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get the country out of the economic crisis that it is that is currently going through whether that is going to be enough to get the protesters to back off from the streets and go back home and see changes in their in their livelihood and their conditions that's not clear yet because today again for the fifth in a row people are out again protesting the economy and protesting against the government's alright for now here thank you have been morgan will keep us abreast of all developments in sudan today thank you now an influential figure in the bosnian peace process has died from cancer at the age of seventy seven former british politician paddy ashdown served as the un's high representative in bosnia and herzegovina between the years of two thousand and two and two thousand and six he helped the country to rebuild in the aftermath of the one nine hundred ninety s. civil war before that lord ashdown led the liberal democrat party the u.k.'s third largest political force for eleven years he also served in the army is the british army that is in its special forces. we've got
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a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including why faces in the democratic republic of congo are preparing for another hold up to their long delayed elections examine the reasons behind the jailing of al jazeera journalist mahmoud two saying he's being held in egypt without trial. and rail madrid when a record four clubs world cup journey will have the best of the action coming up in sport. where the turkish army is sending soldiers to its border with syria the move comes just days after u.s. president donald trump announced that he was withdrawing american troops the turkish president. has threatened to strike why p.g. targets in northern syria the kurdish group has gained significant control in the area after being backed by the u.s.
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in its fight against eisel but after a deal between ankara and washington in june turkish and u.s. troops have been holding joint patrols in man bitch that's west of the euphrates river turkey wants a city cleared of the y.p. . or let's go live now to our correspondents in the hot issues in the turkish town of that's right in this border area is in the center first of all tell us about where turkish troops are moving to and how we should interpret this this troop movement so soon after the trump announcement. yes the turkish army reinforcing their positions along the border and inside syria they've sent troops and personnel and tanks thirty kilometers south from where we are standing to the front lines north of the city of memphis there has been no statement from the turkish military but we're seeing this as
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a message that the turkish military is sending we are here and we are ready to use force if necessary if the city is not handed over to what turkish officials have long called the rightful owners members really at the center that the crosshairs really more than one power claiming claiming this city just days after the united states announced that it will be withdrawing its troops from the north east of the country were drawing its troops from areas under the control of the syrian kurdish armed group the wipe e.g. the turkish deployment coinciding with reports that the syrian army and its allies are massing troops south of members and intending to move in there have also been reports that the syrian kurdish group the white p.g. is cutting some sort of a deal with the syrian army to enter the city so the turkish army sending these troops really has a message that we won't allow this city to fall into anybody's hands except its
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rightful owners now who are the rightful owners the members is a predominantly arab area and turkey believes and the syrian opposition as well that the y.p. g. has taken control of predominantly arab areas in the fight against eisel to create its own autonomy state and presumably then the turkish authorities would not be a total happy with any kind of deal being struck between the wife and the syrian army why why does that upset the same much. well because turkey will need security guarantees from the syrian army firm guarantees not just from the syrian army but from russia which is really the main power broker in syria about what will happen to the white peachey turkey considers the white peach a terrorist organization and they believe it's the syrian offshoot of the kurdistan workers' party which has been fighting for self rule in southeast turkey of the syrian army comes in what will happen to the y.p. g.
