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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 4, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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most stories of three young women were in challenging the world around them were in. the to her in algeria selects. president trump prepares to meet congressional leaders with the u.s. shutdown about to enter its third week and democrats insisting they won't back his border will. follow i maryam namazie in london here with al jazeera also coming up on the program. we as you know have been pressing for justice in the case for months now. the u.n.
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human rights body calls for an independent investigation into the jamal khashoggi murder. thailand's first tropical storm in three decades hits the south east coast causing destruction and flooding and we meet the iraki king of the five thousand year old game of dhamma but how much longer can it survive in the digital age. a partial u.s. government shutdown has now entered its fourteenth day hundreds of thousands of government employees are out working without pay a toll and certain services have been restricted or out shows no sign of abating with both sides digging in over trump's demands for a wall on the border with mexico the democrats passed legislation on thursday aimed at restoring funding for nine currently unfunded federal departments but
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republicans in the senate's are refusing to consider any budget measures that do not contain cash for the wall so let's go to kimberly hulk now she is following developments for us from washington and as you were saying trump is set to meet congressional leaders very shortly might efforts to end the shutdown make progress one of the expectations. right now it's still looking like a shutdown stalemate and it's a pretty interesting power dynamic because in the next hour what we will see for the first time is now tea palosi as as house speaker meeting donald trump is president certainly they've held meetings before even this week but this is the first time where the shift of power has changed of course nancy pelosi is now the most powerful woman in the house of representatives so this gives her a lot of negotiating power and certainly does put the the president to are less of a plane if you will for making the demands that he needs money from the house of
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representatives for his border wall some five billion but nancy pelosi was very clear she has been very clear she has repeated told reporters that she believes that a wall along the southern border with the united states and mexico is a moral and the house will not be appropriating the money the president is requesting so this certainly does put the president in a weakened position as he continues to make the case that this is an issue of national security as you say this is significant because it comes just when the dynamic has shifted with now the democrats democrat controlled house what do you hearing then in terms of talks and conversations there in washington about attempts to impeach the president. well this is always kind of an undercurrent in washington but as you're pointed out very correctly now with the house of representatives controlled by democrats there's an awful lot of power to follow
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through on essentially what were threats for the last two years the house of representatives can certainly begin impeachment proceedings the now people o.c. is likely to sort of hold that over these negotiations as she works with donald trump to try and end this this government shutdown so this is certainly something that is in the background it is percolating but at the same time some of the more prominent democrats are saying this is not going to be in the near term in fact well this is out there and this is on the backburner if you will what they're waiting for essential is the report from the special counsel robert muller until they get that report they say that they will focus on some of the more pressing issues like reopening the government but donald trump is certainly concerned about this he tweeted about this not once but twice already today defending saying the why would anyone want to impeach him this is certainly just the democrats' posturing for the two thousand and twenty presidential election and how can you impeach a president he says that has done nothing wrong so certainly this is something that
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is likely to be discussed as the to sit down in what really sever calling an epic power struggle thank you very much from washington our white house correspondent kimberly how it all is staying with other developments in washington today has just been announced that u.s. secretary of state is going to visit the gulf region this will take place next week . is set to visit count on the united arab emirates and saudi arabia from tuesday the u.s. state department says riyadh for an update on the investigation into the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi in october he said there was no direct evidence connecting the saudi crown prince mohammed bin so none to. roselyn jordan is following these developments and joins us live from the state joins us live now and so what we'll be trying to accomplish on this trip. well he has a very full agenda mario me his schooling to be holding
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a couple of strategic dialogues while he is in kuwait and in qatar he's going to be talking about security issues namely syria iraq the situation regarding iran and the ongoing efforts to try to broker peace between the israelis and the palestinians and he is going to be looking at more local issues and as well areas where of the u.s. and might be able to provide some help we know for example that he will be raising the question of the ongoing rift within the gulf cooperation council or g.c.c. while he is meeting with officials in qatar during his trip eight days eight countries a lot of work is facing the secretary of state on this his first full fledged trip to the middle east he has visited saudi arabia the united arab emirates and jordan before in his first year but this is first full trip to the region that's right send it comes just when president trump an outstaying u.s.
