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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  January 11, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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thousands of his supporters poured onto the streets to celebrate their hold it will be a new beginning people are suffering this country there's no job in this country i was in south africa i'm going to come back i'm going to there's no job and country . people there's people aboard to study and after that there's nothing the result triggered protesters in goma and congolese catholic chaste leaders are also questioning the result local authorities in concrete in the south west of the country say at least two civilians and two police officers were killed during riots several police stations were torched. just a kid is rival martin five is rejecting the provisional results and alleges what he calls an electoral. act to sue you all those who learned of the truth of the ballot boxes especially to congress national bishops the past couple conference sankoh and the church of congo through your historical observations we ask you to reveal to the congolese people and to the whole world the name of the person who really was
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our people's choice. could reject categorically the result published by the election commission president. others in the international community say the surprise victory is at odds with other tongues. the catholic church of congo did its tally and announced completely different results therefore i think while remaining calm and avoiding confrontation that we must have clarity on these results which are the opposite to what we expected. with a history of coups conflict and contested elections the d r c has been on edge during campaigning with allegations of widespread election irregularities including a vote rigging and violence. take a while yet they deny. it and if. they are. not just watching. the internet has been cut off for weeks in an apparent attempt
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to stop speculation about the results riots police had been deployed the vote that was two years old was finally see the exit of president joseph kabila after nearly eighteen years in power but there are questions about how much influence he will still have. in kinshasa. still ahead on the bulletin of as well and president nicolas maduro beckons again for a second six year term as the economic crisis. and japan's promise to weighs in on persons breck said battle after going to introduce away. from the waves of the sales. to the contours of the east. hello there there's still plenty of cloud across the middle east at the moment that the satellite picture is showing plenty in the south and then another system in the
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east is this one that's giving us the more intense rain and a lot of snow as well aside from afghanistan northwards really we're seeing a lot of snowy weather here we're also seeing another weather system making its way into parts of turkey that's going to stay around the western parts as we head through the day on saturday then it will be pulling itself together to swing towards lebanon and syria as we head through sunday and into monday a bit further towards the south and here in doha it suddenly go to bit cooler the winds are firing down from the northwest bringing in that chilly air so friday and saturday well it's up temperature of around twenty two degrees could be a fair amount of cloud around on saturday too the winds will finally ease the during the day on saturday and as we head into sunday down towards the southern parts of africa and for many of us here there's quite a few showers around currently you can see them stretching from angola all the way through towards madagascar a madagascar is actually looking pretty wet as we head through friday and into saturday particularly in the southwest around moral it looks pretty soggy i think that's where we see the heaviest of the rain further towards the west there is more
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in the way of drawing weather here but still the chance of the old showers around the durban area down there should be dry if cooled. there with sponsored by qatar and greece. where online i want to start here on my laptop with a tweet or if you join us on sat there was a rush of adrenaline will be called this is the moment that we have been waiting for this is a dialogue with the government has cooled base out of legal protest and instructed police to disperse the crowds everyone has a voice vote to lots of different reasons what's different types of bricks join the global conversation on now to zero.
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it's good to have you with us on al-jazeera these are our top stories the u.s. president has business of the country's southern border and a bit to drum up support for his proposed war with mexico. five point seven billion dollars has led to a partial government shutdown for almost three weeks. the u.s. secretary of state has called on the arab world to good night against iran speaking in cairo he blames the obama administration for much of the region's troubles. and the influential catholic church and democratic republic of congo says the official presidential election results don't match the tallies of thousands of observers the national electoral commission has declared opposition candidate felix the winner.
