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unity building project led by the godfather of graffiti. on a. security forces in egypt say they've killed forty people in response to friday's attack on a tourist bus and pieces pyramids. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in the program turkey sends dozens of times to its southern border as competing forces look to take control of the syrian city of man. taping her brother house and died in vain the people pushing for change in the democratic republic of congo's election plus. a need for them a place the kids need go to school. we meet
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a man he calls himself robin hood making a living from kenya. so then security forces in egypt say they've killed forty people they're calling terrorists during a gun battle following friday's attack on a tourist bus three foreigners in their egyptian gaiety died in that bomb blast just outside kyra it happened near the ancient pyramids at giza matheson as i just . a burned out shell all the trimmings of a tour bus hit by a roadside bomb near qana. we saw people carry the dead bodies some people brought the wounded inside an ambulance to take them to hospital and residents of the area helped carry the injured all of them would tolerate. fourteen vietnamese tourists were on board when the bomb exploded in a district close to the giza parent hear anything about. sometimes attacks such as
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this one can of course it may even happen again in the future and it isn't a country in the world where we can say is one hundred percent safe. tourists in egypt have been increasingly targeted as the government tries to suppress armed groups in the sinai peninsula tourism is key to egypt's struggling economy what you're doing is signaling to the egyptian regime that they're moving out of their own territory and now attacking the very primary source of income for many egyptians about thirty percent of the economy goes to tourism the remaining victims of the blast are being treated in hospital meanwhile investigators are trying to work out how a tourist bus could be bombed in egypt's heavily secured capital rob matheson al jazeera. well egypt's economy relies heavily on tourism as we've just been hearing it's worth billions of dollars each year but the number of tourists fell from almost fifty million in two thousand and ten to fewer than five and a half million in two thousand and sixteen it's two thousand and eleven not rising
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led to political uncertainty which kept some visitors away the study of two german women in two thousand and seventeen also had an effect on terrorists figures. as an assistant professor at the center for conflict security and terrorism at university and he says egypt's will need to do more to reassure people that it's safe to visit . i think this news raises many questions as a dancer i think a lot of people would be asking how is it that within hours of this attack this large number of suspects was not only identified but engaged in successfully killed if the intelligence within egypt is that good why were there not able to detect and disrupt this attack similar questions were asked. recently when an attack took place against coptic christians when the within days of the
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attack the security services apparently managed to. get hold of suspects some of whom were killed so the question i think is whether these were indeed associated these individuals were associated with this attack or other suspects that happened to be within if you like the sites of the security services the point i think that the egyptian government really needs to address is how it puts forward a convincing narrative. because at the moment within egypt there are very strict controls on reporting and it's very understandable that the government wants to reassure international public opinion so that tourism isn't affected but i think they will have to do a little bit better than just kill forty people. now that turkey's defense and
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foreign ministers are meeting russian officials as confusion remains over who controls the northern syrian city of man bridge the meeting in moscow it comes at a pivotal moment in syria's war with turkey and russia's competing interests coming to a head when lanka has sent about fifty tanks to. its southern border it's in preparation of a possible attack on kurdish y.p. g. forces a group that turkey calls terrorists complicating masses kurdish forces invited the syrian army on friday to end to manage and protect the city from a turkish attack and all this is followed u.s. president donald trump's decision to pull american forces from syria well is he now from across one of the how to die he joins us from gaza into been turkey on the border with syria mohammed what more can you tell us about the turkish tanks massing on the border. well yes nic as you said they are complicated conflict has got even more complicated the
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massive buildup of troops up the boulder is still going on call ups of tons of nights rolled into. through the tunnel get up lose and also put it padding also preparing for the offensive on men beat the about sixteen thousand or so free syrian army and of the rebels allied to talk of holes cut issue fighters known as wide p.d.s. not tuckey the us a terrorist to group has found itself exposed with the american at decision to withdraw all u.s. forces from present donald trump's decision to withdraw all forces from city about two thousand of them who have acted as i did tot into an all out offensive against the cuts in the process. city uncut say they have been forced to cut
