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tv   Imrans 100 Days  Al Jazeera  December 23, 2018 8:32am-9:01am +03

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well cho was shot and killed in a military operation near the ecuadorian border shallop bellus al-jazeera sudan's government says at least ten people have been killed and dozens more were injured during four days of protests against the rising cost of food and fuel a state of emergency has been declared in some cities and some schools and universities have been suspended about morgan reports. this is one of the main markets in the north of the sudanese capital khartoum shoppers here see all the produce for sale have one thing in common i do know a ship of the mountain behind saying across is a hard tomatoes used to cost seven pounds and now it costs forty pounds and i will everything is expensive the prices have been going up and there are so many things you can buy and then there is the bread crisis. their bread prices sparked protests around the country when the government announced its plan to raise the price of a loaf from wanted a nice pound to three there were demonstrations the government reacted by
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announcing a state of emergency in some cities curfews in others and it tried to block social media platforms including facebook twitter and what's happened dozens of people have been arrested. the protesters are not just frustrated at the rising cost of bread in the past year inflation has risen to almost seventy percent in january the dollar was worth thirty. now it's almost worth if this isn't nice pounds which means higher market prices and people have to queue at banks to get their cash which with inflation barely cover their knee. the government has been using live ammunition and tear gas to disperse the crowds this is they're trying to solve the economic crisis but won't tolerate protesters damaging public property but. the government did acknowledge there is a crisis we did not tonight and we are working on resolving these issues when it comes to economic crises these things are not magically resolved overnight it takes time there are more than one party involved more than just one factor or another.
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president omar al bashir has ruled for almost thirty years he's been reelected several times most recently in twenty fifteen when most opposition parties boycotted the vote now some opposition groups are calling for a change in the way the country's government eat. his lunch we need a new type of for regime a new system a new leadership the issue here is not who's ruling sudan but how to govern this nation first we need a new recipe for peace we need a national transitional unity government real consultations when it comes to the constitution. to protest on a scale not seen before dear time as president sudanese people seem to have lost patience and want to see an improvement in their living conditions sooner rather than later morgan down to zero. four million ballot papers are juice arrive in the democratic republic of congo's capital kinshasa to replace those destroyed in a fire last week the blaze which also damaged more than eight thousand voting
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machines has meant the presidential election shuttle for sunday has been delayed for a week catherine soy has more. the campaign season that chaotic as it was is officially over and presidential candidates have agreed to wait until the election but the question many people are asking now is a week. put everything together to be able to. be credible. we've heard from the president of city that's electoral commission saying that one of the biggest problems they face is the prices in. a warehouse burned down last week destroying most of the forty materials from what to be used in the capital city some of the materials are still getting in and they have to be deployed to different parts of the country and this is a country we are very poor infrastructure so it's a logistical nightmare just getting this materials to where they're supposed to be
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the government has used all help financial and logistical help from the u.n. and other countries as well some people are saying at least another is another problem it's going to be interesting to see how this week plays out the president of the commission saying be patient give us time we are trying to do everything we can to make sure that we have an election that is fairly small but a lot of people with talk to really saying that this election given all the circumstances might just end up being another election. a full british politician who was a leading figure in the peace process. was council the age of seventy seven. as the un's high representative in both between two thousand and two and two thousand and six helping the country rebuild in the aftermath of the civil war the one nine hundred ninety s. before that he led the liberal democrat party the u.k.'s third biggest political
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force at the time for eleven years he also served in the british army's special services. nine people are feared dead after a fire at a sold mine in russia fifteen hundred kilometers northeast of the capital moscow eight other miners managed to escape but the blaze did prevent rescue workers reaching those trapped inside a criminal investigation has been launched into the cause of the fire. still to come here on the al-jazeera news of a new man in the manchester united's hope seats is off to a winning style of details in sports on the other side of this break. a policy imposed decades ago pregnant woman thought that she would select to be goods and had many boys changing demographics across asia with far reaching consequences for creating a pool of socially disadvantaged young men so you had the system where people at
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every level were being hit being given money money to agree to start was ation our money to get other people to agree to start social outings their examines the politics of population control. they call this bleeding the tree. first substance the world is addicted to now at the center of a global trade war. it's latex in its purest form found in tires phones toothbrushes satellites or mattresses it is an essential element in daily life and so deep in the ivorian forest goes from tree to tree scarring them for the precious liquid trump is imposing two hundred billion dollars in tariffs on china the world's largest manufacturer of rubber goods china in response imposes tariffs on synthetic rubber the west produces while in the short term this is bad for african producers in the long run some hope the continent could benefit from this trade war
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unaware of the global trade war and despite falling prices at calls rubber white gold at least for now. the growing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really key to being a good thing freedom of the child is going to be done for men and women for the resources that are in the. what makes an al-jazeera story to me is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants you to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators more apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth.
