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tv   Racing In Cocaine Valley  Al Jazeera  January 2, 2019 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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reach and looking elsewhere to take their money if you look at the investment of fortune it is that i will open especially outside nigeria and the relatively high associated with this to me and such ventures it because less is hunted for them. in the country or led to this to our side but importantly the sabin's culture must be institutionalized by the government itself with many banks going out of business during the last decade economy see better supervision and enforcement is needed to attract the savings and investment the banking system. or any institutions to roll in to destress in terms of the high profile obvious total of this are said been taken we have been combative in twelve long it indicates that the surveillance system provided by central mungo nigeria and as your lender for the insurance corporation is adequate or low all that it anybody
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can i was on the of that of a greater authority banks are becoming lino or fewer branches and staff and accusations and mergers are also becoming the new. bank used to be here someone else is renting the building now after decades of doing business the bank shut down because it didn't have enough customers many people are one and don't have enough. is the distrust of the banking system. small businessmen like they want more from the banks access not only to loans but better returns on their savings to. if that's not provided the banks may find the number of customers contributing to savings accounts riddling father. reese al-jazeera bought into nigeria after a void lasting more than a decade and nasser probe has performed the most distant flyby in the history of space exploration the new horizon successfully observed the old thought space rock
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how did joe castro tells us why that's important. its name means a place beyond the known world and ultimate tool shown in this artist's rendering is just that an object most likely iraq more than six and a half billion kilometers from the sun because it's so far from the sun and the sunlight is so weak out there temperatures are down near absolute zero and as a result of that chemical reactions. are socially frozen. so the object is in such a deep freeze that it's perfectly preserved from its original formation essentially a dinosaur from the beginning of our solar system frozen in time scientists didn't even know it existed until the hubble space telescope spotted ultimate tooley four and a half years ago it's beyond pluto in the kiper belt at the edge of our solar system
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until now ultimate truly has been seen as nothing but a speck of light shaped like a long dated potato. it's taken nasa as new horizons spacecraft nearly thirteen years to get this close within thirty five hundred kilometers of the object. and though the fly over happened at exactly five thirty three g.m.t. the scientific team that celebrated the moment like a second new year at the applied physics lab of johns hopkins university has to wait longer before the big payoff of high resolution photos and data is delivered those signals are now traversing space and will begin arriving in the next few days everything that we're going to learn about ultimate from its composition to its geology to how it was originally a symbol whether has satellites and atmosphere of those kinds of things are going to teach us about the original formation conditions of objects in the solar system
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tuesday morning brought a promising sign we have helped the spacecraft. we just caught the most distant cry by a phone home message from the new horizon to tell scientists to successfully survive the fly by the red. guards to help peace in the wait here's the mission's own theme music written by astrophysicist and new horizons team member brian may also the lead guitarist of the band queen. is ultimately one long rock or two that are touching does it have ice or craters the answers will be clues to understanding the origins of our solar system. castro al-jazeera washington. depends emperor akihito has given his final new year's speech ahead of his abdication in april tens of thousands of people filled the cool job of the royal residence in tokyo eighty five year old i think he was
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joined by his wife and the eldest son as he wished the nation pace and happiness and that he too will be the first japanese mana in two hundred g. is to step down from the throne are. coming out next and the luck of the irish is lost on the mascots at the national hockey league with the classic juggle have already.
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it's time to force used out his joe thank you note djokovic his kicks his two
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thousand and nineteen tennis campaign with a win in his first match at the council open djokovic chair has won the last two grand slam tournaments at wimbledon and the u.s. open in doha when we're up for the first major of the new year the australian open it took the world number one just fifty five minutes to beat dummett six one six two after much he said it was fantastic to be back and hope his top rivals were watching the match joke of which will play matson folks of it in the round of sixteen on wednesday will play is also woman up at the tournament in brazil defending champion nick carious almost missed out on the event being bitten by a spider last week wasn't ideal preparation but the australian made it and was up against one seeded german shaadi for a place in the quarter finals it seemed to be going well for kerry to challenge just surf in typical fashion. and he was proved right.
