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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2019 3:00am-3:33am +03

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some supported by turkey is meant to give the group more territory and influence something turkey would not allow he called the global terrorist organization and said on qatar will ensure that the gains that have made including taking complete control of the province will be lost the foreign minister said they were in talks with russia to ensure that they act together to. carry out an offensive against the higher to tahir a sham which has gained so much territory in the past two weeks the group of which are toxin all positioned groups including the free syrian army which is allied to taki and eventually signed an agreement with the national liberation front another . turkish allied group something that give it the complete comp troll off that it leaves the province of course the foreign minister's comments come hop on
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the heels of a promise by the turkish president that an offensive on kurdish groups like the wide p.d. and the p.k. kelly in the city of mum beach will happen very soon turkish officials insisting that there are offensive on men beach to remove what they're calling terrorist elements like the y.p. d.m.p. k.k. is not changed on the us troop withdrawal from syria but will happen whether the us troops and leave or remain in the country the organization of american states has voted not to recognize the legitimacy of one as well and president think i lost my door of who's been sworn in for a second six year term fellow leftist leaders in cuba bolivia and attended the inauguration ceremony but neighbors colombia and brazil were among a dozen latin american countries who rejected maduro's legitimacy along with the u.s. and canada they say he rigged last year's election venezuela's bad. skyrocketing
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inflation food and medicine shortages and millions of people have left for neighboring countries there is a bow joining us from caracas you were covering the swearing in ceremony talk to us about what you saw what the general reaction has been on the streets. well we are a few blocks away from the supreme court that's the place where the president was he warning and in venezuela when a president is elected and is supposed to be sworn in this happens at the national assembly this did not happen this time basically because the national assembly is considered to be in contempt and it's not recognized by the government and that's why the ceremony happened inside the supreme court there's hundreds of thousands of people that came all around the supreme court to show their support for new model for although chavez socialist revolution they are convinced that any changes that need to happen in this country need to happen with that revolution we're going to have a revenue line from here from the supreme court. action to go to
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what it will now that's one of the largest military bases here in venezuela where there's going to be a military parade let's not forget if they're important that the military has had. in this government but also since the very beginning when chavis two coffees and what's known as a civilian military alliance took place the military is the one body within the government that has helped. to overcome the problems the crisis that we have seen not the protests that we have seen in venezuela in the past few years in spite of been tired national pressure of the latest oil yes. the statement a remains defiant he says that he has the support of some super powers like a russia china and iran is good about the opposition because they have used every avenue possible too. at least try and creates political change what are their plans
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going forwards. well we're waiting now for a press conference that is expected to happen any minute from the president of the national assembly is expected to announce what they're going to do next they're saying of the most important thing is that they role to recognize what they say is an illegitimate government in the past year we have seen the venezuelan opposition take to the streets with enormous protest leaders from the opposition have been persecuted many of them detained banned from running for office many of them were forced to leave the country so we have spoken to some of them out there saying is that they're running out of options that they count on the international pressure but most of the analysts we have spoken to say that international pressure cannot achieve change that the only way out of the crisis of this existing tension between the opposition and the venezuelan government right now is that negotiation but
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nobody knows whether that's going to happen any time soon ok to risible thank you. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera news hour including opposition candidate felix had to use declared winner in the democratic republic of congo's presidential election but his rival says the results are rigged professional tennis players are among dozens being investigated in spain for match fixing peter we'll have the details in sports. but first the u.s. president donald trump will be visiting the mexican border in the next hour that's in a bid to drum up support for his well proposal trump will hold a roundtable discussion at a u.s. patrol border patrol facility in macallan texas trump walked out of a meeting with democratic leaders on wednesday he called it a waste of time it's the twentieth day of a partial government shutdown with democrats rejecting trump's demands for nearly
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six billion dollars for his plan barrier this is a tremendous crisis at the border look at president obama's statements from the past statement where it goes to the right this is a right you have human traffic you are wrong you have criminals governing it you have gangs jemez thirteen which take you to met by the falsehood of bringing them back this is a crisis and they don't come in the checkpoint which they do also but they go in between the checkpoints where you don't have any barrier so we've got correspondents on the us as well as the mexican border in a moments we'll cross over to john holeman he's in tijuana mexico but first we'll cross over to kimberly halkett in macallan texas where the president is supposed to land kimberly talk us through the significance off his visit in the context of this government shutdown now in its twentieth day. yeah a couple things i want to point out the first is the president making some news in
