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tv   Revival  Al Jazeera  December 25, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera sudan's president omar al bashir has this miss protesters rallying against him in the capital khartoum as traitors and foreign agents. earlier riot police fired tear gas to disperse the crowds of thousands who were marching towards the presidential palace the demonstrators want al bashir to step down and blame his government for economic mismanagement and rising food prices
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official government figures say that at least twelve people have died since the unrest began a week ago but after initially promising economic reform on monday addressing a group of supporters the president remains the find appealing you should. thank you for hosting me thank you for your support and enthusiasm which is a response to every foreign and traitor and destructive person you are the ones responding to them right now from here you are responding to all the traces of foreign agents i support you and with your support i would be back here next year well just morgan ventured into the thick of the protests and here is what she saw. people in sudan have been for since the curfew days now and you can see behind me you can see the huge amount of huge number of people protesting they think that it's a peaceful protest they want the government to go they've been chanting things like down with the government this is the seventh day of protest against the government
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people are not clear it completely if it is going to end up as it is a lot of confusion in a lot of security concerns we have been firing tear gas while watching this threatening protest of i think i'm going to leave but they are still there they still put that thing in turning out to be a huge crowd maybe probably much larger than the crowd was expecting it's not clear if the government is actually going to bow down to their demands and go away and five step like they want to it's been a very very shaky and i think people have been protesting nobody knows where it's going to end. turkey's foreign minister says the u.s. is going to take back military equipment supplied to kurdish led forces in northern syria for weeks turkey has been threatening to launch a new offensive against the kurdish fighters who partnered with the u.s. in the fight against but that operation was delayed after president trump announced that he was pulling u.s. troops from syria. while president trump also says the partial government shutdown will continue until is the man for funds to build a wall along the southern border with mexico are met trying to also repeated his
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criticism of the federal reserve they're raising interest rates too fast because they think economy is so good. i think that. they will get it. i can't tell you where the government's going to be open i can tell you it's not going to be open until we have a. sense whatever they'd like to call it i'll call it whatever they want. but it's all the same thing it's a barrier from people pouring into our company into our country. a second central american child migrant has died in u.s. government custody u.s. immigration authorities say an eight year old boy from guatemala showed signs of potential illness on monday he was taken to hospital and died several hours after being diagnosed with a cold and. the search and rescue teams in indonesia are looking for hundreds of missing people following saturday's deadly tsunami but torrential rains are hampering their efforts that best toll has now risen to four hundred twenty nine
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with a further one thousand four hundred people injured. iraqi christians are celebrating christmas at the mar use of church in baghdad the city is one of the old this christian communities in the world but their numbers have dropped significantly since the two thousand and three u.s. led invasion and the rise of eisel but it's not all bad news for the community iraq's cabinet has just approved a law to mark christmas day as an official national holiday. and pope francis has used his annual christmas message to urge people to see their differences as a source of richness instead of danger speaking to thousands of people gathered in st peter's square the pope prayed that the spirit of the season mabel israelis and palestinians to find a way towards peace he also prayed for political solutions to the conflicts in syria and yemen. those are the headlines that stay with us the crusades an arab perspective is coming up next more news in half an hour.
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in the history of conflict between east and. the mightiest battle between cristiana to slam. a holy war in the name of religion. for the first time. the story of the crusades. from an arab perspective.
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by the early twelfth century. european crusades that successfully captured not only the holy city of jerusalem. but huge swathes of the muslim. one love that. i said most any one in. the muslim world. the power for the last four centuries was shocked by the christian annexation of large parts of their empire. and them a lay him until i'm just i'm joy with what and hope not one of them. will do not the cutting and i had the sun e.b.m. but the crusaders initial success provoked a powerful response to the western invasion. and it was to mourn it has failed to die off. and what i and yes tells him.
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well it's up to has he lent the foreign ministry a date by the knesset a couple minutes show. in the second episode of this series. the story of the muslim revival. in the face of the crusades. july turned ninety nine. the armies of the first crusade of captured the holy city of jerusalem from the. canon to moderately back. bedroom will be the maze at
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a young venue. but unless. the show aired from the list she and as if. that's what i'm a father a lot of. and then. it will behold me there. and then from a hotshot island. where. norman is said the unmuddy the elder man i. love. when the armies of the first crusade finally break into jerusalem in july tenth ninety nine they release the pent up tensions of three years on the march having finally achieved their spiritual goal so really it's a situation where the crusaders wish to purify the city in. take you back for
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themselves and those defenders that survived of entering the knights of the city. is a slams third holiest site after the two holy mosques of mecca and medina. but now it was in the hands of the invading crusaders. that might come in the being.
