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tv   Counting the Cost 2019 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  January 6, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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young piano island south korea. still ahead for you on the news hour a two hundred seventy eight kilo cino that's fashola record price at tokyo's new year auction you have believe how much will tell you just a couple of moments on that in sport asia's biggest international football tournament gets under way in the united arab emirates on hold to hear that that story. water an essential resource for all humankind across europe pressure to recognize water as a human right and put its management back into public hands is increasing i think that the european commission would be very very true those words are probably on anybody's say articulate. those people who see everything as something to invest the profit of they want our way up to the last drop on al-jazeera.
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when the news breaks on the story that's when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told. with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports. al-jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries. and light needs on air and online. in days gone by if you are in hong kong the holiday season will be a good excuse for a game of logical but the obsession with mobile phones and computer games means
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fewer people know house of play and the author of handmade tiles for the traditional table game a dying out if you go pollen reports. cash flows once a familiar sound in almost every hong kong neighborhood marjon was so widely played it became synonymous with the city's culture but over the years as gambling lost titans and the younger generation lost interest in the march on tables that are once seen everywhere started to disappear and so did the intricate handmade tiles that define the game. is one of the last three margarine artisans in hong kong and the only woman left chiseling away at the blocks ok so you know why working on this is like a walk down memory lane it is like a cassette player which allow me to replay my favorite songs again and again. she grew up in this tiny shop under the stairs of a dilapidated building and has been working here since the age of thirteen. she
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inherited the business from her father in the one nine hundred seventy s. when business was booming now the handmade tiles compete with cheaper factory made ones and the electronic versions we gave them are going to be part of everyday life it was the center of social gatherings almost every home had a set but now it's become more for novelty even a collector's item and a reminder of hong kong power in one of hong kong's oldest neighborhoods a youth hostel is dedicated to keeping the city's marjon culture alive because the living area in hong kong has photos so not many family they can afford to put a mile long table in the living room that's why they have less chance to play macho of course now many young people they prefer to focus on the mobile phone more than games with things of family. marjon is played by four people around the table they
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line up the hundred fourteen pieces do suites and sequences by choosing and discarding tiles first to complete a full set in a particular order when. the hong kong government listed mahjong tile carving as part of what it called the city's intangible cultural heritage because that's hasn't stopped the decline yet to have a win no matter how much i want to hang onto this art i know the end we come she says no younger craftsmen or women are joining the trade it is a fading heritage and she wants to keep going as long as she can be gopalan hong kong and get all the latest sport for you now with sun i. think you very much mary. has made it five wins out of five as man to see united manager his latest victories saw them progress into round full of the english f.a. cup. soldier has the job on a caretaker bases after replacing shows
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a marine new one much to open the scoring from the penalty spot against the second tier team. just was back in the starting lineup and he set up a meeting in the cuckoo for united second finish to nil to united. cup holders chelsea were taking on not forrest says fabregas missed the chance to mark his final appearance for the club with a go to spanish woke up when a is on his way to a french club monaco but two second half goals from alviro marotta gave chelsea it to know when and a place in round four. or thirteen time winners arsenal were easy winners against black teenagers to a world called score twice in the first half and just before full time alex rocked up three nil when. there's been more controversy at the asian cup which
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has just started in the united arab emirates qatar has accused the host nation's security services of denying accredited journalists from entering into the country all tournaments organizers say they did offer the return of the group to the u.a.e. but that proposal was declined this week cutter's a.f.c. vice presidents manatee had his arrival into the emirates delayed by twenty four hours still under blockade imposed by the u.a.e. saudi arabia bahrain and egypt. while the event itself has now kicked off in abu dhabi the host played bahrain in the opening game behind to the lead through. the u.a.e. grabbed a late equaliser after controversial penalty aboard the referee deciding mohammad omar horne had handled the ball. stepped up to score the spot kick as the game finished one. defending champions australia take on drawled in their
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opening game on sunday both teams are favored to progress from this group which also includes syria and paul sun. but earlier we spoke to him football writer martin know about which teams are likely to talent for the trophy. is certainly going to be one of the big four it expects the teams that usually gets the woke up so you go kind of iran and south korea japan australia in the last four years iran have been very dominant at the very last wants competitively and ups to spain other woke up so you can see what kind of pedigree they bring to that so i mean the question mark is surround in the style of play they very much play on the docks and how to counter teams rather than dictating play which that the talent for and not regarded to say that south korea go into this top and as at unit with iran