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is one hundred days now since l.b.j. . was murdered and the kingdoms consulate and ball and people have been gathering outside the mission to remember him and continue to ask questions about. reports from istanbul. video just a few seconds long yes it's helped uncover a murder prompts hatched by one of the world's richest governments one hundred days have passed and security cameras recorded jamal khashoggi entering the saudi consulate in istanbul never to be seen again after continually lying about what happened to the journalists your thirty's eventually admitted he was murdered inside the consulate however a toll now no one has been punished for the crime turkish investigators identified one thousand suspects went to the country as part of a so-called hit squad it's included former diplomats and close aides to crown prince mohammed bin sandman and all the intelligence agencies such as the cia have said they're fairly confident inside man was behind the murder of the journalist
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the kingdom has always denied his involvement instead blaming the crown prince's advisor saddam funny and general ahmed. the saudis say justice will be delivered but it'll be in their own way. that's we seems this through having secret court hearings that are closed to the media and international human rights groups where the accused on to name him to death penalties are sought seemingly arbitrarily it is one of the reasons why the turkish government sees the culprits should face trial in istanbul and valves they will be tried in absentia even if saudi arabia refuses to hand them over all of them one issue instead of a subdued yanni according to turkish war because saudi arabia is not cooperating the suspect can be tried in absentia but without issuing a final verdict turkey can also defer the case to the united nations or other international bodies amnesty international is one of the groups calling on turkey to request an international independent inquiry into murder members of the human
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rights group hold a vigil outside the consulate on thursday to mark one hundred days since his killing obviously the murder took place here in istanbul so it's right and it's important that the turks that is keep up their call for an independent u.n. investigation but really the international committee as a whole needs to commit to this investigation to ensure that that's what happens and justice is done it was reported that crown prince mohammed bin sideman was told by president trump's advisor christian are not to worry about the fallout of the murder of course rocketry because it would die down within troops for three months one hundred days on and it seems that there is a risk that the international community will forget about the saudi journalist who entered this building to get married but summed it up being murdered and still no justice has been served. istanbul. and some of the journalist was also remembered adam and while event on capitol hill in washington a speaker of the u.s.
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house of representatives nancy pelosi criticized the trumpet ministrations response to the killing. mike hanna reports from washington d.c. . speaker after speaker asserted that the best way to remember jamal khashoggi would be to continue to fight for the freedom of the press against the many attacks being waged on it. why why am i here john important the press is important why am i here because it's personal the turn of the mob or all was set by the new speaker of the house nancy pelosi who was sharply critical of the lack of faction of the trumpet ministration it responds to murder if we decide their commercial interest should override the statements that we make in the actions that we take then we must admit that we have lost all moral authority to talk about any atrocities anywhere any time we must carry on because
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showbiz mission to defend the free press our strongest boer war against injustice in equity in oppression and members of congress are adamant that concrete measures are going to be taken to hold saudi arabia and the crown prince muhammad been sold a comfortable when we return to do a deep dive on saudi arabia. iran and so on the kingdom on the earth. all those who are responsible. for sure she's a murder if. they refuse to hold him accountable and our conclusion is that he is responsible congress can and i think should pass legislation requiring sanctions against those who are responsible no matter how high up make up president trump would appear to believe that the whole issue of the murder of jamal
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khashoggi is over members of congress are adamant that they will remind him it isn't. to syria now where an armed group formally linked to al qaeda has signed a cease fire with other rebel groups and take control of the province but turkey's foreign minister. says the deal with higher. is unacceptable. it's a fact that terrorist organizations are operating in we did not bring these terrorist organizations to the region it was the regime it deliberately open doors for them to get to these radical groups have been attacking moderate we are certainly digging all the necessary measures to stop them. at least five people have been killed after what the military drone struck a yemeni government military parade in province.
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the fighters have been battling the evony government which is backed by the style the. scores of soldiers were killed in the dry attack the government commander has denied that saying everyone say. the situation is excellent and we're sorry. it didn't and we didn't lose anyone we are all safe and in good health and i hope our armed forces will never be the situation is good the parade ended and we're high spirits the venezuelan our president has vowed to correct what he called deep mistakes as he was sworn in for a second six year term the u.s. and thirteen other countries and the americans say they won't recognize his presidency venezuela is battling hyper inflation food and medicine shortages and are seeing an exodus of residents to neighboring countries choice reports now from caracas. and a typical swearing in ceremony in venezuela the constitution says it should have
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happened at the national assembly but because the opposition controlled parliament is considered to be in contempt. confirmed. at the supreme court. point here i am standing ready to democratically take the reins of our fatherland to a better destiny to a higher destiny we have achieved and we will continue with children. on the streets people celebrated model this new time in office comes up be my love come here to so that's what the president what i'm other they say that any changes in this country needs to happen with the sabbath so satisfy little something this government may think that it was in order to get this country out of the economic crisis and most of those here blame outside economic powers for the crisis and businessman for the hyperinflation. we have an income in the businessman
