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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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our troops home from syria we always do and now is the time but this isn't a change of mission we were made committed to the complete dismantling of isis the isis threat and the ongoing fight against radical islamism in all of its forms the u.s. withdrawal from syria is also having ramifications for american relations with nato ally turkey u.s. troops have been working with kurdish y.p. chief i choose who control a large area of northern syria close to the turkish border turkey considers the y. peachey a terrorist organization the president received type order one said the suggestion on choose day by u.s. national security adviser john bolton but protecting the white p.g. as a precondition to the u.s. troop withdrawal plan was a serious mistake there was very little if anything from pumpin about the story israeli palestinian peace process very little on the saudi and amorality led war in yemen that has killed tens of thousands displaced millions with millions more
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threatened with famine and disease pressure increased on president trump from both democrat and republican senators to end support for the saudi involvement in yemen after the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi many suspect crown prince muhammad bin solomon ordered a saudi hit squad to fly to istanbul last october that the united states is the main provider of saudi military assistance and support in the war in yemen so the not united states is not an objective observer at the war of yemen it's an accomplice in the water of yemen. pompei was keen to lay much of the blame for what many describe as years of chaos in the middle east on former president barack obama's administration. president trump has reasserted america's control as a force for good in this region he said we have rediscovered our voice. there are
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millions of people throughout this region who are grateful for the u.s. led coalition success in the battle against eisel but there will also be many made nervous by the u.s. administration that blames the region's instability and the previous u.s. president of the wrong. strategy which is there. and watching out as they are still ahead venezuela's president in the cross my dearest sworn in for another term as thousands flee it devastating economic crisis and i'm going to back down visits greece for the first time since the country's bailout program. had over we've seen yet more heavy rain over parts of queensland it's mostly in the northern hof we've seen the showers in townsville will say be done to that area of
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cloud two so old they say ria really is at risk of seeing a few more very heavy thunder downfalls as we head through the next few days or so on friday there's the risk of seeing the odd shower in sydney but i delayed all program it's going to be the heat look at that thirty nine degrees and he doesn't last too long when the temperatures do drop significantly as we head into saturday but the west it's fine for us in perth all temperatures hovering around thirty two and over towards new zealand we've got a little bit of cloud just draped across the north island the south island is looking fine though and for most of us there should be some dry weather for friday and some bright weather to oakland where we fairly well with a temperature of a around twenty five but the cloud gathers once more as we head into saturday so this time will be gray and maybe we'll see outbreak of rain from that a bit further towards the north and here it's pretty cold for many of us at the moment all of a tough. getting to a maximum temperature of a round minus eleven it is fall woman in beijing will be up at six or seven as we head into saturday for the east it will cloud rain is pushing its way towards japan
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that will just skid across the fall southern parts as we head through the day on saturday. headlines warned the streets of melbourne australia are. under threat for good game. but how real the. invest. here is a very important source of information for many people around the world when all the cameras are gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront.
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and again one of the top stories. u.s. president donald trump is visiting the border with mexico to drum up support for his proposed border wall wants more than five billion dollars to start construction but is launching a standoff with u.s. democrats refused to fund it. post-election violence has killed four people in the democratic republic of congo opposition candidate. has been declared the winner but many of those are disputing the outcome. and us are just take my pompei it was about to expel the iranians from syria speaking at the american university in cairo and also took aim at former president barack obama blamed for the rise of. the unions and more to yemen has called on warring factions to maintain a fragile ceasefire that's after at least five people were killed by hoofy drone
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strike on a yemeni government military parade atack in large province is threatening un led peace efforts to end the four year war millions of yemenis are on the verge of famine. pools that issue one hundred fifty billion she will be a week in his army of about. a deadly drone attack on a military parade outside the southern port city of eight. zero zero. two three fighters targeting troops as well as commanders from the saudi led coalition or the real chaos in the minutes following the attack then the casualties can be seen as people scramble for cover oh. it comes as a blow to yemen peace efforts after cease fire was signed for the key port city of hadera the last month. it also comes just a day after united nations envoy martin griffiths told the security council that
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the agreement had brought a considerable deescalation to the conflict the airstrike was carried out by a cost of two drone targeting the air base in the southern province of latch. this attack will likely raise new questions about iran's alleged role in arming to these with drones and of the stick missile technology yemen plunged into civil war in two thousand and fourteen but hopes were raised last month that the country was moving towards peace after the two main protagonists agreed to a cease fire in her data to allow humanitarian aid into the country. for now this latest attack will only put further strain on an already fragile peace process or such a party al jazeera. u.s.
