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dollars a year this was months favorite weapon a diamond encrusted thirty eight caliber with his initials on it. security is tight for the trial with no cameras or video allowed inside the courtroom but that didn't appear to stop guzman's beauty queen wife emma coronel who was at one point caught with a cell phone in the courtroom the prosecution claimed she was secretly trying to text her husband through his lawyers. guzman's defense lawyers made the sensational claim that two former mexican presidents personally took millions in bribes from the sin of low a cartel they're pinning their hopes on an equal on arguing the real culprit is this man is male. a former ally of guzman and current head of this in a little cartel. a little oil are coming into.
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this rare audio recording allegedly of el chapo guzman negotiating a multimillion dollar cane shipment was played in court analysts say it will be hard for the defense to refute the recordings that we heard in court the recordings with all chappell's voice it just really stings and i think that that makes it very difficult that they'll be able to pull that off if convicted guzman faces life behind bars but with several more people expected to testify the trial likely will not end at least for a few more weeks gabriel's on doe al-jazeera brooklyn. from rights activists in the u.s. eight of texas say the shooting of a black seven year old girl is a hate crime jazz mean bonds died on sunday after a man driving a pickup truck opened fire on the mother's car police say they would speculate on the motive while they're searching for the gunman is thought to be linked to the
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twenty seventeen choosing of a black driver in the same area. what are the odds. that two black families were fired upon by a white male in a pickup truck within a one year time span on the saying block. we got a call it would it is black people of being targeted in this country black people are being targeted in this county black people are being targeted in this city so we are thoroughly convinced. that the killing of jasmine barnes was race related we believe that there is a white supremacist element in that area that needs to be trotted out found and brought to justice. that china has made history by landing a spacecraft on the far side of the moon fitow army of victoria gazing details as what insights the probe could offer about ths nearest neighbor.
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the dark side of the moon which can be seen from his long list of the fascination and unexplored celebrated in popular culture this need to be kept by the way to record breaking. but now thanks to a pioneering chinese space mission it is being explored for the very first time the chunky four spacecraft was launched last month and successfully landed on the far side of the moon at two twenty six g.m.t. on thursday. the background of the whole process was as expected the result was three feet and the landing was very stable the covered one wing location is our most valued deal landing place in other words we were right on target the chunky four carries a rope which will study the means to rain and send back samples to scientists say
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the far side of the moon is geologically different to the near side one of the goals of this mission is to find out more about what lies beneath the surface but china's space dreams don't end there it wants to catch up with the united states and russia and one day even lead the world space race china is treating the moon as the first big outpost in deep space for its long term plans it's already sent several missions to the moon it plans to send even more in the future including a sample return mission at some point but china is also setting its sights for mas and the asteroids and probably beyond it's been almost fifty years since neil armstrong became the first person to walk on the moon now the space race has a new contender china but as much as all world has changed the moon's mysteries continue to capture people's imagination victoria gate and be al jazeera.
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coming up in the sport. to make history again.
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thank you. thank. god for this course news that his journey martine thank you michael schumacher is the most successful formula one driver in the history of the sport and on thursday his family will celebrate his fiftieth birthday little is known about the health of the f one legend though he hasn't been seen in public since a ski accident five years ago left him with brain damage is family made
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a rare statement on the eve of his birthday saying michael can be proud of what he has achieved and so we can be sure that he is in the very best of hands and that we are doing everything possible to help him understand if we are following michael's wishes and keeping such a sensitive subject as health in privacy well to stop some of those achievements that his family say he can be proud of shane macca is a seven time formula one world champion winning the title five times with ferrari he top the podium in ninety one races from three hundred six dollars and still leads lewis hamilton by eighteen wins on the all time list he raced twenty seasons in formula one all together representing ferrari benetton and the sadie's teams. duncan is a former long correspondent for the press association he joins me now live on skype from london phil he was and he continues to be a very private person off the track but tell us more about the kind of personality he was when he was racing. you know how that joe you know mark was
