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living life in the it's like a marker that brings with it. systems obviously. this is al-jazeera. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes we have one. president says he's pulling u.s. troops out of syria to the surprise of his own advisors and generals. given. the.
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presidential election in the democratic republic of congo is in down to the vote set for sunday may not happen also. to celebrate a day of peace in yemen as a u.n. mediated cease fire appears to be holding. and. all the sports including. grabs the hat trick us real madrid took this spot and the club world cup final. hello it is a decision that surprised foreign allies and military leaders and left u.s. politicians on both sides of the aisle stunned and angry u.s. president donald trump ordered a full withdrawal of american troops from syria declaring victory against isis to go hang begins our coverage from washington. it's a massive move that will dramatically change the landscape of the war in syria and
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one not many saw coming the u.s. president tweeting out that isis has been defeated and that was the only reason u.s. troops were in syria we have won against isis we've beaten them and we've beaten a badly we've taken back the land and now it's time for our troops to come back home. but according to the u.s. government the islamic state of iraq and the levant is not actually defeated a point stressed by the president's own state department just last week i think it's fair to say americans will remain on the ground after the physical to feed a caliphate until we have the pieces in place to ensure that that defeatism during the move comes after a phone call between president trump and president urged one of turkey he's made clear he wants to target the kurds who have fought beside the u.s. and that is more difficult to do if u.s. troops are in his way just a few months ago the president himself has played heralded as a sacrifice the kurds have made we're trying to get along very well we do get along
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great with the kurds we're trying to help them a lot so they fought with us they died with us they died we lost. tens of thousands of kurds died fighting isis now many worry what will happen to the kurds what this message is we don't stick with people our friends without the kurds in the syrian democratic forces we couldn't have beaten isis we couldn't have taken back and rocker because we were not willing to commit all of those troops that were necessary others say that should be a concern for the u.s. first time in my lifetime we have a prayer a president with the courage to declare victory and bring the troops home this came as a surprise for many on capitol hill some senators calling this a big mistake it's hard to imagine that any president would wake up and make this kind of decision with this little communication with this little preparation if this decision is a withdrawal of all of our forces in syria were dramatically less this is an a bomb
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of life move because now that the u.s. has withdrawn or is going to withdraw from syria we have left basically turn the country over to russia and to an even greater extent iran the administration and the pentagon both released statements saying the fight against iso isn't over the u.s. is simply transitioning to the next phase of the campaign they didn't say what that phase might look like. al-jazeera washington. despite trump's announcement about troop withdrawal france says its troops will stay in syria for now the european affairs minister said the fight against terrorism is not over france has stationed high and has station fighter jets in jordan and artillery along the syrian border in iraq as part of the u.s. led coalition so as you mentioned many of them believe that there is still a threat of i saw regaining ground some u.n. estimates say there may be as many as thirty thousand of them in both syria and iraq more now from our diplomatic editor james bass. here at the u.n.
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in new york and in the capitals of the u.s. is closest allies this news was not expected and not welcomed a u.k. minister making it clear in a tweet we're live in his view eisel has not been defeated a view shared by the ambassador who chairs the security council committee that tracks the group his latest reports reveal eisel still has about twenty to thirty thousand fighters in iraq and syria we believe the price always being different being here yes but it's not completed it's not completed because of course i suppose trying to find other ways to do for a few months the world president trump says the troops were only in syria to fight eisel but people here say they also performed a number of other roles including diplomatic leverage on the assad regime. u.n. special envoy stefan de mistura is back in new york and will brief the security
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council on thursday one of the lever's being used to get the assad regime back to the negotiating table was the fact the u.s. military controls a large swathe of the country rich in agriculture and energy it's now a job that will be even harder one of the main aims of president trumps foreign policy will also be affected the president back strongly by prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel has been trying to constrain the regional activities of iran and their u.s. decision and respect any decision made by the administration we have our concerns about syria or the presence of a venue and troops in syria and we will do what every with every to portent our people regardless if you have american troops russian troops or any other nations so while the u.s. is our allies are dismayed by the trump decision those with very different views about the future of syria the so-called a stana group turkey russia and iran will
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benefit with more freedom to act inside the country jamesburg days. of the united nations are sammy now there is the director of the levant institute for strategic affairs and joins us now from beit beirut thanks very much for being with us so what do you think the effect of this decision is going to be on the whole balance of power in syria right now. definitely today the balance of power has tilted in favor of our moves. and iran. however the three of them agreed. yesterday on one that was that all were. married. off you're straight now that america this gauge i think that the visions between that partners. because. every want to.