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but after taking the opening set seven six he was bundled out fairly quickly in the next two sets shaadi goes through to the quarter finals while that last drops carry us out of the top fifty in the world and means he'll be out of the seedings at the australian open in melbourne. now the home favorite john millman broke grigor dimitrov twice in the second set but ultimately it was the ball gary in a triumph cerise the quarter finals it's good progress for dimitroff who had a poor two thousand and eighteen. gripping even more australian attention right now as a potential history making cricket test in sydney very kohli's hoping to lead his indian team to their first series win in australia they too were not going into thursday's fourth and final test and the skipper says they'll be backing more than just the home side's eleven and by we could keep attempting. the reason that why we want to win this this does because we understand as cricketers how difficult it is
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to come here and play and as i said to heidi yesterday it's not only the team you're playing against it's the whole nation you know because they get behind the game so well. and you when you walk into where you feel like there are forty thousand people who want you we could not just the eleven guys on the field cyclist chris froome says he won't defend his euro to tally a title this year the briton he won his third straight grand tour title with a win at the shearer in may says he'll focus on clinching a record equalling fifth tour de france instead. it's. be hard to figure out exactly what you want to do next year and walk around to see to focus on . having having one interesting had such an amazing time there is no scene but i think for two thousand and nineteen my number one objective is going to be for france and i'm going to face to france title tottenham celebrates the new year by moving up to second in the english premier league ahead of munches city might only
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be temporary a city play leaders live report on thursday spurs thrashed cardiff three nil and choose day harry came christian eriksen and sun him in netted for tottenham sun is actually going to be lost to the club for the next few weeks as he will be joining up with his south korean team mates for the asian cup we are going to start a no go but these are these the f.a. cup that is going to be important to them we are going to play this if we know the semifinal going to talk up a semi final in chelsea i think he's going to start the new year with the big three always from home you know very difficult place for all small turned on the style to have a full and for one granted jacka alexander that are ramsey n.p.r. a balmy young scored for the ganas was still fifth full of the second from bottom another six matches in the premier league on wednesday night with fourth place chelsea at home to southampton how does field host a bottom of the table battle with burnley while the team at the moment red hot
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manchester united under kate's a can manage are only going to salsa travel to new castle three of the english premier league inform stars have been shortlisted for the african player of the year award liverpool superstar i come home and salo holds the honor has been nominated again alongside teammate sonny and money the pair have helped to take top spot in the premier league table also appear and are at a balmy and completes the list the winner will be announced on the eighth of january in dhaka. co i learned how to create high forty five points as he led the toronto raptors to one hundred twenty two two hundred sixteen win over you taunt jazz on tuesday the portland trail blazers ready for nine points down with three minutes left of the fourth quarter to pull off an overtime win over the sacramento kings damian lillard might twenty five point six rebounds and six assists. joel embiid was back with a seventy six as i'm sure covering for so on me and scored twenty eight points
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nineteen rebounds to the philadelphia to a one hundred nineteen to one hundred thirteen points win of the l.a. clippers. that was one of america's supports big annual spectacles the n.h.l. winter classic ice hockey played in an outdoor stadium to herald the start of the year the boston bruins and chicago blackhawks were the two teams in action and as kevin calvert reports it truly was a classic on and off the rink the six needed to sideshow to the real shot there which is in our field today notre dame stadiums the venue home of the football team known as the fighting irish people. so naturally you get a liberal call and leaving out the lineups total up for carl and putting on his own performance he what dollar the power window and the big thing is he got right back up as you know most leprechauns do to fire people who start out for the serious section of the stats were against the chicago blackhawks they haven't won and for
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winter classic appearances plus there was just one victory in five outdoor games but it brought a stark. was like that. and a second and the second period was. tied it was but new year's day was going to be the day of the boston bruins to the core in the town in the last period. i and mike in a bleak for the black corpse fred shawn sealing a four to one and the fun of seconds sitting in the same for another touch of showmanship from a team who are fans of the t.v. show peaky blind us players just like the british gangstas for the post mission news conference if you want to win those games when you're on the big stage like that i know it's a regular season game but still you know the meaning is different when you're playing from there are some seventy six thousand people in and on national t.v.