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a very intense character and forearms obviously the number one goal and racing was the priority and so when he was at the track he was you know fiercely competitive and it was a career that what didn't go without controversy of course monoxide is you know amazing success in the car there were there were incidents on track or c. with damon here in ninety four ninety seven and then it arrested the title decider and in two thousand and six in monaco where he parked his car to really to stop an fernando alonso from setting a time of qualifying but order aside he was obviously a fantastic racing driver and one who go down as one of the greatest of all time of course you know what kind of legacy does he leave on formula one how do fans continue to remember. their michael as he changed the sport in two massive ways the first was his fitness he was you know one of the fittest riders to form one had ever seen the sort of the drivers weren't fit before went one you know up up for it
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before but he just turned the work up slightly he was leaving he was constructing his diet his his fitness his whole regime was a completely different ballgame so that was one of the ways he changed the sport in that sense the second was building super team around him and making sure that he was the priority within that team even as he had enjoyed great success in venice on and then he went for are into wrong with him and between them they should have masterminded the incredible success they had at ferrari so long as he be remembered as a fantastic driver and one he was so pivotal in changing this for and now we see more and for once that i yam fans to really carry him in their hearts especially for ari fans now he did win those five world championships for a bet how are they done since he left them. yeah well since he let me write him on the world championship in two thousand and seven but he's really quite fortunate that year there was a lot of infighting maclaren between those hansen and gonzo and can be right and
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won a championship just by one point and since then he's the last i would see won the world championship with them and they've came close to fernando alonso in two thousand and ten and two thousand and twelve he was very close to getting the jobs our member of me was facing by bessel new ferrari terms of vettel served to hope that he would be the manager to bring the world championship that's mariner he's r.c. come close in the last couple years against lewis hamilton but he hasn't really quite on the job and the problem may wonder whether he is the man who can sort of lead that team forward and this woman they may want and that's lewis hamilton but of course he then he's driving a mercedes car at the moment yet michael sheen mike has a son called macon he's also a racing driver just really briefly how does he compare with his father well nixon was doing a fantastic job former three and that's why he's been promoted to formula two which is one wrong sort of one step when a lot of them for one so if you know really well next year when he makes his debut
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and form a series where he could seems to have a good chance we have to do that he could well be in formula one in twenty twenty which would be a remarkable story and one i'm sure phones and people around the world would love to see all right phil duncan thank you very much for joining us. only going to says he wants to stay on as boss of manchester united also making history in just four games in the english premier league football club attain a win at newcastle meant the norwegian match the legendary matt busby he also won his first four games in charge of nine hundred forty six medal macaco scored with his first touch after coming on as a substitute while the second was struck by marcus rash that is contracted until the end of the season but for now he's just enjoying the winning feeling. well that would be in the books but it's got. nothing that i'm thinking of because i'm just thinking about the next game and because if you win four you can win another for
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this club and that's a challenge and not the standard we've we're known to. gaffer used to challenge us on them because when we won four you can go on to the next four and think about. the most senses face a match of the season so far takes place later on thursday leaders liverpool up against defending champions manchester city both managers have been playing tag team in plaudits city's pep guardiola rates his mohammad insta mohamed salah inspired rivals as the best club in europe if not the world and liverpool's boss went a step further you have to be brave you have to be full of society angry again all that stuff like in all the other games we have to be that but with the knowledge of the opponent is for me still the best in a world that's how it is and i don't say that to say that weeks ago because i'm support him one hundred percent my opinion because that the way the way how they play and over the things they achieve the things they will achieve and all that
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stuff so nothing changed only the points changed but not the preparation for the game. i cannot figure out who my g. so what happened in the bus is going to happen in the future so every time when we were in a lot of games and the. it's going to happen in the future i have the feeling everybody can beat us but also have the feeling of we can beat everybody chess is a has hit his third century of the series to put india in a commanding position on target to create cricket history in australia if i had to pick a rock solid innings to be unbeaten on one hundred thirty at the end of the first day of the fourth test in delhi the series two one as they chase their first series win in australia so india finishing the day on three hundred three for four josh hazlewood the best of australia's bowlers with sue fifty one off twenty overs and it's been a blazing batting is fly for him to come back craig says for new zealand in. the
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first of three one day internationals so hitting a century in his first one day is since march but even he was out sizzled by the recalled james nishan he smashed five six isn't one over in an unbeaten forty seven off just thirteen goals are at that is all useful for now i have. to thank you very much indeed don't go anywhere sir you will be in this chair in just a minute to bring the very latest on the developments in the jamal khashoggi case where we understand that the suspects have now appeared in court.
