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tv   Debt Machine  Al Jazeera  January 1, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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not allowed to see the caliph. so he decided to engineer the meeting in his own way. in baghdad's great mosque. a lotto we deliberately broke the daytime fost. during the holy month of ramadan. the motto. and. that was. that. the trick worked
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a lot of he was arrested and brought before the young are best of color and must ask him. and them a duffel i lay him by the home until i'm stumped and wouldn't let and hung one of the. little cotton and i had sonny being. in the basket caliph was young and powerless. bearing only the title but carrying no authority. the real power was in the hands of the send you. a turkic to misty that had taken control of back that's caliph it. off a century earlier. then your connecticut chain was going is a ship enough for say men at the end that they can love how bits and months what
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may a timofey local in the mail will be a hell of a steady in going to ted's awful day in bits and i've bits and bones from one of the slip. on the other hand. the crusaders were building a new system of rule in the lands that they had captured. me away in mayhem and daughters stanbury and almost mostly mean one machine shop being would. go. with. either to be. implied that the best team means a little silly being led by that want to shout out why then for what's. why
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this at the moment guy that i have you know how to do it in a shop. lays said he had gone to war when emma still claudel i'm a. teacher when most thought. the next he has you ought. as it was the time it gets here you've been shut up and still found. a bit good at it i'm like. sick on the last old man in general alongside a young woman alone yeah john i'm going to fallujah. that for. bobby the well he said i'm so hope. and then i show elaine at the way out on this on time and you mess up the i know a special molech and has he will use that. on what i look to man to man man what that kiba a skinny. furthermore the commanders
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of the first crusade lesser knights from europe now began to style themselves as moment in the lands they had conquered. baldwin of bologna was crowned bold when the first king of jerusalem. moved momentum it will not miss now would it matter if they had ruined duck you. know i mean if there was a sense you had to be feel out of the lobby. with one of the to stab at the feet o.c.n. a document the solution needed to be. truly updated in sixteen years so it. has so much of the media possibly not a loss they'd like a photo and heart of the bunny. and the lunch. that we.
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i had said it was to mean the economy. within a decade most of the live on time coast was in the crusaders hands. and the christian on claves in the east now number four with the addition of a new county in tripoli. confusion women getting them for counseling me get him out who's. made a sign i want on who would slowly be in there again a child ethan sadly. noma added and let me add this in all my. many friends to me.
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the coastal area was for the seders very very tactically significant area both to supply provisions and to bring pilgrims through the harbors so securing the coastal areas was a crucial part of crusaders tactics. and lennon. and in the know about the way he led and he thought he. national gnashed that it would probably be one who said i had shot and the. young but not clearly madine mysie out. but. what came to him when we do him additionally can be who moved on a sick leave of the judge. has been a defect in the whole moon not know but i just saw one with annie and myself
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thinking they on the other night and that done been through with about that i didn't get that. the economics of the war soon began to dominate the crusades. and the regent of antioch crude. marched towards aleppo the trade capital to live on. awesomeness an iraqi village shop. got a lot of done talking. good imago. jani and has a model and that's good. on the. assertion. as if what salary. had can help. with affairs and where hernia well isn't. be
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a woman let alone you should be. no necco would been over the side of you has all of that in the whole. mess good and. has a cool assault on her in hi i'm a witch of the caliber i have. as i am has in water about a puppy in his ship that. aleppo revolted against its structure is ruled overboard. i'm going to shed blood the angry masses to remove the cross from the top of the city's most.
