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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 28, 2018 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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in the start a little bit still we're doing all that and yet we found the thief and visit the water live in the fish we don't and don't. digging in abandoned mines has been banned for more than four years now but many break the law risking their lives by going down into so-called rat holes miners can earn up to twelve dollars a day which is a higher pay rate than most jobs in india a similar incident six years ago killed more than two dozen miners their bodies were never recovered. and it is fear dissimilar fate awaits those trapped inside this call the area paul should dirge on al-jazeera still had on al-jazeera hundreds of asylum seekers are done on christmas day and a parking lot and texas plus the bolivian teenager born without a hand who is transforming the lives of our youngsters.
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hello again and welcome back we're here across the western part of the van we have been watching one particular storm and this storm is going to bring real combination of snow and rain across much of the area those are clouds there right now let's take a look at the forecast map here on friday a lot of those showers and snowstorms will be pushing up here across parts of turkey and also into the northern part of iraq down towards baghdad friday you'll be getting out of the rain by the time we get to the afternoon down towards quite city we do expect to see probably a few showers in your forecast there but here on saturday most of it moves out we are looking much better across much of the area tehran a better day for you as well with the temps are there of ten degrees well here across the gulf not in terms of rain but clouds for many people in the area we're going to see often on clouds for doha over towards abu dhabi even with scott we'll see some clouds in your forecast there a temperature for twenty five degrees and as we go toward saturday we do expect to
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see improving conditions for most people down towards the low it will be a nice day for you as well with a temperature of twenty seven and then very quickly across parts of africa particular down here towards durban and georgiana's berg we do think that friday and saturday are going to be quite cloudy and what they're durban at twenty four degrees here on friday and twenty five degrees by the time we get towards saturday . after joining the greenpeace income painting to protect the weddell sea in antarctica we're now in australia for the outcome we're the first generation to realize the gravity of this crisis. but we may be the last to be able to do something about it enough special find out if the effort to create the largest sentry on earth has succeeded thrice on al-jazeera.
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you're watching al jazeera last week at the top stories right now saudi arabia's king solomon has demoted his foreign minister as part of a major government reshuffle the dallas affair will now serve as a minister of state follows the murder of journalists has brought a diplomatic backlash against the king to a. place in the democratic republic of congo have fired tear gas on opposition protesters just days before presidential and parliamentary elections was anger after sunday's vote was postponed by a few weeks in some opposition strongholds elections are already two years over to . warn our top story now the saudi government shakeup al-jazeera senior political
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correspondent mara bashara says saudi arabia is expected to make several changes to bring back business and investment. as far as assaf is concerned i think that's a kind of an interesting signal coming from riyadh it's basically saying look we mean business literally we mean business we want to change we want to regain the confidence and. credibility in the international community especially among the international business community and since the south was a sort of a star if you will in davos the world economic summits in previous years and he certainly was the man in various in preparation for saudi arabia's role in the g. twenty i think they are regime of riyadh reckons that he is the man for the new challenge which is bring back the business and investments in a saudi arabia is going to make all sorts of changes in order not to make that one
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needed essential change which is mohamed missile none and since mr mann is the one who is making the changes since he is the de facto ruler apparently in saudi arabia not his father certainly he wasn't about to change himself and this region in the middle east region the arab world is in such deep trouble is in such blunder that it seems more and more of that you know what's happening a saudi arabia is relatively more of the same that we see in egypt in iraq in syria in sudan in other places so you know welcome to the club as it were iranians become the second gulf nation to reopen its embassy in syria earlier on thursday the united arab emirates to at the same relations are put on hold after syria's civil war began more than seven years ago all this coincided with the first direct flight from syria's capital to nation eight years of flight from damascus
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was carrying about one hundred fifty eight syrian taurus they were saved by waving syrian flags at the airports. alson authority has suspended all fruit and vegetable imports from israel as in response to an israeli ban on similar imports from the occupied west bank the move comes despite israeli warnings that the palestinian economy won't be able to withstand the measure around two hundred people seeking asylum in the u.s. but some of christmas and a parking lot in texas after being sent there by immigration and customs enforcement officials and the city of el paso a group include women and children with hundreds of other center locations including bus shelters and as gabriel is on the reports from el paso they were left to fend for themselves in the cold. but it will cost and yet it came to the u.s. from guatemala like so many others seeking a better life for his son philippe there now just trying to keep warm at a shelter after a couple nights at