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an army of volunteers has come together to help with the influx of tens of thousands of evacuees. but their retreat to a church shelter has brought new challenges an outbreak of norovirus and other gastrointestinal problems. smoke from the massive wildfires now blankets much of northern california leading to some of the worst air quality in the world but with more than twelve thousand structures lost in the wildfires concerns remain about long term accommodations jobs and medical care. local officials say there isn't
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enough housing stock available. whether online i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you join us on sat there was a rush of adrenaline this is the moment that we have been waiting for this is a dialogue the government has codebase i need to protest and instructed police to use force to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice vote for lots of different reasons what's different types of bricks join the global conversation on how to zero. eleven suspects in the murder of journalist. for the first time.
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how long is a while when you're watching. headquarters here in doha also coming up. it's sad and it's death. view of the syrian conflict late. defends his decision to withdraw u.s. troops. president blames others for his country's economic and political turmoil. and over the moon a chinese spacecraft becomes the first to land on the far side of the earth's next door neighbor. good to have you with us on al-jazeera first eleven suspects in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi a face court in saudi arabia for the very first time now the saudi prosecutor is seeking the death penalty for five of the accused because our she was last seen
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alive or tobar the second he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul and was never seen again the next day turkish security sources said they had information that he'd been killed inside the consulate and his body dismembered saudi arabia rejected the claim as lies then turkish media published images of a fifteen member saudi team that arrived in istanbul on the same day that kosher g. disappeared and said the group was at the consulate building when the journalist arrived from this point onwards evidence linking not only saudi arabia but the crown prince mohammed bin psalm on to g.'s death has been piling up in mid october the saudis finally admitted he'd been killed but said it was accidental turkey insists it was murder and on november the tenth it shared recordings from inside the consulate with britain france germany the us and the saudis five days later we had charged eleven suspects for the killing our correspondents are covering all
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angles of this breaking news story there with me now jamal covered this story extensively he's with me in doha kimberly healthcare is tracking reaction from washington d.c. let's begin with sin and sulu in ankara turkey as capital of course turkish officials have actually been perhaps caught off guard by this news as they host a range of officials from the u.s. today on very also important pressing issues. exactly so here turkish officials are busy with their official visits paid by some regional leaders and also with a u.s. delegation but i have to say that turkey's oversells do not immediately give reaction to these kinds of statements at least a few hours passes by and normally but my first contact with the foreign ministry was as such they would be reassessing the statement so that was a diplomatic resp or response of course by the foreign ministry sorry but i have to
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say that the saudi prosecutors are asking for a death penalty will probably not be welcomed by the turkish overshoes because first that penalty even was abolished in two thousand and four in turkey and when these death penalty possibilities were being discussed before turkish officials have to have always received it as the silencing of the witnesses the only witnesses who actually saw the murder by the way another thing is that we don't know the names identities of those eleven people who have been arrested by the saudi prosecutor's office and even those five people who are they who are their names were they. how they were involved in this murder of jamal why should she will wait and see what the turkish response will be but of course turks will not see it as a as neither a corporation or a solution or for the moment or so then we'll leave it there of course as we get more developments coming out of n.
