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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 10  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2019 10:32am-11:01am +03

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do you think you can probably tell drug companies to bettina doesn't really have a small market are planning to vote for you but i hope no one dumped on them on the wall do you want an actual physical some people but the with only. resisting he can decrease and get to the point you did. love him to just showed us was it in a fit by the candle. lit a fag look at those children is all fired up will most able to think it took bushel to bust a continue does is something he would do something awful what is emitted. something will cause course or tough pick him up you have a quad rap artist is something i have completely simple supply and you know pretty open about me to model this concept when he was it was something. that is worth something to potential risk it was a fun up as we have been a pollution control freak in the design enough called up being normal vision to be able to ship object to different movies second subcommittee on
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a check under new address and every one ship on every continent is double the losses you. can do but we have sources in. any b.c.m. immediate aid that will she do feel to be directed. that's also having me sick that they're sick be let's get your family the love that you have one of. if obesity about if we're not going to face so many beliefs such as talking crazy i was all of us here. to see better yet i still love medications so just to crazily the woman said out of this new love it was really so bad so i did what was a simple case all eventually c.b.d. just to do the full disposal she said of the most you could hardly keep pace with so why they don't even come sample the hayward only because the. main political figure probably for the mission is still people but was also for
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you so much for me and not all of you can be your good through them for all for rather than most of. us. attitude prevented them at woods's moving these are all support i'll have to be relied on as i did anything wrong i distrusted while rubicon pointed to the different disease high yellow ribbon snow event and will post the pics to get nuisance or somebody put some pushy curious in that you can do to defeat me and. the community is hating on museum lawn but he's too young kids young to see. he's holding on to know she be do do do this in him i'm pushing you push you
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seriously do not need to sit there and satish rouge suits and he she is going to be the leader who will turn the body in the sewer system and although of course you are such an example child. that's. snappin to be so nice to talk to me she because p.v. is twice the kid you did monday as you damned innocent while trying. to be nice. and. uncertainty clues to thank you c. diff you know means. washing
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dishes. while some not crazy. little missile defense did all that trouble for just the five. most of the what. the measure of a professor was you do know of course the. real. dog in the home by the spy but just so also i added noise higher inside i imaged on the suspect rather than about the nose all fall for the kid about to be sure not to touch me he will watch.
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the commitment or whatever else like it's a little bad to the folks who like that type of dismissal fill the bill it would also assume that attacking not possible doesn't make sense it doesn't also give ice . it looks like it's just one really in the shop jobs not a good. book should will be a good example of what you want to know that you just try to imagine. hard hard not. to give up on him so he doesn't see it but you see some movement but not me often oh is he just going to go to the shops do you need to listen to such will not know what you're doing and you're doing this. for you know we've got six. jewish family his own home the homes on his side on the scene you know should be a hundred is a home is a home to but just us. doing that was cool don't go through it there are people
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going to be neat and you move. forward if you have anything to do you go right through to sunday couldn't jump on you back if you show that you can but not just live in but i wouldn't give who's up i think i'm only going to be a limited numbers only. on homos. they want. something hot. so to go home where he says this is. me who. he. is this is. he who. you know he misses it was him who says. if it's a hot shoe box he. says really. i'm ready and. you know. to.
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see more. than your. good will. we really do we'll have. to give seeking the good to. see you i live in this market and. yet she was. obviously much about to get you to the moon but that's part of you don't know mr seale not. to. escalate.
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the story. did you. know no sooner had dreamed about. as i'm going to help you. i'm from gaza my organization doesn't want to news you know absolutely nothing you have to sign me if you want to. visit to put the success of this man is all from palestinian by his own pseudonym usually this unit damage yourself to the summit to deal or you get to go from zero one one don't put can believe have a look to the two we have to look to experience with them we need to when he sees a problem. we need physical bodies within the bill machine from baseline is our.
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it's a little work of. the government will get more strong losses and i got to send them money so that mr sevan was sent him as an office my actually i'm sure you will miss the more it been was a bit of a scoop and i suppose he probably does not fit my. computer business. but i don't think blessed are those when things find it's. controlled it was a covert also a but it seems plain. and that's because mostly he sent buckles a letter to have the soon the fish it's only the size of the truth. look if. you will get. some food. for example it's one of the jewish that is pulling for the kids. need to find new ways to stick around because it means you are better the collage i am i going to again try this from
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ahmed no cinemas only to show me its would say i am still here which i'm sort of just because i have a measure when there was one hundred fifty what if it should seeds not a day or definitely but if it's on stuff you can know nothing of the old mission because i don't get that out of the let me i don't see what i do that's cheating. why. the or. post before the fall if you want to send some messages to get the full buzz
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bissinger. for buster to say just a good i'm old enough to suds was just cause it came out just jealously she bought . over but i've been she showed up on top of me sometimes. the sioux falls. said it not in the. mission. she whispered but of. course that's when i joined. so you. had to feel. a little this. is a little bit this is something we didn't think about when. we couldn't use it. well although like a difficult. decision about. it with the shoes you would have believed. it
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wouldn't it be. simple to sell movies and. this is the latest incident from. an office when she. wasn't living and breathing. was a pain in the eyes. so the letter.