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a border patrol detention center at the end of the only little. they put his in a cell it was very cold like an ice box it made his cough we went to another so it was the same while we were there they didn't give us much food there wasn't much attention and they said it was our fault we brought kids with us but it was out of necessity to find a better life in the united states. when finally released it got worse earlier this week immigration and customs enforcement officials unexpectedly released hundreds of migrants from detention facilities but instead of taking them to shelters they were dropped off in downtown el paso without any notice and nowhere for them to go most like and well were from central american countries they were families young and old who would cross the border at bennett detention cells for anywhere from three to eight days it was left to volunteers from local nonprofits to rush to the
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scene to try to help the desperate migrants and asylum seekers many of them were hungry they were thirsty some of them were sick they were sick children were dropped off and they were confused and so what they did it was done on purpose it was done willfully advocates worry that immigration and customs officials are dumping migrants and asylum seekers out on the streets in order to relieve overcrowding in detention facilities particularly after two guatemalan children eight year old boy and a seven year old girl died this month while in border patrol custody radhika escobar recently elected to the u.s. house of representatives says it's a crisis started by what she calls a cruel immigration policy by president donald trump one she hopes to change to children that we know of have died in american custody that should never happen
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again we need to know why it happened how it happened we need to know the conditions that other individuals are having to live through we need to know the foundation of this policy who called for it and we need to change it back at the community center where mad well is at falling tears or trying their best to help knowing more migrants will need it hoping no boar are left on the streets to fend for themselves. how does either el paso texas the us government shutdown is likely to continue into the new year after both houses of congress adjourned without agreeing on a way forward alsatians are now expected to vote on the impasse next week the standoff centers on donald trump's demand for five billion dollars for his border wall in next year's budget which the democrats firmly oppose and opinion polls suggest more americans blame the president rather than the democrats for the shutdown or another roller coaster day for u.s. markets on thursday after dropping more than five hundred points the dow jones
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caught it's way back to finish up more than one percent european markets also showed falls reflecting global volatility and investors ory over global political uncertainty the markets have been unsettled in recent weeks the government shutdown and u.s. china trade wars are being wanes. brazil's military claims its crackdown on crime in rio de janeiro has been a success the controversial operation due to end on monday targets of the state's most violent areas most of them in the capital but some residents say it failed to address the root causes of the problem. reports. for nearly one here soldiers carrying machine guns have been raiding some of brazil's most dangerous favelas the military was called in when gang violence became unbearable the government says the plan to curve in security worked. this ceremony marked its completion the state operation in rio de janeiro officially ends on december thirty first the general in charge says the mission was
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accomplished no meeting is going to news we are here to mark the end of the federal intervention in public security in rio de janeiro this new an extraordinary measure took ten months of work and reached all its objectives by reducing the crime rate. since the military's arrival car thefts and street assaults have declined in targeted cities statistics show an eighteen percent drop in hama science compared with two thousand and seventeen but behind this progress critics say there's a hidden reality some brazilians say killings by security forces increased by underlying problems behind crime like unemployment and inequality work nor. just that is that the much political defeat you suppress of politics will never change on the contrary people will continue to be afraid and will be repressed this intervention is more political than effective so i think nothing's changed. thank when it was launched in february it marked the first federal operation in
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a state since brazil return to democracy in the one nine hundred eighty s. top government officials welcomed it but it was criticized by some human rights groups. now some fear speaking out publicly on the crackdown. of five help if i share my. my opinion about it it will bring me serious problems so maybe it's better not to talk about this. brazil's new far right president will be sworn in on new year's day brazilians will be hoping for a new chapter that will bring security to a nation torm by crime. al-jazeera the former president of madagascar andry rajoelina is back in the top job after winning the election with more than fifty five percent of the vote actually know was up against another former president marc ravalomanana who has already denounced what he called massive fraud he wants an investigation into the december nineteenth vote constitutional court has nine days to declare i final result so dance government says at least
