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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2019 10:00am-10:34am +03

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or family in the real whole question is something you want to have as the city erosion whole or any question is on brazil hundreds injured. there is a good cause a muscle horse missive because you're putting civic courage in the pain of hunger only doing to us is a tool but a compass and scania learning is on the whole i have an assistant i think an impulse i don't want us to assess and you'd only took me it took my family in russia jumped in with less examples. and. with this you do the other songs to hold the gun you. know but it doesn't last long most. of the what you know of it. the you know because it always the. low roll so i would listen somebody in our conclusion
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long it was mucking about in shooting as only horses with witnesses going to a bull called one she said when you're shooting all sense of all just six episode one is a call from the political cause optimus if there was a bit about all that we got the call result was a bit by lush almost always or just a caribbean ship birches ship ship over though if you'll recall shall dog me for but i've been lucky yet will sit on the syndicate he says. but the ones you lybia can't hear you see if it's on the on one of the guys who are you seeing cuomo who just want to the employer who would actually. look long covering a very busy ferrari you live from the a.c.c. loop. until they find your article has. moved. from will be
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used if you haven't seen nothing yet just the words of it not worth going to because you don't look up the effort in the region uses up. the roof with. the looks of a buckle some oil i don't think i. have it goes on like a kite up a hole in the finishing. tracks of the other dia i will follow and think that was not in its holes in an off. the plane or something i. just don't want uganda peter to play nationals of her visit to the ship or on the south yes about some public googled me and i'll phone any of those and i was always into the home on with someone i've got to keep in whether i get a second here or yet to second forgot it up in the open yet there's no chemical possibilities it was going to let me get a continued neighbors to him in this office even though he has it's way somehow my affair i think to moment he refers to little lester dean at one point he will be
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forgot that i feel that if we feel the deposit could have it was then it would have it made it was it is done it will be in the media will bubble because the second edition is this is in process. you. really need to see if it was a big cornish. the. resent the thoughts if that's true conflict usually keep. the religious good luck will fade. to digital. he hear the pistol shot. it did the isn't there this is not from this had the. gloves have been off. you know they're very. lucky. if you can't see
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it the news is. going to be that in a moment the costs of a mobile phone. on a divorce go to sign up for. zero point you know possibly that by the book going to have six spots for the whole film in. may but just to be here i mean i. said there must be some consume. good news if. the best i can is the most of the book the more got the bomb it is going to say because cliff was there most of them were physically beaten. and so that was that on the community getting to.
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the top they went on. for the most about woods's. stupid optimistic. it would just say it's ok to meet death to move. the page because he called a zombie bird spoke to. this was a source it was in the book to call it a lesson to the kids to consummating it up on this if i have to put a chip to. his own phone call to some pulp. and officers i'm. just. going to sit there and i'll. disappear. i like. that minute because what you mean the best for me is books and so system i make the power through the door also target when. you can watch it as it is just to have the default but. just have a commercial product. just let it go to the bottom of. this to be
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closest. to the office closer to the rest of the brain yes. ya ya da da silva mind i don't i'm not here on the on top yeah i haven't i haven't got a man and i love often at home you know he had one wish maybe i was you that much added i not out of it now bill hey on and on cardio i now do gone out now to go on the ensemble oh there you go there's a hoss on not. only i got to hang out you got. more that you see on the immobile hurricane will be no eclipse who usually are masters and it's interesting you can see what's going on in the in america. even if it's
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one thing only if you stick to some of it because it's your signal don't detail falls because he pulled about his because. it's within. the kick a ball machine. so i don't fall soon i was. too far off mentally made us if it was the supply chain. or dissing me to. this little she decides to some tough luck club because i'm pushed associational through cincy. uses you for the depth she will for a possibly didn't phase me into some of the stuff. he had exceptionally. good in one was a police. officer
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calling molly down on foot for to. put the outfit on second thought. it's the fault of the top that is an ethical push falls upon a lot. of us who know about just what the farmer does where. to get the good cheer. as additional equipment to look at him such as you have to type over the phone will say look like some of that it's about the me i think the family home while we were there they wanted to become looked disappointed by so the second the name of the old. last month the guy to say uncle bill want us to put something that i thought up on the nose for the balls to going over them from both of them in focusing. on
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a new ad. and damon. i'm. going to lose. most of. you have. to take this off the thank you. thank you as a whole is always i was with you. it almost had to have
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a meaning if a kid become king thank him and got kimmel would use a good commodes incident to be using. wow. we have been lucky to have had the movies. not. the money. in the long. run. clinton. called them on. the am. not on. the it's not. getting. me again began on the. not.
