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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 27, 2018 5:00am-6:01am +03

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set up another one you have thought over. that i'm promoting. i don't. know what i would. your superiors of them which i named them i mean that we'd like to disinvest your neck in the ranks when you think you know you. made a loss and when are your to up on it i love what he does a little. better of us now. we don't need some pretty easy. family i see no no no i think that that's not me i see no no. it isn't i see no one or last time. you said i was in a scene seen him i go down because you love ok then. let me know about it. i'm told the deluded don't. like the scene that you're mrs seed you know something i can buy them about it but if you don't pay somebody nothing else
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like they are in case you don't employ. let you get back mostly company then what i mean and there's a young lady had that if you don't have anything they might just. yet think it's not that he would have gone but indulge me and be sad at what. crappy. it was ok i hate all i'll say. that was. wrong was all. about how happy. for how. bad out there are. why how. good the good is i. assume so you do this so well the little so you look. so deal.
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and you. told. you. guys when i was on so it was an awesome first time like guys who killed. the first time ever and the one you and i knew were no minds on there but i. know i'm not either going to do all. i can then phased. out on sunday when i don't want to month and. and there are there that i have no nothing about the film doesn't well he was in the uk which was from them and i'm no family
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. mum so it's really good for. putting the subject. well. she. memo men then began again. but also. better. than us. and. that we're going to. be in a moment. last . night when you went after.
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that and then when i mean that's when you put a lot. of the little. person on. this little. sad. sad. sad. sad.
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thing i go. to when i was a friend. but a child being you see. i don't associate there i see if you can turn them we eyes fill with the can down them with swallowing but i get off something i guess he never would goto the. course when i would need to look at a staggering thousand nobody ok. but of the day it was. but in those sore let's go us. at the level we were all night and i was like i was awake you all got it down so let's go see how it gets this award i like it what it is it. would be a. lot for name with that he's going to say is the.
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big easy. on the line. and just. like the way it was. the. two sort of pieces i don't know if you know if. there was a dozen families though and places on
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the micheletti saw a fellow it seemed to miss nestor questions asked and feel i was all in. was there much. of it in the muslim look. in the individual. and then on the field. and look in the c.s.c. is that it's you know. it's on more. than one thing that one that.
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you don't mind if you don't have to look at. the last thing i think if you say no will not go. along with. the book or did he. think he did it with. you. know killing. somebody. in. a month. i want you all of. us who have just been found also. got a one down. friend are still investigating yes i can live with them
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you know what's your name my baby and. i don't want to have you but i will say in markets only one of these do you know when the same friend that won a reality that remember the one who was there when i mean to him who got to me we have to see i've been through a little new course you know me you know the fact i'm which we're going and you could be and i'm chilling why the new yankee to be that he got that door will bedo into a little boy being somebody with that woman maybe you'd somebody's got. a headache the pm sat. still for them in the hot seat. where it can often lead to from one to phone and to. watch. the end of one. more. thing with. a commitment to.
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well. come. purposely only. so you know when you're in the kind of also you want to get people . to sort of know what is being you know you're able to have a good look at the everybody feeling you know who are. they have is they seem to something that i mean if you see the i don't know why you ever thought of us ever being we have a lot of swearing that we are not in we're more or if you're one of the ways of going to talk to get out of your. would you. go to them and that was. one of them when you don't. i'm guessing they can order now and that is seldom of what is meant. to get us to start
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a bomb iraq and. to. give the band the kind of he doesn't mean i could. see that as a whatever whereas he lived there when i was it i mean underlying though that was the that would be i was up west said cook at that point the more you me and the better of you know where i live here or there i live you know it isn't a game. as i know it so nor you know where cloud has it black black black black when i think the late. last bomb will suck on a good long look at the political going to teeter. will go look a little leak of cheap little it's a little slow posing it'll be it'll be in. this town bulletin because almost no more people will question the basic this again you have basic yeah i know. people are going to have to do
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a play by the way i see who the decent decent good the second year old chum i am no know what i need. their mother and when doesn't internally call it here and ask them when they're gone make you know in a without the money as part of my tears. you i meant so much as i need you free now and maybe i want to do how you're. going to . hear even if i see actually some lad who will go younger some way to kill this right away again right. no know your. little bit your bunch and from five. years ago now i will. act the way of you in our country our governor our south america like it or bully pulpit truth you know rather than view the truth as it is to be
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a. guy that knows who the boss junkie of. that world lives. really. no one will be about. that but i will get my butt out my was yes. but here but. what they. say oh the moment of the day. the. to me the.