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but he was aiming for more. and sacrament of safadi a look at how to best she's in a gin and how to win the cup. and it to get nasheed by the dead os image of the left. are you it was the moon yeah you are most of the moon bob the messiah. the beloved think one your friends will feel good suitedness going to be ours only anucha me at the beginning when we're not doing a lot of the world right now i'm a little when we have one of the fish meal put on what is the last full beliefs about and i mean about the you know he really said under stalin right when the pope bill muskets yard line if rain or long made in america are only at thirty one i must get back the dates he william ottoman on model one monitor and look at the
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shot of mcmahon ha a da what you get ahead of the sun the one. i. mean playing. board why they hate the game. this time and the uprising was clear resistible addams family and the muslim public forced the colorful week though it was to take action . to save us by leaving. the embarrassed stop best color from most demanded help from his protector the silly jokes all talk. has a lot of shall it get well let's solve the silt on some of the subject sometimes home of the suki enough sim up a few and he has that i'll let it lay at that because most will do it without order to me i guess the market. where russia saw him afloat.
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in a towel and i'm alluding to the fact that has. a salute. to men. in moore is just a theo and yes the middle if you thought of as a. naive enough to add to mckenzie who at home in the in an e in. the limo with an illegal horses i mean i'm lucky little monkeys. liking it at the end of the one. who we are right in the loop if you don't have one in home a shift of for a ship. in mojave catechize. a money and a one man as. adam fetch out he has a nice. mo
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dude's army was prevented from entering a. but another opportunity to take on the crusaders now arose. with a call for help from talk to the governor of the massacres. of the pin and what that can walk out of audio borman coupledom look at britain marks sunday. could the mossad lead. was. sort of a deal with many baldwin. but for the glimpse of what if this in
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not of the sonata. and almost dimona solution you know he said if i'm not the. only i'm a saudi and what if a son leave me and my models. and let i know i am selling the yin and demos in war he has he a model and the home front of the door in an s. and i think that in asia and even him or the telly nine years old. a hot. dog can the governor of damascus received modood gratefully after his victory across a mumble. but his gratitude mosque jealousy and suspicion. of the comfy office.
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and the. modood left his camp for friday prayers with took. but an assassin belonging to a shia our secret order known as a ball to new york was waiting for him. or not when you see it and. he had been talking a little at that there must be. men shouted in modood a southerner who i had involved in the in the i know what the mckenna meant if the only he saw him. at the close of the eleventh century. the sheol bought in new york began a campaign of killings against sin figures. this secret order was known in arabic as and how should.
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this arabic name lives on to this day in the word for a political killing. assassination. lizzie but the law. kiana as if scheana can a woman has ever gone to botany well above about anyhow well good don't. going to hop into bed and good then good then slimy you was a cup of solid and not a muslim in general yellow going to be saluting him nashat a solid b. and what of that absolute main cabal of botany. and. this if i'm not fresh out of pocket model neck and neck at that event at the end of the hemi i wasn't. at the canucks and the beta to spend the afternoon at f.t.
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been a dead one then and that laces a leaf a. dead a kidney is in the moment is anything but a dilemma when i'm really shaky and i mean i'll just. mostly mean. well it did in and. out of. the hall and. the muslims had lost the hero but there was another on the rise. in the years to come the wind would change direction. a muslim revival would start to gain momentum. i made the dean's england would lead the muslims to achieve their first major victory. against the crusades.