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turn our salary into salt and water i cannot by anything i hope will now go after those who are affecting the people. who also attended a ceremony at a military base reinforcing the union that exists here between the military and civilian rule and. it is this bond that has helped keep mother we're going all face and that's why members of the opposition appealed to the military on thursday they said they won't acknowledge the president because he was elected in a vote that was filled with irregularities. i am telling the armed forces the chain of command is broken and you know it in order to be a general there has to be a colonel the commander in chief of the armed forces lost the popular vote nicolas maduro is stealing symbols and using a paper crown. for now it's unlikely that the military will rebel against my little
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but it's the population's every day struggles that pose the major challenge. the government cannot control the. in fact with every measure they take the situation gets worse because of the hyperinflation i think the government won't be able to solve it ungovernability is an issue not because of the opposition but because of economic difficulties and the failure of basic public services. says he has a plan in place to get the country out of the crisis a plan that convinces his followers but not those who are desperate for change. japanese prime minister shinzo. the e.u. to avoid a deal breaks it says his government supports the draft agreement that theresa may is trying to push through the british parliament but m.p.'s are expected to reject the day or next week versions of the european union at the end of march. so tell me
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. we want to avoid a no deal the world to we strongly hoping this won't happen japan supports the draft agreement to maintain stability the mayor of new york city is guaranteeing comprehensive health care for everyone regardless of their immigration status or ability to pay and some americans want to see the health initiative spread nationwide christian salumi has more everybody a surprise announcement from the mayor of new york from this moment on a new york city everyone is guaranteed the right to health care we are saying the word guarantee because we can make it happen without bill de blasio a democrat extended basic health privileges to more than a half million new yorkers half of them said to be undocumented immigrants. because of washington won't act then our state government should act but you know what we don't wait here in new york city we don't wait his polar opposite is the u.s.
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president donald trump who's led a migrant crackdown and the dismantling of obamacare millions of american families and i mean millions continue to suffer from obamacare health care coverage remains a deeply partisan issue in the united states the liberal wing of the democratic party has taken up calls to adopt a federally funded single payer system that would cover all americans rich and poor alike the fact is new york is already providing health care to the more than five million uninsured and i don't doubt you magid who end up coming to hospital emergency rooms like this often after becoming gravely ill or injured and yet the mayor says he can expand coverage without raising taxes according to the mayor the plan will provide primary and specialty care from obstetrics to pediatrics geriatric and mental health budget experts say that access to. regular medical
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visits can cut down on costly hospital stays in practice it is better for people to get primary care and coordinated care it's better for care inferi it saves money over the long run preventing disease should save money and emergency care is very expensive the mayor said that all services will be on a sliding scale affordable for those who can pay something free for those who cannot and experiment the entire country will be watching kristen salumi al-jazeera new york. and i get on as a problem in doha with the headlines on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has traveled to the us mexico border and texas to make his case for his proposed wall he's demanding five point seven billion dollars which he says is needed to stop an influx of crime democrats are refusing to fund it and that's led to a partial government shutdown that's lasted nearly three weeks. u.s.
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secretary of state my pump air has laid out the trumpet ministrations vision for the middle east speaking in cairo he called u.s. leadership a positive force in the region but the main focus of his speech was confrontation with iran. well iran has had back that pompous address of what she said that america retreating from international affairs lead to chaos iran's foreign minister mohammad job and the reef tweeted that wherever all wherever the us and fears chaos repression and resentment followed. the influential catholic church and democratic republic of congo says the official presidential election results don't match the tallies of thousands of its observers the national electoral commission has declared opposition candidate felix chess a caddy the winner. it is one hundred days from saudi journalist jamal khashoggi was murdered in the country's consulate in istanbul has been remembered at
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a memorial event on capitol hill and washington democratic leader of the house of representatives nancy pelosi has criticized the trumpet ministrations response to the killing is we decided that commercial interest should override the statements that we make in the actions that we take then we must admit that we have lost all moral authority to talk about any atrocities anywhere any time we must carry on because showbiz mission to differend the free press our strongest boer war against injustice when is away as president lost mother has been sworn in for a second six year term my daughter accuse the u.s. of waging a war against venezuela or the u.s. as among thirteen countries and the america is that have said they won't recognize his presidency those included brazil argentina and colombia. well those are the
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headlines on al-jazeera the stream is coming up next. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs that. al-jazeera. ok and you are in the stream today we're discussing three stories right at the top of the week's headlines in the struggle for human rights we would love for you to tweet us your thoughts. chat. at the us mexico border when us president thursday to meet with border patrol offices in mexico thousands of white
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coping for his own home. but these central americans watching president speech from the mexico u.s. border the main reaction was indignation as he once again depicted them as prospective criminals however this is. what he said is offensive to me because we're not all the same there are criminals everywhere he should give us an opportunity to cross the only thing we want is to work and support our family president trump hopes his message will help him get the funds for a good will which he says will stop them along with drugs and terrorists despite the fact that overwhelmingly come through legal entry points. joining us live from the border now does our correspondents john homan who's in tijuana mexico and kimberly how could his in mcmullen texas good to have you both here john exactly what are you sending next is on a war zone offense what is that. you want to. do.
