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tv   Latifa A Fighting Heart  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2019 4:00am-5:00am +03

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east pressure on teheran which he accuses of being a destabilizing force in the region many middle east experts say pushing iran into a corner is a dangerous move but in the egyptian capital cairo america's top diplomat didn't mince his words the nations of the middle east will never enjoy security achieve economic stability or advance the dreams of their people of iran's revolutionary regime persists on its current course america's economic sanctions against the regime are the strongest in history and will keep getting tougher until iran starts behaving like a normal country. middle east follows confusion about donald trump's withdrawal of a around two thousand u.s. troops from northern syria the president's announcement schult arab allies as well as u.s. political leaders and military commanders concerned that the battle against eisel in syria and the wider region is not over yet. try to reassure them
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president trump has made the decision to bring our troops home from syria we always do and now is the time but this isn't a change of mission we were made committed to the complete dismantling of isis the isis threat and the ongoing fight against radical islam islam in all of its forms. the u.s. withdrawal from syria is also having ramifications for american relations with nato ally turkey u.s. troops have been working with kurdish y.p. chief i choose who control a large area of northern syria close to the turkish border turkey considers the white peachey a terrorist organization president received type order one said the suggestion on choose day by u.s. national security adviser john bolton of protecting the white p.g. as a precondition to the u.s. troop withdrawal plan was a serious mistake there was very little if anything from pumpin about the story
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israeli palestinian peace process very little on the saudi and amorality led war in yemen that has killed tens of thousands displaced millions with millions more threatened with famine and disease. pressure increased on president trump from both democrat and republican senators to end support for the saudi involvement in yemen after the murder of saudi journalist to marcos. many suspect crown prince muhammad bin solomon ordered a saudi hit squad to fly to istanbul last october that the united states is the main provider of saudi military assistance aid and support in the war in yemen so the the not united states is not an objective observer at the war of yemen it's an accomplice in the water of yemen. pompei was keen to lay much of the blame for what many describe as years of chaos in the middle east on former president barack obama's administration. president trump has reasserted america's control as
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a force for good in this region he said we have rediscovered our voice. there are millions of people throughout this region who are grateful for the u.s. led coalition success in the battle against eisel but there will also be many made nervous by u.s. administration that blames the region's instability in the previous u.s. president and iran chance trafford al-jazeera. there are still ahead. venezuela's president nicolas maduro is sworn in for another term as thousands flee a devastating economic crisis and remembering jamal khashoggi a vigil was held outside the sound a concert in istanbul to mark a hundred days since his matter.
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hello there snow it's continuing to fall across parts of europe is the satellite picture then showing the latest area of cloud sinking its way south as another one following hot on its heels so we are going to see some wintry weather during the day on friday and that will gradually make its way towards the northern outs once more bringing us yet more snow but then that will actually peter around to by the time we get to saturday the ouse is looking a good deal dry up it's not going to last there because this next system is going to sink its way southwards and sunday is looking like we're going to see some very very snowy weather during the day now a bit further towards the south and the next system is making its way into turkey not staying in the western parts of turkey for now but it's gathering strength as we head through the day on saturday so on saturday it will probably be pushing a bit further south so for us in the northern parts of libya we're likely to see some of that what with the two before eventually that begins to pull its way eastwards as we head into sunday and monday towards the west fine and dry for us here robots up at around seventeen degrees
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a bit further towards the south arm for the central belt of africa it's largely fine and dry it's also still very warm katsu up at thirty three degrees but to the south that's where we've got a few showers around and some of them are looking for all the heavy day in parts of kabul. it could be the biggest lie in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the ocean twenty one geologists are secretly bored. as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. on a zero. american
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airliner the top stories. u.s. president donald trump has arrived at the border with mexico to drum up support for his proposed border will trump wants more than five billion dollars to start construction but is not in a standoff with u.s. democrats who refused to fund it first election violence has killed four people in the democratic republic of congo position candidate fix she said katie has been declared the winner but many others are disputing the outcome. and you might compare who has vowed to expel the iranians from syria speaking at the american university in cairo and also took aim at former president barack obama and he blamed the rise of ice on. the venezuelan president nicolas maduro has been sworn
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in for a second six year term in a ceremony in the capital caracas he was reelected in a disputed poll in may last year the u.s. and thirteen countries in the americas said it will not recognize winterize presidency dozens of countries have boycotted the inauguration. in terms of who joins us live from inside the opposition headquarters in caracas or tereza some countries that we mentioned boycotted the ceremony and many people there are also questioning the legitimacy of his presidency on a. well that's correct lots of people here are questioning the legends in my city of the presidency of fact there's a press conference ongoing right now where the president of the national assembly that's opposition controlled congress here in venezuela they're basically saying that they won't acknowledge any decisions taken by the precedences and he also said he spoke to the members of the military he asked them to get together to join them