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keep partners has a different not to say conflict thing. the question is where did this you knew that that or with the role they gave their way for a set of men it's worth wide mentioning the position of yesterday saying that that was that all may open or to see the date that chances of a settlement how good are the question today and that big question is how iran will go to act and what is this with the role were offered or would it be a gift to put you on knowing. the strategy of fuel as it was a secret it did buy that new station is to contract wrong so how would it cantante and on why it's with rolling from east to new phase and well putting. the opportunity for it we had on to what he established that you have any
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and it could rest on that. it leaking. maybe did anyone see and is that i had with or yeah this is today and major question yes should they not on yahoo and the united nations was building a case against. it was building in that case against. hezbollah that you're a min. see. this is increasing the chances of. off the military that are usually military strike in the region in order to block the possibility of. expansion and going to. bomb what do you say what do you say to those who support president trumps decision who have pointed out two thousand troops is not a huge number two all right looks like we've we've lost.
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there apologies for that so we'll move on syria and president trumps decision to pull out u.s. troops from the country is likely to figure in talks between iranian and turkish leaders in ankara iranian president has sent rouhani arriving wednesday night for talks with richard tied to land they'll also be discussing economic ties between the two countries saying a harder is in turkey's capital for so they know what are we expecting there. well like you mentioned rowhani in talks with iran it was a surprise visit announced before the decision by the united states to leave america but during the united states's overtures towards turkey whenever the united states tries to you know deal with these strained relationship with turkey to improve that relationship iran gets worried because turkey is the only country in the region it actually works with so there will be
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a lot to talk about especially about syria this northeastern enclave is thirty five percent of syrian territory it is now up for grabs up for grabs by the turks the russians the iranians had the syrian government now turkey will say we have no territorial ambitions in syria what we want is to clear the area from what they call terrorists the syrian kurdish group the white p.g. they'd like to see the white p.g. pushed away from the border so the biggest question that these powers will be talking about is who will replace the y.p. g. force will it be the syrian government will it be turkish backed rebels and then the next question we need to ask is will the white p.g. leave those areas without a fight the white p.g. is now left very vulnerable yes the u.s. military presence was insignificant but it was a deterrent and the white b.g. was in talks with damascus earlier this year to reach some sort of an arrangement
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for this north eastern enclave where the kurds enjoy self rule but the united states in one way or another convince the kurds to break off those talks so the y.p. in a very vulnerable position thirty five percent of syria up for grabs turkey russia and iran undoubtedly talking about the next steps and turkey demanding that the white peachy ends its self rule and this pushed away from the border and what about the economic ties between the two countries how much how much they enjoy it to be. i mean the two of them given that iran is dealing now with sanctions from the united states. would there be attempts to try and. get to trying to find further agreements there for iran to strengthen their position on that front there is no doubt about that turkey and iran stand on opposing sides in syria they support opposing parties even back in two thousand
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and fourteen when they were not working together in the so-called asked enough process i remember i was here when president rouhani was received by president or the con both attach a lot of importance to their relationship and economic bilateral trade they're both like lifelines for each other and like you mentioned those sanctions iran isolate to turkey being like a lifeline in the past sanctions were scared to turkey was involved in in helping iran have a hard currency so yes bilateral discussions will be discussed but you know if there was suppose if this was about bilateral ties then we would have heard about this visit days in advance state visits are usually planned days in advance not twenty four hours before a visit is to take place in iran is is quite worried at this point that it is new is a political and diplomatic influence in syria and as you know all these different stakeholders
