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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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germany sweden italy switzerland russia and other developed countries have all had negative growth for at least one quarter and china is clearly in a significant slowdown. as for the us the us is not in imminent risk of a recession but we're continuing to slow in the longer we slow the sharper the slowdown the closer we get to recession risk. consumer spending is still strong u.s. shoppers want more than eight hundred fifty billion dollars worth of goods in the twenty eighteen holiday season it's always possible to remain optimistic and hope that policymakers make wise decisions and that the global economy doesn't tip into recession on the other hand the optimist who jumped off the higher state building you know what he said on the way down so far so good.
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so buckle up twenty nine thousand could be one bumpy raw robert oulds washington on the matter of journalists is likely to be on the agenda when the u.s. secretary of state needs sounding leaders next week my pump aoe is also knocking for more help from allies to maintain security in the region is a day visit to the middle east will include the united arab emirates egypt and qatar also and jordan has more from washington. eight countries eight days not much time for sleep a lot has been packed into the secretary's agenda not only is he going to be putting pressure on riyadh to elevate its credibility about the story that it has been telling about the murder of the journalist jamal khashoggi it's also going to be putting pressure on all eight countries that he is visiting to do more to try to withstand the influence of iran in their internal affairs the u.s.
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considers iran perhaps one of its top two or three foreign policy objectives and it feels that if by drilling this face to face being that they might be able to get a little further along in their ham pain to isolate iran on the global stage the secretary is also going to be holding a couple of strategic dialogues with officials in doha and officials in kuwait sitting and he is going to be looking at a number of other key issues that really have been on the us his foreign policy agenda for the past year especially the ongoing war in syria the ongoing war in afghanistan the ongoing war in yemen a lot to pack and a lot to discuss but whether they're way to come up with anything concrete at the end of this eight day trip is really what remains to be seen of the u.n. human rights office has criticized saudi arabia's handling of the shoji case it's seeking the death penalty for five of the eleven suspects mike hanna has more funny
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united nations in new york. well the un making very clear that it wants an independent international investigation into the murder of jamal khashoggi a spokesperson for the high commissioner for human rights insisting that it's impossible to adjudicate on the partiality of the process underway in riyadh the trial there of the eleven suspects in the murder beginning this week the spokes person had this to say we are not present in saudi arabia to be able to assess these trials and we can't give an assessment of the trials ourselves we as you know have been pressing for justice in the case for months now. and we've been calling for an investigation independent investigation with international involvement and this has not happened yet now while we are aware that a trial has taken place in saudi arabia this is not sufficient first of all and
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second of all we are against the imposition of the death penalty in all circumstances a number of human rights organizations have also cost outside of the legality or impartiality of that process in riyadh also calling for some kind of international independent investigation into the murder but the situation is that the u.n. is quite capable of michelle such an investigation by itself all it requires is one of the legislative bodies of the united nations the security council of the general assembly to give a mandate to the secretary general to start such an investigation however it would appear that un members are looking for some kind of political cover they want one of the interested parties in the situation to approach the security council or the general assembly and make such a request the interested parties turkey and saudi arabia it's unlikely it would appear that saudi arabia would make the request turkey has insisted that it does
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want some kind of independent international investigation headed by the united nations but as yet it has not made an official request to any of the united nations bodies. five teenage girls in northern poland have died after a fire broke out in a room where they were playing in a skate game the girls all aged fifteen were celebrating a birthday police don't yet know what started the blaze the government has ordered nationwide checks in places where skate games are held. so ahead on edge is it out when we come back human rights defenders under attack in colombia we look at the unintended consequences of a peace deal with rebels plus. i'm going to go pollen in hong kong reporting on how the rock and ship and the art work behind one of the city's traditional games if the pairing.
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by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the first smoke on the wind this day. hello again it's good to have you back well i do want to take you over here towards the western part of the levant we have been dealing with flooding as system after system has becoming in off the mediterranean a lot of refugee camps have been flooded because of the very heavy rain that we have seen there unfortunately of the next few days things look about the same as what we have seen before another system is making its way in from the west that's going to bring snow up towards the higher elevations but in syria we are looking at the increase of rain so here on saturday partly cloudy conditions and as we get to the evening more clouds coming in and by the time we get to sunday we are looking at some very heavy rain across much of that area down towards beirut it's going to be a rainy day for you as well attempts are there of about fourteen degrees as make her way down here towards the arabian peninsula and also the gulf well we do have some clouds that are pushing through we do expect to see maybe
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a little bit of rain coming out of these clouds as we go through the rest of the weekend more clouds for riyadh where the terms are there of about twenty seven degrees doha winds are coming out of the south we do expect to see about twenty four in your forecast and abu dhabi about twenty five is going to be your high and then across the southern parts of africa we are looking at some rain coming up towards durban temptress have come down few there but down here towards cape town it is going to continue to be a nice day a twenty two degrees here on saturday and twenty three on sunday. sponsored by these.
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top stories now. more than a year if he doesn't get funding for a war along the border with mexico he's threatening to use emergency powers to build it if it is the. us. in the middle east for an eight country tour next week. expected to be high on the agenda when the leaders will also be looking to reassure allies the president decision to withdraw u.s.