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there in talk or i have got this player in asia at the moment and son home and who's doing bernoulli for the moment and also gets and the new manager who seems to fit the style of play and i think they look strong to him could test later on the other two that we usually consider japan and australia a bit in transition at the moment they've got new coaches and they've left outs a couple of players and also faces quite a few injuries so they expect maybe iran south korea it's kind of a big test in final. well for the first time since. wisconsin and south america the race is to be held in just one country government has invested millions of dollars in the event is now hoping to witness a financial as well us orting payback lie at the sanchez reports from lima. peru in mountains riding along beaches or through the moving dunes of the deck or launches
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a new edition in just this latin american nation challenging competition in one of the world's roughest to rains that dakar officials say will bring great benefits to the country a place benefits the media impact is great one thousand two hundred hours of international media promotion and one hundred ninety countries and over seventy t.v. channels it's huge and it gives a lot of opportunity to promote tourism in the country between vested nearly six million dollars to hold the competition here but the government says the images of seen around the world is equivalent to nearly two hundred million dollars in advertising. on one hand is the economic impact generated by the event itself the rally's development leaves us sixty million dollars in consumption of goods and services and there's a lot of spending from people along the road nearly five hundred drivers and riders will meet every five thousand kilometer mainly on the father desert region of the country but one of the challenges to preserve. sites.
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civilizations thousands of years old lived and disappeared there many critics say the competition could endangered priceless heritage the government says it's mapped out forty four archaeological sites and eco systems to protect our park rangers and our killer just will guard these areas. even though you try to keep far away from evidently cultural areas you called know what might be under the ground and unexpectedly find traces of ruins. that's a risk but the real impact on the route of the people who don't respect impose limits and thousands of peruvians are expected to follow the drivers along the way experts say the spectators could become the main threat to the ancient sites during a much loved and much criticised competition with the innocent just one just. defending australia open champion roger federer is looking good ahead of the
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defense of his title that the seven year old is past one of his main rivals. in perth on them before alexander's there says he hopes to win his first grand slam this year federer be the twenty one year old german in straight sets. and the day after knocking out world number one know about joke of it seven say the roberto but he has won the qatar open spaniard beat thomas critic in the final. and us open champion was knocked out in the semifinals at the brisbane international osaka lost in straight sets ukraine also wrinkle. and that's it from me about tamara thank you santa how much would you pay to satisfy a sushi craving try three point one million dollars that's what a giant bluefin tuna sell for at tokyo's action sushi produces and wholesale as a benign to spend huge sounds for the biggest and best fish. reports.
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the price of fish went off the scales at this auction in japan where the giant bluefin sought for a record three point one million dollars at tokyo's new fish market it was bought by the man who calls himself the tuna king the owner of the sushi is on my restaurant chain kiyoshi camorra says it was an opportunity he couldn't miss time them one by one of the expected the highest it would go for was half a million but it turned up five times more expensive oh gosh. the enormous two hundred seventy eight kilogram fish was caught off japan's northern coast it's not the first time camorra has paid the highest price for a bluefin but in two thousand and thirteen a similar fish only cost him one point four million dollars on you know what about the tuna looks so tasty because it's fat and looks very fresh it's a good two enough but i think i paid too much. known as the one most pacific
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bluefin usually sell for eighty eight dollars a kilo. sushi made from this torpedo shaped tuna could cost upwards of three hundred dollars apiece on tokyo's will famous true keiji fish market close for we development after its last auction in october it will be a parking lot for the two thousand and twenty olympics the new toy you saw market was built on the side of a former gas plant on tokyo bay it hosts seven hundred fish merchants and businesses and provides more than ten thousand jobs. i sincerely hope that the first new year sale is generating a big interest and it will become a symbol for a unifying to z. as in this to us the market. but conservationists say the celebration of the auction is hiding a grim warning about the future of the bluefin tuna prized around the world ford's use in sushi over consumption and overfishing have depleted its stock in the
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pacific by ninety six percent over the last four hundred years. japan and other governments have vowed to protect the bluefin and take measures to increase its population over the next two decades. wraps up the news out that i will be back in just a couple of minutes with much more of the day's news for you stay with us. bigger and potentially more dangerous that's the best way to describe what's
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happening with the smoking alternative known as favorites i enjoy the taste of it and not get the harmful effects of what smoking does between two thousand and thirteen and two thousand and fourteen alone we start tripling in use among us high school students and head to head comparison to say versus conventional cigarette which one do you think is healthy my opinion i think they're both dangerous take no one else is the. problem it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in due time. seems to defy gravity every few cities is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness what it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the u.n. to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it many brits unease happiness is what we ensure it's here that it is quantifiable
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but by simply turning its pursuit into policy through time has done what no other country have. cartoonish. in fact he said he'd keep the government closed for a very long period of time even years absolutely so that i don't think day sixteen of the partial shutdown of the u.s.