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not in the boonies not. going to come. to work that morning to see young. people to miss a movie in the works about the old sociable deal is a bunch of the big kid who visit them isn't my mom. and she probably one of my mom was the suppression of the reading books after i read. don't you know no single one of them to you would just have submitted it to some of the most. prominent examples naming magic came right now we're getting some holes. i don't know if i'm going to be xians into jochum problems to get them up doing nothing thing. just if it was in the bucket see
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a monster even. gibran the political home otoh the moment we sit down by just the whole table in the senate will vote for somebody you don't like and who've just been this is supposed to be one of us just isn't he and i know and i thought. no one who. was a. good book. and. he had it done in the past one. hundred one. on it. but fuck. it. elmo thought to tell you something
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just this is a movie that about me. supposedly for instance. that they do now that i call a few well some of us look it is just a bit silly but i think it's up to the six party way this instance of. us and i was. that it never. was. before classes because i think it took informix to get the business coming up not that i'm going to stick to it but i think that is. so we don't disagree that it is a full month a day because i'm full. of teachers on. the rise so this is your soul i'll always be the bus or. third.
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it's a bunch of well yes i was trying that. way as it ever was but out west this shark shows pictures sees her shirt her miserable sister that's just. going to sit on. the suit when i see. the show all. four of them you. get all this sort of a good old. lady in. the suit he doesn't do this he says he moved. into the room that was new this shouldn't be here and leeton asleep in
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the home this incident here in this building is you. they do then suddenly. have her that's when. she's going to show us she's through her. sister. sequestered jury room. just people sit. down folks do something which is going on in a sort of he us in the school and. actually traveled to the house. fields. of. what exists it's just. a hole for the heart of this for a. couple of spots the cubs on dates to the. i kept. up
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with that all mush but it's got its past you have something. to say for the full kit that did something before it was who make it to the country was impetus behind for the buckets of. the d.n.a. sample also the guy who said look it's. a home for the quest and coolness in the movie will look for me to see the support for the book but not the focus but it sucks to see. what. we want to send to a sleep study to the penis is the most i don't see song i'm sick of. him and the senate. for. now for killing women is what i've noticed all the
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chances. in this year new immigration laws and projects funded by european governments have seen a rapid decline in the migrant transport tree people in power troubles to our good days to explore the realities faced by the drivers left out of pocket on the migrants who are choosing to return home who would like to go back to the country where they are from you know it is going to be a dismal he's going one bottle on who might not want to believe that yet. europe migration on a zero and under pointed one of. us and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the drivers of beds like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered for even those who managed to escape their cunts.
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haven't truly been able to escape the your. family's fight to survive in twenty first century america i live off my credit cards mine i don't make enough money the last couple months it's been minimum balances can only keep their heads above water in a tough economic climate companies have had to lay off thousands of workers if he wants to go to school he'll be pain for his classes and books and he can't do that on the. hog and. just zero. dennis into how the top stories hear it out as their president has been to texas in a bid to drum up support for his proposed wall along the us mexico border is
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demanding more than five billion dollars for the war which he says is needed to stop an influx of crime democrats are refusing to fund it and that's led to a partial government shutdown nearly three weeks what you see on the border that's not as much of a problem because they come through the border and they go out throughout our nation so you'll have crime in iowa you'll have crime in new hampshire you'll have crime in new york you of crime in places you know you don't associate with the border but it comes through the border tremendous amounts and as hard as we work as well as we're doing nationwide and a lot of it's caused by people that come in through the southern border so it and you know if we had the barrier it wouldn't happen. you wouldn't happen they could have your people they could put people other places and sort of everyone concentrated right here and it's all common sense and nancy i just know that look
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we're not winning this argument they're losing the argument bad. he said about an argument it's not about politics for me it's about doing the right thing. u.s. secretary of state might prompt a it has laid out the trump administration's vision for american policy in the middle east speaking in cairo he called u.s. leadership a positive force in the region but the main focus of his speech was confrontation with iran the influential catholic church in democratic republic of congo says the official presidential election results do not match the tallies the thousands of his own observers the opposition candidate felix she is a kerry was declared the provisional winner by the electoral commission venezuela's president nicolas maduro has been sworn in for a second six year term he accused the u.s. of waging a world war against his country the u.s. is among thirteen countries in the americans that have said they will not recognize his presidency is the one hundred days since the murder of. the saudi jan this is
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being remembered at a bipartisan memory an event in washington the democratic leader of the house nancy pelosi criticized the trumpet ministrations response to the killing right there is the latest headlines here at al-jazeera we're going to go back to it this. i believe it was and. it got. me a. lot it. was good and i am a and i am. me and. i got was. i mean. we. all know that one little one now i'm going to ask.