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i'd have to look at the arrival of refugees is debated and the european parliament's. but the journey itself is little understood. to syrians document the route that is claimed so many lives such info sanctuary to people in power on al-jazeera. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of that you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on the tablet they're on their computer. and
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that's the way al-jazeera is of all into a true media network. a lot again solid being in control. but it's tremendous potential so how can i determine could you lucilla at that point. to avenge. the smash is the frankly shocking captures the king of jerusalem he sees is the true cross and this is the great military victory the crusade an arab perspective that was sold three unification this time on the. top stories here on al-jazeera the north korean leader kim jong un as running in the new year with an offer of another meeting with u.s. president all trump but he warned that pyongyang may seek
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a new powerful denuclearization if washington pursues action against north korea. if the united states continues to break its promises and misjudges our patients by unilaterally demanding certain things and pushes ahead with sanctions and pressure against our republic then we may have to seek another way to protect our country sovereignty and interest and establish peace and stability on the korean peninsula well both sides in yemen's war are being accused of siphoning food aid u.s. food age and sees threaten to suspend shipments unless he sees rein in corruption and the associated press saw documents suggesting rations and ties have been seized by units working with saudi u.a.e. coalition forces. bangladesh's prime minister. has rejected calls for a new votes after being declared the winner in sunday's election the opposition are demanding a repeat vote accusing the government of wide spread rigging. in the democratic
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republic of congo several candidates are claiming they're in the lead in sunday's presidential election counting continues after the ballot which was hampered by delays complaints of vote rigging and by violence the internet has also been cuts in an apparent effort to stop speculation about the results twenty one candidates vying for the top office sudan's president omar al bashir has ordered an investigation into anti-government protests that began nearly two weeks ago it comes as security forces again used tear gas and live fire to disperse crowds in the capital. at least five people have been killed and dozens of others are missing after heavy rain triggered a landslide in indonesia the mud buried thirty houses in the village of sanaa has me in west java seasonal rains have caused dozens of landslides and widespread flooding in recent days york has become the latest major city to welcome two thousand and ninety. of these great pouring rain to prime
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time square for a string of stop performing says there was a somber note to the festivities the organizers paying tribute to the freedom of the press. those headlines got more news here on al-jazeera right after the crusades an arab perspective. luck. let. alone. lucky lucky lucky
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. the year eleven twenty seven. i made the deans indeed. becomes governor of mosul in northern iraq. its former governor modood. and stood up to the crusaders during their otherwise unstoppable expansion the east.
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but modood had been assassinated in eleven thirteen. imagine thousands thank you kind of people day tomorrow to wash out a complex of clean up elected let you hurt it a bit. and would look ahead to give you the west pick mill good high yacob yet again it could but i cannot i will and solomon will call in and ask any and lay out if as to how and of enough for right handedness you had a lot of a god how does something being. put on sub think going to know what the and who were bad and the bad of the sundry and trade them for the elements several how many well doesn't it work. and. when he has a. new poor feel most in them under lock in the fold the most who has he they own can and the fear when no one demeaning being that may want him or says help. a
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year after taking up the post as governor in mosul i made the dean's ng the model his army towards aleppo. and brought it on there is control. to have the loss of. his manner. they know most what they know. if that. down and in six feet but webb says see if the definition me what the web at all bore the. day. to get out of the main in modern day and. when has it. may not amount to topple saddam look at britain we're in knew how to get the opinions battlefield. of a tanker or a member solid b. in key why get him. being cannot then we don't either.
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what damn one mark in the month. before the awful bugger. what it teddy what got that began. one man yes. but the order to go but you know the rest. of the west would have had one. of the of the west is in the. south in a good hold the ma. was among the gods. allied in this way to the crusaders damascus did not join the muslim unification project. its ruler more and indeed even sent the renowned muslim historian nimal close as an ambassador to the kingdom of jerusalem. some even one kid is one of the great writers of twelfth century syria in the
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course of his his long and complicated existence one part of which he was a diplomat and he spent a lot of time talking with the franks in jerusalem and he visited the city on several occasions. had the sollie been she deaf in blood shed. she has a. lot to bosh as if some of this feels yet a lie. and the son of. sam. said it will. be all that matter. and ok for the stock be to her jewel and feel the. she had the room yet n.f.l. a lot of the it is they mean. i'm not. going to falsely remain in or no my going to live in the moment in. that hell that
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can feed had to be. beaten and suddenly be in the fitting get his i'm home something. in the oil. throttled the middle fair skinned i mean me normal father will wife if for me i had of course i was oh i let the fish of thunder when you shoot on with. bill mel hashan illustrate the new home how to go how did you. and the sama tells us that the westerners who come over from europe much more zealous so much more aggressive than those who live with the muslims in the near east if used the west misses as great warriors that very bold a very strong but a bit like beasts capable of bearing a heavy burden perhaps not so much more sophisticated. so good footy quad.