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i think these are the experiences that once you're done with with the hockey career you can look back and might be happy that you were part of it and can cherish those moments the buffeting salute from a pick her performance keeping count but stay out of syria. that is very useful for now more later thank you very much indeed joe that's all for me and from jeff and that means that don't go anywhere because say rahman will be in this chair in just a minute so it's a. short
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films of hope and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects. resort is one of nigeria's top tourist destinations but in the shadow of the mountain some nigerians continue an ancient tradition with child protection workers say condemns young girls to a life or slavery and sexual exploitation five year old miracle was married for money just a few weeks ago she only was some missionaries. when the marriage just happened i couldn't reach it is a missionary who rescues girls their money goes to buy outrightly.
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be trucked to gil before she's born they want if it takes fourteen years. the brother will get money way bigger and potentially more dangerous that's the best way to describe what's happening with the smoking alternative known as faith i enjoy the taste of it and the harmful effects of what smoking does between two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and fourteen alone we start tripling in use among us high school students and head to head. first is conventional cigarette which one do you think has helped my opinion i think they're both dangerous take no one else is there. to take a historic step inside one of hindu isms holiest shrines after india's supreme court lifted a contentious. dogs
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the whole roman. headquarters here in doha coming up in the next thirty minutes. we hope that the saudi arabia for us he's with us british politicians and lawyers us to visit detained. to investigate allegations that they've been tortured. also a message of peace with the threat of force sheets. ping says the unification of china and taiwan must happen sooner rather than later. and searching for survivors in the philippines out of flash floods and landslides killer least eighty five people. under the program defined religious hardliners but backed by india's supreme court two women have entered one of hindu was the most holy assurance the pair in their
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forty's went inside the temple in the early hours of the morning in the southern state of carola the women heard police protection amid a backlash from conservative hindus temple has long been closed to women of menstruation age deemed to be between ten and fifty but that ban was overturned by the supreme court last september and on tuesday millions of women formed a six hundred twenty kilometer long human chain to demand equal rights for women the women's war was organized by careless communists government. is leftist activist who joined that protest in carolyn's she says the prime minister narendra modi's government is making things worse politicizing the issue. it does appear ne ne's to offer up politics and their electoral politics by am saying days after these two women ended being a shining date in a year but then began. a baby at prosperity that did everybody mice is so peaceful
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that it would be spared there'd been these to be men better yet endearing their people not object their did not that this is their very. peacefully silently allowing this three men to go on what should be fought about going to your pov sure that that didn't stumbly to peacefully being set up breakfast is happening out say that other parts of the state and that is exactly that is and by i am saying that this is politically motivated agenda out of the debt be endowed as says the coming election everyone to how i feel warts and a couple of seats there and get him out so far there are not that successful in that and so are they are trying that this is that you will sing the lead in and religious belief and faith in the name of fate they think that that they can divide the people dead and been a few seats there so you do spirit me a an elected and political agenda by j.p.
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the british politicians and international lawyers of us to visit detained activists in saudi arabia to investigate allegations that being tortured and denied legal representation rights groups say at least ten women were arrested in may including some who campaigned for the right to drive the group says seven man also being held in connection with the human rights watch kristen belong to is a member of parliament says the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi she has added urgency to that about. the tragedy was obviously a total disaster for saudi arabia and it would seem that the responsible people who were responsible for the operation were also responsible for the detention of these side raman women's rights activists at exactly the same time that saudi arabian women were getting the right to drive a major step for their own personal freedom and freedom from the so-called guardian
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lords in a way that was a was a huge step. internationally and rightly paraded to such and then in parallel these people being locked up. is a human rights campaigner he says this is a move in the right direction. the friends and allies of saudi arabia are taking the human rights situation in the country increasingly seriously and they're starting to take action and it would be in saudi arabia's interests to really to work with them and to engage with them to to advance the human rights situation in the country we have to work with the facts that are given to us that are that are evidence that the research shows in the research shows that indeed the evidence indicates that that there are very serious human rights. are a geisha ins. in the country the murder of jamal khashoggi in a stumble was a was a was a marker for what wider wider catastrophes pretty to