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you have to be ready for. it all. kimberly your chris is with you and he shared this with us it's a little bit of a video so he's showing us what you're seeing behind you there we go explain away you all that looks like a fence and also a gate according to producer chris yeah it's both and this is where the president is visiting maccallum texas to illustrate this is kind of symbolic of what he's trying to get and why he says there's a need for a border wall that's more fortified because as you can see behind me is my producer chris sheridan shared you know parts of it are easily scalable if you're physically fit nabl to do so so that's why donald trump is here making this case of what some people call the sort of a massive photo op but certainly there is the case to be made that there are places
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where it's easier to scale than others what are people saying that side of the fence side of the border kimberly about the president saying when we're not doing any business right now and to give me money for this war. well we've been talking to some of the folks here in mccallum texas and you know there's a little bit of pushback they're not loving the fact that the media has descended on this town they say it's relatively quiet here it is predominantly latino those the people that speak live here a lot of them don't speak english i and they do very much resent how some of the their relatives some of their friends are being characterized as criminals that want to cross into the united states and commit crimes but certainly that's what the president is talking about right now he's he's at a photo op where he is sort of making the point that is the fact that the border patrol is very much in support of what he's arguing for because drugs come in and there's an illegal weapons coming in as women are victims of crime and john i think
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you might be able to speak to that better with regard to whether or not this is actually true or not the president's claims yeah john can i just can i just interject he was a she for skinny that he was thinking about. the us mexico border and she from the streets with who has moved security because come tell drunk operations are becoming more sophisticated more people are fleeing violence in their respective countries is that even to the truth on twitter but is it true john. when they. broke. the law and you know i. think come in who has been very. thank. you a president. spoke almost a coming. so there's a lot of things claiming about this quite but. one thing i wanted
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given. the question from you will so i can leave american public. believing. to move forward or forward about like. president bush. it's interesting you asked that john because i was looking at some polling numbers this week and politico i believe had the numbers i don't have exactly right but about thirty seven percent did agree with the president that in fact this was a crisis and then there was another about a third that thought it was certainly a problem so when you look at the broader american public most people agree that there is a problem with illegal immigration and the president has already noticed in the american media got a lot of question back for some of his numbers and you know we know now that the president does play fast and loose with facts at times but the point he's trying to make about this being
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a crisis is certainly one that in two thousand and fourteen in fact donald trump tweeted this out today thursday in fact that this was called a crisis when there were about the same number of illegal entries under barack obama so what i think we've got here is is a wall that's become kind of a symbol of a dueling narrative whether you support trump or don't support trump and whether or not you see this as a priority i think both democrats and republicans see this is our priority making sure that immigration is reformed congress over the last twenty years is failed to do that and they still disagree and this is why we've got this partial government shutdown in the united states right now is that they disagree on how to fortify the border some believe that it should be a physical wall i would marry americans believe you can do it with drones and things like that let me share this with you this is from a window bag and let me start with john i believe president trump is among the most influential while insisting on a border war with mexico shows
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a trade and thereby increasing limiting while peace and that relationship that defines racism that will remaining delegates in the heart of mexicans john. what i think we saw in our pool wasn't the thought that we will be able to save some central americans that would immediately go to the. great as criminals try to carry the town streets. and one of the things he thinks going to push. our state one thing i think it's interesting to say about the people trying to get you know i. was in the office i'm now hearing about women on the come to be . the number of on the come men are actually going down so that's. what i mean the people trying to get in touch with needs to be treated in a different way what a lot of people are trying to do now specially when the children they're going in.