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just the last few moments tweeting from air force one he is set to arrive here in mccallum texas but has made an announcement that he will as a result of this government shutdown the ongoing what he's calling a crisis of illegal immigration and the partial government shutdown he will not be attending the world economic forum in davos switzerland so the president tweeting that just moments ago certainly going to make some people unhappy some others may be happy about that having said that why is the president coming to mccallum texas well he's coming here to illustrate the point that he has been trying to make about why there is a need to essentially hold the government hostage over a five point seven billion in funding for border security or the border wall a campaign promise for donald trump this is the location of the highest number of illegal crossings in the united states and here's a little bit about why if you look behind me you'll see a very tall fence but right beside it is a very short one that one is easily you can jump over it if you are happen to go
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through the razor wire that's underneath it as well as scaleup a wall that is essentially about four or five meters high and prior to that you also have to be very strong swimmer to swim across a river but if you can do all of those things you can get into the united states pretty easily and apparently a lot of people can't do it because again this is the busiest point for illegal crossings so this is what the president is coming down to make the point about is that he believes there needs to be a physical steel barrier one that you cannot scale all the way along the border in this section so that it can cut down on the number of crossings now certainly the president has characterized this as a crisis he's pointing out that iraq obama in two thousand and fourteen also called it a crisis bit of difference there is that in two thousand and fourteen while the numbers were about the same you saw waves of unaccompanied children and minors coming into the united states without their parents that is a minor differentiation but. the overall numbers are about the same so the
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president donald trump has been getting a lot of criticism for calling this a humanitarian crisis certainly that's the case he's going to make the numbers are as i said about four hundred thousand that are coming into the united states illegal that certainly down from its peak in the year two thousand when almost two million illegal crossings happen so the president's going to be meeting with local mayors here macallum texas he's going to be talking to border patrol security trying to get a sense of where things stand but this is also a big photo opportunity for the president saying look at i know you're not going to get your paychecks tomorrow federal workers eight hundred thousand of you but this is worth it this is a crisis i believe bear with me till we get this funding but certainly it is an unpopular position for his political friend and a point of political criticism especially this walls become a symbol of the fight between democrats and republicans all right kimberly thank you john heilemann joining us from tijuana in mexico near the u.s. border and with trump saying that he's considering emergency funds john from what
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you've seen how much of an emergency is it. by think kimberly spoke a little bit about that but just to break down what president trump and the team around him have said about this he said that it's an emergency you heard the sound bite there because of drugs actually eighty to ninety percent of it specially hard drugs don't go across the point and this will be a small go through points of entry so that one doesn't really stand up his people around him of well have mentioned terrorists and then it came out that actually most terrorists go in through the ports rather than go across pressuring the war on points of entry on the southern border another point that he and his team of made about the over spill of boylan's certain areas in mexico especially where we are now if you want to be has one of the highest murder rates right now in the world but then if you. go across the border but it's a sunday
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a go it's one of the safest cities in the united states where kimberly is in mcmullen is having about a thirty year low in crime over the border brain also it's like a black hole full of call tell pilots in mexico so some of those points he's made haven't really stuck so where he's in agreement with human rights advocates is in terms of talking about this is a humanitarian crisis perhaps and that's because the number of unaccompanied minors i women has actually been growing more than the hall here a lot of them are either present themselves first saw them at the ports of entry or try to get over the wall and then immediately present themselves to lure an important officials to ask for asylum that's where of the cuts would say you need instead more judges immigration judges to look at those cases and speed up the process of the moment is less than four hundred and someone who goes to offer asylum could wait five years before they're actually hearing to get their case to
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so i don't john just briefly you've been talking to central americans in shelters what do they make of what trump has been saying or are they paying any attention to it. i think they are we we were in our cheer shelter and we watched the speech that president trump gave a couple of days ago with some central americans who got this far they were obviously offended by his depiction of them he talked about murderers and rapists and gave examples of in his speech migrants who come into the u.s. and committed those crimes and say we're not all the same we're not criminals obviously the president's speech there was very much for a domestic audience there's also another caravan of people just as this one windows there's only about seven hundred people now in the main shelter here in tijuana but there's another one that's forming in home due to leave about mid january and there are different sorts of speculations about how many people are going to be in that
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caravan coming north but as it does move again towards the u.s. border this debate is only going to intensify again all right said john homeland reporting from tijuana thank you the influential catholic church in the democratic republic of congo says the official presidential election results do not match the tallies of thousands if it's observers opposition candidates felix just because he was declared the winner by the electoral commission as how it's also reports from kinshasa the results have some celebrating and others protesting on the streets. and nancy meant few expected one that could set the stage for the first democratic transfer of power since independence from belgium in one thousand nine hundred sixty philip chism who had seen his father lead congress opposition for more than thirty five years had a message of unity. oh. i know how many of you find it hard to accept but i say with sincerity i pay homage to president joseph kabila president of the