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put a no no greater word on it in respect to the detention of the of the women activists and indeed the women the men who support their cause there are credible allegations that these people have been have been tortured the people as christian blunt said the evidence suggests that people involved in the murder of jamal showed g. are involved in the in the torture and ill treatment of the of the women in men's men men as well in the in their situation something has to be done in this initiative is is a very clever clever one and one which we certainly welcome and then flicks has pulled an episode of a comedy show from its streaming service in saudi arabia after complaints from the kingdom's government. now bores my mind but it's not the killing of the washington post journalist for everyone to go on. i guess is really not a reform or saudi arabia took issue with the program called patriot act because the
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host satirize the country the prince mohammed bin summer's over the killing of jamal khashoggi is also highly critical of the war in yemen calling the calling on the u.s. to reassess its relationship with riyadh netflix has defended its decision saying it complied with a valid legal request but when question don't work has killed at least six people injured sixteen others it was on the great belt bridge which links the central danish islands of zealand and finn the passenger train was heading towards the capital copenhagen when it was hit by the roof of a cargo train blown off by strong winds. chinese president xi jinping is not ruling out using military force against importers of independence in taiwan in his first major speech addressing the cell for the island she said to taiwan's reunification with china is inevitable taiwan's leader rejected the statement is that beijing must face the reality in stores of jabari with the latest
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. and you your speech with a familiar message. chinese president xi jinping has urged the people of taiwan to accept that it must and will be reunited with china in a speech on the fortieth anniversary of a key policy statement he reiterated beijing's call for peaceful unification. well . we are firmly against any plots to create two china or one china one taiwan or taiwan independence we've achieved a major victory in the fight against taiwan independence or separatist activities nobody and no party can change the historical and legal fact the taiwan is part of china and both sides of the strait along to china thank president she has increased pressure on taiwan since the election of sighing when as president in two thousand and sixteen she leads the pro independence democratic progressive
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party and on tuesday insisted the island's twenty three million people want to maintain self rule is. is a gentle young kid somebody like grabbed me i want to appeal to china that it must admit to the reality of taiwan's existence and must respect our twenty three million peoples insistence on freedom and democracy in a steal with our differences in a peaceful way as equals and it must be the government or public agencies that happen authorized by the government to sit down and talk with us so. while taiwan is self-governing it has never formally declared independence from the mainland however it has acted as an independent nation since one thousand nine hundred fifty when china's nationalist government leaders fled to the island after being defeated by communist forces the legitimacy of the c.c.p. the ruling government today in china in just on several things first of all doling out economic governance of the people which they have done but secondly she being
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national objects to have to do with the chinese identity it's all she can bring and bang on about the need for you to take action the credibility of the party hinges on the ability to deliver on that goal while in recent years china has become more assertive over its claims over taiwan it has also managed to convince more of taipei's few international allies to cut diplomatic ties with the islands. for now neither side appears to be willing to back down in this longstanding dispute dorsett apart al-jazeera. in the philippines rescue workers are struggling to reach areas cut off by floods and landslides that have killed at least eighty five people baikal was the hardest hit more than sixty people have been killed the storm crossed the coast just days after christmas displacing around twenty five thousand people jamila has more the rescue operations in the capital manila. the main focus remains to be rescue and retrieval operations but local government officials also
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say the critical part here is infrastructure that is because roads and bridges leading to several areas in the beagle region have been destroyed these are critical because much needed aid needs to be brought as you know because province despite being always at the forefront of natural disasters here is seem to be the best when it comes to emergency response in the past it has always achieved its zero casualty goal but not this time there was not even a declared typhoon but due to incessant and heavy rains several areas suffered landslide there have been triggered by flooding this is something that surprises local government officials here they had protectively evacuated more than twenty thousand people in preparation for this heavy rains but that did not stop this disaster. gordon is the chairman of the philippines red calls he says the world to
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the preparations. what went wrong to say. they were over confident they form is not even a payphone tropical depression and it was miss appreciate that and sad that they thought it was going to be a slow not to or strung up a flu but it right a lot of rains and rains are bad for my fish tanks where there are a lot of mt then it's very diluted and it will cost landslides and soul the trick now is to tear down people no matter how are strong are a leap that when s. he should immediately evacuate those who are on the land allow slaves brought on here and that's where most of the for action of the came about and say that the crash of this came about because of our overflow from rivers. for example and now you are. under there in need will be it went over to the most lightest.


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