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and power brokers engage in negotiations and that's why it is very important for iran to keep turkey close because it worries whenever turkey moves towards the u.s. camp so the question that the iranians would be asking the turks today is where do you stand yes your relationship with the united states has definitely improved where do you stand all right for the moment life there. breaking news to tell you about now forty n g o workers have been acquitted by an egyptian court in a retrial of a long running case that's strained relations with the u.s. they were first jailed in two thousand and thirteen accused of spreading dissent and unrest the group which includes citizens from the u.s. european citizens and from egypt and other arab nations were charged with operating without approval and receiving overseas funding more development reaction on that
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story as men we get it let's go now to the democratic republic of congo we've confirmed reports that the electoral commission there has summoned all twenty one presidential candidates to parliament did been talk that the vote could be delayed for another week catherine sawyer reports on the growing tensions around the campaign. a stage. charged opposition supporters dancing singing and exuding confidence that this will be a. pact by the time. the presidential candidate could not get. her police blocked the road his convoy and support his who had accompanied him while using. family fires in protest but those no getting through the police. all the while there are new people remain hopeful. like many of the
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not. one vote. but. if. election were going to. be held responsible. there what. was this all happened after. suspended political rallies in the city because of security reasons right after that a senior official at the electoral commission said there's a possibility of postponing the election for
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a week. the main reason last week nearly seven thousand voting machines. why destroyed when a warehouse where they were stored was burned down twenty five thousand replacement devices from other regions have arrived in the capital and they still have to be reconfigured. it's been a chaotic and violent campaign season and. people here are concerned that this could escalate this dispute catherine. kinshasa. let's get the latest now from kinshasa malcolm webb is there for us what's happening there. we saw in catherine story one of the main opposition candidates nothing for you wasn't allowed for how this final campaign rally here in the capital yesterday following the ruling by the governor of the city than those final rallies the feeling was kept outside of the city perimeter by
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police it elated night when there was a heavy rainstorm and supporters have gone home and he was allowed into the city through this earlier today we caught up with him to see what he had to say about the planning of his rally let's take a listen to that. i'm asking while they are looking my campaign i have almost five days during my campaign where it was the complete loss in the lubumbashi they send soldiers military policeman to shoot people in the kindle manuma promise they didn't allow me to go there in the tellin me they killed my supporters. and i was prevented to try to order part of the country i'm asking the question why and did governor cannot he has not right he has not to computers to log any kind he did for campaigning the election commission's talking about a possible delay to the polish the poll is delayed why do you think that will
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happen and how will you react paul cannot be delayed because of mr nanga because don't go for electoral commission say that he will be on the twenty three and he told everybody that i would be ready and we asked asking him to have the election on that day if not you have to go he. just to live because it is not. mr nungesser is not responsible you know he has to give a big. credible and transparent election on the due date if he and mr kabila didn't have to go. meanwhile the other main opposition candidate felix to see kerry with. his final campaign rally in the capital in just a few hours from now so we're waiting to find out if going to try and get into the city he'll have a lot of supporters in fact probably the most supporters in the capitol complex the
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other candidate the ruling party's candidate ramadani shattering. the house his final rally. opposition who have very many supporters in the big cities and here in the capital there with talk of the band of band rallies and spend election breaking to see how those hundreds of thousands of people are going to be an. american we're hearing anything more from the electoral commission that we mentioned earlier that they're planning to meet with all the presidential candidates. president. about a possible delay yesterday an official from the electoral commission said it was a possibility that they were trying to do everything they could to make sure the election happens on time. get out on the campaign trail they're going to keep going to try and.