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first saw them that way which is really slow of all climbing over the. begin to move aside time to try to guess what. is and isn't of course the security it's a humanitarian crisis in terms of there's not enough four hundred immigration judges in the u.s. to produce those types to decide whether they should be getting getting asylum with they should be. kind and to jump in here for just a second john what we're starting to see in the media in the united states right now is the fact that people are noting when the same argument was made by barack obama twenty fourteen he didn't get the same kind of pushback that we're seeing from donald trump now one thing though that donald trump is getting some pushback on is whether or not to declare this and national emergency which would then allow him to access funds that normally would be appropriated for bigger crises in order
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to win this battle with within congress and get the border wall built so you both inspired similar. comment kelly kelly says needs more security when he's already existing possibly and then maybe need of repairs but definitely much more security at border for trucks and vehicles to scan for drug smuggling going to put you both from the small here just in the last three seconds of the segment person trying to visit just like his address on tuesday political stunt kimberly. oh boy. i think that sure there are some political theater involved in all of this i don't i think to be fair i don't think donald trump is the first one to utilize this but as a former reality show t.v. star i think he can utilize it more effectively than any president before him south political stunt. yeah i think it can believe but there's a reason. why. i think you have
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a ten minute rule because the border protection why the. moment it's going to provide good pictures but media won't way or another but it's also an issue for those who don't agree with i think. president from his comment. who put it on the one that we don't know as was in trouble so eloquently says bob i don't homan and kimberly how could you can find more of that reporting on al-jazeera dot com we move now to bangkok thailand where a saudi teen's plea for asylum has gone as international support has a story. another live of my own i see you and i see our own land.
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of the. first of the. joining us to discuss this story from berkeley california we have brad adams he's the asia director with human rights watch hello there brad good to have you i'm just looking at raw halfs twitter feed you must get a sense of what should feeling that moment to moment she says here pinned to the top of her twitter feed don't let anyone break your wings your free fights and get your rights where is she what she's up to right now. well she's in a hotel in bangkok under the protection of the united nations high commissioner for refugees this took a long time she flew out of kuwait where she was on a family vacation to escape violence from her family she says that she complained of been held for six months in a locked room because she cut her hair in a way that her family didn't like that she's beaten by her siblings or brothers.
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and if she had still been in saudi arabia she probably would not have been able to get to bangkok because saudi has male guardianship laws that prohibit women from making their own decisions about how to travel you know where to go even to go to a movie or a restaurant any permission and so she took good advantage of the opportunity of being in kuwait where they don't have. to get in a fight and she was only intending to transit in bangkok to go to australia and claim asylum when the thais apparently allowed saudi officials into the airport where they took her passport away and then she watched this incredible social media campaign from the airport in thailand to garner support our office in bangkok stepped in and helped or and lots of international media converged on the airport you know a lot of journalists did something very creatively but one way tickets from bangkok to somewhere else the cheapest figure they can find to get past the security barrier is going to europe or to be able to sit in here as this talk about that
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whole day rania picks up a saudi and a woman is under un n.c.r. protection for expressing a very basic human rights while her country is a u.n. men that she's an example of many saudi women and the window into the pricing environment that saudi women are living tell us more about that yes exactly right i mean this is the fruit of dictatorship in the gulf. and the fruit very impressive laws against women and girls you know that any guest says that he's going to modernize the country he has given some provisional. rights to saudi women to drive which many people mean you out of but that is such an elemental basic right that is still far ahead of other arrangement if you want to go to another country in your study would be to get rid of your father rather grand father in some cases receive the sounds your son we women are basically permanent
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legal minors. can if you are off who is executive director of human rights watch a instructing off the back of this story. another person his name is kim al arabiya and he's a bahraini soccer star and he's a dissident and he's in thai detention even though he has a refugee status in australia where he is bahrain wants him back but he fears torture how these stories connect to a raw herself says hashtag safe at kean please help him same story don't forget him i'm with you is this the same story. well it's similar i mean the team fled bogus charges involved rame he was a professional soccer player and he fell out with the head of the soccer federation in the arena happens to be up the phone number and a member of the royal family in bahrain and they filed phony charges against him to
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some of vandalism in a case where it was impossible that he was a vandal because he was playing soccer at the time he fled australia he got married recently has been there for a couple of years he's been identified as a refugee. he asked us trains would be safe for me to go on my honeymoon and he just got married to thailand they said shirt but the bar razor unbeknownst to him had filed a notice of every poll of fake notice what's called a red notice to ask even ties to arrest them they duly arrested him in or pulled out with drawn the red notice said it was an issue an error but the thais are still holding him and here's where there's a big difference between the case in. iraq as in a very nice hotel under unix our protection hakim is sharing a cell of fifty people in thailand's immigration detention center in bangkok he says he doesn't know not enough room to roll over when he's asleep that the conditions are terrible it smells terrible yes we'll see his wife and he's supposed to be on his honeymoon this supposed to be you know that the most magnificent trip