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nineteen people have been killed since anti-government protests began more than a week ago journalists went on strike on thursday in solidarity with demonstrators angered over rising prices they want president omar al bashir to step down morgan has more from the capital khartoum. it hasn't been a normal day at the office for yasser instead of editing his newspaper he's preparing evidence to file an official complaint against the dance police and national security forces he says they beat him during protests on tuesday. i was standing in front of the newspaper and some men in a pickup truck came some were armed some. inside the newspaper building refused they put me in the truck for two shots and drove off as they were beating me beat me so much i started bleeding. protests started last week in the city of art when there was no bread to buy that anger quickly escalated into protests against the
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government and demands for the government to step down and then for the president to go president obama has been in power for twenty nine years his ruling party has announced they want him to rule for longer which would need an amendment to the constitution protesters say they don't want him to finish his current term let alone run for another the president announces them as infiltrators. the infiltrators are from groups and other opposition organizations that are against the regime and against with the regime they want to topple the government they constantly repeat that they are part of the popular revolution we have seen these things before back in september twenty third chain the protests have resulted in dozens killed and even more injured activists have targeted some of the protests and human rights groups as well as some governments are condemning the use of what they call brutal force despite a threat to their safety processes continue to demand the resignation of president obama. some political parties are calling for an investigation. barly
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seventeen people were killed in tuesday's protest and eighty eight granted we call on the government to launch an investigation into the killings those who committed these crimes must be held responsible. more protests are planned. says he won't give in sudan seems to be at a crossroads between the president and the people people morgan al-jazeera. temple ace officers have been killed in an ambush in the northwest faso three others were injured when gunmen attacked their convoy in the village of irani near the border with mali in a faso has seen frequent attacks over the last three years mostly by al qaeda linked fighters there now though this car was born without a left hand but what some see as a disability the sixteen year old levin has embraced as a challenge and i was transforming the lives of other youngsters like him and i went to santa cruz and eastern bolivia to find out more. leonardo is
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something of a hero in these parts not quite spider-man but he's helping youngsters with similar problems to his soon to feel closer to their superheroes. like him the seven year old girl was born missing a hand it was all he wanted to christmas his parents truly own oddo found him one but not just any hand he gets the spider-man prosthetics. no longer a mistake is now the envy of his friends. you know there was a victim of amniotic band syndrome which affects babies still in the womb and supportive parents he's tried to never see it as a disability but as one of them but a few of my people who have lost a hand often hard to cover it up they don't want to show it what i do is take off the prosthetic and say look i'm not ashamed i'm proud of who i am it's sad not to have a hand but it's sudden not to accept it you must accept it. he developed an interest
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in robotics at a young age two years ago aged just fourteen he made his own replacement hand using a three d. printer. he's since made more than sixty fingers hands or noms charging less than one hundred dollars to cover materials such as this biodegradable plastic artificial limbs in bolivia one of the poorest countries in the region can cost between two to three thousand dollars. what i always say is what the three d. printer takes twenty four hours to finish can change the life of a person forever. still only sixteen his reputation growing in bolivia and beyond the plans to study by a medicine to one day used by all nics to control his left hand directly from his brain. but. says he's going to use his new hand to play games he couldn't play before i was no one else will have one of these he'll be able to do so many things
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with it i'm extremely grateful to many across bolivia beneficiaries of laon are those dream he simply wanted a hand so he made one using his initiative on what was available. santa cruz bolivia. holiday. holiday celebrations in the russian city of st petersburg have combined the digital with the divine they get the city is being used as a canvas for a projection of the virgin mary much to the delight of residents and tourists like show installation will continue to eliminate the cathedral up to the orthodox christian christmas that is on january seventh. now for your headlines here on al-jazeera saudi arabia's king solomon has demoted his foreign minister as part of a major government reshuffle of eligible or will now serve as
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a minister of state that follows the murder of journalists which has brought a diplomatic backlash against the kingdom police in the democratic republic of congo have fired tear gas on opposition protesters just days before presidential and parliamentary elections there's anger after seven days for it was postponed by a few weeks in some opposition strongholds elections are already two years overdue the main opposition candidate has appealed for calm. we. all move. to. france. and. we. will read where. we see. things.