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representatives are holding a remembrance meeting to mark a hundred days since the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered your question joins us live from capitol hill where the event is is taking place so where does congress leave off with. a lawrence so far congress has taken no action on this new year if you remember the u.s. senate as one of its final acts the outgoing senate passed a unanimous resolution to hold saudi arabia's crown prince bin saw men responsible for the killing of jamal khashoggi and the idea at the time had been that once democrats took control of the house in the new year they would advance that resolution and even take the further step of calling for sanctions against m.p.'s himself all of those plans though fell by the wayside with this partial government shutdown and these new democrat sworn into office have made it their single promise to reopen the government as quickly as possible and to block any bills unrelated to
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that purpose and so that brings us to today where there is still bipartisan momentum behind punishing saudi arabia further than what trump has advocated for in today's press event commemorating the one hundredth day since jamal khashoggi his death is intended to keep his name in the press and to know it to show the administration that despite trump's reluctancy to further punish saudi arabia there are still bipartisan members of congress who wish to do just that lauren thank you very much indeed. venezuelan president nicolas maduro has been sworn in for a second six year term but dozens of countries boycotted the inauguration ceremony and consider his role to be in a just image to use a bow has more from caracas. we're about fifty mg oxy away from where the swearing in ceremony took place and that the supreme court on the reason why it's happening
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there it's a got the government continues considers the national assembly to be a contempt that it does not recognize that because it is controlled by the venezuelan opposition and the constitution says that if that if that if it doesn't happen at the national assembly which should happen at the supreme court you can see right behind me there's thousands and thousands of people but i've come here to show their support not totally for president. i don't know so for all the chavez socialist revolution they're saying that any changes that happened in venezuela be to happen with the revolution and that is this administration that needs to make the necessary changes to come out of the economic crisis that this country has seen in the last two years over three million people have left minutes without already many of them escaping the ongoing crisis for precedents from latin america i've come to this wearing ceremony also representatives from russia and china there have
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been been members from the united states and from the european union a sequel of how to become more and more isolated in spite of that make model go so that votes not need to be here on this day are here for example q about the size of russia computers got to court. that they support the current administration however talk all the way from your first day startled by the old guard really worried about what really happened in this country that you say that was elected in any legitimate election where crowd was committed. and that they won't recognize his administration on the opposition right now is the absence of a national assembly they're going to announce what steps they're going to take in spite of this the government has said that if they continue through this battle about of not recognizing the current administration the national assembly could be shut down u.s.
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president donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen has agreed to testify publicly before congress next month about his time working for trump his testimony could further damage the president's image and strengthen the investigation into russian interference in the twenty six thousand election in december cohen was sentenced to three years in prison for lying to congress and his role in paying out hush money while working for trump spanish police arrested fifteen people during an investigation into match fixing in tennis dozens of others are being investigated including professional players police seized nearly two hundred thousand dollars in cash and a number of luxury cars during raids on properties in madrid the arrests are connected to alleged fraud by an armenian criminal gang or she's accused the group of bribing athletes for betting purposes one of the tennis players competed in the twenty eighteen u.s. open but their identity has not been released. the german chancellor has visited
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greece for the first time since the end of the greek bailout program and going to macro was instrumental in mobilizing european financial assistance to help greece restructure its debts and keep the country within the eurozone but macro strip did not just focus on the economy as john troposphere ports naf raffle's. the timing of angela merkel's trip leaves little doubt that it is largely to support the name changing deal between greece and the former yugoslav macedonia greece's neighbor is finalizing constitutional changes this week to rename the country north macedonia macedonia is also a region of northern greece and pressure is on greek leaders to ratify the agreement and that's a. good i can only say that this step that greek prime minister took was a decisive step from which not only greece and north macedonia profit but also europe as well as our common values prime minister alexis tsipras says he has the parliamentary votes he needs even though his junior rightwing coalition partner
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independent greeks won't support the name change deal the very issue for near the precipice agreement is a very important step forward for stability security and by letter all economic growth and i believe it is a model for future agreements a blueprint for finding acceptable solutions most greeks don't support the deal and germany's support for it complicates an already difficult relationship the german government was instrumental in imposing austerity policies throughout the eurozone but nowhere have government cost cutting measures bitten more deeply into people's livelihoods than here to make you believe that there are no she hasn't helped greece if she wanted to help it government would have taken a different measures it isn't up to the government run the germany right now our children our grandchildren cannot be condemned to pay off loans until twenty sixty something has to happen we need to free ourselves from the german establishment. many greeks believe austerity caused as many economic problems as it solved taxes