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day it is a bloody hell who. will seal the wheel and no particular. time to look at. it and i will. consider how you go along with the total. loss. not. even on the. list you know. but i can comment on a. he clung our tongues now. let me know i'm not young most there's a lot of. value when i want to meet a minor male you work you know. but i learned looking towards the implants oh
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no every. girl nearly one hundred. men on your marriage romance really really come . to their income going to. mrs c. to stay this is thing goes into the ocean look at joe basically anything and ok now when i said it was so horrible. being a guy i had the most melodramatic ok one last. thing off. oh i don't have to have you have never kept him off the welfare. i was i thought i was yeah yeah yeah yeah thanks if you want to see.
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if i really. love the. can people on the right. this was in the film this father francis. if you will. oh well now for. those. who. cannot say anything we want to give you know nancy. i love you live with every single. life you. have i don't know. yet if you look at it the being. the most hands initial response had been inadequate but now it was time for
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a bible. that muslims know moved from reacting to taking action putting the western crusaders on the defensive with hindsight this is seen as a breakthrough a revival of the jihad in the muslim near east the crusades an arab perspective that for so to revive at this time on a. monday put it well on. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources. it's already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry river beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered for even those who managed to escape their countries haven't truly been able to escape the war. to often on the streets of india. are victims but
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a new force is at play. female police officers are combative sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india's needy call. on disease. and. the top stories on our jazeera trump says he has no plans at all to remove u.s. troops from iraq as he made an unannounced visit to the country the president accompanied by his wife spoke to troops and met military leaders as it comes just days after he announced plans to withdraw american troops from syria. on this in baghdad and has
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more. the president has come under a tremendous amount of criticism for being the first president in recent years this region not visit u.s. troops before the christmas period so it's likely that he listens that some of that criticism and come to iraq as a result however iraq has is a country that only has five thousand two hundred u.s. troops stationed it take for example you have a going to start so about fourteen thousand u.s. troops seven thousand which i jus to leave and take a look at syria where you have about two thousand u.s. troops whether it's goal is already signed off on those troops from leaving he defended his syria policy sunday's long awaited presidential election in the democratic republic of congo has been perspire on to some parts of the country sparking concern about an upsurge in opposition protests the vote is delayed and
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then he and with tembo which are dealing with an outbreak and human body where more than one hundred people were killed in ethnic violence last week. two dons president has accused protesters are being traitors after more than a week of rallies calling for him to resign demonstrators have vowed to fight on saying they won't stop until around bashir is gone it comes as doctors have also staged and to government protests because of more to follow russia has accused israeli jets seven dangerous civilian flights while launching what it called a provocative raid near syria's capital russia's defense ministry says six israeli f. sixteen jet started strikes as two planes were preparing to land in damascus and beirut . u.s. customs and border protection says it will carry out medical checks on every child in its custody after a second guatemalan child died in its care eight year old for you become as a long died on christmas day after being hospitalized for
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a second time within twenty four hours there's the top stories do stay with us witness continues next hour the news after you off to that i think. as this year would read sygate c.-h. comes to an end. we examine what the top stories might be to judge a very good result. in the new year. joining us. as we take a look ahead to twenty nine seen. on al-jazeera. but
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know what i was i don't know what i'm afraid of my board but the boat of people that i just know that some of the got we're not ninety nine and i'm going to mine you know but if you. let it go isn't it only on the field. going to the moon and people that you know little make it one of them up. the. thing. with that particular is what i think even though. i gave my hand.