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republic today we must no longer consider each other as adversities but rather as partners and democratic change in our country. thousands of his supporters poured onto the streets to celebrate their hold it will be a new beginning people are suffering this country there's no job in this country i was in south africa and then i come back and got to there's no job and country. people these people are born to study and after that there's nothing the result triggered protesters in goma and congolese catholic chased leaders are also questioning the result local authorities in concrete in the south west of the country say at least two civilians and two police officers were killed during riots several police stations were torched. she said kate is rival martin five is rejecting the provisional results and alleges what he calls an electoral. to sue you all those who learned of the truth of the ballot boxes especially to congress national bishops the past couple conference sankoh of the church of congo through
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your historical observations we ask you to reveal to the congolese people and to the whole world the name of the person who really was our people's choice. good reject categorically the result published by the election commission president. this in the international community to the surprise victory is at odds with other townies. catholic church of congo did its tally and announced completely different results therefore i think while remaining calm and avoiding confrontation that we must have clarity on these results which are the opposite to what we expected. with a history of coups conflict and contested elections the d r c has been on edge during campaigning with allegations of widespread election irregularities including vote rigging and violence. anyone who deny.
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the internet has been cut off for weeks in an apparent attempt to stop speculation about the results rights police had been deployed the vote that was two years old was finally see the exit of president joseph kabila nearly eighteen years in power but the op questions about how much influence he will still have. kinshasa the election result has been a major trending topic worldwide and sara horowitz has a round up of social media reaction. well let's start with this reaction. because this was the moment when says kevvy and his wife found out about his win and so many more people in the democratic republic of congo have been celebrating his victory just in the same way. and on the streets of
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kinshasa this was the reaction that there are plenty of videos like these being upstaged many people around the world joining in on those celebrations soon quite a lot of excitement layoffs and months of delays and there seems to be a general sense of relief on social media the result has finally been declared is what many bodies means change is coming but jubilation aside some people from both in and outside zim across that republic of congo say they're still surprised by the election results to be honest my reaction and you lecture it was a shock i think late last night when the results came through were pretty much stopped under the first order to proceed to elect to be there was or became. the first lead my thought was yes for you and that's what i wanted to see as next prez president however you can is a positive side of the election is we as your os people i've chosen our president to decide first time it will be. the return change of power based on what people want and it's nice to see done. for our country it should start on was moving the
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right direction now on social media hashtags d.l.c. election and president already see those have gone viral with one of them even trending worldwide now walsh for casey is an opposition figure there although skeptical that it signifies true change among cues in joseph kabila even of using him as a smokescreen to continue to run the show from behind the scenes and this person has tweeted that it's sad congo has a scene in a new leader in so many years and that person doesn't seem politicly happy over the election results either but. another person who responded to them said rather optimistically that we just have to wait and see and see everything how it will be playing out in the future but people have also been retreating in this where one news one has referred to the election as a case study for the future of the d.l.c. but this user who seems rather happy about results shows a heartfelt message where she talks about her father who's seventy and writes his
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entire life this would be the first free and fair election that he has witnessed and then adds that this is so important it's so hard on the al jazeera news hour a vigil in istanbul one hundred days after the journalist was killed in the saudi consulate. and value why a japanese wrestling champion is quitting a year before the tokyo olympics peter explained that sport. hello again i welcome back well this hour i want to take you over here towards the western part of the body we have been seeing a lot of rain across parts of syria into jordan into parts of lebanon as well as we go towards friday not looking as bad as what we have seen we're going to see a break in the weather but you can see out here towards the west there is more rain
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that will be coming over the next few days and will we will be watching that as we go towards the end of the weekend till then could be seeing some snow in your forecast of the temperature there of about five degrees well here across the gulf temperatures are coming down from what they were just several days ago here in doha we are going to see on friday but not twenty two degrees but the winds are going to be a problem and we could be seeing some haze as well as we go toward saturday it's going to be the clouds starting to make their way across much of that area over here towards riyadh as well to few of about twenty one degrees and over towards how about twenty three degrees in your forecast and then very quickly down towards madagascar we are going to be seeing most of the island countries seeing some rain showers and they are going to be heavy over the next few days we could be even seeing some localized flooding across much of that area so the capital twenty four degrees here on friday as we go toward saturday twenty seven but up here towards tensity it is going to be rainy as well harare a mostly cloudy day few with a temperature there of twenty seven and durban at twenty six degrees for you.