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he. is still looking so it's no secret he's exactly what i'm sure as a city poke fun you do the unfair i make out the scenes as your own the all the men yes no i this is the only thing no. guy can you know he looks. with damascus still protected by its truce with the kingdom of jerusalem. i'm adding single now begun to prepare for what would be his greatest military achievement. does include bed in a hut the thought of him of to. live as a mother threw them out. and do that in a shed who had the man bag.
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crime so much in the sense bin laden. had get his most. and they haven't and no so the. idea is a little higher than if you could the three months as. well yet when. your team will give you all a fee a long. while well. yes that. was the whole. sinkage. and with hindsight this is seen as a breakthrough but the real start the revival of the jihad in the muslim near east is the first big defeat for the crusaders and it shows that they can actually be. be defeated on the muslim revival can begin to gather some place.
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buckle and was. in that fashion. when i listen to your home field of business. while the senate and for me out of out of a minute they have selflessness out of. thought about of. how to get it is done me where i'm at it isn't it how would you know about. the whole human solomon islands to me. has an illness who. is slamming and much for me again. well a pub. one has a hand me a suede nest and i'm a gin thinking the sort of the gene and the can be it. in has a drug only. let's say if the house was stuck at the end. of the ox.
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a magic beans victory and it does so lifted the muslims morrow and enthusiasm for the fight. but two years later. i met a dinging the was killed by his slaves. his death could have put an end to his mission. but he was followed by his son who had. a son who would excel his father. but us at that had them out on eleven was a good medical and it was dad that will. give had the goods on them he only did not want any exene any of them along. with. a well it's janitor's a little while all this that day and sol bunch should be then. going
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to. send a step till he can attend a magazine thank you. and now you read. it it gets been ness. lead indian kennel caught it and just saw. recently do you need a mix of there's a. disturbance and the a lot of pain and i can. deal with a man. that he meant to. go to give me one let me up you feel me i need to feel free to get what we want stability he'll do anything that mean. when we. would want men to get them again then a muscle illawarra it would do the phila seem to have
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a bit of luck this but the community will do more when wanted out and maybe it will still be. when sandy captured the sun eleven forty four this was the first time that muslims were unified against the crusader king or to islam and this was the first time that one of the crusaders states the county of adesa was captured since the first crusade this costs a devastating reaction in europe. both among the people and among the religious leaders. a chicken and of a boy are after going to see him how to keep dollars from at the sun. and then a kind of will and i get that by using an action from the sun to be then yeah the i
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could make my d.n.a. one hundred one has a magma dot in the bubble of. ramen a few obama don't know how melissa libby and indeed with then the fee got right over wrong in the more time of them having a salary. pope eugene's preaching was highly effective. the second crusade would be led by two european kings. louis the seventh of france. and conrad the third of germany. in the summer of eleven forty seven. the armies set off towards the hold it up. after almost a year the german and french forces finally arrived to do so little. but
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instead of trying to recapture a desert from losing games. they launched another attack which would end in disaster. the armies of the second crusade to reach the holy land joined with the forces of the kingdom of jerusalem and besieged damascus great city of the muslim near east in the summer below forty act. but. what if you have done us a lot good it is a bit on the dumb us to keep the two of you have a clue while i'm busy it was out in the cold when he took a. last visit interesting choice there very keen that the new ruler of the old. syria during jeanne the sun does not get all damascus so they had time to masks. and never did the mission to salute. and i know that now. with the third with
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a few. of those should go our little million which to me was solidly in the game and obama at the wheel in a sort of unity madelene all my let me. in with again if. you. had a good. freshman that has a geisha lens early on. is always a command from western europe they've been led by kings their expectations are very high they would be treated there wasn't a great battle they were defeated in some epic struggle they just slink away and that's a real blow to the morale of the true state as in the west. the tragic crave year of the second crusade. was by no means the last disaster to be for the christians. six years later nor did the finally
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manage to onyx the mosque has the very city they had failed to capture. or they know that i wouldn't be enough to have. names. so for the first time the franks have got somebody with aleppo damascus under the same rule that's the first time that are taken place since there are. arrival in the new year it's. a tell you know multiple canel interest then me and she will like to hit. a solid b. see. miss blow by tillman's. look she is thought
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man you oughta be washed that it must be mean and i am ahead if you had a dead. body dem one can up a. good head while i had a friend at all months and then who. and had a bit and but on the whole females get the soil mccaffery. and there is in most of the snaps too and i'm at the close of the dr as with us i have to say in a subtle member out of. every yes. i mean as if you have your head and in reality there. bitten most of this with him as a member. oh i was so much for your i dunno man to get. them anonymous wow that's a lot of the old me of the animals in the machine. and now in there. most of the