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of his life and it's just been misery. dr adams we're going to leave it there brad adams is the age of the rights of the human rights watch thank you for jumping into the story now last story takes us to the u.s. state of tennessee where this week the governor granted clemency to a woman sentenced to life in prison at the age of sixteen sometimes scinto yeah brown's case is the subject of an upcoming documentary have a look. this is a record story of transformation and. it's. a
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beautiful intelligent caring educated woman who can make things better for. the director of that film me facing life to a stand your berman and he joins us now from los angeles and in new york we have mr potter she is the head of social impact and communications for odyssey impact that's an organization helping to shine light on youngsters in the juvenile justice system melissa daniel it's good to have you here let me just quote back a documentary to you don your beautiful intelligent caring educated woman you first spent fifteen years documenting some toyah story what can you tell us about her as a person. so toure is a very gracious young woman she when i met or shoot she struck me as very intelligent and articulate and that intelligence and her ability to communicate
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with me over the years really helped to fuel a very important story. not radical enough says this on twitter melissa her case was a travesty of justice that has now finally been resolved she should never have gone through the trauma of the trial and sentencing if she was white a wealthy i have no doubt the case would have been abandoned is that a big leap of imagination or do you think there's something to that comment oh i think there grab something to that any day we have over ten thousand supernal then two adult friends who think guidelines making up over two hundred thousand each year that are incarcerated as an adult for nonviolent crime so contorted theory is one of many that we hope the satellite aren't and will have a national and international and means that a prequel to look at that and think guidelines for young people so that they haven't you know truly flourish like this some think about some toy
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a story that touched so many people including a writer called fly a call this is what she told us a little bit earlier have a look i decided to call the governor haslam she pardons and tell your brown because i was by her story i felt like it was wrong to charge and child as an adult but also that he. was being held in a sex trafficking world so i believe that he truly deserves another chance at life and that's why i called you a not and will not a minister go ahead. yes absolutely i mean if he ruth to national attention and for lebron he corralled them well together to you you know like close the media to raise awareness you have brown and that are grassroots local attention and the and then national attention b.t.l. that through the end tremendous work with telling the film and her story we're now
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able to take a closer look at the circumstances that led to where she is today the world very grateful that the governor of tennessee granted her clemency recently and in her thirty's now she had the second chance that like damn i'm looking at a tweet that your production company said last year about if you acacia wondering what the celebs are all talking about this was last year about some brownie talked about the document trail and where you can see it look at this face this is a can't i mean this this was fifteen sixteen years ago i am wondering in these cases stan when this happens if it's just about vengeance and punishing somebody she's obviously a cad wind up what should be treated as an adult what conclusion did you come to where we're stepping into one of the most important discussions that happened with this documentary and through our thinking as we built it the there were several themes that we brought into the film just in toys family her biological family her
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adoptive family all the issues surrounding her but the overarching picture is that a child goes into the system and may well be transferred to to be treated as an adult and that's not exactly right the problem for the system the justice system is that a child treated within a juvenile system probably has a chance of getting help by age nineteen and that's certainly was the case with in tennessee and so for the court looking at the possibility of first degree murder that her she had to be transferred to the adult system and she was handled as an adult and but but our problem is that one size does not fit all we have lots of issues for kids. i am thinking about minnesota the criminal justice system in the way that it treats juveniles and where are we right now is them will empathy for kids even if they've done terrible terrible famous i
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think well you know i'm looking at the reception and it's aeration and utilizing the power of film and storytelling hurt the lives and bring that into our whole whereas if you don't personally know someone that impacted you may not be aware of the rough circumstances that people under the age of eighteen the daily us and now with the opportunity in social media and traditional media outlets of their own we can share the impact how they got through the arc the day and we're going to chance for rehabilitation than you know to yeah so you know i think that an important theme here and melissa is really touching on this is that you know we started out as i started looking at a story about one young woman and what her circumstances that led her into that neri violent situation we didn't do this force and toil we did this because
