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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 6  Al Jazeera  January 10, 2019 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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voicing their grievances they paired up soon and according to the q. and a pretty large r. is. the most i to do are for the name for the person to tbilisi. they show me lists of names so these are all drivers exam today is sadness only. to move well these are the two will drive us ok you know in paris you do companies out there didn't get any compensation. and so excuse all that to have a theist reputation gained by fighting a series of rebellions against the central government some girlfriend in a more local. lucilla killers are going to be. the elders say they have to calm their youth she will do one to two month but it is one cricket in a bun usually i don't get injured. but
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getting me the man say the discontent may create an opening for religious extremists obama. i would like. a little not enough in other words you know. i'm the. one with. the least in the mushroom cloud with a. minimum zenith of their fear is justified armed religious groups have already made inroads in other parts of me jack and i guarantee you that you have to see how the victim is one attempt that if you. should bow. and then you know what. you. should be in for
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and how good of them are. if you come to. the e.u. insist they are addressing this their highest representative in you share ambassador denise alien our unit has granted us an interview is there the will in brussels to act fast but risks that some of the young people especially fall in the that are cracked up by extremist movements and definitely. we need to move we need to move fast when the renovation of the old city was completed ambassador you need to visit it agadez she says the e.u. is also looking at new development on a far bigger scale we are working on let's say the next generation of cooperation which is using our resources as seed money for attracting the private sector offering gore and he's not to say about the fact that we are providing the ground
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part of big infrastructure financing for big infrastructure works eats a couple lives there for further economic activity. back at the barrier that marks the exit from the gods inspecting travel documents we are told it's because we're filming and that the checks are usually a lot less thorough. but one man may have slipped through which country are you from what i mean what. are you going to. come back or are you going back to libya or what is going to. leave the south. good luck. he's off before we can ask about his documents. as long as migrants want to travel there will always be someone prepared to take.
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the real challenge lies in addressing the root causes of migration not just in transit countries like malaysia air but in the migrants home countries to meet. until then made those who still decide to travel to be safe. business updates. going places to get.
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business updates. going places together. this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. one
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hundred days off the. surprise when the presidential election the democratic republic of congo. the result. of his tool of the middle east. one of the world's most famous comic book heroes. and i'm really hard in here with all of your sports and the australian foreign minister pile on the pressure for thailand to release. the footballer facing extradition to bahrain. it's been one hundred days since saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered in
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the kingdom's consulate in istanbul people have been gathering outside the mission to remember him and vowing not to give up the fight for justice many questions remain on such as who gave the order for his killing why let's take a look back now at what we do know he was last seen alive on the second of october when he entered the consulate three days later turkish officials confirmed he was killed turkish media published images of a fifteen member saudi teen that arrived in istanbul on the same day khashoggi disappeared from this point onwards evidence began to mount linking saudi crown prince mohammed bin to the. then middle of the saudis finally admitted that he was killed but said it was the result of a brawl royal court advisor. and deputy intelligence chief siri with sacks of eighteen saudis arrested but he insists it was
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a premeditated murder and on the vendor the tenth that she had recordings from inside the consulate with several countries including the saudis now the u.s. senate passed a resolution in december holding the crown prince mohammed bin responsible for the murder just last week saudi arabia said eleven people it's believed were behind the killing have gone on trial but for least no name. let's go live now to jamal shell in istanbul and just tell us what's happening that small one hundred days. well there are a small gathering go of human rights activists gathered outside there were led by amnesty international who one of the representatives read out a statement essentially to mark the one hundred days but also to remind the world the justice is still not being served through the perpetrators of that murder it's
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very important for remember that. with all the outrage. spillover that's happened in occurred as a result of this murder there were reports that the crown prince himself the key suspect in this was advised by members of the trumpet ministration that you'd be able to weather the storm that's you know it would only last for two or three months maximum and after that people would forgets about it and that's why one hundred days since the marjah many of the rights activists and friends and families of the monks actually believe it's so important that people aren't allowed to forget that the story isn't allowed to die down so long it is just this hasn't been served and as i mentioned leading the effort to secure justice is amnesty international we're joined by andrew gardner turkey's represent or misuse representative in sarky under can you tell me why you believe that this spy it's all the evidence that has come about linking the crown prince and king other people within the saudi regime to this the faces the identities of the actual perpetrators
