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zero. entry. for life after u.s. troops leave syria turkey and russia bought a new course in the region. along down jordan this is our zero live from doha also coming up egypt returns file security forces say they've killed forty people in a crackdown after friday's attack on a tourist bus. you pays on a jump in the number of migrants crossing the english channel from france plus.
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we don't throw anything away or use playback things i'm going to make chips. to tell without wasting a drop of practice that's improving the health of children suffering from malnutrition in peru. russia and turkey have agreed to coordinate with each other in northern syria after the withdrawal of u.s. forces the deal was struck at a meeting in moscow between the foreign and defense ministers from each side meanwhile ankara has sent about fifty tanks to its southern border it's in preparation of a possible attack on kurdish y p g units who turkey calls terrorists well complicating matters kurdish forces invited the syrian army on friday to end a man beach and protect the city from a possible turkish attack there's no evidence that's happened that follows the decision by u.s. president donald trump to withdraw all. two thousand u.s.
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soldiers from syria. joins us live. on the border. to work together in northern syria talks in moscow today what else has come out of that meeting. of all the meting don is a ball to manage and if that might result from the total withdrawal off the two thousand all sole u.s. forces. to we can go. about switching the fears on. top about a huge under the control. of terrorists but above all also talking about the other issues like the retard fiji's and so on but it is very interesting to say that the mention of respecting the territorial integrity of city it in the press conference after the meting. speaks volumes
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because russia of all welcomed the deployment of city and government troops to. the invitation of the white b.g. fighters and also is very keen to see a united. all tended to. fall of president bashar assad so. this is what a lover of the foreign minister of russia had to say about press conference. when your own understanding was reached on how military representatives of russia and turkey will continue to coordinate the steps on the ground under new conditions with a view of finally rooting out terrorists three and syrians i'm ahmed reports of turkish tanks unama same massing on the buddha earlier on what more can you tell us.
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well this is a volatile turkey a bolstering its positions along with the south on board and also preparing for what duties calling on all out offensive on the city of mum big which is under the control of the wife be deified is also on the move up to sixteen thousand rebels a city and the rebels who are allied to tucky who say they will take part in the offensive us well but it's the deployment of syrian government forces that these complicating matis they have not deployed to the city has proven by not only the residents but the u.s. forces and rebels we also know that they have created a buffer that stands. between divides the tukey forces and their proxies as well as the qods and they say this city of mumbai is under their protection so these other things that would need to be ironed out between russia
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and turkey we developed know whether these. after all going to go forward now with the invitation of the city and forces and them entering the fray but what we know is that they have been columns up on holmes of tongues moving across the board on tuckey wedding itself all of these cell phones mohamed thank you alexey klebnikov is a middle east expert at the russian international affairs council he says moscow and ankara they're looking to strike a deal on northern syria. i think that the bow of both sides russia in turkey they want to avoid any major light scale escalation on the ground so this is why both ministers foreign minister and defense minister came to discuss and try to reach a acceptable compromise. for all parties not only moscow and ancora but also for kurds for for damascus because the
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equation now is getting more and more complicated if we again if we take into account that americans really withdraw from from syria that it adds more uncertainty and unpredictability because that will depend on how kurds would negotiate with moscow and damascus on terms to be incorporated back under the damascus control which can sour potentially sour relations between moscow and on the security forces in egypt say they have killed forty people they're calling terrorist gunbattle it follows friday's attack on a tourist bus three foreigners on the egyptian guide died in that bomb blast just outside cairo it happened in the ancient primitives of giza as the latest. a burned out shell all the trimming support to a bus hit by a roadside bomb near cairo. we saw people carry the dead bodies some
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people brought the wounded inside an ambulance to take them to hospital and residents of the area helped carry the injured all of them were told. fourteen vietnamese tourists were on board when the bomb exploded in a district close to the giza pyramids in the hope that sometimes attacks such as this one can of course it may even happen again in the future and it isn't the country in the world where we can say is one hundred percent safe. tourists in egypt have been increasingly targeted as the government tries to suppress armed groups in the sinai peninsula tourism is key to egypt's struggling economy were you doing the signaling to the egyptian regime that they're moving out of their own territory and now attacking the very primary source of income for many egyptians that thirty percent of the economy goes to tourism within hours of the bombing the egyptian government published photographs it said showed some of what it called thirty suspected militants killed by security forces in raids in cairo's giza
