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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 51  Al Jazeera  December 22, 2018 1:32am-2:01am +03

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that they are in a policing system and the impact is you don't belong here you don't fit for a child who's developing and trying to find a way of being in the world that's a huge. sort of rebuff and i think that what i've seen then happens is that the narrative grows of everybody feeling that's difficult with this child suddenly children and then find themselves excluded not in mainstream school they're in people refer units young people that i've worked with can find themselves there and really have a struggle you know internally about is this me is this is this the person i am well actually yes people are telling them it is that's why you're there and then i think there is this sort of gathering momentum for many of them not all of them to join gangs to join to join because because that's the trajectory and it's very difficult to resist. being labeled threats leads in many ways if the person is not
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a threat and if they are innocent to a sense of injustice many reports show that injustice and out of your nation are factors in making people susceptible to the appeal from groups like islamic states who have found ways to turn the west glamorization of violence against itself. you go see a mission impossible type of movie or a homeland type of t.v. series where this is all staged and presented as the logical normal narrative of the new world we live in. the paradox of the imagery as it is literally downloaded on these youth is that it becomes internalized the look at it that process it and they themselves tend to sometimes have to find ways to act it in the video games for hours. and then many of those ending say in the military. the united
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states on forces and in effect replaying those very techniques through the drones that they would send to kill a young man. top a hill somewhere in pakistan. he'll be. like he was on the inside one of the key innovations of the islamic state was its platform the videos that they have upgraded to a much much more different level of sophistication of quality. in effect a certain entertainment driven hollywoodized video games kind of approach which we hadn't seen. lisa too much pacifically when it comes to the group from the western world i think it was kind of a perfect storm of the manner in which an entity like the islamic state spoke was very fishy. and they spoke directly to that there's many many videos by isis saying
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to these communities you know what kinds of lives are you need leaving there are you happy that want to come here why don't you do that you will get some research division among people. who love it enough for me it be clearly people keep they speak to one the realty is they speak to a sense of identities and development they speak to them in connecting it with the realities of discrimination that they're going through. do i think there are a lot of issues conflated here so so the first is this idea that you know the muslim community is being spied on frankly most of these cases that we've seen the court cases have been young man whether we like it or not they are the majority of people who are being attracted to these you know narratives that are coming out
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many would dispute that maybe but i'm just telling you what i've seen in the research that are done of over three hundred court cases the majority of them have been very young and they've been made you and they've tended to work in networks so they will tend to know each other as well today a young muslim male around the world particularly in europe and in north america feels a certain stigmatization this is a fact we've had conversations with educators addressing that and feeling that that's precisely the trigger factor i think it does a great disservice to the same people from the same community to same religion same background who don't use those grievances as a way to then declare war. whenever you see going far away to kind of this violence or join causes that seem important to them let's say for instance people leaving france to go to the levant and join islamic state what's interesting with one is that there is
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constantly a reflection about the dimension back home how to go back to that society and punish. this is a group of people that left went to syria but yet what was seen there must be high on their mind was to pitch an attack where they would ship back that pass on to that society which is their society where they grew up with which you have grievances. i think it went beyond their wildest dreams in the sense that it became something of a moment of global it's in that sense that it's important what that the kingdom must
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say or in minneapolis see into that that led them to go and join this it has inevitably points about how they consider themselves you need to reject. jane and you know your t.v. set is what it should be about the professionals from the east the west us yourselves. why wouldn't i was a member of the ny nj. q e. if one wants to be honest you have to see the relationship with intervention is influence and that played out and seizing me for the past couple of decades you know these operations that took place in iraq and in syria and the sun held in libya.
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you cannot see that these actors simply come on the basis of this ideology which is apocalyptic and ignore the fact that in many cases they are linked to these conflicts and led to this generation that had basically violence as a way of life. the narrative has been so semantics that this is basically all about religion and islam and these guys are coming from there to attack the western world and these people are totally irrational removing the politics out of that removing the history removing the colonial imprint rewarding the foreign policy the interventionism
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extracting all of that and they think this as a sort of extra terrestrials descending from the sky and just if you have a society. whether it's a new nato or the united nations a need for these top policymakers that are working on the signing these counterterrorism policies and engaging with them the difficult thing is to have them go beyond that which is familiar to them. particularly problematic is the cultural reading to understand western terrorist of the one nine hundred seventy s. such as bottle meinhof in germany or the italian red brigades one is invited to examine the societal conditions of say post-war germany and italy and their relationship with their rebellious you rightly so to make sense of al qaida and the islamic state one is to read the koran. so clearly what we have right then and there is one yardstick social to understand one type of violence and one
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yardstick religious to understand something else that in fact may not be that. the paradox in these policy circles is that all these professionals produce detailed reports that identify the causes of extremism as things like poverty lack of opportunity in a sense of alienation and yet the policies that get implemented always emphasized policing surveillance and punishment racism itself sits and question at the heart of this discussion on isis with the violence being that the european and the american consider exceptional inacceptable not because of what it's doing obviously terroristic and violent but because of women there is target. i can't just. say.
