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stop them well still ahead here on al-jazeera in bangladesh the prime minister claims a reelection victory but the opposition cries foul. cross the sudanese president announces an investigation into recent protests as demonstrators continue to call his resignation those stories on the other side. and i know there is still mostly settled for us in the western parts of europe at the moment it's not particularly warm but hey it is winter instead for the east and across the central belt is where all the unsettled weather is and a lot of that is turning to snow because it's just so cold so plenty of wintry weather on the leading edge of this system on tuesday and then we're seeing more widespread snow for many of us as we head into wednesday for the south of go to more intense system that will be working its way away from greece as we head into
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wednesday and working its way through turkey heavy downpours out of this and also some strong winds and it looks like that system will also be affecting us across the northern parts of africa as well so for some of us in libya it looks pretty wet on choose day and then that system will be pushing its way into parts of egypt as we head into wednesday also of the east coast of the mediterranean say very wet and windy for some of us here has been pretty soggy over the past few weeks now meanwhile towards the west is generally looking fine and settled for us in our cheers not particularly warm there about sixteen degrees which is sixty one in faran high i mean for the south of plenty of warm sunshine to enjoy here they got say getting to around thirty one degrees there are more showers a bit further towards the south cabo and it's catching the lion's share of those.
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welcome back you're watching all just their arms the whole robin a reminder of our top stories u.s. media are reporting president donald trump has agreed to give a four month timeframe for the withdrawal of all american troops from syria and the
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two thousand troops would leave within thirty days also a book written by two turkish journalists details the planning of the murder of jamal khashoggi by saudi operatives the book also contains previously unseen pictures of the same agency outside saudi consuls residence with bags reportedly used to carry his remains. north korean leader kim jong un has said he's willing to meet with u.s. president trump but any time but in his new year message he wore the pyongyang may seek what he called a new path of washington doesn't keep its promises. new year's day pro-democracy rally in hong kong is an annual event but this year's activists say they're facing unprecedented demand government officials told organizers to prevent protesters from displaying pro independent symbols outside the government headquarters of the civil human rights front said it will comply but described the demand as a threat to freedom of expression let's get the very latest from divya part of our
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correspondent in hong kong one wonders what the turnout is like divya what really people there hope to achieve by this demonstration other than its annual appearance. tell the beginning of the marcel i would say maybe. love thousand so far but along the way it's a few kilometers down to the government headquarters from the main shopping in the city district along the way people are going to be joining a lot of families a lot of younger people. and a lot of older people that can make the entire journey so our guys are certain estimating i'll be a few thousand will only know once we get to the government headquarters i what are people protesting oh they save me off the respective people a few people before the protests they say there's so much to protest this year the official theme so far and of opposition to political persecution and opposition to
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the proposal not in the security laws no longer on government is planning quite a last even more that could or most likely would squeeze freedom of expression they say twenty eighteen have been on president to hear when it comes to squeezing hong kong so torn to be crushing down on its freedom of expression things like for the first time foreign journalists were kicked out of the country for the first time political party were banned and also in on an unprecedented move we've had a moment officials from mainland china now operating on hong kong for oil they say that's going to set a precedent for china mainland chinese government to have more authority here in hong kong but what's also interesting and you mentioned this that we have a pro independent group marching in this rally today are not allowed to know if the government headquarters they're going to break away from the protests they're walking around with these batteries falling from hong kong and depended on them for
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this fight warning previously and even now that they are writing a very fine line against the hong kong and beating government it's also leaving the stomach all social events for the through the days of the cupola of their own home co. the coalition and who the rebels in yemen or both being accused of stealing food aid the u.n. food agency is threatening to suspend aid shipments unless more is done to stop corruption the world food program says about two thirds of a delivered to who think control strongholds is being stolen by armed groups is those sorts of press also so documents suggesting that russians intended for families and there's a big deal it's working with the saudi and were r.t. coalition forces. most of that aid into you haven't goes through the port city of data people say shelling is continuing despite a un backed truce you think fighters agreed to hand over control of his data to the local coast guard to be overseen by the un as part of a recent deal but submitted
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a to say the hugh things aren't abiding by the truce the homage of june reports in her data optimism however cautious it may have been has turned into confusion despite a un back to truce there are reports shelling is still going on some residents accuse who the rebels of failing to hand over control of the port city as they have promised to do as part of the recently signed agreement in sweden. with. the talks about handing over the port of her data is a farce directed by the who the militias and with an international cover. on saturday video emerged showing some who the rebels who controlled the port for much of the almost four year conflict boarding trucks and departing. according to the un the who these have indeed pulled back by the next day others said that was simply not the case. the rebels claim yesterday that the handed over to port but they have