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a deal with ricky moore president bashar al assad after they were abundant by donald trump for miles the complete withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria a few days ago. the cards appealed to the syrian government for protection following threats of a military officer by thuggish president taught talk the city of mumbai where many kurds in the. kurdish leaders say they would rather try their luck in the decisions with the city and bridgette the risk on all out military offensive from neighboring turkey. the syrian government quickly responded response to the appeal of the people and man british general command of the army and the armed forces announces the entry of units of the syrian arab army to be and raising the flag of the syrian arab republic they armed forces guarantee the full security of all syrians and others who are present in the region. army commanders say troops arrived in mumbai
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john friday morning to fly the syrian flag over government buildings for the first time in six years without claims being disputed by people living in the united states military and the turkish government it say's assad's forces remain confined to the countryside surrounding money which shouldn't we know that syria is making psychological effects a psychological eg. we know there is a situation where they are in flag has been hoisted but there is nothing confirmed serious yet. by city and cuts for help from the sudra team is being seen as their first major concession since seizing control of lot and he has often wolfen and is considered and creating them any elf sell food when the tech is military and alive city and rebel fighters long ground offensive to take up to the majority cottage region of a free in almost a year ago the cottage y p d militia fulfilled two months before heading to
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withdrawal to the safety of areas where u.s. troops are based these time the city and cuts have nowhere else to go. major elephant and their own today is how wrong. would it take advantage of such always that all would or would be at their death or a man city and democratic forces control thought to plus sense of city and how all those sixty thousand flights and dates combined the cuts appeal for help from assad's forces is seen as another boost for his dissident at least a ship as the a.t.l. will wind down out of the leaders have also in recent days to can step through rehabilitation the brutal assad regime in both the u.a.e. and bihari an army opening embassies in the mosque has shot since the beginning of the civil war and city into it is something welcomed in tunisia direct flights from tunis to damascus to see him for the first time in seven days. a talk. fanciful in
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mumbai just not a foregone conclusion us yet it's russia assad strongest ally that holds the key to what happens from here. also today a high level delegation from turkey will travel to moscow for talks with the russian officials on the way forward mohamed atta well just doesn't. have any kofu the middle east expert said to russian international affairs council welcome to the program what's your assessment of where we're at first was a very confusing picture is your sense that the syrian troops are in member which well there are contradictions reports coming from both syrian side and kurds as we know yesterday syrian state television declared announced basically that a syrian army entered man beach but after that kurds on the broad beach they
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reported that the syrian troops just amassed south borders of the city so it's still unclear whether the troops are in the city or around the city but anyways it's kind of some sort of things are in the works arbitrations or on hold because today. there is a important meeting between affording and defense ministries of russia and turkey in moscow ok that's a crucial meeting and then what will depend on it what do you think is likely to come of it. well in the first place i think that the bow of both sides russia in turkey they want to avoid any major light scale escalation on the ground so this is why both ministers foreign minister and defense minister came to discuss and try to reach a acceptable compromise. for all parties not only moscow and ancora but also for kurds for for damascus because the
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equation now is getting more and more complicated if we again if we take into account that americans really withdraw from from syria that it adds more uncertainty and unpredictability because that bow dependent how kurds would negotiate with moscow and damascus on terms to be incorporated back under the damascus control which can sour potentially sour relations between moscow and ancora so it's a lot of things to be discussed this is why now it's a meeting between them and also we should remember that in the beginning of thousand and nineteen we'll have a little summit in us in the form of so putin rouhani and erdogan will meet in moscow to discuss exactly they support and developments ok so we can say that they've officially been abandoned by the united states although there are reports that u.s. commanders are recommending the fighters kurdish fighters keep u.s. supplied weapons but still up for debate so is russia able to hold turkey in check
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as far as a concern. well certainly there is a one in most important factor that neither mosque will know on the koran ready for . a military standoff so i think turkey will be cautious and make sure that. if there is an offense on kurds that no russian soldier or russian you know. citizens on the ground would hurt and we already witnessed several months ago half a year ago when russia already deployed its military police units amongst kurds to avoid turkish offensive on them so i think there they will try to avoid or i mean they will avoid this military standoff and i think they will try to find their way as for the checks it must have leverage has leverage on talks it's it's quite