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and unemployment are still high growth is weak and even though greece was cleared to borrow for markets last august it hasn't sold a single government bond because markets aren't sure its recovery is sustainable merkel's trips to athens and twenty twelve thirteen and fourteen aimed at supporting the then conservative government sparks mass protests and a car bomb explosion hostility. from germany on the street is a reminder of how highly on equal the great german relationship is but it also serves to highlight how a one from and through your of a party was turned and that is politically useful for europe's leaders who face a gathering and he established one storm ahead of european parliament elections political reality is far from popular sentiment greece needs german support and merkel is keen to show an example of a nation improving under german influence jumps are open al-jazeera athens one of
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the world's most famous comic book characters is celebrating his ninetieth birthday generations of young readers around the world to follow tintin's international escapades but some anti-racism campaign a say the book's a filled with offensive stereotypes and reports from belgian with his distinctive has style and fluffy dog tintin is one of the world's most recognizable comic book characters belgian artist and jay created the intrepid young reporter whose adventures with us published in one nine hundred twenty nine ninety years on he continues to install fans and at the l.j. museum in belgian anniversary preparations underway. tintin is an invisible link between children across the world the books have been translated into two hundred languages and two hundred million books have been sold his character continues to fascinate people. tintin solves mysteries across the world from china to north
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america and even further afield nineteen years after his creationism doubt the temptation is still very popular but in recent years some of the stories have become controversial with some readers saying they propagate racial stereotypes like this one tintin in congo when this was created congo was a belgian colony the story reflects a colonial vision of africa congolese people often sketched a savage is stupid or lazy tintin is portrayed as the intellectual and cultural superior this author says that l.j. wasn't racist but simply drew on the colonial materials available at the time he's published a book that puts tintin in congo in what he calls historical context. to judge what was created in one thousand nine hundred eighty s. with today's values is artificial of course our finger is. just threw it away in
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the dustbin of history. for more than a decade this activist has waged a legal battle in belgium to have the book banned he says it's offensive and could negatively influence the way children few africans are now this book was a tool to motivate belgians to go to congo it gave them a sense of superiority so how can a book that serve to commit crimes be accepted in this way without any discussion of books like tintin in congo on acceptable and should be banned for children. congo gained independence from belgium in one nine hundred sixty to some campaign as the european nation has yet to face the brutal reality of its colonial past they say that reassessing the impact of tintin in congo would be a small but significant step the tasha buckler al-jazeera blue valentine of belgium .
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and mind of the main headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president don't trump as visited the border with mexico to drum up support for his proposed border wall trump wants more than five billion dollars to start construction but is locked in a standoff with u.s. democrats who refused to fund it it's caused a partial government shutdown and trump now says he won't attend the world economic forum in davos while the dispute rumbles on so they apprehended people from the middle east and they do it all the time and everybody says well where they're from and we're not talking about only mexico all over the world they come in because it's a weak spot they make it strong but the laws have to be strong and we need we need security we need the kind of backup that you want and they were asked by the way we have lists of things what they leave more than anything is the barrier the wall color whatever you want whether it's still a concrete you don't care we need a barrier. at least five people are dead after a hoofy drone strike hit yemeni government forces at
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a military parade. a week in his army. an attack in which province is threatening un led peace efforts to end the four year war rebels and the saudi led pro-government coalition had agreed to hold fighting around the vital port city of her data the war has brought millions of people to the brink of famine post-election violence has left four people dead in the democratic republic of congo opposition candidate felix she said katie has been declared the winner but many others are disputing the outcome france's foreign minister says the results don't tally with what we've seen on the ground here suggest a white pompei or has vowed to expel the iranians from syria he was speaking at the american university in cairo and also took aim at former president barack obama whom he blamed for the rise of eisel and israel and president nicolas maduro has
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been sworn in for a second term in office but dozens of countries have boycotted the inauguration ceremony by duras ever seen an economic collapse in the latin american state from two regions worst ever migration crisis up next it's one of one eastern if you can thanks for watching by for. the week began with news of a ninety day truce in the tip for tat u.s. china trade war the world's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas is leaving the biggest oil cartel we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. melbourne australia overrun by african game. if streets filled with violence terror and mynors. that's how some local media and politicians are to take to
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do something city. that is feeling debate and social tension. but how accurate are the so-called threats. i'm steve cho on this episode a one on one is we investigate the truth behind the headlines. every day one fifty and it's like you know we're going to do a lot of movie trolling around the sun john saving. the day. detective acting inspector helen chugged and senior sergeant jason forster on patrol in melbourne's north western suburbs.