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not done so they have not delivered anything. on monday however the rebel said it was violations by the saudi iraq to coalition it's putting the her data agreement at risk. we are adamant to continue to comply with what we have signed with the aim of a stablished long and just peace those who are attempting to cause a failure to the agreement are willing for the war to continue and the plight of the yemeni people to continue as part of the un supported agreement who the rebels backed by iran and yemen's government supported by a coalition led by saudi arabia and the united arab emirates also agreed to uphold a cease fire in the city. aid workers had hoped humanitarian corridors could soon be opened and much needed aid might be delivered a scenario whose success relies on mutual trust and one whose achievement seems more difficult with each new accusation. and his ear. sudan's president omar al
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bashir has ordered a commission of inquiry into nationwide protests that began nearly two weeks ago if you look at how police responded to the demonstrations which have killed at least nineteen people it comes on security forces again views to some live fire to disperse crowds with a couple call to dozens of protesters were arrested calling on bashir to end his twenty nine year rule despite his promises to implement economic reforms have all been household. today is the thirteenth day of protests people once again marched out into the streets protesting president bush's twenty nine year rule there once again called for him to step down and hand over the government to an interim government until elections are held but the president has seemed very defiant over the past few days and he still seemed defiant today yesterday he met with the chief of police and he told them to use less force with the protesters international says thirty seven people have been killed at least and dozens and dozens have been injured and even more have been arrested but in today's protests police once again
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used tear gas and live ammunition now the president also addressed the nation on the eve of the country's sixty third anniversary independence anniversary and he said he wants to pave the way for negotiations with the people who are protesting. but how to get into we shall enter into a new era where unity is reinforced and harmony is maintained in the whole country all with the aim to face the challenges and threats hovering above our head and here i renew the call to the honorable sudanese people in and outside of sudan to come together and stand united to parade on the good and not the evil we will join hands to denounce violence steer away from wars to engage in dialogue is the only means to resolve differences now for him to negotiate with the people protesting would be very hard that's because the people who are marching out in the streets don't have a certain body that is basically guiding them the opposition has come out and it's supported to those people who are out in the streets because they see that these people have a legitimate reason to demand that president step down but then the thing is it's
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very hard for the president to try to negotiate with a body that is not controlled by anyone at the moment and people are saying that they will continue to protest they will continue to demonstrate on the streets they will continue to make their demands heard but the president is saying that his very defiant he's not going to step down he's going to try to introduce economic reforms he's going to try to improve the economy something that the people out in the streets marching said that they have heard over and over again and they're not ready to see after twenty nine years of president amanpour israel so at the moment sudan is still at a crossroad protesters demanding that a president step down and president i wish you a very defiant saying that he will improve the situation but he's not going to step down and it's not clear where the situation would lead to in terms of nineteen or so to some of those you know where bangladesh is prime minister sheikh hasina has dismissed calls for a new vote after being declared the winner in sunday's election the opposition has rejected the results accusing the government to vote rigging research least nineteen people have been killed in election related violence to the latest from
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the capital dhaka. the prime minister sharon and i and our party sense to be very confident and that seems to be jubilant that victory on the opposition side started complaining but it doesn't seems to be hard by the election commission and it is highly unlikely that the election commission which is heavily influenced by the government doesn't have the independence to pursue and investigate many of the complaints from media reports and from our sources we do know that there has been rigging there has been violence all across the country most of the polling center in the capital city where stable and that's what they lection observers where there are videos on that very stalemate if the most of this violence went up by local reporters but many of them were and reported as it normally is because the media is quite suppressed you had a lot of self-censorship you didn't have the usual other election that usually they
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were resting and environment imposed by the election commission what matters now is how the international community reacts to this election day u.n. the united states and the european union hasn't made any official reaction to this but the election how about that government already got recognition from the chinese prime minister and the president as well as indian prime minister what will matter down the road is potentially could destabilize the country because millions of people run able to vote in this particular election. at least five people are being killed and dozens of others are missing off to have a very good. schools dozens of landslides and widespread flooding. police in japan's capital tokyo have launched a terrorism investigation of to a car into
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a crowd celebrating the new year at least eight people were injured and police say it was a deliberate act it happened on one of the city's most famous streets in the fashion district of. just after midnight a suspect believed to be the driver has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. american u.s. democratic senator elizabeth warren has taken an important step towards that dream twenty twenty presidential race she's for me i've explored tree committee to raise money before formally launching a presidential bid forward has been one of president donald trump spaces critics she's released a video promise of to protect the middle class against what she calls the excesses of wall street a theme that's likely to feature prominently in her campaign. america's middle class is under attack how do we get here billionaires and big corporations decided they wanted more of the pie and they enlisted politicians to cut a much fatter splines the crippled union so know when to start we're going to turn