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need to be related to show you that is really the show. that you got in there yet there says any. way out there on a good scene. again i'm in the middle man i get letters that get. in a game as a starter that the done that and this. one but at she saw. inside me a socialist and me as if he have a job you could liken it and especially be sick. in jerusalem in the winter of eleven sixty three. a new king so ceded to the throne . a magic the first. i like it because this is. the most if he had
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a comedy and many comedy can. you have if you could how you would have. us but i'm like you get the fit and it got a botched up or what have you to get done as it's called what ya need. in order to national. can lead would mean in a lot of fun it's clean and what i thought i mean that the game let you in and that seem in a way most. most refuse a lick of paint. a rocket to are looking for often enough. of them you know. there's a competition basically between the crusaders and nurit dean to take control of
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egypt egypt is shia it's ruled by the fatima din a city and it's in a state of decline. egypt is also immensely rich and there's been effectively a competition as to who can get hold of this rich elite power the fertility of the nile the trade routes to come through it if you could control egypt you will have the wealth and the resources to defeat your opponent. will most yanni can it get is a cobra. while as over a good then lets you get at the our us hard the salt unfairly. who is are. confused so far beneath mean local salutes are i this we showed why this would be wrong how the home side. one of the early. enough musselman that the clifton usually lead. to.
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a washout was sent to the level of a movie a lyric was. this built luminol out. a human up to a kid say thank god still sold in a most sceptical had yet discipline had a c. it. had authority and massage most of the stick well and the. hysteria bad half of the year and some of you in the highest. will have been a well missed. a show. monk. who are new men. in it together the stanley cannon. has a rush him i'll go off. note again who would make. the house i'm going to meet that is simply moody our.
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list. centers forces towards egypt. under the command of one of his men. a kurdish general ship. he took with him a reluctant young man who would write his name through the history of the crusades . some are deemed known in the west as solitude. fi. he had the surat. use of. on the business. and you. the. well said the dean should call for a week again. more and. the
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fight would last another five years. before sure cool would succeed in expelling the crusaders from the nile valley. what has that all. they now know to what a medic. one this i thought it. was out of it all the. effort i. mean someone by the has a. solid. on succeeding his uncle as a physio. dean had reached
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a turning point in his life. he was about to embark upon. the change the history of the crusades. i. eat. a lot of salad being in control don't know what it's tremendous from the potential so i think and he was determined to conclude use of them at that point for sword to avenge its people. to be t.t. is the year he rushes the frankie song captures the pick of tourists that he sees is the true cross and this is the great military victory the crusades and arab
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spring ever so three unification this time on a just you. and i there we've got quite a bit of unsettled weather across the middle east at the moment for take a look at the satellite picture we can see one area of cloud here of a q eight stretching its way across into iran and then yet more will make its way across parts of turkey and turkey is going to have some pretty heavy rain as we head through the next few days so what out of this system head is making its way out of europe and then tracking its way towards the east it will bring us some heavy rain particularly in the southern parts of turkey and also some wet weather around the east coast the mediterranean sea particularly soggy here as we had through wednesday and into thursday a bit further south and the clown sinking its way towards us here in doha so a fairly great picture to the north of us as we head through the day on wednesday in fairly large amounts of cloud here in doha it could just squeeze out one or two
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showers perhaps down towards the south and the wet weather here is looking far heavier for many of us it is looking like rather a wet day the showers generally from angola stretching all the way across towards madagascar but then for the south where it's been very very hot recently we're seeing quite a few thunderstorms here there's a stretching through parts of boats wanna and down through the northeastern parts of south africa so very heavy downpours hit including probably jo'burg as well cape town should be a different story that we'll get to around twenty three that seventy three in fahrenheit and it should be fine unsettled. cultural history some scribe layer upon layer at times erase others rejuvenating and reinvented. through the transformative power of public art and unlike the collision of hip hop culture and indigenous tradition forms
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a community building project led by the godfather of graffiti. one of the really special things about working for others here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story as we cover this region better than anyone else would be very challenging but in the particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues. people believe to tell the real stories just mandate is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. president donald trump agrees to delay the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria.
