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tv   Liberation  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2019 9:00am-10:00am +03

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now listen twenty four hours ago long delayed election results were announced in the democratic republic of congo the country's electoral commission surprised many by naming the opposition candidate felix chase a k d the winner but officials from the catholic church say those results don't match the tallies from the observers are in the toss the reports from can shatter the provisional results have led to celebrations for some and protests for others. and nancy meant few expected one that could set the stage for the first democratic transfer of power since independence from belgium in one thousand nine hundred sixty philip chism who had seen his father lead congress opposition for more than thirty five years had a message of unity. oh. i know how many of you find it hard to accept but i say with sincerity i pay homage to president joseph kabila president of the republic today we must no longer consider each other as adversities but rather as
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partners and democratic change in our country. thousands of his supporters poured onto the streets to celebrate their hold it will be a new beginning to suffer in this country there's no job in this country i was in south africa and then to come back and got to there's no job and country the people these people are going to study and after that there's nothing the results triggered protesters in goma and congolese catholic chased leaders are also questioning the result local authorities in concrete in the south or west of the country say at least two civilians and two police officers were killed during riots several police stations were torched. she said kate is rival martin five is rejecting the provisional results and alleges what he calls an electoral who out to sue kill all those who learned of the truth of the ballot boxes especially to congress national bishops the past couple conference sankoh of the church of congo through your historical observations we ask you to reveal to the congolese people
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and to the whole world the name of the person who really was our people's choice. could reject categorically the result published by the election commission president. others in the international community say the surprise victory is at odds with other tongues. the catholic church of congo did its tally and announced completely different results therefore i think while remaining calm and avoiding confrontation that we must have clarity on these results which are the opposite to what we expected. with a history of coups conflict and contested elections the d r c has been on edge during campaigning with allegations of widespread election irregularities including the vote rigging and violence. take a while yet they deny. it and.
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the internet has been cut off for weeks in an apparent attempt to stop speculation about the results rights police had been deployed the boat that was two years old was finally see the exit of president joseph kabila nearly eighteen years in power but they are questions about how much influence he will still have. kinshasa still to come here at al-jazeera nicolas maduro begins a new six year term as president of venezuela as the economic crisis deepens. japan's prime minister weighs in on britain's bret's battle after meeting to resume . from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. hello there some of us in china have seen
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a fair amount of wintery weather recently these pictures are from henan province and you can see the snow that we've had there not all settled quite nicely and it was all in the northern edge of this rain band here it gave some of us some very very wet weather a lot of it was rain but on the northern edge it was stone we could well see a little bit more as we head through the day on friday on saturday that cattle be breaking up of it so more risk getting away with a draw a day but i do think that it will be a bit thicker particularly later on during the day for the southeastern parts of asia here that's a good deal of dry weather covered lay the philippines have seen plenty of sunshine little bit of cloud just floating across the fossils in parts that has brought us a few showers is still going to be with us for friday there's also some showers bubbling up over parts of borneo and those are drifting their way towards the west so some marches catching quite a few of those but don't be surprised if you see a shower in singapore or k.l. and we head out towards the northwest to plenty of sunshine to you can just see a little bit of clouds drifting up towards the north that could bring some snow
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particularly over the northern parts of pakistan and the northern parts of india but further south largely draw a bit different in sri lanka there the towns are gathering here once more it's looking pretty wet even as we head through sunday fifty in colombo. the weather sponsored by qatar and race. when a french soldier was murdered in the so-called six terrorist attacks. his mother retaliates who's with love. speaking out against intolerance and alienation she travels the world with the resolve of a grieving mother who lost a son but adopted a generation. latifa of fighting hard as a witness documentary on al jazeera.
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let's have a look at the top stories here it out the u.s. president has visited the country's southern border in a bid to drum up support for his proposed war with mexico the president's demands for more than five billion dollars for the war has led to a partial government shutdown for almost three weeks that. the influential catholic church in the democratic republic of congo says the official presidential election results don't match the tally is a thousands of its own observers the opposition candidate feel it should have heavy but declared the provisional winner by the election commission. the u.s. secretary of state has called on the arab world to unite against iran speaking cairo mike pompei laid america's vision for the middle east and blamed the former bomber administration for much of the chaos in the region.