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they. expect to make an announcement when they find out there is going to be. by. the way the reaction. of. the late. in kinshasa we have plenty more ahead on the. dash thousands of central american asylum seekers realize their dreams of a better life maybe. a new deal gives cuban players a chance at the u.s. baseball dreams of a trumpet ministration scuttle the deal that's in sport. so
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less still ahead but first in yemen the vitally important for. relatively calm on the second day of the u.n. broke. up the rebels in the capital sana'a demonstrated their backing for that it's been sporadically. we won't pay for the yemeni people and we support with. and. them for their efforts and hope that the other side will fulfill the agreement and stop the war and the fighting. i think the disagreement is the beginning of something good for the yemeni people but we still see violations from the enemy's mess and areas we find them not wanting peace nor stability for the people that is why mrs to the world is that i want the war to stop so we can live we want to live like the rest of the world we want to restate harm. no appliance we want to live and work for our
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children. a yemeni woman is visiting her dying son in the u.s. after winning an almost two year long legal battle to get a visa the u.s. travel ban on visitors from mainly muslim countries stop shamus we live from flying to california john hendren arrival. at san francisco international airport a long delay finally came to an end neither distance nor war nor the u.s. travel ban could keep this mother from a last farewell with her ailing son nearly two years after applying for a u.s. visa and twenty three months after the trump administration banned visas from yemen and six other countries seamus we let his iran this is the vehicle time for our family but we are blessed to be together. the journey to san francisco began in war torn yemen and ends at this nearby hospital there her two year old son of dillard
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lies on life support with a degenerative brain disease and doctors say only days of life left but this is what a bill is father pleaded with the u.s. state department for twenty eight times i want his mother to be next to him while he was going through and because he was a lot like. bond with them with the mother although both only and abdullah haasan are american citizens the u.s. government granted shaimaa a waiver only on tuesday a day after her son appealed directly to the american people in a news conference the family's lawyers say it did not have to take this long cheema they say was clearly eligible for a waiver there you see a sham process in this case really shows that the issuance of our visa this week was not an act of kindness on their part that embassy and apartment of state had a legal obligation to adjudicate shamus waiver requests within a reasonable amount of time and they failed on the application. it is the most
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bittersweet of reunion the visit took so long that little ability is now one hundred years on able to bring a by himself an unlikely to know his mother is there she says i want to go to the house with a take my child go home now when she got right she's not going to take your child home we're going to think his child to the grave because he's done when shaimaa received her visa on tuesday only said she wept for the first time in months for joy to his brand of happiness to come see her son and to his status and soundest she's going to see her son. go away now after waiting two years they wait for the end together john hendren al jazeera san francisco. denmark has passed a law that will see foreign criminals move to a remote island linda mylan used to be home to contagious animals the government
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now plans to set up a departure center for one hundred twenty five people in twenty twenty one last week thousands of human rights demonstrators marched in copenhagen calling on the government to back down on the plan of the roman catholic church in the u.s. state of illinois has been accused of not properly investigating alleged child sexual abuse by its clergy chicago's archbishop cardinal blaze has apologized the report said the church withheld the names of at least five hundred priests and other clergy accused of abusing minors the church was accused of similar cover ups in pennsylvania earlier this year alan fisher has more. well the catholic church in illinois had said that they had one hundred eighty five cases of priests that had been credibly accused of child sex abuse well the illinois attorney general's office decided to investigate and they phone that figure was actually much higher that there were five hundred more cases that needed to be investigated and they say
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that the catholic church not only didn't fully investigate those allegations that came forward over the last forty fifty years in some cases they were investigated at all know the survivors network of those abused by priests see the shocking and also see that other states should follow what illinois has been doing what other states have been following that in fact there are thirteen states thirteen other states that are carrying out their own investigation and just in the last few weeks we've heard pennsylvania say more than one thousand children were abused by our own three hundred predatory priests and in the last two days the catholic order of the jesuits came out and issued a list of priests that had been involved in credible allegations of child sex abuse going back to the one nine hundred fifty s. now the catholic bishops in the united states had gathered and they were about to issue a statement on what is in issue in wide scandal but at the last minute they stopped
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not was because the vatican intervened no we're expecting to see some sort of statement from those catholic bishops at some point early in the new year. all right in a few moments we'll have the weather with rob also still ahead on al jazeera campaigning from behind bars senegal's jailed opposition leaders are forced to get creative to win votes. special report from. the effects of alcoholism on unemployment families. and later in sport a heated clash on the ice no holding back of the pittsburgh penguins take on the washington capitals. through tranquil radiant. and it's a nice gondola. but summer in australia already is