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force they also understand and they've been blaming really the u.s. for arming this group and providing them with sophisticated weapons so this is another question that the turks are asking the americans when you pull out what are you going to take those weapons with you so for turkey it has its priority first of all is to move the white p.j. away from its border and its priority is to neutralize what it sees as a threat then of course to allow refugees to go back so if the syrian army takes control of these areas a lot of syrian refugees will not be able to return so these are turkey's priorities it has been able to convince the u.s. administration to delay this pull out so that they can coordinate but right now a lot of back door dealings taking place and the people inside members are quite fearful of what comes next. live in. the border between turkey and northern syria. now the delivery of ballot papers for the democratic republic of congo's presidential election has been delayed after four
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million ballot papers would usually arrive in the capital on saturday to replace those that were destroyed by fire last week now that blaze in kinshasa left eight thousand voting machines damaged the presidential polls originally shadowed for today sunday is now being pushed back by a week let's go live now to the d.l.c. capital kinshasa and speak to our correspondent there katherine sawyer and katherine. how likely i mean we're hearing now that the replacement voting papers are have not arrived on time how likely is it in your estimation that the authorities will be able to mount a credible election in a week's time. and i have just received information right this moment. for million of them that were meant for the cost of. replacing those that were destroyed in the fire of a warehouse where they. are being told that this material has just arrived
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this moment so that is a relief but as you say they still a lot of. people particularly here. are very concerned a wire aides saying that they don't trust the commission of this thing that they are worried. another crisis. commission is under tremendous pressure. believe a fairly credible election on sunday the exact words of the commission be meeting all of us today we are told right now they're still meeting later we might get a briefing from the deputy president just. to speed what's going on but just to give you a clearer picture of what's going on like i said the ballot papers have to be released the commission has also ordered. machines from other regions to be brought
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to remember it's thousand. also destroyed we've been told that technicians are now reprogramming those machines most of the materials meant for other parts of the country are now as regional headquarters but also have to be transported to the difference. to be taken to the polling stations and that's a logistical nightmare. because the infrastructure here is very poor it's the rainy season now some parts of the country particularly in the east we have an . epidemic in the east as well all these things making it very difficult for me. but we have had from the president in the last few days who has told people he give a time be patient you're trying all we can to make sure that if election we conduct a move and credible election but having waited for more than two years
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the opposition figures well at least felix search is a kennedy agreed rather reluctantly but agreed to the extension to the delay but said to his supporters i thought rather interesting leigh that not a single day more than the week there's been asked for should be tolerated by his supporters what can we expect catherine if indeed this election isn't carried out in a satisfactory and timely manner. well i mean you mentioned to security and we were in that scene where you're dressed as a prison cell splitters telling them to stay calm for now is wait for the thirtieth but he also said that should there be a delay as you mentioned they should be for a meeting such as where the one we attended they should just go out to the streets and make their voices had and protest there is a lot of fear we have seen during the companies he's done it was a very chaotic very violent company some candidates were blocked from
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accessing parts of the country that had just supporters valiantly dispersed by police using tear gas and live well some people died the governor of the band the last rally of the candidate that was supposed to be held in kinshasa those one is about for security reasons so people are really afraid that you know seeing what happened in the compensation that this violence could just escalate especially east election held if the result is disputed that we could just the escalation of that and. the electoral commission saying as i mentioned be patient give us time but i think a lot is going to depend on how as you mention martin how credible this election is going to be how individual that the election are going to be act and what kind of instruction they're going to give their supporters catherine thank you for that
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catherine sorry is our correspondent in the d.l.c. capital kinshasa. in two years since al jazeera journalist mark will just say he was arrested in egypt he hasn't been charged with any crime his imprisonment is being repeated extended despite international calls for his immediate release after lopez what diane reports. for two years saying has been locked inside an egyptian prison his right to trial denied his legal rights rejected the al jazeera journalist who require zero in two thousand and sixteen to visit his family after he landed he was questioned and detained he's been in solitary confinement ever since without being formally charged he suffered a broken arm and was refused proper medical treatment egyptian prosecutors accuse the qatar based journalist of broadcasting what it describes as false news and of receiving foreign funds to defame state institutions he strongly denies the
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allegations and so does al jazeera echoing international outrage the u.n. has been calling for his release rights groups have reported an unparalleled crackdown on adoption journalists since the military deposed the first democratically elected president mohamed morsi in two thousand and thirteen the suppression has increased under former general now president of delta tal sisi the committee to protect journalists says at least twenty media workers are being held in egyptian prisons. hussein's detention has breached egypt's own penal code since he's been held without trial for more than eighteen months the maximum period allowed for anyone being investigated for a crime he should have either been released or taken to court neither has happened two years in his family and others are left waiting for justice caught cielo personal jaan al jazeera. oh we can speak to daoud kuttab his a board member of the international press institute he's joining us live now from
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amman the jordanian capital thank you for talking to us what does. mahmoud hussein's continued detention in egypt tell us about the country today. well i think it's very clear that the. regime now country is being run by the military and the military is carrying out political activity in the form of imprisoning journalists and closing the space on civil society we've seen recently that egypt is starting to open up on the issue of civil society they just. allowed the passing of a law that there vindicated the civil society organizations and i think. hopefully we'll be seeing some movement on the on the level of the journeys i hope that mr sane is released very quickly because he's been held without trial and that's
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a clear violation of his constitutional right and the commitments that egypt is made in the international arena i have to also say that it's not just egypt but a number of countries continue to imprison journalists we have problems in turkey were problems in the united arab emirates and other countries where journalists or others are held for what they think and what they write and that's not acceptable and survival evasion of article nineteen of the universal declaration of human rights indeed twenty eighteen has not been a great year at all has it fair journalist in various parts of the world but coming back would you say that he's there and there really has there it there are a spirit allegations being made against him and in not pursuing in not allowing due process to take place the egyptian authorities are breaking their. constitutional rules as well as their own rules of law.