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it's time for sports is leah thank you so much always start with football and real madrid have won the club world cup in the u.a.e. they beat ella and four one in the final putting an end to the emirates hopes of making history so home reports. the club world cup could prove to be the turning point and real madrid season. struggling down and for the leader they have a look themselves that hold this campaign and their opponents in the final lane nearly made them pay for some sloppy play early on my winning would make v.m. rocky's the tournament's first ever asian whenas. but minutes after blown a chance to take a step closer to history rails midfield magician luca moderates made them pay of the the croatian opening the scoring and reminding everyone just why he won the ballon d'or this year. however going down didn't seem to faze alain they put the
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ball in rails net just a minute later by only for the offside flag to cut short the celebrations the european champions were ruthless after that marcos llorente putting them two nil up on the zero five and then there was a special moment for the real captain sergio ramos getting a go tomorrow what would be a twentieth title with the club have. a line did manage a consolation goal in the last five minutes of the but any momentary joy was short lived. the emira artie's gifting rally known gold to cap off a four one win and seal a third straight club world cup title for the spaniards. the rally now have a first trophy under santiago solari the founds a hope it could be the spark to resurrect their falteringly campaign surveille mallett al-jazeera only got her sole shires after winning start as manchester
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united's caretaker manager the red devils the cardiff five one away in the premier league so shire was named interim boss until the end of the season following the sacking of josie marino on tuesday winning season united reclaim six spot say a said the same to these lads as a new coleman mold just. work harder than them enjoy yourselves passive forward run forward if you lose the ball i don't mind this long as you work to win it back and they did. when you got players like this with the quality of their always going to create chances and the finishes today were quality as well but there have been some shocking results on saturday champions man city were stunned by crystal palace i mean their main four points behind leaders liverpool fourth place chelsea were also upset they lost to leicester one nil it means arsenal go level on points with them the gunners bouncing back from their league cup exit against tottenham mesut ozil was back in as captain and made in the syste as they
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beat burnley three one. very good this i think the committee we need today. is his commitment with us to lead but he would on. yours but we have to the we used a new press conference we need. to they have been thrust italian league leaders eventis have reestablished their eight point cushion at the top of syria they've beat roma one nil for a sixteenth when in seventeen league games earlier second place now believe did their part to keep the pressure on. got the only goal as they beat spall its fourth win in a row for napoli next up for them as a tough test against their place in milan on wednesday. well a video of a high school wrestler who was forced by a referee to cut off his dreadlocks in order to be able to compete has been causing outrage on social media here's the clip which has been viewed over ten million
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times on twitter already it shows andrew johnson of point a high school in new jersey having his dread logs forcibly cut before a match rules state that natural hair that is non-abrasive is allowed if it is contained under a hair cover which is was but johnson was only given the option of a haircut or a forfeit by referee alan maloney he's now been suspended this referee has until the incident is fully investigated johnson went on to win earlier though we spoke to sports and legal affairs analyst exam your pope who was shocked by the incident . i was sick to my stomach i wanted to puke when i saw it i thought that in two thousand and eighteen we would not witness the literal. rejection of another person's culture and their heritage and cutting dreads off even when. the his head is covered the young man's covered
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per state rules but the referee so decided to go beyond that. and so it was a shocking display a courageous display by this young man to stand up for his team and decide it's a win but we saw at the end when the referee. raised his hand in victory after the young man won his match he threw his hands up but he me to put it down because it was it was a it was a victory on the match but it was a loss in the culture and so it's very shocking to see this and we've seen an error in our country when increased hate crime in violence towards people of color where there is a seeming newbold in activity in terms of this racial animus towards people of color and so we're seeing it in our streets we're seeing it and our coffee shops we're seeing it now on on the wrestling mat it's disgusting and we need to stop it
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u.s. olympic skier mckayla shifrin has held onto her title as queen of slalom with her thirty fifth world cup victory in france that brings her total number of world cup wins to fifty across all disciplines making her the youngest skier both male or female to hit that mark the twenty three year old american is undefeated in her trademark event since finishing a surprising fourth at the piano chain on. and that's all your sport for now will have more later. yes thanks very much will see a little later i'm sure up next all the top stories in a couple minutes see that. they
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wanted four to three billion pounds with the weaponry that was six billion pounds in commission. there is no hope of ending off because there's always a small cobbles people for war and really really good business. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function war shadow on al-jazeera. it's the fos day of school in bob an elementary school in mosul. has this school as a military base firing rocket propelled grenades on multiple nearby i doubt it falsus. most helpful gauteng what it is like to be in school up to three years old war. six year old does house of survived an ass like the t.t.s. home and almost wiped out his entire family he now lives in the popular destroyed
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house with his father and grandfather. solace for the past his son for the first day in school he is hopeful new friends will help is that a company. where i think you're going to get adored by millions of stones my stainless cricket team arrived as prime minister on a blaze of national center for a shift. now one hundred days into his leadership people ask whether delivering on promises will be as easy in practice as it was in pain. now the nation is not feeling confident right now people are disappointed with the bombing in iran's one hundred days on al-jazeera. another major defection from donald trump's administration over his decision to remove american troops from syria.
