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tv   Up Front 2018 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  December 28, 2018 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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was a cruel immigration policy by president donald trump one she hopes to change to children that we know of have died in american custody that should never happen again we need to know why it happened how it happened we need to know the conditions that other individuals are having to live through we need to know the foundation of this policy who called for it and we need to change it back at the community center where mad well is add volunteers are trying their best to help knowing more migrants will need it hoping no boar are left on the streets to fend for themselves give rosendo al-jazeera el paso texas the possible shutdown of the u.s. government's like it's a continue into the new year off to both houses of congress adjourned without agreeing a way forward a vote on the impossible expected next week donald trump says the shutdown will continue until democrats meet his demands of five billion dollars in next year's budget to build
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a wall on the border with mexico one opinion polls suggest more americans blame the president for the shutdown rather than democrats. the latest crackdown on crime in rio de janeiro is due to and on monday as already declaring it a success that's just been seen by some brazilians live in the slums they say the military operation fails to address the root causes of the problem as hold a young reports. for nearly one here soldiers carrying machine guns have been raiding some of brazil's most dangerous favelas the military was called in when gang violence became unbearable the government says the plan to curb insecurity work. this ceremony marked its completion the state operation in rio de janeiro officially ends on december thirty first the general in charge says the mission was accomplished no meeting the storms here news we are here to mark the end of the federal intervention in public security in rio de
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janeiro this new and extraordinary measure took ten months of work and reached all its objectives by reducing the crime rate. since the military's arrival car thefts and street assaults have declined in targeted cities statistics show an eighteen percent drop in hama science compared with two thousand and seventeen but behind this progress critics say there's a hidden reality some brazilians say killings by security forces increased by underlying problems behind crime like unemployment and inequality work nor. is that is that the most political defeat you can suppress of politics will never change on the contrary people will continue to be afraid and will be repressed this intervention is more political than effective so i think nothing's changed. when it was launched in february it marked the first federal operation in a state since brazil return to democracy in the one nine hundred eighty s. top government officials welcomed it but it was criticized by some human rights
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groups. now some fear speaking out publicly on the crackdown. if i share my opinion. so maybe it's better not to talk about this. brazil's new far right president will be sworn in on new year's day brazilians will be hoping for a new chapter that will bring security to a nation. welcome
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back now diesel powered vehicles could soon be banned in some of germany's biggest cities the e.u. threatening to find the german government for breaching absolution levels and cleaner is being demanded by environmental campaigners bob reports from berlin mikhail flew michael runs a small plumbing company involved in that relies on quick deliveries to customers his employees use small diesel vans to get around he says he'd like to use green of vehicles but right now that's not feasible. it is all and. for a small firm like ours we can't afford to keep replacing our vehicles we bought our fleet of six vans years ago trusting in diesel and we're stuck with them. this street in central berlin is one of the city's busiest and not surprisingly emissions levels around here are above the legal limits now they've already brought
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in a thirty kilometer and i was speed limit to try to do something about the problem but still very soon diesel vehicles in this area. the so-called diesel gate scandal focused attention on just how polluting diesel vehicles can be after german manufacturers including folds fagen and dime are admitted cheating emissions tests the government's promise to make the automakers pay for retrofitting in other words installing hardware to reduce emissions since february german cities have also had the right to hold a diesel vehicles to reduce air pollution should cause bring in a total body january and at least fifteen heavily polluted cities across germany could soon have similar restrictions but the german government says in other places it needn't come to that the european union's accepted limits of nitrogen dioxide or n o two emissions is forty micrograms per cubic meter but under the proposed changes places where the level exceeds that doesn't go above fifty micrograms would be exempt from diesel bans what also cities do is they modernize the
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buses and transport system at the moment quite intensively you can improve but going by bike you can also say we have an area in our town where we will no have very little have no traffic at all that's not nearly enough for campaigners who are currently suing dozens of municipalities over their failure to act they say the government's plan based on localised exemptions will leave drivers confused and do nothing to improve their quality they have now more than thirty thousand premature deaths in germany alone and alone due to the high and that's the case we have several hundred new cases i ask my disease and other diseases each year so it's high time to. for small businesses like there might be exemptions or what type of vehicles abound. but with the changing the law will do anything to make city centers healthier it's far from clear the barber al-jazeera balloon the right time
