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to fish rather than a victory. there are five thousand two hundred u.s. troops currently in iraq a lot less than the invasion sent to remove saddam hussein in two thousand and three more recently reinforcements were sent to help iraqi government forces defeat eisel fighters who seized large areas of territory iraqi commanders declared a victory over i saw a year ago but pockets of fight still remain despite his long flight from washington trump didn't meet iraq's prime minister their schedule talks are canceled because of disagreements about the agenda by announcing u.s. troops will remain trump has gone against the iraqi constitution which requires parliamentary approval for foreign military bases some analysts say trump has weakened support here for the u.s. presence in iraq putting the prime minister in a tough position. so this visit gave great confidence to the political parties armed factions and all those who resist the u.s. presence in iraq to ask the parliament to come up with a decision demanding the withdrawal of u.s.
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troops from the country visit weaken the political parties that support the u.s. presence in iraq. there's also confusion about what the u.s. policy in the region is of the trump ordered the withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria some fear the pentagon may well build up forces in iraq as a contingency for any future action in syria or a potential war with iran. iraqi politicians from all sides are now calling for a vote that ends the u.s. presence in iraq the largest block on the souther is now the nationalists the us president donald trump's visit to iraq may well have given them enough i mean nation to be able to win a vote that ends all u.s. involvement in the country iran can al-jazeera baghdad one of our top stories not touched by boko haram in nigeria on a military outpost we're joined now by our correspondent and the address who is live for us in just bring us up to speed limit on what we know about this attack and how the authorities are reacting to it. well basically
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for twenty four hours a book was around fighters according to initial reports of the need to stir the town by god some security sources are talking about the possibility of them sending having sleeper cells and by god even before this attack the army has confirmed that two of its positions have been hit and they are they were said last night conducting search and rescue operations signifying that some of its personnel may have been dispersed all of that the army's only confirming one person dead following this particular attack talking about the town itself bugger sits on close to the border with nigeria cameroon and of course chad a republic and it has been very very tense area it was occupied by a book while i'm before before there were chased out and of course it is also one of the scenes of the worst massacres if not the what must make up my book why i am
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over the last nine years in general re two thousand and fifteen for five days but what i'm trying to sleep siege to this town they have killed more than one thousand two hundred people according to some reports and they have sacked the military bases there which is a base for multinational forces from nigeria new cameroon chad and recently have been in republic that same b.s. is what we're hearing that the book one flight is attacked on the recent adventure in baghdad town residents are talking about the presence of large number of what else i just in the town with one resident also claiming that you saw but what i'm planting at least a flag and they've learned. early morning prayers in one of the mosque in the town they have of of course said that the fighters who came into town to show them they were not targeting civilians rather their grass with the with the military and they were there to protect them are however a lot of people were not reassured they had to leave some of them said they were
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not from leaving but of course nobody knows the situation right now the military said it's an update on the situation but so far it's only confirming one naval personnel dead in exchanges of both quite honestly and well for that update thank you very dangerous that our correspondent in calabar. still ahead here on al-jazeera hundreds of asylum seekers are dumped in a parking lot in texas we'll tell you why on the other side of the break do stay with us here on al-jazeera. from the clear blue sky of the doha morning. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the city of enough. weather looks pretty quiet across much of western europe we have got areas of cloud just making their way into scandinavia quite a stiff wind pushing in further a steady pressure bringing some wintry weather some wet weather as well as it was
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a boat it states into that western side of russia but further west that we've got high pressure very much dominating proceedings here so that will keep it dry seven celsius in london just four degrees in paris but at least it will be dry basin pieces of early morning folks certainly a possibility as we go on through the next couple of days there's a little wintry mix over towards. maybe into hungary pushing across towards pilot and snow there into ukraine three celsius the full kiev two degrees as we go on through saturday minus six the high in last go further south getting up into double figures but no great shakes in those temperatures thirty fourteen degrees there for rome and for athens double figures two for london by sas day by the more cloud spilling into the helps to lift the temperature twelve celsius there for madrid again generally fine and dr zuhdi dry across northern parts of africa but the cool side for the most policy temperatures struggling to get into the mid teens for many seventeen the top temperature in repat and assemble
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a temperature for copyright on friday. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. and went on line i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you join us on saturday there was a rush of adrenaline will be found this is the moment that we have been waiting for this is a dialogue the government has cooled based on a legal protest and instructed police to use force this past the krauts everyone has a voice the people voted for lots of different reasons what's different types of bricks and join the global conversation on how does a. you're
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watching officer i'm so rob the reminder of our top stories the main opposition in the democratic republic of congo is appealing for calm so sunday's presidential election can go ahead voting has been perspire on for three months in some opposition areas where riot police force with protesters angry at being excluded. by her own finances in nigeria have attacked two military bases and the fight for control of around lake chad intense fighting in the fishing town of bangor forced nigerian army soldiers to retreat and saudi arabia's foreign minister has been demoted in a major government reshuffle man ordered. to step down following the murder of journalist. sudan's officials say at least nineteen people have been killed since antigovernment protests began more than a week ago journalists went on strike on thursday in solidarity with demonstrators angered over rising prices they want president omar al bashir to step down and have