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in defending venezuela's constitution nine hundred ninety nine constitution that was passed to under former president or chavis they also spoke about the creation of a fund that's being composed by money that was captured especially in the united states that's money that is supposed to be your allegedly belongs to members of the government that have money in the united states and they're hoping to use that money to start buying supplies medicines among other things to help the people here in venezuela so there's lots of people who are not happy with what happened here today we saw a precedent. to be sworn in at the supreme court that something that is under the constitution should have happened in front of the national assembly but because it's considered to be in contempt and the government does not recognize that that's why it was sworn in at the supreme court. has a tough task ahead of
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a very good one to the country's dire economic situation. while most definitely venezuela is in the middle of a political but also an economic crisis an enormous economic crisis and when you go around the countryside evidence of how much people are struggling to get by how difficult it is for them to be able to access food medicines and other basic items for daily life for most of the people we spoke to say that they were thinking about leaving the country let's not forget that according. to the united nations around three million people have already left in venezuela because of this ongoing crisis that many are suffering the other enormous task that the government needs to face is infrastructure infrastructure in the country's crumbling public hospitals schemes. there's been a lack of investment in the past few years and that's a serious serious issue for most of the people the big question here is whether new
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york is the man for this difficult task is expected to present an economic program at the constituent assembly this friday and many are waiting to hear what he has to say. thank you very much indeed. at least five people are dead entre hoof a drone strike hit yemeni government forces at a military parade and attack in large provinces threatening un led peace efforts to end the four year war millions of yemenis are on the verge of famine dosage of our report that issue one hundred fifty billion a week in his army of about. a deadly drone attack on a military parade outside the southern port city of eight. zero zero. two three fighters targeting troops as well as commanders from the saudi led coalition are the leading chaos in the minutes following the attack then the
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casualties can be seen as people scramble for cover oh. it comes as a blow to yemen peace efforts after cease fire was signed for the key port city of haditha last month. it also comes just a day after united nations envoy martin griffiths told the security council that the agreement had brought a considerable deescalation to the conflict the airstrike was carried out by a cost of two drone targeting the air base in the southern province of louch. this attack will likely raise new questions about iran's alleged role in arming the with these with drones and of the stick missile technology yemen plunged into civil war in two thousand and fourteen but hopes were raised last month that the country was moving towards peace after the two main protagonists agreed to a cease fire in her data to allow humanitarian aid into the country oh. for now this latest attack will only put
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a further strain on an already fragile peace process door such a pari al-jazeera. turkey's foreign minister says gains made in northern syria by armed fighters formally linked to al qaeda will be reversed. sham has signed a cease fire with other rebel groups that had control of it and province. it it's a fact that terrorist organizations are operating in italy and we did not bring these terrorist organizations to the region it was the regime it deliberately opened up the color doors for them to get to these radical groups have been attacking moderate groups we are certainly taking all the necessary measures to stop them now and at zero has more from gaziantep. talking foreign minister manouchehr was shug will say cell phones have by hired into him in a shop. against other opposition groups including some supported by turkey is meant to give the group more territory and influence something turkey
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would not allow he called the global terrorist organization and said on qatar will ensure that the gains that have made including taking complete control off in the provinces will get it lost the foreign minister said they were in talks with russia to ensure that they act together to. carry out on offensive against the higher to to hit a shot which has gained so much ten to thirty in the past two weeks the group has a ways out taksin out all position groups including the free syrian army which is allied to taki and eventually signed an agreement with the national liberation front another. turkish allied group something that give it the complete control of that province of course the foreign minister's comments come hop on the heels of a promise by the turkish president that an offensive on kurdish groups like the
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wide p.d. and the p.k. k. in the city of none beach will happen very soon turkish officials insisting that there are fences on men beach to them or what they're calling tenet is elements like the y.p. d.m.p. k.k.k. is not changed on the u.s. troop withdrawal from syria but will happen whether the u.s. troops leave or remain in the country. spanish police have arrested fifteen people during an investigation into match fixing in tennis sixty eight others are being investigated including twenty eight professional players they seized nearly two hundred thousand dollars in cash and a number of luxury cars during raids on eleven properties in the dreaded arrests connected to alleged fraud by an armenian criminal gang authorities accuse the group of bribing athletes for betting purposes one of the arrested tennis players competed in the twenty eighteen u.s.