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you're watching of zero headquarters here and also coming up a book on the killing of journalists reveals details about the preparations before his. also a new path in the new year north korean leader kim jong warns of an alternative. to isolation. sixty years since the cuban revolution and the flame of socialism in the region. welcome to the program u.s. media is reporting that present. donald trump has agreed to a four month timeframe for the withdrawal of all u.s. troops from syria the announcement goes against trump's initial abrupt call made last month but told two thousand troops would pull out within thirty days the move has received criticism from global leaders and politicians in washington saying it could destabilize the region well trump has taken to twitter referring to himself
3:50 pm
in the first person and he says if anybody but donald trump did what i did in syria which was an isis loaded mess when i became president they would be a national hero isis is mostly gone we're slowly sending our troops back home to be with their families while at the same time fighting isis remnants i campaigned on getting out of syria and other places now when i start getting out of the fake news media or some fail to generals who were unable to do the job before i arrived like to complain about me and my tactics which are working just doing what i said i was going to do i'm headed down to. our correspondent on the turkey syria border it seems to move from day to day everything we're hearing from the u.s. it seems that the u.s. president is not going to extend the time of u.s.
3:51 pm
troop withdrawal but such mixed messages and changing messages must unnerve all of the interested parties that are affected by that troop withdrawal. yes it seems like just a twenty day extension from that that late he had given when he announced that he was doing a complete withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria here say they would withdraw within days so he's just adding another twenty days on top of course turkey's not going to be hopping about this because they have been an agreement between president and on the u.s. president don't know but they're going to be a complete pull out and tukey will finish the remaining public job out of clearly any remnants of course this has created panic within the
3:52 pm
kurdish forces who are already shifted alliances and have invited the syrian armed forces to come and defend them from any potential. a toc from the turkish side of course syria has the government of bashar al assad has already responded and sent hundreds of troops to form a ball for that divides the kurdish a y p d of fighters and the turkish army and their proxies so of course we're also seeing some jostling and crumbling within the regional. players like iran iraq russia and turkey of course on the same page so. many people think about what. is. what he is doing is just like closing the stable after the horse has bolted well let's get more reaction of course we'll come back. in just thank you.