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troop withdrawal from syria there are concerns perhaps about the u.s. an alien a its allies how significant like this shit in terms of america's wider international strategy. well certainly the secretary is going to find himself answering a lot of questions about what kind of posture the u.s. is going to have in the region once the president's desire to pull u.s. forces out of syria takes place he's also going to have to answer questions about the u.s. plans to withdraw house of its troops from afghanistan country leaders in the region have a lot of questions about whether this means that the u.s. is going to be changing its security relationship with them relationships that have been built up over the better part of forty in some cases fifty years and so he will be having a lot of discussions with regional leaders about how the military drawdown are going to affect the security posture and really affect what the expectations can be
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not just from the united states but from countries in the region as well very much a key part of his travels the discussions about syria and afghanistan well thank you very much with all the latest on that rolls in jordan in washington want to update you well want to bring you now one of our other top stories this hour thailand's first tropical storm in three decades has killed one person as it made landfall on the southern coast on friday still public because not downed trees and utility poles but is fast losing speed though there is still the risk of flash flooding holiday make has it being advised to avoid the tourism hot spots with ferries and flights suspended on the popular island of co some like from that florence italy reports. tropical storm public unleashes its fury on southern thailand meteorologists say the timing is unusual as it's well outside of the
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monsoon season. made landfall in the province of no concerts on friday hours earlier than expected the government issued a maximum alert warning for the area officials had given orders days ago to start releasing water from some reservoirs in the southern provinces to lower the levels and reduce the potential for flash floods thousands of people living in low lying coastal villages have been moved to higher ground schools shut with some buildings turned into emergency shelters the oil and gas industry has also been affected more than two thousand workers have been evacuated from offshore rigs on coast some an island north of new concept boats ferries and flights have been suspended yesterday we went back from the morning. because me plan to come back from somewhere. today. they said they
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stopped. yesterday afternoon power supplies have been disrupted in some areas the eye of the storm was initially forecast to pass through coast that it's changed but we're still feeling the effects of tropical storm it hasn't stopped raining and the waves are much stronger than usual and people have been told to stay out of the water. the storm is losing strength as it crosses southern thailand and heads into the on demand sea but the amount of rain it dumps in the region still means a better threat of severe flooding florence louis al-jazeera. the un's human rights office says saudi arabia's trial into the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi may prove to be insufficient on thursday saudi media
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reported eleven suspects that appeared in court in riyadh for the first time state prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for five of the defendants but no names were released the u.n. wants an independent investigation with international involvement like hannah joins us live now from the united nations tell us more about what the human rights body has to say about this trial in saudi arabia well u.s. body making very clear that it cannot vouch for the impartiality off that legal process in riyadh that began this week making very clear as well that another call for an international independent investigation to take place joining other human rights groups who are also costing questions about that legal process in riyadh insisting that it's not possible for an impartial legal process to take place given the circumstances of the murder of jamal khashoggi this is what the spokes person
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for the high commissioner for human rights had to say we are not present in saudi arabia to be able to assess these trials so i we can't give an assessment of the trials ourselves we as you know have been pressing for justice in the show g case for months now. and we've been calling for an investigation independent investigation with international involvement and this has not happened yet now while we are aware that a trial has taken place in saudi arabia this is not sufficient first of all and second of all we are against the imposition of the death penalty in all circumstances. well the question is though that the un is able in terms of international law to learn chen investigation what it requires is one of the legislative bodies of the united nations the security council of the general assembly for example to give a mandate to the secretary general to set up such an investigative body however it
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would appear that the u.n. is looking for the request to come from one of its member states the giving it some form of political cover the interested parties who must make the request once again in terms of international law turkey or saudi arabia very unlikely any request would come from saudi arabia turkey has insisted to that it once an international independent investigation into the murder but as yet it has delivered no formal request for such an investigation to any of the u.n. bodies thank you very much from the united nations mike hanna. al-jazeera live from london still ahead for you on the program pakistan's prime minister begins his first official visit to ankara turkey positions itself in the asia pacific region. and unconvinced by their government's assurances sudanese protesters rally after friday prayers in the country's second largest city.