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open but there i did see has not been released. one hundred days ago dramatic was murdered in the saudi consulate in istanbul people have been gathering outside the mission to remember the journalist and vowing not to give up the fight for justice jamal reports video just a few seconds long yet it's helped uncover a murder prompts hatched by one of the world's richest governments one hundred days have passed and security cameras recorded jamal khashoggi entering the saudi consulates in istanbul never to be seen again after continually lying about what happened to the journalists saudi authorities eventually admitted he was murdered inside the consulate however told now no one has been punished for the crime turkish investigators identified one thousand suspects went to the country as part of a so-called hit squad it's included former diplomats and close aides to crown prince
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mohammed bin sandman and all the intelligence agencies such as the cia have said they're fairly confident been said man was behind the murder of the journalist the kingdom has always denied his involvements instead blaming the crown prince's advisor saddam of funny and general ahmed. the saudis say justice will be delivered but it'll be in their own way. that's way seems is through having secret court hearings that are closed to the media and international human rights groups where the accused aren't to name him to death penalties are sought seemingly arbitrarily it is one of the reasons why the turkish government sees the culprits should face trial in istanbul and valves they will be tried in absentia even if saudi arabia refuses to hand them over all of them one issue instead of a subdued yanni according to turkish war because saudi arabia is not cooperating the suspect can be tried in absentia but without issuing a final verdict turkey can also defer the case to the united nations or other
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international bodies amnesty international is one of the groups calling on turkey to request an international independent inquiry into murder members of the human rights group held a vigil outside the consulate on thursday to mark one hundred days since his killing obviously the murder took place here in istanbul so it's right and it's important that the turks that is keep up their call for an independent u.n. investigation but really the in stash community as a whole needs to commit to this investigation to ensure that that's what happens and justice is done it was reported that crown prince mohammed bin sideman was told by president trump's advisor christian are not to worry about the fallout of the murder of qatari because it would die down within troops for three months one hundred days on and it seems that there is a risk that the international community will forget about the saudi journalist who entered this building to get married but summed it up being murdered and still no
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justice has been served. istanbul. now what's being described as an ecological catastrophe on an international scale up to a million fish have been found dead in an australian river and algal bloom which can be caused by agricultural chemicals has been blamed for the deaths it happened in the darling river at menindee about a thousand kilometers west of sydney environmentalist's said the river system has been badly damaged by over irrigation and climate change. from one of the main headlines on al jazeera us president donald trump is visiting the border with mexico to drum up support for his proposed border war trump wants more than five billion dollars to start construction production and standoff with us democrats who refuse on wednesday he stormed out of
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a meeting with democratic leaders at the white house calling it a waste of time i'm honored to be in a gallon texas with the heroes of border patrol and they are heroes you know you her have so much border patrol ice and law enforcement generally you take so much heat it takes so much abuse from people that don't know what they're talking about i want to just say that you have a friend with this administration and you have a friend with me. nobody does a better job. at least five people are dead after a hoofy drone strike hit yemeni government forces at a military parade. a week in his. attack in large province is threatening un led peace efforts to end the four year war. and the saudi led pro-government coalition had agreed to hold fighting around
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the vital port city of her data the war has brought millions of people to the brink of famine first election violence has killed four people in the democratic republic of congo opposition candidate predicts two security has been declared the winner but many others are disputing the outcome france's foreign minister says the results don't tally with what was seen on the ground your sexual state might pompei or has vowed to expel the iranians from syria he was speaking at the american university in cairo and also took aim at former president barack obama whom he blamed for the rise of eisel compare outlined to president trump's approach to the middle east and israeli president nicolas maduro has been sworn in for a second term in office and dozens of countries have boycotted the inauguration ceremony and duras overseen an economic collapse in the latin american state from two regions worst ever migration crisis those are your top stories the stream is up
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next more news for you after that thanks for sharing. hi i'm femi oke am and you are in the stream today we're discussing three stories right at the top of the week's headlines that are rooted in the struggle for human rights we would love for you to tweet us your thoughts or leave them in our live chat we begin at the us mexico border where u.s. president donald trump arrive thursday to meet with border patrol offices in mexico
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thousands of white coping for asylum he is out on home and. these central americans watching president trump speech from the mexico u.s. may reaction was indignation as he once again depicted them as prospective criminals and their best friends and what he said is offensive to me because we're not all the same there are criminals everywhere he should give us an opportunity to cross the only thing we want is to work and support our family president trump hopes his message will help him get the funds for a good will which he says will stop them along with drugs and terrorists despite the fact that the last two overwhelmingly come through legal entry points joining us live from the border al jazeera correspondents john home and his own tail wind mexico and kimberly how could his name macallan texas good to have you both here john exactly what are you standing next as i was at a friend's what is that it's. one of. the.