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the local m.p. said w watching al jazeera live from my headquarters here and also coming up soon it saves journey into a lebanon you on monday. the u.s. government shutdown is set to drag on as the senate stalemate continues over funding trump's border wall project plus. a double suicide attack in somalia fifteen people including a journalist killed in a bombing near the presidential palace also. more violence in the french capital as police are targeted by anti-government protesters. the end of a chaotic week for the white house there's been a second resignation from u.s. president donald trump's administration the top u.s.
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diplomat in the global coalition against eisold brett mcgurk has quit over trump surprise decision to pull troops out of syria it comes hot on the heels of the resignation of the u.s. defense secretary james mattis who strongly opposed the syrian decision a state department correspondent rose jordan as more u.s. president daal trump made two major foreign policy decisions this week he said he's pulling seven thousand u.s. troops out of afghanistan and trump is pulling out all two thousand u.s. service personnel from northeast syria a decision he's been defending on twitter on syria we were originally going to be there for three months and that was seven years ago we never left when i became president isis was going wild now isis is largely defeated and other local countries including turkey should be able to easily take care of whatever remains we are coming home. defense secretary jim mattis quit in protest on thursday on
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saturday it was revealed that a top u.s. diplomat in charge of coordinating the fight against eisold is also quitting the military mission is enduring defeat of isis we have obviously learned a lot of lessons in the past we know that once a physical space is defeated we can't just pick up and leave this was brought mcgurk the special envoy briefing reporters on the anti eisel fight in syria under a symbol eleventh mcgurk knew everyone in the region and he reportedly told colleagues this week the president's new policy on syria would make it impossible for him to continue in his post already both congressional democrats and republicans have called trump syria decision dangerous and deplored jim matta says departure from the pentagon now those who had been fighting alongside the americans are looking to these legislators to try to change the white house's mind dear senator lindsey graham south carolina kurds in syria appreciate your strong
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opposition on the wrongfulness of trumps unilateral decision to withdraw from syria and your principled stance on standing by your kurdish allies the next step in fighting i so now uncertain as the trumpet ministration declares it won't be us forces and resources leading the charge rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. following the announcement of the u.s. troop pullout by donald trump there are reports that the turkish army is sending soldiers to the border with syria the turkish president has threatened to strike kurdish why peachey targets in northern syria the group was being backed by u.s. special forces in the fight against eisel office the u.s. pullout from syria could now lead to a power vacuum on the ground zero how to reports from the techie syria for doubt. these syrian refugees have been living in this turkish border town for three years they say they can't return home as long as their towns and villages are controlled
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by the syrian armed group the y. peachey while fighting eisel the why p.g. backed by the u.s. had taken control of predominantly arab and mixed areas across northern syria their residents say those territorial gains are about creating a kurdish state an accusation denied by the wipe each. of those fields. in two thousand and fifteen the white b.g. enter tel aviv under the pretext of fighting isis but they forcibly displaced the autopen looted their homes they started to impose the kurdish language and what they call democracy close like preventing us from practicing religion. the y.p. she could lose the autonomous enclave government in north eastern syria a plan to pull out of american troops will leave it vulnerable the group controls an area rich in oil and agricultural land valuable economic assets for the government and to mask this which is struggling under sanctions president bashar
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assad has repeatedly said he wants to retake this corner of syria either by negotiation or force the y. p.g. may be trying to cut a deal. the us is no longer planning a rapid pullout turkey has reportedly convince president donald trump to coordinate the withdrawal also that there will be no vacuum u.s. and turkish officials will meet in washington on january eighth it seems ankara wants the enclave to be handed over to representatives of arab majority towns that have been under the control of the white. turkey believes the y.p. g. is linked to the outlawed kurdistan workers' party the p.k. k. which has been fighting for self rule in south east turkey. turkey doesn't have that authority or ambitions in syria and they want to end the separatist project there and it wants to end the threat along its southern border it will cooperate with the syrian opposition but who will convince you to give up its agenda and