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let alone. and. a few death. will be had. when actually they must. live without and caviar on feet. and. a lot of we interrupted his lessons and received the refugees carrying the holy book the port on.
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the left damascus and headed towards back that. the capital of the best caliphate. to see the caliph. the universal leader of the muslim world. the great scholar was not allowed to see the caliph. so he decided to engineer the meeting in his own way. in baghdad's great mosque. a lot of we deliberately broke the daytime fost.
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during the holy month of ramadan. the model. and. what was. that. and. the trick worked a lot of he was arrested and brought before the young are best of color. i am. and i'm a duffel i lay him by the home until i'm stumped and with. what and one well one of
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the. little cotton i lay and sally being. the our best at calif was young and powerless. bearing only the title but carrying no authority. the real power was in the hands of the subjects a turkic to misty but the taken control of but that's caliph it. half a century earlier. then you're connected cheney was going as a ship in a thousand for saving many then and then how would that be to math what made him if he were going to mail for me to have a mistery in going it in for the bits and i bit him bones from one of them if.
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on the other hand. the crusaders were building a new system of rule in the lands that they had captured. me away in mayhem and daughters stanbury and almost in mostly mean one machine shop being would. go. with. either. the implied that the best team means solid being led when to shut out why then for what's. why this a guy that i have you know how to do it in a shop. lays said he had gone to war when emma is still claudel i'm a. teacher queen most.
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the next he has your odds. as you must get done i start out with still found. a bit good at it i'm lucky. got sick on the last old man in general alongside a young woman alone yeah going to fallujah. how that for. bobby the one they said also hope. and then i show elaine at the way out on this on time and you mess up yeah i know a special molech and has he when he's there. on what i look to marry a man man what that kiba askin. you how. furthermore the commanders of the first crusade lesser knights from europe now began to style themselves as monarchs in the lands they had conquered. baldwin of bologna was crowned bold when the first king of jerusalem. moved.
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i'm lucky little not nice now would it matter if they all ruined doc you. know i mean if there was a set. you had to refill out of the lottery. with mother in the early stab at the feet o.c.n. a document the solution needed to be. surely. in sikkim is so. high so much of the media possibly not a loss they'd like a photo and heart of a bunny. that we know. i have said it was to mean and you won't get it but if you study. within a decade most of the live on time coast was in the crusaders hands. and
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the christian on claves in the east now number two four with the addition of a new county in tripoli. confusion women getting them for counseling me get him out who was. mend and i went on who would certainly be in there again a child ethan sadly. you know my at that and let me add those in the home. are all the. many friends to me. to coastal area was for the procedures very very tactically significant area both to supply provisions. and to bring pilgrims through the harbors so securing the coastal areas was a crucial parts of crusaders tactics. and
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lennon. and if he had but to do a net and. do a little. national gnashed that it probably be one who said i had. and the economic case young but not clearly madine mysie out. but if. one can be in london with him additionally and be home with a sick leave a judge. he's been a defect in the whole moon not know but i just saw one with annie and myself think they on the other night and that done build up to something with about the delicate didn't but i doubt that. the economics of the war soon began to dominate the crusades. and the regent of antioch crew.
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marched his army towards aleppo the trade capital to live on. hell of a loss of blood shed a hell of a lot to go over after you're done talking a. good a motto. jani and now has a model and. a source who. has it what salary. had. with the feds and where hina well is. be a woman let. me be. no necco would been over the side of you has all of that in the whole world outside
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the mess gets and. has a cool assault on her in hi i'm a witch of the caliber lemme have. as i'm a has a lot about. it in his ship that. aleppo revolted against its structure is ruled over board. i'm going to set lead the angry masses to remove the cross from the top of the city's most. but he was aiming for more. and circumvent of safadi a lets a ton of the best shit has an engine and how to win the cup. and it to get nationally above the dead os image of the left.