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government with neither side showing any sign of compromise. hello i'm maryanne demasi in london you with al-jazeera also coming up on the program members of the minority community say they fear for their safety if u.s. troops withdraw from northern syria. thousands rally in budapest against the so-called slave law introduced by hungary's prime minister viktor or band. and in the back turkey introduces a charge on classic agues as it tries to reduce the amount of plastic working its way into the mediterranean. negotiations in washington are working through the weekend to try to break the deadlock over the partial government shutdown president donald trump is demanding
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more than five billion dollars to build a border war with mexico something democrats in congress strongly oppose trump is threatening to let the shutdown last months or even years don estabrook joins us live now in washington for more on this story so we know that they were meeting today and of the plan is that negotiations will continue through the weekend it doesn't appear to have been any progress today how lengthy might the shutdown be. it's hard to say at this point mariama this afternoon vice president mike pence jared cushion or the president's son in law and close advisor and cures to nielsen the secretary of homeland security met with congressional aides for a few hours at vice president pence's office but really made no headway at all in those talks the president is scheduled to meet with some of his aides tomorrow at the presidential retreat at camp david the president tweeted about that today he
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said after so many decades must finally and permanently fix the problems on the southern border he's talking about getting that five point six billion dollars that he wants for a wall on the border between the u.s. and mexico now nancy pelosi the speaker of the house issued a statement just a little while ago saying that house democrats will begin passing individual appropriate appropriations bills next week that would reopen some government agencies including the department of treasury and the internal revenue service so americans can be getting begin getting their tax refunds which they'll begin filing for probably right now or within the next couple of weeks and that's very important to a lot of americans but we're going into the third week of this partial government shutdown if we go if it lasts for more than three weeks this would be the longest shutdown in u.s. history on the effects of the shutdown so becoming clearer how much disruption and
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hardship is this causing people. we are beginning to see disruption mottled and potentially major amen it is beginning to cause some hardship we're hearing reports that the department of the transportation security administration the screeners that work for the t.s.a. at airports they screen passengers they screen luggage some of those people are beginning to call in sick they are working without pay so some of those people are calling in sick and apparently that is causing disruptions at some airports that could spread to other airports we're hearing about it harks. workers aren't showing up at parks there's garbage around they're asking people that are visiting parks to to bring their own plastic bags to clean up garbage so that some a minor disruption but it but more serious are people the thirty eight million americans who get food stamps these are low income americans who depend on that to buy their groceries they could begin seeing reductions in those food stamps again
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farmers farmers get subsidies they get loans those could be held up this is a very crucial time of year for those farmers who are core supporters of the president because they're beginning to plan for the upcoming planting season so it is beginning to pinch some people and it could spread further if this goes on all right thanks very much done as to brooke there in washington as a hearing the shutdown has left hundreds of thousands of government employees without pay i suppose you i t been made in an analyst in washington he said the longer this destruction goes on for the more politically damaging it's likely to be. no i think the president is doing what the president feels is necessary he's trying to maintain a campaign promise to fulfill some for his base but let's really think about this the longer that the shutdown goes the more people that are going to be impacted i mean we're talking about transportation safety administration officials who work in the airport are not being paid we're talking about people who are some employees
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are still having to go to work they don't know when they're going to be paid their right now we were two weeks then once we get to another two weeks they're going to be people that are going to start finding it more difficult to pay for their rent they are already fighting that difficult pay for it basically essential things for food childcare so this is this has really long reaching implications. u.s. national security adviser john bolton has warned syria against using chemical weapons as american troops prepare to withdraw from the country both and spoke shortly before landing in israel where he's jew to meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu elated to turkey for talks with president reza typo to one. all this is members of the religious minority are pleading with the u.s. to not withdrawal that troops role in syria a report by the free as a the foundation is warning that if washington leave syria