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district egypt's government says the men had been planning attacks on tourists and state institutions a further ten armed fighters are reported to have been killed in the north of the sinai peninsula i think a lot of people will be asking how is it that within hours of this attack this large number of suspects was not only identified but in gauged in successfully killed if the intelligence within egypt is that good why were there not able to detect and disrupt this attack the remaining victims of the blast are being treated in hospital meanwhile investigators are trying to work out hello to his bus could be bombed egypt's heavily secured capital rob matheson al jazeera the u.n. says who the rebels in yemen are redeploying and had data as part of a cease fire deal agreement was signed in sweden earlier this month all parties are opening up routes to allow aid through starting with the data to some of the road
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and the salaries of all civil servants and data but finally it paid this month it's people in the yemeni city of tire these are calling on the local government to give them better security hundreds of people rallied in the center of the city protesting against a number of killings they say gangs are working in the province which is the cause of instability they want local authorities to crack down on criminal groups operating in the area. staying in yemen saudi forces fighting there using child soldiers that's according to interviews given to the new york times thousands of young men from sudan have reportedly been recruited to fight with the promise of a ten thousand dollars salary the report says more experienced fighters on the tribal militia in darfur once known as the jonjo weed are also fighting in yemen and lead deployments that witnesses say sudanese soldiers are often ordered to the front lines of saudi and immorality offices remain in safer areas. greece is demolishing thousands of illegal buildings an effort to bring the rule of law to
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the construction industry because governments have tended to avoid the issue even offering periodic honesty's to illegal properties because imposing the law is seen as a vote loser as john zarrella tells us that's all changing. the bonuses have lived on this spot for almost thirty years and that's how long it took over thirty years to evict them for trespassing on public land their mobile home has been condemned and so has their chicken coop but on demolition day authorities allowed them to move their home to legally rented land instead of destroying it. on the other side of athens another owner is less fortunate this holiday home is being torn down because it is on designated forest land the forest burned down thirty three years ago and while governments failed to replant a number of homes sprang up now the government is carrying out demolitions that have traditionally been put off after that. there are legal buildings everywhere
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the mistake is that they were demolished when they were built after all these years it might be the right thing to do but people spend their lives there they suck money into their homes and no one told them they couldn't connect water and power because they were legal they always kept the utilities before elections to natural disasters caused this policy change floods caused by heavy rainfall last year drowned at least two dozen people west of athens in addition to trespassing the bonuses position their home in the wrong place at the confluence of two river beds where the flooding began and last summer a wildfire fanned by strong winds killed one hundred people on the east side of the city in a community made entirely of the legal homes on wooded land this house is one of thirty two hundred illegal structures being felt across the greater athens area many of these demolition orders have been pending for decades but the government says it will now execute. and many thousands more nationwide the question is whether this sudden outbreak of lawfulness will send the message home and prevent
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future illegal construction some people believe these demolitions are just a continuation of greece's permissive legal culture in which people have paid to legalize homes retroactively this dawned on me mobi the new construction code does not legalize the most serious offenders it allows them to pay a fine and hold on to their legal property for another thirty years they are effectively paying a long term lease to keep the state off their back after that they don't know what will happen that the system is completely fluid the government is now deepening the dry riverbed where last year's flooding occurred it is also pushing the building permit in process online in an effort to curb corruption but in a country where many structures were built without due process both of these measures may not amount to much jump zero plus al-jazeera athens all right time for a short break here al-jazeera when we come back pushing to make sure that you did not die in vain voters using the election in the democratic republic of congo to
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fight the change plus. people should not take things into their own hands the secret to his success we look at how the refugees who flooded into germany are surviving that desperate that's. how we've had a few showers just a round of applied little more cloud into well at least inside of argentina into europe why some out of thick cloud across northern parts. still a chance of showers has to go on through the next couple days where just weather will be across the heart of the amazon the see some showers making their way into that eastern side of acquittal possibly some lively showers see those. showers just pushing their way back into northern areas of argentina as we go in through the
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latter part of the weekend meanwhile want to see showers coming into the cab a bit by and large is fine and dry some glorious tropical sunshine temps get into thirty one celsius there in kingston a stay waynes striving those showers into the western side of the caribbean you could tom potentially could see wanted to see as we go on through the next day sammy as the case on sunday meanwhile we have some wintry showers to southern parts of the u.s. some wet weather over towards eastern seaboard but it's down towards new mexico albuquerque seeing a good dusting of snow as we went through friday that snow now in the process of retreating but it's still there nevertheless you see television that was struggling to five celsius malda up tools in northeastern kona but tending colder the sunday. the lights are on. and there's nowhere to hide isn't the easiest way to solve this to allow u.n.