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to be a child is to be innocent and carefree but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden of younger children. with a mother behind four siblings must spend for each other and decide whether to stick together. with the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the border a witness documentary al-jazeera.
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hello there the clouds are gathering once more across the southern parts of the u.s. so satellite picture shows the stream of cloud making its way towards the north and as it does so it will be pulling itself together so for some of us we're going to see some fairly heavy rain during the day on friday and on the northern edge of that hits the cold air will see that turn to snow that system of that edge its way eastwards and more and more snow developing all much during the day on saturday and further south some role the heavy rain the northeast will be dry for now but certainly not warm minus thirteen they were and towards the west we're just waiting for the next big area of rain to make its way towards us for the central americas here plenty of fine dry weather to be found just a handful of showers perhaps particularly around parts of hispan yola but elsewhere
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that should be plenty of dry weather including force in havana the south america there's been some very severe weather here particularly in the northern parts of argentina and this is the system responsible and it could still give us some rather nasty thunderstorms as we head through the next few days that systems just pushing its way a bit further south as we head into saturday so more of us in europe like unlikely to see that wet weather where is for paraguay it should draw up a little bit further north there will also be a few showers for the eastern parts of brazil it should be dry there in santiago the temperature twenty seven. culturally i believe the muslims had a far greater effect on europe than europe the middle east. the crusaders fault for all this was because they failed to recognize the moment of their lives enough it was in the the list campaign of colonization that exploded religion in the name
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of the cross of the crusades an arab perspective the find a liberation at this time on a. al-jazeera where every. headlines war in the streets of melbourne australia are biased its citizens under threat by african gangs. but how real the displays. when one east investigates. this is al jazeera.
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hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm martine dennis coming out of the next sixty minutes president trump takes his case for a wall to the us mexico border itself. we must confront the ayatollah. the. us secretary of state might prompt a you calls on the arab world to stand against iran in a key speech delivered in cairo. isolated abroad and embattled at home nicolas maduro begins a new term as venezuela's president. and attorney. around to thailand just days after they sacked their coach at the asian cup we'll have that option and more in school. and the u.s. president has been to the country's southern border to drum up support for his
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proposed wall separating the u.s. from mexico donald trump met border security offices in the texas town of macallan he's demanding more than five billion dollars for the wall which he says is needed to stop an influx of crime democrats accuse the president of holding the country hostage over the and they're refusing to fund it and that's led to a partial government shutdown that's lasted almost three weeks but you see on the border it's not as much of a problem as they come through the border and they go out through our nation so you'll have crime in iowa you'll have crime in new hampshire you'll have crime in new york your crime in places you know you don't associate with the border but it comes through the border tremendous amounts and as hard as we work as well as we're doing nationwide on crime a lot of it's caused by people to come in through the southern border so it and you know if we had the barrier it wouldn't happen. it wouldn't happen they could have
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fewer people they could put people other places and sort of having everyone concentrated right here and it's all common sense and nancy and just to know that look you know winning this argument they're losing the argument badly they know it and set about an argument as not about politics for me it's about doing the right thing. more now from our white house correspondent kimberly how kate who's in macallan texas. dollar charges raft up his visit to macallan texas where he tried to persuade the american public that there is a need for the five point seven billion in funding for a border wall along the united states border with mexico now macallum texas where a very large number in fact is the busiest location for illegal crossings into the united states and that's why donald trump came down to meet with border patrol he put out all the displays in terms of seize weapons and drugs that have been brought
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into the united states in order to try and convince the american public but the president also said if he can't convince his democratic opponents and congress to give him the five point seven billion that he needs for his border wall he hasn't ruled out declaring a national emergency that would open up already allocated funding but it would also open up the possibility of major legal court challenges meanwhile back in the capital government workers have been taking to the streets and protesting over the past. custer who was there. impact of this partial government shutdown is twofold first there are those government services that are being unfilled filled in some of the most vulnerable americans in just a few weeks time would begin came the price of this is not resolved they are the recipients of the federal food stamps who depend on that benefit to feed their families but more importantly in more immediately at this moment i'm for more than eight hundred thousand federal workers who are going without a paycheck because of
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a shutdown and they are marching now to the white house finally calling out the president trying to find name it is his responsibility to reopen the government congress even doing his job right now mcconnell isn't doing his job the senate majority leader and then of course the president you know this is he's going to not sign the bills congress has already passed legislation to reopen the government he won't sign and that was the resoundingly answer for every person i spoke to at this protest they say the president is to blame for this federal shutdown and that is why they are going to the white house to demand that he reopens it with or without wall finding trump has claimed otherwise he has actually said he believes many third world workers agree with what he is doing that is not what the unions representing these workers are saying in fact some have even bought a bottle lawsuit against the federal government making saying that it is against the fair labors act to force federal workers to go without