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the. dismantle the financial rules meant to keep us safe after the great depression and cut their own taxes so they paid less than their secretaries in janitors it's time to write the rules for them and why after wall street crash our economy in two thousand and eight hour after classroom to go to washington and come from the broken system head on. well staying in the region cuba is celebrating sixty years since the victory of fidel castro's revolution it inspired and guided left wing governments throughout the region but the shares of the verse three comes on the day rightwing populist also morrow takes office in brazil while the laughter is in crisis in the region daniel schneider looks at the influence of cuba had and perhaps still has in latin america. the bearded ones as they were called road into heaven or on the first of january nine hundred fifty nine on the wave of optimism after overthrowing the repressive but history regime it was
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a new dawn and many didn't expect them to survive long especially the united states actively try to undermine fidel castro's government most notably back in the failed one nine hundred sixty one bay of pigs invasion and imposing an economic blockade that survives to this day still a colonial was a friend of castro's. the meaning of. the one nine hundred fifty nine revolution was a historic continuation of the liberation wars the wars of independence cubans have always been fighting against spanish colonial ism and then against us interference . by fidel and his brother role and now. has constantly adapted to changing circumstances embracing help from the soviet union then turning to tourism and special measures in the soviet union collapsed and now allowing the growth of private enterprise will be cautiously reluctantly we've made progress
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i have to say. a long way from you know accepting the fact that we need we actually have to do a lot of different things to nurture the private sector because that's also a positive not only for the economy. but also for the lives of majority over cuban people. about thirteen percent of the workforce has gone prior. it often deserted low paid state sector jobs to work in the more lucrative tourist industry and industry selling visions of a socialist dream up to this man died in bolivia in one nine hundred sixty seven trying to spread cuba's brand of socialism throughout latin america although he felt his influence is still felt if not at government level there are trade trade union and social movements throughout the region and of course in cuber itself the country the arkansas adopted as his home cubans will vote on the referendum in
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february on the kind of socialism they're like to see in a revised constitution perhaps more market reforms and increase foreign investment . but i'd like to know what i question is what kind of socialism are we talking about i consider myself a socialist but doesn't mean it can be imposed as a constitutional level on the whole world the people who run the country today may have a different interpretation of socialism tomorrow and saying something is not socialist could be enough to restrict someone's constitutional rights its allies in the region a disappearing brazil for instance sending cuban medics home then to sweden all drying up but cooper says its socialist flame sixty years on still burns bright that they'll continue to defy the odds and survive and thrive that al-jazeera. your children surrounds the whole robin hood reminder of our top stories u.s.
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media are reporting that president trump has agreed to a four month timeframe for the withdrawal of american troops from syria trumpet initially announced last month that all two thousand troops would leave within thirty days. a book written by two turkish journalist sheds new light on the planning of the murder of jamal khashoggi it includes details about the preparations undertaken by the saudi operatives it also contains previously unseen pictures of the same agents outside the saudi council's residence with bags reportedly used to carry. remains yet to be. the entire team didn't go to the consulate but five of them when directly to the consul's house to prepare and receive the bags the pictures confirm this fact years or later turkey wants to investigate this properly it happened on diplomatic grounds and that means a forceful entry to investigate would create a crisis for turkey and even if evidence were to be found it would be considered
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illegal does not want that hong kong's new year's day pro-democracy rally is an annual event but this year activists say they're facing an unprecedented demand government officials have told organizes to prevent protesters from displaying pro independence symbols outside the government's headquarters to civil human rights front says it will comply but describe the demand as a threat to freedom of expression. north korean leader kim jong un has said he's willing to have more face to face talks with u.s. president trump but he wall that pyongyang may seek what he called a new path if washington doesn't keep its promises. at least five people have been killed and dozens of others are missing after heavy rain triggered a landslide in indonesia but buried thirty houses in the village of me in west java seasonal rains have caused landslides and widespread flooding in recent days also the coalition and who the rebels in yemen are both being accused of stealing food aid the un food agency is threatening to suspend aid shipments unless more is done
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to stop corruption the world food program says about two thirds of a deliberate duty control stronghold is being stolen by groups those are the headlines and back with more in thirty minutes next on al-jazeera it's inside story with laura carlisle it's. a controversial politician elected to the highest office in latin america's biggest country. brazil is about to inaugurate its new president . joins us live from the capital brasilia on inauguration day. new clues into the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi al jazeera has obtained video showing the saudi hit team carrying bags suspected of containing question these remains into the saudi consuls residence but how significant is this and what will turkey do next this is inside story.