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observers who you invited into the country earlier this year to finish their job i haven't said it's a right wing conspiracy or anybody's conspiracy straight talking debate do you think we're going to see some kind of sea change in the u.s. relationship with saudi arabia we have an obligation there is a journalistic integrity and then to end this case it was betrayed totally upfront own al-jazeera. book about to come out of the top stories here on al-jazeera russia and turkey have agreed to coordinate on northern syria after the u.s. withdraws its forces the deal was struck at a meeting in moscow between the foreign and defense ministers from each side.
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egypt's interior ministry says forty fighters have been killed in three separate raids it follows five years attack on a tourist bus in the giza pyramids outside cairo which four people were killed the government hasn't expressed been linked to two incidents the u.n. says who the rebels in yemen are we deploying invaded as part of a ceasefire deal all parties are allowing vital humanitarian supplies through that remained was signed in sleep earlier this month. there's been more unrest in eastern democratic republic of congo over the exclusion of three areas from sunday's election two people were killed during a workers' strike in the city of beni on friday and police fired tear gas to disperse opposition supporters in goma one presidential candidate has filed a case of the supreme court seeking to reverse the election commission's decision to delay voting until march catherine sawyer has more from kinshasa. preparations for the election are still going on the electoral commission saying they think the stand for. but the country is going to go to the full eighty will get. even today
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with the materials being to get to different polling stations across the country this is a logistical nightmare in a country that has very poor infrastructure and it's the rainy season as well and it's compounded by the fact that people do not trust the electoral. electoral process at all spoken to many of them say they do not trust the election commission they feel that this election is not going to be credible one presidential candidate or. filed a petition a week the constitutional court asking that court to compel the electoral commission to be in the decision it made to spawning elections in three areas that many. in those areas the people engaging police in running battles saying that they must go to the vote with everybody else on sunday saying that they feel disenfranchised rights are being
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violated as well we've also seen. some opposition politicians in the is saying that even this decision is not rescinded then they will also not go to the polls or the situation here very tense on the eve of that election. just mentioned the congolese government has been accused of grave human rights abuses. so. told us how her brother rossi was killed. it was earlier this year he was at a protest calling for the already a reviewer elections please stop the march that's normal here on the streets of kinshasa the capital of the democratic republic of congo. and rossi was shot. he died in hospital after all that talk about the apartment but marie says his idea is live on. we will not shut up because it's our country they
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have guns and they can kill but drusie said they can kill all eighty million of us they can even kill me but can they kill all congolese. reraise neighborhood is it clean most people are for and it's a similar story throughout most of hungary meanwhile i mean how people make millions of dollars every year from the country's vast mineral wealth people say they want change the rights groups say people really free to demand it but the bar . cap jamba spent nearly forty years trying to challenge that he's a human rights lawyer. i assure you it cannot be a free election because the regime is already used to courts to block some of its opponents and the electoral commission is clearly trying to give advantage to the ruling party. has been violent on the campaign trail with his camera
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phone video his pleas pricking up a rally of opposition candidate martin for you live activists eighteen people were killed the ruling coalition's presidential candidate amazon is shattering on a european union sanctions list following filing crackdowns on protests the government denies orchestrating rights abuses and they suspended the use ambassador in respond for president joseph kabila told us the electoral process is sensitive so during an electoral process you have tensions the most important thing is to have the necessary police force that's well equipped in order to give that a given point in time we did not have that capacity but we've been building that capacity and there are a hopes the election will change not just the leader but the whole system that's for her brother rossi for for but even if change comes he'll never see it.