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hello again and welcome back well across china we have a frontal boundary that's really lingering here across parts of the eastern sections and into the central regions but that's going to start to move fairly quickly down towards the south so here on saturday some rain showers making their way over towards for joe even towards taipei but as we go towards sunday that front makes its way down here towards the south conditions are a little bit cooler to the north but we are going to sing clouds lingering particularly over towards hong kong where you are going to sing a mostly cloudy day for taipei the rain continues few with a temperature of about twenty degrees as we make our way over here towards parts of india we're going to be seeing some clouds pushing in particular over here towards the west those we could be in towards parts of new delhi but we are going to be seeing the rain towards the north and in the higher elevations it is going to be
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snow as well down towards the south the clouds will continue for colombo a high temperature few about thirty degrees nagpur about twenty eight in kolkata here on saturday of about twenty four degrees for you as we go towards sunday as well and then very quickly over here across parts of the gulf we are watching quite a bit of clouds across much of saudi arabia over the next few days so from saturday to sunday those clouds will continue but here in doha we are looking at a southerly wind and we do expect to see attempt a few of about twenty four degrees. in the next episode of science in the golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars during the medieval islamic myriad in the field of astronomy. copernicus knows this day to these medieval astronomers from the golden age. streams in many ways with the computers of the day you can use it to find the time you could navigate science in
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a golden age of german. welcome back a quick look at the top stories this hour the democrat controlled u.s. house of representatives has voted to end a partial government shutdown but the move looks likely to be vetoed by the president donald trump he says he'll reject any measure that does not provide funding as proposed us mexico border will the u.s. secretary of state my pawn bio is to seek an update on saudi arabia's investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi next week during a trip to riyadh his seven day middle east will also include visits to the united
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arab emirates egypt and cattle. strip comes as the saudi court held its first hearing on casualties case but the death penalty being sought for five of the eleven suspects united nations human rights office has called the trial not sufficient. well in all the stories are watching pakistan's prime minister is meeting the turkish president during a two day visit to the country imran khan's trip coincides with the transfer of all schools in pakistan run by the u.s. based turkish businessman for two to glen to a charity backed by ankara in december the supremes court of pakistan ordered the government to declare glenn's movement a terrorist organization turkey accuses followers official a good man of attempting a coup against the government in two thousand and sixteen cinemark as soon as in ankara with the latest. pakistan's prime minister iran hones visits came after supreme court in pakistan declared that fits a lockdown organization is a terrorist outfit and their schools are banned in pakistan and after that those
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schools that belong together an organization were transferred to myra foundation an ngo that was founded by the efforts of the government after july two thousand and six in the failed courts and then it runs the educational facilities of turkey wrote it in the press or with between dawn and iran hon prisons are gone express his pleasures turkey is pleasures about pakistan's decision toward school and a store going to zation and he mentioned that the buy little asians are going to be improved and the trade by little trade will be boosted here mainly mentioned about the in the defense industry agreements which is currently already billions worth and on the other hand in my own home many the two leaders discussed about the situations in kashmir in the facts in kashmir and the relations with india he also mentioned that pakistan is being recalled from that then they will be building five million homes that's why he invited turkish construction companies to come and
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join in this effort in pakistan until there is a firm their stance towards fighting in fighting against terrorism on the other hand prisons are gone announced that after the local elections that is going to take place on march thirty one there will be a summit that is going to be organized for turkey afghanistan and pakistan and the details are going to be announced soon. eleven people from the same family have been killed in as strikes carried out by the u.s. led coalition against i still in syria local sources say the attack happened at the village of. province it's close to iraq's border and is an in an area controlled by ice still it comes as a joint investigation by al jazeera and the intercepts reveals the u.s. military's intensified its bombing campaign against i still in the region since president trump's announcement of the withdrawal of america's troops the reports say the fiercest attack in the past week happened in. the village on the phrase
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river is held by i still fight is meanwhile in the northwestern provinces of aleppo fighting is escalating between rebel groups that clashes have been reported throughout the area between the al-qaeda linked. and the turkish backed national front for liberation dozens of people have now been killed in the worst rebel infighting in some three months well to sudan now where police have fired tear gas to disperse dozens of protesters chanting anti-government slogans as they left a major mosque following friday pres the incident in durham and that was smaller than all the demonstrations seen in stone over the past two weeks but protesters want the president of the ship to step down blaming him for rising food prices and government corruption at least nine hundred people have died since the unrest started last month could be morgan has more now from khartoum. once again we've seen people coming out today to protest against president obama to bashir and