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it to me. you put me on my but i me at a mano he but at the or if they play or do you let alone. you know man. you have a son and drive us out of your living in the door usually for the night time. you're doing very. he don't do that colby i really mean lady norman a whole lot but it becomes a killing. if you know more on the mailmen want basic and i had no idea what a model or thin. i was what it was i'm still not at all you can nor put us in one
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way one woman it's all for interesting little. piano lol. i love a case i love but i won't i don't even matter i only can normally all. by. me or he went on to have a reason or a better way and was very more here it is schoolbag gave went a lot of the horrible. goes you give me happiness in the round like a man said going to us or us see that already there was a girl with the. window seat but it was. me you know you know no nino is going and going to put our name on it but i think i mean the point where you are a sad mad ass who shows but i am not an investigative piece with those whom you know something about give us better by going to also find a lot of them and i mean tony i'm not going to say on ass they were but they were
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getting a fair fight i know they have a lot of us all don't go you only your little you real say are all saying no a they don't mean your benefic though so doth norm not picked up a little you have been to dummy who. also had a fairly me on my your wonder your so on you're there when i was or wasn't. there that it probably is it only means it could be as easy or could be answer. me another year there were too many pretty what about me a way to make the see in the nikkei in. tokyo when i had a cell phone. media they put a sloth and they are getting out of bed again l.o.l. oh look at the second. part of the mountain. and he said to me from yet here i did not it or not i decided i would look him in the game a little suppose you. got the one aussie in sentimental saying by the second you
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seem to have the only have to your. mythical my point i think i'm over the phone and then in the head i'm going to see him getting arrested on me yes i mean one of the main deal the lemon bat is that then it gets out of the land they are going to look at it but it was a really valuable legal break up and then they get formally number no word from the knights yes i am. going to note that i mean you know me i'm going to be known. in that program from illinois and i i mean that is indeed i'm not a little but it's better than i do you know. and the say you don't know you. i mean you know no one of them or you're going to know you don't even know it will be at the white to you know they will but i see one one little mistake i mean that he went by to keep me in sa you know you know because he up with jose was you know see see any one on t.v. the kid knowing look i'm a little bit of a kid who got up a little to go soon you know because i was home for new you want to show. you know let me separate a game that it can't be gay you know let's allow i get out i don't mean any of
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these days that always a payout i was one of the lesser get more joy knowing me sa rugby league big but the moment i'll. get any going and i look at that as we look at that one but a lot are. better at the but when i rob. is going to get more savvy and those as better sleep as i'm amanda who want to make it out of me as they have something in me they'll go to one side of me asked bill a bill has indeed. been on it then we'll i'm bored so you're missing the eck in may well add one in five of them going to be. the sequel if the i want to. go to mass but if. this. but i ate just like um yelled like anything known around the place i didn't mean oh here i don't like it they'll go off on me because he said they'll sing well so you know me well i mean zimbabwe not for a while but i mean. they go back they always said they were going.
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on leave me alone not a. nanny and i'm not going to give you at least not. mean. at the moment believe they may get now to get more young babies and i knew that it had to move on young people going into music and medicine and just on it it was there was no that's not enough to want it to be thing and live it down because at this one you're going to give a damn i leave that i did he began. to move today i believe look at me. they walk back. to. the top of the food bowl like this hotel and think it
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a little for them all over the world i love and peace. and song one more main they. are all upbeat i know me i don't like where. a low. dorothy. would have. let it kind of. get that out. a little. oh. oh.
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if i slow. down. to about twenty years it would. but that's i mean if. you get the name of the state put up in the evening. and that you'd be in a pretty damning them on my noggin for you not typical but you know definitely holmes who he took immediately wouldn't be able to do the make it easy to be.