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a morgan has more from car too. it hasn't been a normal day at the office for yasser instead of editing his newspaper he's preparing evidence to file an official complaint against the dance police and national security forces he says they beat him during protests on tuesday. i was standing in front of the newspaper and some men in a pickup truck came some were armed some. they told me to go inside the newspaper building or refused they put me in the truck for two shots and drove off as they were beating me beat me so much i started bleeding. protests started last week in the city when there was no bread to buy that anger quickly escalated into protests against the government and demands for the government to step down and then for the president to go president obama has been in power for twenty nine years his ruling party has announced they want him to rule for longer which would need an amendment to the constitution protests to say they don't want him to finish his current term
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let alone run for another the president announces them as infiltrators. the infiltrators are from groups and other opposition organizations that are against the regime when it gets with the regime they want to topple the government they constantly repeat that they are part of the popular revolution we have seen these things before back in september twenty third. the protests have resulted in dozens killed and even more injured activists have targeted some of the protests and human rights groups as well as some governments are condemning the use of what they call brutal force despite a threat to their safety continue to demand the resignation of president. some political parties are calling for an investigation. partly seventeen people were killed in tuesday's protest and granted we call on the government to launch an investigation into the killings those who committed these crimes must be held responsible. more protests are planned. says he won't give in sudan seems to be at
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a crossroad between the president and the people people morgan al-jazeera hutton government and the key to faster who ambushed and killed ten policeman their convoy was attacked near the border with mali the area's been repeatedly attacked mostly by fighters linked to al qaida over the last three years police in indonesia are trying to enforce a volcano exclusion zone experts fear another eruption could cause a second tsunami on thursday the exclusion zone was widened on the alert level raised at least four hundred thirty people died when a five metre highway flooded coastal communities near the center straight on saturday rob a bride has more from some bolo village in indonesia's putting lang district. with this heightened alert being now in force aircraft are being told to steer around the volcano but as yet there's been no word of any flight disruptions meanwhile
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there's been a renewed warning for people to stay away from the shoreline by at least five hundred meters it has to be said that people with homes maybe two three hundred meters away for a large part they are staying ported their houses are intact but here on the shoreline itself many people have lost their houses in any case they will be down here sorting through possessions but then come night time will be go going back to stay with friends staying in resettlement centers or in most. vulcanologists meanwhile i've been using this bright break in the weather and the fact that we now have a arisan that they can observe to actually see what the volcano is doing they are reporting continuing plumes of gasland ash flying up into the air some two hundred to six hundred meters with the wind conditions some of that ash is landing on this coastline of g.r. not much but certainly people here are starting to wear masks as
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a precaution what concerns the scientists more of the flows of lover and rocks down the side of the volcano that they've been observing the concern is of course that a further shift in the outside structure of the volcano might lead to a further massive lift rock down into the sea that might cause another wave mount and rescuers in the french fans are describing the discovery of a teenage have a lone survivor the rock killers the twelve year old and sound alive after being buried under an avalanche of for forty minutes he was skiing off piece lol sure when he was swept away and drank at least a hundred meters he was eventually found by a sniffer dog and taken to hospital for checkups. around two hundred people seeking asylum in the united states spent part of christmas day in a car park in texas being sent by immigration and customs enforcement officials in el paso hundreds more were sent to other locations including bus shelters and
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reports mopar so they were left to fend for themselves in the cold. but will cast and yet they came to the u.s. from guatemala like so many others seeking a better life for his son philippe there now just trying to get warm at a shelter after a couple rough nights at a border patrol detention center at the end of the only. when they will free they put his in a cell it was very cold like an ice box it made his cough we went to another cell it was the same while we were there they didn't give us much food there wasn't much attention they said it was our fault we brought kids with us but it was out of necessity to find a better life in the united states. when finally released it got worse earlier this week immigration and customs enforcement officials unexpectedly released hundreds of migrants from detention facilities but instead of taking them to shelters they were dropped off in downtown el paso without any notice and nowhere for them to go
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most like and well were from central american countries they were families young and old who would cross the border at bennett detention cells for anywhere from three to eight days it was left to volunteers from local nonprofits to rush to the scene to try to help the desperate migrants and asylum seekers many of them were hungry they were thirsty some of them were sick they were sick children were dropped off and they were confused and so what they did it was done on purpose it was done willfully advocates worry that immigration and custom officials are dumping migrants and asylum seekers out on the streets in order to relieve over crowding into ten. and facilities particularly after two guatemalan children eight year old boy and a seven year old girl died this month while in border patrol custody veronica escobar recently elected to the u.s.