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you have already. kimberly your producer chris is with you and he shared this with us it's a little bit of a video so he's sharing us what you're seeing behind you there we go explain where you are that looks like a fence and also a gate according to producer chris. yeah it's both and this is where the president is visiting maccallum texas to illustrate this is kind of symbolic of what he's trying to get and why he says there's a need for a border wall that's more fortified because as you can see behind me is my producer chris sheridan shared you know parts of it are easily scalable if you're physically fit unable to do so so that's why donald trump is here making this case of what some people call to sort of a massive photo op but certainly there is the case to be made that there are places
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where it's easier to scale than others what are people saying in that side of the fence a last line of the border kimberly about the president saying we're not doing any business right now and to give me money for this war well we've been talking to some of the folks here in mccallum texas and you know there's a little bit of pushback they're not loving the fact that the media has descended on this town this it's relatively quiet here it is predominantly latino the people that speak live here a lot of them don't speak english and they do very much resent how some of the their relatives some of their friends are being characterized as criminals that want to cross into the united states and commit crimes but certainly that's what the president is talking about right now he's he's at a photo op where he is sort of making the point that in fact the border patrol is very much in support of what he's arguing for because drugs come in there's an
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illegal weapons coming in and women are victims of crime and john i think you might be able to speak to that better with regard to whether or not this is actually true or not the president's claims junk and i just can i just get team with a chief or is he also thinking about came only the us mexico border and she froze tweets requires more security because drug operations are becoming more sophisticated and more people are fleeing violence for their respective countries is that even to troops on twitter but is it true john. when. you know like sites about. coming. they're not coming thank. you no. president has said well most of them coming in. so there's a lot of think that he's claiming about quite. with the reality one thing i wanted
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given. the question. american public sort of the leading and. to move forward that they're worried about migration actually supporting president. it's interesting you asked that john because i was looking at some polling numbers this week and politico i believe had the numbers i don't have exactly right but about thirty seven percent did agree with the president that in fact this was a crisis and then there was another about a third that thought it was certainly a problem so when you look at the broader american public most people agree that there is a problem with illegal immigration and the president has already noticed in the american media got a lot of question back for some of his numbers and you know we know now that the president does play fast and loose with facts at times but the point he's trying to
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make about this being a crisis is certainly one that in two thousand and fourteen in fact donald trump tweeted this out today thursday in fact that this was called a crisis i was in there about the same number of illegal entries under barack obama so what i think we've got here is is a wall that's become kind of a symbol of a dueling narrative whether you support trump or don't support trump and whether or not you see this as a priority i think both democrats and republicans see this is our priority making sure that immigration is reformed congress over the last twenty years is failed to do that and they still disagree and this is why we've got this partial government shutdown in the united states right now is that they disagree on how to fortify the border some believe that it should be a physical wall i marry americans believe you can do it with drones and things like that let me share this with you this is from a window bag and let me start with john i believe president trump is among the most influential while insisting on a border war with mexico shows hatred and thereby increasing limiting well peace
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and that relationship that defines racism that will remaining delegates in the heart of mexicans john. what i think we saw in our poll was of the. people used to say read something to americans that would immediately. be picked. great as criminals try to carry the country. and one of the think he's going to push. now or say one thing i think it's interesting that has to say about the people trying. to move them off now but we're hearing about women on the come to be. the number of on the come men are actually during that time so what i mean the people trying to get in touch with needs to be treated in a different way what
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a lot of people are trying to do now specially when the children they're going in. for saw them that way which is really slow or climbing over the. little move aside time to try to guess what. is and isn't of course the security it's a humanitarian crisis in terms of there's not enough for that immigration on the u.s. side to produce those types of this so i. get is getting asylum with a should be. kind and to jump in here for just a second john what we're starting to see in the media in the united states right now is the fact that people are noting when the same argument was made by barack obama twenty fourteen he didn't get the same kind of pushback that we're seeing from donald trump now one thing though that donald trump is getting some pushback on is whether or not to declare this and national emergency which would then allow