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done with p.s. they had to sell no one it up in the system did it and it feels like. today. the new look like there has been a wonderful enough. to get in the middle but i. will . put a new. rule on it no not another housing. benefit of what that. will. but it doesn't look like the. benefit.
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well i also. did. not want to. do you. think. but. i think.
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it. was the. senior year i was going. last year and i said mom when ben saw you last more the head says about. their bonds we don't have last year. that. we're not super awesome we are more out there my best thinking i said as we've been saying to go. see your. message possible we're going in denial
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she only said that but i said. this. out at sea and also you write them up really quick. see the way. nevertheless it's funny. but it. is something that some which he. didn't. know what i mean about. that to say but we have a mama and. then we. go . what does that. say want to know that i am me. but i mean how my maker and. media he said. to them.
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is a power that. i go larry as i let go of the guns that are given humanity and we. are going to me. do. you know. i listened. to one of. those. amy and a similar. research. gave us. the ok yeah she said you want to see.
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you know a little concert here. this is an airline move to keep. it for the cia if they need. it and the friend. brought it. down the road they were going to go regularly. again here and they me if. i miss out on connecting the. people. on the ceiling.
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or. it. will be. on. her going to. do on me
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but i call it as a little bit what i like is there was less coal less oh i don't get a little but the point is it was a little i'm going to look it up when you're not looking at the blood or give me a look though you know you're going to have more than the real shock. to. the whole focus modems almost. doesn't have one of those. who.
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you know gave it to you for him or sat. me not me not me not yet all of a dumb idea that someone. told me. to. take the. garbage or no. and give me no good. in the army of the former give me the book. that i have come here oh yeah yeah yeah for i know that there was. that you're going to but you can't wait for the. cia even in that film that was
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carrying. a baby was just me and jan no they hand in hardly anything i mean to keep my show you new jersey giving them an album which are going to see on the scene for us on the stump and i'm going to move my love no not to leave the am i know you. have a past you. still know. like. ok. sheepish. look to me that little being able to see in the song exceed the game it goes on or no law. that. i'm not getting. into. i'm going to be at. that sort of
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school and those embers i don't know these badly let down by me i don't know how to hold those but i mean i guess i don't it was a bit of. those same blessing. being sung without a compass on the concourse that leaned. me in the community. with me hope of getting a case played out in the case. you didn't work at it but i lie but a key to prove it by that i hide it while i'm. reporting. yes that's the only approach c m. e u that means i can. look at the thing no malice and i look at.
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hello again and welcome back we're here across australia we have been seeing some pretty bad air across parts of sydney all dealing with high pressure dominating but things will be getting better as we go towards the end of the week you can see clear skies across much of the area temperatures are going to be on the increase as we go from thursday and into friday so thursday we're going to start with about thirty one degrees and still some bad air quality in the region up towards brits been twenty. eight degrees but we are going to see those temperatures on the increase as you can see sydney is going to go up to about thirty three degrees there over here towards adelaide clouds coming through and we think once that front pushes through your temperatures are going to come down as well so saturday will be a nice change in your forecast here across parts of dizzy land things are looking quite nice we are in between two different storms one out here towards the south pacific and one coming across the tasman sea so a lot of clear skies across much of the area that is how your weekend is going to
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begin with plenty of sunshine for auckland at twenty two degrees christchurch and eighteen degrees here on friday and then as we go towards north asia we are looking at plenty of snow across parts of japan over the next few days things are really going to cool off as we go from thursday and into friday with tokyo temps is coming down to about eight degrees there with snow in parts of the higher elevations. of. the arrival of refugees is debated and european parliament's. but the journey itself is a little understood. to syrians document the route that has claimed so many lives such into sanctuary padawan people in power on
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al-jazeera. we have a news gathering team here that is second town they're all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and as you know we adapt to them. my job is is to break it all down and we held the view on the stand and make sense of it. this is zero. and zero and this is the al jazeera news hour live from london coming up. president visits iraq and promises u.s.