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that's been. one hundred days since the murder of jamal khashoggi the saudi journalist is being remembered it bipartisan memorial events on capitol hill in washington among the speakers the democratic speaker of the house nancy pelosi who criticized the trumpet ministrations response to the killing if we decide that commercial interest should override the statements that we make in the actions that we take then we must admit that we have lost all moral authority to talk about any atrocities anywhere any time we must carry on because showbiz mission to defend the free press our strongest boer war against injustice live now to my camera our correspondent who is in washington or mike one hundred
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days on and the u.s. political class at least determined that the murder of jamal khashoggi should not be forgotten. yes indeed the senate in the us has been particularly strong in terms of demanding accountability for that murder and today have people from across the aisle senators or representatives of the house came together to remember jamal khashoggi to pay their respects to him and to continue to call for accountability of for those responsible for his murder but also speaker after speaker made mention of the fact that the best way to remember jamal khashoggi would be to continue to fight for a free media and certainly great criticism from a number of speakers of president trump for his continual attacks on the media as one speaker specifying that these attacks embolden dictators in other parts of the world and erode the principle of freedom of the media which was described as one of
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the best ins of u.s. democracy and now that the dynamic king kong congress has changed with the democrats taking the lead in the house of representatives will this empower the mission to try to persuade the trumpet ministration to take a stronger line with saudi arabia. that is very likely we've heard from members of the senate that they are still insistent that accountability be established for the murder of the shoji one must remember a few weeks ago the senate did pass a unanimous resolution demanding that accountability be established that the crown prince of saudi arabia be held responsible for the murder now that was not taken up in the house which was then controlled by the republicans however now that the house is controlled by the democrats it's very likely that the senate could once again pass such a resolution which most likely would be taken out of the house which would put
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added pressure on president trump to take some kind of action in holding saudi arabia responsible and holding that crown prince responsible for the murder this is something that president trans has repeatedly insisted that he's not going to do it would appear that the president now considers this whole matter over and closed but certainly members of congress are not going to allow him to believe that my cannon live in washington thank you. well jamal khashoggi was murdered in the kingdom's consulate in istanbul in turkey and people gathered outside the mission to remember him and violet and not to give up the fight for justice many questions remain unanswered as to who gave the order for his killing and why jamal reports video just a few seconds long yet it's helped uncover a murder plots hatched by one of the world's richest governments one hundred days
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have passed and security cameras recorded jamal khashoggi entering the saudi consulate in istanbul never to be seen again after continually lying about what happened to the journalists argue authorities eventually admitted he was murdered inside the consulate however told now no one has been punished for the crime turkish investigators identified one thousand suspects went to the country as part of a so-called hit squad it's included former diplomats and close aides to crown prince mohammed bin sandman and although intelligence agencies such as the cia have said they are fairly confident in solomon was behind the murder of the journalist the kingdom has always denied his involvement instead claiming the crown prince's advisor saddam funny and general ahmed. the saudis say justice will be delivered but it'll be in their own way. that's way seems is through having secret court hearings that are closed to the media and international human rights groups where the accused on to name him to death penalties are sought seemingly
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arbitrarily it is one of the reasons why the turkish government sees the culprits should face trial in istanbul and valves they will be tried in absentia even if saudi arabia refuses to hand them over all of them one issue instead of a subdued yani according to turkish war because saudi arabia has not cooperated the suspect can be tried in absentia but without issuing a final verdict turkey can also defer the case to the united nations or other international bodies amnesty international is one of the groups calling on turkey to request an international independent inquiry into murder members of the human rights group held a vigil outside the consulate on thursday to mark one hundred days since his killing obviously the murder took place here in istanbul so it's right and it's important that the turks that is keep up their call for an independent u.n. investigation but really the international committee as a whole needs to commit to this investigation to ensure that that's what happens and justice is done it was reported that crown prince mohammed bin sandman was told
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by president trump's adviser during the christian are not to worry about the fallout of the murder of course rocketry because it would die down within troops for three months one hundred days on and it seems that there is a risk that the international community will forget about the saudi journalist who entered this building to get married but i ended up being murdered and still no justice has been served. istanbul at least five people of being killed after his the military drone struck a yemeni government military parade in lockheed's province in may yet see only a week in his army. he fired his. been battling the yemeni government which is backed by the saudi alliance say schools of soldiers were killed in the train attack but a yemeni commander denied that saying everyone was safe. venezuela's president