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for the sport and is here thanks so much there and well the los angeles lakers were without le bron james for the first time this season and his absence was really felt with james recovering from a drawn injury the lakers lost to the sacraments are kings close down of which made a three pointer at the buzzer as the kings rallied here from fifteen points down to win one seventeen so one sixty for the lakers this was a fourth loss in their last six games in milwaukee the bucs beat the visiting new york knicks yanis anteaters a coup post scored thirty one points and fourteen rebounds while chris middleton added twenty five more to leave the bucs to one twelve to ninety six when that is their sixth win in seven games. i asked the manager you know emery says premier league leaders liverpool are hitting their best form of the season little poor six points clear of the the chasing pack at the top of the table they're the only unbeaten same left in the league that play arsenal at anfield on saturday. i look
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in then these prolife the last year. maybe in the best moment now but for us use also or be a big challenge and i'm not sure good that two more whole we are well this is how the supper table is looking at the halfway point in the season defending champions manchester city now in third after losing three of their last four league games sitting next icon southampton tottenham are off in the second after five consecutive league wins. we have a deal because we have to believe because we are working so hard and of course because the quality if not this is going to be the position that we have today but . we are going to mark. we see people doing. to be consistent difficult for this season and then.
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we can talk that. we can for the big things south africa of beats in pakistan in the first test series half century. and hashim amla helping the home scenes where six working veteran since you're an amazon beat in sixty three was his first fifteen eleven innings south africa closed out this match inside three days so humble of work it's on day three of the third test between india and australia the home team all out for just one hundred and fifty one in melbourne just bombers still in his first year of test match cricket success for thirty three india then slumped to fifty four five in a second innings but they do lead by three hundred and forty six runs the series is poised one one zero zero listed to back myself in any any situation that i go yes the start has been good played in england south africa here on three different kind of conditions are not depleted just met in india but whenever you go to different countries the different experience new learnings you take over from every
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country so they are really happy with the start small and we turn up and kind of all hoping that would have our fate up. have a big dent into that first innings score and they are way to. yet being right in the game or you know and it's taking the result way from them so yeah it's one of those things are you know it's silly i'm betting. the end of season break is over for the world's best tennis players as they build up to the first grand slam of twenty nine scene that's the australian open which starts on january the fourteenth defending men's champion roger federer has already landed in australia he's on the promotional trail head of the hoffman cup team events federal be aiming for a third straight title in melbourne well i'm one of a jock which while he's in action in abu dabi he returns the top of the rankings with title wins at wimbledon and the u.s. on i'm hoping i can. transfer the success that i've had in the last six months of the two thousand agencies and into the beginning of two
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thousand and nine hundred season obviously. i've had. a lots of success in the world tennis championships before in my career i've played here several times and it's a great way to jump jump start the season serena williams made a losing return so action in her first competitive match since the defeat in september the us open final against miami osaka. she was beaten in three sets by her sister venus and abby darby serena has the chance to equal market force tally of twenty four grand slam singles titles at next month's australian. now one of the closest ever finishes to the sydney hobart yacht race is seen while the victory edging defending champions comanche the lead changed multiple times in the final hours of the two day rice with four boats in the mix for the lead as they approached australia's southern tip and as the sun was coming up over hobart the
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eventual winners movements were dominant position crossing the finish line at eight am local time big relay for this crew after a twenty seven seam controversy which saw them cross the finish line first but then get hit with a time penalty and that denied them the title. and i look at the redemption for us that's for sure i mean there's always decided to point that out with the people who wanted to follow them on your goals and we're just so happy with the result then i'm over the. continental divide the end and. after all for the next you go to the main alternative and all of them draw ok plenty more support throughout the day but that is it for now that thank you very much indeed all right now holiday celebrations in the russian city of st petersburg have combined the digital with the divine the cathedral in the city is being used as a canvas for a projection of the virgin mary much to the delight of residents and tourists alike
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. well the light show insulation will continue to eliminate the cathedral up to the orthodox christian christmas and that celebrated on the seventh of jan. that's a family down in jordan for this news don't go away i'll be back in a moment with more of the day's news station that's a much lighter. january outages there and. an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic growth. as brazil gets ready to swear in its controversial president we'll have live coverage from brasilia an award winning series showcasing hard hitting stories from the world's most populous regions. as the united states prepares for a new congress we'll examine what this will mean for the country and the world.