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him to access funds that normally would be appropriated for bigger crises in order to win this battle with within congress and get the border wall built so you both inspired some long. comment kelly kelly says needs mall security one is already existing possibly and then maybe need of repairs but definitely much more security at board of the trucks and vehicles to scan for drug smuggling going to put you both from the spall here just in the last three seconds of the segment present troubles visit just like his address on cheese day political stunt kimberly. oh boy. i think that sure there are some political theater involved in all of this i don't i think to be fair i don't think donald trump is the first one to utilize this but as a former reality show t.v. star i think you can utilize it more effectively than any president before him south of political stunt. yeah i think it's kimberly but there's a reason. you want to. do something right now and i think you have
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a ten minute rule because the border protection why they started this moment it's going to provide good pictures but media won't way or another but isn't there an issue behind this. which i think that shutdown president from his comment that who put it on the one that we don't know as was in trouble so eloquently says by john homan and kimberly how could you can find more of them reporting on al jazeera dot com we move now to bangkok thailand where a saudi teen's plea for asylum has got an international support has a story. another live of my own i see you and i see our own land.
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first of. joining us to discuss this story from berkeley california we have brad adams he's the asia director with human rights watch hello there brad good to have you i'm just looking at raf's twitter feed i mean you must get a sense of what should feel in that moment to moment she says here pinned to the top of her twitter feed don't let anyone break your wings your free fights and get your rights where is she up to right now. well she's in a hotel in bangkok under the protection of the united nations high commissioner for refugees this took a long time she flew out of kuwait where she was on a family vacation to escape violence from her family she says that she had been held for six months in a locked room because she cut her hair in a way that her family didn't like that she was beaten by her siblings or brothers.
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and if she had still been in saudi arabia she probably would not have been able to get to bangkok because he had male guardianship laws that prohibit women from making their own decisions about how to travel you know where to go even to go to a movie or a restaurant any permission and so she took advantage of the opportunity of being in kuwait where they don't have. to get on a flight and she was only intending to transit in bangkok to go to australia and claim asylum when the thais apparently allowed saudi officials into the airport where they took her passport away and then she wants this incredible social media campaign from the airport in thailand to garner support office in bangkok stepped in and helped her and lots of international media converge on the airport you know a lot of journalists did something very creative they bought one way tickets from bangkok to some real the cheapest ticket i could find to get past the security barriers and into the airport and to be able to endure this talk about that role
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that issue had run you'll pick this up a silly adult woman is under you and i see our protection for the expecting a very basic human rights while her country is a u.n. member she's an example of many saudi women and a window into the pricing environment that saudi women are living in tell us more about that. that's exactly right i mean this is the fruit of dictatorship in the gulf. and the fruit very repressive laws against women and girls you know the m.p.'s says that he's going to modernize the country he has given some provisional . rights to saudi women to drive which many people mean you out of but that is such an elemental basic right that is still far ahead of other arrangement if you want to go to another country in your study would be to get rid of your father rather grand father in some cases receive the sounds your son we women are basically
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permanent legal minors. can if we are off who is the executive director of human rights watch a in stumping off the back of this story another person his name is kim al arabiya and he's a bahraini soccer star and he's a dissident and he's in thai detention even though he has a refugee status in australia where he is bahrain wants him back but he fears torture how these stories connect to a raw herself says hashtag safe a team please help him same story don't forget him i'm with you is this the same story. well it's similar i mean the team fled bogus charges involving rain he was a professional soccer player and he fell out with the head of the soccer federation and the right now happens to be a thief a member and a member of the royal family in bahrain and they filed phony charges against him to