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arguable whether you know there is influence or control of course they will bargain they will use whatever you know leverage they have but we should not forget that both russia and turkey despite of having disagreements they prefer to compartmentalize their relations and don't mix you know economics and politics security concerns and politics again or economics so this is why i wouldn't. talk here about you know who is having leverage and whom or rather. two parties trying to pursue their interests and try to strike a deal ok alexy because we appreciate your expertise thanks very much indeed. so they are on the program reports of how child soldiers from sudan to being good into the war in yemen. and security stepped up ahead of bangladesh's general election
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after come pain by finding. out i wake up plenty of snow making its way across japan at the moment and you go you can see the the lines of cloud just streaming in half out of a snow city to the north east of china has seen some very heavy downpours created the good old dusting of snow that snowfall now in the prices of making its way from the south woods and east was northern parts of the country should be ten reach rifle a cool and crisp side but as you can see it does make for quite a pretty picture but to say the top temperature the full basing all say the same temperature into so plus three for sendai so a fabulous snow there into the northern half of japan for a time go on into monday should tend to move through funnel the honshu encircle
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cotta still seems to be some places of cloud and snow but it should be a little less culture we say for a sock and also for tokyo modestly still into basing basin places a cloud that i'd be surprised if you do get the odd flurry of sniper to the think of snow they be a snow will be into central areas down towards the south of the country quite a big mass of the wintry weather coming through here only six days south just there for hong kong on sunday be looking at around seventeen as we go on into monday further south still seeing some flooding rains affecting a good pop with things. they wanted forty three billion pounds with a weapon that was six billion pounds in commission. there's no and in law because there's always a small cobbles people for really really good business. in essence we
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in the united states have privatized the old public function your shadow on al-jazeera. and again welcome back you're watching out zero or mind of our top stories digits interior ministry says forty fighters have been killed in response to friday's attack on a tourist bus nick the government says raids were carried out in giza and northern sinai. techies defense and foreign ministers are meeting their counterparts in moscow to clarify the status of men bitch the syrian army says it had taken control
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of the city. the united nations says it hit the rebels in yemen it being redeployed inside the port city of her data it's part of the u.n. sponsored deal between the who these and the governments and in sweden all policies have agreed to begin opening up routes to allow aid through starting with the head dated to sana wrote the un special envoy facility for yemen has welcomed president months ahead season to pay salaries for all civil servants in her day that this month. well the saudi led coalition is using child soldiers from sudan against the fighters in yemen according to the new york times tens of thousands of young men have been recruited to fight with the promise of good salaries it says more experienced judge we've fighters from the concerts and off also workers mercenaries witnesses say they were ordered forward by saudi and morality officers in safe positions catherine shutdown is a research of buy and center for strategic studies and she says that saudi arabia
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must be held to account as far as the the issue of. is concerned this is not the first time that this idea have you know have to answer to such allegations they have used soldiers not just in yemen but across the world you know three to five day war basically and no i'm still whole has that actually challenge them whenever we have tried an expert have raised the e. street was always kind of shut down you know by the saudi lobby so i think that it is it is a good way i think it's a good progress today in a sense that this is coming out of the new york times and they should be talked about because this how would you have committed a great many will crime not just in yemen by thinking several other country including sudan of course and it's time you know for us to talk about it and actually talent the saudi government and hold them accountable for the crime that they have committed and i'm afraid that so far it hasn't been done so i think that you know these these peace agreements in yemen and these developments for the united nations is a really good step forward in trying to i think to add that longer enforce riyad
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you know to to face up to the crime that he has waited and continue to commit by the way. security forces in bangladesh are on hyla today ahead of the general election campaign ended with more arrests and violence the main opposition the bangladesh and nationalist party says thousands of its activists have been detained since november while the ruling awami league party maintains if it will be free and fair for more let's cross now to time to chowdhry who is in dhaka time to first of all understand the government to follow through with plans to shut down the mobile phone at what was it done this. well they have announced it only that they're going to shut it down at least for the lection day but that day they fought to shut it down for a while then they restarted back again and again today without any announcement they actually did use the. internet from pro g. to two g.