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demand that he step down and his twenty one year rule and i would all thought of three weeks ago when people started complaining in the city of hadera about the rising price of bread and other living commodities they said that inflation which is that about seventy percent is quite high and very and bearable for many of them that quickly escalated into protests demanding that the government step down president obama was here has been very defiant since the protests started he said he was going to try to improve the economy and yesterday he spoke to civil servants saying that he's going to increase their salary so that living conditions become better for them but people have been saying that they've heard these promises over and over again now let's step back and see what three weeks of protests have done to sudan major major educational institutes have been closed down social media platforms like twitter facebook and whatsapp have been blocked by the government so the people cannot call for protests that is still happening despite the government shutdown of social media so people are saying that they will continue to protest amnesty international says at least thirty seven people have been killed but the government is the beating that figure and says only nineteen have been killed and
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several have been injured in the protest but people have been very defiant they say they will continue to protest this if they will continue to demand that the president step down and the president says he's also going to be very determined to stay in power until elections in twenty twenty so it's not clear where this would end and how long it would go on for but what what is a fact is that president bashir has never had to face like the protesters long before he has faced protests during his rule yes but never for this long and he seems to be very confused about how to handle it because people have not given him much of an option besides stepping down something he said he's not going to do so this may be going on for a while before solutions are found if ever there is one. the u.s. television network c.b.s. has refused a request by egypt to stop the broadcast of an interview with president. in the interview with current affairs show sixty minutes c c says the egyptian army is working alongside israel against i still fight as in north sinai he also denies that egypt is holding tens of thousands of political prisoners. who are in that we
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don't have political prisoners who are prisoners of opinion we are trying to stand against extremists were imposed their ideology on the people the of course now they are subject to military trial one hundred may take years but we have to follow the law and condemn it i cannot remember mr president the organization human rights watch says that there are sixty thousand political prisoners that you're holding today as we sit here i want a formidable out of the me i don't know where they got that figure in what i said there are no political prisoners in egypt residences but whenever there is a minority trying to impose their extremist ideology we have to intervene regardless of their numbers mama going to do well despite the denials you hearing their rights groups say egypt's jails off filled with political dissidents human rights watch says political prisoners are routinely subjected to torture and rape while in detention the group also says hundreds of civilians are being sent to military trials for political dissent egypt's most notable political prisoner is
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the former president mohamed morsy who was overthrown by sisi and a two thousand and thirteen military coup and al jazeera journalist mahmud hussein has been under arrest in egypt for more than two years he was detained while on holiday in cairo and accused of spreading false news but has never been formally charged as sainz imprisonment has been repeatedly extended despite international calls for his release. well now tens of thousands of north koreans have been rallying in pyongyang in support of their leader kim jong un the crowds gathered in the city's famous kim il sung's square for the annual new year dress though kim was not in attendance and the speech emphasized the message development as well as a continued willingness to talk to south korea and the u.s. . private data but only to hundreds of german politicians including the chancellor angela merkel has been published online the information includes home addresses mobile phone numbers credit card details and invoices it's not clear whether the
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officials were targeted by a hack or victims of an internally we're now in the united states health care experts are warning about so-called pharmacy deserts from the from oregon on the west coast a baltimore on the east a low income and minority neighborhoods are left without local drug stores and with the widening scope of service pharmacies of offering in the u.s. they are an increasingly important part of the national health care system there john hendren reports from chicago. for miles around every pharmacy has abandoned reader johnson's neighborhood on a summer day or really could walk to the one that was too far from here and. they close within months for one another. to find the medication she takes for cancer in a recent spinal surgery she now makes a winding five mile trek on public transportation some of her neighbors have neither the patience nor the money to make it. welcome to the pharmacy desert the
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place in major american cities where garbage strewn like urban tumbleweeds before what used to be corner drug stores it's a growing phenomenon in poor minority neighborhoods across the united states it's saying racially motivated to me because they vols mainly. black and latino communities it is in neighborhoods like these that the u.s. opioid epidemic is at its worst addicks suffer an opioid overdoses are often left without access to the lifesaving drug narking this man survived because these police officers were nearby with a ready dose you may have a child that's on so what if that child does not have a local pharmacy in their area and they can't get the one who. patient will end up in the emergency room or the outcome may be worse. chicago's cook county hospital system has tried to fill the gaps with mail order pharmacy but mail