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house of representatives says it's a crisis started by what she calls a cruel immigration policy by president donald trump one she hopes to change to children that we know of have died in american custody that should never happen again we need to know why it happened how it happened we need to know the conditions that other individuals are having to live through we need to know the foundation of this policy who called for it and we need to change it back at the community center where mad well is at falling to tears or trying their best to help knowing more migrants will need it hoping noble or are left on the streets to fend for themselves give rosato al-jazeera el paso texas all of the celebrations and the russians that he has in petersburg have combined the digital with the divine the cathedral cousins that he is being used as a canvas for protection of the virgin mary much to the delight of residents and
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tourists the larger installation will continue to illuminate the cathedral up to the orthodox christian christmas celebrated on january the sevens. brazil's military says its crackdown crime in rio de janeiro has been a success the controversial. talk that some of the state's most violent areas most of them the capital but some residents say it's failed to address the root cause of the problem councillor reports. for nearly one here soldiers carrying machine guns have been raiding some of brazil's most dangerous favelas the military was called in when gang violence became unbearable the government says the plan to curb insecurity worked. this ceremony marked its completion the state operation in rio de janeiro officially ends on december thirty first the general in charge says the mission was accomplished no more meetings he's going to news we're here to mark the end of the federal intervention in public
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security in rio de janeiro is new an extraordinary measure took ten months of work and reached all its objectives by reducing the crime rate. since the military's arrival car thefts and street assaults have declined in targeted cities statistics show an eighteen percent drop in hama science compared with two thousand and seventeen but behind this progress critics say there's a hidden reality some brazilians say killings by security forces increased by underlying problems behind crime like unemployment and inequality were ignored. just give your thought to the much political defeats you suppress of politics will never change on the contrary people will continue to be afraid and will be repressed this intervention is more political than effective so i think nothing's changed. when it was launched in february it marked the first federal operation in a state since brazil return to democracy in the one nine hundred eighty s. top government officials welcomed it but it was criticized by some human rights
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groups. now some fear speaking out publicly on the crackdown. so far helped if i share my opinion about it it will bring me serious problems so maybe it's better not to talk about this are brazil's new far right president will be sworn in on new year's day brazilians will be hoping for a new chapter that will bring security to a nation torm by crime. al-jazeera. you're watching i was there i'm still robin these are all top stories boko haram fighters and nigeria have attacked two military bases and their fight for control around lake chad intense fighting in the fishing town of biomass forced nigerian army soldiers to retreat bokeh rom has increased attacks on military outposts recently also the main opposition in the democratic republic of congo is appealing
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for calm so the presidential election can go ahead on sunday just days before voting and rest surged in the tombo two areas polls were delayed until march protesters they're angry over the exclusion. we have also. all more. frantic. and clearly the. hours before. we should have. everything when. we have this beautiful and you just can't. please please we love you by. saudi arabia's king saul man has devoted his foreign minister as part of a major government reshuffle and larger bear will now serve as
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a minister of state it follows the murder of journalist mark shastri which has both a diplomatic backlash against the arab kingdom and bahrain pose followed the united arab emirates and reopened its embassy in syria relations were put on hold after syria's civil war began more than seven years ago now this is coincided with the first direct flight from syria's capital to tunis again eight years the flight from damascus was carrying about one hundred fifty syrian tourists they were received by tunisians waving syrian flags of the airport. and brazil's military says its crackdown on crime in rio de janeiro has been a success thousands of soldiers were deployed in february to combat an increase in violence targeting drug trafficking gangs in the city's poorest areas the controversial operation is due to officially end on monday critics say the intervention has failed to address the root causes of crime of course you can
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follow all of those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com do stay with us next it's the street was even half an hour. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be a refugee after you while eight borders between five safe countries facing reality . starts from the very beginning. providing context housing is not just about four walls and a river hear their story. growing
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today the strain meets a living legend a south african music. i'm femi oke a. we'll hear from d.c. about his music activism and inspirations sinister comments and your questions through twitter and you too. to millions of music. as a music icon he has chronicled the lives of people in the apartheid era south africa as well as his hopes for justice and reconciliation post apartheid known simply as the voice in south africa received has released a string the studio albums and thrives as a live artist his performance was one of the highlights of nelson mandela's inauguration in one thousand nine hundred four and musicians such as dave matthews
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band paul simon and sting have been inspired to work with. first he is now in a major talk or township it's a love letter to the music he heard in his grandmother's bar in the mamelodi township when he was starting out as an artist welcome lovely. i am looking here at the township tour dates october through the beginning of november what is this tour about what's the idea behind it the. tall trees celebrating music from south africa. the music that i grew up you know listening. specially. because the place where i grew up my grandmother. should be. you. know entirely legal so we say no. that's right
