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this was his gaining popularity is special among girls. reports now from the city of chess. fifteen year old i mean a song is unwilling to accept the kind of life many teenage girls are facing the third child of four brothers and sisters she's expected to cook clean and iron for the family chores her brothers don't have to do. and get a flat look i need help and i'm grateful that i mean i was doing this but i hope she has a better future than me. in senegal one out of three girls marry young. but this is not what i mean i want. to keep you with us one day my older sister went to a basketball court and she dribbled and saw this team playing together it was an eye opener there's so much tolerance and solidarity between the players and after training it's as if they are a family. and so ameena started playing.
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here deep in senegal's countryside with an all girls team. that's breaking the norm . they don't play nice. they play to win. as a coach and talent scout working with the new african national basketball association academy in senegal. we don't coach girls differently from boys because there linus is in the making and to be. senegal's national team are known as the lyonnesse during the last world championships in october they outperformed it out showing most teams coming close to bringing the cup to africa. the success of the women. more and more girls are.
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looking for. a few girls will make a living from playing basketball if selected it's a chance to get full scholarship and an education and opportunity to another life. on the ground.
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it's time for this policy is now with peter well tim thank you very much mouthwatering match up between two of the greatest players in tennis is being served up for the new year roger federer and serena williams will be on opposing sides switzerland and the u.s. in the mixed doubles at the hopman cup in australia on tuesday williams has warmed up with the first game of the new season at the team tournament in perth two weeks out from the australian open she's on a mission to match market colt record of twenty four grand slam tournament titles williams was able to win and while the u.s. went down to greece two one in the hopman cup group at a time she defeated maria cari seven six six two. it was my first match back so. she played unbelievable and maria is obviously super young and such a good players but here i was making other errors and i'm ok so it's ok your first
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match will get better or get better so i guess kept trying to think so this will be a rare opportunity for fans to see roger federer and serena williams on the same court at the same time about thirty seven years of age and of one forty three grand slam singles titles between them in total williams has seventy two career titles while federal boasts ninety nine. the n.f.l. playoff spots are set with twelve teams on the road to super bowl fifty three the defending champion philadelphia eagles are among them so two of the team they beat the new england patriots who topped the division their final regular season game was against the new york jets patriots quarterback tom brady threw three touchdowns as they won thirty eight three because of the win the patriots go straight into the divisional playoffs they're the first team to make it to the playoffs ten years in a row. six teams were fighting for three playoff spots on sunday the colts eagles and ravens made it the steelers titans and vikings didn't so here's how the
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playoffs panned out in the a.f.c. the chiefs joined the pats in the divisional round with the colts texans and charges as well as the ravens facing wildcard playoffs next week in the n.f.c. the saints and the rams have buys into the divisional round while the eagles bay's seahawks and cowboys are the ones that have to work to maybe just work a little bit harder to get to the wildcard games in order to advance that the l.a. lakers well without the injured le bron james but one for the first time in three games in basketball's n.b.a. they rallied to a one hundred twenty one one hundred fourteen win over the second major kings the dallas mavericks edged down the oklahoma city thunder rookie look at duntroon chad twenty five points to lead the man's. teammate in a smith jr hit the go ahead lay up in the final minutes.
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and poll georgia nurse with two seconds left as dallas one of one hundred five one hundred three. call anthony towns made thirty four points eighteen rebounds and seven assists to lead minnesota past miami in a one hundred thirty one of the four point victory it's the thirteenth time towns has posted at least thirty points and fifteen rebounds and again. manchester city's manager has labelled liverpool possibly the best football team in the world ahead of a top of the table english premier league match on thursday after two straight defeats the defending champions have moved up to second spot by beating southampton on sunday james ward prowse having a big say in the results with the game level at one all his strong penalty appeal was turned down moments later he gifted city the lead it with an own goal and within minutes striker sergio aguero all scored to wrap up a three one win. so it's now a seven point gap between leaders liverpool and man city chelsea a fourth of two one zero victory at crystal palace but manchester united loom as
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the big threat to the top four i thrashed bournemouth four one for the third straight win and the new manager only got a song with revitalized midfielder paul pogba scoring twice today's one of the but that's a top top performance for a midfielder because it's all around it's work great it's dangerous in the box he wins headers he wins tackles and he is no showboating it's torch parts move and he plays efficient game and paul or says it's best when he plays that if. there was one flick maybe. he missed halfway through the second half that you know he says he could have done better with but there's not a lot else he could have done so we had to do. to have good positions under the ball line in the infancy freeze for their wives
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who were in trouble and they think that. we played a very good very good match for it to five minutes someone certainly on the rise is japanese ski jumper rio you kobayashi he's picked up his first win in eight world cup competitions this season basically for the twenty two year old coming in germany but double olympic gold medalist on but they are so willing to well and truly have the wobbles the twenty three year old austrian slipping up at the end of his jump and sliding to thirty nine in the field. there'll be plenty of sliding slipping and slapshot subversive venue on new year's day this time lapse video is of notre dame stadium in indiana which has been transformed into an ice rink for the annual n.h.l. winter classic tuesday's game is between twenty thirteen stanley cup finalists the chicago blackhawks and the boston bruins that's all the sport more later marty thank you very much indeed peter time for us that have a look at some of the celebrations are already begun around the world first of all
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let's go to clint where thousands gathered to see the sky tower alight there then there was australia celebrations kicking off at the sydney harbor bridge and upper house a spectacular display as usual. complete . a step towards reconciliation. historic handshake. to stop the haps. but improbable relationship it probably took. people living in gaza today all refugees and they're demanding their right to return home. on the day the u.s. embassy was moved to jerusalem on the eve of not. no better friends
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in the world. there is no frontline in eastern. tonight france the united kingdom and united states are just safer back trying to spread the syrian nuclear weapons infrastructure. to united states will withdraw aha from the iran nuclear deal. it's hard to be much of this topping and sickening image of the future the two of. starvation is threatening families or among the poorest in the middle east those least capable of surviving. this slaughter by. here in the most brutal way that human history has ever seen. maybe.