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my . welcome to the program i'm laura carlisle it was a murder that calls shock around the world just moments after jamal khashoggi walks into the saudi consulate in istanbul on the second of october he was pushed and murdered his body was never found out is or has obtained video that shows members of the saudi hit team carrying bags that are suspected to have his body inside will bring in our guests and just a moment but first this report from paul. it's been three months since the murder of. and his body still hasn't been found but this video could throw more light on the sequence of events after he was killed. the pictures appear to show members of the saudi hit team carrying bags thought to contain his remains into the saudi
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consul general residence you can't believe these things happen in embassies or consul generals things but but of course they are control of all that control will in that saudi property saudi land the local police can't really do very much about it and of course they wouldn't imagine for one minute the ex were actually listening to what was going on inside the saudi journalist entered the consulate hoping to pick up documents that would allow him to start a new life with his fiance he never came out alive saudi arabia blamed his death on rogue agents but turkey's president says it was a premeditated murder orchestrated by riad these pictures only add another layer of complexity to the investigation now we have direct evidence showing members of the killing team unloading body bags or black bags of some sort
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so it leaves the impression. body ended up at the consular. residence and that's where the investigation should focus not what happened today a few weeks after hushovd disappearance a team of turkish investigators found traces of acid during a search of the saudi council's residence the office of turkey's attorney general has told al jazeera that chemicals were used to dispose of casualties body and now a new book is revealing more details of the killing. diplomatic atrocity the dark secrets of the murder was written by three reporters from turkey's daily sub newspaper it names two previously and identified members of the saudi hit squad as well as their links to the royal family also audio recordings which allegedly prove that the crime was premeditated and information on his show g.'s reported refusal
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to text message his son in riyadh and tell him not to worry if he didn't hear from him for a while as a fuller picture of the killing emerges pressure continues to grow on saudi arabia last week the king reshuffled his cabinet hoping to deflect international criticism but the saudi side would hope that this recent cabinet reshuffle what's an end to this case relieve saudi arabia from pressure by the turks and the international community looking for some answers the new details are also likely to add to growing calls that saudi arabia names and indicts those behind jamal killing paul chatterjee on al-jazeera. well let's bring in our panel now and joining us from istanbul via skype shaman
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politics of the daily newspaper in belgrade toby kaplan in session human rights lawyer and co-founder of the thirty seven international justice chambers and also via skype from taunton in the u.k. is forma intelligence officer and national security analyst if i will welcome to all of you to the program let's start with these rather chilling picked says these black bags being carried into the residence of the consul general all days are these the biggest clue guess as to what happened to jamal khashoggi body. well these banks were also mentioned in the book as well that you mentioned the diplomatic extras does beck's show us that cause of you was actually dismembered and was carried from the council building to the council general's house to building that site however we don't know where it went from that where what
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happened to the by the afterwards so we are not sure. what's happened exactly to the kushal here but we know that he was dismembered and carried from one building to the adder and yes until now this might be the biggest proof that shows us. some clues about what happened to casually at the counseling building in the stump so clearly they almost for up as many questions as perhaps they are answered these pictures could they change the course of turkey's investigation said the team now the prosecutor's office now go and get a search warrant to search the residence again well there's no way that they're going to be able to search show the embassy property without the consent of the saudis so they can get a search warrant if they still can't search unless the saudis consent the embassy and its grounds are sovereign territory belongs to saudi arabia not to turkey so to me if we look at it then from from
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a legal angle is there any way to circumvent that saw as bob says is the saudi consul general zod residents were now off limits for the tax investigation. well certainly and the common that was made is quite right it is it is covered by diplomatic immunity of course there are all different levels of diplomatic immunity depending upon the mission in question obviously for the consulate general's residence and the consulate mission it has a different level of diplomatic immunity to what an embassy does and is covered by different international legislation but it's quite right that if the saudis don't want to play ball if they don't want to cooperate it's going to make it incredibly difficult if not impossible for the turkish authorities to get into a warrant a search warrant and to those premises the other issue that we have is this is
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a matter that took place some time ago. it is highly unlikely that that that any search those premises would yield any positive results of this stage but what we do have a number of identified individuals carrying black bags out of the consulate taking them to the consul general. premises where we've already heard the chemical such as acid have already previously been identified. and if those individuals are connected directly to mohammed bin salim on as we believe they they are then of course that does change the picture although it effectively clarifies information that we already have that he was murdered that this was not a rogue operation and it is highly likely that it reaches the highest elements of the saudi royal family ok well look a little bit more about the investigation or later in this discussion and the role that these sort of pictures could play in that same i'm just interested to get an
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idea as to why turkey has released these particular pictures now is a continuation is that of this trip that leaking of information that we've been seeing the past three months. well actually it is information just as i said earlier was also included in the book as well and turkey is conducting its image investigation but also trying to give chance to be out to reveal itself however so far we haven't seen any corporation attempts from decided yet of us so turkey is releasing its information leaked by leaked and trying to. so that the case is still continue despite the time that despite it has been quite a time since the murder has been committed so it's not on and it's not an attempt to you know sag investigation but on the contrary they are trying to show