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some of vandalism in a case where it was impossible that he was a vandal because he was playing soccer at the time he fled to australia he got married recently has been there for a couple of years he's been identified as a refugee by the stray and he asked us trains would be safe for me to go on my honeymoon and he just got married to thailand they said shirt but the bar raiser unbeknownst to him had filed a notice of every poll a fake notice what's called a red notice to ask even ties to arrest them they duly arrested him in or pulled out with drawn the red notice said it was an issue an error but the thais are still holding him and here's where there's a big difference between the case in. iraq as in a very nice hotel under unix our protection hakim is sharing a cell of fifty people in thailand's immigration detention center in bangkok and he says he doesn't know not enough room to roll over when he's asleep that the conditions are terrible it smells terrible yes we'll see his wife and he's supposed to be on his honeymoon this supposed to be you know that the most magnificent trip
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of his life it's just been misery. dr adams we're going to leave it there brad adams is the age of the rights of the human rights watch thank you for jumping into the story now last story takes us to the u.s. state of tennessee where this week the governor granted clemency to a woman sentenced to life in prison at the age of sixteen sometimes brown's case is the subject of an upcoming documentary have a look. this is a record story of transformation and. it's. a
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beautiful intelligent caring educated woman who can make things better in the world. the director of that film me facing life to a stand your berman and he joins us now from los angeles and in new york we have mr potter she is the head of social impact and communications for a c impact that's an organization helping to shine light on youngsters in the juvenile justice system melissa daniel it's good to have you here let me just quote back a documentary to you don your beautiful intelligent caring educated woman you first spent fifteen years documenting some toyah story what can you tell us about her as a person. so toure is a very gracious young woman she when i met or shoot she struck me as very intelligent and articulate and that intelligence and her ability to communicate
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with me over the years really helped to fuel a very important story not radical enough says this on twitter melissa her case was a travesty of justice that has now finally been resolved she should never have gone through the trauma of the trial and sentencing if she was white or wealthy i have no doubt the case would have been abandoned is that a big leap of imagination or do you think there's something to that comment oh i think there grab something to that any day we have over ten thousand supernal then two adult friends who think guidelines making up over two hundred thousand each year that are incarcerated as an adult for nonviolent crime so contorted theory is one of many that we have the satellite aren't and will have a national and international and means that a prequel to look at that and think guidelines for young people so that they have a chance to truly flourish like this some think about some toy
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a story that touched so many people including a writer called fly a call this is what she told us a little bit earlier have a look i decided to call the governor haslam she pardons and tell your brown because i was by her story i felt like it was wrong to charge and child as an adult but also that he. was being held in a sex trafficking role so i believe that he truly deserves another chance at life and that's why i called you a not will not a minute ago i had. yes absolutely i mean if he ruth to national attention and for liberty corralled themselves together to use you like the media to raise awareness do have your brown and that bird grassroots local attention and the and then national attention b.t.l.
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that through the end tremendous work with telling the film and her story we're now able to take a closer look at the circumstances that led to where she is today the world very grateful that the governor of tennessee granted her clemency recently and in her thirty's now she had the second chance that like damn i'm looking at a tweet that your production company said last year about if you're acacia wondering what the celebs are all talking about this was last year about some toy around you talked about the document trail and where you can see it look at this face this is a can't i mean this this was fifteen sixteen years ago i am wondering in these cases stan when this happens if it's just about vengeance and punishing somebody she's obviously a cad wind up what should be treated as an adult what conclusion did you come to where we're stepping into one of the most important discussions that happened with this documentary and through our thinking as we built it the there were several
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themes that we brought into the film just in toys family her biological family her adoptive family all the issues surrounding her but the overarching picture is that a child goes into the system and may well be transferred to to be treated as an adult and that's not exactly right the problem for the system the justice system is that a child treated within a juvenile system probably has a chance of getting out by age nineteen and that's certainly was the case with in tennessee and so for the court looking at the possibility of first degree murder that her she had to be transferred to the adult system and she was handled as an adult and but but our problem is that one size does not fit all we have lots of issues for kids. i thinking about minnesota the criminal justice system in the way that it treats juveniles and where are we right now is similar and pursuing the case even if they've done terrible terrible same. i