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troops from syria. the un human rights. for the murder of. seeking the death penalty for five of the eleven suspects you want an independent international investigation. hundreds of police have been deployed in melbourne australia where a far right groups are rallying against crime they blame on people of african descent the activists are meeting at the popular st kilda beach for what they call a discussion of melbourne's youth crime problems accounted demonstration is being held by a group supporting multiculturalism kathy novak is a st kilda beach in melbourne for so kathy just bring us up to date then what's been happening there. well the numbers have been growing as i have been here today i'm on one side of the police line here
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that's moving as you may be able to see behind me these two major groups the far right demonstrators on one side and the pro multi-culturalism protesters on the other have been moving around the st kilda beach area for the past couple of hours it seems to flare up and then they move on again we've seen some pepper spray used to break the crowds shouting on either side this all started because far right nationalist groups called people together to come to this speech to protest what they say is a rise in african crime on the beaches there have been some spate of crimes that have prompted a rise in security in these areas but on the other side the people are saying that it is not fair to paint the entire african australian community with the same brush that the talk of african gang violence that is often spoken about here in australia is overblown and they have come out to show their support for immigration in general because the. far right protesters are in general and the
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immigration and some of their leaders have in fact been convicted in the past in fighting. violence against muslims and carefully we were saying what appears to be quite a heavy police presence there behind you just give us an idea of the numbers of these competing groups there. it started out small but it certainly has escalated to the hundreds if not thousands altogether on either side hossam the numbers have grown as i've been standing here as i say earlier it started out quite quietly in fact the weather may indeed have had something to do with it it was raining out a bit loopy here on the beach and unfortunately as the sun has come out of the. that the air of violence has also increased there hasn't been too much physical violence that we have seen but that is precisely what the police are here to try to
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prevent because we've seen screaming on either side and people trying to charge these police lines but the two groups are generally being kept away from each other with mounted police there are canine units you may be able to even hear the choppers above me so the police were aware that these protests were being organized and that counterprogram tests were going to be staged in response so they said that they were set up to come out here in force to prevent any violence breaking out here and to be kathy novak live first. things. of venezuela has accused the us of plotting with a regional bloc to overthrow president nicolas maduro his government more than a dozen foreign ministers from latin america plus canada have said they won't recognize maduna as president if he's sworn in for a second term next week the lima group as it's known says elections in may were not credible and he's calling for power to be transferred to the national assembly
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until a free vote can be held. in his release but a sense from where you were there in republic of venezuela expresses great fool them and at the extravagant declaration of a group of countries of the american continent which are receiving instructions from the united states through video conference have agreed to encourage a coup to turn. money on a sentence has more on this from lima. the foreign ministers of the fourteen countries members of the group decided not to recognize. the next president to take over office again on january the tenth they said that the election didn't comply with international standards it was not transparent it didn't have any opponents and it didn't have any international observers now the lima group decided today that high ranking officials from the venezuelan government
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will not be allowed to enter any of the member countries it was expected in the last few weeks that at least through would break diplomatic relations with venezuelan foreign minister said that they are increasingly worried about the humanitarian and political our situation in venezuela foreign minister said that the countries urge president a little to step aside and do not take office again on january the tenth in the southwest of colombia community leaders and human rights advocates are being killed at a rate of one every three days they've been targeted by armed groups fighting for control of land to cultivate drugs but the rate of killings has risen since the government signed a peace deal with fark rebels two years ago. reports of. hundreds of the indigenous people attend the funeral of. a young community leader he's the
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late is the founder of human rights shot dead in the coca region of colombia his brother says it's only soon we're speaking out. he made a strong statement against armed actors at a community meeting and sentenced himself to death as they say they were there that day but who knows which ones they were they could be any of seven different criminal groups dissident rebels paramilitaries and other armed gangs fighting to control this land for the lucrative cultivation of coca crops the plane to use to make o'kane. any legal gold mining. at the thousand and sixteen peace deal with fight rebels ended the decades long war against the government but left the power vacuum that the state as failed to feel. indigenous leader and senator. has received death threats for denouncing the criminal groups activities. he was given an armored car but no body guards. we don't know who will be next it could be
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me a family member or a companion we are living in constant fear of what can happen in any given day the norden cow can degenerates association has compiled a list of the death threats received by its members but says the government needs to recognize the systematic pattern of the attacks. there's a killing every day indigenous social leaders human rights defenders we are denouncing the government's lack of attention. to. the overall number of killings yes fallen since the signing of the peace deal but the same is not true when it comes to community leaders and human rights defenders four hundred have been killed since two thousand and sixteen one hundred sixty four in two thousand and eighteen alone. under pressure the government invited the special reportorial from the united nations on a fact finding mission he met with hundreds of community leaders and victims of
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attacks i mean you can only admit that some somehow it's a systematic against the founders want to blame this government but. really. the government of president says many of the problems date back to the previous administration but unless more is done people will continue to pay the ultimate price for speaking out. britain's foreign secretary has voiced concern for a former u.s. marine charged with spying. in russia or willian who holds u.s. u.k. canadian and irish passports was detained in moscow a week ago he's been charged with espionage but the details of not been released whelan's family says he was visiting russia for a wedding of the private data of hundreds of german politicians including chancellor angela merkel has been published online it includes home addresses phone
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numbers and credit card details it's not clear whether hacking or leaks are to blame the only political party not affected was the right wing a.f. the. health care experts in the united states are warning about so-called pharmacy deserts they are where low income and minority areas are being left without drug stores john hendren reports from chicago on a widening healthcare divide. for miles around every pharmacy has abandoned rita johnson's neighborhood. too far from here. they close. to find the medication she takes for cancer in a recent spinal surgery she now makes a winding five mile trek on public transportation some of her neighbors have neither the patience nor the money to make it. welcome to the pharmacy desert the
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place in major american cities where garbage strewn like urban tumbleweeds before what used to be corner drug stores it's a growing phenomenon in poor minority neighborhoods across the united states it's saying racially motivated because they vaal mainly. black and latino community it is in neighborhoods like these that the u.s. opioid epidemic is at its worst addicks suffer an opioid overdoses are often left without access to the lifesaving drug narking this man survived because these police officers were nearby with a ready dose you may have a child that's on. that child does not have a local pharmacy.


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