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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 358  Al Jazeera  December 25, 2018 3:32am-4:00am +03

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and the americans as a continent to continuing on are in the tradition of your argument of brother and sister hood in the sense that we wouldn't stamp affection toward those who need it either if they come from venezuela nicaragua or their countries or the north of santa america. music is a universal language and those venezuelans who make it have found a way to sustain themselves in argentina but they see a big dream of the day they can again be their music back home. he's having to see that when the sound of. millions of people across the democratic republic of congo should have been voting sunday to elect a new leader a poll to replace president joseph kabila has been put off for a week blamed on a fire that destroyed voting machines and ballot papers there have been protests of the latest away with the election already two years behind schedule after it's always in the capital kinshasa with more on the logistics needed to hold the
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election. those four million people men who are that are in the country now which is a big relief to many people the voting machines that had been recalled from the different province is told already here technicians are reprogramming them now out of what the materials that were meant for other parts of the country are in the different regional headquarters they will be or are being transported to the various then. eventually the polling stations as well but that's another problem logistically this is a country that has a very poor infrastructure we're talking about places that you cannot get using a hole or even a bicycle you have to walk on this is also the rainy season of parts of the country still and they've been a boy outbreak in the east so all these complications making it even more difficult
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for the electoral commission and it's also important to note that the government has refused all international help to call help financial help from the u.n. and other countries as well a lot of people really just watching to see how exactly this week is going to play out this is going to be a very difficult we could not had any word from the government or not had any what either from the president joseph kabila and it's causing a lot of concern here south korea's government as hitting german carmaker b.m.w. with a ten million dollars fine and is filing a criminal complaint companies accused of deliberately covering up technical problems that led to several engine fires. recalled one hundred seventy two thousand vehicles and issued an apology earlier this year south korea's transport ministry says they did not act fast enough. germany's food industry has agreed to drastically cut the amount of sugar salt and fat and process over the next few
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years the decision was welcomed by public health advocates but some are worried it will affect the rich flavor and cuisine dominic and apart from berlin. christmas in germany means markets with mulled wine and many different things to eat is a good. thing perhaps a part forced is the order of the day or maybe something sweeter in any event for these people the emphasis is on enjoying the rich flavor of german food. for you german food is great you can't eat it every day but it's christmas so why not just as somebody say office you know and you know there's a lot of variety in german cuisine you can eat healthily or unhealthily but you have a lot to choose from the you have much more standards for your food then than we do in america so i'd say in you're more focused on healthier healthier things out there and yet clearly the government is worried about what people are eating the agriculture minister so much so she wants radical cuts in what's on offer the
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government plan is to have the food industry lead the way ministers want companies to introduce twenty percent reductions in fact usage in foods a similar reduction must be brought in for salt content likewise for sugar which many people blame for rising levels of obesity all of these changes must be implemented no later than twenty twenty five the government says it has the backing of many large firms in the german food industry to cut salt sugar and fat content but what about the small of us like those at this christmas market. at this butchers store a wide variety of sausages and other meats from all over germany and beyond is on offer made with the same recipes for generations it's not in the body or through receptive notes and it's good because our ingredients are really specific and there are very few ways we can really change them obvious. clearly.
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there isn't really much. but. the flavor of german food.
