime minister he had sacked sent to spark the crisis when he replaced in october without parliament's approval
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a man a woman has arrived in the united states to visit her dying son after a year long legal battle to get a vase she'd been prevented from visiting him by u.s. travel ban on people from yemen and four other mainly muslim countries. over food prices in sudan have pushed the government to declare a state of emergency in the city and the northern river nile state. demonstrators at the headquarters of the ruling party on fire protests have been gaining momentum in sudan this week with inflation now at over sixty percent say their living conditions are getting worse and they're experiencing both food and fuel shortages. there's other headlines to keep it here on al-jazeera there is much more news to come the stream is up next. china could be facing a debt that's according to a. trumpet ministration insisting towards the saudis and other uses that they want
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to have more. we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. ok and join the stream today as we wrap up twenty eighteen with take a reflective look back at the year that was highs the lows the chaos and the hope as we head into a new year and i'm really could be will be joined by a special group of faith leaders to have this conversation about the global news of twenty eighteen i want you to be a part of it too as always share your thoughts in our youtube chat or on twitter stream. it has been a tough year in global news the brutal war in yemen go.


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