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that the investigations the continues and turkey has information and. days is still a chance to reveal what happened and lights in the crime itself. but at this stage when we've seen hassani has reacted so far to all the revelations that we've seen it's already working is that this continuous release of bits of information here and there is not making the saudis come forward and say ok yes we'll reveal everything to you know it hasn't and it won't bother is no reason in the world why the saudis would want to reveal everything we we're having a bit of a maybe a semantical issue the saudis are claiming it's a rogue operation and people are listening to that saying well maybe him be wasn't behind it why just one could define a rogue operation as anything that took place with the blessing of the king. now
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one thing that we haven't done yet or i have not seen done yet to dispute this rogue allegation allegation would be a complete and detailed timeline of events starting with when they first knew could show you was going to the embassy when the murder team was put on alert when they flew into turkey when they flew back i think if we put the timing together in a sequence where all of the events took place relative to each other it would be extremely clear this was not a rogue operation it was planned and it was executed with central control and that's not the definition of a rogue operation ok i didn't do agree with that do you think if everything is laid out in a chronological fastened then it would be a much clearer link from the mud to the saudi crown prince. absolutely i think that's exactly what's needed is a complete timeline of events i think it's
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a very sensible approach to looking in terms of determining who is responsible and how far this goes clearly if you are to look back and you are able to establish a chain of events whether it leads directly to mohammed bin solomon or some other person senior official within within the the saudi authorities it will establish responsibility i think is also just to just to comment briefly on the previous point was you know whether this release of information by the turkish authorities is helpful or whether it's going to change anything i don't think it's helpful and i don't think it will change anything i completely agree with both speakers that it's not if it's not compelling the saudi authorities to do anything and they're not going to not in their interest to cooperate and it's not in the interest to to disclose that information so we have to have a very clear. chain of events so that we can actually determine responsibility but
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then that's all leading towards which i'm sure is going to be one of the next points where do we go from there where do we take it what what court of laura's actually going to hear this and whether this is ever going to be in front of a court of law that's of course a bigger question that play and as you say we'll get to that in just a them does want to first of all touch on what we're saying in this new book diplomatic atrocity because there is a new audio is those being revealed from the book and how far does that go to establishing this timeline because we're hearing or days from before we actually and said the consulate. well actually the book shows that. there are artists of recordings your recording software went so previously very thinking that there is only a seven minute long golf. kushel yes killing but now we see that there is a pro used part of that so in this part two we see that roofs do murderous
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prep lent us already determined because we assume some of to remembers of the hits talking about commas in caution you to return to reality but if they fail they'll commit to murder they speak these words from their mouth we can hear them talking well at least the book shows this part and also we see that in this recording see returned here do chainsaws wars that. dismember kushal and we see. the members of her talking about the murder itself while they're committing murders so. all teams who was you car did provide the service information about how things happened and lastly they tell kushal to write
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to his son about his say and if he he turned hear from him for a while that he shouldn't be worried about him and question he refuses to do that so after the the members of the are trying to stir angle him being a whole hear that from due course so details crucial details very interesting in building up a picture but as we've established there's still no smoking gun one thing that also wants to pick up i found it quite interesting that the book says that a call by one of the key suspects in the tribe saying. tell the boss the deed is done this was something that was extensively reported the book says it never actually took place and toby i'm just wondering how crucial a piece of evidence that was in providing the link between the murder and the saudi crown prince. not something which has been has been discussed in the past is is that you know the deed is done until the boss the deed is done i mean all of all of
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these recordings are of course important for stablish in what actually took place and of course they will have to be authenticated in order to be used because what we're talking about is yes they're important for for for these purposes in understanding what took place but to what extent a they going to be admissible usable in a court of law to to actually hold individuals accountable for the murder. it's going to be difficult to authenticate that and to establish who who that message was directed to we can of course a stew but as as you know a court of law does not make assumptions and has to be based on evidence which is reliable so i think that you know we're still some far away from from establishing that but obviously it is incredibly important in establishing how these matters to place and the fact that this was premeditated or tell the boss the deed is done is
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fairly clear as to they were acting under instructions but let's look at the potential for in this and last investigation whether it would take place what indeed it would achieve in the texas still calling for the u.n. to norwich some sort of. international investigation do you think that is worth doing at this stage. i see very little purpose in an international investigation first of all and it seems as if the sole source of evidence as to the murder is coming out of turkish intelligence sources these recordings of what took place in the embassy are coming from turkish intelligence and i would note by the way that they didn't have the recording devices or the listening devices turned on only wanted to show he went into the embassy there obviously been there before and they've continued being there after unless the saudis have found them and disable