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nicolas maduro has vowed to correct what he called deep mistakes as he was sworn in for a second six year term at the ceremony in the capital caracas the president accused the united states of waging a world war against his country the u.s. is among thirteen countries in the americas that have said they won't recognize his presidency venezuela is battling skyrocketing inflation food and medicine shortages and is seeing an exodus of residents in neighboring countries today is a boat has more now from caracas. hundreds of thousands of people turned in caracas today to show their support president smuggler he was sworn in at the supreme court and not at the national assembly which is where the constitution says that swearing ceremony should happen and the reason why did not happen there is because the government says that the national assembly that's controlled by the opposition is thin contempt and they do not acknowledge it and that's why the swearing in
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ceremony happened at the supreme court from the supreme court ceremony he went to one of the largest military bases in venezuela where he swore and committed himself to strengthening the military the military here in this country in a way showing us the importance of this division military alliance that has been in place since over chavis took office in this country international pressure continues to mount against the government of nicolas maduro you're going to fission of american states says that they do not recognize his government also the european union the united states but the government is saying that there were over ninety seven representatives of many countries around the world during this inauguration including representatives from russia china the opposition is saying that they do not recognize his government they are calling for a peaceful protest this friday there been also asking the military to stand up
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against the government trying to defend the constitution there is no chances at this point that the military could rebel against the government of nicolas moda but the biggest challenge for the presidency right now is the economic situation in this country that is forcing thousands of people out of venezuela. well obviously going to eric follows with his vice president of the council of the americas and a former white house special envoy for the americas he says it remains to be seen if president will do is the right person to correct the mistakes that have devastated the country's economy. the bottom line is that it is an interesting acknowledgement that things are not perfect that there have been mistakes and that things do need to change the question is is he capable or willing to actually take the steps that will be required for fundamental change to get done as well as economy back on track to get venezuela's democracy back on track and i think a lot of people in the international community anyway would say no the situation in
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venezuela right now is desperate you have approximately ten percent of the entire population over three million people from venezuela have left the country many are in colombia or brazil or some of the islands in the caribbean others have migrated elsewhere in latin america or some to europe or north america so this is an increasingly desperate situation of course he's looking to blame other people for his failings but the movement has destroyed venezuela they've corrupted and taken over the energy sector which is really the engine of growth in venezuela they've nationalized all of the private sector they've taken over the institutions of the state the supreme court the military the educational system and so there's no credibility at all to blame the international community for the failings of chinese mo having said that it is interesting that he has acknowledged that there have been mistakes the japanese prime minister shinzo abbay says he wants britain and the e.u. to avoid a no deal bret's it he said his government supports the draft agreements that to
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resume a the british prime minister is trying to push through parliament m.p.'s are expected to vote down the deal next week britain is due to leave the european union at the end of march. president trump's former lawyer michael cohen has agreed to testify publicly before congress next month about his time working for mr trump his testimony could further damage the president's image and strengthen the investigation into russian interference in the try to sixteen election in december cohen was sentenced to three years in jail for lying to congress and his role in paying hush money whilst working for mr trump. take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera the u.s. president has visited the country's southern border in a bid to drum up support for his proposed war with mexico and the president's demands for more than five billion dollars for the war has led to
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a partial government shutdown for almost three weeks but you see on the border that's not as much of a problem because they come through the border and they go out through our nation so you'll have crime in iowa you'll have crime in new hampshire you'll have crime in new york you have crime in places you know you don't associate with the border but it comes through the border tremendous amounts and as hard as we work as well as we're doing nationwide and a lot of it's caused by people to come in through the southern border so it and you know if we had the barrier it wouldn't happen it wouldn't happen they could have fewer people they could put people other places and sort of having everyone concentrated right here and it's all common sense and nancy and just to know that look you know winning this argument they're losing the argument badly they know it and set about an argument as not about politics for me it's about doing the right thing. you're sexier say my pompei his laid the trumpet ministrations vision for
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the middle east speaking in cairo he called u.s. leadership a positive force in the region but the main focus of his speech was confrontation with iran the influential catholic church in the democratic republic of congo says the official presidential election results do not match the tally is of fowls and of its own observers the opposition candidate felix she said kerry was declared the provisional winner by the election commission but as well as president nicolas maduro has vowed to correct quote deep mistakes as he was sworn in for a second six year term he accused the u.s. of waging a world war against his country the u.s. is among thirteen countries in the americas that have said they won't recognize his presidency is one hundred days since the murder of jamal khashoggi the saudi journalist has been remembered it memorial events on capitol hill in washington all
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right those are the latest headlines from us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's inside story. accusations of an electoral cool in the democratic republic of congo after three weeks she said katie is announced the winner of the presidential vote will there be a peaceful transfer of power could this marks a new beginning for the country this is inside story. it.