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couplings with. a military option is still on the table president tell you border guard says a new operational strategy to eliminate both the y.p. g. and i still is being worked on turkey and the u.s. may be in agreement on what happens next but there are other players in syria including russia that will also want its interests secured. a check on the turkey syria border. kurdish group that was being backed by u.s. forces on the ground in syria that's the syrian defense force. still fending off isolate tax thank you and group posted this video on friday showing their fighters taking on a song near the eastern city of hygiene the area is last military stronghold inside syria iran's revolutionary guards have conducted military drills in the strategic strait of hormuz the passageway for nearly one third of all traded by sea. sizes
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showcased combat helicopters and drones on friday the iranian army trailed a u.s. aircraft carrier that into the gulf iran is on the increasing pressure from the u.s. after the trumpet ministration renewed sanctions on iran over its nuclear program. president trump also dealing with the impact of another government shutdown it's the third one this year and it's likely to last until after christmas it's the result of a political stalemate in congress over funding for donald trump's planned mexico border wall the president is demanding five billion dollars for the project but democrats are refusing to give in the deadlock leaves parts of the federal government without funding over the holiday period eight hundred thousand workers will work without pay or they will go on unpaid leave the shutdown was one of the factors that led to a sell off on markets around the world wall street closed on friday with some of the worst weekly falls in a decade the u.s.
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china trade dispute and last week's interest rate rise by the federal reserve are also being blamed is what top senators from both the main parties have been saying about this current standoff republicans in the house and in the set up believe the house is provision for five billion dollars in border funding plus additional disaster funding was completely original i was glad to vote to advance that legislation yesterday my colleagues in opera are proud to stand with the american people on this subject for the safety of american families and the health and security of our communities but this time. this democrats have rejected that reasonable request they've refused to meet present drop have why and provide even one fifth one fifth of the resources for the border they were willing to provide just a few months ago. make no mistake the trump shutdown is not about border security
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all of the proposals we've made contain over a billion dollars in new border security money the same amount allocated last year by both parties and even the president agreed to and the trumpet ministration has barely even spent any of the border security money from last year so the trump shutdown isn't over border security it's because president trump is demanding billions of dollars for an expensive ineffective wall that the majority of americans don't support. well john hendren has been following events in washington . the two sides seem far apart in the government shutdown president trump met with republican leaders in the white house if he is negotiating with democrats he is not doing it at that meeting and the senate came into session and a bit of senate theater the republican leader mitch mcconnell came out in a red christmas sweater saying he hoped that they could wrap up business and
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everybody could go on to their christmas holiday but that does not seem likely to happen terribly soon and that is because democrats know the president does not have the votes in the u.s. senate in order to pass his five billion dollars in border wall funding that he wants for the southern border you need a supermajority in the senate in order to pass legislation like that and he simply does not yet have the votes so the two sides remain at an impasse and chuck schumer the democratic leader told the president speaking on the floor of the senate if you want to open the government you must abandon the wall and he went on to say the wall will come not today not next week not next year so it does seem like the two sides are far apart at monday and tuesday are holidays the full impact of the government shutdown probably will not be felt until wednesday and of course democrats may simply wait until january third that is when democrats take over
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control of the u.s. house of representatives and at that time they believe that they can definitively stop funding for the president's wall so the democrats believe time is on their side that these twenty people have died for a tsunami struck the coast of indonesia it hit coastlines along the sunday straits between two individuals whose biggest islands the country's disaster management agency says one hundred sixty five people were injured and dozens of buildings would damage it suspected the tsunami may have been triggered by sub sea landslides following a local volcanic eruption. plenty more still to come including more on the streets of ramallah where people are angry with the ineptitude of their politicians and the brutality of the israeli occupation also ahead a state of emergency and more school closures in sudan where anger is growing up rising food prices.


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