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are you it was the moon yeah you are missing the moon bob the must ride along. for the follow think will when your friends will feel good suitedness going to have the opportunity to anucha me at the beginning when we're not doing a lot of the little girl right now i mean when we have one of the fish meal put on what is the last full beliefs about and let me about the day he releases under stalin and when i hope vilma's gets food you are going to be afraid or lot in america at thirty one i must get back the dates he william ottoman on model one monitor and look at the shot of mcmahon ha a da what a good head of the sun the one. i mean yeah i mean playing. board why they hate the game. this time and the uprising was a resistible of them on them and the muslim public forced the caliph it week though
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it was to take action. to save us leave. the embarrassed stop best color from most demanded help from his protector the silly jokes old dog. has a. well let's solve the silt on some of the social assault on him of the suzuki enoughs and muck a few and he has that i'll never live again because most will do without or to me i guess the market. where russia saw him afloat. in a towel and mold would in fact kill has. a salute. in a handy man. in moore is just a theo and yes the middle if you thought of as
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a. naive enough to add to my. home in the in an e in. the limo with the eleven going to fulfill some minimum like and little monkeys. liking it at the end of the one about who we are right in the loop if you don't have one in home a shift of a ship. in mojave catechize. a money and a one man as. adam fetch out he has a nice. mo dude's army was prevented from entering a. but another opportunity to take on the crusaders now arose.
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with a call for help from talk to the governor of the mosque has. a lot to that can walk out of audio borman coupledom look at britain soggy. kuwait and how good could the mossad that lead. was. what. sort of a deal than many baldwin. but. what if this in not a good sinatra. and almost enough solution you know he said if i'm not the. only i'm a saudi and what if a son leave me and my models. and that i know i am selling the
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union and demo is your war he has he a model and the home front of the doing and less and i think that in asia and even him on the telly nine years old. a hot. dog can the governor of damascus received modood gratefully after his victory across a mumble. but his gratitude mosque jealousy and suspicion. of the comfy office. and the. modood left his camp for friday prayers with took. but an assassin belonging to a shia our secret order known as a boat in new york was waiting for him.
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or nothing when you see it and. to hear the din the talk in the hall at that there must be. men shouted in lol good for us to the whole of the botany in the i know what the mckenna meant if the only he was saw him. at the close of the eleventh century. but shall bow to new york began a campaign of killings against so nice and figures. this secret order was known in arabic as a how should. this arabic name lives on to this day in the word for a political killing. assassination. and this is. mt hood kiana as if scheana can
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a human has ever gone to botany well above about anyhow or good don't. kind of hot in tibet and good then good then slimy you was a cup of solid and not a muslim in general yellow going to be saluting him nashat a solid b. and what of that absolute main cabal of botany. and. this if i'm not fresh out of pocket model neck and neck at that you know and at the end of the hemi i wasn't. at the canucks and the way to display any attention at that even a dead one and that laces a leaf a. dead a kidney is in the moment if anything the dilemma when i'm ready she and i mean i'll just. mostly mean. well it did then and.
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it. makes the heart of. the muslims have lost a hero but there was another on the rise. in the years to come the wind would change direction. and the muslim revival would start to gain momentum. i mended. would lead the muslims to achieve their first major victory. against the crusade. they won of a new era in television news we badly need at this moment leadership and values this encampment that we're in today it didn't exist three weeks ago now there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here on al-jazeera i got to
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commend you almost all i'm hearing is good journalism president hosni mubarak has resigned. after all the lies the attempts of cover ups and the high water diplomacy. his loved ones some form of closure he saw the syrian army's flag poised to high in the city as well as posters of syrian president bashar assad to speak record. of it's a good two missiles that landed about one hundred feet away from us we're on the frontline but some. end up in more than half the ballot picnic. after joining the greenpeace campaigning to protect the weddell sea in antarctica we're now in australia for the outcome with the first generation to realize the
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gravity of this crisis. but we may be the last to be able to do so be about in another thread special find out if the effort to create the largest sentry on earth has succeeded thrice on al jazeera. hello i'm barbara starr in london these are the top stories on al-jazeera so downs president omar al bashir has dismissed protesters rallying against him in the capital khartoum as traitors and foreign agents earlier riot police tried to disperse the crowds of sauza who were marching towards the presidential palace the demonstrators want to step down and blame his government for economic mismanagement and rising food prices here morgan has more now from our two. people have been