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in a clear. position. on the t.v. i can tell you that there isn't in my dad beauty. but delusion is. going to demand constant. plants from all offended just one hundred years me when he spat upon c defend them and. dish unusual dream kid on for the. second question bob barr says something more profound and you know it's you. and many young people have reacted with violence as the position of a stereotype in many countries means that they face lives with fewer opportunities than their parents. and.
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one of the strong narratives in the western world about these faraway places is that they really literally waiting to come in and leisure violence that is already there. in many ways it's actually insulting to these parts of the global south where the youth themselves these largely very normal lives and their frustrations are of a different nature. out
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of the front of you because you. will hear in some blokey way. of approaching it. shooting and then. do that because the is it will be rational to do. it might be something that mickey juking that is. the key here is that appearance obesity in the head. because. of what they. did europe. or.
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the role they lifted men only. so little off one. with. their frustrations are about developing and by education and by getting good job. but we need to reflect on now is where are we going into this new blade runner ish world of violence what do you do when at the end of the day you have a technique of terrorism of killing ramming a car or a van into a population indiscriminately that is used equally by people on the islamophobia
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side for instance the finsbury park attack equally by people on the western a phobic side as we've seen in nice literally the same technique. clearly this is less and less about ideology it is the return to the west of the violence that has shipped the world and the next phase of this is already playing out as we see more attacks on the west by westerners themselves. we have to really accept the fact that there's nothing inevitable in all of this the fatalistic disposition that this is it this is the new world you know let's hold back those things that have to do with authority and it's been societies that generate violence in the midst have to be stopped them up for ties and power those things have to do with interventions of foreign policy conflicts have to be
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addressed stop going there stop doing that. xenophobia violent and beating the drum for an ethnic civil war in the heart of europe. al-jazeera infiltrates one of the continent's fastest growing far right organizations and exposes links to members of the european parliament a marine le pen's national rally prouty generation eight. part two of a special two barge investigation on al jazeera. kidnappings imad is in crimea
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since russia's forced onyx ation of the black sea in insula. i don't understand why he was kidnapped. scores of crimean tatars have been arrested tortured and killed most believed by russian security forces. crimea russia's dirty secret on al-jazeera. in years plan for the and as an ally and part of the coalition we would have found consultations with the u.s. government on a withdrawal of u.s. troops helpful world leaders expressed dismay over donald trump's plans to pull u.s. troops from syria and now afghanistan. a
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lot has i'm thinking this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up and down he's a great soldier and he's been a remarkable minister and he's been upon a full on occasions u.s. allies react to the sudden resignation of trump's secretary of defense james mattis plus. i think it's a sad day in america when the mexican government is doing more to protect our borders and stop the illegal flow of drugs human trafficking and terrorists across our border than senate democrats are willing to do a budget battle between congress and the president that could shut down the u.s. government. anger in barcelona protestors on the march as the spanish cabinet meets in the cattle and regional capital. of the us president's plans to withdraw troops from two major conflict zones has
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been met with surprise and dismay among some of america's closest allies after announcing the pullout from syria the day before donald trump is now looking at taking seven thousand u.s. troops out of afghanistan that's hof the number currently deployed there sean about us looks at what it might mean for afghans. as much as gridlock is a part of living income. so's the presence of u.s. troops for seventeen years thousands of american soldiers have been stationed in afghanistan now there are reports that may be coming to an end for a make near them we consider this good luck if they get lost and disappear from here would be very happy with. their own fourteen thousand u.s. military personnel in support an advisory role for more than two hundred thousand afghan troops but the u.s. numbers may be harped. we would be happy that u.s.
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troops are leaving if the f. kennedy forces were strong enough to defend us but unfortunately we do not have enough power to defend our country similar concerns were voiced three weeks ago by the general nominated to command all u.s. forces in the middle east if we are precipitously right now i do not believe they would be able to successfully defend their country prison ashraf ghani and his government remained largely silent in response with organics chief advisor did tweet most analysts believe that afghanistan would collapse with the departure of more than one hundred thousand troops but our brave defense and security forces prove these analysts wrong and defended the nation with great valor president donald trump has flip flopped on afghanistan coming into office he was for a troop withdrawal then last year increase the number of troops and said this there's no talking to the taliban we don't want to talk to the taliban we're going to finish what we have to finish what nobody else has been able to finish we're going to be able to do it but now the u.s.