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and welcome to the program fully back to a two year wait for a new leader has come to an end in the democratic republic of congo but already a post-election crisis is brewing. the leader of the largest opposition party has been declared the winner of the long delayed presidential election to replace joseph kabila but a second opposition rival is announcing the result as an electoral hold up and marching for you know is calling for protests now the provisional results from the electoral commission showed just under thirty nine percent voted for katy the leader of the u.d.p. yes martin for you know of the for citizenship and development party was second with nearly thirty five percent third with twenty four percent was emmanuel. candidates of outgoing president joseph kabila voter turnout was forty seven percent only around eighteen million out of forty million eligible voters cast a ballot so who is fully. the fifty five year old is
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a son of katie the longtime opposition leader and founder of the union for democracy and social. who died two years ago for league spent his early life in brussels where he became a huge d.p.s. activist after various roles in the party he inherited the leadership last year if his victory is confirmed he will only be the second leader to take power through the ballot box since independence from belgium is promising to fight corruption return the rule of law and fighting by rebels in east india r.c. we're bringing our guests in just a moment but first al-jazeera has more from kinshasa. outside the party headquarters last image of the k.t. it is a con the atmosphere his supporters are busy celebrating this and hold that he's made it will be a new beginning for the country and signal some kind of new direction in terms of economic recovery.
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really misstepped the security. of their jobs in his country and our country will grow forwards in other parts of the capital kinshasa and the mood is more subdued more quiet subordinate monson for you he said in reading that she's like amy made some kind of deal with president joseph kabila which ultimately was he could be pulling the strings from behind the scenes effectively still running this country and if it actually came to him that becoming a yes man who just does what he's told by. other challenges of course in terms of the rest of the country these economy he asks deal yet to create jobs he has to also bring in private investment as well as deal with ebola outbreak in the east of the country yes he would i'm racist also in the east of the country between militia groups and some voters i suppose in the media he's immediate challenge is of course
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trying to unite a very divided country he only won by thirty eight point five percent of the far east means a lot of people didn't vote for him. as many congolese as possible he's going to need to for everyone not just listen walters and i suppose also importantly to convince you will watch his speeches on them who don't trust his motives that he's going to be his own man and he won't be a puppet president joseph kabila. feigns as. well as spring in our panel now from geneva on skype is benedict djoko historian and coordinator of the come. barely a movement a civil liberties organization from paris. political consultant an economic analyst and c.e.o. of innovation task force and in london indigo ellis risk untold tint at various maple croft welcome to the program thank you for being on inside story benedict in
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geneva how credible are the election results released by the electoral commission. and i think that we aren't just going to. church. that the result do not owe to respond to the world i have observed so i don't think that our the election as they call it is a problematic while now and if. you look at the early church being the numbers i think that our present president will have the service of that in the city. in paris is true that the catholic bishops conference of congo whose preferred candidate is not a secret is martin for you know says it made verifications and has results that are totally different from those of sandy the electoral commission who in your view has the right the correct results that represent the will of the congolese people. i'm
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very clear with you i think the process has been all very chaotic and i'm not surprised to ever is of that given room for discussion so today we are in front of. what i call official body which is seventy which is that mr. warren this election and apart from that we have another group who says unfortunately it is not the data that we have i would say that beyond people beyond . election we have management of the country which is to my point of view the most important thing at the end of the message from the catholic church they say if a part of the election says that they are not they don't agree with the result they can usually go from work to try and contest the results so of the is going to be the right way indigo alice in london your farts this way in by katie who leads one
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of the biggest and oldest opposition parties in the d r c is it really a shock was this election stolen from the congolese people as montelena claims. i think ultimately what we're seeing various maple careful support this is that we are approaching this this age basically where this this is when has been completely fabricated a century what the opposition has won and it's in some ways the right result for congo we have not seen shattering being forced into a position where the congolese people definitely did not vote for him what we've seen is that his schedule has won but it is still not the correct result i think that's very clear i think the most important thing to remember about these results is ultimately they are provisional and there is no guarantee that these results will be the final results there's no guarantee the constitutional challenge will not be confirmed i think that's the most important thing to remember as we're