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think so you know looking at the research is and it's an array sherm and utilizing the power of film and storytelling personalize it and bring that into our home whereas if you don't personally know someone that's impacted you may not be aware of the rough circumstances that people under the age of. the elite u.s. and now with the opportunities in social media and traditional media such as we can share the empath how they got to where they are today and look at a chance for rehabilitation don uniting. so you know i think that an important thing here and melissa is really touching on this is that you know we started out as i started looking at a story about one young woman and what her circumstances that led her into that nursery violence situation we didn't do this force and toyah we did this because of
4:44 am
this and and we hope to use our two films to help illuminate a very very big issue that needs to be addressed in this country which is why we're working with autism the odyssey impact program is going to help us propel this beyond just a couple of documentary films but really look at this from a very big big social structure and you have been in touch with us and telling us since we got in time it seems you will be getting out of prison. can you recreate that moment that conversation is that ok can you do that for us. well we're we're still she and i are going to be talking to you for saving it for the documentary. so we had a very brief conversation she's pretty busy as you might imagine costs us until he has grown up i mean she has a she has a little rounder now and she's got a lot of things a lot of responsibilities she's now about to transition to toward freedom that's
4:45 am
a big thing so we haven't had exactly that conversation you know the we will write . melissa documentaries like dances in the last few seconds of this program how helpful are they. you know extraordinarily well look at the documentary. they are really. with. them and they show and what this family and in the earth. you can in many many years. that real and we hope to continue to magnify possible that you may have made. thank you thank you when they say we really appreciate it. you can always find us at.
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the final episode liberation at this time on the jersey. discovered a wealth of all good winning programming from around the globe. fearless jones said the governments will still have less control the balance of power is in favor of the. debates and discussion you get why there's a lot of disillusionment with the un across the globe powerful documentary. see the world from a different perspective. only on al-jazeera how much more are we going to invest in the elusive notion that militaries guarantee our national security and poverty destitution and the sense of guns and this that actually at the heart of
4:48 am
virtually every civil conflict in the last twenty years after him steiner head of the u.n. development program talks to al jazeera. al jazeera. where ever you. and i are in town or in london the top stories on our syria yes president donald trump is visiting the border with mexico to drum up support for his proposed border wall he's been holding talks with officials at a border patrol facility in mccallum texas trump wants more than five billion dollars to start constructing the wall but is locked in a standoff with u.s. democrats who refused to fund it a wednesday he stormed out of
4:49 am
a meeting with democratic leaders at the white house calling it a waste of time i'm honored to be in a gallon texas. with the heroes of border patrol and their heroes you know you here have so much border patrol ice and law enforcement generally you take so much heat you take so much abuse from people that don't know what they're talking about i want to just say that you have a friend with this administration and you have a friend with me nobody does a better job. committee how could has more from. u.s. president donald trump here about calum taxes trying to make the argument that this is a humanitarian crisis when you talk about illegal immigration into the united states has chosen this town where we are of macallan texas because this is the site where the most illegal crossings into the united states occur and here's part of the
4:50 am
reason why if you look behind we'll see a very large fence and then a very short one beside it this is where people are able to if they're physically capable scale the fence you have to climb up a wall that's about four or five meters there is some razor wire that you'd have to scale over you'd also have to go through some thick brush and you'd have to swim through a river but if you can do all of those things you can get into the united states and hundreds of thousands have done so right here at this very point so this is the argument that the president is trying to make that for years in fact decades there have been people crossing into the united states illegally he wants to stop that he's looking for five point seven billion in funding from the u.s. congress which so far democrats say they are not willing to provide and that's why the president's not ruling out he says declaring a national emergency to access emergency funds in order to build this wall but that is certainly open him up to major court challenges from his political opposition.