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which basically you want to be able to browse the net or be active in the social media not a lot of people can understand during the election day because the reason they have to slow it down or set it down but the day before some obviously will be surprised with the younger generation who are very active in facebook bangladesh is one of the most active facebook users in asia and all the debates they've got in politics those in the social media and this is also on the background of bangladesh very draconian digital security act which has been enacted a few months ago which could essentially detain arrest somebody without warning just as mad thing of criticizing the prime minister and just today at least eight people like detained under those thing saying that they were spreading fake news propaganda having said that the government itself came under attack from facebook. but little about a week ago fifteen of the sites shut down facebook shut down and eleven tweeted
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shut down because facebook cyber security decided that it was the state run actors were behind those sites reading propaganda against the opposition so this is quite unusual when i say that there is behind those but any day of digital time you know things are also quite important people spread kneels and participate in debates in the social media. trying to leave it there for the moment to have a chance reporting from and he got thanks very much. there's be more unrest in eastern democratic republic of congo over the exclusion of three air is from sunday's election two people were killed during a workers' strike in the city of brandy on friday and police fired tear gas to disperse opposition supporters in goma one presidential candidate has filed a case at the supreme court seeking to reverse the election commission's decision to delay voting until march catherine sori has more preparations for the elections still going on the electoral commission saying there is only fifty percent. but the
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countries of the four eighty will get. even today with the materials being. to different polling stations across the country this is a logistical nightmare in a country that has very poor infrastructure and it's the rainy season as well and it's compounded by the fact that people do not trust the electoral. process at all i've spoken to many of them say they do not trust the election commission they feel that the election is not going to be credible one presidential candidate your door quite has filed a petition a week the constitutional court asking that court to compel the electoral commission to be in the decision it made to spawning elections in three areas that many campbell and unity within a podcast in those areas people engaging police in running battles saying that they
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must go to the front with everybody else on sunday saying that they feel disenfranchised their rights are being violated as well we've also seen some politicians some opposition politicians in the end saying that even this decision is not rescinded then they will also not go to the polls or the situation here very tense on the eve of that election where as catherine just mentioned the congolese government has been accused of grave human rights abuses welcome where has this report. told us how her brother rossi was killed it was earlier this year he was at a protest calling for the already read you elections please stop the march that's normal here on the streets of kinshasa the capital of the democratic republic of congo and rossi was shot he died in hospital.