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well absolutely i think once you hold somebody for this long without charging him it's clear that you are basically bankrupt and you have nothing against him and he's being held for political not for any kind of legal reasons i think he's being held as the pawn in the conflict between egypt saudi arabia united arab emirates and baron against qatar and that's not fair to him or to journalism i think i think egypt is making a terrible mistake by politicizing every arrest and by putting the journalists in as pawns in this conflict that they have with the regional countries and it seems very much the same kyra is not terribly susceptible to to international pressure for instance as we've already mentioned there has been have been a variety of calls for his release and there is a campaign if you like from other journalists around the world for to protect his rights in terms of the judicial process in egypt but to no avail so.
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yeah unfortunately i mean this. case should've really lit up a lot of lights about how journalists are dealt with and unfortunately that that case there although it has hurt the saudi crown prince it really has not done much to to change the situation of journalists in many countries in the region and let's hope that the c.c. government finally understands that they cannot keep holding somebody against their will without any charge and releasing him immediately daoud kuttab good to talk to you live from amman thank you. now in just a few minutes steph will have all the weather for us and also coming up on this al-jazeera news how the u.s. government shutdown continues as politicians reach an impasse over how to fund president trump's border war project and how an industrial city in south korea turned into a leading tourism home. and
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a record run sees eventis time in their grip on the lead in italy germany will have the details in school. from a fresh breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. and i know that people remember it as a bringing breathing a huge sigh of relief at the moment as we've narrowly be missed by a huge tropical cycle and this was the equivalence of a huge category four very powerful beast it's now what winds of around one hundred eighty five kilometers per hour those of the steady winds and it's gradually going to continue to ease as it gradually makes its way south as you can see moorish is there just poking out of the cloud and to the west we've got reunion so here we've finally seen the worst of it that story's out of the way and it never got too close to us now a little bit further towards the north and here we could do with
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a lot of rain because in afghanistan we're in a drought at the moment and that drought is showing no signs of ending soon so we've got more clouds just drifting its way across us currently but that's moving its way away without bringing us a great deal more in the way of wet weather for many of us across the middle east it doesn't like it's going to stay fairly dry unsettled over the next few days just a little patch where there's an exception really this area of cloud heads over the eastern parts of take you there from monday stretching up towards the caspian sea that could bring us a few bits and pieces of rain because it's this time of year little bit of snow as well and as that moves out the way we want something slightly more significant making its way into the northwestern parts of turkey here it looks pretty miserable as we head into tuesday. sponsored by the time. this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist three weeks ago now there's at
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least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here. all i'm hearing is good journalism. has resigned. their. coverups. some form of closure he saw the syrian army. in the city. of syrian president bashar. but. now.