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time for sports or skater herself thank you very much the n.b.a. is taking over on christmas day five games in total a lot of is headlined by le bron james versus steph curry and the golden state warriors in the league's biggest rivalry it's not going to be a repeat of the n.b.a. finals this time the defending champions will take on james who will be wearing an l.a. lakers jussi james along with his cleveland cavaliers side have played against the warriors in the last four n.b.a. finals but tuesday marks the first time le bron will face golden state as a lakers player the worry is a currently second in the western conference while the lakers set forth as i mentioned five games in total beginning with milwaukee who are playing in their first christmas game since one nine hundred seventy seven they will be at the new york knicks then in a rematch of christmas twenty seventeen the used and rockets face the oklahoma city
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thunder philadelphia and historic rivals boston portland and utah a round up the christmas day action now there's just one week left in twenty eighteen before the new year begins sports right itself advice joins me now from london to look back at some of the big events from the last year telford that start at the u.s. open women's tennis final it's more than three months now since arena williams meltdown and saw his maiden major victory having had some time for emotions to settle what's your assessment of what happened that night in new york. it was quite a confidence if you want to be the one on one. with the people who are the people to get your power or who you simply cannot go on my lap in an occasion like that you know and have been well. she dances that's all stopped booing and that's what you've been donald trump in a dress you can't grow crops and then over. on the other hand. you don't have to be
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very good to work out that women's clothes styles and woman of color particularly get a raw deal or whatever happens and wherever they're going whatever their clothes so there was good and bad on both sides of the issue top of we move into boxing the other heavyweight division often defines the entire sport for many years there was not much to be too excited about but now there's anthony joshua the and say well the enticing fieri as well as some other exciting fighters what's your take on heavyweight boxing going into twenty nineteen. it's so much more grim than it has been brought a lot of thought and i was no fan of the coastal prince on the streets of the who wants to see. us to watch him but you know both of them but you know when you have these three it does evoke memories of friends are a form of it's just i'm not saying that anything is great those fighters but they
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just grab the imagination and you know you've got a kid and you want to be glad to take them to meet their parents now you just were you going to be roving management class and be running around that's just fantastic and some of the little lead at the anti rather and it's just really rich boxing not you you kind of got to watch he's going to just do a full one of the ninety thousand people and it's ridiculous and it was wonderful it was cool. and in cricket that's go back to march when cameron bancroft was asked to temple with the ball there in australia series against south africa how much of the sport any indeed the australian team managed to move forward since then i think the sport of the whole was was amazed at how the australians over reacted to the whole situation reacted and also how made it you know every normal strode in cricket that it was going you didn't know your guys were the most unpleasant team against and i think that being part of the world's reaction to the australians they
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still seem to be reading you know what they're taking as a personal assault it seems to me that they think cricket defines them in the world and that both of these men are going in particular encountered bankrupt or somehow robbed them of their national identity or their national or get in the world and so many of these it's ok calm down and just quickly telford australia currently in a series against india taking place in twenty eighteen the year isn't over yet boxing day in melbourne how do you see that one playing out. it's hard to. describe it is that is contrary to popular myth is the least predictable. i just want to see if you can go because if you're a parent out there anyone in your group wants to see you grow. and want to see better on the stage and because it's the biggest critic. you know it's one of the
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mutual situation if you didn't really need. self advice in london thank you very much for your time. now for team secured playoff spots in the n.f.l. on sunday the new england patriots dallas cowboys used to take sons and seattle seahawks all punch they take it the seahawks speak the kansas city chiefs that he had thirty one to return to the postseason after a year out and five time super bowl champions the new england patriots wrapped up the a.f.c. east title with a twenty four twelve win over the buffalo bulls the first franchise in n.f.l. history to earn a playoff berth in ten straight seasons i certainly don't take it for granted and i think i know art is and. i show great to appreciation for my teammates and coaches that work stream the hard to put us in a position to do a great job and when you have a lot of perspective and like i certainly do i realize that. you know it's incredibly difficult thing to do and i'm just very grateful. couple of the oldest
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champions river plate's have returned home to a celebration from their fans in when are sirees river beat local rivals baka juniors in the final of south america's biggest club competition earlier this month that match was controversially moved to madrid following an attack on pocket jr's bus near rivers monumental stadium there was no sign of trouble burst time as fans celebrated the team who paraded through the stadium in an open top bus. two time world surfing champion gabriele may dina has arrived home to brazil to a hero's welcome hundreds of fans turned up in the city of murray c.s. to cheer for the surfing superstar as he showed off his trophy on top of a fire truck the twenty five year old won the twenty eighteen world surf league title having a final victory at the billabong masters who made history in twenty fourteen of the first brazilian to ever win a world surfing title and has now some injuries place in the history books by
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winning a second. most ball coming up for me in the twenty one hundred g.m.t. yeah that's all for now michelle here thank you very much thank you for joining me for the news hour that's all for us here in doha we're going to hand it over to barbara starr and our colleagues and london to keep it here. lead on line i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you join us on sat there was a a rush of adrenaline will be felt this is the moment that we have been waiting for
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this is a dialogue the government has coalface our legal protest i'll start to police students force to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice for voting for lots of different reasons what's different types of bricks join the global conversation on how does iraq hoping for better living standards and more security the people of bangladesh both cost their vote in a general election with special coverage from across the country we'll assess what direction the nation could take. bangladesh elections on al-jazeera. stepped into the unknown with central america's first ever theatrical production by actors with down syndrome. a life journey illuminated on stage each performer transformed with the
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raise of occurred to. witness time to love a back stage to. al-jazeera where ever you are. searching for survivors finding more bodies of three hundred seventy three people now confirmed killed by indonesia's tsunami.