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baby did i did state senate has said that crown prince mama and solomon is responsible for the murder. delegates approved twenty one constitutional revision including. the scrapping of term limits for the president and vice president the supporters saying if the math doesn't. add up i'm many will hear that quote from out of the electorate that read it in luck i think. more than three million venezuelans afloat in one of the biggest migrations in the world today. thousands of central americans skate to violence and poverty forming by been caravans and a massive debt that mexico us border. to the children are in the us separated by the war. these are major refugees are terrified that they may be
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forced to return to myanmar we're hoping to pick atrocities committed against them . this suburb city is reduced to a vast wasteland of rubble and debris. like you know the past two thousand and nine say i am here and i mean all very delayed absolutely unacceptable. because that was possibility. optimism for change in the horn of africa. after those seventeen day underground ordeal all twelve boys and their coach sought delight for the first time.
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passed. short films of hope and inspiration. a series of short stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects. which is saying has now been held in pretrial detention for to use what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he's. become a crime. to silence was his off drugs we will continue i news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but it's not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable in the immediate release of all colleagues. and all journalists attained in the gyptian jails. and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom.
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begins with but it does not in there no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein and this is. something the high they had prepared a significant profit for and guess what not one. was found in iraq since one thousand nine hundred ninety one iraq deception on al-jazeera. new clues in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi video appears to show saudi agents carrying bags suspected of containing his remains.
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hello again i'm denis you with their life and also coming out no new version bangladesh despite the opposition rejecting shake us see this landslide victory. fierce strong critic elizabeth warren becomes the best thing democrat so far to seek a white house run in twenty twenty plus. one hundred thousand follett's explode about city hall but a failure because one of the first countries to welcome in twenty nine thousand. but first al-jazeera has obtained video showing saudi agents taking what suspected
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to be the remains of jamal khashoggi to the house of the saudi consul general in istanbul the washington post columnist was killed soon after entering the saudi consulate on the tape of the second full chatterjee and reports it's been three months since the murder of. and his body still hasn't been found but this video could throw more light on the sequence of events after he was killed. the pictures appear to show members of the saudi hit team carrying bags thought to contain his remains into the saudi consul general residence you can't believe these things happen in embassies or consul generals things but but of course they are control of all that control will in that saudi property saudi land the local police can't really do very much about it and of course they wouldn't imagine for one minute the were actually listening to what was down on inside the saudi journalist entered the
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consulate hoping to pick up documents that would allow him to start a new life with his fiance he never came out alive saudi arabia blamed his death on rogue agents but turkey's president says it was a premeditated murder orchestrated by riad these pictures only add another layer of complexity to the investigation now we have direct evidence showing members of the killing team unloading body bags or black bags of some sort so it leaves the impression. body ended up at the consular. residence and that's where the investigation should focus not what happened today a few weeks after hushovd disappearance a team of turkish investigators found traces of acid during a search of the saudi consuls residence the office of turkey's attorney general has told al jazeera that chemicals were used to dispose of casualties body and now
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a new book is revealing more details of the killing. diplomatic atrocity the dark secrets of the murder was written by three reporters from turkey's daily newspaper it names two previously and identified members of the saudi hit squad as well as their links to the royal family also audio recordings which allegedly prove that the crime was premeditated and information on his show g.'s reported refusal to text message his son in riyadh and tell him not to worry if he didn't hear from him for a while as a fuller picture of the killing emerges the pressure continues to grow on saudi arabia last week the king reshuffled his cabinet hoping to deflect international criticism but the saudi side would hope that this recent cabinet reshuffle puts an end to this case and relieve saudi arabia from this pressure by the turks
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and the international community looking for some answers the new details are also likely to add to growing calls that saudi arabia names and indicts those behind. killing paul chatterjee on al-jazeera. crane's high court has upheld the jail sentence of a prominent civil rights activist who spoke out against saudi arabia and on the same day a court in the u.a.e. held a sentence against an activist that. ahmed months who are in the united arab emirates and to be a raja in bahrain will now be spending years in prison for criticizing their government's policies on social media was a prominent opposition figure during behind's protest movement during the arab spring he's been in and out of prison for this activism and his tweets on monday the supreme court upheld a five year jail term for a tweet deemed offensive to the state wars bring hatred destruction and horrors he