4:51 am
un's envoy to yemen has called on warring factions to maintain a fragile ceasefire that's after at least five people were killed by a drone strike on a yemeni government military parade thirty c. one hundred fifty billion a week in his army but about. the attack in large provinces threatening un led peace efforts to end the four year war the rebels and the saudi dead pro-government coalition had agreed to halt fighting around the vital port city of her danger the war has brought millions to the brink of famine post-election violence has killed four people in the democratic republic of congo position candidate for leaks to security has been declared the winner but many others are disputing the outcome france's foreign minister says the results don't tally with what we've seen on the ground u.s. secretary of state might pompei or has vowed to expel the iranians from syria you speaking at the american university in cairo and also took aim at former president
4:52 am
barack obama will be blamed for the rise of i sort of pay outlined president trump's approach to the middle east venezuelan president nicolas maduro has been sworn in for a second term in office but dozens of countries have boycotted the inauguration ceremony duro has overseen an economic collapse in the latin american state fronting the region's worst ever migration crisis. spanish police arrested fifteen people during an investigation into match fixing in tennis sixty eight others are being investigated including twenty eight professional players officers seize nearly two hundred thousand dollars in cash and a number of luxury cars during raids on eleven properties in madrid the rest are connected to alleged fraud by armenian criminal gangs authorities accuse the group of bribing athletes for betting purposes one of the tennis players competed in the twenty eighteen u.s. open but their identity has not been released coming up the battle for resources
4:53 am
between beneath the world's oceans oceans monopoly is next. for millenia the oceans lay outside the dominion of man. as state's influence extended only three nautical miles from the coast a little further than a cannonball could travel. but then humans discovered the ocean floor. and the largest land grab in won't history be kept and.
4:54 am
i'm tom a fly and i'm in the bedroom of rodeo should the no for line take twice i've sold it twice in small yards and also crossed in a bottle bug in a minute. with him when i lived on rock or in this some people call a survival capsule i call it a wooden box it's a house like this is my house is
4:55 am
a one man house i lived with a forty days it did the job it kept the window for me i was warm and dry but don't forget i'm right on the top of the cliff it's just straight down to the city. told mclean is one of the u.k.'s greatest adventure has he crossed the atlantic. five times the first time in a globe. once in a vessel shaped like a beer bottle for his latest trip he sailed from newfoundland children in the smallest sailboat ever to cross the atlantic. and. soon mclean will travel to new york in a boat built to resemble a whale. boat was more than an adventure it. was a mission
4:56 am
a mission done in service to mother england. somebody said about st kilda and they go in there but so the rock or rock was right there. and there seems to be a dispute who owns it and i thought why if i be a first civilian to reside on rock call and that would help the case it wasn't quite so good the wind carried that. they closed in without it. is very dangerous there now you can see how lumpy is quite dangerous. they were far from ok after that momentary triumph but then don't whack the big the way down i go down there was fifty four straight down into the foam flies helplessly into. the landing at one thousand nine hundred eighty five. told him to
4:57 am
clean his knife. but he eventually made it to safety and flew in london and getting to the top was only the beginning however great britain willing to claim of the law because an island it. happened international law stipulates at the time must remain there for twenty one days old. when the boat turned to go home and leave me for the first time. i was glad to see them go i was on my adventure i'm here with iraq and the birds i'm happy to be here of the chiefs are making history. to remind those who may challenge it that brittania ruled these waves. for the u.k. it was about more than just claiming a lump of granite in the ocean the real objective was to secure the resource which a oh yeah overwhelmed local the islet was to play
4:58 am
a key lonely in british territorial claims. the main players in british maritime claims work in an office on the south coast of india and. it's a fascinating area of work to do it is not often somebody working in ocean signs that you do get the opportunity to mix both illegal on the technical aspects and see how they work together almost in order to develop something on behalf of the state. we have united kingdom to the east and as we further west we pass the rock all rock itself onto the lot of the land area of great britain and two hundred forty thousand square kilometers the area of the u.k. submitted for the rock is a hundred sixty three thousand square kilometers. to.
4:59 am
my main reason to go to rockall was to inhabit it and if i stayed in international law less than twenty one days i'm only visited i had to stay more than twenty one days and by staying there more than twenty one days that in fact forty days it wasn't iraq it's an oil and i made it or not and. local. for the u.k. to claim the territorial sea overwhelmed along it had to prove that it was inhabitable yet the eyelids could be easily confused with any walk and tom stay was controversial so controversial that the u.k. had to put another territory into the mix st kilda the archipelago increased the british crowns claim but one hundred sixty thousand square kilometers of st kilda
5:00 am
has been deserted ever since its thirty six remaining inhabitants left almost a century ago but humans live there once and they could live there again at least theoretically. what does the u.k. want with all this water. i mean by owning a piece of the ocean. the idea of the ocean has changed over time. from the pros to show how the lives in their cult talk of his mum saw the world and what they flew into an ocean is very much sure will.


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