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order doesn't provide the counseling in-store health clinics flu shots and other services local drugstores offer pharmacy professor demon says for pharmacies it's simply a business decision to leave areas where more of their clientele used government insurance if an area is not profitable they just. like any other business when you think about reimbursement rates for pharmacies with public versus private insurance it's much lower cities are increasingly becoming a land of drugstore haves and have nots while there are pharmacy deserts on chicago's poor south and west sides the affluent north side is a pharmacy with a drug store on one side often directly across the street from another. really to johnson and her neighbors are left hoping the longer distance they have to travel doesn't mean the difference between life and death john hendren al jazeera chicago . we go to iraq now where a five thousand year old board game is in danger of being forgotten dhamma is
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a traditional game similar to checkers that's popular around the world but the iraqi version is struggling to survive in the digital era as imran khan tells us the simplicity of dhamma fails to get the attention of the use who are growing up with flashy video games. shaykh is in his seventy's but he is a champion in the streets of appeal the defacto capital of the kurdish region of northern iraq he's playing a game that's five thousand years old people here consider him to be the undefeated king of this ancient strategy game. that i learned how to play the game when i was only thirteen my father and grandfather used to take me to watch dhamma playing as part of st tony mounts my fascination grew day by day to the game and i've become a professional player now this old age as you can see the game is only played by older generation and the younger ones have different tools to play with. as easy as
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the only one who tries to keep the game alive as homage to this land is ancient past from the time before iraq even existed. a mood of below is a historian who loves the game because it's easy to learn but to master. dharma is a game that requires training of the mind patience and strategy which only the senior citizens possess nowadays in order to play such a board game while the younger generations are more occupied with social media platforms the game is now merely played by the old as opposed to the young as they consider to folkloric an archaic game. played very. well social media is popular gaming is also popular across iraq in cafes like this it's no surprise that games like dying out from the competition is this online video games that a multiplayer that you can play against anybody in the world with an internet connection for most of the youth they've either never heard of dharma or it's
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a game that they barely remember. but isn't that the game my grandfather used to play i don't remember it we live in a different era we play online. although the game of dharma may be dying out and isn't as popular as before the social aspect of gaming remains whether it's computer. games people always gather to spend some time socially and play games in that respect things really haven't changed over the last part of those years in a car which is a. just a quick update on the top stories for you the partial u.s. government shutdown has now entered its fourteenth day hundreds of thousands of government employees are working without pay or not at all and certain services have been restricted rao shows no sign of a basing with both sides digging in of the president trying to demands for a war on the border with mexico democrats passed legislation on thursday aimed at
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restoring funding for nine currently unfunded federal departments but republicans in the senate are refusing to consider any budget measures that contain cash for the wall well house speaker nancy pelosi says agencies must be reopened as border talks continue yesterday we made history again swearing in the strands formative freshman class when they took the oath they are make they made a difference today guided by our new members and the american people that they represent that we all resent we are introducing h.r. one to hold legislation to clean up corruption and restore integrity to government . meanwhile the u.s. secretary of state my own pay is to seek an update on saudi arabia's investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi next week during a trip to riyadh shot she was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul in
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october seven day middle east tour will also include visits to the united arab emirates egypt and cattle. trip comes as the saudi court held its first hearing on casualties case with the death penalty being sought for five of the eleven suspects the united nations human rights office has called the trial not sufficient. pakistani leader imran khan has met turkey's president russia. a two day visit to the country it comes as pakistan has transferred control to a turkish charity of all schools run by u.s. based turkish businessmen for to look good len turkey accuses him of orchestrating the two thousand and sixteen coup police in sudan have fired tear gas to disperse dozens of protesters chanting anti-government slogans as they left a major mosque following friday prayers the incident in german was smaller than other demonstrations seen in sudan over the past two weeks those are the top stories coming up next science in a golden age. understanding
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the universe and the vastness of space is at the forefront of physics and astronomy research today everything from white dwarfs bread giants to neutron stars and black holes but imagine trying to make sense of the cosmos before telescopes we even invented. between the ninth and fourteenth centuries scholars from you slumming world consolidated and refined the astronomy of earliest civilizations and came up with ideas that have deeply influenced the stormy right through to the present day
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on jamal could be a british professor of physics but born in baghdad and i'll be taking a look at modern day astronomy another case in an exploring the contribution made to.


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