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innocently and we hope to use our two thoughts to help a little bit eight of very very big issue that needs to be addressed in this country so this is why we're working with odyssey the odyssey impact program is going to help us propel is beyond just a couple of documentary films to really look at this from a very big big social structure you have been in touch with a since you got in tennessee and she will be getting out of prison. this year can you recreate that moment that conversation is is that ok can you do that for us. well we're we're still she and i are going to be talking to you for saving it for the documentary so we had a very brief conversation she's pretty busy as you might imagine cos simply has grown up i mean she has she has a little rounder now and she's got a lot of things a lot of responsibilities she's now about to transition to toward freedom that's
1:45 pm
a big thing so we haven't had exactly that conversation you know the legal right. melissa documentaries like dances in the last few seconds of this program at how helpful are they they are extraordinarily helpful with the fact that of our documentary real if you will they saw the real eat the bear and walker prisoner in the current then pregnant with them who were and fairly shallow and now you are with a family and in the earth and at that moment holiday you can in many many years the power of documentary film is real and we hope to continue to magnify it as possible that you may have made dan blush thank you thank you when they say we really appreciate it thank you to all of us to you accuracy on the stream you can always find us at. twitter i was here when i take half of. the boxes
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into a. with
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bureaus running six continents across the globe. to do. al-jazeera has correspondents living green the stories they tell. about it. food in world news it's very difficult as a chef or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by nature is a high risk management sometimes trump is raised using production drugs. that are not approved for use in the us the f.d.a. simply isn't testing enough on the imported market to really find all of these violent a president and take no one else's in. the latest news
1:48 pm
as it breaks in a poll just out sixty five percent of people said that they think it will do a great or a good job with detailed coverage is the second time this year doctors walked out on strike the government is funded by issuing suspension. from the around the world increased warning level colleagues as a blow to the thousands of people displaced by the tsunami of wanting to return home. president trying to takes his case for a wall to the us mexico border itself. and i welcome talent into their life in my headquarters in doha bay and is a product also a. we must confront the ayatollah it's not the. u.s.
1:49 pm
secretary of state my compo calls on the arab countries to stand against iran in a case speech delivered in cairo. increasing questions about the validity of democratic republic of congo its presidential election plus. the murder of coup showed it is an atrocity and affront to humanity to members of the u.s. congress holding vigils to stop the journalist jamal khashoggi one hundred days after his murder. the u.s. president has been to the country southern border to drum up support for his proposed wall separating the u.s. from mexico donald trump is demanding five point seven billion dollars for the wall which he says is needed to stop an influx of crime a standoff over funding has led to a posh in government shutdown that's lost and three weeks committee hellcat has
1:50 pm
moved from maccallum texas this is one of the places u.s. president donald trump wants to build his border wall macallan texas the busiest stretch for illegal crossings from mexico into the united states i want to thank everybody trying to make sure all the progs ron display like drugs and weapons seized at the border as he met with officials of macallan for a photo op designed to convince skeptical americans additional money for his border wall is necessary argued those organizing the illegal crossings are the real criminals victimising the migrants they have women tied up they have tape over their mouths electrical tape usually blue tape they call it. it's powerful stuff not good trump has been criticized for calling the latest influx of migrants into the u.s. a crisis at the border on thursday truck tweeted the speech of president obama also
1:51 pm
calling the situation a crisis in twenty four teeth as waves of children arrived in the united states we now have an actual humanitarian crisis on the border that only underscores the need to drop the politics and fix our immigration system once and for all it's certainly not impossible to enter the united states illegally especially here in mccalla texas while this fence is very very tall this one right beside it is not if you're physically fit if you can swim across a river through this thick brush scale a four metre concrete wall over the razor wire you're in it should be happening in our country that's what trump says he wants to stop but his push for five point seven billion from congress to reopen the government and a rack to steel border wall has become a dueling narrative for or against the president. along the streets of macallan there were signs of protest but there was plenty of support for the president as well. trump says he still hopes for
1:52 pm
a deal in congress to pay for his wall but he's not ruling out declaring illegal immigration a national emergency free up already approved funds to get what he wants can really help get al-jazeera macallan texas down during an interview on fox news top said he would most likely declare a national emergency if democrats don't agree to fund the war we have the absolute right to declare a national emergency and this is security stuff this is a national emergency if you look at what's happening and you just heard the statement they came in last week or this week from pakistan and different people got them. john heilemann has more now from the mexican side of the border. this is the fencing that covers about a third of the border between mexico and the united states which president trump says isn't enough he wants a woman to cover this border the reasons he's given for it various he says that it
1:53 pm
will help to stop drugs that doesn't quite stack up actually the vast majority of drugs go through ports of entry they smuggled through that way rather than over the fence saying he's also said that it will help with terrorism actually most terrorists go through airports rather than trying to get over this fence but he's also obviously given the reason of migration there has been a big uptick in migration over the past year but again if you take the bigger picture over the cut last couple of decades or so it's actually gone down quite a lot now what has changed is the number of women and children who are trying to get across to the united states that has gone up quite a lot now there is an analyst would say the aunt's to resolving in the ending with that problem is more immigration judges and a more efficient system to work out which of those people deserve