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hello i'm barbara starr you're watching live from london also coming up on the program. the. fighting continues into the night in the afghan capital where an attack on a government compound has killed dozens u.s. stocks have had their worst recorded christmas eve president blames the federal reserve while others blamed him and the talking of christmas eve we're live in bethlehem's manger square as the crowds gather for midnight and. thank you for joining us experts say more deadly tsunamis could hit indonesia in the coming days this as the death toll continues to mount from the latest one at least three hundred seventy three people have died and thousands more injured when huge waves struck without warning late on saturday and to thomas province which was worst hit by the tsunami. listen carefully over the noise of the waves
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a regular allowed to boobs. that's not wind hidden in the gloom forty seven kilometers out to sea and krakatoa volcano is still erupting it has been for months but on sunday the eruptions triggered an underwater landslide that caused the tsunami that led to this hotel's line to the sea front here some workers in guest saw the wave coming and ran and then a book about it was not like a usual beav it was a huge wave before one thought and it was just rolling and rolling after at this hotel two children swept out of their ground floor rooms as they slept one of their bodies was found in the swimming pool after the tsunami it retreated across the road and yet i showed us her damaged house she's pulled metres above normal see that all here yet the water powered into her home and into her shop next door of
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the mob or. after that no money the shops gone to so i've got no income i don't know what i'm going to do. the main road through two hundred grand has been cleared of debris but what remains of the stephanie villa hotel has not twenty nine people are known to have died here seven more a missing the water did a pretty good demolition job here but what it left behind those men are now clearing completely bearing and in some ways hoping they find some of the bodies of the missing insides people are nervous along this coast watching the sea for signs that another wave could come not knowing which rumble means they should run andrew thomas al jazeera pundit line internees. well as the cleanup continues questions are being asked about how such
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a large city tsunami could happen. without any warning the indonesian presidential . visited the affected area to see the devastation for himself he's promised the country will be better equipped for future natural disasters bribe reports now from on your district on the west coast of java. indonesian president djoko we don't go visiting the tsunami affected area prone to earthquakes his country deals on a regular basis with their disastrous consequences using detection equipment to warn of tsunamis ahead of time on this occasion the president appeared to admit something went wrong. i think in the new budget year of twenty nineteen early january a lot of the replacement of broken equipment or old ones which could no longer be used. the landslide of the undersea volcano made it harder to detect than a regular earthquake and happening at night many people had no idea the wave was on
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its way to strike them. this couple only realized it when the water started surging through the small food stall they operate near the beach that had a theme there was no warning at all even a tsunami warning when it suddenly happened in husband believes the government should invest in better monitoring equipment and i hope the government can use new technology because you're afraid there's going to be a voice in the future. living in such close proximity to a rumbling giant people here want that solution to come sooner rather than later and the experts seem to agree it's highly likely that there will be more tsunami generated by submarine landslides in the question is when is that going to happen we don't know are they going to be bigger ones we don't know what warning do you have well it's an active volcano and that's the essentially the warning. longer
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after the dead brief from the synonyme has been cleared away the fears of people living here will linger many of the people who used to live down here at sea level are now in temporary accommodation on higher ground whether they'll return here depends in part on whether they'll be able to confidently predict what that sea will do next right al-jazeera and your district indonesia. at least twenty eight people have been killed in a car bomb and gun attack in the afghan capital kabul dozens people are still trapped in a government compound in the afghan capital as fighting between security forces and gunmen continues and the attack began earlier monday starting with a suicide car bomb around two hundred forty people have been evacuated by security forces most likely he was a security analyst in kabul he was at the scene when the attack happened then described what he saw. by prost by the media just after the attack