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talking about this a lot of the media have been talking about the winning right but actually our vision of the home is that he's actually just been the provisional right if if these results stands as they are today if they stand what would that mean how how high is the risk in diggle of violence today if these results stand. i think actually what we've seen with sanker coming out recently and saying that they do not agree with these results i think that is important but ultimately the most important thing is that the you d.p.s. who to be honest feel the most field the most militant of the street activists that will say definitely coming out in kinshasa i think it will be a lot less a lot less violent than we expected to be ultimately. it doesn't mean that the civil unrest will not be as widespread i think martin for you lose. kind of his support is spread wide across the country and that will mean that nationwide there
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will be civil unrest that will be violently or oppressed by security forces i think that's very much made clear with the history of congress that stands benedict in geneva as indigo points out it's very important to insist on this these are provisional results they're not the final official result. in his very first reaction though are fairly. praise doe's of kabila the outgoing president saying he considered him an important political partner and not and enemy was there a deal made between kabila and she said katie in your view as martin for you know is accusing them well i think that some of those maybe many of us and we also will journalists. who want to. let you know of these elections. and these this is really a big problem i think focal these people because if we go with the president
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who are suspected of lot and all the election just people walls ability in the country. this election is that is a given a certain way i think was seen as a way to look at the lower. legitimacy because. his election as he says will dispute in two thousand and sixteen two thousand and eleven. if the election of mr is just that it was a lot disputed it will have that he was indeed was the president of the global so i think it's really important to think about the sunni because we see today people or so although not all the country and i think it's important is so that that are we truly saying like well we need to think about our new although there is still was elections. what will the president look like the legitimacy that. will
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last for cities alcatel paris you agree with that with us that does this victory if it's confirmed does it benefit in any way. the most important thing is that kabila is a citizen of congo or saw the results of the seeds so i think we don't need to frighten wherever in this country it's maybe the time for us to learn from his mistakes a measure that the country learned from it and then do better i do believe that it's more important to look at beyond the election that we had to compare now we have a result of of out of elections if it's there will be a need of governance which of the most important thing with a with or without this country will still exist so whether comes when you to understand that the nessun is beyond people right indigo your thoughts on this there have been a lot of accusations of camilla and security making
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a deal prior to these election results being announced is that the case and if it is the case once the results are confirmed what role for kabila in any future. government or in the future of the d r c i think ultimately what we've seen is that it's become cut as completely untenable for kabila to do his intended let's say call a plan a of putting shattering and power after an unfair. rigged election because there's no doubt that these elections were going to be rigged they were going to be unfair the most surprising thing obviously is that it's been to carry that his who's now been appointed this string paula i think there's no doubt that. he will be this this kind of puppet the only question is that the puppet master is the same but the puppet has changed rather so shattering was going to be the puppet and now it's to scatty that is undoubtedly being some kind of backroom deal created. how far it will be succeed whether we'll see some kind of morsi transition where if more if he puts up quite
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a lot of fuss when it comes to promoting what could be tried to do then that will be the issue how it plays out the transition also what of the talk america what role will he take he was important partner for to in the election perhaps the ultimate alkie tangay in paris doesn't agree with you indigo your response to that . none. of absolutely don't agree because that is just a lack of understanding out congo is organized we had three elections in one and we are not even mopping what are the results at the provincial assemblies and the coming soon is the election there is out of the election of the national assembly this will determine who is going to lead the country because we have parliamentary organization the power in one man's hand is completely finished even to second himself knows that per constitution you will not have the same power then the poll be with the prime minister and the government that's what the constitution says
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unless people think. they will act and operate just not on the same way that you know which i think will not be any way possible in congo again it's important that the international community understand that is a game changer this transition is something very important and who have a decentralized country and rule of power in different situations speaking of the international community out and allow you to respond in just a moment indigo i want to play you a sound bite from the french foreign minister who doubts these provisional results he says they appear to contradict other tani's take a listen to. his initial the only the elections were carried out with calm which is great but it appears the results to carry mr kerry as a winner do not conform with the results so we've noticed. that you can feel as if it's possible conference of congress may checks and announce results that were completely different firstly i think people should remain calm and avoid