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with maybe a tram's constantly changing the listening post continues to analyze how the news is covered. january on al-jazeera. too often on the streets of india women are victims but a new force is at play. female police officers are combat sexual assault and domestic abuse. but changing society is a challenge and so is life behind the badge for india. on.
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al-jazeera where ever you are. on counting the cost the economic factors to watch as we ring in the new year why economists are predicting a rocky ride for the global economy and from china to the middle east find out why and. storms could be proved. counting the cost. syria's military says its end to the city of man beats up truck calls for help from that its forces fearing a turkish offensive. alone down jordan this is live from doha also coming up another day of demonstrations in
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saddam that testers called for the president bashir to step down. issues about their local commission being biased. to me is just a nonsense the president on the defensive as tensions rise just days away from elections in the democratic republic of congo and a helping hand the libyan boy who's a super hero to others with missing limbs. welcome to the program the syrian army says it sent to the strategic city of man be a request from syrian kurds for protection the white b.g. theory is turkish attacks following the u.s. decision to withdraw troops from the area russia has welcomed the mood but syrian opposition sources say there are no signs yet of government forces in the city or turkey's president says the situation in monday's is still unclear. we know
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that syria is making psychological effects a psychological edge didn't we know that there is a situation where they are in flake has been hoisted but there is nothing confirmed serious yet i spoke with my friends with intelligent about an hour ago and there is nothing certain and aspirant ok so this is what's happened in syria recently on december nineteenth donald trump ignored pentagon advice and announced the withdrawal of all u.s. troops in syria about two. thousand have been training fighters against isis syrian kurds and u.s. allies criticize trumps decision some arab nations have normalized relations with syria both the us rain reopen their embassies in damascus and direct flights from damascus to tunisia resumed and sudan's president became the first arab leader to visit since the war began eight years ago while turkey's military forces have massed on the border with syria the president russia type early one is promising to
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wipe out the remains of ice in syria and says the u.s. will take weapons from the white b.g. kurdish militia a moscow hosted a delegation of the syrian democratic forces which helped the u.s. in the fight against isis and turkey's foreign minister is due in russia on saturday for about a joins us live now from gaziantep on the turkey syria border most so conflicting reports as to where exactly the syrian army is in man bays what more can you tell us. well balls residents of the city rebels are saying but they have not seen and this kind of city and government forces inside the city of mumbai of course the residents of the city are saying that the government forces are still confined to the countryside of members on the latest we're hearing on the talk of side turkish forces have crossed over to the city of join up those on the other side of the border as well as free syrian army
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forces say they are advancing. forward to move in readiness for what they are calling. a small all the city of course the invitation by the city and cards of the syrian regime forces that desperate to move one reached out the last a minute because they feel abundant by the united states which has announced the withdrawal of all its troops in syria. on in the year when forces cut it out on assault on the city of a free tools held by the forces that. a terrorist group they fought for two months and then decided to get through to areas where the u.s. forces now they don't have them i'm not going to earlier saw that request by the syrian turkish. for the syrian army to take over man vs fearing an attack by turkey
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things move pretty quickly on the ground didn't they. yes they did and the city and government forces were all very quick to come out and say the water is formed into this invitation under was asking for support in what they call. you know. what they are calling the invaders which is a very you need to keep all of course this is a huge boost for the three g. because. they are looking to regain. all the whole city and tended to be votes under the kurds but now getting it on a silver. invitation by the cops themselves because they're feeling that been pushed corner. also we've been seeing out his sergeant. in recent weeks with. some other countries that the waterhole putting embassies the
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first visit by a not a pedophile from the resumption all for direct flights from some couples like to news so all that to now and then this is having the invitation by the cards it's a shot in the region definitely all right mohammed the. on the turkish syrian border mohammed thank you well there's an assistant professor at the moscow state institute of foreign relations he says the kurds pivot away from the u.s. and towards bashar al assad's government could be a turning point in syria's war. since the kurds are now much more flexible and read it to accept the protection from damascus it is a real change it is a it is a game changer because now of the the government will control a considerable part of the north of syria and maybe also the north east and that will be a dramatic change because the rather oil fields so it's it is seen as an opportunity