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headlines warned the streets of melbourne australia are by. its citizens under threat by african gangs. but how real the displays. when one east investigates are now just there. when the news breaks and the story that's when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told. with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports. al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries. and light needs on air and online. the week began with news of ninety day truce in the to protect the us china trade war the world's largest supplier of liquefied
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natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. hello again you're with the al-jazeera news hour here the top stories the secretary of state my pompei o has argued the u.s. as a force for good in the middle east has been outlining the trumpet ministrations policy on the region and his speech in cairo to pay a vow the u.s. will tell us for any threats from iran. the organization of american states has voted not to recognize the legitimacy of venezuelan president nicolas maduro who's been sworn in for a second six year term the country's in the middle of an economic crisis millions
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have fled to neighboring countries in the past three years as president donald trump will be visiting the mexican border in the coming hour. in a bid to drum up support for his controversial wall he's demanding nearly six billion dollars for his fund barrier while trump's wall around is at the center of a budget deadlock with democrats that's led to a partial government shutdown for twenty days now many federal employees who are not getting paid are taking to the streets in protest about as were hiding joining us from live from a rally in washington d.c. heidi. major reason i'm actually right outside of the white house because that is the focus of this protest by the more than eight hundred thousand federal government workers who are going without a paycheck because of this government shutdown and they're calling president donald trump out by name saying trump and this shutdown the effects of this government shutdown is twofold their own are the services that americans depend on that are
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going without the most vulnerable the impoverished americans who depend on the federal food stamp act in a few weeks time may be going without those essential services and then the more immediate people paying for this impasse in congress and the white house are those government workers or the park rangers the people protecting the border and the administrators the government scientists who starting tomorrow will lose their first paycheck and i wanted to bring in a special guest mr charlton hall i understand you're a parent you're personally feeling this how are you financially getting by. i have to tell you my build up a little bit column nickel and dime in a what's important first and hopefully on the back in it will be money to cover everything else and what is your job garner presidential park in fact that's where we're standing right now yes ma'am i mean i would go with my unit help you know try
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to drum up some more support maybe fix this thing before it's too late when you say he who do you who do you blame who do you think needs to take action here. i'm not a politician i know much about biology example god. but whoever needs to get in a room and not leave that room until they say ok then federal workers go back to work. and you know you say that you take care of the garden here factor at the doorstep of the white house these are the same gardens that the president sees when he looks out his window what do you want to speak hit your message to him right now . this is people to me just need to pay checks bittle mark come to work they just won't get paid we can't get to work you've got the government shutdown we just won't come to work thank you so much for your time mr hall and in fact that is the similar message i've been hearing from all of the people i've talked to here they say they feel like they're being used as pawns whereas trump and republicans do not
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want to reopen the government without funding for the border wall and democrats say they would reopen the government but without that fund that that funding and what the unions here are trying to do is they've actually filed a federal lawsuit against the u.s. government saying that denying workers their wages because of this is unconstitutional however any sort of legal remedy from that front may take years to arrive at and what these workers are demanding is a solution now and heidi let me just ask you since i have here with us are these rallies going to take place over the next couple of days or what are the next steps for the people that are coming out to demonstrates. yeah in fact this is this is a rally organized more than by more than a dozen labor unions that represent federal workers and they has said that this is only the beginning that if this government shutdown continues they will continue taking to the streets particularly tomorrow is a key day in not only what made this partial government shutdown high for the
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longest in u.s. history but it is the first day that these federal workers will go without their paycheck and for many of these folks who do live paycheck to paycheck that might mean failing to pay for rent for their kids' tuition at school things that they say they simply will not stand for. castro thank you it's one hundred days since saudi journalist was murdered in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul so people have been gathering outside the missing to remember him and vowing not to give up the fight for justice many questions remain unanswered like who gave the order for his killing and why jamal sales reports video just a few seconds long yet it's helped uncover a murder prompts hatched by one of the world's richest governments one hundred days have passed and security cameras recorded jamal khashoggi entering the saudi consulates in istanbul never to be seen again after continually lying about what happened to the journalists your thirty's eventually admitted he was murdered