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confrontations and clarity should be made on the results which are opposite of what we expected it. but addict in geneva how do you interpret this reaction from the french foreign minister did france have a preferred candidate in this election. you know when france is speaking i think we need to understand that this. interest in two thousand and eleven i think that we have are the elections in the congo or whether congo is people were saying are there will as well that the world was told once again when you suggest that if by the road to the you know. police people have been calling strong and the international community to how they're going to back them forward and strong student in arms straws i mean starliner thing are backed out i do take sound to listen to the people so i think that brown's to come out today and talk about his
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election even though we know that they are problematic you build on what we know of in call of the knees of problem of of word and trust with the elections things that politicians in the cult will do a lot most of the time we know how it is problem but i think. it's a little bit awkward i would say positrons to come to do it out of that initial also that the trials may be a person like. me so it will be. together with me so i look a better person because there was security business and we know that most of western countries when they talk about the congo they mostly don't talk about the people there mostly don't talk about the sufferings of the of the congolese people but little girls are talking deals and maybe yeah we need to follow for you who was
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a better man for that and that's why do you stand let's hear from indigo on this indigo are benedict says francis speaking there out of interest what about the rest of the international community did they have a preferred candidate. ultimately i think the international community wanted to see a peaceful electoral process that reflected what the ballot box actually said and i think that's where martin feel it became the preferred candidate as soon as sanker came out and said that they they thought that he was the wenna i think that's ultimately the what the what the international community for looking were looking for i think benedict's right the way the the french the way the congo will really react to this french minister statement is not going to make a huge difference i think france has lost a lot of respect within the congo they they do not wish to have a repeat of the two thousand and eleven election where france came in and sent election observers i think the ultimate question is whether what the u.n.
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will say tomorrow so south africa in their role their new role in the security council have managed to push back the meeting on the congolese elections that was sheets take place on choose day they've they've pushed that back to tomorrow so i think the ultimate. kind of international community response will be tomorrow will see what they want to say how they will respond to this ultimately i do not think that they will say anything other than we accept this result because it is not a very clear that could be as had a hand in this for the eccentricities to see how the international community reacts to the unfolding situation in the meantime let's take a look at the challenges facing congo's new leader if affiliates choose the katie's when is confirmed he faces many challenges although the democratic republic of congo is rich in mineral resources it's home to some of the poorest people in the world the united nations says ethnic fighting between government forces and on groups has displaced more than four million congolese to securities volleying to
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tackle corruption mining profits were allegedly stolen by groups with links to president joseph kabila so a lot of challenges not least a security challenge in the east a humanitarian challenge as well. does he have what it takes to deal with these various issues. what should be his main priority. i think the man and the most important think in congo is to be able to manage and to give governance of the country we have huge parts of the country which come completely under managed and no ministration i mean the first think the government should try and do is to try to bring services to the citizen were there are we have eighty percent of the our population in the rural area with no service at all and that's where we have these groups because there is abundant places and i think the first think the government should do is to try to bring services to those we have been on
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the net for so many years second think we need to give activity economy activities to the people because with no activity in the in the rural area every this kind of informal economy it is artist another mining which brings money to the roots and there which gives money to the rebels and i think it's important for the government to have a plan for the next fifteen years to make sure that we know when to go to there that's the most difficult thing we don't have a strategic plan i think we need to have a strategy plan benedict in geneva does for katie have a plan you know it's very difficult not to associate him with his father even longtime opposition leader he felix has little political experience drawing his political legitimacy from his father. how difficult will it be for him to govern in the shadow of this father does it does he have what it takes to lead the d r c. i think that you need to know maybe the oau remind ourselves of something don't you