1:54 pm
a sign of many of them are coming from countries like honduras and el salvador that are racked by gangs now a lot of people coming for economic economic reasons they wouldn't qualify for asylum a lot of people are coming because of the violence they suffer back home and they could qualify for asylum now have the kids would say that the quick of those cases can be seen and treated the less backlog there will be in the system and the move that this mess will be sorted out obviously president trump has gone another way his solution a wall that's going to keep a lot of people out of the united states donald trump's former lawyer michael cohen has a claim to testify publicly before call. next month about his time working for trump as testimony can strengthen the investigation into washington to fear the twenty six thousand election and further damage the president's and edge and december calling was sentenced to three years in prison for lying to congress and paying hush money to a porn star who alleged she had an affair with trump. let's move on to other news
1:55 pm
now and u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has laid out the trump ministrations vision for american policy in the middle east speaking in cairo he called u.s. leadership a positive force in the region but the main focus of the speech was confrontation with iran that has more. the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei always touring the middle east almost described as a mission focused on shoring up support among arab allies against iran. since withdrawing from the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear deal last year the u.s. has increased pressure on tehran which it accuses of being a destabilizing force in the region many middle east experts say pushing iran into a corner is a dangerous move but in the egyptian capital cairo america's top diplomat didn't mince his words the nations of the middle east will never enjoy security achieve economic stability or advance the dreams of their people of iran's revolutionary
1:56 pm
regime persists on its current course america's economic sanctions against the regime are the strongest in history and will keep getting tougher until iran starts behaving like a normal country. middle east follows confusion about donald trump's withdrawal of a around two thousand u.s. troops from northern syria. the president's announcement schult arab allies as well as a u.s. political leaders and military commanders concerned that the battle against eisel in syria and the wider region is not over yet pompei i tried to reassure them president trump has made the decision to bring our troops home from syria we always do and now is the time but this isn't a change of mission we were made committed to the complete dismantling of isis the isis threat and the ongoing fight against radical islamism in all of its forms the
1:57 pm
u.s. withdrawal from syria is also having ramifications for american relations with nato ally turkey u.s. troops have been working with kurdish y.p. chief i choose who control a large area of northern syria close to the turkish border turkey considers the y.p. g a terrorist organization president received type order one said the suggestion on choose day by u.s. national security adviser john bolton but protecting the white p.g. as a precondition to the us troop withdrawal plan was a serious mistake it was very little if anything from pumpin about the store while the israeli palestinian peace process very little on the saudi and amorality led war in yemen that has killed tens of thousands displaced millions with millions more threatened with famine and disease. pressure increased on president trump from both democrat and republican senators to end support for the saudi involvement in yemen after the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi many suspect crown
1:58 pm
prince muhammad bin solomon ordered a saudi hit squad to fly to istanbul last october that the united states is the main provider of saudi military assistance and support in the war in yemen so the the not united states is not an objective observer of the war of yemen it's an accomplice in the water of yemen. pompei was keen to lay much of the blame for what many describe as years of chaos in the middle east on former president barack obama's administration president trump has reasserted america's control as a force for good in this region he said we have rediscovered our voice. there are millions of people throughout this region who are grateful for the u.s. led coalition success in the battle against eisel but they will also be many made nervous by u.s. administration that blames the region's instability in the previous u.s.
1:59 pm
president and iran chance trafford al-jazeera. iran has hit back at home pose address in which he said that america traitor international affairs leads to chaos iran's foreign minister mohammad tweeted that whenever or wherever the us and a fee is chaos oppression and resentment follow it. the democratic republic of congo's election commission has surprised many by naming opposition candidate felix chess a kerry the winner in the long delayed presidential election officials from the influential roman catholic church say those results don't match the tallies from their observers as how do we toss the reports of the results of our provisional have led to celebrations for some protests while others. and once meant a few expected one that could set the stage for the first democratic transfer of power since independence from belgium in one thousand nine hundred sixty. eight seen as father lead congress opposition for more than thirty five years had
2:00 pm
a message of unity. i know how many of you find it hard to accept but i say with sincerity i pay homage to president joseph kabila president of the republic today we must no longer consider each other as adversities but rather as partners and democratic change in our country. thousands of his supporters poured onto the streets to celebrate their hold it will be a new beginning to suffer in this country there's no job in this country i was in south africa. there's no job and country. people are bored to study and after that there's nothing the result. and congolese catholic church leaders are also questioning.


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