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a paycheck and some to work without a paycheck however any sort of legal resolution may take years and these workers are demanding a solution now are listening to eric olson now who's a senior advisor with the wilson center is mexico institute he's joining us via skype from washington d.c. thank you for talking to us that the president has gone to great lengths to paint this picture of a national emergency of being an influx of illegal migrants crossing the border down in the south of the country many of whom are criminals and they're bringing in drugs with them how would you describe the situation at the border with mexico. well there's no doubt that there is the legal migration entering the united states but the numbers speak for themselves that those numbers are all way down. you know in the last fifteen years it's dropped by over a million people a year trying to enter without documentation in the united states we have seen an
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increase in central americans i mean to the united states but in general the central americans especially the families and children are coming to the ports of entry seeking asylum out of fear for the by a lot and the lack of governance in their countries so the situation is obviously grim for those central americans looking for asylum and being kept at arm's length for that during this process but overall it's not a border out of control in dade what sort of effect is the trump policy now of having those who want to claim asylum being forced to say inside mexico in order to have their cases processed but while several on mexican so what sort of impact is that having a poem mexico generally but the to kill or leave with the new administration oh.
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and as manuel lopez obrador. well so far the mexican government has bent but not broken and what i mean by that is that they've been willing to provide . some sort of humanitarian support and even in some cases job permits for the central americans that are got stuck on their side of the border and actual fact there been a lot of central americans that have been congregating there trying to get across the border for many years now i think what the what the u.s. has done and what the trump policy has done is exacerbate an already difficult situation everybody recognizes that the asylum system in the united states is is way behind there's an enormous backlog up to eighteen to two years in a sound cases and this house seat of the administration has simply exacerbated that
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battle made it more difficult and forced people to stay in mexico where there really are they weren't prepared for and don't have the resources for dealing with an increasing numbers of central americans they're there they're vulnerable. criminal organizations specializing in smuggling people into the united states are very active in that region so the more people are stuck on that side of the border the more vulnerable they are trying to respond but they haven't been able to do it and that such a the question i wanted to ask is how is this forcing a change in policy in mexico's approach to the central americans are they using mexico. as a horrific if you like to get further north because obviously on the penya nieto the former president he was criticizing know for not being completely inhumane and in fact u.n.h.c.r.
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pointed out that there was a catastrophe on the southern border of mexico where the three central american nations meet. well there needs on the southern border of mexico guatemala i've been there numerous times and there certainly needs i don't think i would go so far as to call it a catastrophe i mean that's kind of the case trump is trying to make on the northern border there are humanitarian needs there are people streaming across unfortunately mexico has a tradition of really not taking very seriously the needs of central americans coming through their territories traditionally they've said they thought and they've said that those central americans go to the and i are going to the united states so we should just let them go through as quickly as possible the fact of the matter is that they become victims of violence of crime of corruption extortion sexual violence on that passageway through mexico some from sometimes from the mexican authorities state police other state authorities but oftentimes from
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criminal organizations that are increasingly specializing in smuggling these people up to the u.s. order and then across the border so the situation is is been bad in mexico for some time central america make sure migrants it's only getting worse the more trunk the trumpet ministration how the case things at the u.s. border and the fact that they're now not allowing people to enter into the united states while they wait for their sign and cases to be processed means there's going to be a greater backlog in the u.s. court system and a greater backlog in mexico which puts them at him in a ball and roll situation eric health and thank you very not you very well. well president tom's former lawyer michael cohen has agreed to testify publicly before congress next month about his time working for the president that his testimony
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could further damage the president's image and strengthen the investigation into russian interference in the twenty's sixteen election in december kohima sentenced to three years in prison for lying to congress and his role in paying hush money whilst working for trump the candidate it u.s. secretary of state might pompei or has laid out the trumpet ministrations vision for american policy in the middle east speaking in cairo he called u.s. leadership a positive force in the region but the main focus of his speech was confrontation with iran charles trafford has more. the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei was touring the middle east almost described as a mission focused on shoring up support among arab allies against iran since withdrawing from the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal last year the u.s. has increased pressure on tehran which he accuses of being a destabilizing force in the region.


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