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malcolm webb al-jazeera kinshasa in the democratic republic of congo britain's home secretary is treating a rise in attempts by migrants to cross the. as a major incident as a job the remarks come as many as seventy people were stopped in recent days trying to get to the u.k. cross one of the world's busiest shipping lanes in small boats job it is seeking an urgent call the french leaders over the weekend summit has more from dover the numbers are relatively small still the rate at which it has been going up has been quite alarming for the authorities here in just the three days gone by sixty six people have been stopped trying to reach the u.k. the british coast here on these inflatable dinghies very unsuitable vessels with which to navigate through these extremely busy shipping lanes pair and so with
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that the concern is according to the home secretary is that they want to monitor the situation in case of loss of life that would happen in one of these cases but also of course that race the. the tone of that is because they do they do not want to see any more accidents happening across the channel as well of course there are fears that this is happening because of the oncoming breck's it issue of course and the fear is also that the smuggling groups on the other side of the channel on the french side have formed and have managed to convince people that perhaps this is their only opportunity in which they're able to make a crossing to the u.k. if that is where they want to wind up it's been three years since more than a million refugees and migrants and to germany at the time the government said they could be successfully integrated into german society despite strong opposition from
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conservatives and far right groups from berlin zoo was dominant came look at how successful those efforts have been. it's a busy morning for rummy re how we he's a software developer at the clerk in a steel workshop as such he's an important part of an international team to see him at work you'd never think three years ago he was a refugee one whose progress chancellor angela merkel has seen for herself his is a success story but he says because he used his own initiative there is a lot here and if i waited to get the german class i would be doing nothing i would be waiting because the first three hundred people the first six months and. and if i waited. for something i think people should not things in their own hands but what of the many others who were drawn by the open borders and merkel's determined humanitarianism the vast majority of those who came in twenty fifteen received
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refugee status and with it housing welfare and help to learn german but many who arrived since have not been so fortunate and has struggled to get more than temporary jobs people like who know about him who status remains unresolved a few months ago he told me of his experience since twenty fifteen when. i get the political situation in iraq was not safe for me i wanted to be able to lead a normal life and freedom but so far here i haven't found the government agency that regulates this entire sector is this one the federal employment ministry and it says that in october eighteen thousand asylum applications were processed all of which around two out of five cases saw a positive outcome last month one hundred seventy seven thousand refugees were registered as an employed a slight increase on the same time period from last year all together three hundred seventy three thousand refugees are classified as being underemployed. so why
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has germany struggled to integrate so many people in the refugee population that arrives in germany many don't have that vocational training because it's quite a young population so there is a massive challenge as to training people on the job and then there is an issue of legal certainty. angela merkel who once said integrating so many people would be one of the biggest challenges modern germany has ever faced but i mean really how he is one of many who have prospered but there are many more who have not dominant cane al-jazeera berlin italy's prime minister says he wants to stop arms sales to saudi arabia giuseppe conti says he intends to take an official stand against selling weapons used for the war in yemen the government announced last october it was considering the move following the murder of the journalist. and. the truth of
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the murder must be established at any cost this comes in line with the general idea of stopping arms sales to saudi we will monitor the kingdom's behavior over the coming weeks after that a decision will be made we do not prefer to sell arms to saudi arabia when it is now a matter of translating this desire into an official stance then evaluate the outcomes and then respond on that basis in the mangers disaster agency studying satellite images showing the scale of the volcano collapse that caused a deadly tsunami a week ago and krakatoa originally stood more than three hundred meters the volcano is now about one third that height it also lost three quarters of its volume after last week's eruptions peter rock an ash into the air researchers believe the missing mass slid into the sea generating five metre high waves which devastated coastal areas near the sun the strange. the united states has been hit by extreme weather forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights and contributing to the deaths of at least three people the temperatures of plummeted in the midwest states
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of minnesota and the brassica with snow up to thirty centimeters deep and in southern states including minnesota and alabama heavy rains of course homes and businesses to be flooded the severe conditions are expected to continue into the new year and flash floods have destroyed camps for internally displaced people in syria's province more than twenty five thousand people have lost their makeshift homes this video posted online appears to show one of several camps in the region on the water the syrian observatory for human rights says so far no help has come their way. well vegetable skins are often thrown away but in peru where millions of malnourished they're being turned into tasty and nutritious meals are sanchez went to meet the chef was helping change the menu for people in the. rhythm of the world a master class from one of the to stop chefs. has cooked for some of the world's top restaurants but now he's on