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james who sent when he was writing these two can be learned most of the supporters and he himself said about love that people should take the below needs to. send him back to rhonda and i think this is the whole two thing to say here because what mr she said any further was saying is that kabul was an act of war now and i think that to say to do to talk about our economical development to talk about people that need effectively to to to indeed to or to be taken in charge without talking about the war who global it's a kind of it's problematic because this is the main challenge of course that it is playing to how how willie and the war in kabul because the war still there is a low intensity war but it is you know that we have been reported we have been used to. a lot of tribes who spoke about what was happening in the cold war the raids of
9:43 am
the home and the children that will read it won't yield and all these minerals that rot from all countries and me not the influence that meant only countries like iran and in particular really very crude in that region let know that and let me break into banks conversation. but these will be i think one of the main challenges of musicians that getting power willie and the war in the congo because new contact about it going on because that will only talk about social problems. you fenech to solve problems and you will in the conflict today a lot of the response to the war ok i think that this is a lot of things to do say i don't know about the benedict our i'm going to bring in at indigo because we're almost running out of time in the show ending or benedict says you cannot talk about economic development. in the democratic republic of congo unless you solve the security situation in the east your thoughts on this and
9:44 am
also fatigues you see kerry has said he would fight corruption he would release what is called prisoners return exiles on the issue of corruption and good governance do you see him going after joseph kabila and his family at the moment hair of various maple cough we just do not expect the fish caddy will have the political power to be able to kind of manipulate the the vassals of power enough to move anything away from kabila or his family as essentially we've we see a situation where if to scottie is confirmed as president he will just remain behind the scenes sorry kabila will remain behind the scenes behind his sketchy as he rules how long that situation will last is yet to be seen when it comes to economic verses ending the war in the eastern provinces the most important thing will be infrastructure there is no possible way the economic development can happen without improved and infrastructure there is no way that people can be brought into
9:45 am
the formalization of art as a mining for example without infrastructure that needs to be more investment in roads in hydro power plants we've seen in the three to sketch it will need to prioritize that if he wants to even come close to i think raising the capital needed to end the war and it's a province as it goes money is going to be all you want a little. benedict i'll give you the last word go on now i said don't how do you mean infrastructure negotiate while you do so this is the security problem because i think that it is important to. talk about that regime because we do not lend more than six million people but he'll just out there without we don't talking about them well let me just use for them lots of action and i think this is illegal is really only. here legal questions need to be answered we're going to have. believe it then or should be because we've run out of time thank you so much i'm
9:46 am
not of questions and a lot of issues need to be addressed by the democratic republic of congo's thank you so much for being part of this discussion benedix joe cole. and indigo ellis and thank you as well for watching you can always watch this program again any time by the getting our website at al-jazeera dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for slash inside story you can also of course join the conversation on twitter are as well to handle is that a.j. inside story from the fully back to the whole team thank you for watching by phone .
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headlines warned the streets of melbourne australia are by. its citizens under threat by african gangs. but how real the displays. when one east investigates the now this is also one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place where two worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. in two hours we can get it on jurists in the rest of central america about the same time but more importantly why those two cultures north and south america needs us to teach it like it's a very important place for al-jazeera to be. it could be the biggest land grab in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the ocean
9:48 am
twenty one geologists are secretly plotting new borders. as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. oceans manakin on a zero. with the top stories here at out the u.s. president has wrapped up a visit to the country's southern border he traveled there on thursday in a bid to drum up support for his proposed wolf separating the u.s. from mexico the president met border security offices in the texas town of macallan he's demanding more than five billion dollars for the war which he says is needed
9:49 am
to stop an influx of crime democrats accuse the president of holding the country hostage over the issue and are refusing to fund it and that's led to a partial government shutdown the lawsuits and nearly three weeks what you see on the border that's not as much of a problem because they come through the border and they go out through our nation so you'll have crime in iowa you'll have crime in new hampshire you'll have crime in new york your crime in places you know you don't associate with the border but it comes through the border tremendous amounts and as hard as we work as well as we're doing nationwide on crime a lot of it's caused by people to come in through the southern border so it and you know if we had the barrier it wouldn't happen. it wouldn't happen they could have fewer people they could put people other places and sort of having everyone concentrated right here and it's all common sense and nancy and just to know that
9:50 am