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all of this evidence coming to light it's being shared with the americans with the brits with the germans why i sold this day no justice has been served but i think the have been some positive signals coming from the thirty's the evidence uncovered as you said by the takes investigation is important but the only thing which will guarantee justice is an international investigation under the auspices of the united nations and really there's been far too little done to ensure that happens but what needs to happen for the u.n. to step in or i think taking over sea has a responsibility because it happened here in istanbul in turkey to continue. the pressure they're putting for an international u.n. investigation is really up to you know the most powerful states who have been really dragging their feet on this you look especially at the united states and other countries around the world which have been prioritizing diplomatic and trade links with saudi arabia rather than fundamental human rights principles well on the
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one hand i mean turkey overseas you mentioned the crime took place in what it would require technically speaking is for them true requests from the secretary general to do an international investigation on the other hand maybe they'll be a reluctance from sarky to constantly be on the front line because saudi is a powerful country has been trying to build that consensus internationally so what do you think is really standing in the way is its psyches here maybe of the consequences that would happen if it doesn't do this or has there been a quiets maybe requests from the permanent members of the security council to say well let's just stop right here well from the take thirty's there have been statements strong statements saying that this should be a u.n. investigation this is come from the foreign minister this is come from the president himself. but i think you know ticky on its own cannot guarantee that the u.n. investigation takes place i think there needs to be support from the international community more broadly and taking on its own cond guarantee that it happened but it
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certainly is up sticky to keep up the pressure but i side from the jurisdiction of the justice kind of an insult it's in terms of courts and cases and so forth there is a responsibility to see that is laid firmly out the international community with regards to holding people to account we saw that maybe within a month or so mohamad been summoned was welcomed by the most powerful leaders in the g. twenty you'll be it's maybe not in the same way they would have before and it wouldn't be unheard of to expect him to be welcomed once again in london or washington and other countries or what is amnesty doing to try and maybe hold accountable western governments to ensure that they aren't seen to be. given the green light for actions like this to happen again anyone with who for whom there's evidence that they took part in this awful. they should be investigated and we're talking about a disappearance of murder we're talking about potentially about torture these are things with you know universal jurisdiction so in any place where there is
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a saudi government agent who is linked to this murder then it's up to the authorities of that country to investigate them so this goes for all the people who are accused of taking part in this mood up to the very highest level under thank you very much for your time laura saw obviously there are those different groups and organizations and individuals that are pushing for justice to be served but obviously without the will of governments and the international community it is a tall tosk to say the least but it is very important to remember even though one hundred days have passed that there is a human side a human element to the story of a man who went in to get paperwork so he could start a new life to get married but never to be seen again and for his friends his family his fiancee. there are memory of that person isn't going to be wiped away
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as quickly as it may be in terms of how the world may be forgetting about the story . absolutely well worth remembering that side of the story as well jamal many thanks for joining us there from istanbul well you say my poem pale is on a tour of the middle east which includes a stop in the saudi capital riyadh where he'll be seeking an update on the and best acacia in this quest live to muslim jordan she's in washington d.c. so with pompei in the region rather to what extent do you think he's going to push this issue with the saudis. well state department officials told reporters on friday that the secretary of state will be pressing the matter of. murder with saudi officials when he meets with them in the coming days they made it very clear during their briefing with reporters that the saudi government has not been as fully transparent as the u.s. wants it to be it has not done everything that the u.s.
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thinks ought to be done in terms of holding those accountable who are murder accountable and they basically made it plain that the saudi government has much more to do in order to wos satisfy the international community that those responsible for jamal because so she's murder will be held accountable and certainly they did say that the secretary of state my client pale is going to press those very points while he is meeting with saudi officials this in the coming days ok as inching isn't it because in the u.s. the senate possible solution which held the saudi crown prince responsible for what we haven't seen any further action halfway from congress or indeed from the white house. that's right and it's frankly because of the government shutdown laura there isn't even any briefing scheduled or any hearing scheduled before the senate foreign relations committee or for the house foreign affairs committee to deal with these issues even though there is bipartisan agreement that the murder of jamal
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khashoggi was a horrid and that there is a real sense that the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon had to have been behind the murder of mr kushner the consensus really started forming after of both senators and representatives had closed door briefings with the cia director gina haskell in december but again because the u.s. government is in a partial shutdown the focus right now among all legislators is in trying to resolve this crisis and then they will get back to these other issues involving foreign policy but frankly the government shutdown is overriding everything right now. the u.s. at least is on hold rosemond.


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