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a mission to teach cooks from some of the must poverty stricken slums to make cheaper and healthier dishes. these women are the most important cooks in the country they feed thousands of people so we want to teach them how to make more nutritious dishes using every part of the products. in this class the learned to add fiber from the salads and use that to build skins to make a new machine broth the idea is that everything is useable fifty year old coming to be does this she know cooks in a different way and it's paying off. we don't throw anything away or use playground hansen's look i'm going to make chips with these potato skins people tell us the really loud top food and more people are coming to each year on average fifty people eat here every day it's interesting to see the size of the crash and the small plastic bag full of plastics because the waste is huge for cooking. and
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food waste says the chef has the most nutrients but mido says doctors and nutritionists have evaluated the result of a change in the diet here including on the outskirts of lima and more than one hundred thirty cooks are already trained and the leon has six children and she says they don't get sick as much as they used to as many children suffer from chronic malnutrition but one year ago the nutritionist recommended they eat a toddler kitchens and now the hemoglobin in the children has improved for more than fourteen thousand poor peruvians eat in popular kitchens every day around the country. and meter says the use of tons of food waste will not only make people healthier but it's one solution to tackle climate change and also to have their money we should stop generating waste because food waste is the second largest source of contamination on the planet it contributes to climate change and global warming. it's a sustainable gastronomy project that's slowly changing the way people here eat in
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a country where half the population of thirty two million suffer from malnutrition these kooks say spearheading the project makes them feel secure and proud i guess i just i just see the looting. all the news of course on our website all the latest on the developments in syria the address al jazeera dot com what's out is there a dot com. start a quick check of the headlines here and i'll just say a russia and turkey have agreed to coordinate on northern syria after the u.s. withdraws its forces the deal was struck at a meeting in moscow between the foreign and defense ministers from each side. of the students and when understanding was reached on how military representatives of russia and turkey will continue to coordinate the steps on the ground under new
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conditions with a view of finally rooting out terrorists threats in syria egypt's interior ministry says forty fighters have been killed after friday's attack on a tourist bus near the capital cairo the government says raids were carried out in giza and northern sinai the egyptian prime minister says the attack couldn't have been prevented here in new york ok sometimes attacks such as this one can occur it may even happen again in the future and there isn't a country in the world where we can say is one hundred percent safe that. the u.n. says the fighters in yemen have started a phased withdrawal from the data as part of a ceasefire deal agreement was made in sweden earlier this month all parties have agreed to begin opening up routes to allow aid through starting with the data center room saudi led forces in yemen are using child soldiers that's according to interviews given to the new york times thousands have reportedly been recruited to fight with the promise of good salaries says more experience john joey the fighters
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in the conflict in dar fall are also working as mercenaries as were more unrest in eastern democratic republic of congo over the exclusion of three areas from sunday's election two people were killed during a workers' strike in the city of beni on friday and police fired tear gas to disperse opposition supporters in goma one presidential candidate has filed a case of the supreme court seeking to reverse the election commission's decision to delay voting until march britain's home secretary is treating a rise in attempts by migrants to cross the english channel from france as a major incident jarvis remarks come as nearly seventy people were stopped in recent days trying to get to the u.k. by crossing one of the world's busiest shipping lanes and small boats jahvid seeking an urgent call with french leaders over the weekend. right well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after up from the states and that's what you're. getting to the heart of the matter how can you be
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a refugee after a while it borders between five safe countries facing me on the teams that's from the very beginning got there by name screwed by providing context housing is not just about four walls and a roof hear their story and talk to al-jazeera some say the hashtag me to campaign is too white and too privileged so how there's a movement to call out sexual assault being received outside of the west and out front special. in two thousand and six the slogan me two started as a movement by u.s. activists to write a book as a way to show solidarity with the victims of sexual assault but that slogan went viral overnight in the wake of hollywood's harvey weinstein scandal last october
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which prompted women around the world to break a lot of the silence around the sexual assault and harassment and begin sharing their stories with more than twelve million.


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