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a streak of forty seven degrees celsius temperatures right across the middle now mostly the back we're talking about however that it doesn't serve the stay there it often gets fed further east or further south has been doing just that and when you get that sort of heat you often generate some storms that is a lot of charity thunderstorms about three hours ago the difference on the coast of the thames is it's clearly rather low is still talking about thirty plus and humid air hence the thunderstorm moved east was developed and sydney was hit by a series of fairly big stones that came down it drifts of hail bangs like marbles or actually more likely tennis balls the biggest ones were deep tennis ball size now those storms have just about gone through now that is the satellite picture that currently shows that the temperatures have dropped to the low twenty's because this is actually influx of colder air pushing the heat eastwards that combination with the more sure is what produced the sun still so we will take you in the
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forecast for tomorrow see a few more light to showers in is much cooler this is disappointing weather or say for some but it's still thirty nine in brisbane so the big thunderstorms tomorrow will be further north in queensland and this is hardly summer. the weather sponsored by qatar and race. they wanted forty three billion dollars worth of weaponry that was six billion in commission. there is no hope of any more because there's always a small cobble vehicle for war and really really good most. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function war shadow while on al-jazeera. development. progress for some
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the end of a way of life for others. a clash between corporate interests and the people who must prepare for the long fight to protect their heritage and the march to progress in the philippines part of the new find asia series on al-jazeera. again you're watching. top stories u.s. president donald trump is withdrawing american troops from syria has been defeated his decision surprised foreign allies and some members of his own republican party
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. some soldiers have started to fly home. for pro-democracy n.g.o.s. they were jailed in twenty accused of spreading. before during and after the twenty. or twenty one presidential candidates in the democratic republic of congo have been summoned to. the courts say that sunday's election could be delayed because of technical difficulties. a prison cell. is the unlikely headquarters for an opposition campaign to stop the reelection of president. he is accused of eliminating challenges so he can stay in power one of his rivals is the former mayor of the capital jailed for what he says a trunked up charges of corruption. as the story.
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it is a prison cell that the once popular mayor of the current continues to challenge president mikey cell and campaign to stop his reelection his supporters such as. are going house to house collecting the mandatory signatures from voters needed to become an official candidate. rules a rule this is an important election because our country is at a crossroads political adversaries are putting we thought that will be an alternative but it seems the president is trying to cling to power and making things worse. the former mayor of the car was sentenced to five years in jail for corruption. a charge he denies saying it is politically motivated to eliminate him from the election he's appealing to the supreme court to. food water another challenger to the president was sentenced for corruption two he's also barred from running and is in exile in qatar both remain defiant there are hundreds of
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political parties every one of them believe that their candidate is best suited to stall president mikey self from winning another term in office the opposition is not united but divided with each karen today saying their struggle to get their voice heard i am listing international is calling on the government to immediately stop intimidation harassment of opposition leaders and crackdown on dissent supporters of president cell deny any wrongdoing saying all is in place for a smooth election and. we are confident and that institutions the opposition contest everything all the time and it's now time to convince the sinegal people on the ground that i have policies that will make the last bitter. signals economy is booming becoming one of the fastest growing on the continent during lucky sales president's record of resentment in the opposition of success has come at a cost to political freedom because hark al-jazeera the car. protests over
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the soaring price of food and fuel are spreading in sudan a state of emergency is being enforced in the city of our bar after riots in the northern river nile state i was the protests are spread to get dirty and port sudan in a pot of demonstrators set fire to the headquarters of the ruling party many sudanese complain of bread and petrol shortages inflation rates are at seventeen percent. and the u.s. senate has passed the funding bill to keep the government running for now temporary legislation was approved to avoid a complete federal shutdown after a deadlock over president transborder war it now needs support from the house an approval from the president president previously refused to sign a spending bill that does not include five billion dollars for
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a wall along the us mexico border. or the family of a guatemalan girl who died in u.s. border police custody is calling for an independent investigation seven year old jacqueline caro died from shock and dehydration the family says she was not given medical attention to spy feeling unwell she was then put on a ninety minute bus journey to a medical facility by the time she arrived she had stopped breathing and died. the constitutional standard is that there is a system of ready access to adequate care and mismanaging or denying in proper intake screening is a constitutional violation so we need an inquiry to look at the actions taken or not taken and to understand whether our constitutional standards not the standards set out by border patrol. now thousands of central american asylum seekers who wanted to reach the u.s.