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we know he was a former president of madagascar and he rajoelina is back in the top job after winning the election with more than fifty five percent of the vote actually know was up against another former president marc ravalomanana who is already to announce what he called massive fraud he wants an investigation into the december one thousand. about two hundred people seeking asylum in the u.s. spent some of christmas and a parking lot in texas after being sent there by immigration officials in the city of el paso four hundred others were also sent to places in putting a bus shelters just ahead of christmas day. as government is likely to continue into the new year the shutdown that is after both houses of congress adjourned without agreeing on a way forward politicians are now expected to vote on the impasse next week the standoff centers on donald trump's demand for five million dollars for his border wall and next year's budget which the democrats firmly oppose brazil's military
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claims its crackdown on crime in rio de janeiro has been a success the controversial operation due to end on monday targeted some of the state's most violent areas most of them in the capital but some residents say it failed to address the root causes of the problem so the headlines keep it on al-jazeera much more news to come earthrise is next. initial response had been inadequate but now it was time for. muslims now moved from reacting to taking action putting the western crusaders on the defensive with hindsight this is seen as a breakthrough a revival of the jihad in the muslim near east the crusades an arab perspective at the so to revival of this time on.
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the way they'll see in antarctica the site of an extraordinary bid to create the largest protected area on a. for this special episode of earth rise we're going on board the greenpeace icebreaker arctic sunrise following one of the biggest campaigns in the environmental movement is ations history witnessing the spectacular biodiversity and the many threats to life from climate change to eva fishing as a team of scientists photographers and ocean experts set out to prove these vos remote waters must become an antarctic ocean sanctuary.
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before i set off down south i'm going to find out a little about the journey. i'm about to embark on tucked away in this maze of old london streets something quite extraordinary. ever since i was a boy i've been mesmerized by tales of the golden age of antarctic exploration of the early twentieth century names of polar explorers like roald amundsen and captain scott. well this is where some of those expeditions came to get them apps it was really because of the low good to see this is a kind of treasure trove of past exploration to come out of that. turns out mankind
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has forever been hooked on the concept of a mysterious continent at the end of the world. from the fifteen eighties is the last of the classical worldview this is the world as it would have been understood by the ancient greeks and romans still got this great terrill stall is called me to the unknown something land spin forward three centuries to the time of men like captain scott who died on his return from the south pole philip shows me a sledging map from that expedition is true. this is what actually used to place the food death has for the attempt on the pole incredible here we have been reaching the south pole and then of course the terrible trick. back in school time here just demonstrates how hot it was then just how challenging it was that a far cry from today it was this period is known as the heroic age they
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were truly great heroes up until the one nine hundred twenty days there were probably less than should think fifty or sixty people had actually ever stepped into the cold loop. of course no thousands again every year. like many of the old explorers i first had for punta arenas in southern chile but unlike them i'll be flying into antarctica to king george island at the northern tip here all join the greenpeace ship the arctic sunrise and head into the weddell sea with luck will reach out target the sixty fourth parallel which marks the northern edge of the proposed asian century an internationally supported marine reserve covering one point eight million square kilometers that would be protected from direct human impacts like fishing oil drilling and deep sea mining. how times
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have changed immediately it's clear how connected the outer reaches of the antarctic continent to become the plane is full of tourists. what was once a grueling journey of months maybe is now can be done in an hour and a half with lunch and if you. want to. be in the alps they are there for fun. it's a cold murky arrival and surprised at how many people there are around dozens of coming in going to here without king george island and out here we made it seem like that they don't. look so remote as we're going to transport. you can see lots of tears. taking rooms out to inflatable boats out to meet cruise ships for the holidays i also hear a lot of research stations. with the weather closing in we need to get