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i'm. a book written by two turkish journalists sheds new light on the planning of the murder of jamal khashoggi it includes details about the preparations undertaken by the saudi operatives in the hours preceding the killing the book also contains previously unseen pictures of the same agents outside the city council's residence with bags reportedly used to carry. remains. of the entire team didn't go to the consulate but five of them went directly to the consul's house to prepare and receive the backs the pictures confirm this fact. turkey wants to investigate this properly it happened on diplomatic grounds and that means a forcible entry to investigate would create a crisis for turkey and even if evidence were to be found it would be considered illegal does not want that. well new york times square truck to its
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usual huge new year's eve crowd despite the pull rain organize invited journalists to launch the famous ball drop but it was a gesture of highlighting the importance of press freedom. from new york. it's one of the focal points of year celebrations around the world this year joining the york's mayor bill de blasio for the traditional lowering of the crystal ball in times square several prominent journalists had an event that was not just about welcoming two thousand and nineteen but also recognizing how dangerous two thousand and eighteen was for the profession journalists are facing jail amy and all for the people already here all of the journal among those recognized was the committee to protect journalists an organization that promotes press freedom and defends the rights of journalists around the world. they say two hundred fifty one
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journalists were imprisoned during two thousand and eighteen but another fifty three journalists were killed in target of the attacks including washington post columnist jamal khashoggi who was murdered and dismembered by saudi government agents soon after he entered saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul he was especially in the thoughts of those at times square you know it's been a pretty tough year i think that's one of the reasons that we're the honoree journalists around the world and in this country as well have struggled and i want to see a new year a year in which journalists are able to work more freely without threats and do their political work independently so prominent have attacks on the media ban in two thousand and eighteen the time magazine named khashoggi as one of its persons of the year we didn't do anything wrong the others all journalists including two
3:56 pm
reuters reporters jailed in me and maher for reporting on atrocities against the rohingya. and staff at a local us newspaper in maryland who survived a mass shooting that claimed the lives of five of their colleagues you are the enemy of the people just sit down please trumps frequent attacks on the media have also come under the spotlight in october the committee to protect journalists called on president trump to dial back the rhetoric this after a trump supporter from florida sent more than a dozen bombs to critics of the president two of which went to the c.n.n. offices here in new york there's been a lot of hostility towards the press and immediately think of it mostly for new year's eve to celebrate things if you've got a closely time series name and character of a newspaper and i think this is a tie to say like the importance of freedom in the present what is it journalism that celebrate when writing for new years and say that's had twenty nine hundred
3:57 pm
media when you first. back in journalism a little rough. as a ball dropped in times square celebration but also remember all the journalists killed or imprisoned wouldn't get the chance to see it because of their truth telling reporting which made the target. though i do see your role to asia pacific now where north korean leader kim jong un has rung in the new year with an offer of more face to face talks with u.s. president donald trump in a thirty minute speech kim said he's willing to meet trump at any time but he warned that pyongyang may seek what he called a new path if washington doesn't keep its promises robert bright has more from seoul. this was a very different new year's message both in content and also style being delivered from the comfort of a study with portraits of his father and grandfather looking down from the walls in his new year message last year kim jong un bragged about north korea now possessing
3:58 pm
a nuclear arsenal this time he had a very different message when it came to nuclear weapons talking about peace and denuclearization saying that north korea no longer was testing its missiles and would pledged not to do any more testing or to produce any more or indeed to spread the technology when it came to relations with the united states he said that there had been a dramatic change promising to sit down at any time for a long awaited second summit with the u.s. president donald trump but he did use the opportunity to again call for an end to joint military exercises between the south koreans and the u.s. and he also had this warning for the united states. if the united states continues to break its promises and misjudges our patience by unilaterally demanding certain things and pushes ahead with sanctions and pressure against the
3:59 pm
republicans then we may have to seek another way to protect our country sovereignty and interest and establish peace and stability on the korean peninsula and when it came to into korean relations conjunction was far more upbeat talking about things now entering a new phase and about carrying forward the momentum from twenty eighteen into twenty nineteen building of course upon the unprecedented three summits that he held join the past twelve months with moon j.n. of south korea and the increasing speculation that we are about to witness this visit by him junger and indeed the first via north korean leader to south korea since the and. and of the korean war he also spoke about a new spirit on the korean peninsula a new sense of trust and the feeling that if the peoples of korea both north and south wanted to move towards a reunification then nothing he said in the world would stop them still ahead here
4:00 pm
on al-jazeera in bangladesh the prime minister claims a reelection victory but the opposition cries foul. cross the sudanese president announces an investigation into recent protests as demonstrators continue to call his resignation those stories on the other side. and i know there is still mostly settled for us in the western parts of europe at the moment it's not particularly warm but hey it is winter instead further east and across the central belt is where all the unsettled weather is and a lot of that is turning to snow because it's just so cold so plenty of wintry weather on the leading edge of this system on tuesday and then we're seeing more widespread snow for many of us as we head into wednesday further south of got a more intense system that will be working its way away.


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