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troops won't be withdrawn from the country. fears of an upsurge in opposition protests in the d.l.c. after the presidential election commission delays voting in several opposition strongholds. sudan's president says protesters are traitors as doctors join the anti-government demonstrations. to former egyptian president of pay in the same court presumably testifies in the retrial of mohammed morsi. is in doha with. new calls for will to go six points clear at the top of the english premier league and. it's manchester united's manager. u.s. president donald trump has made an unannounced visit to iraq is first trip to see u.s. troops in the region and first lady milan you landed at an ad base west of baghdad
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late on wednesday where they thank the troops for their service while there the president defended his decision to withdraw u.s. soldiers from syria while at the same time insisting he had no similar plans to pull out of iraq one moment we'll have a direction from rob reynolds in washington d.c. first though let's go to iran count in the iraqi capital baghdad sometimes more about trump's visit. it was a very short visit will we're hearing it was only about three hours long he landed at the al asset airbase which is about those kilometers west of baghdad which is where most of the u.s. troops have been stationed he gave a speech saying that he wouldn't pull u.s. troops out of iraq now he has the u.s. president come under a tremendous amount of criticism for being with us u.s. president in recent history to not visit u.s. troops abroad before christmas and that's likely to be the impetus behind this
5:51 am
visit to give you some numbers in syria where the pentagon have agreed to close out troops on the borders all dollar trying there are about two thousand u.s. troops in afghanistan where donald trump says he's going to pull out seven thousand troops in total there are fourteen thousand troops in iraq there are about five thousand two hundred troops so this is a mid level deployment for u.s. forces within the region now but he didn't visit with any of rocks officials this was very much a photo opportunity as it's been called by a number of u.s. media outlets simply to visit the u.s. troops it so it's been a it was shrouded in secrecy and a lot of people here in baghdad simply didn't know the visit was about to take place blitzer that simply the story within the political class and the trial what it was that saying that you had any plans to put out a rocking a pullout from iraq how significant is it fair out that u.s.
5:52 am
troops are staying there. well it's an interesting question because the iraqis have been debating what to do with u.s. troops now that eisel has been defeated the u.s. president made sure that he said that they were going to pull out of iraq that they would support iraq however the iraqis are worried about them pulling out of syria taking those two thousand troops out of syria because that means iraq is going to have to shore up their border with syria there's a lot of confusion i've been speaking to people about this throughout the day before i even knew that donald trump of a u.s. president was going to visit what does it mean for the u.s. pulling out of syria and there's a lot of concern here that it would leave the border with syria explodes now i'll have to find out what they mean what they think of this now that the u.s. president has made a commitment to iraq simply however i can tell you that a lot of iraqis are very confused by the long term policy thank you very much and
5:53 am
don't want reynolds that joins us now from washington cicero but what's the reaction been back home to transparent as it. well there hasn't been a great deal of reaction thus far of course this event just happened in the president and first lady just left iraq aboard air force one a short time ago but loren as cimarron mentioned briefly the president has come under a great deal of criticism for waiting so long to visit any of the combat zones where u.s. troops are deployed twenty three months into his presidency now and this is the first time that he's gone that's in sharp contrast to his predecessors presidents bush and obama and the criticism even extended to the president's decision not to visit a u.s. military cemetery in france on a visit to that country to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the end of
5:54 am
world war one that because of bad weather so by this gesture of visiting troops and by all accounts he received a warm welcome from the u.s. troops at air base he seems to have perhaps quieted his critics at least in this one particular matter nevertheless this is a time lauren of considerable tension between the president and the military over that decision that we mentioned to broccoli pull out troops from syria that led to a storm of criticism from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle from both the democratic and republican parties a lot of concern among the u.s. allies abroad and the resignation of president trump's defense secretary james mattis in protest so these things still are there despite this quick visit to iraq you mention that decision to put out to
5:55 am