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korea let's cross over to a child who's covering the story for us from doha a new piece on the story from day one jim are sketchy details really about who's in court and who's possibly facing the death sentence but either way it's going to annoy the turks that these individuals are now present in a saudi court when saudi arabia hasn't offered these individuals for questioning to the turkish authorities of course i mean or for. but the turks have from the very beginning requested that the suspects that they believe to be behind the murder of jamal control should be extradited to turkey if not for questioning going to if not for standing trial then at least for questioning and obviously that's something that has rejected wholeheartedly but also human rights organizations and other groups have been worried about the transparency with regard to how the saudis have been dealing with this you mentioned in the lead up to this story as we were reminding our viewers of how it transpired the amount of inconsistency. were in the
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saudi now it's are from the very beginning would make it very difficult for anybody maybe see some sort of credibility courts or judgment being handed out with regards to this case from the saudis who are the key culprits or suspects in this so free look at the fact that the saudis denied that she was still in the consulate and insisted he had left then denied knowing where he was then denied that he was killed then denied that he was killed on purpose and said that actually it was by accident and you know inconsistency after inconsistency would make a very difficult for people to understand how the international community or the turks or any organization would view a trial taking place in libya by the saudis a trial where there is no into observers where there is no media where there is no kind of third party to watch and get how that's going to serve some sort of justice of course while the turks and the saudis continue there's a display matter that they've been that's been ongoing since october days
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development not going to sit very well with the international community and perhaps even insist on those growing calls for an international investigation one that turkey keeps saying it wants to see happen but in another way when there's no traction on it and one wonders where we move on from here in terms of any international investigation what do the i mean as you mentioned there have been organizations like amnesty international human rights watch also those who. our defenders of press freedom have called for an international investigation namely one led by the united nations secretary general and grittier as but even though the turks as you mentioned themselves through the foreign minister and even through president one on one occasion have said that they would like or have almost hinted at the fact that if saudi doesn't cooperate then they would give defer this through an international body it is the key is in with them for that to happen so because this happened or be it's inside the saudi concert but inside turkey it is for
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turkey to request the united nations to come in investigate this independently so it's not enough for the turkish officials to say well we would like to see the international investigation we will threaten to go to an international investigation if they actually don't do this then what we're left with is essentially this current situation the saudis on the one hand trying to maybe convince the world that somehow there is some sort of judicial integrity that has come about over the past twenty four hours and somehow the saudis are actually looking to find justice for a crime that many believe actually was committed at the behest of the highest level in the region and on the other hand you have the turks frustrated because essentially their national sovereignty has been affronted and that they are been seen as incapable or unable to exert that justice for the crime that's been committed inside their country and just briefly jamal if we look at it from a different perspective now we've got an ongoing spat between riyadh an anchor and both of them looking to the u.s.
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for some sort of dare i say guidance support advice we're going to go to kimberly held it in a moment for that perspective but in terms of the the turkish sources that you've been speaking to in the last three months how do they actually see the way the turkish government is dealing with this issue when it comes to the needs that they want from washington in trying to get some traction on justice for jamal khashoggi well look i mean officially the turks will say that they are dealing with this. independently this is a criminal investigation that this has no impact on bilateral agreements or relationships with other countries in reality though this case is a lot bigger than a criminal one because of the impact it has on saudi arabia on the relationship between crown prince bandar bin sultan and donald trump of the u.s. president on turkey standing within the region and that regional rivalry between ankara and riyadh so there's no sane person or would say that international
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politics doesn't implement or impact rather on this the fact that you have seen some sort of warming or relationship the fact that felt it needed to share of the evidence i had with gina housefull the head of the cia proves that actually the relationship between. washington does impact on the way in which this will go forward how that's transpired obviously analysts will kind of track different kind of theories from the different developments that have taken place but definitely there is a close coordination that say at least in terms of sharing information and trying to find a way forward between ankara and washington to see what happens in the coming hours for the thank you. know last month the u.s. senate has passed a resolution claiming crown prince mohammed bin salon for the murder of jamal khashoggi let's just check in with white house correspondent can be helped it who's in d.c. of course all change in american politics they can really both houses i mean before the christmas break we saw the senate make a very clear position on jamal khashoggi case now a new house of representatives and
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a democratic rule will have its say and potentially the president under more pressure. certainly there is going to be more pressure on the president with respect to this issue with democrats in control of the house of representatives convening today for the one hundred sixteenth congress as you pointed out there were not one but two measures that were passed in december by the u.s. senate and they certainly did rebuke trump for his handling of the case of the so far specifically the fact that he has disregarded the assessment of the cia concluding that the saudi crown prince was responsible for ordering the killing of . so not only did we see that rebuke with respect to the murder but also we saw legislation passed in the senate alternately changes the direction of u.s. support in terms of military support for this saturday led coalition in yemen but
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that process stalled in the house of representatives why because it was controlled by republicans that are supportive of the president but today is a pivotal day as you point out now democrats in control of the house of representatives we already know that the now incoming chair of the house intelligence committee a man by the name of adam shift has promised that he will do what he calls a quote deep dive into this issue so expect that we could if not see public hearings on the house side certainly see a hearing is being held behind closed doors at the committee level where they will really examine the intelligence in the assessment by the cia and essentially the conclusions of the president what will this do this could put pressure on the president and could lead to the legislation that was passed in the senate also being passed in the house of representatives what happens then that it would go to the white house where the president would have a very difficult decision he would have to decide whether or not to sign it.


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