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tweeted as the saudi led coalition began bombing yemen in twenty fifteen the bahraini court agreed he disseminated what he calls false news in a time of war and defended the foreign country rights groups say the timing of the verdict is important. and. i mean the reason why they chose to have it during the holidays in the west where they are expecting the minimal. attention or the very near the peace advocate state that he won he wants to remain silent. decided to bomb the children in yemen he states that war will only bring misery i would never bring solutions for those that we may be needed. by the present amnesty international calls the verdict shameful one that exposes behinds justice system as
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a complete farce it along with a coalition of human rights groups had also campaigned for the u.a.e. to release the activist ahmed monsoor but an appeals court in abu dhabi upheld a ten year jail sentence on monday months were two had spent time in prison in twenty eleven and accused of insulting the rulers by calling for democratic elections in the united arab emirates this time he was charged with publishing what the government considers false information on social media as well as calling for another activist to be released these latest rulings highlight the dangers and difficulties activists space in the gulf region and are schapelle al-jazeera protests as are out again in sudan they're calling for president omar al bashir to resign police have fired tear gas to try to disperse the crowds in the capital khartoum so far the president refusing to apologize for the sake of affairs in his country and his criticize these protests which started out against rising food and
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fuel prices let's go live now to our cars from him all that she is there in khartoum how many people how many people are braving the wrath of the security forces. well martin when we were out on the streets of seeing hundreds and hundreds of people out marching and protesting they were saying that they were chanting things like down with the government that they want a new government and that there was they were basically saying that the protests were peaceful but despite saying that and despite it being peaceful we've seen police firing live ammunition in tear gas to try to disperse the crowd now this is not the first protest to happen in fact today's day thirteen of protest against the government it all started like you said with with protests and demonstrations against the rising prices of living and food commodities but then it quickly escalated and we've had people now out in the streets demonstrating saying that they want to topple the government they want to see a new regime despite the government promising that they are going to try to introduce new reforms to improve the economy so this has been going on and the
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protesters have been saying that they will continue to protest until president obama and bashir steps down something he says he is not going to do and if as you say the security forces are firing live rounds that means inevitably that the death toll is going to rise already amnesty is reporting that at least thirty seven people have died in these protests. well yes thirty seven people have been killed as of monday last week but then the government is saying that one thousand people have died and that four hundred have been injured they're saying they're disputing the number given by amnesty and they're saying that amnesty has reported that from biased sources it's not clear how many people have died so far all we do know is that in today's protests live ammunition was fired that and that there were people who were injured it's not clear if it was fatal or not but we do know that the police did fire live ammunition in tear gas and they have been criticized by the u.n. and foreign governments for using what was described as excessive force because people have been injured and people have died in the protest and there are concerns human
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rights groups are saying that more people would die of the protests continue of the government continues to use force yesterday we've heard president bush saying that it's ok that the police should use less force but that he seems to be at the same time praising the police and he's also speaking previously to the military so it's not clear if there are more lives lost today but then because live ammunition was used there are concerns that there will be more lives lost all right thank you have a move there live in khartoum. abounded issues prime minister sheikh hasina has promise any incidents of a tricking in sunday's election will be investigated she has won a full sermon office and according to local media alliance around two hundred eighty eight of these three hundred seats where they seem to place bots the opposition is rejecting the results claiming widespread regularities so far at least nineteen people a name to have been killed in election related this weekend good luck to our correspondent tom that choudhry who is in the bangladeshi capital dhaka time there
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i understand that you've just come from a meeting with the victorious shake see what kind of strike is she sounding triumph victorious or she sounding can see that tree. well she sounded very unfriendly even conciliatory in tone. supposed to be a key fashion with international observers and foreign correspondents and press out here monitoring the election that eventually she was friendly and i have to take questions from some of the international observer as well as from some of the international press person present there she obviously sounds quite victoria thank them confident about our victory and she rejected any idea that there was any regaining or there was any kind of play in any of the centers of the she admitted that there might have been. isolated cases where replying to
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a question from another foreign media that they have a video of. a particular. road been snatched in a polling center she said it's probably from a previous marriage election and then the particular journalist said no this is from this one she said well perhaps so but it is one one you incident could have happened and then she went to said that look if there is any allegation. definitely will look into it and the election commission will seriously look into this matter and investigate this matter on my second question of course i. thought it go ahead please no tell me i was just going to ask you i mean how she is explaining all defending what to many will seem like an incredible victory i mean winning two hundred eighty eight at the three hundred seats i mean this is beyond belief isn't it for most people how is she justifying that or explaining it yes
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very well the quote.


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