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is talking to the taliban in peace talks again in momentum earlier this week u.s. taliban saudi pakistan and afghan representatives mit and the united arab emirates talks covered a possible cease fire and a complete u.s. troop withdrawal something the taliban says is non-negotiable maybe we could look at it as a confidence building measures. for the schedule to draw their forces this could well be one of those signs where the committee too would draw from understand if the good. busy and of understand. the afghans anxiously wait for clarity what president trump and do what it will mean for the china palace al jazeera. turkey's government has walk and president trump's earlier decision to withdraw all of the two thousand u.s. troops operating in syria trump said i saw has been largely defeated and it's time
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for others to fight more from a hoarder. the turkish military will stay on alert along the border with syria but the planned to cross border offensive against what turkey considers terrorists east of the euphrates is now on hold the target was the syrian kurdish armed group the white peachey which controls four hundred kilometer stretch of territory along the border. president measure of tayyip erdogan cited a common understanding with washington as the reason for the postponement sort of the criticism in washington since the beginning of the syrian crisis our diplomatic contacts with the us left us disappointed in terms of the results the trumpet ministration inherited problems that we experienced particularly the obama presidency in face to face meetings and phone calls president trump and i have seen that we shared views on a range of issues related to syria yet the translation of the agreement to the ground was over to untypical and finally in recent days we have been able to see
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the clearest and most encouraging statements to date from the administration trump announced american troops would pull out from north east syria this week the us president chose turkey over washington's alliance with the y.p. g. a main source of tension between the two allies the decision was about come to an ankara but the foreign minister battle it. provided more details on what turkey expects to happen next we need to. have already. started. this. he said two things one is called the nation the other one is that turkey will never let out any country any power to feel their work is very important because she is from two days there are lots of explanation. the minister of foreign affairs of
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france that day will be sure he will never let out a delegation from the white peachey dominated syria democratic forces is trying to reach out to paris to seek support following the u.s. decision to leave it seems the message was not to france but to other powers as well the s.d.f. is believed to be reengaging with the syrian government to cut a deal that will allow it to stay in its autonomous enclave in the north east turkey has repeatedly said that it has no territorial ambitions in syria and its fight against the y.p. g. is about its national security interests it believes the y. p.g. is the syrian offshoot of the outlawed kurdistan workers' party or the p.k. k. which is fighting for autonomy in south east turkey. turkey also backs what it calls the rightful owners of y p g controlled areas some arab tribes and others have accused the kurdish force of capturing predominantly arab lands and its
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military campaign against eisel those tribes who say they are being prevented from returning home or throwing their weight behind turkey which seems to be coordinating an arrangement on the future of that corner of syria with the united states senate. a check on the turkey syria border in germany officials there say they were not told in advance of the u.s. decision to pull troops from syria. secret wedding is planned as an ally and part of the n.t. i.i.s. coalition we would have found prior consultations with the u.s. government on a withdrawal of u.s. troops helpful in the view of the federal government the so-called islamic state continues to pose a threat even if the terrorist organizations have meanwhile lost large parts of the territory previously controlled by the. or there's also been a reaction to the sudden resignation of the us defense secretary the french defense minister praising james mattis because of what i can say is that jim mattis is
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a colleague which i very much appreciate with whom i've worked a lot he's a great soldier and he's been a remarkable minister and he's been a partner for all occasions a u.s. republican senate leader mitch mcconnell has also spoken about the departure of mattis in a statement he said i believe it is essential that the united states maintain and strengthen the post world war two alliances that have been carefully built by leaders in both parties so i was sorry to learn that secretary mattis who shares those clear principles will soon depart the administration but i am particularly distressed that he is resigning due to sharp differences with the president on these and other key aspects of america's global leadership or she have a tendency is live for us now in washington so she had it's not often that the senate majority leader from the president's own party puts out a statement like this but i suppose that that tells you all you want to know about the concern that this that this is caused in washington. the republican party
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has long thought that trump was in his foreign policy box yes he said all sorts of things on the campaign trail which are popular among the american people seventeen years of war have achieved very little have cost a great deal in money and lives bots when donald trump became president he filled his cabinet and people like general mattis who didn't agree with that who were the adults in the room because they were content to continue with those policies no matter what now now now he's gone and by the way we should say with all this adult in the room stuff. dollar some did get about us a great deal of leeway to fight these wars he loosened the rules of engagement and mattis enthusiastically took that mantle and you said look at war's dot org or any of the sources casualties figures for civilians over the last years under mattresses command have risen exponentially in syria iraq afghanistan somalia
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wherever you want i mean he was given a great deal of leeway so we need to be careful about what i built in the room actually does a sara lee and sara lee means so there are all these questions about whether this is now a bigger shake up in foreign policy don't trump now will follow through on his pledges to remove the us from all of these foreign conflicts but then this is all trumped so we have to we have to see whether he actually means what he says and so what can we expect then going forward i mean are we likely to get. the next defense secretary who's much more in line. with president trump's world view. i want to get an isolationist defense secretary who is calling for the withdrawal of troops from around the world up to seventeen years since nine eleven i mean i would be fascinated would i can you imagine the confirmation hearings there there's a coalition of establishment republicans and democrats you'd probably do everything they could to prevent that person from actually taking office which would actually set up a really interesting showdown between trump's base in congress and the progressive
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left in congress who also agree that the u.s. should withdraw from these these battles around the world which they also feel have achieved very little when money could be spent at home on health care and education and so on so that is if it's a fasting prospect but because that establishment view is so against trump on foreign policy both among democrats and the republicans you would have a number of congressional hurtles we often say actually congress doesn't give much oversight to the commander in chief as he in previous years has waged war around the world perhaps maybe for once we will start seeing that it was like being beginning in congress if told from really does follow through but we have to wait to see whether he really does follow his or indeed well our rights he had thanks for that you have a tendency in washington our schools in universities have been suspended in sudan's capital off to eight people died in protests against rising food and fuel prices.


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