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a few minutes after the attack took place. it is reported to be two car but car bomb. blasts taking place near the ministry of public works and blast took place just before. the stuff getting out of your offices and going our way from work saw yes a lot of smoke coming out of d.d.r. there was meant that the office was the fire had broken out in the building where the ministry is least any i do have some local apartments which i residential and it's a semi does eventually area. the former pakistani prime minister now was sheer relief has been given a seven year jail sentence after being found guilty of corruption he's also been falling to twenty five million dollars sharif denies the allegations and says he's being targeted by the country's security establishment for such
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a bari has more three time prime minister nawaz sharif known as the tiger of pakistan is back in prison the anti-corruption court in islamabad imposed a seven year jail term for having investments beyond his the cleric assets. he was unable to prove the source of income for the ownership of a steel mill in saudi arabia or dug them out of. the courts or supreme for us we will abide by their judgments our leader no washer resubmitted himself to the legal process but all these proceedings are one sided sharif who denied the wrong doing had been sentenced to ten years in prison in july by the same court on different charges they were related to the purchase of property in london he had been freed on bail pending an appeal sharif's party last general elections in july of while he was in jail the history of august on has been that no ruler in pakistan has
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had ever been actually sentenced you know prior to him the pakistani politicians have always been going scot free they have always believed they will not be sentenced in any case it is not possible they can exert influence but this time i think we are living in a different dimes people of pakistan they are going for you know accountability people are tired of corruption. the security around the court was tight for monday's verdict which shines on uncomfortable light on corruption at the highest levels of government in pakistan or such a party al jazeera. the poor performance of u.s. stocks worsened on monday despite the efforts of the treasury all three major indices closed down just under three percent in the shorter trading day on sunday treasury secretary stephen minu chain called the leaders of six of the us his biggest banks and was assured that they could survive the decline trump has blamed
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the federal reserve a for the economic downfall of that really was on the joins us live now from new york get real just how bad are these results. well for the dow it was the worst performance on christmas eve in history the dow fall fell more than six hundred points twenty two thousand falling below twenty two thousand the last time it was even close to this was one nine hundred eighty five when it fell a little over half a percentage point well today it fell over two and a half percentage point so it's gives you an idea of how bad the trading day was here and it's very volatile as well it fell by more than six hundred points and it gained a bunch in the middle of the day and then towards the end of the trading last hour or so it lost another three hundred so over six hundred it's intern into bear market territory now and it just gives you an idea of how jittery the market is
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right now and uncertainty of things really to come this is also really stems from not only uncertainty but also unpredictability coming out of washington you're looking at the government shutdown which is in day three of the uncertainty with the federal reserve chairman and president trump threatening to try to remove him from his position and also the trade war and tariffs with china all of this added up and you're getting these huge sell offs here with a lot of uncertainty and really unpredictability out of the policies coming out of washington but i guess it would be too much to ask for much confidence in the markets when the treasury secretary calls the c.e.o.'s of the six biggest banks a few days well one day or two days before christmas effectively after asking them if they can survive possible decline and it's not surprising any of this is it. it isn't but it shows you how how the policies just aren't working quite frankly as you mentioned steve did call the top c.e.o.'s of the major banks in the u.s.
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while he was vacationing in mexico this was on sunday he did this as what he says as a preventative measure to try to call in the markets but what it did was just the opposite when it word leaked out and then it came out that this happened these calls were made people panicked quite frankly and i wonder what's going on are there systemic issues we don't know about is there something we don't know about and so when the trading day opened up today you saw that the market was reacting to that uncertainty listen it's just unusual for a treasury secretary like that to make a call but you know on a sunday like that to the top executives of u.s. banks and say there's enough liquidity out there it just really shocked the markets and it really proved the.


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