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tavis take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera a tsunami has hit indonesia killing at least one hundred sixty eight people more than seven hundred others we understand have been injured way through two and half a meter into misa high struck areas along the soundest straight between two of the country's biggest thailand's. demonstrations are due to get under way across sudan in the fifth day of protests against food and fuel prices at least ten people have died since the rallies began last wednesday. former british politician patty ashdown who was a leading figure in the polls and peace process has died from cancer at the age of seventy seven lord ashdown served as the un's high representative in polls there sick of ina between two thousand and two and two thousand and six helping the
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country to rebuild in the aftermath of the civil war of the nine hundred ninety s. . of the trumpet ministration is also another important national security ficca with the resignation of the u.s. diplomat dealing with eisel brett mcgurk quit in protest against president trump's abrupt decision to withdraw u.s. troops from syria as a state department correspondent. us president donald trump made two major foreign policy decisions this week he said he's pulling seven thousand u.s. troops out of afghanistan and trump is pulling out all two thousand u.s. service personnel from northeast syria a decision he's been defending on twitter. on syria we were originally going to be there for three months and that was seven years ago we never left when i became president isis was going wild now isis is largely defeated and other local countries including turkey should be able to easily take care of whatever remains
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we're coming home. defense secretary jim mattis quit in protest on thursday on saturday it was revealed that a top u.s. diplomat in charge of coordinating the fight against eisold is also quit the military mission is there enduring defeat of isis we have obviously learned a lot of lessons in the past so we know that once a physical space is defeated we can just pick up and leave this was brett mcgurk the special envoy briefing reporters on the anti eisel fight in syria under a similar eleventh mcgurk new everyone in the region and he reportedly told colleagues this week the president's new policy on syria would make it impossible for him to continue in his post already both congressional democrats and republicans have called trump syria decision dangerous and deplored jim madison's departure from the pentagon now those who had been fighting alongside the americans
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are looking to these legislators to try to change the white house's mind dear senator lindsey graham south carolina kurds in syria appreciate your strong opposition on the wrongfulness of trump's unilateral decision to withdraw from syria and your principled stance on standing by your kurdish allies the next step in fighting eisold now uncertain as the trumpet ministration declares it won't be u.s. forces and resources leading the charge rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington that the u.s. government's expected to stay policy closed pos christmas day in a standoff over president trump's amounts of money to build a border war with mexico and that will leave around eight hundred thousand workers out of pocket until it gets sorted out john hendren has wall from washington. the two sides seem far apart in the government shutdown president trump met with republican leaders in the white house if he is negotiating with democrats he is not
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doing it at that meeting and the senate came into session and a bit of senate theater the republican leader mitch mcconnell came out in a red christmas sweater saying he hoped that they could wrap up business and everybody could go on to their christmas holiday but that does not seem likely to happen terribly soon and that is because democrats know the president does not have the votes in the u.s. senate in order to pass his five billion dollars in border wall funding that he wants for the southern border you need a supermajority in the senate in order to pass legislation like that and he simply does not yet have the votes so the two sides remain at an impasse and chuck schumer the democratic leader told the president speaking on the floor of the senate if you want to open the government you must abandon the wall and he went on to say the wall will come not today not next week not next year so it does seem like the two sides are far apart monday and tuesday are holidays the full impact of the
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government shutdown probably will not be felt until wednesday and of course democrats may simply wait until january third that is when democrats take over control of the u.s. house of representatives and at that time they believe that they can definitively stop funding for the president's wall so the democrats believe time is on their side. the video has a measure of a french police officer pulling out his gun and pointing it at protesters during the latest street battles linked to the yellow vest anti-government movement the officer took his gun out as another person tried to lift his motorbike off the ground while a crowd moved towards them. they then quickly sped away as demonstrators held things out than the protest began more than six weeks ago against high fuel prices and have often turned violent furnace smith was among the protesters in paris. this is been a very protest march nonstop through the street. from. the
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right. in order. to follow all the way as police try to block various routes. this fall in a couple of stations where they all of us protesters of wanted it to be peaceful and they try to make sure that everybody has stayed on the right side of the law there are about a thousand people left this time of the day number similar to last week and many people here that we've spoken to not at all interested in the concessions present manual from how to make they say they don't go far enough or too little too late and they will keep protesting right into the new year. anger over what's described as a slave law has been bringing thousands of people on to hungary and streets over the past week the legislation allows companies to make employees work more overtime and