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injured in today's for a test while we were there we've heard sounds of live ammunition being fired we've seen tear gas being fired at the protesters so he's got two ways to go with this he could continue responding we using brutal force to get the protesters to back off but that has not worked today from what we have seen the more the pro the put the police used tear gas on live a mission of the more the protesters seem keen to go on with their protests and of the deliver the message that they want the government gone the other thing he could do is bowing to their demands and say yes i am going to step down and you can try to elect a new government that is something he said he's not willing to do so at this point are dancing to be at a crossroad. turkey's foreign minister says the u.s. is going to take back military equipment supplied to kurdish led forces in northern syria it's part of a road map for the city of mumbai eja greed by ankara and washington which guarantees kurdish y p g fighters will eventually withdraw from the area turkey had been threatening a new offensive against the kurdish fighters which it considers part of a terrorist group donald trump has warned the us government shutdown will last
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until he secure is funding for his border war with mexico from points five point seven billion dollars added to the budget for the war search and rescue teams in indian easier looking for hundreds of missing people following saturday's deadly tsunami but torrential rains are hampering their efforts that this toll has now risen to four hundred twenty nine people with a further one thousand four hundred people injured. and at least five people including three suicide bombers have been killed in an attack on the foreign ministry in the libyan capital tripoli they detonated a car bomb before opening fire on the ministry pope francis has used his annual christmas message to urge people to see their differences as a source of richness instead of danger but francis prayed for israeli and palestinians to find their way towards peace those are the top stories i'll have the al-jazeera news hour in half an hour eastern with.
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the democratic republic of congo it's finally heading to the polls after a two year delay will be announced the winner of the already controversial presidential election join us for special coverage of the os these elections. al-jazeera. the year eleven twenty seven. amended teams indeed. becomes governor of mosul in northern iraq. it's former governor modood. and stood up to the crusaders during their otherwise unstoppable expansion be nice.
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but modood have been assassinated in eleven thirteen. imagine thousands thank you kind of people day to mold was shot a complete shit clinton of elected letty how to behave. and would look ahead to be a west pick mill look at how you get yet again a canal momently cannot i will own solomon. and then ask that he and layout of the how and of an absolute handedly national health law i love of god how does something being. put on sub think going to know what the and who were bad and the bad of the salary and trade that for the element several how many well doesn't it work. and. when he has an. alien knew who feel most in them under lock in the fold the most real has he they own can and the fia when no one demeaning being that many want to him or says help. a year after taking up the post as governor in mosul i made the dean's
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ingemar to his army towards aleppo. and brought it on there is control. to have the loss of. his manner. they know what they know. if that. down and in six feet but webb says see if the definition me what the web at all bore the. day. get out the main in modern day and backyard when you've. been has it. may not amount to topple saddam look at britain locks were in knew how to get the opinions battlefield. of a tanker or would a member solid be in she why get him. being cannot
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then we don't either. what damn one mark in the month. before the awful bugger. what with teddy what got that began to hit a woman yes. but the to take it all but you know they must. of the west when i got one not on this. is in the. south in a good for them are not something they are seen in. what among the gods. allied in this way to the crusaders damascus did not join the muslim unification project. its ruler maureen indeed even sent the renowned muslim historian. because as an ambassador to the kingdom of jerusalem. some even one kid is one of the great righteous of twelfth century syria in the
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course of his his long and complicated existence one part of which he was a diplomat and he spent a lot of time talking with the franks in jerusalem and he visited the city on several occasions. had the sollie been she deaf in blood shed. she has a. lot to wash as if some of this feels yet a lie. and the son of. sam. said it will. be all that matter. and ok for the stock be to her jewel and feel the. she had the room yet n.f.l. left a lot of the. on at the dome over again of us leaving in or no more going on as we live in the moment in the
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fear that hell it can feel the had to be. beaten and suddenly be in the fitting get his i'm home something. in the oil. throttled the mill fair skinned min min normal father will wife if for me i had of course i was there fish a tumbler when you shoot on with. it's only been mel hash and illustrate the new home how to go how do you know how rugged. and the summer tells us that the westerners who come over from europe much more zealous so much more aggressive than those who live with the muslims in the near east if you use the west moses was great warriors that very bold a very strong but a bit like beasts capable of bearing a heavy burden perhaps not so much more sophisticated. so good footy
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qua. the kike it is full look also it's not that he's exactly what i'm sure was. a city poke fun you do the unfair i make out the scenes as your own the all. the all in this you know. guy could you know he looks. with damascus still protected by its truce with the kingdom of jerusalem. i'm adding single now begun to prepare for what would be his greatest military achievement. does include bed in the hospital the thought of him of to. live as a mother and the. main. and do that in a shed who had the man bag.