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them but the question is if you have an international investigation wonderful and the international best occasion concludes as i think the entire world has already concluded it was an organized saudi hit team that went in and murdered this man and then went back to saudi arabia the international investigation just claims that to be true so what is it ever going to go in a court of law i turned to let me say it would it be admissible would not be admissible and more fundamental question is will it ever go into a court of law the saudis are going to turn these people all over to a court of law to be tried and under most civil justice systems if you partake in a murder you're an accomplice to murder you are also guilty of murder so that it teams guilty of murder is the ambassador also guilty of murder because he condone this activity or the people that dispatched them from saudi with the intent of going into istanbul and killing a man are they guilty of being an accomplice to murder where do you draw the line
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at some point in time there's going to be so many saudis potentially involved the nest that it would be impossible to consider the saudi government turning them over for trial so i don't want to set up in a city ok i do what do what i said do you agree with that because again i mean another thing that we took from the book one of the key suspects the toxicologists the bega he supports the living a free man with his family in a villa in desert and he's one of the key suspects the saudis that was going to face trial in the end that really doesn't seem to be the case. well the book says that you was taught to be not to limelight so i'm not sure if he's a free man but i'm sure according to that he's not detained as we understand so yeah as i said before so these are not cooperating on finding the responsibles from this murderous so. from my point of view an international investigation is
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definitely necessary and as mentioned many times before it's called it's having negotiations with the u.n. on the matter because there are still two main questions that turkey is asking first of all there is question of this body we still don't know that. although we have some footage on carrying black bags of the murderous you don't know what happened to those bags since the turkish. research team couldn't find any trace soft that in the building the second question is who ordered to murder we still don't have a clear explanation on that matter to older men and the clues are pointing at the crown prince we don't have any proof of proof over that. book also.
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force a fight to come and understood come in knowledge of. the deed is done potations of mars and think does this to turkey really believe that we're ever going to get conclusive a conclusive answer to either of those questions. well there is no harm in hoping so there is nothing else we can do right now we have to do what there were it takes three build these crime scenes our responsibility as a inter nation and coming to ensure it will do whatever it takes to. establish that tell me how careful does turkey need to be able to touch on this about it spying on the saudi concert listening in i mean the book bra says aside these concerns by saying it was not deliberately listing i mean does that washing on international court a rule. well that's that's a very difficult position for turkey to find themselves in that they're having to
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admit that they were listening in on a foreign mission and that maybe questions are asked at a later stage as to whether they are listening in on other missions. the information that has come i previously was that the turkish intelligence prefers directional listening devices rather than actually placing bugs in concert and diplomatic missions so it's likely that that was the method that they were using. it it's it strikes me as very difficult to believe that they were inadvertently listening to to what was actually happening and that this would seem to be something that they they have been doing. that that aside. you also have to look at the question of how that could not be used but i think the question could be could be asked of turkey as as to whether they are listening in on all international missions within within their borders that is a that is a question that that may well be asked at
4:44 pm
a later stage in the meantime but do you think we're ever going to get true justice for christians is murder. short answer is no let's examine what we would need to get more answers to his murder one some intelligence organization whether it's the turks the british the french the germans the american n.s.a. would have to have more information that they had gathered that hasn't been released yet and that would provide a little bit more information but ultimately this crime is going to be solved through interrogation of the people that were participating in the crime which means sitting down and interrogating saudi nationals and the saudi government is never going to allow all of these people that run ball than this murder to be interrogated by foreign law enforcement people it's just not going to happen so the answers we have now unless there's more information forthcoming from the
4:45 pm
intelligence community i think is all we're ever going to see ok sam it is them all information that's not yet been released i've had deafen inside story before absolutely adamant that there is a smoking gun that is so withholding well there's no way of knowing that's far from my point of we like to live but i'm sure that if there is more evidence it's build there have built in a short period of time we'll see if that's all together ok thank you very much all of you for joining this discussion to continue the revelations and looking at the revelations into the mud of general thanks to all our guests shaimaa. catman and bob as. and thank you to very much for what you can see the program again any time by visiting our website. called a further discussion facebook page at facebook dot com for slash inside story you
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can also join the conversation on twitter. a.j. inside story from me laura and that's all teamhair. and happy new. short films of hope and inspiration. a series of small stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. it's. much the same as now being held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice
4:47 pm
been applied in this case is he detained because he's a journalist journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence wars of truth we will continue our news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable in the immediate release of all colleague mahmoud to say and all journalists detained in the gyptian jails. and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom. in the next episode of science in the golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic period in the field of astronomy. the pernik chris is this day to these medieval stone almost from the golden age. that's trillions in many ways with the computers of the day
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you could use it to find the time you could navigate science in a golden age with german. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. president donald trump agrees to delay the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria.