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before i sill is defeated might make a comeback therefore also request the establishment of the no fly zone of the northern syria to prevent a potential turkish assault on kurdish strongholds. has one half of all the techie syria. top on turkey's priority least is that is a moment of kurdish y.p. the fighters who have fought alongside u.s. troops in the fight against yourself told them many thousands will fall the most effective force against but to talk to them nothing more than a terrorist organization an extension of the kurdish workers' t.p.k. case and wants them just a move on the disc and with taken out of territory and they were near turkey's border with syria after the turkey doesn't want to be quite the decontrolling and a part of syria and has been in a war floating in recent weeks saying they will carry out the top form of tom the
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city of mumbai each with a view of removing the white preview from the ones just to call on al support from the united states u.s. troop withdrawal process is complete but u.s. officials of ten home on a clear timetable several times turkish officials would not expect john bolton when he visits. on tuesday to come up with a media timetable for troop withdrawal. some breaking news we've been following from egypt security officials said that at least one police officer was killed in an explosion in cairo the officer was reportedly killed he tried to defuse a bomb which was inside a bag near a church in nasr city well this has happened less than two days before the coptic christmas celebrated by egypt's christian so we bring you more details on that story if we get them moving on now to hungary thousands of anti-government protesters of rallied in the capital as i'm go rises over
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a controversial change to labor rules called the slave law by critics it boosts the amount of overtime employers can demand while delaying salary payments at the same time the marches of now snowballed into a call for the for an end to the rule of prime minister viktor orban for a challenge reports. it's no secret what these hungering protesters think of prime minister viktor orban. with christmas and still in year out of the way thousands of people around on the streets again still angry at new laws passed by parliament in december. there was no coordination with the law was just pushed through in such a way that even the opposition could not have its voice heard we just saw on t.v. you know that this government with that two thirds majority can do what they want but we have to say stop now because people should not be treated like this in the working world. particularly hated is what's been called the slavery and the labor
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code could add two hours of overtime to the average working day increase government control of the court system is also unpopular as is state media which gives little airtime to what position parties in the senate and we disagree with almost everything that has been going on since this government got into power and corruption to pseudo democracy and everything else mentioned at the protests the government doesn't represent the whole people. everybody has to have a voice here and that's not what's happening in hungary at the moment just a part of the population is represented. when they began in mid december victor all bans government called the demonstrations the work of foreign forces and the liberal billionaire george soros. after winning a landslide election in april can say his party enjoys popular support. but these ongoing protests suggest opposition voices are more galvanized than they
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have been in years not all hunger ariens like wave act or his taking his country. al-jazeera. well griff witte is a senior journalist at washington post from the hungarian capital budapest and so the prime minister obama still has control of the media well the government has a lot of tools in its arsenal and i think it's important to keep in context here the fact that this is still a government prime minister who are very much in the driver's seat. of the government it already passed a number of years ago a very restrictive strike law that makes it very difficult for the unions to carry out what it's like scale shut down strikes and the government also of course really has a stranglehold on the media you're so in terms of what people are seeing. about these protests in terms of what hungary and outside of budapest are hearing about
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there are a lot of people in villages small towns small cities are hearing the government's point of view and only the government's point of view and so i think that the government has a lot of tools in its arsenal be at the media be it the strike law or be it the fact that it still has this two thirds majority in the parliament which allows it to do whatever it pleases well in serbia thousands of people have been protesting there against the president and ruling party demonstrations have been held every saturday for the last five weeks of protest as in belgrade have been demanding media freedoms and an end to attacks on journalists and opposition figures around these were triggered by an assault on an opposition politician by unknown assailants in the town of cushing in november well protests continuing in france thousands of so-called yellow vests protest as marching through the capital paris in what has become now the eighth week of protests there calling on president that point to step down demonstrations initially started as a protest against a rise in fuel.


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