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as part of a caravan have had their hopes dashed many are being turned away at the u.s. border with some saying they have not been given the legal protections they're entitled to meet has more from nogales on the mexican side of the border. it's late afternoon that the chapel of the shelter starts filling up a mix of people brought together by their quest to enter to us. the teacher piniella says a hairdresser from guerrero one of the most violent states in mexico she owned a small cell and every week she was forced to pay five dollars in protection money to the local cartel. violence has been around for a long time but we took the decision to leave in two days because suddenly one saturday they asked us to pay one thousand u.s. dollars or there would be consequences for my family like many wishing to go through legal channels they were turned away from the border but by mexican authorities given a number and transported to the shelter. about forty five minutes later
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a second bus arrives among them several deployed tease. this young man was caught while trying to cross a low through to surrounding mountains he was sent back to mexico on the same others here didn't want to speak on camera but told us they were deported on the spot despite claiming protection from u.s. authorities they didn't get what is known as a credible fear interview which should be guaranteed by u.s. law one man said his american dream lasted just thirty minutes. there's also one us and his two children little close if he misses her mom and whole back in el salvador they were part of the so-called caravan got lost on their way so ended up here instead of the one now. it's hard to leave the family my wife didn't want to go she couldn't find the courage. do it as she said she will follow or not as a father with children is more difficult or not. the door opens again this
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time we we twenty three years old to say the most in this he is one of the so-called dreamers children of undocumented migrants living in america he was deported for driving without identification but he says fear was always embedded in him from the brewery now. and went through. the use of business like roberta loot. will be flown to india and the chapel was back nearly two hundred people turn back here low it doesn't matter whether they went through the illegal border or try to sneak in there all spending the night together and tomorrow some will leave war will come back. but at that hamid al-jazeera nogales. and the king of belgium has met with several political leaders as he decides whether to accept the resignation of the prime minister sharma shell offered to quit on tuesday after his right wing coalition partners walked out of the
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government they're angry about a u.n. migration pact michel signed up to now tasha butler reports from paris. belgium's political leaders arrived at the roll palace in brussels for crisis talks with the king one day after the government collapsed over a migration rattle on tuesday after john mattick day in parliament shell michel told m.p.'s he was resigning as prime minister to do it all to speak to or have to respect and take note of the situation and taking the decision to offer my resignation and my intention is to meet the king immediately. pressure had been building on michelle since last week when the right wing and v.a. policy quit the ruling coalition in protest at the prime minister's signing of the you had packed american ash aimed at creating global corporation gratian on sunday thousands of far right supporters demonstrated in brussels against the agreement
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saying it would encourage immigration this far right m.p. says events in belgium reflect the recent discontent seen elsewhere in europe this so-called park is only a symbol. there is a sort of a popular revolution going on and a price in the whole of europe yellowjackets in paris you have this protests over here in our county and they don't want this open border policy towards immigrations any more some experts say that the political crisis here in brussels the symbolic car to the european union in some ways reveals the growing challenges that some centrists and liberal leaders face as they try to govern at a time when europe went far right and immigration and teemu policies are on the rise bathed in wood to sunlight the federal parliament building was eerily quiet
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the big danger is that people abandon the wrath of liberal mainstream and go for alter a tarion parties of the right and the left and to prevent it i think it's very important of mainstream parties take the concerns about uncontrolled migration seriously if belgium's king except for the prime minister's resignation it could lead to snap elections early next year a ballot that could be seen as a gauge of just how high the far right have risen in brussels just months before may's crucial european parliamentary elections the al-jazeera brussels belgium. brazil's ad going president is facing new charges of corruption and money laundering michel tamar is accused of taking bribes in exchange for extending contracts to operators it's the third time he's been charged with corruption previous cases were dismissed by congress is expected to appear in court some time after he loses his presidential immunity when he steps down on january the first.