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delay payment for it probably for a ca walk or reports now from the caring capital budapest. hungary at christmas time with more than two percent average growth low taxation it's an attractive place to come and spend your money. hungry economic model depends a lot on german car manufacturing and twenty seventeen it made up twenty nine percent of industrial output soon a billion dollar b.m.w. plants will provide thousands of jobs in the east but there's a problem a shortage of skilled workers. the government hopes its new labor law will fix that allowing over time of more than four hundred hours a year but that has angered the working hunger areas more than eighty percent according to recent polls opposed the legislation that will make them have to work more of physicians groups of united in protest from the left and the rights calling it a slave law. andries government says that's not the case the hungary and regulation
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is fully in line with the european regulations and does not introduce labor that's political cold which is being used by extremist political opinion and political activists on the ground the real problem is that as a matter of fact these political protests are nothing to do with the labor govt all of them are very educated some believe the law will only worsen the problem and variance have been working much longer hours in recent years than anyone in western europe so if you just check european union statistics eastern europeans work more than western europeans in hungary and work more than people in western europe so there's already a lot of overtime in the system and secondly wages are very low so if you make people work longer hours for the same wages is just an incentive for people to move away the way that one gary in government sees it the garion economy is a victim of its own success with near full employment but it might have more to do
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with the fact that hungary has a strict immigration policy and skilled gary ans seeking better opportunities abroad. young hunger ariens like peter are increasingly interested in leaving hungry and starting their careers elsewhere i might add are hungry and students and i just saw exactly the same motivation and that they just wanted something better than hunger we can offer and at the same time they just so that. that trends are not looking promising and hungry hungry is not a load countries including poland slovakia and the czech republic are struggling with their own labor shortages. the showing of low cost labor powering europe from its east is beginning to wear off. robyn first you walk out is either a budapest. a u.n. team has arrived in yemen's rebel held capital for now the group is there to monitor the trains between saudi government forces and his the fighters there two
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sides agreed to in the vital port city of her data during talks since we need to report. arriving in aden the head of a united nations monitoring mission patrick is a retired dutch general with experience in some of the world's worst conflicts the t r c sri lanka and cambodia other members of the un team touched down in yemen's capital sanaa the group will be heading to the strategic port city of the day where they're tasked with monitoring a franchise cease fire and overseeing the vital reopening of the port a gateway for food and aid supplies into a country where millions of people are in desperate need of both. the general for sure has an expertise in this domain and we know that he will meet with the other side very soon after that god willing the mission of the observers and head data will start. in her day her life is returning to the city streets the ceasefire
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between saudi u.a.e. backed government forces and hutu rebels is seen as the first significant breakthrough in peace efforts since the war started in twenty fourteen and. we look forward to the ceasefire we hope it's going to be observed not only here but nationwide. and. we hope the saudi led coalition will learn a lesson after four years of war we haven't halted all retreated even if forty years pass we will never budge or abandon our basic principles of dignity freedom and independence. the monitoring mission comes a day after the un security council unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the deployment of observers to data following negotiations in sweden the warring sides also agree to a prisoner swap of some sixteen thousand detainees. the u.n. calls yemen the world's worst humanitarian disaster has killed an estimated sixty
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thousand people as many as eighty five thousand children may have starved to death . it's hoped that by bringing stability to head to. the rest of this ravaged country by eventually follow. greece's rail industry. but it's been revived since the country's economic crisis which forced the government to give up its monopoly in the set and there's jones or office now reports is about to yield spectacular results. athens commuter railway was built ahead of the two thousand and four olympics and it changed the lives of outlying communities a journey into the city that used to take an hour now takes twenty minutes by train . it's very convenient i'm a cancer patient and had to go into hospital. but now i just take the train
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it's a feat hopes to repeat by the end of this year when it fully electrifies the country's main rail line from athens to the northern port city of. that'll have travel time to three hours and twenty minutes so the train will now compete with the airplane that will help realize another ambition this train loaded with goods made in china is headed for budapest the rail yard here in the port of paris is part of china's new silk road to europe the idea is for this port to become southeast europe's main supply line these changes are happening as a result of greece's economic crisis port operations were sold to the china ocean shipping company the government was broken up there are now seven competing train operators and grayle was able to focus on one particular area upgrading track now the industry is trying to make up for lost time.


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