4:49 pm
eligible raman you're watching al-jazeera live one headquarters here in doha also coming up a book on the killing of journalist to mark a shot she reveals details about the preparations before his murder. also we're live in hong kong where pro-democracy activists face unprecedented demands from the government. plus the sudanese president announces an investigation into recent protests demonstrators continue to call for his resignation. welcome to the program u.s. media are reporting president trump has agreed to a four month timeframe for withdrawal of all american troops from syria tripod and initially announced last month that all two thousand troops would leave within thirty days the move has received criticism from global leaders and politicians in washington saying it could destabilize the white
4:50 pm
a region while trump has taken to twitter referring to himself in the first person there he says and we quote if anybody but donald trump did what i did in syria which was an isis loaded mess when i became president they would be an national hero isis is mostly gone we're slowly sending our troops back home to be with their families while at the same time fighting i guess remnants. has more from garcia type on the turkish syrian border. there isn't much of a difference between the deadline given by president donald trump for the withdrawal of u.s. troops which he now faces four months on the one he gives initially when he announced the withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria which you said was up to one hundred days for all of them to be out of the control of course this is not going to be a p.c. to turkey which has had an agreement with the united states from here on in it
4:51 pm
would be the one doing the finishing off the job of commuting clement's off ice and of course turkey has goes its own vested interest in wants to see these teddy teddy quite near its border controlled by cutting. out of groups like the y. people which you can see it has to be a terrorist organization of course there's already been shifting of alliances in paani kind of feeling pushed to the wall the kurdish already invited the city and government forces to come and protect them from the potential of talk by turkey and we're also seeing turkey and russia getting more close on announcing that they will be coordinating and in military movements all their own background of course talking russia wants president bashar al assad to get these tended to be thought to plus son of syria the kind of shot in control of right not.
4:52 pm
a book written by two turkish journalist sheds new light on the planning of the murder of jamal khashoggi includes details about the preparations by the saudi operatives in the house proceeding the killing the book also contains previously unseen pictures of the same agents outside the saudi calls all residents with banks reportedly used to carry his remains. the entire team didn't go to the consulate but. of them went directly to the consul's house to prepare and receive the backs the pictures confirm this fact. turkey wants to investigate this properly it happened on diplomatic grounds and that means a forcible entry to investigate would create a crisis for turkey and even if evidence were to be found it would be considered a legal does not want that well york's time square attracted its usual huge new
4:53 pm
year's eve crowd despite the pouring rain organizers invited journalists to launch the famous ball drop it was a gesture highlighting the importance of press freedom. it's one of the focal points of year celebrations around the world this year joining the york's mayor bill de blasio midnight for the traditional lowering of the crystal ball in times square several prominent journalists had an event that was not just about welcoming two thousand and nineteen but also recognizing how dangerous two thousand and eighteen was for the profession journalists are facing jail amy and mom all for the people who are already shocked by all of the journalist among those recognized was the committee to protect journalists an organization that promotes press freedom and defends the rights of journalists around the world. they say two
4:54 pm
hundred fifty one journalists were imprisoned during two thousand and eighteen but another fifty three journalists were killed in targeted tax including washington post columnist jamal khashoggi who was murdered and dismembered by saudi government agents soon after he entered saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul he was especially in the thoughts of those at times square you know it's been a pretty tough year i think that's one of the reasons that we're the honoree journalists around the world and in this country as well have struggled and i want to see a new year a year in which journalists are able to work more freely without threats and do their political work independently so prominent have attacks on the media ban in two thousand and eighteen that time magazine named khashoggi as one of its persons of the year we didn't do anything wrong the others all journalists including two reuters reporters jailed in me and maher for reporting on atrocities against the
4:55 pm