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sri lanka has a new cabinet ministers were sworn in by president. after the prime minister he sacked was reinstated running we couldn't missing it was replaced without parliament's approval provoking a two month long political crisis now for nine days reports. it's been a challenge for the new prime minister had to decide who's in and who's out of his new cabinet however we see after compromise and a whole lot of negotiation and twenty nine people being sworn in to their positions this morning now strange we hear from reports inside that unlike sort of the ceremonial swearing in is the sort of chamber of the presidential secretaries building behind me. in old parliament we hear that today's swearing in happened on an individual basis. to present my policy to say in his office one by one
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where. to the new cabinet we hear that there had been of fair bit of wrangling with president seriously need to agree on the composition of that cabinet to be here to insist that your members of his own sri lanka freedom party to. be accommodated in the new cabinet should they cross over and pledge support for on the. now this is obviously not the end of the lord even though the entire country is hoping that after the sort of tricks over the last two months things settle down and the country starts returning to normal there are issues that need to be resolved in the composition of parliament tools the opposition leaders pose and basically how this country goes forward as the prime minister said his priority is to rest. and then move on with development. on employment and alcoholism a common problems for men in tajikistan and so is violence against women the
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poorest country of all the former soviet states relies on remittances from workers abroad mostly in russia in the latest of a series of reports that has kept me. things are good between sally morph and his wife now but for thirteen years he beat cody rover up a demotion lee abused. the forty seven year old father of four says he became an alcoholic because he got depressed after not being able to find work like him but no movement i drank because i thought i had no purpose in life i would come home and start fighting with the family now i know i can live without drinking you are calm and you talk with the kids it's brought us all very close and the couple's new found happiness is thanks to a pilot project by international alert the organization hopes to expand its a program to focus on educating women about their rights as well as offering them
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job opportunities to ease the financial pressure on families. but he was drinking a lot and beating me a lot and not respecting the children there was no calmness in the family the situation is great now there's no more violence you finally found his path the organization international says that sixty percent of the women that interviewed in a survey said that they had suffered some form of physical sexual or emotional violence from their husbands in the last twelve years now experts say some of the reasons include poverty unemployment and alcoholism in a society that is often described as being deeply patriarchal around a million of a half tajik men work in russia because they simply cannot find a job here many abandon their wives and never return this woman who doesn't want to be recognized says her husband went to find work in russia seven years ago. she
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hasn't seen or heard from him in the last five thousand well how much. our family situation is very life is difficult because we need a lot of things we can have i can buy anything for my children so they have to work when a job is available if they are not we have no choice but to stay at home. few other countries rely on remittances more than to stand around thirty percent of g.d.p. comes from time working abroad because many men can't find jobs at home alcoholism among the unemployed is high meeting women are often more vulnerable to violence especially experts say in a society where it's commonly believed they are subservient to men usually men said that women are empowered enough and we don't want them to be more empowered and we said that we are not here just i mean to talk to women to work with women we are here in order to work with the family and to help the facility.
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that you had yourself psyllium of works as a handyman in his village called the rover does similar work when she can find it for her husband says he now talks to friends and other type of man about dealing with the financial burdens they and their families face and how ashamed he is about the years of pain he caused chance trafford al-jazeera tajikistan three astronauts are back on earth after more than six months aboard the international space station the russian american and german crew landed in northern kazakstan all reported to be feeling five mission was marred by a mysterious air leak in orbit and they orbited blast off of a soyuz rocket bringing a replacement crew delayed their homecoming. all right still ahead when we come back leaving the war for the last time a five time olympic gold medalist retired just twenty three has the story next in
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