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crime so much in the same bin laden. had get his most. and then with a no so the. idea that. if you could the three months as. well yeah when. your team would give you all a fee a long. while well. yes that. was the whole. sinkage. and with hindsight this is seen as a breakthrough in the real start the revival of the church hot in the muslim near east is the first big defeat for the crusaders and it shows that they can actually be. be defeated on the it was in revival can begin to gather some pace.
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buckle and was meant read in that fashion. and i just saw the way your home field of business or. what the senate and for me are about of a minute he of selflessness out of. thought about a. country that he had to stand where i'm at it isn't that how would you know but because you are not a holy man. than this to me. has an illness will. slam me and my foot at least let me again. well a little one has a hand in a suede nest and i'm a gin think you know sort of to gene and get ahead that can be. in has a drug only. let's say if the house was stocked belen bareback with the ox.
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i made to dean's victory and lifted the muslims moros and enthusiasm for the fight . but two years later. i met a dinging the was killed by his slaves. his death could have put an end to his mission. but he was followed by his son who had. a son with dick so his father. but us at that had them out of illinois was a good medic and it was sad that will. get had the son of he only did not want any exene any of them along. with. a well it's janitor's little while. that's the day and you will not solve bunch should you then.
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it's going to. send a step till you can attend a magazine thank you bit of literally and now you read. it it gets been nest. kennel caught in and you saw it. he said to me do you need a look of this woman. to seventy or not a cost benefit i can. deal with a man. billion that. go to give me one let me up you feel me i need to feel sick maybe it will want to get me that media has a new lure that would want meant get them again then
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a month and ill about how long it would only seem that a bit of luck this would have communion and wondered what else would want to get out and maybe it will still be. when sandy captured the sun and eleven forty four this was the first time that muslims were unified against the crusader king known to islam and this was the first time that one of the crusaders states the county of adesa was captured since the first crusade this costs a devastating reaction in europe. both among the people and among the religious leaders. a figure and a boy are after going to see him how to keep dollars from at the sun. and i'm a kind of well and i get that bob using an anthem the sun the big ben yeah the i
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could make my dream one hundred one has a magma dot in the top of the. bed at the met a few obama you don't know how melissa libya did with zed fi the right over on in the more time of them having a salary. pope eugene's preaching was highly effective. the second crusade would be led by two european kings. louis the seventh of france. and conrad the third of germany. in the summer of eleven forty seven. the armies set off towards the hold up. after almost the year the german and french forces finally arrived to do so little . but instead of trying to recapture
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a desa from losing games. they launched another attack which would end in disaster . ya meese of the second crusade to reach the holy land joined with the forces of the kingdom of jerusalem and besieged damascus great city of the muslim near east in the summer below forty act. but. what if you have the mass a lot good it is a bit on the dumb us to keep the two of you have a clue what one does it was that in the cold what he could. ask is it interesting choice there very keen that the new ruler of the old. syria during jeanne the sun does not get. to ask us so they have time to ask who's. a mad woman didn't diminish the salute. and i know that now.
11:47 pm
with a third. of those people how a little million was to me was really game and obama at the wheel in a sort of unity madelene all my let me. in with again it's not a. good. question that has a geisha. on. is always a commitment from western europe they've been led by kings their expectations are very high they would be treated there wasn't a great battle they were defeated in some epic struggle they just slink away and that's a real blow to the morale of the crusaders in the west. the tragic crave year of the second crusade. was by no means the last disaster to be for the christians. six years later nor did dean finally
11:48 pm
manage to onyx the mosque was the very city they had failed to capture. that. i wouldn't give mahmoud enough to have. missed. so for the first time the franks have got somebody with aleppo damascus under the same rule that's the first time that are taken place since there are. arrival in the new year it's. a ten year long to compute an interest then me she will like to hit. a solid b. c. . miss blow by tillman's. all look she is thought man
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you wish that to be mean and i am ahead if you had a dead. body dim one can a. human that you had well i had a friend at all months and then who. and halabja and us and but on our old female to measure the soil mccaffery. and the basin most of the snaps soon. as with us i have to say in a subtle you know. every yes. i mean as if you have read and in reality there. bitten by this. and as a member. oh i don't know so much for your i dunno man to get. them anonymous wow that's a lot of alamy of the animals in the machine. and now they're. mostly.