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up to sixty here many soldiers. all. right there in a vehicle on jorge now put it in a quietly on. a cart. or change your. trial you turn over to a shareholder so it was a callous same. guy sorry what's the situation there now reports of a home invasion are coming in. from forward towards a more. solid tumor to go on that was long. i mean the law for family members were seated around. kitchen table might a demand for case to the eddie. back at the front door go to. just a few you can just get to use to keep an eye out for
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a black audi two thousand and thirteen. brazen crime isn't to kick you in the door someone's home while they're at home on. absolutely it is. violent home invasions like this have residents in these suburbs on age. in march and her husband gavin were sleep when four teenagers broke down the back door. i just remember. just yelling and just screaming at us to just stop and just give us money and i got him got out of the bed and. physically pushed we had two of them in the room and he got up and physically pushed them out and shut the bedroom door on them. he's then grabbed
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a baseball bat from underneath the bed at which point the hammers come through the bedroom door multiple times of them trying to get in with us with literally our entire body way on the door trying to prevent them from getting to us. home security cameras captured gavin chasing the young men out the front but he couldn't stop them stealing both their cars. it's just it's too traumatizing for me to go back there a member. i don't know how they can say that. the crime rate is falling because everyone like everyone i know it doesn't nobody feel safe. the teenagers described as being of african appearance a still on the run what every time i see a black person on the street or. just anywhere it's like
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a tree go. before all of this happened i wasn't scared of black people or people of color or. whatever but now it's psych i can even like face someone in a stall that's black because of what's happened to me and i think that's really unfair and shouldn't be like that. it's not it's not damn like that i haven't done anything wrong to me but i can't help but associate that with them as and that's what's really unfair. i would be pretty cool quantities of african gangs running riot terrorizing robbing
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breaking after bush did you get to return to the north pole because your thought on . the i know you want what's. best sit outside will. you feel you have to bring your best behavior to enforce them because you feel like you're representing your skin color for one this is like you see you have to be extra nice person like extra small even if you're not feeling it that day you just have to have a smile on because if you don't you look scary istead it is like imagined someone's looking through you like looking like you know like someone's eyes are just burning inside of you had a sort of feels like sense to. me. pick up a stack and take it now but. then you. twenty year old tired him a separated at birth from his parents during sudan's brutal civil war bill he hasn't seen him since. when i was born. born it was happening so minimal that
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separated my grandma being here she is and you know the strong lady she is to me with her because of that. i mean all your flash of. melbourne he's been his home since he was five. every day to try to convince you armstrong and i think you know what we know we're starting to grow up here who have to go why do washing has to convince young australian. on line is where ever they go tyson and his friends feel jantsch is just going to do to. you i realize it's not like one percent of us write this crime in every single race just. because it's. these people commit crime in every single race but with us for some reason it gets put onto the whole culture the whole.
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whole you not cultivate gets blamed for the actions of the few now. to. try to. use the. gangs of young sides are threatening a violent confrontation at tonight's the system. police arrived to reclaim the streets because to light and they were outnumbered. because. the focus on african gang crime began in march twenty sixth jane when violence broke out at the moon the festival at federation square in the center of melbourne i. had to gird survey of african young people coming together in
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melbourne there was a far cry get in because my rolling all if you like some of that was because the place become involved or start to chase and they just people. pay more saying cheers plane fly those same people which i stand straight for place and that crowd already did in the media at the tom a lot of political pressure. on me sort of videos those stupid kids they got riled up right the did them stuff and they she should be a lie it's not right what they did i don't believe that all this in a stupid i'd place charged thirty seven people over the moon violence several links to a group known as the apex gang. just a bunch of young kids. from a small area largely people from. background although we did have some marys and
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people from other pacific islanders in that group. apex was notorious for home invasions and carjackings in the city southeast police say at its peak the group numbered around one hundred thirty young men. but after an intense crackdown on apex police it's now been dismantled we just don't see them you know we're just not saying that that group. crimes anymore. victoria police are basing further criticism with claims they've lost control just street gangs has. there is a specific problem in victoria to do with people of african background. i don't see it is as a violent african gang crisis. certainly we have an issue we have an issue with our
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youth in the state but i believe that we can timing that issue i've got everybody welcome to you know it tell me who worked before so i had detective acting inspector child is briefing her team before another night out on patrol so just be careful that you don't get tied up with other jobs you are specifically to respond to any higher leave they're part of a dedicated task force tackling youth crime in melbourne's west so the way we're task force came about as a result of the evolution of the home invasion offense and carjacking and breeze that was saying being committed by multiple. people born in sudan. make up zero point one percent of victoria's population but account for one percent of the state's alleged criminal offenders. young sudanese miles
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are overrepresented insertion violent crimes allegedly committing close to ten percent of aggravated robbery in terms of numbers overall numbers for that hard crime. high impact crime the numbers are quite small when you look at youth crime in particular we have the second lowest crime rate in this trial productivity commission measures victoria now as the most fearful state in the nation why are people feeling so scared if crime is dropping yeah i think that's a really interesting one and certainly you know one of the one of the things that victoria police and the cumi really need to focus on. to people have to base cypher have to feel sayf so there's a lot of perception issues i think that we need to deal with as well.
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the role that. brought aboard. nineteen year old dean came to australia from south sudan we.


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