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a move on. the . table for the next two weeks. and who. write a. program. well we're underway immediately heading for the proposed ocean sanctuary isn't any time to lose not just for the arctic sunrise winter is not far away and the ice will soon close in about its business or a race against time to protect areas like the weddell sea before it's too late will mccallum it's a greenpeace campaign leader we're campaigning for will be the locals largest protected area is an antarctic ocean sanction an area of the bible say to be about five times the size of germany the proposal is already on the table it's already
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got the backing of the. scientists are saying we need to protect a third of the world's oceans at least every one to let fish stocks recover you want to mitigate against the worst impacts of climate change and man thought is a great place to start in just nine months time in hobart australia the decision will be made by the antarctic ocean commission the international body responsible for the conservation of these waters on whether to accept the sentry proposal the aim of the expedition is to build the case that it needs to happen. the hours go by and the temperature drops significantly. on the bridge they're on high alert we're heading into dangerous waters tense times with skipper cool ruzicka you have what they call birdie bits growlers and icebergs depending on the size. but they can all damage a ship when you're steaming at night key thing about ice is avoiding it but now we're going to look for the ice and we will intentionally go into some of the ice and there is room down here now i think to push our way through
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a bit. of our. very. short. cut to cool climbs into the crow's nest transport leads through the ice. come through the ontology sound which i would buy sexy and talk to put into that we're not in the wedding scene but not yet at the point at which they want to protect it but to get that we've got to get through all this ice there's a lot of it around and we're finding these clear passages trying to we've always through the ice. everyone on board is just willing the ship to make it into the proposed sanctuary the big problem is getting people to realize why they should care about the other talk take you know this is lot of light that most people have never come across will never come across and so being able to tell that story relies on us getting there are lots of us getting the footage back and tell talking about the importance of marine sanctuaries so the fact that they stopped would only
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recover if we put these areas of them it's the fact that climate change will be not as bad if we manage suppose large areas of the ocean often. dog miss falls but there is no rest on the bridge for the captain and the night crew there is an illusion there are. flood lights on the bows show the ship now milage dumped quietly against the ice and intentional maneuver for the remainder of the night but everyone is keyed up flying off. the next day at la. asked the arctic sunrise has arrived surrounded by some of the coldest most diverse waters there are and was all on board who may yet be the largest protected area on the planet we were wondering could you good news very
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good news made it made it to this is for parallel sitting there now. there's someone other ship in this entire space and you just go over this side and recently saw getting sold tens of of ships both cruise liners cargo ships fishing vessels the moment you get through this sound as us another ship about there and that's it and while the whole area that's slightly scary yet terrifying. very exciting as well exciting kind of just makes the case that this is pristine this area is not developed his not call industry has never had industry sort of area that is kind of the most on touch even within and topcoat. are. going to. make friends and they get the runaround margret of.
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what we're looking at here is faulty yes sea ice is great icebergs to be our last is sweeping up james ross island at the weddell sea spent way to the distance proposed area already about just touched by human activity always scientific research is taking place it is an incredible sight but deeply troubling to glasses have always collapsed and carved into the antarctic ocean however with global warming they're doing so with increasing speed and as the ice sheets retreat sea levels rise. this right here is humanity's problem for decades perhaps centuries ahead. it is laundry day off at sunrise and here's the thing we all think of being good
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citizens by wearing fleeces which is made out of recycled plastic also bottles that sort of thing but when you watch the. hundreds of thousands of microfiber is end up in the world's oceans so here in port it's wooden and not for gods. and of course plastic pollution in our seas is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time and the team makes the most of a rare opportunity for research. these are some of the america's rules of the planet there could be a ploy to do they could be by successfully greenpeace to conduct this experiment taking samples from the water to see if any micro plastics have infiltrated this environment. just simply into the sea surface like west point was that maybe first so they're both taking something she fully trusted more to. the. extent.
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bush said because i find that he at this is very hopeful just the way it will seize it.


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