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related to show you that this really is adamant that you've gotten there yet this says any. way earth you don't agree and get seen. again i'm in the middle man i get letters that get. in the game as a starter that the dog that i'm up this. one but at she saw. inside me a socialist and me as his son i mean he have a job you could liken it and especially be sick. in jerusalem in the winter of eleven sixty three. a new king seceded to the throne . a magic the first. i like it because this is. the most he has and many comedy and many comedy.
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southsea. you could how you would have. a special and get them up fit and get a box up or what have you to get done as you call what janya fairview had noted in my. own i can let would mean a lot of thought is clean and what i thought i mean that the game let you can and that's him in a way. most of he's there because he. adopted the our look of often enough. of them you know. there's a competition basically between the crusaders and nurit dean to take control of
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egypt egypt is shia it's ruled by the fatima din a city and it's in a state of decline. egypt is also immensely rich and there's been effectively a competition as to who can get hold of this rich elite power the fertility of the nile the trade routes to come through it if you could control egypt you will have the wealth and the resources to defeat your opponent. who most yanni can it get is a cobra you have will be well as physical over a good then that you get at the hour as how the salt unfairly. who was. confused so far beneath the coosa lose our eye this week showed why this would be wrong how the home side. one of the early. enough musselman that the clifton usually lead. to.
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a washout was sending the level of a movie a lyric was. this. a human up to a kid say thank gosh. that's such a cool head yet osa can have a c. it. had authority and massage most of the stick well and the. hysteria bad f. of. something being the highest. will have. been a well missed. a show must. men. gather the stanley cannon. has a rush him i'll go off. note again who would make. the house i'm going to review that is simply moody our.
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most. lurid dean centers forces towards egypt. under the command of one of his men. a kurdish general ship. he took with him a reluctant young man who would write his name through the history of the crusades . some are deemed known in the west as solitude. fi. he had the surat. yusuf. on the business. you. well some have said the dean should go away to gain. more and.
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the fight would last another five years. before sure cool would succeed in expelling the crusaders from the nile valley. what has that all. they now know didn't hold one medic. one thought this i thought it. was all going to all the. effort and i mean some of the has a. solid. on succeeding his uncle as a physio. dean had reached
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a turning point in his life. he was about to embark upon. the change the history of the crusades.
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hello again and welcome back we're here cross australia particular over here toward sydney we are looking at a bad air quality day here on wednesday and the reason being is we have an area of high pressure and what that does is it keeps a cap on the atmosphere not allowing much in terms of circulation so unfortunate here best three problems are going to be an issue here on wednesday with a temperature of about twenty eight degrees down towards the south well we are looking at melbourne temperatures not too bad here and once a twenty six degrees but by the time we get to thursday those temperatures really begin to come up thirty six is expected high winds coming out of the north over here towards alice springs though a much warmer day for you at forty two degrees there well across the north and south island of new zealand we are looking at one where the system slowly moving off the north island a few clouds are going to linger here on wednesday but things are really going to be improving over the next few days of auckland winds coming out of the south at twenty to twenty two degrees right there christchurch at about sixteen and then as
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we go towards thursday a little bit better down here towards christchurch where the temps few about eighteen degrees and then very quickly appear towards north asia while the temperatures are very low here across all of the tar we are looking at clear skies but temperatures few at minus twenty seven degrees here on wednesday and about minus twenty four degrees by thursday afternoon. in the darkest of times brave men and women stood up. when oppressed they rose. together they fought for greater justice respect and compassion. they had a dream for a better future. today we are at a turning point. the stakes are high climate change inequality.
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hate speech you may feel overwhelmed but there is hope for. you. we together can create the change we want. by speaking out by standing up by taking action. be the leader you are looking for stand up for human rights. in the first episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of. professor jim alchemy brings the brilliance of a pasta like. last point credible it almost doesn't look real all we've done is block out the light from a room and then allow it to come through the small old server one of science in a golden age on al-jazeera.
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we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the well and . so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring you the news and current of families that matter to you. al-jazeera. zero. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thanks for joining us coming up in the next sixty minutes riot police dispersed thousands of angry protesters in sudan as president omar al bashir dismisses them as traitors. turkey says the united states has agreed to disarm kurdish fighters in northern
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syria u.s. president donald.


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