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but marie says his ideas live on. we will not shut up because it's our country they have guns and they can kill but he said they can kill all eighty million of us they can even kill me but can they kill all congolese. reraise neighborhood is it clean most people up for this is similar story throughout most of hungary meanwhile any home full of people make billions of dollars every year from the country's vast mineral wealth as people say they want change rights groups say people are really free to demand it from the bar. cap jamba spent nearly forty years trying to challenge that he's a human rights lawyer. i assure you it can not be a free election because the regime is already used to courts to block some of its opponents and the electoral commission is clearly trying to give advantage to the
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ruling party was being violent on the campaign trail. this camera phone video please pricking up a rally of opposition candidate martin for you lou activists say two people were killed. the ruling coalition's presidential candidate amazon a shadowy is on a european union sanctions list following filing crackdowns on protest the government denies orchestrating rights abuses and they suspended the use ambassador in respond if president joseph kabila told us the electoral process is sensitive so during an electoral process you have tensions the most important thing is to have the necessary police force that's well equipped in order to give that a twenty given point in time we did not have that capacity but we've been building that capacity and there are a hopes the election will change not just the leader but the whole system that's
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for her brother rossi for for but even if change comes he'll never see it. malcolm webb al-jazeera kinshasa in the democratic republic of congo. the biggest national security threat facing one of africa's largest economies might just be its own people latest figures show three quarters of a million illegal weapons in kenya are in private hands this month the government began a ninety day moratorium aimed at encouraging gun owners to surrender their arms sampras ravi. kenyans who live in this nairobi slum call it chocolate city named for the color of the rusted metal sheets used to build the homes. life here is hard it's where we met a man who makes a living using a gun kind of afraid but he goes to bars hotels night clubs looking for easy prey and fast cash robbing the rich police would say he's a common criminal he calls himself robin hood and. the kids need to go to school
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and that. he says he's willing to surrender his guns but friends who did ended up dead a few days later for men like him it seems survival means having a gun i'm doing this for my kids not for me to do what i'm doing i'm doing this from experience for them to get the proper education to get jobs and little support so they could be. in another house we need a mother who knows the consequences of gun violence all too well she says police shot her son richard in the back nearly a decade later she's still not sure what happened that day. you can never meet the child any wrong i remember him as a good hearted person he would come and hug me and he would see his dad and always hug him and he would always give me money and that's how the story ended. a victim of armed robbery herself she says the government program to surrender
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illegal firearms is a good idea but police should not shoot to kill. there are an estimated seven hundred fifty thousand rifles and pistols in private kenyan hands more than the police and army have combined mostly smuggled from somalia they're untraceable apart from gun crime the sheer number of guns is also a national security concern experts say it's like a public arsenal and anyone willing and able can secure arms relatively easily. away from towns and cities people need to keep their livestock safe from theft and their communities safe from tribal conflict kenya's rural gun culture is more need based what you see. it is for the ungoverned spaces. that a lack of government presence of security forces in those areas a lot of them therefore to protect themselves. most kenyans don't necessarily welcome firearms those who faced injustice political and economic exclusion or have
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been marginalized in some way say they need weapons to defend themselves because no one else will critics of the government plan say disarming kenyans means first addressing their security concerns and winning hearts and minds. so this is al-jazeera these are the top stories and egypt's interior ministry says forty five days have been killed in response to an attack on a tourist bus near card at least four people were killed near the gates of permits on friday the government says raids were then carried out in giza northern sinai it says the fighters were killed after a gun battle it three sites. the egyptian prime minister indicated the attack couldn't have been prevented if anything about pedophilia sometimes attacks such as this one can of course it may even happen again in the future and it isn't a country in the world where we can say is one hundred percent safe that high level
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talks between turkey and russia are taking place in moscow to discuss northern syria on friday the syrian government's made a disputed claim that it had taken control of man bitch at the request of kurdish forces turkey has sent hundreds of tanks to its border in response it follows the withdrawal of u.s. forces in northern syria haven't it has more from doesn't it well this myth is going to be decisive for anything that happens from here on in turkey would be looking to see without russia will give the office if it was planned from the go ahead of course right now there has been a window of opportunity for president assad's forces to get a full tour in the kurdish controlled part of syria and that is up to forty percent territory of the entire country the united nations says he thief fights is being redeployed inside the port city of data as part of the u.n. sponsored deal between huth easing the government signed in sweden all parties have
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agreed to begin a prenup routes to allow aid through starting with the had dated tucson a road saudi led forces in yemen to using child soldiers according to interviews in the new york times thousands have reportedly been recruited to fight with the promise of good salaries it says more experience change a week fighters from the conflict in darfur. are also working as mercenaries security forces in bangladesh run high lads a day ahead of a general election campaign ended with more arrests and violence the main opposition bangladesh nationalist party says thousands of its activists have been detained since november you're up to date with headlines more news here after inside story by fire.
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russia's new hypersonic missile. launchers the test firing of the kremlin's latest weapon flying at twenty seven times faster than the speed of sound means it could reach the united states or anywhere else within minutes how big a threat is it this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program.


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