real hinges. and staff at a local us newspaper in maryland who survived a mass shooting that claimed the lives of five of their colleagues you are the enemy of the people just sit down please trumps frequent attacks on the media have also come under the spotlight in october the committee to protect journalists called on president trump to dial back the rhetoric this after a trump supporter from florida sent more than a dozen bombs to critics of the president two of which went to the c.n.n. offices here in new york there's been a lot of hostility towards the press to me i think that nationally for new year's eve to celebrate things and you got a lovely sleep times here is named after a newspaper and i think this is a tie they say like the importance of freedom in the present what is it journalism that celebrate when writing for new years and say that's had twenty nine hundred being here when you first. back in journalism the free press. has
4:56 pm
a ball drop in times square celebration but also remember all the journalists killed or imprisoned wouldn't get the chance to see it because of their truth telling reporting which made the target. sandow i do see your. the saudi u.a.e. coalition and who the rebels and yemen are both being accused of stealing food aid the un food agency is threatening to suspend aid shipments unless more is done to stop corruption the world food program says about two thirds of a deliver to the control strongholds is being stolen by armed groups the associated press also saw documents suggesting that russians intended for families in there is being stolen by armed units working with the saudi emirate coalition forces. hong kong's new year's day pro-democracy rally is and you will event but this year activists say they're facing unprecedented demand government officials told
4:57 pm
organizers to prevent protesters from displaying pro independence symbols outside the government's courters the civil human rights front little comply with describes demands as a threat to freedom of expression let's cross over to hong kong and give you a good part and we're seeing live pictures to fear of those crowds slowly marching along the streets how do you assess sort of the numbers attending this year and really what's all the demands. so well it seems like this year there are far more people than were expected thousands of people are marching down the streets and people here say it's because this year there's a particular urgency to it it caps off a year twenty eighteen of our hong kong's freedom of expression hong kong's autonomy and many aspects of its human rights were roaded by by the authorities in beijing and by the hong kong government not people here say that there is they want
4:58 pm
to have their voices heard in case there will be more suppression of freedom of expression in the coming year and i want to make go back to one of the points you made in the introduction to me talking about the hong kong pro independents who for the first time ever this year also a political party was bad for hong kong and that's the pro independence party they were banned from running and even existing as a political party so they're also marching they're not allowed to march to government had mortars with their pro in abundance banners but they are going to be marching alongside this group here and they're going to veer off to the government to the police headquarters but just a couple hundred meters away from here. for the moment. we'll leave it there of course and follow events with you in home called as the day progresses thank you. at least five people have been killed and dozens of others are missing after heavy rain triggered a landslide in indonesia the mud buried thirty houses in the village of west me in
4:59 pm
west java seasonal rains have caused several landslides and widespread flooding in recent days hopes of aiding for fifteen miners trapped for almost three weeks in an illegal coal mine in northeastern india their families are holding vigils the rescue operation continues in the state of megara they were trapped by floodwater on december thirteenth thousands of workers including children have been killed in similar mines across the state still ahead here on al jazeera in bangladesh the prime minister says she's won reelection but the opposition says the vote was rigged. also outrage from rights groups after bahrain a poll that activists five year jail term for tweets to stay with us here on al-jazeera.
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from brisk north in fuel. to the warm tranquil waters of southeast asia. kind of the new year is being blown in pretty viciously with gail warnings wind and rain in those new europe and actually gale warnings and snow and rain down the southeast particularly in greece and turkey temperature wise were all above freezing for the most part the high ground of of turkey in the eastern side of europeans getting close to freezing but basically the atlantic air is succeeding in bringing warms to spain and portugal right to vote through times of british isles of all that and all the counts in but it's all blowing up against what was a fairly cold block says a spell of snow and significant snow to come followed by rain and snow likely in greece and turkey too with sunder storms bringing rain also more likely to run you overnight the snow you see is quite substantial more than half me just seems likely in the alps and rundowns it was the balkans and then the cold blast comes off that it will get colder still single figures and a bit of a.


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