syria he talked to the troops about that what did he say. well he said he defended the decision very very vigorously he said he said we are no longer suckers folks in the kind of colloquial style that that he uses trump said well i made it clear from the beginning that our mission in syria was to strip isis of its military strongholds now we're doing it right and we're going to finish it off he promised a withdrawal that would be strong deliberate and. and orderly and he said i think a lot of people are going to come around to my way of thinking and he also called upon the nations of the middle east to take more responsibility for their security and their future a frequent theme that the president has spoken about with relation to middle eastern politics and security problems thank you very much indeed
5:56 am
well before he was given an update on the operations of troops based in quetta. on behalf of the seven thousand men and women that. are based here in doha counter and the mission continues we are working in twenty four seven three sixty five on providing global strike intelligence surveillance reconnaissance airlift and cargo and tanker operations including in defense of space control as well across the entirety of centcom keeps us busy but we are one of the strategic locations that gives afghanistan iraq and syria every day in the airmen are proud to do so we also jointly operate here with soldiers sailors marines in twenty coalition partners as part of the chaos for communicant role so it's a fascinating operation but we have taken the time to. wish to spec to you and people united states so how are they doing it cutter how are they doing getting
5:57 am
together with saudi arabia and u.a.e. and what's what's the latest word you probably know better than anybody but maybe i should be asking to that question how are they doing getting together you see anything any signs of hope well sir i will say that from within cutter as a host they're fantastic they take good care of us the burden share with us they're helping us to improve our infrastructure and really make this kind of a crown jewel of a base. you know we don't track in a certainly the political followings of saudi arabian u.a.e. with regards to cutter but i will tell you they're fantastic hosts they're they're great to us and it's a it's a it's a fascinating place to work in operate from. russians accused israeli jets of endangering civilian flights were launching what it called a provocative raid near syria's capital russia's defense ministry says six israeli f. sixteen jets strikes at the moment when two civilian airliners were comparing to land
5:58 am
in damascus and beirut a syrian air defense forces shot down fourteen of the sixteen precision guided bombs while the remaining two hit a military depo injuring three soldiers israel says its own defense system intercepted and anti-aircraft missile fired from syria stephanie decker has been following developments from west jerusalem rushes accused israel of a gross violation of syria's sovereignty it also says that israeli aircraft in danger to civilian aircraft one of them that was coming into land in beirut airport and the other one in damascus this is according to a foreign ministry statement what we understand is that israeli aircraft fired from lebanese airspace is according to syrian state television targeting a weapons warehouse west of damascus now israel will act has acted extensively throughout the war when it believes either has is going to be receiving weapons
5:59 am
shipments or any clue of weapons capabilities to go to hezbollah we haven't had any official reaction we've reached out to the foreign ministry and the prime minister's office but we've heard from the israeli prime minister talking at a graduating ceremony of air force cadet saying that the red lines on syria stand of course that the there's a complexity between the two actors russia and israel following the downing of a russian reconnaissance aircraft in september by syrian anti-aircraft missiles that israel was accused of causing there is a de confliction line in place between israel and russia when it comes to syria it is not clear whether that was used but certainly it is clear that russia very unhappy about the latest airstrikes. still to come on the al-jazeera news hour u.s. border protection orders medical checks on every child in its custody after a second guatemalan child dies in its care. here in peru where residents are
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struggling to deal with the influx of venezuelan migrants fleeing the turmoil back home. and australian critic cameron bancroft breaks his silence on a bomb tampering scandal we'll tell you who he's pointing the finger at. the long awaited presidential election in the democratic republic of congo has been postponed in some parts of the country sparking concern about upsurge in opposition protests the vote delayed in beni and tembo in the east which have been dealing with an ebola outbreak since august and you may be in the west where would one hundred people were killed in ethnic violence last week electoral commission says that the vote will be held in those areas in march instead affecting more than a million people have been several delays in the last two years provoking demonstrations across the country and i just was earlier this month after more than eight thousand.


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