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inside the consulate however a toll now no one has been punished for the crime turkish investigators identified nine hundred suspects went to the country as part of a so-called hit squad it's included former diplomats and close aides to crown prince mohammed bin sandman and although intelligence agencies such as the cia have said they're fairly confident inside man was behind the murder of the journalist the kingdom has always denied his involvement instead claiming the crown prince's advisor saddam a funny and general ahmed. the saudis say justice will be delivered but it'll be in their own way. that's we seems is through having secret court hearings that are closed to the media and international human rights groups where the accused on to name him to death penalties are sought seemingly arbitrarily it is one of the reasons why the turkish government sees the culprits should face trial in istanbul and valves they will be tried in absentia even if saudi arabia refuses to hand them
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over all of them one issue instead of a subdued yun according to turkish war because saudi arabia has not cooperated the suspect can be tried in absentia but without issuing a final verdict turkey can also defer the case to the united nations or other international bodies amnesty international is one of the groups calling on turkey to request an international independent inquiry into murder members of the human rights group held a vigil outside the consulate on thursday to mark one hundred days since his killing obviously the murder took place here in istanbul so it's right and it's important that the turks the artes keep up their calls for an independent u.n. investigation but really be in stash community as a whole needs to commit to this investigation to ensure that that's what happens and justice is done it was reported that crown prince mohammed bin sandman was told by president trump's adviser during the christian are not to worry about the fallout of the murder of course rocketry because it would die down within troops
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for three months one hundred days on and it seems that there is a risk that the international community will forget about the saudi journalist who entered this building to get married but summed it up being murdered and still no justice has been served. istanbul well qatar has asserted iraq of support in the efforts to rebuild infrastructure and cities destroyed during the fight against i saw the president of iraq with the emir of qatar in doha asama bin jade has more. iraq's government is looking for help to rebuild its cities which have been destroyed in the fight against isis and that was on top of the agenda of the meeting between the president of iraq and the emir of qatar we constraint on the bilateral reconstruction of iraq and the damage cities. and the participation of qatar and. you know the reconstruction which is important and also we talked about the transition of goods and material from turkey through the
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through our harbors to. qatar the other issues that they discussed was relaxation of reserve between the two countries this is in continuation of the iraqi president's tour of the middle east where he's also visited countries such as a kuwait iran saudi arabia turkey they have also discussed the issue of the g.c.c. blockade and the differences amongst all sides as the iraqi president has continued to visit these countries thousands of bangladesh's garment sector have been protesting for several days they're demanding higher wages a minimum wage was set by the government last year but workers say factory owners are not implementing it's at least one person has died and many others injured while police try to disperse demonstrations on wednesday tanveer chowdhry reports from dhaka. relatively peaceful here in may i mean industrial zone where lots of garment factories are located at now there were protests here in the morning from
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eight till noon most of the workers left after a discussion with the owners about their heavy presence of security you can see behind me not twenty kilometers from here there's been violent clashes and sub out end zone this is the fifth consecutive day the garment workers have been demanding for higher wages at least one worker was killed on tuesday by police firing there's been also lots of injuries a journalist was bitten by the police while covering this garment at various sensitive area for bangladesh eighty percent of the export. of the garment textile business has now we spoke to. who is the president of the garment federation union and she told us to argue the war to go back to work and peacefully result the unions are planning to sit with the government and business they called us for the next few days and try to resolve this peacefully till then we'll have to see how the garment workers abide by this it has been a rough five days for the garment sector and bangladesh british. prime minister to
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resign deadline have been moved her three days to tell them what plan b. is if she loses next week's crucial votes labor leader jeremy corbyn is calling for a general election as the only way to break the political deadlock to leave the european union at the end of march air france is suspending its flights to saudi arabia for next month due to the routes poor economic performance saudi arabian airlines will now operate direct flights between paris and riyadh. hundreds of thousands of fish have died in australia after what's been described as an ecological catastrophe it happened in the darling river about a thousand kilometers west of sydney and drained oxygen from the water environmentalists say the river system has been badly damaged by over. climate change.


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