look we're not winning this argument they're losing the argument badly they know it and set about an argument not about politics for me it's about doing the right thing. kimberly house correspondent in mcallen texas. dahlan trial has wrapped up his visit to mccallan texas where he tried to persuade the american public that there is a need for the five point seven billion in funding for a border wall along the united states border with mexico now macallum texas where a very large number in fact is the busiest location for illegal crossings into the united states and that's why donald trump came down to meet with border patrol he put out all the displays in terms of seize weapons and drugs that have been brought into the united states in order to try and convince the american public but the president also said if he can't convince his democratic opponents and congress to give him the five point seven billion that he needs for his border wall he hasn't ruled out declaring a national emergency that would open up already allocated funding but it would also
9:51 am
open up the possibility of major legal court challenges u.s. secretary of states might pump has laid out the trump of ministrations vision for american policy in the middle east speaking in cairo he cooled u.s. leadership a positive force in the region but the main focus of his speech was confrontation with iran the influential catholic church in the democratic republic of congo's as the official presidential election results don't match the tallies of thousands of its own observers the opposition candidate feeling she's ok he was declared the provisional winner by the electoral commission front as well as president nicolas maduro has vowed to correct deep mistakes as he was sworn in for a second six year term president maduro accusing us of waging a world war against his country the u.s. is among thirteen countries in the americas that have said they won't recognize his presidency. three hundred days since the murder of jamal khashoggi the saudi
9:52 am
journalist has been remembered at a bipartisan memorial event or capitol hill in washington among the speakers democratic leader of the house nancy pelosi who criticized the trumpet ministrations response to the killing if we decide that commercial interest should override the statements that we make in the actions that we take then we must admit that we have lost all moral authority to talk about any atrocities anywhere any time we must carry on because showbiz mission to defend the free press our strongest boer war against injustice the japanese prime minister shinzo obvious says he wants britain and the e.u. to avoid a no deal breck's it he says his government supports the draft agreement that mrs may the british prime minister is trying to push through parliament and he's a jew to vote down the deal next week those are the headlines coming up next here
9:53 am
about his hair this witness. to modernise a code or a book or commando. you know what it. is except. if works.
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conscious all the while i'm up. she probably you know by the morning. she probably . is somebody that that would use. to she's not. just a simpleton i continue. to suppose that you should see a homicide go for it for what it is just suppose for your apartment to be a mob or. i don't know what this is. just going from an. update to adequately a bush property i want to hush up. we dare. to push the soviets just push the for. all sorts. of things but also to.
9:55 am
give it six months off from. now to. so we're getting angry about. the oh yeah super specific ones will suffer tazo successor to the. when it's. all going to trust. me it will be moving. in much as you point is the original or must hold. him to something. the screen goes through some of holes which. are quite obvious he can watch women. but if you're going. to
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do this you. will lead them on the real. me high. so they don't get put to keep i do too slow he can assail so he slept. with it. was as soon as a better. sam what. goes on from going to college is a lot more ahead and so. different of a model is just sort of similar to what. they were in similar height boucher's sort of book but because of the quizzing you. know. top touching was how i still respect well to most of us. so some of us for the world welcome if it did only for the demolition left at the noise scenes that could see up. with us at the. little one of them is awful just
9:57 am
a sort of beset by plunder cujo is you for the result. by the song don't talk. about i know how. i really. feel safe was. saying isn't a ticket to. is a. solution. it's. a decision we can't have a feel of it what. can we do suppose allowed to. live or live never say we have but it has no say. it.
9:58 am
in the latest soon. as the. moment. because. that's the song it's the one for the. jury decide. on a hunting finale. is all you see me funny can come. kill us. so there you see. you have a lover trained in
9:59 am
a chain of events who of his. but because the company did i really don't have an opinion i don't want to have quite a long term agreement to misapply with all seated mamma but it will be i won't vision it consciously others incision in many members of the last of the team and they want to slam him enough also gentlemen other nations are launching just remembering their message and so we're giving him or sacking well some people said which is why there's only mother that we're going to want to be whether. or not this is going to ruin their families in many many i sort of family and we are all watching is something you want to have for the city imagine that alcohol or any question is on those who wanted education or is it
10:00 am
a cause of i suppose missive because you have high civic courage in dipping your vendor lead during two was issued to them by the compass and scalia one is on the. other her various assistant i think i'm involved i don't want us was his and you don't need to drink it took my family in the city up in with less example than than. to do the other songs to hold the value. of you know the biggest and most well most. of the world you know that you are the you know.


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