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but there has to be quite a lot of people characters coming in and then also musicians and other singing you know the a capella form of music whatever so that's when i started to be in love with music and they were playing also some of the township music from the vinyl like in the. mountains of queens you know the likes of you must you know also played you know some of this music here in the states as well twenty years of also minimal came so it was more to celebrate you and nato and she musically great artists of south africa. so. for us i mean it's just to remind ourselves but also one also to many even the youth who are also into music to start to tap you know into the. you know the deal for grandfathers you know the music that was the because of the some of the music also with the subject matter which is really cool and all that and giving message to people but we've got good very tough styles of music from. combat. but the township that's what
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we are sort of like that in playing and i know you mentioned that it's where you fell in love with music and i will say that our audience is in love with you and they have been since the beginning of your career this is me by here who asked a question that you probably just around thirty says my question to mr everything in my life when are you releasing a new album and what is your biggest dream for now so we know what the new project is it is the township but what was the dream behind that project in answer to any of us question here well also it was a lot brayed paid tribute to my grandmother because the album was recorded at my grandmother's place in my melodious where they she'd been was saw just to sort of like ligament and this is the first time that something like this was done in london ninety six i played it live lead the festival in paris and they build a special venue for me to perform which was called she'd been mamelodi yeah there
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was also the king and some of the so it's a lot of that but celebrating township music as well so your idea is just also with this music you know to sort of like really spread the cultural involved evangelism you know i'm looking at a picture looks like your grandma should be in everybody having the k. on my laptop because it looks amazing she looks like quite a woman and i know when you were a youngster you would be the lookout person so she would be selling the business and then you would be looking out. well there are quite a lot of things that was really happening there but also she was a very special woman and a very strict in our and then she didn't want me to be exposed quite a lot into the it was kind of tsunami only when you know she permitted it you know that ok now you can be here and all that and sometimes when the police are coming we all ring the bell you know. the. coming you know. you know that
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type of thing where they were but you know she wondered as also to. kids you know be able to study you know you want to go to school and all that not to be exposed to expose quite a lot into what the others are thinking but when it comes to the music and everything whatever the mission of i mean i really have to make sure that i am watching and listening. now you mention the name of a number of great south african names marian mccabe or who massa cane or a current south african band who loves working with you the date nothing is bad and you took them to mamelodi your your township where you live right now and you took them there in twenty fourteen and they were surprised what it took for artistry an apartheid era to actually get to play their music and the play a little bit of that interview video that you did with them and the video is called scenes from south africa where the data paid tribute to your art and after that with that it's a play a song called untitled have
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a look at dateline festival. the highs music here they are high they're gathering to play music they're the high and the police also. confiscating their instruments . it's pretty it's a pretty intense situation when i mean if i'm sitting here practicing with some of the guys that come over here and then all of a sudden police walk in and take all of my stuff thinking that i'm like what you talk about what you do and you know it. how can you how can you understand anything it's so hard to understand anything like that you know i just couldn't.
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the but. because old. kids. love. to shut. up one
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man to. find. some of. the monsanto to. solve. the thing the am. the boss .
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but. it's decided. to become something. more like stanton instead of sand dollar. song.
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you're listening to see mother say live on the stream on al-jazeera english our community is interrupted this is climate watching live from south africa on you tube who says this is beautiful clear and goes on to say please read this to him we are proud of you all the way from home in south africa another person writes in on twitter. is a living legend his music continues to talk about social issues here and in the content and because it's so social issues that this person brings up praises an issue in this week this is from back he says these songs spread across the african continent they spoke of revolutionary revolutionary is no excuse me about word revolutionary youth and the struggle of the natives being persecuted in their own.
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talk to us. with this in mind about being a musician during the apartheid era. yeah it was really quite. difficult time. of course having to witness what was that is going on while i grew up being had to. you know but with nine hundred seventy six came that's when i started realizing my glass idea had been in the ask lot of questions that was when there was. so we to the students or so we to you know the language of our for the concerts a medium for question but also. the thing whereby you know people have been segregated because of their tribal. lands and so it was decided is decided it's one must decide and they said no this is wrong we won two two one.


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