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a whole. set of forgiveness it just didn't see it you knew something of us in the moment the football met and some of the units your vision that it doesn't that extraordinary. move it. is coming from the bit of that of relationship. and leisure never enough the feeling of the what if you're sure nothing on it as you know it all was all but it will see some. delays. if you want to be doing anything good. where. if you if he does he'll say this he cried and then you could watch football through
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what. could be sydney's in the village and be that easy for the good the. good of the people that want to be found one good. to simulate good will do what a good deed. could be. then you do this by the sea with a room at the bottom of it isn't that you look good but get where you will if you. read is if you do the big belly would you believe also more don't listen she was a mix of you know bob who was with our list to build on the beatles with feelings. and national. weather events that that the cup. was the regime not of can that's when i think or says it a confession is already shown health costs seventy settling in. the settlements have seen can i say about it of course
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a may have any kind of. care anything i've ever develop it can't exist if you have to read. the question of one hundred dollars misspeak and then vice because someone cannot remain sick our partnership problems have upset huda of what outcomes you've got of him or his senior doing it didn't matter. in medicine once it was a precious game or problematic. because you consider vick you're going for spurs big. or to let me look up to a better process for that rocket i don't see that one has to be home. and support so roger gonnet regrets also cool down or sort of what mr that jim somebody called do you suppose yourself now as several shopper for not.
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knowing. focused on the ships recipient or you'll miss one or all are also all gets discussed without having a vote so if there were more they could have had a deal. the shows. pick a shot on the second. one in a spot simply hit by their own them. so just push them into trauma see will curse the phone to come let's have. a regular yes i believe it will be the medicine will actually lead you to go there because this is also. the best of all. to go where that's. going to be good stuff but.
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i also. have that to be able to talk to. the money that has to get it. done but if that's all but so much support that it. was a bust. on a sad state without. the rule of law because songs such as. the phillies was a debacle on the scene or what is what this has puzzled is still going on today because of. social media yourself doing. nothing but it will be really. going to put us into trouble resulted in moving to the so how was it would physically abusing or was he shooting the news you might well know you know obama
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on the. drugs. is. moving to move. and you were going to also let me come in here and. when you came. they have no have no answers yammering so no one has seen or spoken about my many years and many hundreds of. physicians find him. as good as in the world. is he. in was he was enough. rover to the. moon. but not a vision leave the. sooner the better for the.
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super committee of the us is was. isn't the whole reason. even the. holes in the interview. she says. they are the ones who are the woes. of the war over a bit of the world where you have to be visiting the world who are hooked. up that up up up. up up top of. the bottom or. top of bob hope's cost that will. let us.
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now it was such. a shock. but. i want. the. another thing there's another that's been shot of the president in the coming of incident. if it's money if and when but without it it was an entirely another for them to sum up all seriously what is the logic for the. who.
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for whom she was a rapist soon soon as it doesn't go a bit much except the bump a new one in a boy from physician example because the. money supply from putting this in shooting medicine a careful this is us is just too far. it's. super. to sound oh she chooses to somehow be an alarm system. must have become soon from the official parts of her who no matter who she. was running was amazon doing. just the only to see him he says who are somewhat usual this is was said he wanted to say. shrugs and give his own that should have. seems. crucial to proof of. what's the use of competition good for the love and dissolute emotional feeling over the negotiation
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the problem was the one of the we didn't do this but of much more than fiction for patrolling for the us it's a mother made home a common one woman decision up in the southeast other while we have these are. these people in to go out probably cut being destroyed we understand it but don't see it like this you know the it is a cupcake a glaring it conceivable the young folks a couple who it will be him. because it was his hospital visit will that he be on was not nominated let's go back on that it would also would still be the peak appreciation of a come and also a decision or more down in mood to this was bitterly disappointed who feel his leave after a credible tonal falls i don't want to get you deep or you could wriggle crizal if it don't. under the but only because well as in the know what of both of us you can do anything you can probably tell drug companies to batin it doesn't really have
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a small market are planning to vote for you but i hope no one of them jump on the wall do you want to actual physical side people but them with only. resisting he can decrease and get to the point that it was lucky to just showed us was it enough about that got them from a fit bad look at those children is all faded will most able to think it took bush will be best to continue this is something he would do something awful what is emitted. something will cause course or tawfiq you have a quote about us do you have something to. supply and you know print a problem for me to moan to this when he was here has been something. that is well something that potentially scary was a pun up as we are going to pollution she. does on enough called up being mom of vision to be able to ship object to different movies second subcommittee on
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a check under new dress and what about every kind of event is double the losses you . couldn't do before you have sources. any b.c.m. immediate aid that will she do feel to be diverted let's have a meal you sick that on their sick beat let's get your family the lump that you have been. and it will be easy to buy if we're not going to. so many beliefs such as dog increasingly hundred of us are. we see better yet those who love them pictures so just to crazily the woman said out of this love it was really so bad so the park what was a simple case all eventually c.b.d. she's to do different disposal she said with the most you could hardly keep the speed so high they don't even come sample they would only become samples lame political figure probably because of the miniscule people who is also.
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human use isn't for. me i'm not one of you can be your various.


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