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to rebuild the power of the government and in other step to rebuild into syria as it was before the war so moscow is really welcoming this but of course the reason danger there is a risk of clashes between the syrian forces and the turkish forces if the turkey if the syrians really arrive to the beach but i think russia and damascus are ready to accept a buffer zone along the border with turkey because they recognize the legitimate concerns of the turkish government. hundreds of anti-government protesters in sudan have returned to the streets rallied after friday prayers in the capital khartoum the government says nineteen people have been killed in the past week the demonstrations began rising living costs even more when the latest from the capital call to the government has been responding using what some people have said or have described as brutal excessive force they've been using tear gas and live ammunition to try to disperse the protesters who have been chanting for quite a few days now that they want to topple the regime that they want to see
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a new government and new policies obviously the fact that the government tried to appease them with new economic reforms two or three days after the process started it was not ok with them they feel like they've been there before that they've heard these promises and that after twenty nine year rule really for them they think that president almost cannot deliver anymore than what he has already delivered which for them was obviously not satisfactory for them to come out to the streets and protest his twenty one year rule so at the moment while the government is promising new reforms and new policies they're also fighting the protesters using. using tear gas and live on missions as some government described it's brutal excessive force and it doesn't seem to be coming to an end let's remember that when the protests started it was purely based on people people came out on the streets in different parts of the country different cities which had had to be put under curfew and emergency rule but then after that two or three days after the protesters had some opposition figures started lending their support and voicing their support saying that they feel the protesters have legitimate reasons to to protest against the
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government now we've seen in the past few days opposition figures saying that he has their siding with the protesters we've seen members of the national government withdrawing from the government saying that they don't feel like the government represents them anymore and that they believe that people are legitimately protesting for a reason. in the democratic republic of congo a general strikes being held in then opposition area excluded from sunday's presidential election workers walked out in the northeastern city of beni and police have fired tear gas at protesters and arrested some of them in goma one officer has been injured there a shortage of voting machines in the capital kinshasa is concerning election organizers with our correspondent malcolm webb joins us live now from kinshasa malcolm so what's the response been to the school for a general strike. police in the event he was one of the areas that excluded from their presidential powers and they all started with shut down get into street protests and there and in the here and in the game
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we tried to break up there is we tear gas and by firing live bullets people they're angry these are opposition stronghold there is the will there for the presidential opposition candidate martin by uli and they think that the reason they've been excluded from the election although the electoral commission says it's because of an ebola outbreak and because of conflict opposition both the large accepting those very many of them think we even a majority of congolese don't trust the electoral commission they see it is biased to be president joseph kabila and one of the things out there about was the widespread perception that the electoral commission is in need let's hear what he had to say. the issue or issues about the electoral commission be. to me is just nonsense the most important thing we treat should understand and retain is that it is an independent electoral commission these are these elections
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and that's what everybody has to understand. and there are. issues of. vision once. we've been able to do as an issue we don't want anybody to judge us that apart from the congress people at malcolm so with the possible to have over a million votes being discounted kind of selection to be seen as free and fair. well in the eyes of many opposition supporters who are the not the catholic church speaking just yesterday they played a key role in campaigning for this election to take place they said they were doubting the motivations of the electoral commission blocking the vote in these areas they think that what they said they question the determination of the electoral commission to actually hold an election or to hold free and fair election
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and an opinion poll by independent groups published just a short while ago with a couple of thousand respondents about half of them said that they wouldn't accept the results if the ruling coalition candidate is announced the winner this same opinion poll opposition candidate martin for you in the lead and it also about half of respondents said that they would protest they would take the streets as the ruling party's candidate is announce the winner and that along with twenty percent of the polling stations here in the capital kinshasa being. closed and those people being redirected to other polling stations what would already be long queues of voters here in the city are going to be even longer in the capital so in opposition strongholds this is going to further damage the perception of the election credibility among opposition supporters. thank you.


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